Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 20, 1931 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1931
Page 3
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KOSSUtM COtJfrlTt AfrVANCa. ALOONA, IOWA pAdfi f HRBB I 2 PAR I BE IES '^ r mother, Sirs. Geo. lAlwna, were dinner guests lesse Thoveson'8, and In the following ^iromen „,. Mrs. leRorrioaUcher, w 'wh-te". Mtl8 ', B ^u, C> slid Mrs. Mttrlon Chlp ' ooiTip group was enter' clock breakfast at the Algona, Saturday, da y there, bridge be- •nt t*** 1 ** i hnurtalnment. tk.therine Held Sunday-16 andO. O. Stows, the J. the Jay D. Grahams, nd Housours, and the Grahams attended a peering at the Ambrose A. ,« park Sunday in honor ot 1 76th birthday. Re'- Webster City, also to Lutheran Meet— ev . and Mrs.,U Rlchmann Kb week Tuesday for Read fere Mrs. Rlchmann.wm vial while Mr. Riclimann at Lutheran convention a .Visitors Go Home— , Lcckey and her two chl Friday for their home a iity, Mont., after |at Druggist- F, ickey and Laaba home, Lakota, Sunday, and bi ought the two ' ifttle Laabs girls here for a week's visit. Mary Paters, E'.gln, til., teacher, came last week Mondny for several weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. (Peters, Mrs. E. H. Staley aiul Mr. and Mrs. J, W. Staley, LaCrosse, WIs,, were - Fort Dodge visitors last Thursday. Brink Shlp'er nnd a neighbor, oth of Maxwell, visited from Sat- rday to Sunday at William Rings- orf's. ' -. The Fortnightly club met last veek Wedriesday with Mrs. Graci Gibbons at the Kluss home, Fenon. The Rev. and Mrs. J. E. Clifton ook their daughter Phyllis to West Bond Friday for a week with friends. severa L. ; Pratt's Mrs. Pratt are HOOK PIERCES SEXTON GIRL'S INDEX FINGER Bancroft Hellman, and othrr relatives. The ,ra"k I)-!lpoi-ilnn;;.i. l,a Motte, and Hedwlg Bunkers, ilomsprh. returned home Monday after n visit at the P. .). Sohlltz home. The A, \V. Kennedy family spent Siituh.v nnd Monday with the 13. H. Ilivnks. Wat" !"-•. Mr<. T->nnely li i nl.iter of .\fr. li: Inkn. .'•(•.-. rind M.'*. .1. V. .\;cnl;?' nnd th> H. H. Menkes returned Friday from Dyei-HVille. whore they visited rela- tives for ten days. Florence McGilligftn la on two Mrs. weeks vn-f'ion. She Is the clerk In the ury goods department lat Kennedy IV-os. j John M .;rri 1, Eob.Qiilnn, of Oma |-"™. Friday from n, trip to New Ulm, Sleepy Bye, and Morgan, Minn. Elizabeth Tretter, Long Call 1 ".. Is visiting her cousin, uhrt Bernhard. 'in, left aat \ve*k \'/-"lnf.rlc\y to .:pend several days In Chicago. The John Bernhards returned Mrs. J. .A. Devlne and six children are at Slgourney visiting Dr. Devine's parents. HAVE rOtT EVER HEARD 1*8 ' oquaiy Super Hetrodyne 8 Tub* Radio with newest Pentode and High Mu Tubes—Automatic Volume Control — Utah Dynamic Speaker $44.50 with tubes. All Gamble Stores. 2§-49 Curtis and Idrif Thoreson, Ells- Worth, spent the week-end with .heir brother, Jesse Thoreson. Warren Rlngsdorf accompanied :he Ross Rlngsdorfs to their home at Newark, S. D., last week. "The W. J. Lockwoods moved last week from Algona Into part of Mrs. Ellen Hnnna's house. The Vincent Helfners, near Algona, have rented the L. M. Owen louse.' Mr. and Mrs. Milo Brown, Garner, visited Sunday at E. O. Chipman's. Aldls Rubey went to Ames Friday to join .friends on a trip to Chicago. An 8-lb. boy was born to Mr. and Mrs.. L. p. Bush Saturday. MOTHERS ARE ENTERTAINED ATIRVINGTON Sexton, Aug. 18—Esther, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hedrlck, who, with her sister Margaret, in visiting her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Orvllle Hedrlck, just east of Srxton. run n-crochet hook Into the index finger of her left hand while she was at play Sunday evening. She was pushing the hook through paper at the time. Doctor Adams, Wesley, removed the hook. Heat Damages S. I). Crops- Chris Gerdetz and the Frank! Malzcrs, Hurley, S. D., spent a few days last week with the Jos. Clnks nnd George Amans, Sexton, the J. W. Tloartlngers, east of Sexton, and the George Gerdetz family, Algona. They said everything was burned up in their section and that the farther west one goes the drier It gets. The trees are even losing their loaves. Corn is only knee-high. Illinois Fiimily Visits Here— Mr. and Mrs. Fay Richards, of Princeton, 111., and their sons, Har old and Kldpn, with Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Richards, Algona, were Sunday dinner guests of