Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 20, 1931 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1931
Page 10
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/A> *->^;f- fr , f ' ' »> , > * "' PAGE TEN • ™^m^ 1*4^1*.^' - '." ; '' ''.' r-V^Slife'::^/;'^ * , •»>• -e/i.' , i ^. w , ( ,, r .-,' ^^^rtAi-im^r'^''' "* *<«''*, f ' 4 . I ? ^a* * tt-.'feWffJV-raP . &"!' /-..,„. ,.i..../ EX-BURT BOY PUT ON PARKS BODYJJD.M, Union Twp., AXig. 18—t««t Thursday's Dfis Moines Register announced that Mayor Parker U Crouch had appointed nine members of a n«w park board authorized Cor Dss Moines hy Hie last legislature. James B. Goodwin, lawyer, Is ono of the appointees as is also .T. N. Darling, the cartoonist. Mr. Goodwin is a •former Hurt boy, a. brother of Mrs. W. J. Bourne. Kighteen nomlna- • tlons were submitted to the mayor, six-each from the. school board, the city .planning commission, and tho library board. Members are not paid salaries, but contribute their services. Under a statute passed by the 44th general assembly, tho board is to assume complete control of cemeteries and parks In the city, with fulj power to-'control expenditures ot funds appropriated for park and cemetery work. At the Call Theatre A Review of the Recent Talkies by T. H. G. T HKI dllf 1KB IS CONSIDERABLE difference of opinion about Night Nurse. \V'e still maintain that it Is the best thing that has come Algona-wards for some time, a frank, a'most brutally realistic drama of a night nurse's life. There is 11 certain freedom about the thing which appealed to us—no nu>ral lesson preached and a daringness foreign to the screen. B3n Lyon, playing the part of the genial bootleggar, Is- just his own natural self till the bitter end—no sudden conversion or grand gesture of righteousness. There is a sincerity about the work of Barbara Stanwyck that takes iway the disgust which Inevltab y ' lnd ^the^ love follows repeated scenes ot'debauoh and drinking. Among the really big moments (and there are savpral in the Night Nurse) we might mention the operation scene, as well clone as anything we have seen in M.-D. club is Kilter-tallied— Mesdames Delia Troutman and Anna Zanke were hostesses to the Mothers and Daughters club last Thursday. Mrs. T^ulu Elston, Burt member, discussed Books I Want My Children to Read, and Mrs. Irma Harvey read a maguzlne jirtlcle, Other People's Children. Mrs. Frances Turner read poems by Edgar; Guest. The hostess served a. tray lunch. On August 22 the club will meet with Mrs. Anna IJodds, who will be assisted by Mrs. Cora raid, and th« ,l>rogram wil consist oC music by Mrs. Metta Culbertson; Our vacation Tour, Mrs. Louisa Me- Nutt; and a poem. The Builder, to be read by Mrs. Helen Vogel. j the talkies for a long time. Night Nurse is not a child's picture, but we welcome occasionally a picture that rises above the mental level of an eight or 10-year-old. dorstood husband, seems ' only to float through the reels like n «talking ghost. THERE ARE- SBVERAL, criticisms we feel called upon to make, especially since so many enjoyed tht picture. In the first place, It Is much too long: in the second place entirely too much space is devoted to the annoying antics of the chll di-en. For those who have even so few as three the endless racket Is quite nerve-racking; while for those who have none it is unnecessary As a whole, however, the presentation of the play is rather cleverly handled on the screen, Intimate, delicate situations are smoothed off, ill- between Bart nnd Mildred has been put on an almost platonic basis. In a word, the much heralded SEED was a box- office sucess In' Algona; SIOUX CITY HOPES Alumni of Humboldt College TO HEARS SENATORS Plan Annual Reunion Sunday T HE RECKLESS