Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 20, 1931 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1931
Page 6
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'f\< «nH«J-" v .ft'\ <i ", * • s"(. "^ - ^ " ADVANCE L. lOiVA .. ' : [ *'#.>. ,. i'.^i^..,-.-.°'-.-.'-.i^Lv!'^i-iJiiiibitiJu. . «4:/ • j^lLttJttfoanAv JEFFERSON BUS LINES ADDITIONAL SERVICE —Between— T, PAUt-nOCHESTEK • WATERLOO DBS MOIJfES EFFECTIVE Jtl* 1, 1931. Westbound — Read Down Enetbound—Rend Up Dally p. M:. 8:00 8:40 2:45 3:15 6:20 8:40 9:35 '10:10 l't:00. 1,1 lie 11:80 14:00 12: 1C 12: 30 Dally A. M. 7:00 7:40 7:45 7:00 0:45 11:50 13:15 1:55 , 2:15 2:30 2:15 8:15 3:30 »:45 Lv, Lv. Lv.. Lv. Ar. , Ar. Ar. Ar. Ar. Ar. Ar. Ar. Minneapolis St. Paul Rochester DeS Moines Waterloo Mason City Garner ALGONA Whittemore Cylinder Emmetsburg Ruthven Dickons Spencer Ar. Ar. Ar. Ar. Ar. Ar. Lv. Lv. Lv. Lv. Lv. LV. Lv. Lv. Dally P. M. 5:15 4:35 5:15 4:01 11:10 10:15 9:10 8:50 8:35 8:20 7:50 7:35 7:20 Dally A. M. 1:20 12:40 12:25 1:15 8:00 7:05 5:50 5i»0 5:15 5:00 4:110 4:15 4:00 HUB DEPOT ALGONA HOTEL LEDYARD NINE LOSES, 6-5, IN GARNER GAME Ledyard, Aug. IS—The North Kos- sutli baseball team played at Garner Sunday, and lost, fl-5. Ledyard made three runs In the first Inning. In the second Garner made four runs. In the fifth Ledyard tied the score, and in fhe sixth made another run to win. Following Is the box score: Ledyard— H. R, E. Kllnkslek, ss 1 2 3 Lauritsicn, 2b —— 1 0 Krnmersmrler, cf 1 Wnrner, c 0 Ffellin.. If 2 I Moulton, i» iQuInn, Ib 1 2 JHngge, 3rd J 0 Carpenter, rf 0 WHITF'S TV A.ml. A 1-4 tj GROCERY Thursday, Friday and Saturday Special jj) Q Sale 15c bottle Sweet Relish. 15c bottle Mayflower Bluing. Ir5c bottle Allright Amonia. 3 pkgs. Hippo Washing Powder. 2 cans Grandpa's lOc Cleanser. 3 bars Swift's Laundry Soap. 3 bars Guest Ivory Soap. ' 1 can size 2 1-2 White Lily Kraut. 1 can size 2 1-2 White Lily Pumpkin. L5c size tin Stove Polish. 15c size bottle Tone's Extracts. 2 School Tablets. ALL ITEMS LISTED ABOVE TO GO AT 9c EACH Garner— 8 5 5 H. R. E. Wlsenberg, 3b 2 1 Llsmer, cf - 002 Lighty, MS 000 Lemkee. Ib Oil Brandatad. c 220 Stott. 2h .._- 112 Hamilton, ]> 1 0 0 Sisken, If - - 000 L. Han, rf 0 1 0 6 6 5 IJiind to Give Coiic'orl— The band will give a concert Saturday night: march, Headway, Bennett; march, Progress, Bennett; Gavotte, Castle Chimes, Fred Strubel; inarch, 105th Cavalry, Stein- meti'.; serenade, At Break of Dawn, Fred Jewell; gallop, The Long Run, A. J. Weidt: waltz, Flower Queen, A. J. Weidt; march, Queen City, A. J. Weidt; overture. Bright Star, Bennett; march. Aunt Hannah, Bennett: serenade, Havana Cuban, Bennett; march, Down Main Street,. Weidt. W. F. .M. S. Opens 'Mystt'ry' Contest The W. F. M. S. meets with Mrs. Howard Mayne this week Thursday. The society is beginning a "mystery box" contest. On Mrs. Howard Mayne's side are the Mesdames Womack, Jos. Mayne, Jenks Neister, and the Rev. F. O. Johnson: on Mrs. Yahnke's, Mesdames Mayer, Thompson, Johnson, Knoner, and Barrett. The losers will entertain the winners. and Mi-i. SH-ed Baumann, Sunday. •fohtt ttaeee, Eldora, Who had visited his brother, p, W. Reece, w<mt home last week Wednesday. The Gabo Br^ndsmasr 6f Breda, visited the Tlce Bracks Saturday and Sunday. The German Reformed Aid met xvlth MM."Fred Ploger last Thursday. , PLANE CRASH DRAWS CROWD TO LU VERNE Lii Verne, Aug. 18—There was considerable excitement here Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock, when