Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 20, 1931 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1931
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rJ- Lj *±jr'^TT -i- -'-'- «- — ' — — . • "' • — [lame 30 ALGONA, IOWA, AUGUST 20, 1931 10 Pages : G Number 49 ; 0 ULLIVAN DIES: BURIAL SATURDAY ITTING SPREE Lake Mills and Same Day. fea Won [An afternoon two ball games Sun- game here U ke Mills was a. struggle, H teams fighting for ad- but the Algonians devel- iittlng strength -and finally In an evening game ' at *fy All €*" — ' ~ — . [ th e Algonians won again, , a hitting spree. - ' > Lake Mills game the Al,'scored In the first inning. kills scored im the fourth, and "runs in the first half of Algona then countered in Inning with .a barrage of hieh brought in five runs. Bills scored once In the sev- 1 Algona scored again in the lorwitli the Algona heavy ar| began going good in the Jlrst Inning, when Duncan [an up, singled and then stole Ins Bonham struck out. Dup- len went to third. on a pass )'Brien drew a, walk, and tripled, scoring both: Dun- O'Brien. Scanlan struck reached first safely when ivith catcher muffed the itrike and the first baseman the ball. In the mix-up 1 stole home for the remain- WOMAN AT LAKOTA COMMITS SUICIDE The body of Mrs. Thos. Tamen, of Lakota, was found hanging in the attic of her home Tuesday afternoon shortly after 4 o'clock by her young daughter Beverly. Mrs. Tamen , had been troubled with nervousness for some years, and it Is believed that her condition caused temporary Insanity, during which the' act was committed. The husband, daughter, a son, Thomas Jr., ami Mrs. Tamen's mother, Mrs. Clara Byers, Buffalo Center, survive. Mr. Tamen was 'ormerly In the Implement business at "Lakota, but his shop was burned down last winter, and since then he las been a real estate salesman. He Was at Woden on a .business deal when hla wife committed suicide. Mrs. Tamen was 40 years old. The Tn.mens were married before the World war. Funeral services bad not been arranged up to yesterday morning. THE CRITICAL STRETCH \ ilttlns Fray lii Seventh. nth scored runs , in the sec- di and fifth innings, and Al- ored once in the ,. fourth i the ' seventh '. the Algonians a batting rampage which ; In seven runs. |ils inning Butler, hit by ball, went to first. Cayou single when an attempted |e to the pitcher proved .too Corwlth hurier to han- uncan singled lind Bonham, la pitched ball,- walked, forc- jtler in, with thejbases still Ib'Brien struck .out. Twogood, {mighty clout into left field [riple, brought in the three I bases. Corwith pitcher was now re- land Scanlan , picked a' throw Jlklng' for a two-bagger, scor- good. Barnes drew a walk, th Barnes and Scanlan ad- la base on a pass ball. Steph- prew a single, scoring the Comlth Bally Halted. |,teams got two truns\ln the ame, but an attempted rally jjvith was cut to a single run lant fielding toy v the Algon- tfogood was star for the ; aggregation, - getting ' three |tnd a single, bringing in five nd scoring twice himself. i was a close second, getting and a walk, and scoring nes. tripled and got three [scoring three times. • In the" lining Barnes 'grabbed two fcen the bases "We^V J |ne out, Bvery'maV on the I team got at' '' HAPPY RAY REVUE ADDED TO NIGHT FAIR ATTRACTIONS Something new at the county fair has been booked by the management for a night grandstand attraction, and this will be-in addition to attractions on the afternoon program. The new event is known as thn Happy Ray Revue. The Ray company, numbering 17 people, includes a swift-moving chorus of girls who can really sing and dance. Mr. Ray says he has spared neither time nor money to produce a colorful and entertaining show. Special scenery and numerous changes of bright, snappy costumes will play an important part' in making the. performance attractive. ' • ' •• ••: ; Flashy silk drapes which take the ace of old-fashioned, heavy-painted •ts will add lustre and beauty to le scenes in this show and make pretty background fori-the- com- any. Happy Ray. himself appears the cast and offers comedy cetches which have made him so ALGONA