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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 7

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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10 2 0. THE PITTSBURGH GAZETTE TIMES, WEDNESDAY, MARCH WRAITH OF SLAIN MAN WISHED HIM FREEDOM NEGRO PRISONER SA YS RATE INCREASE ASKED BY PENNSYLVANIA ROAD TO ASSURE GOOD WORK Report Says Return Legisla- ng Clothing Suspcct In Court Hoom Tells of Three Visits of Spirit, tion Should Improve Serious Shooting: Testified Accidental and Jury Conditions of Lines. Jleduces Charge. March Victor Records Hear Them HERE I I PHILADELPHIA, March 2. (A.

The annual report of the Pennsyl Lines Now Ready for Mens Special Telegram to The Gazette Times. March 2. George Ap- ws when they had mc in the MM fit AX TON rlewhitc. a Negro, charged with man and vania Railroad for 1919, made public today, states that if the company is fully to discharge its duties to the public and continue to receive a fair return upon Its investments, there must be treasonable rate increases. The tot.1 operating revenues in 1919, the report states, were $487,885,014, an increase of $19,771,368 compared with 191S.

The operating expenses and taxes were $469,486,659, an increase of county jail, and this timo he talked, just easy-like, as if he was on earth. He said he was happier where he was and wasn't sorry that he was dead. third time Street came to see me was only last night. He came into my cell and said he thought the trial would come out all right, and he hoped I would be freed." vl $32,277,256. The net frailway operating slaughter in connection with the death of Dee Monroe Street, another Negro, in "Wayncsburg, laBt December, today asserted before Judge Harvey Ake that the spirit of the slain man had appeared to him thjee times.

"The first time Street' spirit came to see me wag in Wayjhesburg jail, just the minute he died in a Canton hospital," the defendant told the court. "I didn't know he was dead uritil he came up slow and ghostlike just outside the bars and looked in at ms In the cell. The first time he mdn't say anything, but went away like he came. told his story simply income showed a decrease1 of said he was able to 303. Applewhite and directly.

Youngfellows' Inspection There are new models and patterns, but conservatism and good taste continue to rule. communicate with the dead man's spirit because they were close friends. Witnesses testified that they believed the shooting to have been accidental, The jury reduced the charge to as-; sault and battery and returned a ver- In 1919, the report states, the com- pany's lines earned 20.6 per cent of the standard compensations fixed by the Federal control contract with the company, and in 1918 they eamud 36.3 per cent of that compensation. The standard compensation under Federal control, together with the other corporate income, enabled the company, the report added, to pay it's fixed charges and other expenses. The regu- i lar 6 per cent dividends leave a sur- plus available for other corporate pur- poses.

Reviewing the railroad legislation "The second time the spirit came diet of guilty. of Having Weapon; Held. Accused Joserh Sty Aelarrm of New Kensington 1 fit and have been quality Was heln tor court yesteruay ty Magistrate John J. Sweeney under bail of $500 on a charge of carrying concealed weaponi Joe Sabot of Wilson avenue, SlcKees Rocks, and Patsy JLebate of VoungBtown, who were arrested with Adams, were fined $25 each. carefully looked VOLSTEAD ACT TEST PLANNED IN WISCONSIN unaer wmcn me rauroaus were returned to their owners, the report declared, that notwithstanding some de after for you and you John McCorjnack sings a typically McCormack air in "That Tumtle-Dovn Shack in Athlonej" $1.00 Galli-Curci sings with Dc Luea in the Rigoletto selection, "Piangi, Fanciul-la." $1.50 Sophie Braslau interprets the tenderness and sweetness of the hymn in "My Jesus, As Thou Wilt." 1.00 The Philadelphia Orchestra plays both sections of Wagner's "Rienzi Overture" in two records.

$1.50 each Emilio De Gogorza is characteristically Spanish in "A La Luna," with its warmth and passion. $1.00 Henry Burr sings of mother in "Was There Ever a Pal Like and Charles Harrison is. the home-sick wanderer in "You're a Million Miles from Nowhere." 85c i The Shannon Four and the Peerless Quartet have produced "Now I and "I'll Always Be Waiting for You." 85c New Dance Records fects it should improve "the serious surrounding the railroads." The holders of the company's stock exceed 120,000 and of these 85 per cent receive less than $5,000 each. OH! EACH DAY A LITTLE MORE Continued from First Vag. More than 48 per cent or the stockholders are women.

notice to manufacture beer containing 2.5 per cent alcohol. This was the announcement today of William H. Austin, counsel for the Hurry! Let "Danderine" check ugly dandruff and stop hair falling Wisconsin Brewers' Association. may choose from these large stocks with, confidence in the satisfactory outcome of your purchase. Z'" Prices start with-the.

popular "Home Excluso" line, at $37.50 and range upward. Both Spring Suits and Topcoats are offered for your selection at these prices. The new Derbies and Felts start at $4.00. The First Low Shoes for Men are also on display. Fitting the Hard-to-fit is a specialty with our Men's Shoe Section.