news spread that the TltuS-Misbach Kagle Rock biplane, piloted by W. B. Titus, with Albert Schneider, Lu Verne, as passenger, had crashed at a point n mils west of town, in a cornfield adpolnlng the meadow which Mr. Titus had used during the day as an airfield. Mr. Schneider, suffered a fractured Jaw, and six teeth knocked out. suffered a wrenched ankle, had a rib fractured, and was bruised on one side of his body. The pilot suffer' ed cuts and bruises on one hand and bis forefead. In making a landing the plane hit telephone wires on the north side of the road, broke off a tele- ( phone pole, and nosed over in the field. Two wing tips and the pro- pellor were broked, the radiator was smashed, and the landing gear was wrecked. Messrs. Titus and Schneider were brought to town for medical attention. Within a short time a large crowd was at the scejne of the accident. The plane was licensed and the pilot held a government license. Birthday Party for Ruth Uclrty— Ruth Lichty was honored at tx b'.rthday party Friday night ut J. Ij. Lichty's. Music and, games furnished amusement, and refreshments were served. T,he following young people were guests: Pauline Brown, Corwfth; Mildred and Margaret Donaldson, Goldffeld; Irene Daggy, Cora Mae and Roberta Masterson, Josephine Donelson, Dorothy Stoddard, Lola Godfrey, Phyllis ^Lichty, Ruth Lfchty, Carl Lang, Louis Wolfe, Harold Lichty, Leon- Tlioinpsons Ottoml Carriers' Meet— Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson attended a county rural mail carriers' meeting fit the town hall, Lu Verne, last week Tuesday evening. nrd Henderson-,, and enson. Kenneth Sor- High School Class Reorganized— A'high school gfrls 1 class ami their teacher had a steak fry at a Livermore park last week Tuesday. The class reorganized with the following officers: Ruth Lfchty, president; Lucille Zuetliiu, vice president; Jeanne SERVICES, HELD AT FARM HOMES AT SWEA CITY Swea City, Aug. IS—the Rev. B. k Weaver Is conducting Methodist evening services at farm homes during August, and this Is a popular change. Homes are selected where cars can be parked In a semi-circle and people can sit In them while the service Is In progress. The choir and the pastor occupy a higher point In the yard when possible. A portable organ Is used for music. On the first-Sunday in August services were held at the Schuler home south of town; on the second Sunday, at the Porter home, north of town, on the third Sunday, at the Moore home, west of town; and the fourth service next Sunday will be held at the Bunkofskl farm, east of town. About 150 people attended last Sunday evening's service. School Bus Drivers Hired— Bus drivers for the local consolidated schools were hired last week. They will receive $800, or less than they were paid last year. The total cost will be $584.95 a. month, while last year It was $677.50. The following drivers were hired: S. V. Carter, Route 1; George Butterfield, 2! August Helmke, 3; Ray Larson, 4; Bert Carr, 5; Vllas Erickson, 6; Ed Bergeson, 7; Geor,ge Mogeson, R. H. Harclt, 0; John Cassem, 10; H. B. Plcht, 11; Ole Peterson, 12. The average wage Is $48 a month, ranging from $34 to $70. William Wnrbiirtnns to Go Hmnc— Mr. and Mrs. William Warburton who had spent a vacation with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs Samuel Warburton, departed last Thursday for their home at Omaha They traveled the long way around via Cedar Rapids and Muscatine where they were to make stops. 