The Wichita Daily Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on January 19, 1902 · Page 5
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The Wichita Daily Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · Page 5

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 19, 1902
Page 5
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im m HPLIED Davidson and Throckmorton Get Noyes5 Corner IS A GOOD INVESTMENT No Changes Will be Made for the Present. PAYS A BIG INTEREST Both Gentlemen Have Bought Heavily Recently. prop r' the ," Ts-r5ay Charles L. Davidson, and W. . Ti rr kmortcn purchased the valuable on the corner of Douglas ave-Market street, now occupied by s Dry Goods house, for 26,000. Tr.c- r:pjrty was purenased from Dr. Hau rruan, of Cincinnati, who nas owned n for time. The property is 87x150 ft -r.a has a two-story brick building it. Tiit a! -was made by the hustling Arm if Cnstman & Davidson, whc rect-r.tly --Id 'thcr bisr h'ock on. Main i-treft rvs u David on. They faandil :--'iy wtli lor Dr. Rotterman and Foxne time the new prchas.-rs it "li.-'s terrain. esp-.eiaHy since they here and can handle it to bet- iifT than a ..bmg for a turn that will .v purchasers a hardsome mtr-r- thrjr investment. It is rewded or.- of the most aosirable p -cts of r-ropriy m "Wichita .as It fronts the !' on Douglas avenue, is so centrally !.-c.ic-d that verybciy in town J-v.jst pass it goir.t? to the gOTernttf-nt hjildJrg. which buiMin bein? permanent! a;M tj aka tne locju.on a permanent one. Char! s L. Davidson has invested a Rreat ieai of money in Wichita this sea--'T!. ."Io ia a man of unusual business resipht and when he invests heav:Iv it ) C : ne i -f th-. irt-' Ah :. r a . . The ' t i- .Stf Stuffed Up That's the condition of many sufferers from catarrh, especially in the morning. Great difficulty is experienced in, clearing the head and throat No wonder catarrh causes headache, impairs the taste, smell and hearing, pollutes the breath, deranges the stomach and affects the appetite. To cure catarrh, treatment must be constitutional alterative and tonic. "I was afflicted with catarrh. I tooS medicines of different kinds, giving each a fair trial ; bet gradually grew worse untiL I could hardly hear, taste or smell. I then concluded to try Hood's Sarsaparilla, and after taking five bottles I was cared and bare not had any return of the disease since." Ecgets Fobbzs, Lebanon, Kan. "I had catarrh in the head and throat. Had a bad coogh and raised blood. My hosbaad perscaded me to take Hood's Sarsaparilla and it has done me so much good I advise all to take it. When I began Its ue I coold scarcely walk and had headaches. It has cared and boilt me up so I can do all my own housework." Hes. Hugh Budolfe, West Llscomb, N. S. Hood's Sarsaparilla Cures catarrh it soothes and strengthens the mucous membrane and builds up the whole system. Sold bv all druggists. have had inquiries from People in Texas who want to jome here during tha carnival of music. The Cincinnati May festival was a greet success some years aero, and this will probably be something: similar.' is certan that he h is faith in the future n" Wi- hiij.. He regards. Wichita property as thf safest and t est investment he can rr.akf fi-'-n a standrx.-int of actual interest paying returns. Mr. fhrckmorten. has also Invested r.-:avilv j". real estate. Ther will be no changes made for the present, but it is a sure thing that Wichita win soaft day t a five-storv modern coaxa rcial and tfflce building" on that corner. 3IG BAiVD CONTRACT Will be a Feature of JIumcsI Jubilee This Ku miner. J'jdi'ne from the sentiment expressed by the c:tizens of the city tho musical ; ibi!e- an assured thing. The business m -v: are taking: hold of the urr ject :n a manner that characterises them v. h-n th -y are heartily in lavcr ;f any-thir. at-d a full representation' will be present at the renting at the council thaml.