DRILL TEAM CAPTURES WOODMAN TITLE Takes First in Iowa- Minnesota Camp Competition. [OR CANDIDATES FOR PALL SQUAD is MADE . Aubrey Bppbam, „; 1 from California, »summer wjth"- 1 t has «Ues the mornings !,of <al«" l» .candidates 'for the •'Algona ' football team.this fall, am urges candidate* to !lng Running, kfcWng, '-and leg to harden; muscles, " This 1 avoid many* early' season [usually suffered Before the hardened. First c»U Is to soon, and all candidates ready to cmne for equlp- lealately. ' ypr the opening 1 candidate Is supposed.t« }lgh| e,ottor\ Rice has ' %clty ' his proppsed Thorington tftftrtftT" «S«? " took out ft Jiceaw *o,r ' "B mox^L g^m $00 "seat Z^Hr^wfcjr >t of Punning v Uft^^j"*" , r **:**w?*" i fnP y> «a| deyeton^j, ^g^a, W» *# Jk^PkW ->ithJi ^•^Ss %&$mMm the theaters throughout this Tonight's Band Concert Program opular in ountry. Each dance number in this show a« a name anil a meaning, and the cstuming blends perfectly with the ction. Within an hour there will >e six musical numbers, and not nee will the chorus appear In the ame costume. - . A "Sunny Southern Quartette' 1 is feature In the revue. Mr. Ray liowed this act !n -vaudeville for a umber of seasons, and was always success. ' The new show platform in front f the grandstand is of state fair Ize and will 'accommodate this re- ue. There will be three "mikes" h the platform to gurantee that very one in the audience wjll en- oy perfect audition. HAN'S ELBOW CRUSH ED AS TWO CARS COLLIDE Frank' Cross, Lemolnster, Mass., s at the Kossuth hospital with a rushed left elbow, besides head and ither -injuries, suffered Monday morning, when a car he was driving crashed almost head-on with a Calamazoo, Mich., car occupied by Ella Haeffner and Margaret Feath er. The women, with Wilford Cross and Elton Ricker, companions of Frank Cross, were not seriously ured, escaping with minor cuts and iruises. Both cars were badly damaged. They collided near the railroad crossing east of Sexton,.' The Cross car was going east, the Michigan car west en route to Vellowstone park. ; Cross was brought to the Kossutfr where the sp)intere4 and FILTER. PLANT TO GET FIRST WATER IN TANKS TODAY First water will be run Into the new city flltratlpn . i)lajvt_today,; .and it is expected that^the'^piant''^!!! '-De 1 in full operation within a week, or two. At present only surplus water pumped from the city wells will be Selection—Childhood Days. March—Culver Military Academy. . Rosenkrans Overture—Morning, Noon and Night In Vienna _-_— Suppe Fox Trot—Hello Beautiful _ ;__ ' * Donaldson Popular—If You Can't Sing Whistle „_ Blight crushed elbow bones were wired together In, an effort to save the arm Thte apparently will be successful ihough It Is 'believed that the arm will always be stiff. A Wow Cross received on his head caused trouble With his eyesight for a few hours, - Occupants of the Cross car are remaining here; but the girls have jone on their way, LONE ROCK DRUNKS FIGHT; USE HAMMER IN STRUGGLE Three local celebrities at Lon< Rock, got into an argument Tuesday night while they were on a spree and It resulted in a call for th Sheriff, Deputy B. I* Harris re sponded at-mldnlght, -but before he arrived friends had'taken the scrap y. , Jt Is reported that on went after another with run into the large tanks under the new building. iThe customary water level will be maintained in the stand- ipe and in the old city tanks to void endangering the supply' in se of fire. It will require several days to fill 10 huge tanks, which will hold lore than 10 times the supply of ater in the standpipe. Adjustments nd careful-inspection will be made ntinuously while the- filling is be- ig done. Water will .not be run into the Ity mains till after tanks and fliers hav« been thoroughly cleaned nd disinfected. Then the new sup- ly will be gradually worked into the ater system. In a few days -the ater will all come through the fil- ering plant. Large-brass letters, reading .Wa- erworks, Algona, Iowa were put in lace on the east front of the build ng.Monday, and the scaffolding was emoved Tuesday. • . NI6HT MARSHAL'S 60N ACCIDENTALLY FIRED Night Marshal