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The Cass County Democrat-Missourian from Harrisonville, Missouri • Page 4

The Cass County Democrat-Missourian from Harrisonville, Missouri • Page 4

Harrisonville, Missouri
Issue Date:
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Jrtih ffir tVSWfb" CASS COUNTY DEMOCRAT HARRISONVILLE CASS COUNTY MISSOURI THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 16 1937 a I Kohler and Miss Catherine center field i cook fnr tlec lays last Try a Classified Ail first I Coal Wood football vic Most umpires will tell you there bert Centennial! fine examples of MOBILOIL and 1932 This mor1' ng MOBILGAS me num i to i i i 1 1 i vhivi rri i i oote and family Saturday night Medical Society last Thursday Su Miiur Sontnn'bor 9 held fit the Quitting Business Shoes 59c pair Pants $149 pr 49c to 69c TO $595 VALUE OQ ALL DRESSES OC each Call Today for ree Delivery Service Hmx and decide Hi 7Q Sil evhing and 7vV than you will voolerator 3c pair 10c value Hose TOM TERRY PHONE 121 MOBILOIL MOBILGAS a a a I KEEP OODS RESHERYOU CANHAVE ICE CUBES IN 5 MINUTES! TIL SAVE YOU AS MUCH AS $100 ON PURCHASE PRICE ALONE he runner toot reaches the dniultaneously with the ball and family in to her home with her son Send your Suits or Dresses to us make them look like new last Thursday Boutz returned returning afternoon in refinery sealed cans 26 a qtr in bulk concentrated! High degree oiliness 100 Paraffin base Mortrnurf1 blanks for at t' DtMuCPAT tin Tor 5c $125 Value Get the most for your money with MOBIL Products Buy once and be another convinced customer Northwestern players intercept ed 17 forward passes during the 1936 football season Other models as low as $1975 baseball Charley GLENN CO Harrisonville Mo 10c Value WORK Manager Glenn Wright has been honored with the managership of an all star Western International League team chosen by the press bureau of the National Associa tion Wright's Wenatchee Wash team won the first half title but is Church South at Gunn City ri day Members from Medford anc Daugherty were also present Rev Starkey presiding elder o' the Sedalia District had charge o1 the meeting ULL AMILY SIZE ONLY The Naval Reserve Aviation Di vision Kansas City Kans com manded by Lt Comdr Tom linson has been awarded the Noe Davis trophy for efficiency for th second successive year in competi tion with thirty eight other squad rons throughout the United States Each major league about $25000 during season TO S129 VALUES DRESSES Only about twenty deer were killed in Missouri in 1936 In 1935 the number killed during the three fay reason was 105 New York hunters killed 8756 deer in 1936 In Michigan the number was 3500 Bob Spessard Washington and Lee end last season is seven feet tall You Get Only the BEST WHEN YOU BUY son and sons Mr and Mrs Charles Hodges and I Ola June of Kansas City visited Saturday night and Sunday with his mother Mrs Sallie Hodges Mrs rances Keller of Ilarrison Adding Machine paper rolls fot sale at the Demockat office 15c roll 50c Value DRESS or WORK Shirts 25c each $295 Value HIGH GRADE CORDUROY Pitts Chapel Miss Susie Stine Editor Pittsburgh's 26 to 0 tory over Notre Dame in 1936 was the' worst defeat for the Irish since 1914 Eight Mile Mrs 1 hits in 23 times at bat for an aver age of 260 John has been ruled eligible for the Shaughnessy play off games Oklahoma City cinched We Carry a Complete Line of OILS GREASES and UELS for farm needs MILLINGTON COAL CO Phone 508 Harrisonville viewpoint Its either safe or out 'dis or in the code book Get Ready for all and the With the camera being employed mi rme tracks to determine close finishes McBride sports edi pared View Mrs Roscoe Wilt Editor W'' Ci Odorless Cleaners Phone 189 JOHN OSBORN mitt Maybe the umpires of base ball may lie in error in one of their favorite self made laws Maybe pardonable pride and chest inflation the idea is submitted to Judge Landis Why rot at her home last Tuesday after noon Th" next regular meeting ill be at th" home of Mrs George Daly in October Holmes Park visited a short time 9 Saturday afternoon and evening the