Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 27, 1931 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, August 27, 1931
Page 5
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lOSSUTH COUNTY FARM BUREAU EXCHANGE "vSxi ALGONA, IOWA, AUGUST 27, 1931 Number 17 PROJECT DESIGNED TO BETTER HOME lUhing Course Be Started Next Month* c furnishing courses are very t Fnrm Bureau home pro Koaauth will take the 4th of homo furnishings for the five months' 'course In September. . big purpose of home project Is, "To foster and develop all f bf endeavor that'mak* for bet- better health, better so- i'nnd religious life, and better living In every way." of townships for the month** 1 course will, be done the early part ot September, ownahlp wishing to take this Wing work may notify the i Bureau office for help regard- Ipreparattons for the course, whips are organized by the fol- • plan; . . township chrtlrman. ^publicity chairman. ||..'cooperative for each school let on «n cn •+ square miles. |ln an average township there 3 be nine cooperators. j.The township and publicity •with these 9 cooperators Hute the township committee. ^Usually these nine .cooperators j the local leaders.' IA. person who; has told one les |to one or more' women Is a I lender. '' ; ,".'.. , :;: ' '•• •'• [The township chairman 'of wo work is usually the vice nt of the general township Bureau organization. i outline of the-project is given ere. on this ; page. ery woman finds a joy and ction that comes from having i a beautiful thing, In the les- j on choir caning and retinishing jlture there will be. an opportun- •to experience this very thing. lono \vho has a marred. piece of Outline of 1931 2 Home Furnishing Project Specialist. Dales In Hip County. Miss Kllzaheth Morrell. September 18, Lesson 2—Conference at Ames. Miss Nora Workman—November 18. Miss Nora Workman—December 21. . Miss Nora Workman—January 20. Subject H I'rosmilptl. 1. Chair Cnning. 2. Roflnlshlng furniture. 3. Study ot household fabrics. 4. Block printing. f>. Designing for decoration. The township chairman may attend the specialist training schools If she wishes. Method of Conducting' Project. 1. The IT. D. A. will hold at least 10 training schools in the county. . Definite schedule of training schools will be made and written in the township year hook. 2. The township committee which means the township chairman publicity chairman and a vooperator for each four square miles should attend the training school and become a local leader. 3. A local leader Is not counted a local leader on report blank until she reports having passed the lesson on to one or more women. . . •' 4. Any woman telling the lesson to one or more women is a local ieade^ and^ should be reported. -,.'•.' ' 5. Bach Ideal leader will haye n. class book containing the names of all women in her district, keep a record bf their attendance and suggestions adopted. : 6. Each township chairman will hold a committee meeting at each training school. 7. The purpose of the committee meetings: (a) The township organlaztlon and study of the project; (b) Help draw up the township year book and Include the training school schedule; (c) • Ch'ock on project reports for Achievement day. 8. Each township will present some phnse of the Home Project at not less than three township Farm tturca'u meetings introduce the committee, playlets, stunts, demonstration, reading report, etc. 'Begin this early in the year. Reports. 1. At each training school the H. D. A. will give each .local leader two report blanks. She will fill these out after telling the lesson. Keep a copy and give ono to the township chairman at the next training school. 2. The township chairman will make a summary, keep a copy and give one,to the H. D, A. 3. A monthly summary by townships will be published In the Farm Bureau Exchange. Publicity. 1. Each township should have an active publicity cliairman. 2. The publicity chairman" Is responsible for writing of news items, telling about the home project in her own township, sending the items to the local papers. 