The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on June 10, 1903 · Page 12
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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · Page 12

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1903
Page 12
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12 ii m in Romance of Only Camel Driv-. er Under Uncle Sam HIJOLY WAS YOUNG TURK Reminiscences of This MexiT can Border Character i o TtcpH-p ' lwe"e j PhnenJx. Ariz.. June cowboys who performed obsequies , over the body of HIpoly as it rest- . .i o Vn-nin ed on the bier improvised of a avojo blanket and cactus stems were not the onlv mourners. Two days before a brief , . . . . ! press despatch naa announau joly, the government camel driver, was dead. When the despatch fell into the hands of old Indian fighters and prospectors and cattlemen-any of the hardy . j. - i ,,,.,. tnnir ! t Pratt and Kingman ac-who in the last naif century took c Tuesdav. Thursday and men a part in making the great Southwest habitable and productive there was added by those who spoke or thought a tribute of loving remembrance to the strangest character that ever became a part of the United States government Hijoly counted himself a part of tho government, and he was so In fact. Soldiers who fought the Apaches and Utes in the Southwest knew the part that he had acted; cowboys had been his com panions and shared his good or ill for- j ....... or,,i nmciwntnK w?ro his nartners i i ' ,mi )WNitv I in days of luck and aderait. I Hijoly' was a Turk, a native of Asia Slinor. In his youth and young manhood , he had another name, but It was never known In Arizona. The Mexicans gave him a Spanish name, but it didn't seem to fit. so plain Hijoly he was to the last It is rather a title than a name. Once , In the old days and in the old life he , made a pilgrimage from Khoristan to aiecca, crossing the Syrian desert to , visit the tomb of the great prophet. Mo- hammed. In the native tongue the pll- grim who has visited Mecca is distin- cuished bv a title corresponding in sound I" ,t.. , .. to Hijoly. In 1S57 the War Department sent to Arabia for fifty camels. They were to AraDia tor inu uxuivw. . oott, . be employed as pack animals in the cam- paign against tho Apaches along the Mexican border. An American .vessel was despatched to bring home the camels i which agents of the War Department j had purchased, but no American could be j lound who knew or cared to learn how to ' care for and manage the camels. A stalwart young Turk, who had as- . . ' , . 4? i . u Fisted in bringing the camels to the place of embarkation, was asked to accom- J pany them to America. His companions , the other camel drivers, were heard to address him as Hijoly, so Hijoly was employed by the agents of the War De- partment. I A contract was made in which he I agreed to .company the camels to Arizo- na and there take charge of them for the ) army. He was to receive $100 a month, a i salary which the government agreed to pay him to the last day of his life on the condition that he remained in its employment and did not leave the United States. j H was no fault of Hijoly's thats the , camels proved a failure in the American army. He performed his part, and the . government was so well satislied that no question was raised about his continuing ( on the pay roll of the army. But the camels were turned adrift on the Arizona 1 desert, all but one of them, a great bull . that Hijoly kept for his own use. j Mounted on this beast, he travelled i from end to end of Arizona. He crossed ' the desert and went into the mountains, where he prospected, ami he freighted store for cattlemen and miners. Meantime the camels increased in number, and they became a menace to the cattlemen, liecause they stampeded the cattle and frightened the cowboys' horses and pi-ared the Mexicans until it was feared that every "greaser" of them would bolt act oss the border, never to return. Then the cowboys and