H. S. Van Alstyne nd a "customer" he had picked up or running over a stop sign, nor- owly escaped being shot • Tuesday night at police headquarters under he Akre store," when the night mar. hal's gun fell from its holster and was discharged as it struck, the Joor, Mr. Van Alstyne had given the offender a 1 talking 1 , to, and had re- eased him,, but when the. officer started to rise the.arm of his chair, aught the gun, Which turned over n air and lit on the hammer. The mllet crashed Into the ceiling. The report of the 32-ca}lber gun n the small room startled both occupants and made them jump. Mr. van Alstyne is now considering the mrchase of a gun with o, hammer that cannot be jarred Into unwanted explosions, • a hammer and the avowed inten ° w ' tlonf crushing skull; alsp that one Wow was struck but 'thit Its force was broken an done, No ,. tips h*d been taken up to, yesterda- Staori «»jy JP W »«*»^« oTcl! MrTaLj'SK PWSft, 8» *r _?**• ^W_.w 7n>« ^0110 Peter Buys March Comique—Old Settlers on Parade . -Dalbey Fox Trot—Tip-Toe Through the Tulips With Me Burke March—Landing of the Troops—- • Crosby EXPERT TO COME TO LAY OUT NEW MIDWAY FOB FAIR An eight-man drill team from the ocal camp of the Modern Woodman captured first, place in uniformed Trill at an Iowa-Minnesota Woodman convention at Davenport Monlay and Tuesday. The team.ywhich is. under the eadershlp of Capt: Ben Hynds, Is composed of Chester Willey, first sergeant; .Paul Richardson, second sergeant;, and Foresters Vernon Casler, Mervin Graham, Melvln Sill James R. Wall, /William Seipman Jr., and Ralph Witham. Old Uniforms Are Perfect. The team drew a perfect score on uniforms, though they are 32 years old, being part of the original equipment of the local camp, which Is Kossuth Camp No. 413. The drills were held Monday anc Tuesday, and besides taking part In the competition the local aggregation marched in parades. The trip to Davenport was made in the Aug ust Strom and Sills cars. The group left at midnight Saturday night, re turning yesterday morning. Mi- Strom, who is a state Woodman deputy here, was assistant to th quartermaster on duty at the camp Monmouth placed second in the drill contest. Des Moines won a 16 man drill, and Jefferson 'a 12-man drill. Team GetH Purse of $80. The prize was a purse of $80, which repaid the local group In part for unceasing driil started in June and averaging ten to 14 hours a week ever since. The team plans to continue its work during the winter, and will enter competition again next year. Arrangements may be ,T. W. Sullivan died shortly after o'clock yesterday afternoon, and uneral services will be conducted Saturday morning at' 9:30 at St. Cecelia's Catholic church. Mr, Sullivan began to fail rapidly a week ago. After Thursday he lay n semi-coma most of the time and at intervals of wakening had difficulty in recognizing members of his family and friends. .Mr. Sullivan's death will be wide- y noticed, for he was.considered one of the leaders of the Iowa bar. It B expected that the,-, funeral services will be attended by an exceptionally arge number of friends. TEACHER LIST IS ANNOUNCED BY OVERMYER Superintendent overmyer announces; that preparatory to the opening of ?'the Algona schools on Monday, September 14, pupils who were delinquent last year In certain 'subjects will be given an opportunity nnxt week Friday to take make-up examinations. Pupils who are to enter the ninth grade this year and boys and girls entering the schools for tire first time' are to report the same day. The teacher list has been completed, and Mr. Overmyer has given out the assignment to the buildings, as follows: NEW SCHOOLHOUSB. Senior; High School. • MJnnie J. Coate, principal, Al gona. Frances Duhigg, English, Em metsburg. Ruth Messenger, English, Belle Plaine. Leona Krampe, English, Baxter. Esther Quimby, algebra, Cedar Fails. SCHOOL BUILDING ALMOST FINISHED With the cleaning of the windows and the leveling of the grounds, the exterior and surroundings of the new school building begin to take on a finished appearance. The window cleaning began a few days ago, and the leveling of the grounds was