3. The publicity chairman is responsible for saving clippings for township, state exhibits and for the H. D. A. 4. The publicity chairman Is responsible for seeing that the organization picture and at least one of a training school and a follow-up meeting are taken. 5. The H. D. A. will send notices of each training school to each local leader. Purpose. 1. To promote a spirit of optimism, tolerance, cooperation, thoughtfulness and broad vision. 2. Through project work to do collectively what cannot be done individually. 3. To develop a spirit of.self- responsibility. 4. Through group study to help encourage and develop leadership and the spirit of fellowship. 5. To strengthen the school district, township and county Farm Bureau. 6. To make our homes more attractive at a small cost. ftoal. 1. To have each organized township meet the requirements In the score card as follows: (a) Deduct, 0 if there Is no township chairman; (b) Deduct 5 If there are not 5 cooperators; (c) Deduct 5 if there are not the required number of local leaders; (d) Deduct 10 if there are less than 20 follow-up meetings; (e) Deduct 10 If total attendance at follow-up meetings is less than 5; (f) Deduct 5 if there are . less than 5 township committee meetings( a committee meeting is a meeting ef to'wnshlp chairman, publicity charlman and school district cooperators); (g) Deduct 2 if project was not presented at 3 township meetings of men and women, may be report, exhibit, demonstration or playlet; (h) Deduct 5 If township chairman did not attend 5 county committee meetings with county chairman (a substitute may be sent once and still be perfect in attendance); (i) Deduct 5 if less than 35 homes are using at least one suggestion. 2. Each township to check each month. 3. To have an Achievement day exhibit and State Fair exhibit. 4. To maintain the present <• 4-H clubs and add 4 more. 5. To try for at least 2 standard Farm Bureau townships. SIX 4-H GIRLS TO REPRESENT COUNTY AT THE STATE FAIR Sixteen 4-H girls r.lubs arc planning booths for the county fnlr 4-11 exhibit. A uniform plan of decoration has been adopted, using the club colors of green and white. The booths will be scored on completeness and (|iKility. Originality, educational v.l'.it! nm1 iittriic'tlveness will also be considered. Each club will also have a demonstration and judging learn. Demonstrations this yenr are especially good as shown at the county Achievement day. The topics chosen for demonstrations this yenr arc SENECAN HURT WHEN GAR HITS GRADER BLADE Johnette, of Wesley, at dinner. Margaret is leaving tor Winthrop, where .she will resume her teaching duties, and Grace Is returning to Waterloo, where .she teaches at the Gates business college. Mrs. Goetsch and daughter Mildred. Mrs. William Osborn, and Mrs. Anna Osborn and daughter Pauline utlcmled Methodist Aid Friday afternoon In the church basement at Fenton. Mrs. Goetsch was one of tour hostesses. Mrs. Jennie Jensen had as din- Seni'eu, Aug. 2ii—A week ago Mim- diiy nvo.nlnft Albert Sohumukpr was badly bruised and suffered a Bashed hand wlinn IIP WIIH Minded l.y dual! Mr "- Jennie Jensen had as made l-.v th- county grader and hi*'"'"' * urat « last Tups(1 ^ evenl "S Mr. oar hit the blade of the gnides a« he passed. The car was knocked i Hlrtewnys into the ditch. Albprt was! 1 " 1 " on his way to get Mrs. I. F. ISnges wt-r to help cave for his son, Dennis, who wfis sick. Mrs. Guy Griffith and 'daughters Gloria and Diana, of Des Moinos. nnd Sylvia Jensen, of Des " i Itolne.s, and Mr. and Mrs. Hans Jen- I wen. j bast week Wednesday afternoon j MrH. Anna Osborn and daughter j Pauline attended a meeting of the j to get Hylvia Jensen, who spent a. I week with sorority sisters from Des | Moines In nn outing. Sylvia spent i the rest of thn week visiting her all concerning the second yenr Ing project. Demonstrations will be given Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons. The county judging contest is being planned for Wednesday morning. The county 4-H style show will be something attractive and worthwhile. Kaeh girl will model in a dress made by herself. She will