New Jersey Bill Signed. TRENTON, N. March 2. Gov. Edwards today signed a bill that permits the manufacture and sale, after peace with Germany is proclaimed, of liquor containing 3.5 per cent of alcohol by volume.

The passage of Ohio Nurse's War Romance Revealed by Appointment EAST LJVERPOOL, March 2. (Special.) With appointment today of Mrs. Sarah McConachie Jackson as Red Cross visiting nurse here, a second war romance In the McCon-nachie family was revealed. Mrs. Jackson, a British Red Cross nurse during the war, gave her married name when she assumed her duties.

She also announced that her husband, Lieut. James Jackson, would sail from England this month to join her here. Mrs. Jackson was married In England in October, 191S, following a courtship which began when Lieut. Jackson met the East Liverpool girl in a British hospital.

A month prior. Mrs. Jackson's younger sister was married to Alfred Carder, British Medical Corps. the bill was completed in the Legis- latllre VAKtrr3nv Arrest in New York. NEW TOPac, March 2.

Sales of thousands of dollars worth of liquor in the Broadway tneatrical district on representation that they were nlade under the protection of United "Mystery:" and "Oh!" by Biese's Novelty Orchestra 85c "Behind Your Silken Veil," and "Roses at Twilight" by Yerke's Jazzarimba Orchestra 85c "TotTd Be Surprised," and "Keep Movin by the Star Trio. tSkJc "Apple Blossoms" and "Carolina Sunshine" played by Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra. 85c Brush Up On Your Golf A professional is in daily attendance in our Golf Section to give lessons to those who wish to fit themselves for the out-door season which will open shortly. Lessons, $1.00 half hour.

Phone for appointment Court 3000- Basement. Victor-Columbia Section, States Marshal McCarthy were re- vealed today when five arrests were made, according to prohibition agents, The agents, posing as cafe owners, discovered that the business some-'times was as high as $5,000 day. The alleged ringleader eluded arrest after being located in an expensive suite in a hotel on Broadway. Lloyd Gitchell and Harry Boes, theatrical" costumers, and Harry Menk, David Englesburg and Louis 12 Arrests for Saccharine Use In Soft Drinks Ordered To stop falling hair, at once and rid the scalp of every particle of dandruff, get a small bottle of delightful "Danderine" at any drug or toilet counter for a few cents, pour a little In your hand and rub it into the scalp. After several applications the hfiir usually stops coming out and ybu can't find any dandruff.

Help your hair grow long, thick and strong and become soft, glossy and abundant. Joseph Home Co. IHE BUST PLACE TO SHOP, AFTER ALE Josejpli Home Co. COMPLETE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS HARR1SBURG, March 2. (A.

Twelve arrests for the use of saccharine in sweetening "soft'' drinks, contrary to state laws, today were ordered by Director James Foust of the State Bureau of Food, following investigation by state agents in a dozen counties. Four arrests were ordered in Dauphin count j-, and four each in Philadelphia and Beaver. Two arrests for the sale of saccharine tablets, as a substitute for sugar also were ordered, it being contended their use is against the law. Five arrests for violations of the Cold Storage Act have been ordered. Berg were arrested and held in $500 bail each on charges of violating the Volstead act.

Ernest 8. Langley, a prohibition agent in charge of the case, said that his assistants met two men in the costumers offices and arranged to buy 20 gallons of whisky at $40 a gallon with delivery March 1. A taxi-cab was called, the whisky was put into it and then came the arrests. The whisky is 90 proof, according to John J. Quigley, assistant supervising prohibition agent, and probably was smuggled out of bonded ware- Daily Court Record Tresp houses.

Hiil 8S JEronoiny 5hoe Whitmore Co. Earl ft Jolwiaon iSOth Division Units' Flags Youngs(own Teachers Common Pleas Court. NEW SUITS. April Term, ISM. Docket A.