home of her parents Mr and JB Mrs Griner ig Mr and Ms Ralph Burchett called Sunday afternoon in the home of her parents Mr and Mrs 'u red Childress I still slowly improving Mr and Mrs Clyde took their truck and Everett Pioneer club on a three visit in the Vogeler home Mrs Howard Stevens entertained fho RiixV 1 September 8 Six members three Tf dVBILESTA KANSAS CITY Present in Hie Municipal Auditorium Sept 17 to 25 1 18 Gigantic Musical ShoWSe Matinee Spectacular Ice ollies City that 11:11 baseball fan should send Judge Landis a vote for the McBride idea The following lines are from a recent edition of The Sporting Grover Cleveland Alexander pitched only 76 times to 28 Brook lyn batters during a game that was played on June 26 1915 The game was played in one hour nine min im ami CASS COUNTY ICE and UEL CO PHONE 100 HARRISONVILLE MO Otto Hauth visited Sunday aft ernoon in tire A Loehner home Mrs George Cox entertained tel 1 Several from this community at atives from Kansas City one day th lat amateur program (given at Garden City last Thurs utes Alex allowed one won 4 to 0 Ty Cobb greatest of all nl ivers grounded out to Gehringer on his Last major league time at bat That was in 1928 club spends the training criioou until Thursday afternoon with her son and wife Mr andMrs Everett Keller Not a very large crowd was pres ent to work at the cemetery last Thursday but those who came worked hard and finished the work that day The ladies served a boun tiful dinner Those from the Oak Grove dis trict who are attending highschool are Miss rances Seidleman Kan sas City Miss Hazel Babylon Miss Wanda 'McGee Robert Lee Damer on and Keith Dameron Harrison ville and Miss Maxine Campbell East Lynne Mrs Jim Campbell returned to her home Saturday from a week's visit with relatives in Kansas City She was accompanied home by her brother in law and sister Mr and Mrs Reems who returned to the city Sunday Delmont Mrs Sallie Hod ges and Miss Susie Stine attended a quarterly meeting of the I NEVER DREAMED 1 COULD BUY A BIG MODERN RERIGERATOR OR SO LITTLE MONEY! Bagnell Dam and other interest Gale evening from a two weeks trip out Kt in Kansas where they report rainfall as being plentiful and the fields too wet for plowing Mr and Mrs Earnest Hawkins and family Mrs John rench and Miss Dorothy Hawkins of Kansas City spent Sunday in the home of Mrs James Hawkins in Adrian Mrs Grace Patterson visited over the week end with her son Earnest Clinton Sunday Emmett Mr and Mrs McAdams Haves left Monday for visit with near Aline Okla Miss Elizabeth Thomson is teach ing in the Strasburg School The school opened August 30 Oak Grove School opened last Monday with Miss Margaret Sad ler of Garden City as teacher Dameron who is working in Kansas City for a few weeks4 uAiVtml ivitli hiss fnmilv UK 1111 IV 17 I Uli" HlnL IlCIlL 11 lie uuc Js J7L 1 1 LUU now in fifth place with 21 won and here 42 lost Tacoma leads with 40 1 Mrs Harold Kohler assisted Mrs and 24 Kohler and Miss Catherine TnVin TnlLnr vno 111 on his last three appearances witli the Oklahoma City Indians of the minutes 484 seconds This was the only swimming race won by an American man The Japanese took the others Crabbe also placed fifth in the 1500 meter free style race The last Giant Cub series will be played at Chicago on September Wrifht hurdling the catcher who is reaching for a rolling ball lvi dentlv the umpire thought Glenn failed to touch the plate pm to" Rev Rick1 Its goes anm'iil en i ire which con es JeffeTrvm City the latter i part this month Bee Club Wednesday ljlerp ar( beats at fst 'base UdS i Inc iocr! nf nuinihorg mid twn visitors in Drexel West Line reeman and neaon Stevens assist ml I inuruay ihjiuu i huihc I name sevens ano e5itublish the ott the I I 1 10 1 1 kt 2 Mr and Mrs Jim Campbell and daughter Maxine were Sunday afternoon callers in the Mrs Sallie I Hodges home Walter Nunn of Kansas City and i Willie Thomson of Grandview were: recent guests of Mrs Ida Thom Mrs Childress is Atkinson took the a trip to points of Saturday Clarence Crabbe one of the greatest swimmers in the world nlays a leading nart in