Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 13, 1931 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1931
Page 9
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Buy rh»t«rodyn< Highboy WHITTEMORE AGENT ATTENDS CHURCH MEET Whlttemore, Aug. 11—Arthur Hel- denwlth motored to Denlson lost week Monday to attend a convention of field men of the Lutheran Aid association, Alex O. Benz, vice president from Appleton, WIs., spoke on new forms of Insurance written by the society and told of the Oflsocla- tloh's Increase In membership and business In 1930 and this far In 11981. Mr. and Mra. Bens, with a I son and a daughter were en route by auto to California. R. W. Schultz, general agent at Waterloo, assigned [territory to the field men and Hpoke Ion Why Our Insurance Should Be I Carried by Kvery Lutheran In This Synodlcal Conference. Mr. Benz was I hostess at a 3-course dinner at the I Hotel Denlson. cowrv AWANCB. AI/IONA. tow A Edward Maahs last week Wednesday. There are now three boys and one girl In the family. Mr. Maalis and his brother Herman run a produce station here. The Chris Bllnkmanfi, Lu Verne, Minn., spent Sunday at Albert Behnke'B. They brought home Mrs. Bltnkman'a brothers, Elmer and Frank Behnke, who had visited them two weeks. . I 1/llllan Heldenwlth returned Sunday evening from Lone Rock, where she had visited the Henry Kuecks. Hilda and Elma Potratz, who work at Fort Dodge, are at home for a week's vacation. The August Mlndemanns, Apache, Okla'., visited last week at Carl Volght Sr.'s and with other relatives ihere. Mrs. Mlndemanrt and WILBUR J. PAYNE, Editor WcgcncrH in Family Itcunlon— The William Wegeners, Clinton, came Saturday for visits, and with Mrs. Wegener's mother, Mrs. Aug. ust Schattschnelder, are to drive to Boston, Minn., this week Tuesday to visit another daughter, Mrs. Ferdinand Helse. The Wegeners, the Schattschnelders, and Fred Wegener I Sr. attended a Wegener family reunion at the Ambrose A. Call state park, Algona, Sunday. Presentation Sisters Are Here— Some of the Sisters who will have (charge of the Presentation academy during the, coming school year arrived from Dubuque last week Tuesday. All of the grade teachers last year returned. The high school and music teachers have not yet arrived. I Geneva Walters, Ruth Ann Smith, and Mrs. William Hlgglns drove to Mr. Volght are sister and brother. Lydia Meyer, Bernlco Balgeman, and Mrs. Harold Kuecker were at J. B. Walker's, helping Mrs. Walker cook for threshers, last week Wednesday. The Henry Bells, with Mrs. Frank Bell and her children, all of Blue Earth, spent Tuesday with Mrs Frank Bell's parents, Mr. and Mrs D. Cordes. ; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wehrspann were at Fort Dodge a week ago, am their son Harold had adenoids an his tonsils removed. The Fred Goetsches, Grand Rapid Mich., arid Mrs. B. A. Goetsch, Hum boldt, spent last Thursday at C. L Cavanaugh's. August Pertl, Cedar Rapids, so of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pertl, Is vlsl Ing here. He works in a meat mar- What's a Big Farm? We have read an article in the August Issue of Country Gentleman ntltled, "What Is a Big Farm?" There is mention of a 1,000-acre Kansas wheat farm, on which $6,000 f equipment Is used, the crop requiring four operations, 1. e. two one-way dlsklngs, drilling, and harvesting. In an average year the gross Income might be $14,001) for .he 1,000 acres. Contrasted to this is a 28-acre celery field In New Jersey which yields flS.OOO to $20,000. However, instead of having 1,000 acres of wheat land and going over it four times, the celery farmer goes over his 28 acres 38 times. He thus actually covers about one-fifth as much ground on 28 acres as the wheat farmer covers on 1,000 acres, and gets more money for doing It. county left August n which corn or pasture thla seas- n made a poor crop. If there is to be an open season or pheasants this fall It might be a food time now to run a little adver- Isement in some publication read by portsmen offering to lease the hunting rights on farms. Most any O roup of hunters would rather pay a farmer 50c a bird for each pheasant and have the fields .free from other hunters. There Is also a chance to make a little extra by furnishing