HOUR, Farmers Rosent Grape Thefts — Townspeople- from Algona and other nearby towns are now making their innual depredations oil grapes on vines attached to farm fences along the highways. The farmers consider that their rights are being infringed upon, and several autoloads of people have been asked to "move on". Some day a code of etliic.s will be established that will call such depredations n. different name, something to l>e avoided by decent people. What would these same townspeople do if the farmers trespassed on their town lawns and gardens in a similar manner? JJridifp Taken Ih>wn — The old wooden bridge west of the ste-'l brigo on the Plum Creek- Union rond (west of 1'Him CreekJ has bev-n p?movf-d, A culvert has been P'H in, and graders are now filling in the road bed. The origin- el pi:in was to repair the bridge, but the fill-in wn.s filmed better. A new floor is IKMMK laid on the steel bridge, and the/ road is temporarily Closed. • Other Union News. Sarah Keeling. Algona, is spending this week with her sister Hazel at <\. I!. Si-henck's. On August 31 Sarah will start teaching a rural schoo: ne;>r Lu Verne. She has previously .'.pent I wo summers at Schenc <''.-•:. The William Dray tons, Mrs. Edith Rich, and tlie William Riches picnicked Svnday with the Herman Lihdeman i, Humboldt. Mrs. Lindeman was Elsie Drayton before marriage, and is a sister of William. J>rayton. A. B. S-henck and J--. E. KrantK, Algona lf.'"t Tuesday in the latter's car for Lisbon, N. D. Mr. Krantz was to look after the threshing on a farm he owns there. Mrs. Hi. her t Tjeason, son Alfred, daughters Mabel and Mrs. Gross, Lone Rock, and Mrs. Robert Leason Jr. spent last week Wednesday at Fort Dodtve. Mrs. A. T. Goldie, Cadri, Sask., who liiid' spent several weeks with her brothers, William and George Rich, started for home lost week Tuesday. with Dorothy Mackalll and a brilliant cast, is just another one of those tilings we are wont to label "sex" and let it go at that. It is sophisticated, ultra-modern, daring in spots, yet we are getting so used to "dramas of human passion" that It takes a lot to jar us out of our smug complacency. The Reckless Hour is perfectly directed by John Francis Dillon • (and by • the way, when you see this director's name In connection with any picture you are sure of the best), and most of his important 'shots" are taken from the- floor level up, producing a rather unique effect of great height. We can't, say we are exactly sold on the idea, it being a bit uncanny at first, but we may get used .to it; it is the first picture in which it has been so much employed as a dramatic means for attaining the unusmil. The story is commonplace enough, having to do with the rich, spoiled young man, an innocent cloak-model, and an artist. DOROTHY MACKAILL is not a beautiful actress', nor does she impress one as having exceptional dramatic- ability, although there are times in this talkie when she rises to unusual heights. This is due perhaps more to the perfect direction than to her ability; or perhaps it is the almost perfect acting of H. B. Warner, as her father, who plays his part like so many other seasoned veterans of the .stage. His diction, hiH every action, has that studied perfection which long years of training on the legitimate bring to such an actor. Conrad Nagel, as the artist, suffers from a most ordinary part, but manages to breath a bit of realism into this, impossible role. After all, Conrad is one of our most sophisticated stars who has had a bucl break lately in his parts. Joan Blondell, as the wise-cracking sister, is great; score two triumphs for the little lady in two successive pictures, Night Nurs e and Reckless Hour. THE SHORT SUBJECTS in connection with the Reckless Hour were terrible. The one about the policeman sets a new mark for pure, unadulterated asininity. Again we call the management's attention to the, deplorable condition existing In this METHODISTS PLAN DISTRICT MEETING DIst. gupt. W. H. Lease announces an Algona district Methodist conference at the Ambrose A. Call state park Wednesday, September 2. The program follows; 10:00 a. m. — Devotions, Harvey Nelson. 