the A. L. Greenfields. Fay Is a nephew of Mrs. Greenfield and the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Richards. The Merle Richards family, Lorie Rock, was here in the afternoon. L Tonsils Removed— fBert Ooddsn and her thre their tonsils remove Ef.G."Clapsaddle Sunday, an j Hawcott and a son of the [rlburts had tonsils removed • Ledges Park, -Boone— tnd Mrs. J-, H.' Graham', HVarner and Whitney, and and Mrs. Allen ; H. Wood .iie Ledges state park near |last week Wednesday. Ishlng in Minnesota— ; , Jensen and Druggist F, L. left Sunday for ten days of lat Federal -Dam, Cass Lake, [other northern Minnesota |\. Scwirk Sick; Sons Come— A. Sewick has been con- i his bed a week. His sons [of Ireton, and Elbert, Rock spent the week-end with Draws Sizable Audiehce— l-sized crowd attended a j given by the Concordia male at ths Lutheran' church by evening. .-.'•' Irvlngton, Aug. 18—Members th'e Wide Awake girls' club were hostesses one afternoon last week at tea at the home of Mary and Lule Black in honor of their mothers. Ifteen mothers, including Mrs. Geo. W Godfrey, Mrs. M. Kelley, and Irs. Harry Seeley, attended. A pro- ram was given, of which a |Have Family. Reunion— ?md Mrs. J. J. John, W. T Algeria, and R. S. John at j a family reunion at Max finday. • ' [ to Entertain the Y. 'P.— Lutheran Young Peoples' so rill be entertained by th I society this' week Thursda; .los. Gi'et/ Collision Victim— Jos. Goet!!, Wesley, driving his brother George's car, collided with another car Sunday afternoon at the of I Henry Nelson corner, three miles north of Sexton. Both cars were damaged, and Mr. Goetz, who suffered cuts and bruises, was taken to the Kossuth hospital. n this 'show had been made by club members. Blondlna Erpelding gave wo readings, and a demonstration n shampooing was given by Edna ordan and Lucille Black. A social lour and refreshments followed. The next meeting will be a picnic. Threshing Run Has Party— C. R. Schoby and S. A. Worster hreshing run had a party this week tlonday evening. On some runs it s customary for the machine owner o give a party when the threshing 'or the season is finished. A social time Is had, refreshments served, nd bills settled. Mrs. Clms. Reaper Recovering— Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Reaper spent last week at the Charles Reaper home, where they helped care for Mrs. C. Reaper, who has been suffering severely since she figured in an auto accident more than a week ago. She is now reported somewhat setter. Mrs. William Kirsclibauin Sick— Mrs. August Kirschbaum went to Crystal Lake Monday morning on i receipt of word that Mr. Kirsch- style i Dnum ' s mother, Mrs. William Kirschbaum, who is visiting a son there, was suddenly sick. Floyd pasloy Him Operation— Floyd Pasley returned Saturday from Des Molnes, where he underwent a sinus drainage operation early last week. Met Yesterday— Portland Farm Bureau worn meet this week Wednesda Lloyd Bartlett's. S. S. Has Picnic- Lutheran Sunday school Ha at the Rariney Koestle |unday afternoon. ' )ther Hurt News. hnd Mrs. Burton Isenberger, •Junction, and; -Steen Olson, |_came last Thursday to visit with the M. L, Vlnaases. look home with them Nina who had spent; •• several flth her aunt v Mrs. M, L. Mrs. Isenbei^er and Mr. Mrs. Yinaas's sister and |respectively, i | Prank Andersoln, daughter " Oilman Thorsriid, Brooten, |Qame last Thursday to visit Anderson, and her, brother ILInder, and his sons, TII. with the latter's wife, all and the Jacob Weavers, visited her Sunday, Stewart, Mr. and Mrs, Forest and Lloyd Stewart, Fon- vIMted from last Thurs- Monday at C. A. Moyer's, ptewart is Mrs. Moyer's , and Forest and Lloyd *Stew|brothers. Staley, daughter Edna, and left last week Wed[for Aurora to visit relatives; "'rs, j. w. Staley, L,aCrosse, staying w ith Mrs. E. H. Friday, who - taught in township several years a hister came 'from Rich fnter, wis., last Thursday t° Kuchenreuthers and other MacArthur, Ames, and enter Jessie arrived -last wsday for several weeks I A. MacArthuv's. They are ^Arthur's mother and sister. i Jjfl.vlunn pnrn^ * *~ "*" Lightning., Strikra: Barn Runts— The barn on the Dau Schulz farm, near Kanawha, was struck by lightning a few weeks ago and burned.to the ground. It Is reported that nothing else wad lost except hay. Mr. Schulz Is building a new barn, and plans to make other Improvements Ice Cream S<>Hnl Successful— The ice cream social held at