prosiectors began a com paign to exterminate the wild camels. They hunted them down and killed them until only one remained in Tuma and" Maricopa counties, and that one was sliot but n few months ago. The cowboys "Jerked" the meat and brought it into Tyson's Wells, where they sold It to "Mike" Welts for "jerked" venison. Mike didn't care and his boarders never knew the difference. Mike Welz was the government keeper of Tyson's Wells during the days of Indian wars, when this oasis in the desert was the rendezvous of the army. He is still there, as great a man as ever. " When he had no further care with the camels, but was a nomad on the desert, Hijoly turned his attention to prospecting. About twenty years or so ago the course of his life was turned into new chattels, when lie discovered a rich mine near Tombstone. He developed it and sold It for $3XO. Then he began to feel the lonliness of his state. Senorita Teresa Rulx. a pretty Mexican girl, maybe hightened Hijoly's feeling of lonliness. He offered to share his fortune with her he a Mohammedan, she a Catholic and eho accepted. They were married by L. F. Bradshaw. justice of the peace of nt Tysoa's Wells. Hijoly resigned his position as government caretaker of camels, and, with hte bride and his fortune, went to Turkey. Ilis story is like that of a thousand and mander also had tokens of remembrance, one prospectors who have struck it rieh. On hte deathbed Hijoly became reminis-The fortune didn't last long, and the cent. He retained a clear mind to the wife's affections expired when the purse last. In Spanish, which he spoke more wag empty. They never did know in fluently than English, he told of his early Arisona what became of Mme. Hijoly. Some think that she remained in Paris. But Hijoly returned. His occupation "was gone. The government bad no camels to be herded and wanted none, and thi herder had forfeited his contract. Hijoly attempted to capture one of the few camels that were running near Harqua- ' hala, but never found one to take the ! place of his bull. Fortune never again smiled on him. but he lived in a miv- I ture of frontier and oriental comfort ; in his cabin, near Quartzite. maintain? Ing himself by freighting and doing odd job, iot me men of the mines and the i No one knew the territory better. He had traversed erery corner of the deserts ana the mountains and valleys. Helcnewi nature's moods in the vast .wilderness of ' and. and how to take advantage of every j circumstance where other men would be daunted. He hired out as a government packer and went -with the army to the Philippines, but the climate affected his health and he soon returned to Arisona. GeaeraJ Miles waa one of Hijoly's Railroad Time Table Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Ry( Leave Daily. Kansas City & Cnicaco Ex. 11 20 a m X. C. Colorado & California Ex... 2 & p va Wellington Accommodation 5 15 p a Caldwell Accommodation 5 la p m K. C. and Chicago Express 10 20 p ni Arrives jDaflv. Panhandle ExpresB 9 CO a m Englewood Branch Accom. . .. 3 00 p ra Leavt. "any. Panhandle Express 6 15 p m Oklahoma and Texas Express .. 6 35 a m Oklahoma Dav ExDrcss 5 30 a m Wellington Accommodation 9 00am Caldwell Accommodation 9 00am Texrs Express ....5 10pra Mngiewooa itrancn express -o u. m Dally except Sunday- Frisco Systam. EAST-BOUND. No. SOS. St. Louis Limited- Leaves Wichita 1:30 pm Arrives St. Louis 7:20 a m Arrives Memphis S:00 a ni .o. 30' St. Louis .Mail- Leaves Wichita 4 Arrives St. Louis Arrives Kansas -City Arrives Ft. Smith . S:15 p m . 6:40 p m . 7:20 a m .10:30 a m WEST-BOUND. No. S09. Meteor Leaves St. Louis Leaves Memphis Leaves Ft. Smith .. 2:30 p m .. 9:15 p m .. 5:55 p m .. 8:15 a m Arrives Wichita. ivn. :Wi Kansns I.lmlfpfl Leaves St. Louis 8:35 p m j.taves .iicinuuis ................... o.