10:20 a. m. — Announcement of Committees. 10:30 a. m. — World Service Discussion. i Compare prospects with 1930. 11:00 a. m. — Our College, Pres. R. E. O'Briaii. 11: SO a. m. — The Hospital Program, Dr. G. T. Notsan. 11:55 a. m.— Committee' meetings. 12:20 p. m. — PIcnifl Dinner. (Coffee provided). Tuesday's Sioux City. Journal carried the following story: With the announcement of Senator Pnt Harrison, ot Mississippi, that he was ready to debate "Senator L. J. Dickinson, of Iowa, Sioux City loomed ns a probable batt'.e ground for the two senators. Senator Harrison said Monday he understood Senator Dickinson had accepted his challenge for ^ joint debate on th« Smoot-Hawle,y tariff low. The Mississippi senator added that he hoped broadcasting organizations would the debates and that he broadcast Would be glad to come to Sioux City and meet tho Iowa senator In his home state. "Until Sunday, 1J Senator Harrisson said, "I had received no reply to my te'egram of July 29, to Senator Dickinson and the republican national committee relative to a on the Smoot-Hawley 1:30 p. m. — Devotions; Thompson. Clarence 1:50 p. m. — Reports and Discussion. Music Festival. Evangelism. World Service. Brotherhood, Young People. Religious Education. Conference Institutions;. Church Administration. 3:10 p. m. — Licensing and License of Local Preachers:. 3:45 p. m. — Closing Uevotlonsi. Committees joint debate tariff law. . "I telegraphed Monday to Senator Dickinson and have sent a copy of the' 'telegram &>' the' republican national committee that I would be very glad to agree upon places and time for one or three debates and that we could leave the details up to respective party organizations." The only condition Senator Harrison has imposed |s that the debate shall be an open forum and not over the radio with each speaking from different places, as has been suggested. • BEHRENDS WILL TAKE PART IN STATE BUTTER CONTEST Des Moines, Aug ILS — (Seovgfe. 1 Behrends, Algona, and Paul G*. Bn" gen and Viggo Killsholm, Wesley, will compote biittoriiiuiiers with 90 other fowffi for the state butter makihg championship in a midwest cltvli-y c-xposltion which will open here August 26 as n feature of the- stair- -nil'. Entries consist of 20'- Ib. tubs of butter, and the cosh prizes offered total $700. Diplomas nnd medals will also be awarded. The butter show will be largest in the history of the fair. field of the remedy? talkies. It there, no ST. BENEDICT GIRL IS WED TO ALGONA YOUTH TUESDAY At the St. Benedict Catholic church Tuesdn.v tnwrnins- Ht 8:30 "Wilma. Arndoivsr was married to Dennis Carroll, of Algona, the bride's half-brother, the Ttev. A. J. Arndorfer, of Charter Oak, officiating. A pre-nuptial moss was said. The bride, and bridegroom were attended by Lu Cylle Carroll, sister of the bridegroom, and Nick Arndorfer, brothor of the bride. The bride wore a dark blue dress with hat and accessories "to match. After the ceremony a. wedding breakfast was served at the bride's late home, • 45 plates being laid. In the evening the newlyweds ga\'e a dance at the K. C. hall, Algona. ding from out Attending the wed- of the community were tho Alvin Hardkopfs, Lu Verne, the Ted Trunnelles, Burt, Mrs. Arthur Penton, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hels and Deane Arndorfer, Chicago, and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Germann, Blue Earth. FORD TRI-MOTORED PLANE STOPS OVER NIGHT HERE "TTONEYMOON LANE, with its ii vocal cords cut and only one song remaining, appears at the Call o-s a Saturday show and seems to satisfy a large and 'responsive lot of customers. Eddie Bowling, who appeared in the stage production, if our memory serves us right, head's a capable cast and puts this sugary flippant, little lollypop over in an .