done last week, On the inside the finishing touches are rapidly being applied, and a number of, the smaller rooms are practically finished except for. installation of furniture. The light fixtures were late in coming, and with their hanging the rooms will be fin(shed except for painting and varnishing the maple floors. •"... : • In the auditorium ,066 opera chairs have been set, and the room alone inspires the pride of visitors, and it is-certain that outsiders wUJ consider that Algona Is fortunate to have such an auditorium. , .In the gymnasium maple- flooring is/ : now' being laid, and seats are ready to be installed. .Th^e, study dnd library rooms' have been finished, and the assembly desks; and seats fronv the Bryant building are:being moved to the < new schoolhouse arid placed..in position, Needed furnishings of all Hinds 'are' being received and will be placed'astsoon as the /floors have beerf finished. The arrangement of desks for the grades at the Bryant is in progress. The assignment of rooms has not yet been completed. Preparations for the county fai: which begins two weeks froni ,nex Mohilay or oh September 7, are i progress at the fair grounds. Th new judges' stand for races was fin ished Monday, and workmen wer enclosing the southwest corner Floral hall for a baby booth Tuesday. A permanent refreshments stand like the Catholic and Baptist stands will be built by the Methodists/but the location has not been determined as yet. The eastern part of the grounds, where the Midway has always been, will now be used as parking space. The new Midway leads north from the new grandstand, and the main road into the grounds, which was recently graveled, will run through it. Light poles run down the center and the lights will provide a White Way. A grounds specialist, will be here Saturday to help lay out the new Midway. Many of this year's Improvements at the grounds were made before the July Fourth celebration. made to haye the team drill on Algona day at the Kossuth county, fair. : Uocal ; camp officers ' -are'' Mr. 1 Strom, consul;' William Seipma'n Sr., banker; Lloyd <3. Pool, adviser; O. K. Romstad, past consul; and O. J. Peterson, clerk. Ralph Witham .placed fifth in a spelldown in a field 'of 200 contestants at the convention. Miller, geometry, Cedar BLAZE AT BEAUTY PARLOR IS QUICKLY EXTINGUISHED Fire yesterday morning endangered the Marigold beauty shop over the Bloom store. The blaze- started from an oil heater used to^heat water- Smoke was noticed "coming from a sm^ll closet In which it Js kept, and the fire was quickly put out with hand extinguishers, damage being confined to the closet. The shop is dolng,business as usual, but repairs and some repainting ajre being done. TEMPERATURE REACHES 94 ON TWO DAYS LAST WEEK Temperatures rose to Sj, Saturday and Sunday, and t» er e was fear of another long hot spell, but they have been 'lowering since. Three tenths of an inch.of rain TuesJay was, a Ppon to crojps,' pastures, gardens, and lawns, temperatures since last week are: August Max. 80 C. K. Heise 83? IH. M». and Mrs. C. E- Heise. celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary yesterday. AH of t»e children were at home. Mi 1 . Seise, who was 83 Saturday, has not beep in his usual health and has not -been able t 0 come UP town, With bladffl^troubK f Ban' W. Turner, reply- i»S to a re,oenTlet*W-ot,taYttatton lro» Mill. 60 $0 65 'August }3 , 81 August J4 ,-... 89 August 15 9* Aug«st>18 ,..,. 94 6>5 August 17 '..'., 91 6? August 18 ........j ...... 