4-H Girls Give Exhibition— The 4-H girls of Harrison and Swea township gave an exhibition in the Methodist church basement Fri day afternoon. They, showed clothing they had made during the last year. Mothers and friends were entertained, and refreshments were served. , Schools On<4i September 1— The Swea City consolidated schools will open August 31. The teaching staff is now complete. Mr Parsons, the superintendent, is moving into the house vacated by former Supt. Logan. A number of girls win, do light housekeeping. helped 'toftfathSP JfeflS&i r~«i- fourth WrlhdAy. Mrs, Jfchhie JSH sen i* bbfothy's, giMidftio Mr', ftftd Mrs. ' Wendat . ftlngstedj came home fast week Wednesday from S^ux *'&'>*, -where Wmdal was employed In ft store. Mrs. Jeftsett WAS formerly Vefna Laurltzen and Jo A Seneca graduate of 1928. Mr. and Mrs. Mlllen Jensen and the latter's father, Louis Appelt, of Swea City, went "to Humboldt Sunday to visit a sister of Mr. Appelt. visit a sister If Mr. Appelt. Mr. and Mrs. George Goetsch at" ttndod the funeral o't Kobert Murray at Algona last Thursday. Mr. Goetsch and Mr. Murray were old friends. * O. R. Jensen was baling straw at the Jennie Bros, farm last week Tuesday for George Jensen, Ringsted. Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Fred Gen- j Jennings, secretary-treasurer, rich, Lone Rock, delegates to recent .state carriers' and Auxiliary conventions, gave reports. In the Shadow In moments of darkness one finds us responsive to the veriest wish, .sympathetic in the performance of our saored tasks.. Our helpful efficiency does not intrude upon the .solitude ot grief. Our personnel and equipment arc such as to assure the utmost in comfort to the bereaved. We take pride in reverent service. OUU CHAPEL, SERVICE Every funeral, small or large, in- cludss the privilege of using our beautiful chapel. LAIRD & M^CULLOUGH Funeral Directors Ambulance Service IMione 521 Algona, Iowa lartin Knsi'Iliiirths In Clinic— Otto Kngelbarts accompanied his ather, Martin Kngelbarts, to Rocii- -ster last week Wednesday, and he latter, who has been in poor lealth for some time, was to go hrough the Mayo clinic. Otto re- urned Saturday. Muriel llcoce's Tonsils Out— The Ed Reeces went to Des N«'w Postoffice Fixtures In— Ne\\- fixtures were installed in the postoffice last Thursday night. The boxes ar e now in a row straight east from the entrance door, and the postmaster and his clerks have a larger room in which to work. WANT ADS SLEEPING ROOMS FOR RENT.— Mrs. F. W, Green. 7u47tf HOUSE FOR SALE OR RENT.— Inquire at Advance. 8p4> USED COLE'S HOT iBLAST heat Ing store for sale.—Advance. tf i ** * ;i<,i iff) FOR RENT—PARTLY MODE3RX house, close In.—Phone llol. Op40 SALE OR RENT, TWO NEW mod ern homes. Phone 645-J. Dp4G-'50 FURNISHED APARTMENT FOR rent. Phone 5«, W. J. Slgsbee. 8U49 WANTED: ONE OR TWO SCHOOL girls to room. Phone 541. W. J FOR SALE— 2-YEjtRM[>LJ>/BROWN Swiss bull, reasomtilrtte. — John H Heetland, Lakota. ' I2p49-50 WANTED _ CARPENTER. WORK. 'Work guaranteed. Fra.nfc Wies kamp, E. McGregor. 9u48-49 FOR SALE: SECOND- HA'NO John Deere tractor in good condition Elbert Garage, Algona. 13u40 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE!;, good typist, wants position- as- office girl or clerk. Rue Koestlbr; Kurt FOR RENT: ON OR ABOUT Augus 25, modern furnished 3 room apartment for light .housekeeping Phone 48S-W. 1371) 4« WANTED: MAN OVER: 25 FOK work in Kossuth or HurnUoldt county. Car necessary. Write -OE call Advance. 