tell the cost ot j nns \ Mrs. Griffith are sisters. her garment and why she -onose the. ' type and color- of dress, as well as ; Knlortalns Former Schoolmates — thn nccessorles worn. j Mrs. Henry Loott entertained sev- Friday, which has -been designated pm i former schoolmates at luncheon Sylvia .IPIISPII Hot-urns to I). M , A week ago Monday Peter Jen- Grant township Aid, which was en- sen, of Fenton. drove to Clear Lakei tortuined by the former's daughter, Mrs. Otto Kelly. The Peter Jensen family, of Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Griffith and daughters, of Des Moines, and Syl- as Farm Bureau Day. all 4-H girls parents and other relatives ami | via ,Ipnsen, tot Des Moines, were din- friends here. She returned to Des j ncr guests last Wednesday evening Moines Hundny with the Guy Grif- j at .T. II. Jensen's. fUli family, of Des Moines, who have i f, v ] e !lml Marion Osborn drove to hern visiting here -two weeks. Sylvia I Charles City Sunday to spend the day with their .brother Neil, who Is employed at the Lindemere dairy, near town. The boys returned the same day. Present i Ml-a- Anna Osborn and son Ear1 ' . and Clayton Houseman's, of Arm-' "'»»'"• »"««T' ' ^ u0 "' of ! strong, were Sunday dinner guests Pl,,h- r n, , y> ™ ra " nrTdner An * e T"'i nt William Brown's, near Arm- club of Chicago, Rosulla Inman Cogley,' eon-! and Myrtle Cowing Hunt, of Ban- Inst Wednesday ""ernoon were Minnie and Ruth Loo ft. in uniform will receive free admission to the fairgrounds. Plans are being made for the big 4-H parade, held on this day In nec-tion with the Farm Bureau pro- j cro ft, and Minnie Pellymounter Ky- Ki-am. County and Achievement ! \ eVi O f r_, 0 ne Rock. day winners will be Introduced. The . -county demonstration team, which ' Mrs. Dlttmnn Jflrisen 111 — will represent Kossuth at the state ; Ornie llnhremls Sr. and Mr. and fair will give their winning clem- Airs. Ornie Behrends Jr. returned onstration. ' ' I home from Chicago, where they Kossuth county now has one of ! ] la ve been at the bedside of Mrs. the largest 4-H club enrollments in | Dittman Nielsen, formerly Lucy the state. Intensive training by ! Behrends, who is critically ill. Mrs. demonstrations and judging, teams O rnie. Behrends Sr. will stay with is being carried on In preparation j Lucy till her health Improves. for the farl. Only the best of the i ——^ year's sewing will be entered In the!,). M. Murray Visits Sister — iture may learn how to change Jirough reflnlshlng into a thing auty. Reflnlshing can restore t beauty. It is ha.rd work, but Iresulta ure worth the time, pa iuid rubbing necessary. ilnut, 'cherry;--; mahogany; maple, fcurl'y birch should? be given a that will bring out their |ml beauty. Pine, popular, and woods of uninteresting- grain be pointed. Lesson two will a detailed study of refln |ig furniture. It will coyer such i as removal of old finish, fill- lot holes and cracks, wood filler, finishes such as oil, w(lx, shellac, paint; enamel and A brief-- study, v of .stencils decorations will also be made. | lesson one chair, caning will be Many beautiful chairs are d'to the attic because the cane i lire worn and -broken. - Some- l the work is postponed because he expense or more often be- the homemaiier does not. [r 'how to go about the task, The [ does require time andiPatience, |lt is not difficult. iV 3, a study of household will include an interesting al study; then a study of the ring qualities of various fa- household linens, draperies, •ess covers, materials for gar- etc. will be studied. When [realize- that over '90% of the for the home is done ,'by one can see the value of I studies for the purchaser. on 4 will be on block print{and will be a very, enjoyable History ^ tejla us that • >he of block printing on paper 1 from China and Japan India [Persia have woft the highest fyement in block printing. This "ng is used aa a means of dec- many kinds of fabrics, and for home uae. It is a of applying design, which «n cut put of wood, linoleum National Club Champion Speaks to Lu Verne Club Margaret and Marie Nielsen were hostesses Friday to the Lu Verne Loyal Workers. In the presence of their leader Mrs. Robert Masterson, the, meeting was called to order by the president, and roll call, Hints on being a good hostess, was answered by 15 members.