a thriller that will be shown at the Theater Satu dav eft noon mid nturdav night rro1h won the Olvmoic 400 meter i VeMn linvn riinnor ITllCStS ill named their new son Norman Al home Monday Mr and Mrs Martin Hackler and Mr were in Harrisonville unaa tu ning Mr and Mrs 11 Gray Adrian spent Sunday in the Marshall home and SALES CO Harrisonville Mo ROI ND PIN Worn Capsules or Pullets ns Turkeys 1c each 89e per ICO HARRY BAIRD Driprpist let low price fool you into thinking it is a small refrigerator It is big modern and beautiful Air conditioned to keep foods Coolerator uses ice in a new way so that one filling lasts ordinarily from 4 to 7 days it you wouiq like to save as much as $100 try a Cooler ator io your home 10 DAYS 1RLE and if if inf 1 more will ever want in a refriger ator at an amaz ingly low price in consideration of this suireestion i a vc inl iilnv ar prim A IlliU Hit 17 TNJ ni TTnir I 1 1 i 1 V1 tu ivA ix 1 1 i'k several days the past week Windel Bremmer of St Louis' "Every time the service man says to tnc 'Check the oil Sir? I give him the high sign to go to'lt And I grin to myself be cause I know he's going to find that indicator right up at the ULL Mark "Yes Sir! since I've been using Phillips 66 Motor Oil I don't need to add those quarts between drains By golly how that oil stands up! And last? Why I figure that the money 1 save using Phillips 66 Motor Oil more than pays for my cigars 4 lower Show i 5 Charm Style Contest ALL AT POPULAR BARGAIN PRICES Special eature IN THE MUSIC HALL Sept 17 to 23 Sigmund DESERT with GUY ROBERTSON and BERNICE CLAIRE I Under Personal Direction of RICHARD BERGER Thrill to the music this great Broadway attraction 1 POPULAR PRICES All Seifs Reserved Evenings $168 I $112 84e 56c Saturday Matinee: i $111 84c 56c MAIL ORDERS Write to Director of Municipal Audi torium Box Office Kansas City Mo Al from Prairie Hill Mo accompan ied bv Mr and Mrs Jess Takmg ton spent Sunday with Prof and Mrs Eldon McAdams and (laugh ter Eleanor rances Ill xi nC ITnrriRnn 5 vifleJJert Phillips of laimar Marie Southeast Corner Square Ulf'liat h'ipk y'f1 "KaaBaiiSSRBaaSBaXii Ladies' Shoes pr OR GLASSES DR GLIXMAN at HARRISONVILLE HOTEL MONDAY OCT 4 RETURN VISITS MONTHLY bv Mr and Mrs Rich niel od himself un and walked 'ard Hinnle and children spent Sun i ii inmnit Hargreaves i 1C I'll I Hion Munday while their teacher visiting in Sedalia i touched him ami the umpire called 1 Powell ano red uunain inl out 1 lie putuie feet deep One vein of gas been struck at a shallow depth Mr and Mrs Ben Cauthon and Mrs A Cauthon I )l I 1 1 I 1 1 111 Hiti i' 1 11 1 Norma Jayne authon adimdeu an 1he (onimunitv Joe hadn't anniversary in Wheatland Mo last b(ipn )lack to Missouj fo 37 vears Sundav Mr and Mrs Emmett oote and' Those attending the supper and family of Kansas Citv visited in program under the auspices of he the home of his brother Homer a Auxhary of the roote ami lainny atuniuy nigiu and Sunday a PnV 1 rn 1 1 home of and Mrs A Ji Bald Ylil tnderbrink filled his silo Pleasant Hill from Archie last Thursday and Mrs Bud Drury1 T1 1 it a and Mrs William Griner assist an(j family George Stevens and Mary cd Mrs Underbrink cook for the silo fillers By Henry Stuart If you didn't sec the Joe Louis Tommy arr fight picture shown Io Lee Chamberlain at the Perkins Theater last night you should be sure to attenu tomgni show You should give particular attention to the third round This is the session in which one of the Brown hard rights land ed on head That was the blow that injured right hand1 answl him to nut up a one I handed tight during the remainder of the fifteen round bout McBride of the Kansas Star has made a suggestion would do baseball more good any other change that has made in many years Every spent Sunday in the Roe Bur hett the homes of relatives 11 nml Mrs Murat Cram around Archie and Adrian er were afternoon callers dav evening Miss Davis in eom Mrs McCov and Mr andipany with her aunts Mrs Lucy rwin Gov were callers i Limpus and rs Homer Limpus RnnLiv nfinrnnon in Limpus home near Adrian Bells Market have just put in a AAnntm in