1.7p4S FOR SALE — TWO ROAN Sliort hoi'n bulls. Old enough for sen vice. Frank RicbhofC, Burt, Phone Algona, 2GF3. lti£b49 J 50 'E^'Ear, Nose Throat Clinic FRIDAY OF EACH WEEK Special clinic fees .for all tonsil operations eye, ear, nose, and throat operations Fri ( i a Ings— entirely Operative Friday afternoon! m(1 atlons and consultations. uernoon s-ex a[J ..' t Dr. W. D. Andrew* Osteopathlc Physician and .ALGONA, IOWA Easy Monthly Payments How can you nfTonl to 1 pay rent when your monthly rent c'.wok can be mmle to npply on R homo of your own? All you nc*d to m»k c th, rtRrt ll * lot and i-cnaon. nble amount of cash. This Is nn example of _. ..-.,,• what the L. F. C. Ensy •Payment Plan means to t home builder. HOl'SFORl} LUMBER COM1MXY -.. ";' M. J. Pool, Manag-cr. I'hone 250 A l s ona YOU CAN l\ U I I D NOW! Moines Saturday to visit relatives ind Tiring back their daughter MuV- el, who had been visiting there and o recently had her tonsils removed. A Id Planning Supper Soon— The Methodi-st Aid met last Thursday in the church basement, Mrs. L. AV. Wiemer in charge. A 2nc supper was planned for the near future. Takes Treatment for Hear!— Melvin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Logemann, went to Mason City last week Tuesday to take treatment for leakage of the heart. Fom'o-IJusti'rs Dofi'nt Liikota— The junior "Fence Busters" played the Ijakota juniors here last week Tuesday and won, 11-Ji. Better Living Room FURNITURE New Styles—New Designs Notice the beautiful lines and coverings on the base. Our aim is to give the best at the lowest possible price. Guaranteed web construction. Velour Cover at $55 Mohair at $67.50 f Foster's Furniture Store Other Ledyard > T ews. Mrs. Xeister, Mrs. Jenks, Ida Jenks, and Frank Heclinger were 6 o'clock dinner guests at the Earl Tenks home at Blue Earth Friday. Supt. Ralston, of the Orange township consolidated schools, near Waterloo, and his family visited the A. E. l-.auritzens Friday and Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Junkins, of Omaha, and their son Frank came Saturday to visit Mrs. Junkins 1 parents, "Dad" and Mrs. F. S. Jenks. Mr. Junkins and Frank left Monday, but Mrs. Junkins remained for two weeks. George Dunn, local garageman, moved his household goods into the Evangelical parsonage last Thursday. The house he vacated has been rented to a party who will take possession September 1. Evered Raney and his sister Faith visited their sister, Mrs. V. A. Barrett, last week Tuesday. Faith had toured in the west this summer, and she was met at Big Stone, S. D., by her brother. Mrs. Neister's sister, Mrs. William Dri-scoll, and her husband, of Yale, also two cousins, of Bagley, stopped here Friday evening, en route to North Dakota to look after local interests. Mr. and Mrs. Marquis Lindsey, of Fenton, and their two daughters came Saturday evening to visit the Jesse O'Keefes, and the two families spent Sunday at Arnolds Park. Mr. and Mrs. George Anderson, of Good AVfll Club Meets Today- Mrs. George Wolf and Mrs. Bert Sankey will be hostesses to the Good Will club this week Thursday at Mrs. Wolfe's. The meeting will be a shower for the new twin daughters of Mrs. Frank Sanford. Other Sexton News. Mr. and Mrs. M. Lowmiller, Mr. and Mrs. B. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Sorenson, Mrs Von Draska, Mr. and Mrs. F. I. Chapman, Mrs. Grover Rentz, Mr. an d Mrs. W. F. Godfrey, Florence and Rubye, Leona Ram us, Louise Zweifel, Mr. and Mrs. I.' H. Benedict, and Mrs. C. C. Anderson atencled a county Odd Fellow and Rebekah Booster meet- Ing at Titonka last week Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Benedict and their son Danny arrived Sunday from Milwaukee for a week at the I. H. Benedict and Arthur Krau'jc homes The Benedicts mover! ;o Milwaukee two years ago this faH. C. H. Lichty, daughter Grace, the Harry Lichtys, the Lee Lichtys, the. Phil Lichtys, and the J. L. Lichtys, with 1 their guests, Mildred and Mai-- garet Donaldson, of Goldfield, picnicked at the Renwick park Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Evans, Genoa, 111., arrived Saturday to visit the latter's brother, Eoan Castleman. They will also visit In Minnesota and South Dakota before . going home. Esther Lothringer, of Eldridge, and Hildeg-arde Lothringer, Fort Winters Back to Rochester- Druggist and Mrs. H. F. Winter drove back to Rochester a few days ago, and Herbert is taking further treatment for the lung trouble which has bothered him for some time. Farmers Union speaker Hero— Robert Moore, Des Moines, speaker and organizer for the Farmers Union, was speaker at the Grant school auditorium one evening last week. No organization was made. Other Swea City News. Stewart Butterfield, who was operated on for appendicitis at his home here August 4, was able to be on the streets Saturday. The little daughter of Oscar Peaiv. son had her tonsils removed last Tuesday at the Fairmont hospital. The Henry Shicks, Plum Creek, were Sunday visitors at Frank Thomson's. The Junior bail boys won over Algona, 7-2, In a game here, Friday. The •• Grant consolidated schools will open August 31, SENEGA FAMILIES PICNICK AT GALL STATE PARK HERE WANTED; EXPERIENCED worn an for cooking- and general house work. Middle aged preferred. Mrs:. Hi. J. Dickinson, Algona. 17p49 FOR"SALE—NEW~JVIAYTAG wasir- or, electric or engine; used' only-' as a demonstrator. Big discount.- ee A. K. Cliff, phone 694. 21u4S-49i VTEX~\\ ; ANTED7~MUST HAVE car. Willing to call on farmers selling National Weekly Publication. See VIr. Casarl, SOI East State street. 22p4B Seneca, Aug. 18 — Mr. and Mrs C. C...Cooper, sons Earl and Merle and the Roy Osborns, Seneca, me the' Robert Carneys and Mr. am Mrs. Roy Lee, Algona, at the Am brose. A. Call state park, Algona Sunday for a picnic dinner, celebrating Mrs. Lee's and Merle's birthdays. YOUNG MEN! YOUNG .WOMEN! Are you facing a difficult prob- em? Maybe we can help you. Write us. Mankato Commercial College, Mankato, Minn. 22p49 HAVE US ADDRESSOGRAPH-your mailing list and 1 save you the expense and drudgery of typing. Our addresses cannot be told from typewriting.—Advance. 25tf FOR SALE—SECOND HAND Radios for $5 and $10; others a little more. Also two new Atwater Kent radios at less than half .price.—See A. K. Cliff, phone G94. 30u4S-49 FOR SALE — NEW SPREADERS, wagons, and boxes. Also a few used spreaders and gangplows. We \\'ill accept livestock for any of these articles. McEnroe Bros. 24u49 A RETAIL BUSINESS FOR YOU. No capital or experience required. Must be honest, Industrious, own small car.—Ward Co., Box 459, Winona, Minn. Estab. 1856. 25p46-49 Legals Seneca, daughter Elaine, and Elmer Andersons, Clarksvllle, the visited the parental Gus Andersons over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Archie WJnslow, Chester, and their son Wayne came Saturday to visit the V. A- Barretts, and all went to West Bend Sunday to see the grotto. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gordon, Flint, Mich., and a daughter spent last week with Mrs. Gordon's brother, William Flynn. Mrs. M. Tlllmoney was a dinner guest at William Green's last week Wednesday In honor of Mrs. Arpke's birthday. Gerald McElroy, former teacher here whose home Is at Rudd, visited Dodge, have been spending a vacation at Charles AVolfe's. Mr. and Mrs. George Hanselman and Mr. and Mrs. Gottleib Hanselman drove to Davenport last Thursday to visit relatives. Mildred and Margaret Donaldson, of Goldfield, came Friday for several days with their cousins, Ruth and Phyllis Lichty. Robert Lee Lichty returned last week Wednesday from Corwith, where he visited the James Zwei- fels home. Supt. and Mrs. Boman, of Churdan, with their daughters Geraldine and Thora, visited here last week Tuesday. Darlene Zentner has, been visiting her grandfather, Samuel Zentner, and other relatives at Winnebago Minn. Billy and Bobby Chapman spent several days last week at their grandfather George Kabele's, Goldfield. The Arthur Krauses and Emma Krause spent Sunday at Robert Nilley's at Butterfield, Minn. The Evangelical Young People's class met at F. C. Fritzemeier's last week Monday evening. Mrs. Elsie Steussy had as guests last week her son Reinhold, Bath, Me., and his family. The Epworth League had a party last week Monday evtoing at the Kuebler home. " The Lloyd Zentners visited relatives at Wells, Minn., last week Wednesday. Charles Patterson returned Friday from Chicago, where he visited relatives. Mrs. G. W. Hanna, Arlo Dehnert. and Byron Jones were sick last week. Mrs. L. R. Phillips, Henry, 111., is visiting at the S. F. Phillips home. Picnic at High Lake— Children who attended parochial school this summer at the local Lutheran church picnicked at High Lake Sunday. At ll'l there was a preaching service, and at noon a P'c nic dinner was eaten, everyone hav ing taken baskets, .In the afternoon a program was given by the young folks. Largo Crowd Attends Social— • Last week Tuesday evening there was an ice cream social given by the local Aid at J. H. Jensen's, and the Aid cleared $22. Sandwiches, coffee, cake, pie, and ice cream were served in cafeteria style. Tea Party for Seven Girls — A tea party was given last week Wednesday at Mrs. Hans Jensen's for Leona and Dorothy ' Jensen, Ringsted, Gloria and Pianne Grif flth, Des Molnes, Ruth Osmundson a.nd Teddy and Perry Jensen. OHIGINAL NOTICE In the District Court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county, September term, 1931, / CLARA OLSON, Plaintiff, j vs. ARTIN OLSON, Defendant. * o Martin Olson, the above named Defendant: You are hereby notified that there ill be on file on or before Septem- ev 11, 1931, in the office of the lerk of the District Court. of the bove named county and state, a ctition of Clara Olson, plaintiff erein, claiming of you an absolute ivorce On the grounds of willful esertlon for a period of over two ears. Petition asks for the custody of ie two minor children. For further particulars see the etitlon when filed. Now, unless you appear thereto nd defend on or before noon of the econd day of the next term of said ourt to be held at the Court House, \lgona, Iowa, in said county, com- •nencing on September 21st, 1931, efault will be entered against you ind judgment rendered therpon in iccordance with the prayer of said )etition. SHUMWAY & KELLY, 0-49 Attorneys for Plaintiff. The Golfers I>efeat N. K. Ringsted Golfers and the