living quarters or meals, At the Bancroft public schoolhouse, where the county girls' 4-H club held its Achievement day last week Wednesday, we saw the R. L Krantz truck, In charge of Mrs Krantz, with a load of 22 girls representing the Buffalo Busy Bee club Mrs. Krantz is leader, and Phydells Peterson Is president. The girls had filled the big stock truck with camp chairs. They exhibited 36 garment, they had made and took five firs and four second prizes as a reward for proficiency In the clothing proj ect. In the same way 200 acres of Iowa corn might require $4,000 of equipment and return a gross yield of $0,170, using 10-year average figures. This is contrasted with a 40- 6 over the Northwestern for Sac City,' where they were exhibited at the first In a circuit of eight county fairs, Kossuth Included. The stock Included 14 Guernseys owned by A. J. Brown & Sons, Algona, six Holstelns owned by C. R Schoby, Algona farmer down Bode way, eight Jerseys owned by Walter Welsbrod, Fenton, and ten Brown Swiss owned by E. C. Zwelfel, Tl tonka. The 38 head are In charge of John Brown, assisted by Carl Reynolds and Dwlght Hardgrove. The cattl are due to come to the Kossuth fair after they have cleaned up around the rest of the circuit. An additional 16 Guernseys were taken to Sac City to start the circuit for Quarton & Bosworth, as we men- lrlli „,.„ i¥i , tioned last week. Our county Is ac- j way no rth. Mr. Lawrence's fathe . , _,— »ui - ][veg retlrea ln Kansas. The Lav, rence oatfl had threshed 50 bushe — an acre by weight on 55 acres and Nellie Burltngame, Algona, sold| four bushels over for good measure, the oats from her farm east of town | These were heavy 105 oats. Mrs. tottce ojwn torunn, lecture*, aem- nitratlofig, and round table dltcua- lons ot leading subjects of in* eregt to women including little beatre nlayi, pageants, style howl, cooking demonstrations, blld health, home furnisbing, land- caping and cltltenshlp. It is expected that more than 00,000 women from all parts ot owa will attend the exposition, making it the largest event ot It* clnd ever held in the state. Ex- ilblts and programs will be open to the public continuously tor eight days from August 28 to September 4th. ket. The Arthur Palmers, DolHver, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Lawrence, wes of Bancroft, now have a third gir in their family. The young ladj named Shirley Maye, was born Ma 9. The maternal grandparents ar Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lampe, a littl live In the show ring this year. F1ARM NBVVS AND COMMENT. READ THE WANT-ADS. William Drayton, who has--bew» battling rheumatism two weeks, hM been additionally At fllcted sine* Bun. day, when he 'was kicked by a <xm« Edward Rich Is laid UP with an Infected hand which require* treatment by a doctor. Threshing was stopped by rains Saturday and Monday. TJie crewa resumed work Tuesday atternoon. Ruth Rich has been sick abed during the last week. Amelia Berneau. went home Sunday, after three months at Nobte Mitchell's, helping with housework. Personal Loans-Milch Cow Loans INCREASE YOUR DAIRY HERD WITH OUR MONBY-^Dalry cows assure a regular monthly Income. We will loan money on your present herd or furnish the funds to purchase additional .J wji/LOAN MONEY ON PERSONAL PROPERTY—Money to b* used for any purpose. Perhaps your car is already financed and the payments are too large. It Is easy to reduce these monthly payments through our plan. . ' Call at our office or write us for full particulars. THE INLAND FINANCE CORPORATION First door North of Iowa State Bank. ALdONA Phone 55. IOWA . Fort Dodge after the are now here. Sisters who spent Sunday at John Meine's. Mrs. Palmer Was formerly Ade Meine. Cleophas, son of Banker and Mrs. John Cullen, Is here from Minneapolis, where he Is employed. Edwin Behnke drove here Friday from Bennet to get his wife, who had visited local relatives. The J. W. Mielkes, of Milwaukee, visited Mr. and Mrs. August Mielke last week. Mr. and Mrs. James Hogan have named acre New York truck farm using $5,000 worth of equipment, where the land Is worked and reworked till the total coverage amounts to 700 acres and produces $15,000 to $20,000 from 40 acres. If there can be such a wide difference In returns