-j ii 111 Arrives Wichita 3:07 pm gj"""'"""" iJJ p Arrives Ellsworth 8:10 p m A. R. DEEM. B. F. DUNN. Cjty Ticket Aff't jylVm Pass. Ag't. Wichita, Kan. Wichita and Western. Arrive. No. 472, Pratt & Kinsman Passenger, excent Snndjiv ...1100am Saturday 1 20 p m Leave. No. 471, Kingman and Pratt Passenger, except Sunday 5 15 p m No. 473, Kingman and Pratt Accom , Mcnday Wednesday and Friday Slopm Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway. WEST BOUND. Leave Dallv. No. 13, Texas Veetibuled Ex 6:53 p m No. 13, Texas Fast Express 6:00 a m No. 35, Daily, except Sunday 3:10 p m EAST BOUND, Leave Daily. No- u Chicago Vestihuled Ex.... 9:50 a m No u aand Eaatern Ex 10:30 p m n0. 36, Dally, except Sunday 1:35 p m - - Missouri Pacific ""W DaJ, , j CIty and gt Lou,g Conway Springs and Coffey vllie.. 11 36 a m For J--y-;; j g g g Hutchinson, Lyons and Geneseo.. 7 3a a m Geneseo, Salina, Pueblo & Ucnver 5 00 p m For Anthony and ...........6 1 Arrive Daily, From St. Louis and Kansas City. 5 50 p m "i S!!Sl!..?...?.?:4 p From St. Louis 12 35 p m From Kansas City ind St. Louis. 7 05 a m From Denver, Pueblo, Salina and Geneseo 11 25 a m 'From Hutchinson 4 00pm From Hutchinson and Geneseo... 9 25 n m Fron Anthony & Conway Springs 4 40 p m Frorfl Kiowa, Anthony i Conway Springs 9 la p in F V?. 9 20 am -' , The Choctaw Route, East Bound. Lv- Oklahoma City 11 50p m 9 15a ra At. Oklahoma City 11 15 p m 9 a ru Lv. El Reno 10 15 p ni 8 13am Ar. El Reno 10 06 pm 8 03 a m Lv yeatherford ........ 8 20pm 6 20 am West Bound. An OMaho Na i Lv. Oklahoma City 6 00am 6 53pm Ar. El Reno 7 00 a m 7 49 p m Ij TgP Time Table No. 1. April 1 1903. KANSAS CITY. MEXICO AND ORIENT Xo. 1. Inil and LeavftDailv No. 2. Mail and Express. Arrive Daily. 9:10 a m 6:00 p m Wichita 6:50 pm.... Conway Springs .... 8:20 a m I .vi 1 lit. ........ . .11I1LUI1 .......... O.U tt 111 7:20 p m Hnmner 7:43 a m i.Zi p m Runnymede 7:42 am 7:40 p m Harper 7:28 a m S:00 p m... Anthony 7:10 am 8:12 p m Hunters 6:56 a m 8:20 p m Feruuson 6:48 a m 8:30 p m Waldron 6:38 a m S:3S p m Little Sandv C:2S a-m SMS p m Byron 6:20 a m 9:12 p m Cherokee 6:00 a m 9:22 p m Tewed 5:43 am 9:40 p m Carmen 5:30 a m Trains anive and depart from the Missouri Pacific station, corner Douglas avenue and Wichita street. I. R. SHERWIN. Ticket Agent. Right Through to the Pacific 4 Get aboard at Her- rington or McFar- 4 land. Get off at Los Angeles, San Fran- $ cisco or Portland, Ore. J That is what the J Rock Island offers. A EnUaordinary low rates to Y Pacific Coast points daily until June 15. Full Information on request. Call or write. C. E. BASCOM C. P. Agent Wichita. Kan. stanchest friends. The commander of the army Indorsed a petition for a pension for the camel driver, and it was intended had he lived that a bill should be introduced in Congress asking for a special pension appropriation for Hijoly. Among the few world's goods that he owned those that he treasured most were letters from General Miles. General Law- ton and General Shai'ter. He served un- 1 der General Crook and from that com- life on the desert, dwelling with peculiar pleasure on the time intervening between the abandonment of the camels by the army and when the made his stake. They evidently were the happy days of his life. He told how the Mexicans were frightened at his big bull camel, which he would ride into the pueblos and drive out the inhabitants. One of his stories was that once he rode up softly behind an old woman who was engaged in preparing vegetables for dinner. The camel reached his long neck down over the woman and began eating from her basket. "Mio lio! Mlo Dk!" shrieked the wo- man, falling backward and fainting dead away. Another story that he told to pass the fast fleeting minutes of his life was of meeting with a Mexican whose wagon was mired so that four burros could not budge It. Hijoly rode alongside the bur- ros until the small animals saw the camel towering over them. The Mexican shrieked with fright and the nun-os plunged forward, moving the wagon with apparent ease, and they did not stop Steamship Tickets to Ail Points On Earth ON SALE AT We sell throubij uiuwy and steamship tickets to all points in the world. We carry in stock tickets of nearly all steamship companies. Below are a lew: Holland-American Line, New Tork to Rotterdam. French Line, New Tork to Havre. Hamburg-American Line, New Tork to Hamburg White Star Line, South Africa and South America. Hamburg-Anierican Line, New Tork to Liverpool. 