-r Tues-lay night. Sir. Fr-ink Payne, who from th first bf:r. the promoter of the ichme, v ?terday that he was aiorj than cijr.ndf-nt 'of success. Whr rer I go,- said he. "I am met with a; r --oval of the plan. Mr.rv say that Kon;thing of the kind shojid have b-en dor.c long agw. but no one with suf-ri-iert energy went at the thnsj. ' When asked what difference in the p:an n voirue in Hutrhinson and Kan-f-i City, he said: "First and fortrost T?.r0 was no .mention to injure ili.tch-Ksor. :. ar.y way. Of cours-j It will, from r-e p. of the thing be very sim lar. t Jt c"-. r sc-s can thus have nrich more eno'vj.-i-.-m.ent with a chares t.j w;n in tvo rla -s. and this would be true of lois.i. As far as Kansas City is con-r-rn.xi. w can beat them out easily. The Kansas City fellows am eo busy tryirg to jrft ahrjd of each other that they car. not et lvng toother at all. but Wich-ia peopl-"- are not that way. Whil? th-TO ma; t- one petty liffrr?nces, th.;.- Jon't a-Tourt to much. The harmony Ln Wichita is what makes hr suecessfvl. "Another thing in our favcr is that th lan is tc include Oklahoma, and prob-atly the Indian territ-ry. Tt:-r-re are Many iT'reicians over the eastern temtorr. arid it would be very Interesting to have . irteMar.ts come from among th;- frac-fi-.-i-u fc!3ed ropie, verv many of h-m hnve the most finished edjeuicn." As ii th: plafn cf the week, he Mid-"It w ! to maJ-e it something attractive a-t-ing humdru-n, but the i-Jea is to ma .e it all -utrn tive. Peoplp (f?t tired of -?ai. e kind of n.u-c, as well as something to eat We v. :ii orepare for a ar-ia.We prrgTam. ari t:ioae ho c. me tor fe-.y day .ill not a-ay until th-.-v hav h-ard ah of the cthtr da-. Th iflpa. f-T irstance. for the four h day which ill i'robr.bly he FriJay. is for a f-rrali :r.(1 cortest m the morrinc'. a Trge t'r.d cor.t?st in the aftrno' n And nnit- all contest bands i: a r.o st- r band concert MRS. DOYLE DEAD She Had JSosIded in Wichita TwelTe Tears. Mrs. Lucfeda Doyle, aged 5T, died at the Wichita hospital at 3:30 yesterday afternoon of cancer, after an illness of-months she has been confined to her bed ana a week ago was taken to the hospital. She was conscious to the last, and made her own funeral arrangements. Mrs. Doyle was born In Camden, Ohio, December 8, 1840. and was educated at the Xf-nia, Ohio, Female college. In 1S64 she married W. EL Doyle at Eton. Ohio, and lived in that city until 1S75. In that year Mr. and Mrs. Doyle moved to Grinneil, Iowa, and In 1880 they moved to Kansas, locating at Hiawatha. In 1SS9 they moved to Wichita and .have resided here ever since. Mrs. Doyle united with the Methodist church in girlhood, and at the time of her death was a member of the First Methodist church in this city. For the past two years the family has lived on the third floor of the building at 203 North IV fa in street. The remains wiH be taken to die home of the son of the deceased. Dr. H. M. Doyle, 452 Waco avenue. Mrs. Doyle leaves a husband, W. E. Doyle, a son. Dr. H. M. Doyle, of this city; a sister, Mrs. Mary Robins, 37 North Main street; a brother, J. M. Walters, of Omaha; and a sister in Ohio. The funeral will be held at the First Methodist church next Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The services will be conducted by A. E Dubber, pastor of Uie Central Christian church, and Rev. F. X. Lynch, pastor of the First Methodist church, and Rev. N. E. Harmon, a retired clergyman. TO BE TAKEN TO ILLINOIS Xellio Coruclisou 1 ill be ia Charge of' Sler Uncle. An uncle of Xellie Cornelison arrived in this city yesterday and will take the child back to Illinois with him. He Is a young man and only he and his wife are togeth-r and it Is thought that XelHa will greatly improve if she is kept away from other children for awhile. The child? is very nervous and irritable. She is constantly under the eye of Mrs. Jackson, and Dr. Hutton visits her quite often. Yesterday it was reported that a warrant had betn sworn out for her. It was tnoagnt tnat tnis snouui De