As.p -J SlcKcc llx Arrive at State Capitol Given 25 Per Cent Raise in salary today by the Board of Kdu-. cation, which will increase the school expenses annually $300,000. Salaries of custodians were advanced 20 per cent. Maximum salary of grade principals was fixed at J2.730; The pay of Superintendent cf Schools N. H.

Chaney was advanced to $6,500 Defendant. 1317 American Railway Express Co-John Sexton JUIKi HUNTS. Defen lant. It; Earl Johnnon McKr Co 1 Uiairsvilie Machine fo Ot Uens Electric Appliance EAT 1K1 Graft- Auto Secur.tiea Co. Ex Att: 1 I ThAtnnsAn A St.

Lawrence Cartaj Plan Hearings Adjourn to May BUFFALO, N. T-. March 2. (A. Initial hearings on the.

proposal to make the St. Lawrence River a canal at a cost of $100,000,000, to bo borne by the United States and Canada, today adjourned to meet May-1. when the first sworn testimony on the feasibility of the plan will be taken. Proponents will submit proof and wilt be subject to cross-examination by opponents to the project. The place for the meeting has not been decided.

VOUNGSTOWN, March 2. (Special.) Teachers in the grade and high schools were given a 25 per cent raise West Virginia Senate Thompson Divorce 18:3 Petition of Metal Stamping Co H.vniUSBUriG. March J. (A. Flags of the Three Hundred and Nineteenth Infantry and the Three Hundred and Fifteenth Machine Gun Battalion, Eightieth Division units, have been received by Adjt.

Gen. for Uecreo of tlirsolution. 1S35 Edna Tuthiil Harry Tuthill Dlvorr 1S11 Everett Merrill Lovenia i Merrill Divorce. Fails to Recall Suffrage Br, Associated 10 tlAZrxrE Timfs.J Too Much CHARLESTON-, W. March Beary for deposit in the State Capitol ISM Norman Pankey Eleanor I Pankey Divorce Katifleation of the Federal suffrage with the colors of other Pennsylvania 1S18 Mtkias 'Sabo-Julla Sabo.

amendment in the West Virginia Lee- in tV World War. With With False Teeth? SURE Dr. Wernet's Powder Kaapt tnni firm. PrTst sore rums. White.

Flavored. Antiseptic. "SMASH! THERE GO MY GLASSES!" "But, thanks to my foresight, I have an extra pair so I shant have to worry-along -waiting -for new ones to be made." This Is a method that many of our patrons find has practical advantages. Come in and have duplicate glasses made. B.K.

ELLIOTT CO. The Leading Opticians 1ZU SIXTH STREET- liZi Adoption of Baby Gettig by Wll- I Cumberland Marriage License. CUMBERLAND. MR, March 2 hangs on the Render thread App may be as dangerous as too little ham and Eena Hall. 1 I 1826 Pgii Jtya Co William and I Florence Matcer Tresp 130 Taneff Antonoff Hro 1534 Ale Knight II MoClaln Co Judgment 1535 John McKsmey-Eva Divorce 1342 Harold llarrlnffton Verna Harrington Divorce i Marriage licenses were Issued today to Irvin H.

Emerick, 'iencoe. and Nannie C. Caton, Berlin: James JS lien berger, Altoona, ana Ruth E. Onkst, Hollidaysburg-; Lsaac A. Miller and Lottie Ft.

Hhodes, both of Hyde; John Hacking. Johnstown, and Mary few exceptions, colors of all Pennsylvania units have been received. Accompanying the colors are casualty flags, the first to be received. They are white with a red border and bear a gold star with, the number of men lost. When the skin is sallow or yellow, the eyes dull, the head aches or sleep broken oi nope that the Senate, which ad-' journed this afternoon without an at- tempt to reconsider its vote of yester- day.

may recall that vote tomorrow and then put through the ratification resolution, and that the House may ratify. It was generally understood the Senate lineup on the proposition remained intact today, this accounting for the fact that no attempt was made to get yesterday's vote recon- sidered. and imrefreshing, the back aches, or there If your dentaT plate is loose and drops, get instant relief, use Dr. Wernet's Powder for false teetia. You can eat, laugh, talk with ease.

Guaranteed by Wernet Dental Mfg. Cot, 116 Beekman N. Y. 25c, 50c, $IX. At Drag and Department Stores.