North ICossuth golfers held a tour nament at the Rlngsted-Seneca course Sunday, and Ringsted won by 30 strokes. the V. A. Barretts last Thursday and Friday. * Ida Jenks and Frank Redlnger came last Thursday to visit the former's mother, going home Sunday. Elvin Carpenter, his mother, and Mrs. D. B. Mayer and Marjorle returned from an absence Sunday. Mr. and Sfra, Otto Baumann, Blue Earth, visited Otto's parents, Mr. Pit Potty'* In the old workings of da Valley mine, in Wales, a po,njr hauling ita coal wagon suddenly dug bis heels In and refused to budge. While the miner with It wa« \aliUy trying to coas It to go on, u big piece of roof fell witb a crash In front of them. Attends Murslialltown Convention— Mrs. .August Nelson, of Seneca delegate from the Fenton Legion Auxiliary, attended an Auxiliary conventipn at Marshalltown las week. School Begins August 31— The Seneca, school board has de cided to open the schools Augus 31. Last year's teachers were re hired for this year; J. H, Jensen to Chicugo— J. H..Jensen took a carload of hi feeding cattle tp Chicago Saturday Other Seneca Kews. Mj-s. Wllburt Richmond, Am strong, sp.ent last week-end wit her parents, Mr. and Mra. Wllliai •Oshorn. wilburt came fpr her Sun day, and the Charles Osborns, th Lawrence Saxtqns, and MUdre Goetach. were afternoon caller?. Mra, Jejwle Jensen, sens Ralp an,£ yernon, ¥A and Mra. Jensen, and Mr. and Mra. Augus Nelson an4 a daughter offers; yum one green cup and saucer or one luni pliate: FREE with one pound of "HALCO" coffee ( 38 cents We- n-ave adopted a new style label and'package I OUT- '"MINDORA" coffee; "Mindora" is worth the pound every day. To close out our last 40 Tar style packages take 3 Ibs. for $1 A'gpeem glass mixing bowl FREE with each 3 ] or 1 1-2 pound can Crisco. We sell Crisco for and! 4€c respectively. ... , Our leading brands of groceries, "Richelieu" "Baby Stuart" are well known for their high qu and always the same. ' . v ... ,. .: :, , < . '! We have cheaper ones also. We would like to buy MORE EGGS. AKRES OUR CITY CUSTOMEBS—P lease remember I have 4 Free Deliveries Daily, 8:80 and 10 a, and 4 o'clock p. m. •»•»»»«»«•»•»•«•»»««»»»««»»»»»«»»**»+« \ "*-' ^f 3 ^ M UTWAL ORIGINAL NOTICE In the District Court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county, September erm, 1931. MERVIN CRONAN, Plaintiff, vs. RUTH CRONAN, Defendant. To Ruth Cronan: You are hereby notified that there is now on file in the office of the lerk of the District Court of the above named County and State, a petition of Mervin Cronan claiming of you an absolute divorce on the grounds that you have wilfully deserted and absented yourself from the plaintiff without reasonable or just cause for a period of over two years. Plaintiff asks the custody of the two minor children. For further particulars Petition on file. Now, unless you appear and defend on or before noon of the second day of the next term of said court to Tie held at the Court House-, Algona, Io\ya, in said county commencing on September 21st 1931 deteult will be entered against you and Judgment rendered thereon in accordance with the prayer of It was conceived 179 y*tl« Benjamin Franklin, «J*r basic principles. a the test i into a giganW bu enterprise. It b«8 contributed i n»tioi»l progress by P«* • _^ tg O f millions—M. f»nd saving polteyholders. see the thereto 49-52 SHUMWAY & KELI.Y, Attorneys for Plaintiff. L A B ARRE & FALKENH

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