done AUTOS BUILT Walferschied Bros, are Work--ing- on On&at Their Factory. PART OF THEIR BUSINESS be the Construction Steam Automobiles, of The Walterscheid Automobile company is the name of a new manufacturing concern that will build steam automobiles in this city. The company is composed of C. H. and W. Walterscheid and Alex. Glass, the foreman of Walterscheld Bros Pump factory. They are now working; on their first auto, and It will be ready for use about tho first of next month. This is going to be a part of the business conducted at the factory on North, flock Island avenue. They have been working quietly on the machine for several months, and a few weeks ago Mr Gfctss went east to look at some new machinery, and while there made a study of the different types of autos of Chicago and other points. He came back with a creat many ideas about making a horseless carriage, and has been putting those 'ieas -nto patterns, and now has about completed his first machire. Automobile building will be one of the industries of this city from now on. The compary is not doing this as an experiment, but they will establish a oerma-i.ent factory in this, city and will build, additions to their plant in order to manufacture the carriage. Every part of the machine will be patterned, and cast in this city. They will be operated by steam. The boiler will be fourteen inches each way and will have over three hundred flues in it to give it great heating surface. The heat will be supplied by gasoline. The engine will be a self-governor machine. When the engine is stopped, and 1 t. the steam reaches such a pressure, then j JL the fire is reduced automatically. The j T engine will be of six-horse power. The Z. rtm!ww -will hnfld anv nnr! nil Ktvles of autos. from a road wagon to the heavy express truck and up to any horse power. Mr. C H. Walterscheid, in speaking of the now industry yesterday, said: ''We have arrived at the conclusion that we can build automobiles cheap here than anywhere else, and that the horseless car riage, like ths bicycle, has come to stay. There is not a state in the Union where an auto can be used to better advantage than in Kansas. We have no hills, and an. automobile can be constructed to run in this country that will require less power to carry a heavier load than In the east. There Is something about aato rtdin? that is very fascinating, and there is nothing else equal to it. It Is a fact known to no one but a user of an auto that they cannot get repairs for their machines any place west of New York City or the factory, and there Is no factory west of New York. There are wholesale houses, but it is impossible to get repairs for a machine there. They will take your order and then send to the factory for the parts wanted. We are going to make the machines here, and will also make the repairs needed, and the price will be as low or lower than on any other machine of as good qualitv." The machine was desi erred by the fore-man of the Pump factory, A. Glass,' and each part was patterned by the men at the factory. Then the castings were made hero, and the machine now nearly completed shows that It will be a very beautiful and useful machine. Walterscheid Bros, have established a branch office of their factory at WlnfleW, and wll handle their wholesale trade of that territory from there. They shipped a car of goods to Winfield last week. We've Placed on Display In ths sastwiudoir a lot of Odd Troussi'3. We've included them, in . this Special Sale for your benefit and. oars, too, oz coarse. They're our regular S3 and S2.50 kind, In neat stripes, worsted; now $2.15. "We thought, perhaps, yon'7e "orn oat that old pair you. had or else yoa're trying to "pall through" till spring with that pair that's nearly worn oat. Bat then yoa can't call that economy when yoa can get a brand new pair at such a reduction. It'll pay yoa to bay one cf these, won't it ? We're selling Men's and Boys' Clothing-at reduced prices, too. Herman & Hess No Clothing Fits LiXe Ours. 3X- S$-$- 11 -I! TRADE AT FULT OM'S IT PAYS, I Cleaning Up S Read and see how determined -sre are about it and get an idea what shelf -emptying in this store means All our goods axe up-to-date in style now bat won't be next season, hence the deeo cat in Drices. rs Men's $29 Overcoats; now $15.1 Men s 515 Overcoats, now U. M'E's $13. $16 and SiS Safes. a4w li-1 Men s 53 Black Worsted aad Cheviot Pants, new .......... Men's $4 Black Worsted aid Cheviot Trousers, sow Men s S3 Black Worsted, and Cheviot Trousers. nw Men's Black Worsted and Cheviot Trousers, sow Mens SI and $L58 Fancy St ITT Bosom Shirts, now Men's 51 30 Heavy Doray Ribbed and Wool Underwear, now Man's 50c Heavy Merino U-derweftr, now .... Men's StEc PhC Ties, Sic aad ami 15e values, sow ., Wool aad Aacracfeoa Caps, afa aad 9c vahne. now Brs Fancy Scfcl Bozaa j Shirts. SX vatees, aow -; Bags' Fancy Sttff Besoca Shirts, 5e values, sow . Boys' Fancy Stiff Bosom SMrts. Ho -tsstoes. aow On Lot of Boys' Jl Fascy Skirts, now Soxae it aad t Setts, now at 4.CQ 3Ji coo .5 J9 .50 l.tO Come in and sec how. we are cleaning up stock and making lively business in this, the dull month. COAL let Us Fortify Yoa Against ths Hemsats BUILDKQ MATERIAL You'll Be in a Hurry C. R. Fulton WICHITA'S GREATEST CLOTHING STORE. For Coal when the blizzard arrives and Prof. Hicks says It U coming. This pleasant weather is liable to mislead you as well as many others, who will neglect their Coal supply, thinking we are not going 'to have airy real cold weather, and when it arrives you will not be prepared. Somebody may be disappointed. We can't deliver verybody's Coal at once. Tho next two months will b cold and disagreeable, depend on that. Hadn't you better give us yoex order now? We guarantee satisfaction la quality, quantity and prompt, careful service. The Goods Are Melting Bat there are thousands of dollars' worth of Up-to-date Hand-Tailored Suits and Overcoats left to pick from at A Dump Sale OA Saving of Almost 0 Phone 10. L. C. JACKSON 112 South riarket 5treet K$14 X4I$ 12- Ma I1 II II 1I Nothing reserved at oar store ; all smsl go. We carry no goods over from season to season. Coat will not be considered. See windows for prices. S IB M I 1IKMS 19 4 WILD CAT BROKE LOOSE Death at The Great Majestic Malleable Iron and Steel Range is the best Range that's built, and is built on honor; has combined more good points than any Range ever constructed. "Alore Popular Today Than Yesterday flore Popular Tomorrow Than Today" Several hundred of them now in use in the best homes m Wichita. If you want a Range that will last a lifetime and give perfect satisfaction, the Majestic will fill that bill. Come in and let us show you. This Is the Only Real Money-Saving Sale in Wichita GOLDEN EAGLE WICHITA'S GREATEST MONEY-SAVING CLOThING STORE. 1M OI MI M1 I-B G. R. FOLLETT & CO. Seared a Farmer Xearly to Chan. layners. Chas. Payne has a pet wildcat that nearly caused a case of ueart failure yesterday. A farmer had unleaded a load of hay and was lookirg around when entering a workshop on the place. One of the men just entering ahead of him jumped in a dramatic manner and j-l.cut-ed: 'Ah. the wildcat's out!" Looking up to the top of a pile of feed sacks, j $ sure enough thero lay the wildcat loose St j in the building. He fled, jumped into his t wagon ana nurriea away so qwetay inai 1 the .men who looked after the animal ! ? Phone 412. WHITE FRONT HARDWARE V-r, 123 . Douglas sx aai sx me si -is i i xi and the child sect to the industrial school ! were so astonished at his surprise and for girls at Beloit. A conference was held between the doctor attending: the child and the county attorney and it was decided that if the chUd's uncle would take good care of her and It was found that he was a responsible person and would take Nellie away from the scene of her sister's death, that no actios of this kind would be taken. It is not known just how soon the girl will be taken to Illinois, but it Is probabbl that she wiU leave hare about the last of the week. WAN IS bIG SUM fright that they forgot to laugh i.ntil he was out of hMring, then they broke loose and will laugh yet, on tha bare mention of it. i A Snlendid Chance I nil 11 ti Tr. oe jone. mere are more cood hids ar-":r.i hre than in ary ;iiy in h- w -si and th talent won't be aliiwed - 'Vi-p I do not KncT of" so lar a s.