* The minutes of the last .'meeting were read and { approved and new business, which included plans for the fair and booth, were discussed. The following tfaakestad's Exchange in Daily W. T. Maakestad, former county gent here, now Mahaska county gent, stationed at Oskaloosa, re- ently sent a copy of the Oskaloosa lerald, a dally paper, to show that runs a Farm Bureau page like Cossuth's. One of the features is a half column of "Rambling Rumbles, iy Bill Maakestad," and another is \ calendar of coming events of In crest to F. B. members, while' a bird is entitled "Mahaska County 4-H Club Notes;' program was glv en; talk, Making a Hem Marker, by Betty Masterson; health talk, Personality and Dress, by Cordelia Ristau; demonstration, Shirring and Fagotting, by Roberta Mastersbn- talk, collar and cuff sets, by Bernadell Ristau; talk, neck finishes for underwear, • by Mrs. Alvln Hard copf. Mae Shumaker, of Sioux City, a guest, gave a talk on, what 4.-K club work has meant to me. Miss Shumaker Is a former 4-H club glr and was on the demonstration team that won first place at the Inter national- 4-H Club' Congress when she was a member. A social hou and a delicious tray Junch was serv ed by the hostesses and thei: mother. • There were five mothers and twi visitors present. A special meet ing will be held at the home o Roberta and Betty Masterson thl week Friday. The next regula meeting will be at the home of Gene vieve Sanford, September 25. + - u -. ' Lu Verne Livewires Have 3 Meeting -*- i or other medium, tq 'al. .a plain «on & will deal with designing oration, and. will consider the nentul design principles. It ow every day uae in the home, [example, 'however simple the f set properly' It, will-be at- pve. The placing ot the furnl- or the shape ot the c.ollar of Wle house'd»pas ajl involve de.- f Principles. / The Lu Verne Live with -Lucile Dally July ! Verne Worker* j Meet With Leader « morning session of the Bureau meeting on last ay. the women present made for organization ineetlng this f Hpme furnishing will be »tud- " year. Five l«s»ons will **> y the H, p. A. during the months' course. Cooperative ig will also be studied, ft l» to have at least <3?'townr organized for the project. V present afthl»- k ^eeOng>ere -""le Winter L*4yard; • Ml* Greenwood; ¥r»-' A«ne» Plum Creek;. Mrs, »race Hebron; Mr* 1C. Schofcy; le; Mrs. A. E. ClAytori, »: Mrs. George Harner, 8w«a; «• Larson, Swea; Mr|. *N Rv*!!^* nd .*«**H,Warb,»r- of Lincoln. Wires met 14. Miss Body was present, and Alberta Merriam gave a report of her trip to Camp Foster. Each girl brought a beret she had made to give new ideas to each other. Refreshments were served. July 28 the club met with Lilly, Delia, and Reva Clapsaddle. Mrs. Merrlam was away so the girls conducted a Judging contest themselves. Refreshments were served. Last week Tuesday the club met with their leader, Mrs. A. B. Merriam, and Alberta Merrlam. Roll call was answered with suggestions for'a special feature for a booth at county fair, and one was chosen, Recorcf books w ere - fllled , to da *? an ^ all' plans were made for ther fair that could be done before our fair books are received. A welner roast was enjoyed. Our next ineetlng will Eagle F. B. Hears Excellent Program The Eagle township Farm Bureau held its monthly meeting, a lawn social, at the home of the president Myron Johnson, Friday evening. Pie ce cream, cake, and coffee were sold, and the program was enjoyed out on the lawn. The following in terestins • program was enjoyed Community singing; music, Isaacson trio; singing, Isenburg quartette talk, History of the Kossuth Coun ty fair, Julius Kunz, of Wesley president of the fair association demonstration, Alteration of; ( Standard Sleeve Pattern, by the county champion team, Alice Payne and Mary Gisch, of Union township The girls were introduced by the H D. A.; talk, Five Year's Growth of Club