Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 13, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1931
Page 7
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VINOS PAPERS Printed Last Week tifttfMt elM«Utlo» by far In Ko«*«th, Volume 30 ALGONA, IOWA/ AUGUST 13, ,1931 DOM Drams Crowd oM-fLGtrfe -^^^^ - '"' '" ' ' ' ; ' ^ _.*.._.•.M« * A A I A* * MV IA ^•ME—^P*^" l ^^*^S2HSHI^^^^SsS^^^^^^^^^3il^S^s3^s^^^^^s^s^s^s^s^s^s^sBll t Ji „„ and Urookhart 1? POP- wicked railroads; "la pop- Bureau Bureau ditto -about Union, tho POP corn talr to pdp its the usual big crop. [popcorn though ihe , popcorn te not what , toPw » 8 . Bat I'm told bushel of popcorn to ftb ove what j bushel commands. DELEGATES ARE NAMED TO 60 TO STATE FAIR Swea Girl is Named County Health Champion. LEON WORDEN, LEDYARD, HURT AS BAT HITS HIM h« the smokes have h * *tngonload or whe- i m » .. a an fl almost Ledynrd, Aug. .11—Last week clay night, at a klttenball game, Leon Warden suffered a painful and serious accident. The north -and south sides of the town were playing, and the game was in the sixth Inning, with the score tied, 4-4. The south side was at bat. D. B. Mayer [•struck at the ball, missed, and the bat flew out of his hauds, hitting Leon and knocking him to the ground. He regained consciousness soon, and was taken to Doctor Sommers, Elmore. The bat had struck him near the mouth and cut a lip gash which it required 4-H Achievement day meeting at 1,5 studies to close. Two teeth were the Bancroft public schoolhouse last knocked clear out, and three others i r j j TT , -r> ,.„« or wore broken off. Leon has been week Wednesday. Hazel Boron, OL KOSSUTH FAIR IS 73 YEARS OLD In two years the county fair will be able to celebrate its diamond jubilee. This year's fair will be the 73rd since the society was organized The dates this year will be Septem ber 7-11, both Inclusive. The officers of the fair are: presl CAR RAMS WESLEY HOUSE ORIVERjmSES TURN Wesley, Aug. 11—The unlucky occupants o£ a "house by the side of the road" suffered a shook Monday morning at 9 o'clock, when a car from Bloomlngton, 111., left the paving at the curve just west of the Preston Chapln residence, plunget through the chicken yard and struck the house, moving the foundation and splintering the siding. Tho oc 6RADUATE ASSISTANT IS EMPLOYEDJYL M, MERRITT Donald Rohde, of Perry, started work as assistant to Coroner L. M. Merrltt Saturday at the latter's funeral home. He is a graduate of the Worsham school of embalming and has had experience at the Workman funeral home at Perry By Muriel Body. Two hundred 4-H club girls, leaders, and friends attended a county j clothing the annual inf?. i heal- He remembers nothing of dent, Julius Kunz, Wesley; vice president, Dr. W. T. Peters, Burt;, treasurer, H. L. Gllmore, Algona; secretary, P. P. Zerfass, Algona. The remaining directors are: J. A. Raney, Algona; Geo. D. Moulton, Ledyard; John Fraser, Algona. Department superintendents are: horses, mules, and ponies, P. H. Hargreav.es, Hobarton; cattle, E. R. Morrison, county agent; swine, Hugh Raney, Irvington township; sheep, Geo. W. Godfrey, Irvington OF pur: farmers do cgarets, so, they will trnde their, oats for other , more, importance of packages of aps co ; fOOd. o—o p YEAR THE Iowa farm. raised «,364,63i pounds After this had been of our 120,000,000 could have been our sacks, provided he ,0 cents. And thuBly Iowa lontrlbutes to many Indus- 1 For instance, 450,000,000 s would -be needed, tons of paper for the ['days and days used by the and pressman for. print- iho bags, thousands and • Ids of pounds of butter' fced from the . dairy, tons tons of salt, and thou- r upon thousands of cash Eers to hold the nickels. i tell 'em brother, the pop- annually grown In Iowa Is much to Iowa and the I after 450,000,000 sacks of had been consumed by lov- ftta cereal, think of the en 1 - mpended in sweeping up the land tho streets, gathering the the Alethean club, Union township, won first honors among demonstration teams. Their demonstration, Alteration of Sleeve Patterns, was interesting, Instructive, and snappy. Perhaps the greatest thrill of the day came when the county health winner was given