thnir nndi are serving short orders sand has been wiches chili pie and coffee I Mr nnH Mrs I family and Mr ard Mrs Burse oi Kansas ity visncu ntivL In Vpvndn Saturday nmeting ni ITarrisonyille Mnn mght 1 ne cnroHnnmi is iou in fiign Mr and Mrs tephen iilii s( koo an( 100 in tbe gra(es there and family spent Sunday in the home of her parents Mr and Mrs' Timm Aiiin ritv Mr and Mrs Joe Larrett nt jktiy luuu 1 111 in The well being drilled on the Moorpark anl their daugh Underbrink farm is now over 450 a 1 1 I I III lit HIT 1 I 1 I iday for a two weeks visit in tie home of his brother (1 Barrett I and wife and Mr and Mrs I an' Barrett and family and friends in Ttorrisnnville last riday 4 of friends and neighbors I luaisaau uouiv Mr and Mrs A Mart of gathered at he hon Christian Church Thursday Sep mber 22 wiHi Mr Kansas City visited in the Mrs rank barn last day an a nlpetlng for Wricht home Sunday evening and gave them a nn el nurnose of recovering the i 111 Mr and Mrs Tom Smiser left laneous hovu 11 in sclevns anj cleaning the church' Thursday for Montana where they many useful ad I (Only five members responded to will make their home Mrs Eva Goodbar of Kansas r0 call but each one enjoyed the irrv Davis made a trip to the1 City spent from Wednesday until delicious lunch served at the noon Ozarks Saturday and brought back 1 Sunday afternoon visiting with her hour Our next meeting will be in several bushels 'of peaches daughter Mrs Tommy 5ork Jr the country home of one of oui Tin vis Land family Mrs Elizabeth Hodges niembers and we urge each mem All 1 I I 1 trJ in th home of Mr and and old fncmls ami nemnoms Mrs John Adams and lamuy Austin school nas neon cioseu on Air and Mrs Nathan Burge account of infantile paralysis The spent the week end in the A I i small son of Mr and Mrs Mi Qumn Bishop and Burge homes was stricken last week and taken ST 1 Pvrnn Thornhill to Mercy Hospital in Kansas City i hi" Mr and Mrs Thornhill Sun mg day afternoon Mr and Mrs William Warnken The have hud their' of Adrian and son Lawrence i 11 incilu'' Wui nVnn nMfl fnmilv OT KaTVHS Store DUlKUIlgb UH ivpaiiiuu i i a urun IipTHv snnnt SunaRv afternoon in ne i lat xeeK i nadv for occupancy ihome of Mrs Ollie Tillison and Mrs Dean Woods spent the week i(Jav eVening Dr and Mrs AV Adair spent daughter Miss Annie Afternoon eni with her daughter Mrs Gene Mr an(1 rred Kinney ac Sundav in the home of their daugh 1 Kuests were Mrs Harry Tumble Bevins and family in Kansas I ity rriml)aniei py Mr aid Mrs Elmer if! Afztz rTl M1C Addin son 11111 DIUWJI rs isher in Adrian Mo A large company of neighbors part of last week helping care for jn Kansas City I 1 TJ 1 bnc ti nnicl i ii i 1 i nn in i i i i i rrcs uu i Airs iora Logue ami son ana irienus guineiru naiiiuvn puiuej rweii in nit bu npvnu uv lev Lo ue and wife of Kansas City the home of the newlyweds Mr seriously ill era! days here last week assisting pears tn be landing on home plate snent Sundav in the home ol Air and Mrs Kicnara Jiargerum iasi yir and Mrs Diame anu hts grandtatner oeii wun uu wu rn and Mrs Elzy Vansandt Monday and again luesday mgnr daughter Mary Alice ana Lima Mrs Ollie Tillison ami daughter and eave them an old fashioned June Wilt were shopping in Har Mi Anne snent Monday after charivari I hey will make their rlsOnvilie I riday noon in the home of Mr and Mrs home on a farm west oi iirexei Herman oote and family Tiss Erma Davis of Abilene at ond YTi Mnrtin Hackler hns visited the past week in in ana Thurs 1 ni i it ifli linr niinfc rs 1110 nnn i 1 i McCov were callers i Limpus and Mrs Homer Limpus i i 4 14 nn nd ii rirn cHnnuf i the Henry nmiuic oiuu 4l 1 1 unrl XT ft arc arguing with the umps 1 1 1 1 1 a 1 1 al I 1 A Ji 1 UciHC nremmer oi ci i ne paining uasuuui ber to be prose an spent last Sunday here with Mrl lvi hal some fine examples in the progiam whih is bung pie the "camera eye" will reveal I Ei ht Mile School is progressing when the McBride idea omes into (lays in Harrisonville last ''elk ir t(1 lhl run Visiting with Mr and Mis I rann has the ball in it is about two feet from Roett ger The umpire sorry