-.-Itogether satisfactory manner, tie i-i ably assisted by the, beautiful land in this case exceedingly dumb) June Collyer, Mary Carr (an old favorite in the mother roles), Noah Beery, Raymond Hatton, and the mischievious Ray Dooley, with her "can't do a thing with 'em legs"— she must bathe them twice a day! The plot is older than the hills, having to do primarily w lth the- Triumph of virtue over vice In the form of good homemade cherry pie, over gambling, and other sins of the flesh, so called. A HOTEL, run by old lady Carr, is in its last death struggle, the more popular resort being a gambling resort run by the disreputable Noah Beery a mile or so down the highway. [By accident a visiting King gets into the languishing hostelry, likes the fine cherry pie made by Ma Carr, declares his intention of remaining, attracts hundreds of cu rious guests, and eventually puts the place on its feet. The action is swift, the dialog only slightly musty with age, and the whole production rather a pleasant diversion after u couple of "heavies". The one and only song Is poorly recorded arid uncertainly sung by Eddie Dowllng, but the rest of the show' passes as "pleasant and entertaining comedy" of the harmless variety. BLACKSMITH HANSON BEGINS CONSTRUCTIONJJF NEW SHOP Construction was begun Tuesday on a 22x30 building for George Hansera, whose blacksmith shop next west of the former Algona Autb> & Machine block was burned two: weeks ago Sunday in the hottest fire- Algona had known in more than'i 2f> years. The new building, which is erected on the same site will' bV constrxicted of hollow tile to match: the O'trter walls of the block to the cast. Cowan & Son have the com tract,, and tho building will be"• fli» ished within two or three weeks. There will be a dirt floor, but: a cement floor may be laid later. A doub'e door into the Gronwall pump and windmill shop will be bricked up. The roof over the Gronwall shop, which was damaged in the -fire,has been rebuilt without the sky '.letit which it formerly had. , OFFICES ALMOST READY FOR DOCTORS BOURNE AND ADAMS LOCAL GRAIN COMPANY IS SUED FOR AN ACCOUNTING Suit wttJ! fTIed" Monday in district court by one W. W. Toole against H. W. Pleteh, the Pletch Grain Co., audl Bea'Blii "Wic'fcam & Co. alleging that the plaintiff had on deposit with' the- defendants at their Ot- tuniwa office 1 JS'.OOO 1 to be invested in grain on' margin and! that a -profit of $'G3!T was' made- for which the plaintiff dermtnds an accounting. No answer Has- yet beerr filed by the defendant's: A'n- Otttn represents Mr. Toole. *— Humboldt, Aug. 18— The fifth fin- nual Humboldt college reunion will take place next Sunday' at tile Memorial park here. John Cunningham, Humboldt, la nliimnl president, but will not attend because he will he under clinical observation at Ro Chester. 'Mrs. Sadie Wihter-Denton, wife of a Tltpnka druggist, Is' secretary. J. P. Peterson, Minneapolis, former president of the college. and his wife will attend the reunion. Wumboldt college was founded In 1R70 by the Rev. S. H. Taft, founder of Humboldt. The cornerstone was laid September 28, ll>870. After many U-lnl.s nnd discouragements, it opened in September, 1872, with nn enrollment of 50. ' Money being: scarce in pioneer days, .Mr. Taft looked to friends in the east to assist In raining funds for the college building. Peter Coop- «r,' philanthropist, of New York, contributed the first $100. Mr. Taft sold lota to other eastern friends, the money going' Into the fund! Among ffflinous men who assisted m' this .way were Wendell Phillips, abolitionist, -{KM 'Rev. Ecfwarfl Everett Hale, and WHIInrw Lloyd Garrison. The college exfeted for several years, then was used 1 as a dwelling. in June-,. 