89 6$ TITONKIAN 6IVEN10 DAYS FOR ASSAULT ADD BATTERY ,J"ohn YOUTH IS HELU WHEN FOUND IN LIQUOR CAB Donald Speicher, Algona 'youth, was held yesterday, pending investigation by "the sheriff of alleged activities, He was arrested late Tuesday evening, when Marshal Green suspected that a car standing near the police quarters in the Akre building contained -alcohol. •Deputy Sheriff Harris, in plain clothes', rstatlqned himself where he could watch the car, and Marshal Green, In uniform, drove away as lf v unsuspicious. Soon • afterwards Speicher got ijito the~ car. On approaching, Mr.' Harris found a gallon can of alcohol in .the back.: seat. Then Speicher said he was in the wrong car, and after getting but'and inspecting it he denied ownership Of < ither car or liquor, , l Speicher claimed {hat a brother was to leave the family car there for him. No charges had been preferred up to yesterday afternoon. LU VERNE STATE BANK WILL PAY 10 PER CENT DIVIDEND Gxamlner R. H. Miller announces that the 'L« Verne State bank, clos< ed last October, wlty- shortly pay its first dividend of 110 per cent- The deposits when, the Institution w$s closed stood at $193,723.85, and the dividend will therefore be for *19,3T2. It Is expected that the checks Yrtl he ready 'for'delivery Jn t\»o weeks. | i n mini, in y IJJL mi.iij.li Scowts »t lake, Paul Danson,' scoutmaster, and five 'boys went to the Danson cot- take at the OkobojV* Monday, where U. S. IS GERMAN HOPE, AUG. HUENHOLD FINDS • A card received by the family a few. days ago from August Huenhold said he had returned to Germany after two weeks in Switzerland. At the time of writing he was back at his old home at Osterode and had got his mail from home. Mr. Huenhold continues to find the German people mu'ch discouraged. -They don't believe that the recent international debt postponement will help a great 'deal. The taxes are much too heavy. Many Germans have given up hope of aid except frqm the United States, whose foreign policy they believe will determine Germany's future. They .think the worst of the depression is yet to come. Nevertheless Germany is trying hard to save herself, German tourists who leave the country for foreign resorts have to pay a tax of 100 marks. Tills law has badly crippled Swiss tourist traffic. It is said that 450,000 Germans left Switzerland when this law was passed. Trouble arising from the hard times is hard to prevent in Germany, but the government is: doing all it can. Alvina Falls. Floy Horn, natural science, La mona. Frances Messer, 'history, Hum boldt. ; Hattie Wilson, ''normal training Spr'ingyille,. Arthur Liikensrheyer, physics ant chemistry, Eagle Grove. John G. McDowell, "social science Waterloo. Ruth Kreikenbaum, commercial, West Point. Adrian Burmeister, manual training, Waldorf, Minn. David C.' Ward, Red Oak. Nancy Ruth Renaud, home economics, Pella. Aubrey Bonham, physical training and coach, Algona. Helen Stubbs, physical training, Des Moines. D. Wane R. Collins, band and or- qhestra, Cedar Falls, Antoinette Bonnstetter, nurse, Algona. Grace .Melba Miller, music, New Sharon. Primary Room. Bertha Godfrey, Algona. Junior High School. Lola Dreesman, principal, Algona. Jeanne Coon, Elkader. Laura Hoelscher, Hubbard. BRYANT BUILDING* Dora Carson,' principal, Story City. Evelyn L. Walters, Audubon. Margaret Hullerman, Perry. Lillian, Granzow, Algona, Ruth Jackson, New Hampton. Estella Arnold, Gardner Grove, Marie Helen Beard, Cedar Falls. Elaine Portman, Auburn. Lucia Wallace, Algona. , THIRD WARD BUILDING. ' Carrie Durant, principal, Algona; Laurine Peterson, Gowrle. Nellie Ward, Shenendoah, Charity Game Talked. A baseball game between business MEXICAN KILLED BY WIFE LIES IN POTTER'S FIELD 'The body of Frances Quesada, Mexican killed in an argument with his common law wife near Buffalo Center, was buried in the potter's field at Rivervlew Saturday. It had been held 'in the receiving vault pending; word from relatives in Mexico to whom Coroner l<. M. Merritt wired following the fatal shooting. The messages were delivered, but nothing has been heard In reply. Quesada's wife, Julia Sllva, Is still in Jail, awaiting action of the grand jury, on a charge of second degree murder. It is understood that she has engaged an attorney, HARRY BAKER FINED $300 ' ON DRUNKEN DRIVING PLEA Baker, 'Algona pajnter who men to aid charity is talked, has not yet come to a head. Algona Markets By WUber J. and Alice Payne, At Close of Business Aug. 18. GRAINS Corn No. 2 No. 3 white oats ................ 15c Corn No. 3 ................... 32c Barley, No. 2 Spi plal , , ......... 