Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 6, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1931
Page 7
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*h» in, th 117C1 PAPERS OO f 9 Printed La»t Week ' V, •trratatfm »? !•«!•* Komtfe. <£<rottfg • ' ^^^^ Volume 30 ALGONA, IOWA, AUGU8T9, 1931 AfAftii *•»* ¥•» ; STOPS **fc«fcfl £V^^I«.M«r« ou * who'» who « why who in bank rob- or' pickpocket- know .suspected bank robbers I, could stall 'em off from bank, in which I have r anyway. WHO'S WHO stunt to me. Now that It inaugurated In the ng profession, let's cov- more thoroughly! ve who's 'who dlrec- [from congress 'down to rnshiP boards. Let's L names of the birds who Imoney and the birds who loney . Let's check up on . who gamble* with our fs buys that which hes , that which he never that which he never t which the farmer or about two bits Ter .and which the gambler lor 71c per bushel. o—o BRIGHTNESS OF WASHINGTON IS HARD ON EYES Buildings Are Kept in Brilliant Condition. Church in North Kossuth Buildings Daggling to Tourists ———————————— A PUPA III A ITTrtin Frlnk are brother and sister. • _^^B*^ . __ . \rNFllJ.Na ATTEND ThemmAppelt, SweaClty, Is help. jO^± ^LK> i_«.L. lf^j.~..&U OLULUHIlO HI ILI1U ,„„ her s , Bter , Mra . Mlllen Jensen, AK^* VKf Mr. and Mrs. Duane *E. Dewel got 'home a week ago Monday from a motor tour to Chicago, Niagara Falls, and points south- oast to "Washington, D. C. • In the story below some Impressions gathered during their stay In the national capital are given. Washington Is a city of dazzling white buildings, both government and private, and repainting and sanding Is done often enough to make the brightness hard on the | eyes. After traveling through other cities where once clean and bright stone buildings are grimed with SENEGANS ATTEND CHURCH EVENT AT FAIRMONT SUNDAY Seneca, Aug. 4 — The first annual summer festival of the American Lutheran, conference was heW at Sylvanla Park, Fairmont, Sunday. The Rev. Mr. Swanson, pastor of the Swedish Lutheran church at Swea City, is president of the conference. W. F. Schmidt, president of St.' Paul Luther college, spoke before a large audience. Frlnk are brother and sister. Thelma Appelt, Swea City, is help. Ing her sister, Mra. Mlllen Jensen, cook for threshers. John Flynn, Detroit, Is visiting here. He formerly lived near Seneca, Mrs. Chris Nielsen Is up, after having been sick abed several days. The Peter Hansens, Oraettlnger, spent Sunday at^Chris Nielsen's. HEAVY RAIN HELPS FOUR CORNER CROPS) Four Corners, August 4—A heavy S T. JOHN'S CATHOLIC church, Bancroft, whose pastor,_the Right Rev. J. D. Fisch, was invested with the title of monslgnor by Bishop Heelan, of Sioux City, at largely attended ceremonies Wednesday, July 22. I no FURTHER and get the 1 dirt and smoke, the cleanliness of IV— ... the politician, his buildings in Washington, strikes one itlTnray prayerful prayer*Imost favorably. E miniry be saved, and who Every year buildings are repaint- with a Bang which first ed and stone buildings are gone over the saving of jobs, after with a sand blast. Fine sand shot country Is loaded with against the stone restores its orl- h mean nothing except glnal brightness. inhs for 'the politician's The White House is a stone Snlaw or first cousins. building, painted white. Originally la HAVE A blue book on it was unpainted, but when the th. In the liars' club. If the building was fired by the British in noished liar, let's know --J.M the war of 1812 smoke and fire so i,,,t «m ordinary Har : h« stained the stone that painting was , never would gain the necessary. Then, when additions L In liar activities and the were made, they too were painted, don't mean anything to and the white against a background Let's ascertain as to of green lawn and trees now makes of liars to whom we are an attractive picture in the heart into three units, largest on which Incoming presidents ride on inaugu- group within three £eet of the brass ration day. The Capitol is divided | plate, even though a hundred othei tourists are talking .in other parts | of the hall. Four feet from the plate the words cannot be heard. Thi acoustic phoenomenon was discover ed after the death o£ Mr. Adams. FOUR FROM KOSSUTH ATTEND AMES CATTLE FEEDERS' DAY Cattle men from Kossuth who at- the central and includes the rotunda, statuary hall, the supreme codrt chambers, and various anterooms. On the south is the chamber of the House of Representatives, with cloak and ante rooms, and on the north is the Senate chamber, also with cloak and ante-rooms. In this part of the Capitol are the pres ident and vice-president's rooms always kept ready for use. s visit and the John Cherlands. ^ ^.