1895-,. J. P. Peterson and A. L. Rtonefl ofeta'ftwcf possession, 'erected two d'ovraitories, and operated a successful college, 19 years.' In HOT*, tilte Petevswns closed the college and} wemtl to- Minneapolis, where tfftey 'openetll a second Humboldt college, whisto is still active. Judge D. F. Cbyle was a; student nt the college in- From 1S95 to lfll-4, ever since. Not one of his Inw^ grad tiates has failed to pass the state bar examination. Tho reunion program will consist of talks, musical nunibettt, a picnic dinner, , and reminiscences. Mrs. Denton was the originator of the alumni reunion, when, five years' ago, several former students gathered nt her home for <t picnic and tailed to hold a, reunion each August, selecting Humboldt as the permanent place. DIVISION SUPERINTENDENT BOKHER TOJETIRE SEPT, 1 Geo. EJ.. iBonner', Northwestern dl-, vision superintendent at Mason City, will Ibe retired on pension Sep'| tember 1, owd f* eotpected to return to Eagle G'm»»ie,. where he owns a home. • Lnstl. srawimeT . Mr. Bonner Inactive tlfa'ee months ; because recovered. He of sickness, Bxit began work foir th> NorHiwCstern in -1887, 44 yemw ajyev jw-brakeman,'. was promoted tpi sowdlootdf In 1900, to trainmaster liu I909 r and to division superintendent! iw 1920. He has always worked om tliw northern Iowa division. Many Kowiuth men know Mr. Bonner. MRS. 0, 10RENZ IHBCT80ES OPER ATION| CH1LWEN HERE Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lotena, Mrs. .lack Sherer, Council BlWITs : ,. JBrtino iMi-onx. Harlan. Mr. and SCcs,. Myron Hill, Fort Dodge, and tlie Hllla' Shirley, ChlcagOj, spent ser* " with early- days, tlie eprflege vras operated by Mr. Peterson, Judge gallstones operation at this Kbssnth was a. member »£ Che- irr charge of law. hospital Monday. was closed. Mr. Coyl"* continued the law school at his W**t Adt tfOH tt&Ntf 1 —FuRNlSriED house- keeplftfc rooma.—262 tD. College St, '&ALB—SEElMim -- Harry Ward", 2 ttiliefl nbrth 6f Algona, 1IU49 DEMONSTRATION. NfflttiiSaturday hfterrtoott, 1 to 3 p. m., 'there Mil be a free, ddmohstra- tjoji., df a Canadian thistle cutting machlrtd drt the layers farm one and ,'onfcJ>!tatf. miles north of Ho- tyxrUm ditA two miles west. Landowners "a tw» tenants'are Invited to be'In attendance. • W. HT McDonald. Siipervfaor, DIst. No. 2. n : » : '* HOW ONE WOMAN .lNAWEEK Mrs. Betty Luedtefcw, 'of Dayton, writes, "I art. usihgri, Kruschen 'to reduce weight—I'loa*',Ift pounds In one week and cannot say too much to redommend ft." •",'.•••' •••••* ^ •'-To take off fat easily-,! «afely and quickly take one half" tenspoonful of Kruschen In a 'glass- of hot water every morning, before Br«afcfast- : -an 85 cent 'bottle lasts 4 weeks—Get It at E. W. Lusby's or'any'drwg; store in America. If this first -Bottle falls to convince you this Is: tfrs> easiest, safest and surest way to Voac fat— money back. '-,-""' WHY SEND YOUR ORDERS ,.FOK printing out of town? If tHe Aleona print shops.got all the business which originates. In Algona' 1 they could hire three or four more printers to earn ami upend their monev ' 4.if "Where Service and .Quality Meet" 3 DAY'S SALE-AUGUST 20, 21 and 22 W, A,, HDRKMS ffi TAKEN TO , CAN, ' Father Davm-.ro left SaroJar night ;foiv Toronto, Com,, with- W. A. Hor- ikihs, who was-to-. Be