Work, County Agent Morrison; talk, Ed Droessler, president of Ramsey township Farm Bureau; music, Isaacson trio. President Johnson announced the program The 50 folks in attendance decided that Kossuth farmers were fortu- ate this^-ear with crops in general hen compared to the drought areas the state. . ' . be August Farrel, 25, with Mary Louise Ho.t to ^erm»n 4-H GirU Wesley Girls Plan for Booth at Fair The Wesley Wi'Hnsr Workers n\ol With pclna, Mae Llckteig with eU'lit members present, Miss Mabel Kent, leader, was on a two-weeks vacation and the members had the meet- Ing without her. The president Helen Kent, called the meeting to order" an4 Secretary Patricia Cruise •called the roll, answered by good materials for. an afternoon • aress Patricia Cruise spoke on-approppri ate designs 'and materials for faj school dresses. Plans for the county fair wore discussed, and- the follow ing committee was named: Edna Mae Llchtelg, Patricia Cr,uis e and Margery Stritey. Games W«re play ed, and Mrs. John Hohteig and Edna Mae- served a delicious lunch. Swea Girli Camp at Interlaken Park their They Wta&vS- ^«^ - - - dlpapp**r<»4 *"& * **r 22 Townships to Be Organized This Year The county 4-H club committee met at the home of Mrs. E. B. Dltt- mer, at Burt, Thursday afternoon for the August meeting.' Plans were made for the county and state fairs. Six girls will be sent to the state fair to represent Kossuth in the various 4-H, club girls events. The following girls will make up the Kossuth 1 delegation: Frances Kuchynka, Swea City, health' girl; Helen Hagge, .Ledyard, ,style show girl; Alice and Lorena Dreyer, Fenton, judging team; and Alice Payne and Mary Gisch, Algona, demonstration 'team. Mrs. Paul Krlethe, county chairman, wllKchaperone the girls. Thirty-five garments will make up the county clothing exhibit. This exhibit is made up of .club' uniforms, school, afternoon and informal party dresses, smocks, slips, pajamas, children's clothing and made over garments, are also included. Dorothy Christensen, Harrison township, has assembled a complete winter outfit for a club girl. The wool dress In this outfit took first at the county Achievement day. V.lola Rlke of Buffalo is sending a complete summer outfit for a club girl. Members present at the county committee meeting wre: Mrs. Paul Kriethe, county chairman; Mrs. Rmil Larson, Swea City; Mrs. J. H. Warburton, Lakota; Mrs. E. B. Dltt- mer, and Muriel Body, H. D. A. Mrs. Dittmer served lunch. Lu Verne Club Adds Two New Members The Lu Verne Loyal Workers 4-H booths. Posters, concerning clothing, club organization and activities, .will add to their Interest for the public. The 4-H clubs have something J. M. Murray, of Springfield, Mra . Brown ls Mrs . Osborn>s daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Helmer Jergensno and son Harold, of Rake, spent Sunday at J. H. Jensen's. Mrs. Jensen and Helmer are brother and sister. Mrs. Charles Osborn entertained the J. W. Bollig family a week ago Monday evening. Ice cream and cake were served. Jim Millers, of Armstrong, spent Sunday at the Reuben Miller home in Seneca, cousins. Mildred Jim and Reuben are Goetsch spent Sunday afternoon with her friend, Mrs. Wil- Minn., spent Friday and Saturday bur Richmond, of near Armstrong, very much worthwhile to the ',-ical fair this year. at the George Goetsch home. Mr. Murray attended the funeral of his brother, Robert Murray at Algona offer at! the previous week. J. M. Murray Mr. Goetsch's l)rother-ln-law. is THREE BIRTHDAYS ARE CELEBRATED AT UNION DINNER Union Twp., Aug. 25. — Mr. and aj ; tne F . Mrs. Rudoplh Will entertained a 8|roup of 40 relatives Sunday in celebration of the birthdays of Walter Rich, the hostess and her brother, Joe Lelnlnger, Lotts Creek. The three dates are all August 25, but the get-together was held Sun day. Attending were the William Richs, Union; the Will, John, and Joe Leinlngers, 'all of Lotts Creek; the John Melnes and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schealler, Whittemore; the Julius Wills, Lotts Creek; the Fred Wills, Union; the August Wills Fairmont, Minn., and