32c PRODUCE. they are. spending the o,f tlje , week. The boys are- John and James Bishop, Harlan Sigsbee, NQlte, and' "Wayne Moore. FernJLey Was bpund to the grand Jury on charge of driving while intoxicated by. Mayor C, P. spepht recently, pleaded guilty befpra judge Davidson Friday and was fined |goo knd costs, i He was let go on $|QQ, th« balance to be ' inqnthly Installment^. : to drive his car for three gnless accompanied by bjs, wife. 1-Jc .170 lOc stra-ght Graded No. i . Graded, No. 2 Cash cream 24o t POULTRY Pens, over 4 Ibs, I6o All hens under 4 Ibs. ,.,...,, —lie Springs, over 4 Jbs. ...'. ,,2?c Springs, a to 4 Ibs.?..,.,,, l?g $20,000 ASKED ASDAMAGESBY ALGONA WOMAN Mrs. Jos. Zittritsclfe Files for Estate of Husband. ' Suit has been filed in,the Emm«fc county district court Tjy Mrs. Jo»ph Zittritsch, Algona, for $20,00* lamnges against H.' A. Kingston, vt- Armstrong, ns the result of an accident in whlcli Mr. 'Zittrltsch mun killed last June. The petition, which was filed at Sstherville Monday, sets out -four 1 claims of negligence on the part off Mr. Kingston. The main allegation s that he failed to stop for a atopn sign. Accident Occurred Last Jane. The accident occurred early in th«< morning of June 11 near Swea, City. Mr. Zlttritsch was (driving an Algeria bakery truck .on No. 9, and tb»t Kingston car, coming out of Swe»» !ity. crashed into, the side of thtr. truck, overturning it. Mr. Zittrltach;, was pinned to the ground and Instantly killed. Negligence is clainied , by Mrs. Zittrltsch, who. charges that Kingston not only did not stop for then stop sign but did not have his ear- under control. The petition says It} was impossible for Mr. Zittrltsch to> avoid the accident, basing this data. on the positions of the truck and. Kingston car immediately after th*. accident. Says Stop Sign Disregarded. Disregarding the stop sign Is covered by another allegation of negll-v „ gence, and .the final charge is that, Mr. Kingston apparently made n*J attempt to avoid the Accident by the* application of brakes. The petition. says the truck and the road were In- plain view of Mr. Kingston and that he could have avoided the accident:' by the exercise of normal prudence.. Mrs. Zittritsch, who Is administrator, of the estate s> of her husband.* brings the 'suit in t the name of ibfe estate, , Court convenes in EsthervlDar September 1, with Judge James DeLand on the bench, at which time: the suit will be brought up. METHODISTS HERE HAVE HOMECOMING The Methodists had a homecoming, Sunday, and the congregation ate morning services Sunday morniiyc presented a number of well remembered faces of former 'Algonlanau Among persons who came for tJta event ^were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Peter^-. son, Spirit Lake. Mr. Peterson, the* son of the late John Peterson, ia,a> former county auditor here who resigned and is now in the hardware business. His Wife, a former courthouse employe, was Mabel Jacobsoiu. ' Others who registered were: Mr., ' and-Mrs. Oran O'Keefe, Lakota; Mr.. and Mrs. .Carl Walker,. Alexander; Janie A. 'Orr, stenographer for ,*. Spencer law firm; Pern Witham,, Cedar Falls; Mr. and Mrs, C, A.. Bishop, Ames; Mr, and Mrs, J,'Hi Harris, Sexton; the Glenn Haaapt Woolstock. , ~t- ' Armond Witham, Cedar Falls; A*.. D. Willstiff, Minneapolis; O. Kjonw* ," stal, Grand Forks, N. D,; Beulah- Montgomery Juhl and Clifford Jublt, Forest City; Nadine Hallett, Gettyp- burg,' S. D.; Jennie Dutton Monlt- gomery, Forest City; and the v Albert Hustletts, Blue' Earth. ^ i ' The JRev, C. V, Hulse, pastor. preached a brief sermon, and ftft«r ' the services the congregation, !!0^ Ja»^' • number, adjourned,to the Ambrqp* A. Call state park, where, a dinner was served,;; followed program.' As part of the Mrs/Frank Seeley read letters Mrs. Nellie, G, ~ " Hartshorn, Gardner Cowle*. a.nd,'l|» A. Bowjes. •• ' ^ "i ',' ANNUAL PARK CELEBRATION \ SET FOR WEEK FRU Tjy Whlttemore, AugC IS—'The "park celebration" here la for next week Thursday, noon feature w}U he a ball g%mej£ tween Bancroft and J but is reported ,that Whlt|eniore. v ,^ have Firkins, DpwSj' f or Pltche^, Is trying to'- seeurej cojored catchier. {5 Aj; Bancroft KeUer 4 ftRed, HOft an^..cps,tS,,.Jnclu4Jteg a ' i-,V

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