-!: - . n? ben evr trifd eY(n$ close St I .is aid this jione w:u attract 1- :r m a wider range cf .o-'.r.try '.nun Kar.-'S and Oklahoma. Already I BLACK AND RICH Mrs. Kennedy Alleges Telegraph Company Did Xot Deliver 3Ie-suxe Mrs. Alice Kennedy yesterday filed a petition in the district court asking for $US0 tiamagwa from the Western Union Tele- the e ening for PPO company. She alleges that her of say pieces. ' mother waa in a hospital at Ossawatomla ana on uczooer utn 01 last year sne ciea. The superintendent of the hospital was to notify Mrs. Kennedy if her mother had a sioklug spell or died and this she alleges h2 did oa the above date but the message was not delivered to her at her home, & Tremont avenue. She says she intended to bring her mother's remains to this city for burial, but she did uot get the roes-sage until it was too late for her to go after them. She asks for SI. 790 damages for th mental angutsh she was contpeUed to endure and one hundred dollars she in entithtd to undeT tae state law. Hcttm&n and Coaly are her Attorneys. Is the Wav Postum Coffee Should Be A 1; f-d that will heip a rerson break a t.-A habit is worth knowing- of. The president cf one of the state tsso-clatiots cf the XV. C. T. U..- who natu;ai!y J.-kesV.ot wart her name given writes as follows. "Whenever I was obhgvd to go without coffee for bn.akfast a d'jjl. dis-traetir? headache would cune cn tefore n.tan T fiarfiverpd that In r-.-.-.,. r.orves were coin out for th-nr ice us- pc'mt 13 tbe main odPrt utit of to:ned stimulant. th rjl orgau The rear win of the ! cp.arcn is mviiif-a mio tout aunaay acnooi AD01T1.N TO CHURCH Keportcti That First 3IethoUist Con-creatiBn Will Unild. It is reported that the trustees of the First Metfctidist church are planning to build a second story to the rear wins of the church. A stairway will iead from a J Men is A chance to win a good prize or earn good mosey sellins tickets to Ernest Scton-Thompson's i-ecture on "Personality of Wild Animals," Saturday Afternoon, Feknary 8, 1902 Admission, all students ia any school, twenty -five cents; all others fifty cents. A choice of the following prizes wfil be clTen for ths one rtUlss the largest number of ticktts: Praises Pyramid Pits QurQi Mrs. D. B. Reed, of Albany, says: "I Vtooid not take 55X) and be placed back where I was before I used the Pyramid Pile cure; I suffered for years and it is aow IS months since I used it and not the fltefatsst trace of tbe trouble has returned." For sale by all drussis:. Little, book "Piles. Causes and Cure" mailed free. Pyramid Drug Co.. Marshall. Mice. FIRST PRIZB-S.0 la Gold. $.00 Iver Johnson Bicycle. May be seen at Schoileaberger Bros. &C0 Gentleman's Solid Gold Watch, Bista or Waltharn movement ISM Ladles' Gold TTatch. Diamond aad Ruby seUtagii: case, came movement as abore. Mar be seen at Pearoes Jewelry tore. I AM Victor Grapivophons. Jisay be seaa at Thee. Shaw's sterc J1D.0J Year's Sebetershtp in Friends' University. m THIRD PRIZE "ITHd Animals 1 Have Known." by Err. est Seton-TiMBip6oa. rOURTH PP.IZS-'Uves of the liewted," by Erssst Sotoa-Thofapeon. FIFTH PRIZE "Blsgrapby of a Grtzaty," by Braest St ton -Tnoaapson. SIXTH PRESS "Trail cf a Sand Hill Stas," by Bra -t Seton-Thompeoc All of the above books may ' seta ia tbe wtiiAows ef the Goldsmith Bexk and Stationary company. J JO Ml r M vercoats ...At Cut-Prices That is the way we arc sailing all of oar new, swell JJ styles and fashionable Overcoats, including tbe J stylish yoke and Foil- m mora It will pay you to bay an Overcoat now and save big money. SECOND PRESS JUlCO in Gold cr Fifteen Volume set etf Ckas. Dickens' Works. Tickets to be oooc;fct of O. A. BOYLE, at Hoooa 1 aad 3. Btttfn? blcck. All tickets unsold at cooa February S. to be return sd aad peid for. In the event of two or more tKrsons seitts? the same n amber of tickets, prizes most be divided. f Same Price to Everybody iia East Douglas Avenue ' At evening dinner I had been taught iy experience that I must retrain fr-ra coffee or pass a sleepless night. in th sjmm'r of IS?, while visit in? a phv.sicio-h:s wife I was served with u m-st .