from land, certainly there is plenty of opportunity for a ot lOc a bushel one day last week. | Lawrence^ jaU "^recently The yield was around 50 bushels. We have a small grasshopper in festatlon In the farm department Iris bed. The leaves from a large planting have been one-third eaten. Nearly plants, including sweet corn, were untouched. At the Charles L. Hawks home, fourth-generation picture was taken in her family, the principals being her baby, herself, her mother, Mrs. farmer to better himself and get wes t of Bancroft, we learned last n the farm department Henry Lampe> and her gra ndmoth- The leaves from a large | ^ Mrfl> K M FrltZi g5 years of age . Women's Exposition, „_, this It the biggest obirgiln we ever offered! ,1 imagine -• 7-Tub* illeo Superheterodyne lit to we the newest Pente Power tube, at thb new, mingly low price. ..High- ymodel,done in American t and Maple — Tone 1 — New Eleetro-Dy . Speaker . . . Can be Light on easy term*— , in. See lit HEAR ill B. 0. BJUSTBOM _ Afeona—Phone 677. •Hobarton—Phone 1F11. KJBted east ol Fee* Store. c Phlloo RxplMMBMItt Tube* Into the big earning class. Some of those 160-acre farms in the east actually pay out as much for trucking and brokerage commissions as the gross income from western farms six Nephew of A. D. Brogan Shot— A. D. Brogan was at Lake City last week Tuesday to see a nephew, Dean Brogan, 13, who had been shot In the abdomen with a 22 rifle the Saturday evening before. It was thought that he would recover. No attempt had been made to remove the bullet. The boy, who had been here two weeks before the accident to visit his uncle, is in a hospital at j Lake City. Editor's Daughter is Scalded- Mary Anita, daughter of Editor and Mrs. Seth B. Cairy, was badly •burned last week Monday, morning, when she spilled boiling water on herself from a kettle while she was preparing to wash the breakfast dishes. The kettle turned In her hand, and the water scalded the lower half of her abdomen and her left leg.. The leg was badly blistered. Beulah Carlisle Finishes School— Beulah Carlisle got home last week Monday from Lincoln, v Neb., a new' son, born Saturday, •Stanley. times as large. King'. Speech Old RiU The king's speech Is In reality the declaration of the causes of the summons of the British parliament and forms the legal basis for the deliberations of the two houses. It gives In broad outline the legislative program of the session. Originally the king actually delivered his speech In person and parliament could not assemble until the king thought fit to summon it. The "king's speech" apparently dates hnck to the "model pnrlinment" of Edwnrd I, summoned In 1295. Cresco I .where she had attended college and .finished an advanced normal course, also a course in the Keinhoff School )ILED Monday 11 ° n th ° eC college while an instructor was away. Miss Carlisle has been for There must be opportunities mprovement in Kossuth, if we are mart enough to see them. The 38 perations required on the celery arm Included plowing, disking, hree times, harrowing, setting the plants, 13 cultivations, hilling six ;imes, spraying ten times, fertilizing wice, and harvesting. Except for irst cultivation this was all done by jower. Demonstration Team Wins. During the last few weeks one of the girls of the farm department household has served on a 4-H demonstration team, and we have had an opportunity to watch the intensive hard work that goes Into making a success of it. • The demonstration had to do with the sleeves of a dress Des Moines, Special—Women ot __ Iowa will have a complete exposl- eratlonI" for "stomach "ulcers, "was im-1 tion of their own covering almost " every field ot feminine interest as | a feature of the 1931 Iowa State Fair which opens here, August 26 Ban-1 f 0 r eight days. At the request ot State Federa- Thursday that Mr. Hawks, then in a Rochester hospital, following an op- | eratlon for stomach ulcers, was improving, and was soon expected He had b'een gone three home. weeks. , Bert Qulnn, northwest of croft, was threshing 40 bushels an acre from early oats, 40 bushels from t j on of Women's Clubs, Women's late oats when we called last Thurs- Farm Bureaus and other leading day. We noticed a deep bed of old women , s organizations, the