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Pay Eagle quotations. No commission charged. NIN E BURRUS Manufacturer and Jobber of Cigars. El Campo Cigar. 10 cants; Star Fives Cigar. 5 cents. 120 North Market BtrcoL GEORGE WETTERHOLD Wholesale Manufacturer of all kinds of Mattroes-es. Pillows and Excelsior. Factory corner Kellogg street, from Fourth to FlftL nvonvoa THE AYLESBURY MERCANTILE CO. Wholesale Grocers. Corner Third street and Santa Fo uvanuo. 'Phono 229. ROSS BROS. Wholesale Seed and Commission O. B. STOCKER Mantels, Grates, Cement Plaster. Llmo. Hair. Plngtor, AvboetoR. Flrfl Brick, Fire Clay. Cement. Color Mortars. 143 North Wnttr truL THE HOCKADAY HARDWARE CO. Exclusive Wholesale. Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Tin and Bnnmelod Wares, Ammunition. Long distance 'phono, 408. CHAS. LAWRENCE Dealer In Photographers' Supplies, phone connection. ELECTRICAL SUPPLY AND CONSTRUCTION CO. Everything Electrical. 'Phone 296. 127 North Markot stroeL AMERICAN CORNICE WORKS Fred Buckley, Proprietor. Manufacturers of Shoet Meutl Cornice, Sky-lights. Tin, Copper and Slate Roofing. Guttering, Snoulhtg. 'Pboao 53.1 THE C. E. POTTS DRUG CO. Exclusive Wholesale Drugs, Medicines. Chemical. I'alnta and Flno Cigars. 117-119-121-123 North Santa Fe avonua WICHITA PUMP FACTORY AND MACHINE SHOPS Walterscheld Bros., Proprietors. Wholesale and retail AJla Wind Mills. Iron Pumps (15 kinds). Steel Tanks, Pipe and Fftttaga, Dotting. Hoo. Packing, Automobile Supplies. Any Machine an Panmdrj Work. Iron Brass and Aluminum Castings made to ordor. Ask for ndcttfa. 116 2$ North Mead avenue. New 'phone, 115. WICHITA STOVE AND IRON WORKS Ideal Stoves. Architectural and Structural Iron Works, in stock. One block north Union depoL 'Phono 1SI. MOORE DRUG CO. WICHITA SURGICAL AND DENTAL DEPOT Wholesale Drugs. Surgical Instrument! and Dental SmvfUtm. 215 Kant Douglas avenue. THE WICHITA AND EAGLE CORNICE WORKS Manufacturers of Galvanized Iron and Copper Corafe. Tin, Ittm. and State Rooflne. 136 North Lawrence avenue. ,w Pbaa 7S. AMERICAN SODA S- BAKINU wuwutH uu MANUFACTURERS 147 North Emporia avenue. M. S. Dcrwdyn. Jr., Maaaggr. gfo Klfobon Brand Baking Powder. High Grai'e Coffee and Sj-e; BaJktfr' Sup;,.,. Coffee Urns and Mills; Vinegar and Cldora; Bulk Ftavorlag Kxtra u and Soda Fountains. LANGDON-WRIGHT TENT AND AWNING CO. Manufacture Tents, Awnings and Canvas Cevftra of 9try UcnptU n. Jobbers In Cotton Duck, all widths and weights. 1X7 Korfk Mai-feet L Old Phone, 230. New Phone 1452. Soad for prfeo 11L F. L. WATSON & CO. A complote lino of Wholesale Notion. Wafp, tt Douglas avenue. 'Phone 243. THE SCHWARTZ LUMBER AND COAL CO- WHOLESALE Cement. Lime, cement piasier. iiair. onar vxmot. nrg mntx. Wall Cop. ing Common and Face Brick. Stone. PtotaWBi SariUrfog Coal, efi-Wr'lte for price. Shippers of Pisa pod Arkanaaa RJror Sa4. caport? ten cars per day. 301 West DougJa aveso. Wlcktta. Km . PW0 i OPEN FOR COX - JOHNSTON - Wholesale Dry Goods, Notions, Gents and Ladies' Furnhg. COMPLETE LINES IN ALL DEPARTMENTS NEW SOCK. Orders and visits rtpectfal!r oliHt! Independent. Bell and Wichita Long Distant? 'pboa fr- Call S75 Give Us Your Orders for Commercial Printing The Daily Eagle Delivered 1 Oc a Week Lumber Dealer KAX. P in TTT.-t n -rl AND BOILER SHOPS Satisfaction jruaraateed la Machinery and Foundry Work. Phone 916. IIS North Wichita street. Wichita, Kan. MANUFACTURING HOUSES South Main street. 10S-105-iOT 1C9 and designers. Merchants. 309 East DougJa avenue 219 East Daugkig avenue. Telo- 9tl Beams SIT xad 19 West BUSINESS. DIJVIOND D. G. CO Eagle Job Rooms X

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