Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 13, 1931 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1931
Page 5
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jr-V^W KQBfltJTH COTJNtY ADVANCE. AtOQNA, IOWA *~ dfa . H , W fl(s "»fck .lost I Mr. and Mrs. Leo Seefeld, Dexter, "" Mlhn " and thelr dauht er Iree felled on J- Minn., and their daughter Irene spent tho week-end with ' Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Klrsch and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Helgens. Mrs. Seefeld and Mrs. Klrsch are daughters of Mr. Helgens, Gusta Winkle went to Minnea- silver p 0 ii s ] a8t we ek to visit Mrs. J. L. 'ffather Meyers. ~ Cronholm, known to many here. A -Worsters are spending she will a i so spend.some time with with Mrs< Worsters the Charles Winkles at Royalton, i F. S- ** orton > at *• Minn,, and will be away from home Keileher; . Sullivan Mon spent Mon i "'.Vnv Hanna, m " f with Mr.^ ana Mrs. HlS-Bcnner, Mrs, Hattle K Sthe 1latter'* daughter Z spent Sunday at Fort fltn. M .raday I been sm° e home month. Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Sheehan have moved from the. lower apartment of what Is known as the Beane house on east Call street to ah apart- Iment In the Mitchell residence on south Minnesota. Mr. • sheehan sells insurance. 'Daniel Kelloy, Bmmetsburg, hln daughter Mary, and his brother, J, . Saturday with the Wade Sulllvans. ii.,.. »nmn Daniel is Mrs. Sullivan's father, j. T^SsS'atTe * *-£•*!?„ 1° C °"S« F brother- J. 11 who burg, her daughters Kathleen and Dorothy, and the former's niece, Mary Dudgeon, Glen Ellyn, N. D., visited the Mrs. Nellie McMahons nnd the S. B. McMahon's last Thursday. Mrs. Robert McMahon's husband Is a nephew of S. E. Mrs. Jos. White, Manilla, and her children, Lavonne, Maurice, and Joan, will go home Saturday, after two weeks with Mrs. White's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Norman. Mr. White, a former U. D. M.-R. foreman who publishes the Manilla Times, will drive to Algona Saturday to get his family. Anna BUSH, who Is taking a two weeks vacation from her duties at the Kossuth County State bank, wll' resume work Monday. She return ed Friday from a few days with relatives at Sheldon, and yesterday went to Charles City to visit other relatives till tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Seward, Chicago, arrived Saturday morning to visit old Algona friends. They were guests of Mr, and Mrs. Walter Lorenz. Mr. Seward returned to the city Sunday night, but Mrs Seward, remembered as Lorraine Crammond, remained for a longer visit. Mr. and Mrs. Omar Read, Ottawa, Kas., and their son O. H. arrived Mondav for a few weeks with their daughter, Mrs. Harry Wilson. Mr. Sioux Clty ( Gladys Steele, Port Arthur, Tex., and Dwight- Steele, XJr- bana, 111.; went to Sioux City yesterday, after a visit since Friday with the D. R. Steeles. Mrs. Pecaut and Gladys are sisters of D. R., and Dwight is a brother. Dwight attends the-university of Illinois. Mrs. F. L. Trlbon will leave next Monday with her three grandsons, . Richard, Robert, and Thomas Bleak- and the daughter ley, for Great Falls, Mont., Monday, malned for the where the boys will make their home Walkers, also of with their father, who is civil engineer tor a gas company. Mrs. Tribon will remain a month or two. Mr. Bleakley will have a housekeeper. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fraser are expected today or tomorrow from Yeadon, Pa., suburb of Philadelphia. They are driving and will visit Scott's parents, Dr. and Mrs. Walter Fraser. Their little daughter Margaret Alma is coming With them. Scott Is teacher of English and mathematics in the Philadelphia schools. Mr. and Mrs F. J. Mann and Mr. and Mrs. Verle Vincent will leave tomorrow In the Mann car for their California homes, after two weeks with Kossuth relatives. Mr and Mrs. Mann live at Pasadena Mr. and Mrs. Vincent at Beverly Ing. He Is the son of the late Rev. and, Mrs. Bennett Mitchell and a brother of D. J. Mitchell, Algona, the Rev. C. B. Mitchell, Armstrong, Joseph Mitchell,- Stanley, N. D., and Mrs. Fannie Van BUskirk, Stockton, Mo. The Rev. C. B. Mitchell went to see him. The Arnold Roupes, of Alexander, spent Sunday with the C. B. Roupes, and the daughter, Dorothy Jean, re- week. The Carl Alexander, spent y n< employed at', the-A. Minn., .spent the week-end with the ,h'o£owaph StUdlO, Is -R. E. Kalns, with whom she mode vacation, which she her. home last year while she taught «i me school at tho city hall. Sho"will'at>' B ? 99 «on of C. H. Blair, tend the state teachers college at lair, «i Hu " . - „„ r>or1n>- TPo'la tVila vonr 'OK the subject of an op- <-eciar * a is tnis year. ndleltls at"the KOB- 'Mrs. Frank Wieskamp Sr. • was rqaturday pleasantly surprised last'.week P tmasterOton RaneV Wednesday night, when .neighbors 7 Jl°Jat Amea, attending dropped in to help her observe a Ltlnir'of the Iowa birthday anniversary. Five.- Hun- m supervisors. dred was played, after which.ure- ' B the I freshments were'served. • ;•• ; i week Olive Llnkswiler, Winnebago, Sunday with Mrs. Walker's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Miner, and Mrs. Walker and baby remained, Mr. Walker going home Sunday night. Messrs. Roupe and Walker have a grocery store at Alexander, a small own near Hampton. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dutton, with lielr guosts, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wild, Toledo, and their daughter Donna Jean, attended a reunion of Mrs. Dutton's family at her brother -lenry Frambach's, east of Whltte- more, Friday. Mrs, Wild is a sis- or of Mrs. Dutton. The Wilds went home Saturday, after a visit since last week Tuesday. Mrs. Wild s matron at the Tama county farm and Mr. Wild is employed there. Eva Peterson has been spending &, few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Peterson. For a year or several weeks with Neb., arrived last week Wednesday W MW"A E Michel. for a visit till tomorrow with.. Fran- 11 vC V Hutee drove to ces Zender. The girls attended ^yesterday -to bring home Mount St. Mary's, Cherokee;'tilLlost who had been visiting year, when Frances enrolled •, <Jn -.a - - school at Winona, Minn. : -. • r.u.< • K. Mr. and Mrs. orvllle Burrte :and , Mrs. Carrie Yule. T I* Bonar, Mrs. A. Mrs L. C. Nugent spent Wednesday at 'Spirit Lake, of Mrs. P. J. Christensen. ind Mrs. Dennis Ooeders got rlday morning from a. buy• to Chicago. They went to preceding Saturday »and Torkel Hi", Story City, week-end with friends •nu the former played with lona Grays against Bancroft JBtnll-Mathes, Anaheim, Calif- rat .Corwith Friday to spend J months, with her son, Dr. Istull, and with old Algona i j. Morrison, Chicago, ar Saturday for ten days with Jar, Mrs. F. D. Williams: He [he employ of an insurance py. . '..'•' ' , irterly meeting atu.the-- local 1st church was conducted y evening by Dr. .W- H. Reports from organizations Bven. ' .'• .' ' , tend guests of the Frank imps Sr. were the John Wies: Brltt, and Marie, Francis, a son visited the A. L,. Longs, last week, arriving Wednesday 1 and leav ing Saturday. They had been to the west coast and were en. r.oute. to their home at Strasburg, 'Pa The son, Marvin, is a teacher. and Mrs. R. A. Bibb, Ottumwa, and two daughters are expected today.