'Refij-c? all others. This is the original powder, b'or Sale at May's Drug Stores. J3. Miller. Bedford; Murray Baker and Beulah G.

Neff, both of Altoona; William M- Cameron and Ialiy ifichar. both of Masontown; Philip Bosco and lva Ij. Barclay, both of Garrett; John Moore. Mttsburg and Nellie Talbert, Mt. Pleasant; Benjamin F.

Hough, Allison, and Susanne Beatty. Mt. Braddock. One Killed, Four Wounded, In Hotel Fight Over $2 is a pain under the right shoulder blade it is an indication that the body is being poi soned by poorly digested and imperfectly eliminated food-waste. It is a wise thing to take 1 1 1 XT i 184 Rose Ilcnger Franz llengcr Divorce Docket C.

William PUnn William Snyder. IS'Jff Martha Zaraborsky Andy Zam- borsky Divorce 1SH Cuarles Edward1 David Mendelsson.Trosp 1S15 Jamea A Ida 13 Milligan Div 1S19 John Eatehem, deft. Cnited Slate Casualty Co. Ina, CarrierMrs Anna 1S23 E.lward Pleasant Stella Meaant Divorce 1627 Estate of Geo fechmitt. deed Comlh of J'enna of Orphans Court liSl Duquesne Dye Works Schwah Mchy Co Conditional Kale IS35 ti Duncan Jllchael and Nancy Eettier Tre.ip 1 Florence A Miller Aerta 13 Adoption of Ada Magllano by NfcW YOrk OrUg CliniC man was shot to death and iBcltoainnrs 2 TC ac Pacoc florro-ieQ iur others wounoeu in a ngnt anDng iu uases uecrease patrons oC the hot 0f Louis Mair.

XEW YORK. March 2. A. P. Girardville.

last night. The Health Department for! Frank Macheese. was Killed; Mi- IPSIDs drug addicts will be closed March 6. because the number of persons being chael Bronzo was shot and probably will die; Michael Brlcilla, bartender, and Charles Oimowsky, also was shot. Kobt li and leremna jiaguano.

1ST4 Wm Martin Ida Divorce 11 eated has falien below 100. Health 'Commissioner Copeland announced to relieve these symptoms by helping to remove the causes today. The patients will be transferred to a hospital on North Brother Island. Between 6,000 and 7.000 addicts The trouble started when Mrs. Maft demanded payment of $2 which she alleged was owed by Bronai.

In a few minutes everybody in the place had whipped out a pistol and started firing. Docket D. 1S20 Katberlne Cooper William Cooper, Jr Divorce ISil Allegheny County General Accident, Fire Life Assurance Corp 1 183i Clarence Curry Florence Curry Divorce 1S40 Wm A King Hilda Divorce SeU WaWiufetfveeckataeirarU. La bma, Zfe. have received treatment at the clinic in tho last year.

6 JUDGMENTS. 1 ijocKei "IOS 3ati 39 Slerrlman Wm James Carson, use uu 2106 Jan 20 hebeske John James ue 4,512 00 2106 Jan 20 Yoho i Estate Jaa Carson, use Docket C. 443 Apr 20 'Armento Jlaty Ar- mento 2,100 00 415 Apr 20 Ullu.k Michael iea-entlial 447 Apr 20 Tlrooka Harry and Rose Mrs Phllomena 2,000 S3 857 Apr 29 Blattenberger Margt EstateElla It Oragdon. 20 'Conrad Ada IS. and Frank Howard 41J Apr 20 Kurt William Fred'k Miller 444 Apr a) 'Roberta Milton W- Minor 182T Apr 20 Schmitt Geo Estate Com'th 451 Apr 'Walton Chaa and Mrs Elizabeth David Elayd Docket D.

32 Oct 19 Richmond Frank Larkln Edw I'aul Orr Confeseed Judgment. S9 19 030 00,1 B4 57 Next Sunday's Gazette Times will 20 00 i have a stirring message for you. EXECUTIONS. April Term, 19. Defendant.

223 Margaret Biattenberger. rotice Klla R. Hragilon. e.irs J3J Chaa Moore South fciiio Tr Co IB I II a us si I 8.CJ7 SI I County Court. NEW SUITS.

I -JIB (ID rd li iVJl ii ii li She's Your Grocer's Sweetheart S93 John Lewis Oeorire A Gc5 JIA William 1'ranU Mra tllen Fan-ell Twin 6 Kissman Cheater 5t Leonard ScliafTer-Dr Charles A.

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