Mrs. Albertine Will, Algona. Mesdames Meine Sehealler and Rudolph'will are sla- ters and Joe, John, and Will Leininger are brothers. Fred, Julius, August, and Rudolph Will are brothers and Mrs. Albertine Will is theii mother. ChlckPii Tlilnvos Are Active— Chicken thieves have been busy n the Seneca neighborhood recent- .y. Charles Osborne, Oscar Patterson, Henry Keuck, and Martin Vante lost a large number of their. aest chickens. V • Aid Draws Crowd to Rlngsted— A large crowd attended local Aid Chrlstenson home in Rlngsted -Uufc Thursday. Mrs. Geo. Jenson ana Mrs. Christenson were hostesses. Other Seneca News. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Goetsch and son Dale, and Mrs. Goetsch's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hanson, of Fenton, spent last .week at the Herman Voigt and -Francis Butler homes near Ellendale, Minn. Mrs. Goetsch Mrs. Volght and Mrs. Butler are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. J. B Hanson. Mrs. Goetsch will stay for a couple of weeks with her sisters Last Tuesday evening Mrs. Henrj Looft entertained Mrs. Bertha Loot and daughters Margaret Grace, and Myrtle Thompson spent one day ast week with her sister, Mrs. Geo Charleston, near Cylinder. The George Jentz family and Mr and Mrs. AVt Mueller, spent Sunday at Interlaken park. Mrs. Mlllen Jensen spent Friday at the parental Louis Appelt home near Swea City. Mrs. Linus Jensen assisted' Mrs F. M. Christenson with sewing las week. Pauline Osbom is visiting a col lege chum at Nashua this week. Martin Wilberg was ill with thi flu several days last week. St. Benedict spending a two weeks vacation her* with relatives and friends.. , Mrs. Joseph Hanlg and Marjorie Ann. companied the Hels to Ackley. Hanlg had spent more than a weeHt here with her parents, Mr. and MrB^ William Arndorfer. Mrs. Mary and daughter Ann? Jutte, of Webster City, accompanied by Mrs. Austin Burtls, ot Algona, spent Friday afternoon with thej , William Arndorfers. The Charles Daniel family arrive* a week ago Saturday from BeaTeft Dam, Wls., to spend a week here ana at Algona with relatives and) friends. Morris and Claire Rahm are th* owners of a new Ford coach. The Parochial school will open. next Monday with four teachers, aid Increase of one over previous years. Another room has been remodeled!. and will be used by the first and' second grades which have been too- crowded for good work. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Arndorfer and! mother, Mrs. Victoria Arndorfer., have gone to Watertown, ,Wis., to visit relatives for about a week. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew SkoUety* and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sedluck, of,North Bend, Neb., were over-Sunday visitors at the .Martin Rahm an* John Raskopf homes. Mr. and Mrs. J. O.' Downs' and! daughter Marcia Ann spent 'Sunday vith the former's parents; Mr. and- Mrs. .Charles Downs, at Wesley. J. F. Cruise, of -Wesley^ and th«'rank Blsfenbarth family' J wer& -vis- tors at the home of Mr. and'Mrs. N. H. Raskopf Sunday. • • - » Mr. and Mrs. Martin Blelch and< daughter Betty Jane, of ' Titonka, spent Sunday here with Mn. Blich's parents, Mr. and Mrs:,,Henry. Seller. - . : . Mr. and Mrs. Al Rosenzneyer left Tuesday to attend the state, fair. ,«* Des Moines, and are visiting iMrv Rosenmeyer's sister, Mrs. Marttot Miller. The Matt Bowman family; .acconv. panted 'by Frances Kellner,. left Thursday for South Dakota .to visit. relatives. ' Alfrieda Arndorfer had her tonsils removed. Monday morning at th» Kossuth hospital. A miscellaneous shower was given, In honor of Wilma Arndorfer W week ago Sunday at .her hom»J Many gifts were presented. Th« afternoon was spent In games and, late in'the day Ice cream : and cakw. were served. Mrs. Mary Bowman, of Algona;; spent one day last week with bar; brother, Isadore EJlsenbarth. Mrs. Mary Fasbender had her* store remodeled last week and put. In more shelves and changed the counters around. Benard Arndorfer and Jacob' L.ud- wlg spent Sunday at Spirit Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Julian 