out. Frances Kuohynka, of the Swea Spirit of Service club, was announced county champion 4-H health girl for 1931. Dorothy Christensen, of the Hard son Healthy Hutslers, and Helen Kent, of tho Wesley Willing Work ers, were near winners. Frances, who had a score of 99.5 per' cent, will represent Kossuth at the state fair. Ten Other Girls Compete. Competing club winners Introduced were; Frieda Paetz, Plum doctor's office. YOUTH BREAKS ARM IN THREE PLAGES; FALLS FROM TREE Union Twp., Aug. 11—Curtis, 10- year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ward, fractured both bones | in his left forearm near the wrist and also suffered the fracture of a bone in the same arm near the el township; poultry, C. H. Ostwinkle, Algona; grain, Fred Geigel and Rome Robinson, Irvington; vegetables, Merle Wellendorf, Algona; fruits, Robert Welter, Wesley; pantry stores, Mrs. H. B. Morgan and Mrs. J. T. Bohannon, .Algona. Domestic, Mrs. Neal Smith, Algona; fancy work, Mrs. W. J. Weisbrod, Fenton, Mrs. E. W. X,usby, Algona; art, Mrs. Fred Geigel; plants and flowers, Mrs. W. A. Diitton; educational, County Supt. Shirley; dairy, M. P. Christiansen, Algona; cupants of the car were Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Bush, and they had been spending a month at the Okobojls Mrs. Bush, who was ' driving, sul fered cuts on a hand and her 11] and the skin on her chest was torfl. Mr. Bush was only slightly injured. The couple took rooms at a local restaurant. FOUR INJURED WHEN WHEEL COMES OFF| CAR IS DITCHED Four persons suffered cuts and his home town. The Merritt fun eral home Is now one of the few in this part of the state employing a trained assistant. Mr. Merrltt re _ cently had the home repainted, J UWllLly IltHl fci»%» -»*vr»«— »- • I ^— which greatly improved Its appear- g ance. ADVANCE WANT-ADS (JET BEST Creek; Bertha Hofbauer, German; j son, Bernadell Ristau, Zlelskl, Ledyard; LU Verne; Irene Kathryn Deim, bow and dislocated, the elbow last week Wednesday. With his brothers Don and Kendall, the sister Doro- nnd a playmate Stuart Thomp- iO was at play among willow on the Ward farm.. At the of the accident Stuart and rees time EUIHI HIl/ u" — 1 •=* I sacks, and so forth. In hie time the' fanner puts the seed into the ground and ,, rf a slimmer pops the, stalks ihe outdoors, and the popcorn ie,l and popped, tho Industry rtant to Iowa. r CORN IS DOWN in price, [with other things which the But he gets „,„.,„» ^ » iw compared the grains which are battled and bulls in Perhaps the Union; Leona Borchardt, Fenton; Gladys Blerstedt, Burt; Viola Rike, 'Buffalo; Lillian Godfrensen, Portland; and Blondina Erpelding, Irvington. , Lorena and Alice Dreyer, of the Fenton Forwards club, placed first in. judging teams. The girls judged shoes, club uniforms, slips, and af ternoon dresses. Cordelia Ristau, o tho Lu Verne Loyal Workers, was high-scoring individual. 'gtylo Show is Held. The following girls modeled in farmer grows. money for it •'dally by bears financial alleys. will come when the popcorn .be big enough to ..demand the ftlon of Wall street, and when Harrison the wool the farmer may let and' bulls fight it out, the and .ill get what price ' is thus [sd, big or little, but . mostly But until that, happens, let's elittle the mighty pop of the lirn and the.. cor.npopper. . ,_J STATE AUDITOR re- j ports that the,,cost to Iowa. |tlie 4<Hh general .assembly i $275,000, Not such a sum to at, is it? That much would buy scads of scads of lodgings, scads | jitneys, and it we could cut B expense out entirely 'twould Hp shave our takes,. And k's something. But we must (ve laws, as well as scofflows id mothcr-in-laws. And that tousaml bucks we pay to hardwiring legislators every two | »rs perhaps saves many a politician from utter star- Itlon. . ' JiE 44TH FRAY enacted some- |g better than 400 laws, of var- 1 import. Some of them were ler expensive to Iowa when you |re that each law- cost ,the $687.50. And that doesn't 'in- j the cost of printing the laws .he cost of compiling them into *>• . C ' o—o ALMOST SEVEN HUNDRED L slmoleons for a law which Jermits CounoirBluffs to PUiW I municipal hall out of Ha water lepartment funds, seems ,plenty 1 