delivered 1 to relatives- there. Mi-: HbrfcfnB>. who had 'fin" some'years? been a- life-insurance agent Here; was- pnroledl to? Father some-- tlrm? ago-.. ,It fe understood" that his-- Girnada reUtfrfves are wealthy.:. . . . . ' Dr. Melvin G. Bourne went to Iowa City Sunday and will return today. Remodeling and redecoroti ing of the suite of rooms over the Paine & Sorensen drug store which he and Dr. Adams wil occupy Is nearing completion, and Doctor Bourne plans to install -his equipment and medicines within a few. days. The woodwork in the suite' is being redecorated in imitation mat hog-any, and the rooms will be among the handsomest in this section of Iowa. Doctors Bourne and Adams will use only the reception, room in common. PHOENIX SILVER JUBILEE SALE AL60NIAN TO ENTER STATE FAIR FINE ARTS COMFST Des Moines, Aug. 18—'W. S. Lee, Algona, is among entrants in a J79G statewide art competition in the annual Iowa Art Salon at the 19*31 Iowa state fair. He will? compete with upwards of 50 Iowa painters. The prizes include offerings for oil paintings, water color, pastel, monochrome drawings, decorative designs, and collections. The Salon will be located this year on the balcony of a new $200,000 educational building. -A special feature will be a loan exhibit from the Hoosier Salon, representing the work of Indiana artists. W EI ' ' wa DID NOT read Seed when It A Ford tri-motored plane stopped at the Alijona airport Friday evening at dark. A poor battery, it was explained, made travel at night dangerous. The battery was recharged during the night, and the plane left Saturday morning for Shenandoah, where it was to take part in an air show. It came here from St. Paul, but the home of the pilots is at Blackwell, Okla. There are two pilots, and the wife of one was a passenger. The noise of the three motors drew a crowd to the airport. The plane wae expected to return Sunday to take up passengers, but it failed to appear. BAILY ADVERTISER MAKES BOW TO THE CITY FRIDAY The first issue of tha Algona Ad- Choosing a Memorial Need n«t be aii exacting taslc. It calls forth the discrimination and! judgment of the buyer. It requires the same good" taste that you would use in planning a beautiful- building:. * Your choice of everlasting Rock of Ages granite, coupled with the exemplary service which we have built up through lang experience in memorial craftsmanship, can make the tribute truly expressive of those whom you wish to commemorate. Godden Monument Co. Est. 1878. Ex-Algonian Held. The Fort Dodge Messenger reported a few days ago that Troy Holt had been held to the grand jury at Webster <3ity for arson. He had contracted to teach school in Web- wife and five children. the same watchful eye us a best seller a few seasons ago. Written by Charles G. Norris, the book is an argument for birth control, in the taiiues, with- a sly eye on the censors, the producers have miide a woman and NOT the children a reason for Bart Carter's leaving hi--Then with on both censors and Public, Universal made the children the cause for his return. A neat piece of headwork. Seed, as a picture, is capital entertainment; in fact, there was hardly a dry eye in the audience here. Lois Wilson, as selfsaori- ficing wife, suffers, as all mothers do, from the Ingratitude of a thoughtless husband and five noisy children. This thing has been going on for ages. Miss Wilson puts the proper emphasis into her role, and her portrayal of Peggy is sincere and earnest. Genevieve Tobin, ster county this fall. claims innocence, Mr. Holt, who formerly sold made his headquarters at Algona. ' vertiser, a little 4-page news and advertising sheet issued jointly by the Advance and the Upper Des Homes-Republican was circulated 'Friday evening, and