- Mr. Wilson travels for the Western Grocery company, Des Moines. Mrs. Glen Antrln, Mr. and Mrs. Jos.. Bymon, and three children, Pontlac, 111., came Sunday for a veek with Mrs. Antrln and Mrs. Eymon's sister, Mrs. Walter Barr, of South Cresco. Frank Weber, Irv- ngton, father of Mrs. Barr, was a Sunday guest of the Barrs. Alex Nielsen and his crew of >alnters, with their families, spent Sunday picnicking at Arnold's Park, the Okobojls. In attendance besides the Nielsens were the Karl Willa- sons, the Bert Muckeys, the Thos. Lees, the Albert Haags, the George Steinmetzes, and "Bud" Aman. Mrs. T. C. Sherman and her daughter Dorothy, the latter of New York Friday from Lake Mills, Wls., where they had spent three weeks \\*h a sister of Mrs. LaBarre. Mr. LaBarre went to Lake Mills last week Monday. En route home the LaBarres stopped at Janesville, Wls., to visit the Dr. E. C. Hartmans, and they brought Joyce Hartman here to visit Mr. and Mrs. A. Hutchison. Doctor and Mrs. Hartman will drive to- Algona some- lime late this month. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Helse entertained their immediate families at dinner Sunday. Guests were the son, A. B. Helse, Lamar, Colo., and his family, who arrived last week Tuesday and will spend another week here; the daughter, Mrs. B, A. See'.ey, Fort Benton, Ga., and a daughter of the latter, who arrived Sunday and will leave for home Saturday or Sunday; the son, R. W Helse, Emmetsburg, and. his fam ilv; Dr. F. W. Logan, Blue Earth son-in-law; and Dr. and Mrs. Asaph Arent, Humboldt, their son Asapl and daughter Lillian. Mrs. Aren pleased 'during''the last few days renew acquaintanceship with Mrs. Zoe Leckey, of Miles City, Mont. Mrs. Lickey's husband now leceased, was once Jeweler here for Druggist R. H. Miller, wh'tt later sold his store to A. H. Borchardt and now lives In Ca'lfornla. Burt people remember 'Mrs. Leckey as Zoe Mlllis, daughter if Mr. and Mrs. Mlna Mill's. She has a sister who is the wife of C. R. Golly, former Humboldt schools superintendent now stationed at Peoria, 111., as New York Life manager. The Gollys have been here also, and there was a reunion of the Leckeys, Gollys, and relatives at the Pratt home at Burt Sunday. Among persons at- tending'the reunion was A. B. John son, known as Gus, uncle of the Mesdames L r ckey and Golly. 2 Big Dances COLISEUM. TITOTfKA FB1HAV AND SATUM-A* . AUtttlSI" 14*15 KTJRS IIENEGAH'S B.EO OltniWG ORCHESTRA COMING—Next week Friday hight» Ell Rice and His Dixie Cottofi Pickers. t Cleaned-Pressed- fik Repaired A Mk Ueaners and T«fl«W Phone 1180 mon Wieskamp, and a Mr. , of Nichols. trd Schmltz, Storm Lake, fast Thursday for . several Hth the S. E: McMahbhs. He fiding summer school at the ollege, Ames. . ..,' ,. ,« jMcIntyrei Chicago, came kv for a week with' the Jos. 1* . . ,- •,..•. '^ 4-t-.n Mrs. Isabelle Meiggs is taking a two weeks vacation from .'her duties at the Goeders store, where,she has charge of ready-to-wear. She 1 spending the vocation at home Sigrid Strom, another employe o the store, Is also on vacation. Alice Mahoney returned Sunda from a visit with her cousin, Mrs Alfred Faulkner, Chicago. Mrs. Faulkner, who was Margaret Ferrl- ,Tan, came with Miss Mahoney to visit the John Mahoneys and -her mother, Mrs. Dora Ferrigan. Ethel Morrison, who operates the Beauty Shop over the Hub billiard parlors, Is expected to resume her duties sometime this week, after two weeks at home. Her operator, Phyl- ida Sonnerholm.-has been in charge of the shop during her absence. lola Lehman, Des Moines, is spending ' two weeks with her parr ents, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. 'Lehman, Hobarton. She is stenographer for the Cutler plumbing company, Des Moines. Lola and her mother will make visits at points in Illinois. John .McShane, .Des Moines, came lost Thursday to visit his uncle and aunt, Manager and Mrs. C. N. Frane, of the Algona hotel, .till .yesterday. Mrs. Frane accompani,ed LCI iJ\Jl ULiiy t LUC *u,ibwi «». *.^*rf«» j,w»«» tilty, : R-bfhome Tuesday from a visit since Friday at Dr. and Mrs. R. R. Kennedy's, Minneapolis. Mrs. Sherman is Mrs. Kennedy's sister. Mrs. Sherman, Dorothy, and 'the"'Kennedys' made a trip to Duluth. . Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Dersham, Eldora, spent a few hours in Algona Sunday. Mr. Dersham, who was Ad- foreman eight years before and during the World war, has for some years been foreman in a newspaper shop at Eldora. The Dershams called on numerous friends here. . Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Hanson, Council Bluffs, came Tuesday for a visit till Sunday with the latter's mother Mrs. Robert Carney, and other relatives. Mrs. Hansen's sister, Mrs Harold Lampright, and the latter's husband drove to Fort Dodge Tuesday night and brought them to Algona. The Milwaukee railroad has o late been ' running a cold storag meat train from Sioux Falls to Ch: cago. It goes through Algona an Hills. The Manns owrate a theotT at Pasadena, and Mr. Vincent Is employed in a bank. Ardith Ryan and Mary Flannery both of Evanston, 111., went home early this week, after a visit since a week ago Monday with the for mer's sister, Mrs. F. D. Mathes Both arc registered nurses and ar employed in an Evanston' toospita Ardith Is well known here, as sh once attended the local high schoo and made her home with her si ter. William Nugent, Chicago, Is expected tomorrow for a two weeks vacation from his duties at a veterans' bureau In Chicago. Mrs. Nugent and the two sons have been with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Dlngley, since July 1, and they will go home with Mr. Nugent late this month. William is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Nugent. Norman Johnson, Denver, Colo., vho had visited .his .sister, Mrs. W. . . . . so she had been located at Charlotte, N. C., where she was in the employ of the receiver of a closed national bank. Charlotte is a city, of .about 85,000 Inhabitants, and Miss Peterson was pleased with the country and the climate. Recently she secured employment under a receiver at Rockford, 111., where she Is now stationed. She returned to Rockford Tuesday night. Mrs. C. R. LaBarre and her chil dren, Bobby, Eleanor, and Betty Jane came home with Mr, LaBarre is the eldest daughter of Mr. arid Mrs. Helse. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shilts, cumseh, Neb., with a son and daughter Joan, went home Friday after a week at the C. R. Shilts lome. They farmed west of town' before going to Nebraska. Charles Is now in the plumbing business. Joan was graduated from high school last spring, and the son Is a traveling salesma'h.'• En route home they stopped at Perry to see Fred Shilts, who has charge of the shoe department In a Montgomery-Ward store there. Other guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Shilts last week were George M. Walters, Milford, his daughter, Spirit Lake, and the latter's two daughters. Old Algtma friends have been GENERAL TIRES A better tire that will not blow out under any speed. Our price compares well with other makes of Urea. JOE GREENBERG She was a sister of the _.. Misbach a^ > a teacher I Chicago schools.' [Ward, In charge of ready-to- II the Chriatensen store, re- her duties Monday, morn T two weeks spent at her . Camerrm. Mo. L ; ; . _: ' Ity Attorney and Mrs^ G. with their baby '• ' son | spent Saturday' and Sunday jherland, home of G. P.'B I, Mrs. D. F. Shumway.; ..... IRev, P. J. Braner, accompan- Ihis family, left Sunday ,eyen- i Hamptqn^to consult doctors •Lutheran hospital. They were 1 visit relatives it Hubbard. land Mrs. F, H^Seiler went to |ter, Minn., Sunday, to attend Ion of public school students. Her attended school" there 40 jso. They returned Tuesday. JP. V. Janse, H. N. Kruse, Dr. fAndrews, G, W. Stillman, and •Jnnan spent last Thursday at folnes, where they watched m, world tennis king, play. .. Shilts came home over from the C, M. T, Crat Fort joinea. He "hiked" to Algona, it back Sunday the aame ils is his second year at the Goeders, Lloyd YTellendorf kuner, Torkel