'Arndorfer and. daughter -Mary Helen spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Emil FV Arndorfer. -I Mr. and Mrs. John Raskopf, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Seller, arid the Rev. B. H. Loeffelholz attended the Golden Jubilee of the church at Budd last week and visited i relatives at Halbur and Templeton. Amelia Arndorfer, R. N., spent a few days at home last week attending the wedding of her sister Wll ma. She' returned to her duties Wednesday at the Kossuth hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hels and daughter Rose Mary, returned to Chicago Thursday morning after MIMEOGRAPHING — *rom nothing three or tour year* t*ek «• have built up a good ildenM tm mimeographing. In tact the prl»t» era in the' back chop are a tttU*- JealouB, because we do raeh and quicker than they can print line Job. automatic graphing The printer* preM, but our machine .runs around It tor apeed. Be* our girl (or mimeographed circular letter* and poit or yoetal card* at ••, kind*.—Advance, Leader Takes Over Alethean Club The Alethean 4-H club met last eek Wednesday with Gertrude :orrow, and 11 girls answered roll ill with, My Favorite Flower, ranees Wlnkel gave a talk on olnts to remember in selecting ready-to-wear garments. The county air was discussed, hank and Lucille hosen as Union's Marjorie Cruik- Dearsch were new demonstra- team to replace the club's first earn, Mary. q'Uch and Alice Payne rtio won first "place at Achievement ay and will represent Kossuth at son home^wll ne stnte fair. This was the first as hostesses, meeting undei 1 the leadership of Mrs. Laurence Glsch, who was hosen to succeed LaVlna Wlnkel, vh'iv war. m&rried to George Laoina, f Iowa City, Autrust 12, The next meeting w'11 be at Kathryn Deim's Uls we» k Wednesday. Muriel Body, H. p. A., attended. Swea, Harrison 4-H Club* Hear H. D. A. The Swea and Harrison 4-H clubs held a public Achievement day )n he Methodist church basement" frt- day afternoon, August 14, which was .well attended. • Th«, program consisted of iP»P *«°W b X '«Jv»bt5 demonstration on packing a' suitcase for a weefc-end trip, by Fpan- ces Kuchynka and June Larson or Swea; and a demonstration on proper accessories; by Harriett Pool »nd Louise Sjtaons of Harrison; Jftflf Body, H. p. A., spoke on plub worH. A large number of garments and posters made by the girls were exhibited. Sandwiches, cake, and coffee were served for ten cents, and proceeds wre d(vlded equally. Swea Club Makes . County Fair-Plinn The swoa. spirit; ..<?f Service club met with Mrs- Anna plub met with their leader, Mrs. Robert Masterson Friday, August 14, at the home of Frances Hansen. Roll call, appropriate school dresses, was answered by 11 members. A demonstration of an economical costume slip was given by Cordelia Ristau. Doris Genrich gave a talk on music for father and mother, and Roberta Masterson and Elsie Hunt gave a demonstration, the Well, Shod Foot. A social hour, and refreshments served by the hostesa, assisted by her mother, completed the afternoon. Bertha and Ethel Bowman w ere taken into the cliib. Five mothers and two.'other visitors were present. Another meeting was held .Friday at the "Acksel -Nejl- Margaret and Marie •*• Achievement Day Held at Swea City Swea and Harrison 4-H clubs held an Achievement program Friday afternoon, August, 14 In the Methodist church basement at Swea City, The girls' mothers were special guests. Garments made by the clubs were exhibited, also posters that Will 'be used In county fair booths. Harriet Poole, president of the Harrison Healthy Hustlers presided. June Larson and Frances Kuphynlca, of Swea tpwnsMP, gaye their demonstration', on, -. P»KW& * suitcase for a 'week-end > trip. 1 •«*?