priced, especially, fo,those ua who already h'ave city J-'lHJ AUllu »» »««ci o-the style show: Rae Koestler, Helen Hagge, Anna Abbas, June Larson, Dorothy Christensen, Helen Paetz, Phydelis Peterson, Virginia Frank, Darlene. Stott, Mary Gisch. Cora Mae Masterson, and Helen Kent. Two placings. were made in each division and first, second, and third over all were also placed. Dorothy Christensen, township, won first In dress division. She wore a clevei navv blue dress with a dash of red, also a smart tarn of the same material. With this costume she wore trim brown oxfords. Helen.Paete of Plum Creek, in a brown suit with accessories in tan and brown placed second. Wins on School Dress. In the school dress division June Larson, of Swea, placed first. Her dress wot chic, with a clever collar edired with bias tape of •harmoniz- inf colors Darlene Stott, of Portland^ modeled a trim green cotton dress, and placed second. ' Helen Kent, Wesley, *aa given first in the semi-tailored class She modeled a lavender cotton dres, made with a short jacket, and with it wore white shoes and a Jaunty white tarn. She carried a white Curtis had climbed 14 feet into a tree, v and a limb on which Curtis was standing snapped, with the result that he fell to the ground. The fractures were reduced at the Kossuth hospital. Home from Tour in East— Mrs. Sadie Schenck, and (her daughters Maud' and Lois recently returned from a four weeks auto trip in the east. They visited relatives at Grove City, I?a., where a cousin joined them and the party then Visited 'Boston, Washington, D C., New York City, Atlantic City, and other points. The Schencks passed through Akron, Ohio, en route and saw the Akron, the big Zeppelin now under construction by the Goodyear Rubber company. They had read with much interest the late George H. Free's apt de- 1 bcription of a similar trip. School to Open August 31— The Dist.' No. 4 school, with Ger-1 •trude Sage as teacher, will open August 31. There will be school thut week and the following Monday but it will close for the remain- der'of that week so the pupils may attend the county fair. For the past several years this school 'had not opened till after, the fair but junior department, Muriel Body and Mrs. Violet Benschoter; child welfare, Mrs. L. M. Merritt, Algona. Earl Vincent, as usual, is superintendent of speed, and Doctor Peters is superintendent of gates. LEDYARD CATHOLICS PLAN FALL FEST NEXT TUESDAY Ledyard, Aug. 11 — Next week Tuesday the Sacred Heart church will 'hold its fall festival, At 2:45 p. m. the Bancroft Lions and the North Kossuth nine will play baseball. From 6:30 to 7 a chicken din bruises Sunday evening, when a 'Ford sedan lost .a wheel at a poin three miles south of Sexton and crashed into a. rock in the ditch Mrs. R. A. Clark suffered a wrench ed back and other injuries, Mrs Charles Reaper, daughter of Mrs Clark, suffered .bruises,, and Mrs H. H. Barger, Cedar Falls, sufferet cuts. Mrs. H. R. Clark, daughte of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Freeh an daughter-in-law of Mrs. Clark, escaped without injury, as did her son Jack also. Bernita, daughter of Mrs. Barger, escaped, with minor bruises. The car, owned by Clarks, was Ixidly damaged. the Xii Verne Tanner Dies. I.m Verne, Aug. Ill — The death of Joseph Melavln t«ok Place at the .home of his daughter, Mrs. Elmer Gronbach, west of Lu Verne, lost week Wednesday, caused by a paralytic stroke.. He was sudvived by eight children, two brothers, and three 'sisters. Funeral services were held Saturday morning at the Catholic church, Livermore, Father Costello in charge. $5 Fine Assessed. ner will be served in the churcli JlCl VYi*l M\j ijw* • wu. -- -. basement. At seven the band will give an hour's concert. In the evening there will V>a games and other entertainment. .' - TWO WEEKS EXCURSION to Chicago Saturday, August 15 DULY $16.19 ROUND TRIP From Algona This Is your chance for an Inexpensive vacation In Chicago— the Wonder City—wHIi Its many attractions. Baseball Games, Theatres, etc. These first-class round trip excursion tickets will be good on trains leaving Saturday, August 15, and will lie honored In sleeping and parlor cars on payment of usual