Hill, an* Harold fiKht spent Sunday' at Kapl I Minnesota, fishing. They I a few fish, but in general fas against them. I Anna Paulsen, Chicago, - lughter Frances arrived Sun V a week with Mrs. BO; iell, The women were-achopl I at .Chicago. Mrs. Pautaen * fcer Clear Lake girt, land Mrs. w E. Laird, their per Betty, and Ma'rffaret Ann Jpley returned Monday frpm •Lake where they had been I last Thursday, at the Laird » on Algona Beach, • . . John Karl, Beaver Daw, flier daughter Mabel, .son Clar~~d Prank Caaparl went hom« „, after a week with -Mrs, J Brother, William, Aman, and [Mrs. Charles Gilbrlde. Otto Palkenjiainep accpnj- J Mr. Falkenhajner |6 Minne- ITuesday to spend the week pr mother ahc| a son, Mr. fchalner still tr^yeli" for the, t Furnace company, Peoria, 111, Susie EJngler, wjwj Is epen4- summer at Fairmont, was Bast Thursday/ Mr% E)ng>er ^M. M. j, 'QyiJnn hays charge i wnlng room ^nj kitchen ""-nont Country club -' |%fd Mrs. My I* Went the ,.^ ^ toT W* parents, and pprptby accompanls4 &pm W. Hpwar4 ia " for % him home to visit her .mother and other relatives till next Monday. Mary IPlummer, former Algona high school teacher, left, yesterday after a visit'since Friday with Mrs. A E. Kresensky. She teaches at Mollne, 111., and left here with Kate Skinner for Ames, where her mother lives. She will return to Moline this fa Mr and Mrs. Lyle Matties, ,Fort Dodge, and their sons, Herbert and Richard spent Sunday-with^Lyle> parents, Mr. and Mrs. H..N;3'~ "" and his wife's mother, Mrs. French. Lyle Is employee' Montgomery-Ward store.tr Dodge. •• •» Mr/and Mrs. F. J. Mapn 5 dena, Calif., here for tW,Q-'.;: S. aena, a., . spent Saturday and Sunday at their cottage on Hay ward's bay, the Oko- bojls Mr. and Mrs. B hour after the evening Sioux and ar rives in Chicago the following day at noon. It picks up cars at Canton S. D.; Sheldon, and Mason City i this territory. Mrs, O. Lorenz who has been sick during the last few weeks, suffered another gallstones attack Sunday, and lias since been confined to bed. Mrs. E. C. Green is caring for her. Her daughter, Mrs. Myron Hill, Fort }odge, with Mr. Hill and the son Darrell, spent Sunday here and are expected back today. Adah Carlson, city clerk, her sisters Alma and Ellen, their, mother, and the latter's brother,- Charles Olson, are expected home ' today from a vacation at Forest Lake, Minn., since last week Tuesday. Mrs. Carlson's-son,,.W. E. Carlson, -of Swea.Clty, his. wife, and daughter Jane were with the party. : Mrs. C. F. Lathrop, Meredith Lathrop, and Julius Johnson, of Hum boldt, and the latter's grandson spent Tuesday at Springfield, Minn, with B. F. Grose, who is in a hospital there recovering from injuries sustained in an automobile acci .Becker, and. liitf-'parents,: MIJ, Mrs. Jacob Johnson, Wesley, went o Ames last Thursday for a few lays with another sister before gong home. He is office manager for a, bonding company. He was once employed in the H. C. Adams of flees here, and later worked for C. . LaBarre. • ' Judge and Mrs. J. M. Grimm, Cedar Rapids, who are summering al Clear Lake, were Sunday guests ol the F. W. Dingleys. Judge Grimm is one of the newer members of the state supreme court. The Advance spoke of him recently as" former head of the Cedar Rapids law firm with which Donald Hutchison is associated, but the reference should have been to Tyrrel Ingei-soll. As forecast last week, Mrs. Francis -P. Wernli, Hazen,,N. D., had a leg amputated Friday at a Bismarck hospital. She was afflicted with diabetes, and It is assumed here that gangrene made the amputation necessary. She is a for- . mer Burt girl, the daughter o£ the late Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kriethe and the- sister of Paul Kriethe, Burt, and Mrs. Al Staehle, Mitchell, S. D. Frank Mitchell,.. Pierre, S. D., law yer was recently operated on