• riet Poole and Louise Simmons, of Harrison township, gave their demonstration «n accessories. The judging teams were introduced, also the health and style 8 how girts. The •• concerning plans. A Dakota Farms Visited— L. E. Krantz, Algona, and A. B. Schenck reached home Friday from Lisbon, N. D., where they went' to look after threshing on some farms near there. This was Mr, Schenck's first trip to Lisbon, the county seat of Ranson county, In the southeastern part of the state. He was 1m pressed by the number of thresh ing machines at >vork, noting five 6n a four mile stretch of road. The two farms of the Iowa men lie just across the road from each other, yet there was a machine at each place. Much hired help is used and the men and teams stay overnight dur ing the run. There were not many big machines, mostly 28-inch separators and the largest one seen was 36-inch. Power used is' mainly gas tractors. There were very few steam engines and those were straw burners. Crops are fair, and wheat, the main crop, yielded 10- , to 2« bushels per acre. The corn will only make fodder. Land values range of from $1.0 to $25 per acre or lower;'Opportunities to make money at farming peemed as good there as here,, A; consolidated school building had just burned. The loss was covered by insurance, and plans were under way for rebuilding. iwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin^ White H P- A. sav.e a state and Bounty fair luncheon wa-9 served at tables made attractive with lavender an4 yellow flowers. About 50 4-H girls, mothers an<J friends attended this interest- Ing prpgram. Rome rowed parti from toe)* |»ej$hbor>-r N.tur, ee Children Have Train Ride— Jerald, Lee, and Paul Schenck, 6, 4, and z years old; have longed many times for a train ride. There w«re auto rides a-plenty including several thrips to Minnesota and. Wisconsin. Their longings fo.r a 'train ride were satisfied for the time being last week Wednesday when -they were taken to Burt, and accompanied by Sarah and Haaal Neellng, boarded the train for a ride to Algona where the boys' mother met them, Don Ward Hit by C»r— , Don, 8-year-old -son' of Mr. and Mrs," Harry, Ward, ''»w«» knocked down by a ear Friday on an gona street. He suffered a gash OB hta head. The wound was dross- ed by an Algona doctor who gave tosin to prevent lockjaw. Other UNION- Slip filling is Keeping many far mers busy while others are, bard at plowing. The corn is going Into the silos earlier than usual. The corn is maturing and drying up because of heat and lack of moisture. Mr. ajjd Mrs- Clftude pearchs are parents of a girl 'born last week Tuesday. There, are now itbree boy) swjd, fojur girls Jfi jhe fajp^y, Sees JEIevator pl*ie. rjnJSp^nJi Wffi- f W?W < tft Tpiuslneja. & jjoijjf ' ffre horn* Is Crazy Again . • • . • • ,'••.. :.- : .. : v,;.^ :\v ;.,. ,. , About six years, ago I had a crazy spell, but It was a yery light stroked Tfcto time things have been hitting me on the head until it has gone to my brain, an« if they keep up the way they are I will soo a land in Cherokee. 'Now, I don't want to go to^the Bug House, but when I open my store 1 r Monday Morning, August 31, i * Prices will be Marked Down AUD IT WIL1 BE FOR CASH ONLY FROM THE* ON We may not make any money, but we are going to have » lot of f«n pvtttaf ,1 the money in the cash register and hearing it ring. Now. we are not making any flowery speeches or explanations as to the on* forllll thfs'but we do ^promise you tb/CHEAPEST aBOCEWES YOU BOUGHT IN AI«G«NA WE ABE GOING TO BUY EGGS ON A GRADE BASIS FBOM TUBS ON, AS THAT IS THE ONLY WAY WE CAN SEfcL THEM. One of the many things that bro.ght on this cr»»y spoil WM thU« 4M month8»«o an old cMtSiDerofmUeq.lt trading with me »»« wemt to » store to trade, returning ftlMnrt; SO *»y» •$<* vUh * ISHtope* $we; 9f t .*JII' boughtT» sack of »»*« !»*«»*»« I w»V ttp «ke»p*r on sugar and^as p»yiif cent more for eggs. , ' , These eggs »roYed to be F, ftftd ?, eggs, meaning Pigeon and fiUffe «o«rbV^K«K?«*att>«Vl»iice, I«W*t we him again for * mm »t *m had »nother Jt»4oji, ewe gt eggs sorted out fy• »|ftr 9* jj^ j^^fllB hefow lie got tfte flw^ sack paid for h* got another the s»we way, »*! Jfci wie» I Weked qyer tb» tnicea, and .1 litre been tfcefe e T #f i|p«f e . j , ,« , "' ,',.-- ^ **,«& - ." a *^ vf No prfces tftM wee^ bwt Wttffc fW -,, s Cnstomere baring credit and AQI'I wf»i giT» yo* 7«WP »°»*F» ;; Whi

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