-xli.'-.t coffee at their dainty and ele-c--.t '.rnit and. upon inquiry, discovered th .t t':i5 charming coverage was Pittum 7' .d '"ofree. and that the family had teen :- iui- b.-r.fiud by leavtag off ceffee 1 ;.f F-st'im I t ? s ;n 1-jvt with tt. and so 3loased i.:h te c..ce oi i"reiiom frm my or.e r r.dar-- cf 'vlit tnd so thcrcughlv ccn-- .ree- i a I oudit. to break w::h mv captp- iht :pon my return hir-..j 1 at v-iran th" uce of Pcet-m J Cjf-fe an1 h we continued it ever autc. rev. moF thn a yer -I Uon t knew what sick headaahe Is now, lay n-rv? a:e tteady and I Bletp seund, genrr '."v ':?h: fc 5,ira insularly. I used to l -c -i: .... js frc;uen;-Iv wind require r: - irlim ever hav thc.T esc perl ace. "I ijvc :eirr.ed thst kfte bwllij:? ?s absolute. eS'.ntl-,i n furnish p s-tum. --; a : ricii s : - widat - . class now, which are also used for fjcuil path: rings. It is proposed to use the secoad story for Sunday School par-poses. Th-' board of trcsteeg win build these add:i:c2! rooms because the Sunday Sch o! oScers be"ov that tbe plan of ass.:-the C!tsses to different rooms !e f rc-- : :ti s of the best results. SjMEK.NJLY heart Slight Fiad a Viae ield fer Exercise of Charity. People inclined ts do good deeds wQl ; :ul a wcrthy nld for their assistance at ' 315 Xorth "-.Vicftita street. This ofSce is ir.f.'rmed that t'ver i.v.-s thr a woman ' Jf f w.:h three cr :- -r you-.? childr-a who jS -in vc r;- -ivrtunate in tbe los of I her husband wto is connned to bed la a hospital. In the letter conveying tae la- formatiaa, wrttten by a well known citizen, th l3dy I bigTvly comotended as a ncs rrorvr it Kr.erptity or scm-- kirl- hjsarx f Card cf Thanks. T decre to express our catii to the nrffebcrs ni frier. Is fr their rrjnjMthv ..r.i K:iiat-?t :v. ct.r ti :T - : th I TALK NO, 56 0 Restful Glasses... S One ocr dtiaees said to me one day that he had heard of I glasses sp comfortable that the wearer was k&rdly conscious of them. He doubted if thrs was so. He had beei nrud very carefully by a specialist, bat never saw the time fee dMa't know fc passes wre sa. They always felt dis-acreeasle aod umceteforiabte. He da not bteate the trasses, hot Tt-ntfi to believe that this was see sf dbe aanoyaco? wit which all spectacle -orearers must contend. I fist afraid that a pr-at nuuty Sorzm tbe sasxe iispressioc. Tby have riwi teat are not ooMrebie. c believe that any otaese ,'jqwlil be Just as bad. It is ecrtKtcir & wSBtafcen idea. If yoor s3-3s fit yoa perfeuly the efflsct wffi be restful, not Ure-stnar. If they ar noc ensafort-able ia every Tespert yow ufStt not to wear tLeta. If yoa bnag tea hi X -arift esnw y j raracj xhmt ae && laprcresaeat over theca, ms& wkieb wTd rest and atrsailWtt yfrsz eyes. Sl II9 ZI IX 33 -SI :eard of Them? it Aoves the World The band Trhich holds the oea aoTas "the vcrid, and a coniaercial college edacaioa is needed by the high school boy as "eii as the college bred. What is anteid, and wasted badij, is definite, practical knowledge. We give it- e Them THEY ARE MADE FOR US Peerless Tires :A BRIGHT HOME MAKES A MERRY HEART." JOY TRAVELS ALONG WITH Bach letter iv. W. W.-Pearce Jeweler and Sciat.f e Optician. IX tf ilsw, sTiduts. SUa. SAPOL SGHOLLENBEROER BROS. AGBNT3 FOR GOOD BICYCLE Phone 545 " 23 ?fertfa SCsis I Biiiy Eagle, Deliver -wi Per YeJcOai iLQic VtAnwrtc, S(k. ?t Vs-t A,

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