the picture does not name him) called Roetlger out On page 75 there is gesls its use in baseball to check up on the umpires "When the showmen of baseball go look ng tor innovations to lend color to the game why don't they hit on tin idea of establishing a off the coast of first queries McBride close decisions the film could be quickly developed and given to the umpires and rival leave out the rival managers if you wish for study There is many a decision at first base close enough for a graphic i "Most umpires win ten uu mviv vor is a tie in a nlav at first base Alice Blains spent a very enjoyable but that merely is the Umpire 1 rx I Tt'o nr nnr day visiting bwope aunciaj 1 TT 11 1 ni Martin nauLfi ana sun vnu umpire but common sense ami Mrs 1 enry "hat there must be times Thursday the 1 rank Men it runn foot reaches the home Warrensburg Calvin kultaneouslv with the ball Held returned to his home afut a bslseman's UIUIIrub and under 1 Monday Her Iher' 41 rvH nintmet r1 Aftrmn If i i many friends hope she will recover nas neon empioyeu io iuuun tnc i in third and fourth graces ana i i i rnnm will bn moved to the base The natrons of the View pate usnop I ThpLiUal nlnv nn irp rrpam snn MUian 2 I Ul UR' ir UirniUMi isitod red learners aiienavu uir irn jvi at me HHiinuuav vi i rnnnfhur in I 1 i gnn 1 1 In VoH lni'rht All fOlioVllblp time WHS 1'1 i i 1 1 1 i ii (day The enrollment is 100 in high ported by all Mr and Mrs Lawrence Blaim and Mr and Mrs Cb ris Zimmer man visitcil Sunday witn aijs sister Mrs Payne i and Mr Payne near Adrian I Mrs He rman TliNubeek and fam G' ily returned to their home mines (lav after a three visit in South Missouri Mrn moth accompanied tneni nume Old friends and neighbors will be sorry tn learn of the death of Mrs Miller of Cozad Nebr Mrs Miller grew up jn this community and was formerly known as Miss isie Stauffer Mr and Mrs rank Woods and familv Mrs Howard Stevens and son Mr and Mrs Roscoe Wilt and Mr and Mrs Lawrence Blaine and Mrs Clifford Sisk ami family were Sunday cverrng visitors in the A blame home T'ie school ch'blren enjoye a va tv cc 4 Tfoiil nttwriilnil hi toMrb T1 IL Tl'ui UVVVMUH 1' Vx meeting in Harrisonville attended quarterly conference or i ilm KT CL 1 1 vz Qziiitli cif this guests in the home of Mr anil Mrs Airs Hayden was taken to i al Gunn riday Paul Limnus Kansas City Saturday and under 1 vuk a Alria I "thSX Ruby Schmoll attended the teach meeting in Harrisonville Mrs Bvbee very pleasantly another fine example of an umpire blunder A line under the photo Inert Wnru has been de Bertha Williams spent a Hayes and daughter spent Sunday dared out at the plate Observe the ball 1 lie ban is oouncum ou tmtlrv Knoll of Archie snent sev I the ground behind Waner wno ap 1 eral days 1 ie catcner is on his farm work I one knee behind aner limi lie re i i tn reiver leaching hand is still two Aernon Kauffman i had ton 1 fpet th( bal Oll page 79 S1H lenmied in Kansas js anrther interesting pic day and is gettmg along nicely jt a IinL says Very are glad to report I G1n Wright Brooklyn Mr and Mrs Ludwig Mayer ac nt appar to be out He 4 rA'NT TTT7 children Mrs Thornhill and NEWS cARCHIE i The Archie Boy Scout Troop met I MRS WALTER GRINER Editor mulTfi Staging i demonstration was given the Shipley were allowed two matches each and ii 1 4 firo in IncQ thflTl 10 'HUH LU Mlliuu 1 hltfuon Til III I 1 1 CIL Mr and Mrs Barrett tr both Scout eaders rc (i ii ni it'll unu i uni A i Attprwards inev wabieu hwidh Mrs Joe barret anjl aal mallows The 'meetings will be Llieil w'iitu 1U i Tlinrjliv nirht I nil bv Mr i ill tn i 1 rru ri nifd nt no sti ieiiuu of baseY At least in inv vuuuu rofrhnicnts 1 he cut) aaiournvu rrtinuN wlirn tnOTP is b'g money in the offing the 60 40 I split of which may rest on one mo I meiitous decision at first base The time element should play no part 111 I The camera man could develop the i I ft I fl RJ 9 0 Boo wnuwfM AA HHIHH MH "nSHU si? 5S! 52? I KifcNv VtKSI Ww fl a it fa WA 1 fl fl Ml i Hx 0 I 8 Qi Vi 9 Ma I I i la A II Mm MOBILOIL MOBILGAS I.

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