State oat hulls around the_ granary. Indi- B d h fl oyer t of eating that oats had been hulled for I ^^ bul , dinga on the , a , r h °PIorin Hellman. west of Bancroft, Bounds to be devoted to women* who owns 160 acres, threshed 39 features exclusively, bushels of oats to the acre from 60 One section of the exposition will acres. He also has saved 130 spring he given over to exhibits of inter- pigs from 24 Utters this season, and ior decorating, home economics, he thought they would average 40 home improvement, farm women'i to 50 pound to the head. Mr. and projects, child welfare, education Mrs. Hellman have been married 11 j an d art. Another phase will em- years. xtia, - t — — — — H. W. Braddock, west of Bancroft, FREE — BREAKER POINT FILE had considerable silo filling done before August 5. He was putting fodder on which there were few ears wlth set of 4 g p utdorf spark plugs Approved truck danger sig- AUHOV into the silo, but his corn on nals 89o; . employed to teach in the Cylinder consolidated schools. Firemen Buy Siren- Frank Huldeman was up an about last week-end, after bavin suffered severely two weeks with boil and abscess on one knee. Mrs Frank Huldeman, o£ Cresco township, is clerking at the Cummins variety store while Mr. and Mrs. Cummins are taking a vaca- Dn. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Potter spent Friday with their daughter, Mrs. Victor Applegate, near Corwith. Mrs D. D. Sparks was hostess to the Mothers and Daughters club last Thursday, 12 members and one tng -pattern to suit various types °f ^ere is a gravel pit near by, and rolet feminine pulchritude. The girls had There * £ S £ ^ ^ sandy _ at G ""'"" » " tion. 11* Pint* II UUV W-W oia*j«« i mob .*.»•»»-—•——rf i The volunteer firemen had a hose g ue st attending. There was no pro- J, lit? VW»-M •*«••*- _ . __ , , I . , ,. _i .., nn + Un« r»AnlTCt WPVft drill and a monthly meeting Friday | evening. It was voted to buy I siren. At present the means gram, :LEAN Thursday 1THY have your soiled laun- , V dry out of service in a tamper from Monday to Monty. It only means that you lave to maintain a larger 'ardrobe. We call for your ash on Monday and return : immaculately clean by Imrsday . , . sooner if lulred. 3 Different-Berrleei from which to choose. Phone 167 lira LAUNDRY: Opp. Courthouse. T *««•„. Is a small fire bell which Is .seldom heard by all the men. The firemen have made a house-to-house cansoss .to sell tickets for a dance, and the proceeds will be used to help pay for the siren. Father V 0 lt at Home Again— Walter William Veit, of St. Michael's parish, got home a week ago from a month's vacation, three weeks of which he. spent with two [brother^ and a sister at Welser Ida., and the other, week an auto tour to- the Grand Canyon in Aii- zona. Francis Elbcrts to Algona— Francis N. Elbert, formerly of the dray line, has moved to Algona, and now works for the county at road ng The family vacated the ireier Volk house here and rented a house in north Algona owned by a Mrs. Gpeders. Ball Game lost to Ledyard— 1B Mr'Van Hise took the ball nine o sla ,,.., but ihot-weather menus were discussed. It was decided to.skip a meeting scheduled for next week Thursday, so the next meeting Will take place September 3 at Mrs. Delia i,,*, ~. H. Crawfords, Mr. and Mrs. F, L. Miller, Mrs. Mae Miller Mrs. Alice Miller, Minneapolis, an< her daughter June were guests at the Crawford Bros, farm north o Whittemore Sunday, where a Craw ford family reunion was held, 32 at tending. In the afternoon Mrs. Ma Reaper's. The L. ltmu*iib> - 1 -" ••*•»- M. Miller and Mr. and Mrs. F. L Miller were guests at a Johnson family reunion at the W. B. Prat home, Burt, 33 attending. June Miller left Monday for he home at Minneapolis, after havin spent part of a two weeks vacatio s at her uncle F. L. Miller's. Sh feminine pulcnruuae. a.ne B "«» ••"" f the aa i o inlng Instructions from the home demon- aome of the adjoining stratlon agent and advice from their •, club leader, also criticism from a I college extension worker from Ames. They assembled ''• materials, wrote out the outline of the talk' they were to make, and typed sections to be spoken when the demonstration was in progress. They also made osters illustrating the