and for a time was In serious .condition, but is now reported recover- HAVE IT DONE AT HOME. Send your cleaning to the Elk. Twenty- lour hour service. Prompt delivery. Prices the lowest In history. U47-48 F. Sore^en and Mrs. H. W . "««*«*•' "ft and Mrs. A. D. Adams were, hpir guests. . . ... .. T - /' Mr and Mrs. R. C. Larson spent Sunday at Mankato, where they plc| nicked with relatives from MinneapT oils. Mr. Larson travels for _the Loose-Wiles Biscuit compomE^Mta* neapolls. The Larsons ocoupy-~the Tower apartment of the halner residence. John Davidson, his brother arrived Tuesday a lew days of -Mrs, rrant Sample. The at Rlver!Fo P r ? st,-Uurb of Chjcago and John, who attends ,-schflol, is. tports editor of River Forlst Leaves dent' last June. He will be at Spring field for several weeks more. WHITEWASHING AND SILO FACING I will pay for telephone calls In the County, KENNETH 1AB80N Phone 91 T |tonka MBS. TBIBON'S FURNITURE SALE I will sell the late Nellie Taylor's household goods on Saturday . ust 15, Sousl ' 109 Oak street, the. of the E, J. MWtash. res ; "There will be a number of Excursion —TO- AUGUST 81-8 W.'.' Blanket Club A «niall deposit will hold the blanket you select 90c to $9*95 » '*$®ij$^' Announcing a Complete Building Service For Algona and Vicinity We help you with your plans, furnish the highest grade building materials, erect the building complete, and provide an Easy Payment Financing Service. We Erect, Modernize, or Repair Any Kind of Building Our service has now been extended so that it includes an expert construction crew, fully equipped to erect your building at the lowest possible cost, and in the shortest time. We select the best workmen, and guarantee satisfactory results on every job, regardless of its size. We Help You Finance Your Building Project Not only do we relieve you of all details in connection with any building . which you may wish to erect, but we provide a Financing Service which enables you to pay for it with Easy Monthly Payments, Lowest rates. No red tape. We conduct all negotiations in connection with the loan. Should the borrower die or become permanently disabled before it is paid in full, the balance is automatically cancelled so far as his family is concerned. In case of sickness of more than v 15 days' duration, monthly payments are kept up for him for a period not to exceed twelve months. \ Building Experts Help You With Your Plans .1 It does not make any difference what kind of a building you may have in mind, you will find our Complete Architectural Ser. vice valuable to ypu in helping you to get exactly ^hat you want, We tell you in advance just how much the building or repairs wW cost. You see exactly what you are going to get. The Lowest Possible Prices, Consistent With Quality We buy building materials in trainload lots, whi<?h gives you the benefit of the\loweBt prices obtainable for quality materials. We ; make the unqualified statement that our price for the complete building saves you , money, and we prove it. See the Material You Are Go, ing to Get Before You Buy It. We carry in stock here at Algona, the materials that.we use in constructing your buildings. We are proud of them, because we know you cannot get better goods at lower prices. Come in and let us show you the kind of materials we furnish. We Handle Every Detail in Connection With Your Building Project. ' Why worry abovit the thousand and one <Je- taite you encounter when you buy a build* ing piece-meal? Our facilities for handling the job enables us to saye you time, worry and money, by assuming all sibilities in connection > with the You Jmve but one firm tp deal wilBj.,,_ is yguT positive assurance of complete r iBfactipn. Our Prices Tell the Story Made Possible When-You Buy * ' f * \* *" •x^. '^IH &-/i*,}*e$£

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