the annex Friday evening was well attended. Fifteen cents was charged for pie and Ice cream, and $23.45 was cleared. ' Church is Resumed Sunday— Church serlces were held Sunday after a three weeks vacation. The Rev. A. English preached on "The Future." Other Irvington News. Albert Bolllnger, Greenleaf, Kas. who, accompanied by a neighbor had visited in Minnesota, spent las week with relatives here and at 41 gona, f-t, r i***ff»** t*v**fvr ^*r^t |«ednesday from summer V Ames and visits with rela- I Chicago, Kankakee, MO^ land Buckingham, 111, •^•Sheldon, Mrs, W. P. Vogel, J atter's son WHUs left Sat- for South Dakota to visit Mrs. Sheldon at Hathaway, 1(1 her son Clayton Thursday'to S " Wing's. Mra line's niece. Mrs. dint ^spent Friday 4 awcott's --' at Is ago. Hawk, Mj;. lfU a* Mrs, Hawks onw ¥t- Ver- = Mr. Bollinger, who is a neph ew of Mrs. August Johnson, had no visited here before in 30 years With the Harry Winkles, Algona, h called on the Dan Schulzes, nea Kanawha. Mr. Bollinger and hi neighbor started for home IJondaj They reported crops in Kansa burned up. The Oliver Vevels, Fort Dodge, visited Jast week Wednesday at the Austin Summers home. Mr. Vevel is a brother of Mrs. Summers. The E A Andersons, Hanford, Calif., and Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Summers, Eagle Grove, came Friday and left Saturday. Mrs. Anderson is a sister of Mr. Summers. The Paul Flowers family Eagle Grove, came Saturday for the day. The Summers family attended a reunion at Eagle Grove Sunday. Zelba, daughter of Mr. Harry Winkle employed Dodge, spent a vacation parents and oth,er relatives here last week. Mary Mausa, B«thervlUe, spent several days .last week at the Winkle home, visiting Zelba. Frank Thomas, Tracy, came Friday for a few days at T E. Wickwire's., Frank's mpthei, Mis. Seth Thomas, who is Mr. Wickwire's sister, plans to come for short visit this week Wednesday. Mrs Stella Sabin, Algona, and her Mrs. bieiia M ^ Auoe Sabin _ wnQ lives with a sister at, Kansas City we% dinner guests last Thursday at Harry Sabln's. . Mrs. Alice Sabin .is a former Algona woman. Mrs. Roy Blythe will arrive ths week to spend several days with rei- atives before returning to Chicago wm he/chUdren. Betty and ™-dell, Vbo have been - spending summer here, ^Friends here word from Other Sexton. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gink and the Eugene Cinks visited the Ollio Kirschbaums at Crystal Lake Sun- clay. Mrs. William Kirschbaum is there, critically sick. Mrs. Eugene k and Ollie are daughter and son f Mrs. Wm. Kirschbaum. Mrs. G. B. Wise, daughter Nell, on Herman, and another son, Wiliam, of Houston, Tex., were Sunday inner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd iteven. Mrs. Steven was formerly Dorothy Wise. A number of people, from this vicinity attended the Indian day cele- ration at Titonka Saturday. Mrs. John Miller is suffering from an infection in her left ear. Mary McMahon and he r niece, \Vanell Buschell, left for their home at Chicago Sunday night, after ten days with Mary's mother, Mrs. Essio McMahon. . • Mr. and Mrs. William Hartley spent Monday at Mason City, where Mrs. Hartley is having her eyes created. She has to wear colored glasses. The Revi Mr. Moore, Methodist at Wesley and Sexton, has resumed his duties, after a two weeks vacation at lakes in northern Wisconsin. The Clem Cunninghams spen Sunday at the Blanchard home, neai Llvermore. Mrs. Blanchard is a sister of Mrs. Cunningham. The Rev. Mr. Moore, pastor a dress not learned, and a daughtei were last Thursday guests at W. Z Miller's. The Lon Gouges spent Sunday a Frank Adron's, Corwith. Mrs. Adron is a sister-of Mr. Gouge. The Charles Amans attended a family picnic at Algona Sunday, Otto Neuman is about again, afte an attack of rheumatism. ADVANCE WANT-ADS GET BEST RESULTS and Mrs. . at Fort with her Mrs. daughter, Renter, Wenthe recently received Carr, near of drought and pers. fiar . "o had spent Df l*k'«.to Wa- Stanley, Boone, who has FOB WP»THI PIJBPOSE Pamllles living in Algona and vicinity can secure any amount up to $300 on furniture, automobiles, or live stock. It Js eaey to secure a loan through company and Just one small this eaay to pay back, payment a month. Ask about our Payment Extension Plan which PBOTECTS YOU when sick or unemployed. SPECIAL Crepe Toilet Paper Large 8-ounce size, sells regular for lOc roll. 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