subject, se- ured cloth, thread and tools to vork with, made up sections of the arment to be demonstrated, end lien worked early and late .at prac- tcing for the team work. They were up late and hard at »-ork the nigiht before their demon-1 itratlon, then rose early next morn- ng, drove to Bancroft, put ast-minute dress rehearsal, decided that everything was wrong with their demonstration and discussed seriously a scheme to plead sickness to avoid giving their demonstration, being sure, as one of| them said, that "it would be a flop. Well, in the end courage returned, the demonstration was put on, and they won first place! The girls, who •were Mary Gisch and Alice Payne, , sandy _ at Gamble . s . smaller, 39c. Oil proof s _Ford, set $1.39; Chev$1.95. Save on auto supplies You can actually save money by buying your harness from me now! I have reduced my harness ten per cent, and will give you 20c a bushel for your oats, for the next 30 days, on the purchase price of any style of harness I have in the shop. Oats to be delivered at elevator. F. H. SHACKELFORD The Old Reliable Harness Dealer, Algona stone' park soon. ___ New Schattsclmelder^randson- Mr and Mrs. August Schatt- ICTAL CLINIC [Ambulant Proctology, Qorrhoids (piles}) and *r forms of rectal trouble, Ion trouble, colitis, constl- ion. (•CONFINING, CON8EB- )IVE, PAINLESS, OFFICE TREATMENT dollars per call- Six to calls usually sufficient. RITE FOR BOOKLET •us infection, rheumatism, iritis treats* by special methods, BB, B, W, 8HULTZ 849-20, First National — la Marylln Ruth. on a finally •we will now get a chance to show their little act at the state fair, -if all goes well. ' Show Herds Depart. Four herds of cattle representative of the dairy breeds of Kossuth Farmers 9 Directory See Whittemore ff ""!-"~^'' too or four times. ^ - __ Other Whittemore. man on the local »"' colored Whittemore played a Three outstanding examples of the Great American Value Consider how much jj< <tr money buys in one ot these popular models THE COACH STANDARD 5-WINDOW COUPE .'545 SPORT ROADSTER ftt « ^Wfcu^eslae* April. ft aw lui/tiMTWi SaqSg* «*«£•* W L- 4Jso y*»|$texijM*s«IBpl$fe 1^ to Je the gro tto - . -Mra I „ A GREAT $$,000,000 exposition »t your door. ' See the autogiro flights, horse raoes, auto races, "World on Psi- rad«,"firework8,hippodroroe,bands, Chinese International Exhibition, NationalLivestock Show, Boys and Girls' 4-H Club Congress, Women'* Exposition—America's greatest agricultural and livestock fair. An outing ypu'll never forget. ittion SOcf Chttiren tfc « YOyp QOTWW NQV OV\A ^w«^ 7^5=r%s^«S"^S5^ !±?n±rr±^^r^±;^ S^«^~SS3S' quiet, economical smoothness. Drivers ot sixes oo o l,ere before you make a motor car investment, Study them from every viewpoint— style, per' •study Tneiu iruiu c»«^»j »»»,,.g~-— --,,-.-, » - i,t. formance, dependability and economy. You'll never want,less! be Tonvinced thai, your money buys more in a !„ addition, these six-cylinder Chevrolets provide Chevrolet. You'll understand why, month after a long wheel -ba.se, parallel-mounted springs, v»ui.Tiun< ,._,.__•_ . •!„„ „ i_«j!« a „„.! i.narr-allafl economv. Uwners e. month, Chevrolet has been leading in sales. Like all Chevrolet models, these cars are sixes. And you know, as well as engineers do, that multircyliuder design is standard practice among practically all cars today . • - - . Nothing less than si* cylinders gives the fine Twenty beautiful ^^ models, at prices $/m.^ ^S Cylinders given mv f»*»~ muueia, »•. fiit^f-a y engine-balance that pro- ranging from.,. duces a really'smooth M pric %ifdMv*r£i 'i"fc flow of power and cowi- a ong -., smart bodies and unexcelled economy- Owners write that Chevrolets definitely cost less to operate and maintain! Yet with all these quality features, Chevrolet* are ' .• ' offered at prices among •••••••••• •- • ' -^ •""' t h e very lowest for which motor cars are sold. No wonder that the Chevrolet Six is called the (?r«|t American Value, «,*675 tata'deitvervdpriiet ««<$ f»V <£**• ^- C.ttrau. '<1 "J NEW « HKVHOLET SIX > ^<tt See yanr dealer below KOHLHAAS BROS., DUtributort 0irag«» ™"— fc - «^«rl«* Avta fla- LOM'II«*^'W : r-i &$ Ah s *;Ut- ^v^ift. i t^*t!^rr\? feir^^.1^ (.^feli&syi

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