charge for space occupied. Good returning on all trains scheduled to reach original starting point by midnight of August 81, 1931. Children Half Fare > Baggage Checked \rorn The Other Fellou} A Collision Insurance Policy with the National Citizens Mutuals Insurance Company will cover your losses. It too. often happens the other fellow hasi no insurance—or no money—or {eels that the accident was not his fault. Without; collision insurance, you'd have to go to court to collect, which might be more expensive than the damages to your car. The safest way is National Citizens Mutuals collision insurance. It covers everything and protects you like a blanket. COLLISION INSURANCE •f«it in ywr pUin this t* wltadlnct. $5 Fine Assessed. information and tick• Dwight parsons was fined $o and i ^ A t ,^= ir, TiiHtlee Danson's court last c '»/ costs in justice Danson's court last Eli Burbank. Chicago & North Wester* By NATIONAL CITIZENS MUTUALS NATIONAL IMPLEMENT MUTUAL CITlOMS.FOlUt *•?•*** Owatonhtt, Minn. «•» "•"•• LA. BARRE & FALKENHAINER THE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCT First door north of Iowa State Bank Kmamm READ THE ADVANCE WANT ADS BUY THEPONT1AC fOR LITTU MORE THAN THE LOWEST PRICED CARS AND YOU'LL GET . . . striking yellow lavender of Ledyard ouaint gge, o in a. Pale lavender and OJJUU^U U"l u^.-"* —-'- . , -I fair is later this year, and the school year must close May 27, 1932, which is Rural Schools day in this town- j ship. .. Schencks in .Family Picnic The A. B. Schencks and Gertrude ] Sage, of Burt, picnicked- Sunday at the Mineopa state: P*rk, near Mankato, With Mrs. Sadie Schenck,] Minneapolis, and -her aaughtera, Maud and Mildred. From there A. B. Sftienok went .to Rochester for examination in the Mayo clinic. Other Union News. v The rain Saturday was most welcome. A change in temperature fol- com GO TO YOUR NEAREST DEALER AND ASK FOR A DEMONSTRATIOH Algona Motor Sales S. H. KLA33IE, Prop. ALGONA, IOWA Renwiek Auto Co. Renwick, Iowa HE HAS MUCH TO SHOW YOU Girl is First. Dorothy'Christensen, of Harrison, lowed, with a cool Sunday cooler Monday. and. a CARBON COPY BALES BOOKS in blank kept in stock.-Advance. Toe Itch Athlete^ Peel «nd Hand M* GAIN, WE f867.50 for , . • privilege of having ««r |uced. The fanner, being heavily burdened from <12 are- president, Cora Mae ^ ^^lecond Places- were disease toes and M r «, skin, M^teYa"* Rlngworro. Trench Foot or cause desiffneq. ipr *i"a v "._,._. the * V «v** » uy f V* WM«-M W • —••-» standpoint, will 'ai»pre«»ate the tion which lowered (?) W» at the rate ol $687.50 P<* 1»W' With corn*at 4»« |)»r bushel y he'd have tg dig up A d bushels of corn, and ' at J5c per brnliel h»'4 »» in 1,783 bushels, in prd«r the cost pf ota» dinky say nothing of the ton» e to bring In the 8,793 >ks like the armer H u First and *» s like the farmer "expense rnqney" too, ^ ~ to L •. QjtrP -.' ^ ' * { PPBARS TO MB Ufce we'll either " have to get more Jor ow c 0 " 1 oats, or else/ W". have to cut n on the majiufftlrture of )awe, have over 4Q5 new Jaws ev*ry years at a CQ.B^ pf 'almost ?ey Hred buck? pen law W 8< $ we're rather eating on 9b «n when we only- jiave P . I AM IN RBCgnpf Of the fe lest Iowa OfttoJ^* Register wWo l«natlon with . ,e YELLOW PENCIL with MM i BAND Jwur. Swn.g', 60-horsepower motor Force feed lubrication Matched electroplated pistons Crow-flow radiator Rubber-cushioned at 43 points Long wheelbase Bodies by Fisher thoroughly insulated 4 shock absorbers Adjustable driver's teat W windshield Foot-controlled headlight. Fender indicator lights* The only way drive it Genuine mohair ov « cord upholsttcjr 3-spolce steering «Ai One-piece fendta* Narrow windssiicU | Tailored spbabap* Chrome $50 to $»••- PUHFOSE Fajuilies living In Algona and yl- cinity can secure any amount «P to Ijio on furniture, automoWles, or uve stock. W is eaey to WW foan through this company my to pay *><«*. Jw* on * "^Sf rtJrtS? Payment Plan wSS raOWOW. ¥QP siplc or unemployed- «J and School * • . I easy to handle, «n*t it <;ojit« very 6 TWO FINE CAR OAKLAND 8 PONTIA^ o-.ww <• — ! RE M.K.NG NIW FRIENDS AND KESP.NO 1 H I O, ? flcOB Bfcdaral

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