succeeding issues have 'since appeared daily except Sunday. It is published alternately by the two papers, aad the carriera ar e Bobby LaBarre, Chas. £«wo». Harry Greenberg, Johji Christiansen, a. n a Bobby »ewe;. .Coach Bonham Back. Coach Aubrey Bonham got back Friday, after having spent the summer at San Francisco, where he worked for the Pacific Manufacturing Co. and played professional baseball. He is now playing with the Algeria Grays. Mrs. Bonham is to return later. graduate home-wrecker, is mildly affable, while John Boles, as misun- WE TALL FOR </DELIVER YOUl JBlk Cleaners and Tailors NOT APPENDICITIS-GAS PAINS FOOL HIM "I had such pain in my right side I thought I had appendicitis. But it was only gas. After taking Adler- Ika I've had no trouble." — W. L. Adams. You can't get rid of gas doctoring the stomach. For gas stays In the UPPER bowel. Adlerlka reaches BOTH upper and lower bowel, wash- Ing out poisons which cause gas, nervousness, bad sleep. Get Adler- ika today: by tomorrow you feel the wonderful effect oil this German doctor's 'remedy.—B. W. Lueby, —8 BLACKSMITH We are completely equipped and Lou Markla, our blacksmith, is an expert who gives the best of service. PLOW-WORK Time to prepare for Pall plowing. We sharpen plow shares, or if you need new ones we get them for you. WOODWORK We are always prepared to do any kind of wood work in " a hurry. Repairs fpr machinery is our specialty. Thorpe WOOD AND IRON WORKS M M E M 0 R A T I N G For the first time n PHOENIX HOSIERY at recfucecf prices Never before . . . such an opportunity as this . . , to buy your favorite hosiery below regular prices. Standard qualities— every pair. Positively for 3 days Only August 2O, 21, 22 Don't pass this opportunity Th« season's smartest colors AiiShttt .<JS Rtgultrly $1.»5 dulShor Profit by this off.rin B -q n«w experience to buy Phoenix ot q saving. Eoch number carried in our regular ,tock. .my doy Jn the year. Fin. chiffon or «.m,.»ry,c. weight, French heel., plain flnd pieot topi, Lottoe," reinforced "long mileage" foot most fashionable styles : Buy a box or two BOSWBsljjj 3i. inn Phone 4 60 .7v; "ft -me, Harrington • "lines: 287; 'fflce over i owa St ., J "-.one 213-W. H. D Shumway AUorneys-at-Uw ' '•• A. ll-'H in Qulnby Phone iso."""! ,„—-•"" * KEX K ^ "J'sleliins mid Sum* Office over Rexall DrugL Office phone 3M, || I. J. Kcncflck, .M. 1)., ttt.,' Koneflck, JL ])., res.', Physician and Surgejjl •tftce in John GalbraithjT •men: Office 310, res. 4(1,1 >'• V. JAH8Ej!3| I'lijsldiin am! Snrswil ""fife on South Dodge-SI -mt-s: Office, 6G8; resldi Algona, Iowa. . WALTEB ,„ Physician and Surgeml tfiee In Quinby BMg,, ] Phone No. 1!, — • _ nit. w. u. ANDREW! 'ttteoputlilc 1'hyslclan anli Eye. Ear, Nose, and ' X-ray. irfice over Hub Recreation'! 'hones; Office, 187; CHIROPRACTOBfl i)it. it. j. ' Palmer Graduate Chlr... hlrteen year's successful (J Office over State's c£| VETEUINABYl L. W, FOX Veterinarian West State Street, All tmnes: Office 475-J7., r«,| «l ILDLNG COM'HAtl COWAN t SOX? General Contraclorif Bstlmates Furnlshii| ^ftunes: Business, 639-J;'j MACHINISTSl VOIITON MACIIIITE Machinists and rvlce stock on Piston 1 and Bearings, of Courthouafl. PRODUCE;! SWIFT & COMPtfif Cash Buyera. :.*» Poultry, Eggs, and W Matt Lamuth, Mr| Phone 261,: KOS8DTH COUNTI INSURANCE ASSOCi iver 115,000,000 worth oil n force. A home cotaHf J. 0. Pawon,! THE ALGONA AGBNCf 8, La Barre Al' •Reliable Ins, I Phone 66. JUy Property Loans.. Insurance. R 6 * CUNNINGHAM 11 ,07 W.* State St. JOE OBBEPW ', New and used AufJ" Tlrea and Acces^ Hides, Fur ana ««? PIANO v i. c. 80 Years , Military Band Bx pert Servic C 4 eave orders Fost or Phone 642, THE)

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