^ apllntera tore curtalns . joturns from California Visit— n«i«n. Vnnv rnrnorn Agnes Goetsch, Fenton, spent Other Four Comers. Sunday at her brother George's. The Louis Lowmans Jr., the She got home last Thursday from Lurhl Fesslers and the Myers, of I •v month at Sacramento, Calif. She near Rlngsted, and Evelyn Nicker- spent most cf the time with her son spent Sunday with the J. P. auntr Mrs Mr.ry Parkinson, of Niokersons. • Evelyn Was home over Smith's Flats She also made a the week-end from Des Moines, short sightseeing trip to San Fran- where she Is attending a business Cisco. Her aunt, Mrs. A. F. Dailey. college. Mrs. Lowman, Mrs. Fess- BrlstiAV, Okla.. accompanied her to Her, Mrs. Myer and Evelyn are I Calitornia, remaining there tor a daughters of the Nickersons. longer vls.lt. Miss Goetsch clerics in Mr. and Mrs. Quinten Bjustrom nailev store spent a few days last week at the Ba 6> ' A. C. Bjustrom home helping cook for threshers. Roscoe Sayers, Fail-field, visited] tway [ good salaries. Far be It from I accuse any member of- our fcs from being a Har, but this I who business would protect !„, electing some guy who I be a polished liar and whom buldn't have serve us in the live halls of the state or — and a Share in the PROFITS of these Prosperous Companies The main reason you buy insurance on your business property or automobile it to get protection. buy National Citizen. Mutual* in,mr««^ . you get protection, plu»— It was in this president's room I tenc i e( i Cattle Feeders' day at Ames 14 years ago that President Wilson ThurBday were .1. H. Jensen, waited to go before Congress to ask a township. John and Henry for a declaration of war against | Geteneok Llvarmo re, and County Other Seneca Mrs. Jennie Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. --„---, ,'..„*. „ I Linus Jensen, Mrs. Anna Osborn, the Etna Mitchell home last Thurs-j and the latter's son. Earl visited at day. . Hans Wllberg'sj Sunday evening. Edward Rich has been caring for | rs. Wilberg seems some better an infected hand the. past week, ately. Mrs. Manno Pederson, who] ad been helping care for her mother, returned to her home at Germany. ermany. ,,,,„„ Agent Morrison. Discussion centered The dome o the main build ng * elatlve va i ue o f protein sup- is the outstanding glory ot the art jsstfs £ &. the relatlve va i ue o f protein sup, th standavd CO r n 0—0 : ; j.HAVE A who's who In jkctecrs and gangsters an* Who's who in machine gun putting "on the spot,' J guys "tor a ride," et cetera •have a who's who : as ,to tin lirtio comes here to shoot chil _.J kill a baby now and then lhave a check on the lawyer efends those alien skunks an< i smart enough to clear them them paroled. .Let's have s who us to the "sob squad" |eel s sorry for the alien who flaw and order, who murders, jnalms, who thumbs his noso f enforcement forces. f'S ESTABLISH a who's who horse-stealing world. Also who editorially, exhortatorl- ] oratorleally, pictorlally, alle- bly, politically, 'or ethically, Jo forth and so on. Let's do a •Job, get out a, who/s who for |wn protection. And that's o—o KEONE HAS SAID that the Ifarmei- is "busted"" Where information originated: I ft understand. With such rnlficent prices as lOc for l,17c for oats, 26c for wheat, lor hogs, 7 C for cattle, should | fanner be driving Packard's? icially the poor devil who IB cash rent shouldn't Have Vh trouble paying $7 to $8 • acre when that acre props perhaps all of $5 In crops, of which he muct pay. for j seed, the harvesting, and [threshing. My arithmetic Is j of the colllglate variety,, but age to figure out that the r who isn't "busted" Is the i who had a little left over j {our or five years ago. farmer is badly bent, and |are we, and If this "hard es" period doesn't let up tty soon the farmer will be "busted" as we are. —1ER INDICATION of hard - is the report of StMe Treas- IK. E. Johnson, showing that spent over' a h«U million •more in gasoline taxes so l year than we did last year this time, And why not? I most of us out of work o£ a great city. Buildings Should Hare Campns. It Is regrettable, however, that the many government buildings are in the heart of the city rather than on a campus designed for them. Much of their attractiveness is lost because of unsuitable surroundings. The majesty of tall columns is, for example, lessened by comparison with neighboring tall hotel and other buildings. Impressions of a day of sightseeing leave a visitor bewildered by the immensity of the task of viewing even a small part of the city in a few days. It would |M<e weeks to cover the government buildings alone, and there are many others built of equal beauty which are deserving of attention. Because in a short time only main •«• S gi'9ups were fed with and withou minerals, and it was found that the ssjJt Mr rssxss rrrT-S 'H d srs.'SE s ~sr. prsr^-rire .Ci^u-o. « »»«w~.|=3 v :rTr i ss.' B i s e'r ii «u faster, but the heifers were read for market several weeks ahead o them because.they put on fat faster ' «• [inneapolis last week Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Jensen enter- ained at dinner Sunday the E. L. Erdahls, Mrs. Jorgenson, Blue Earth, a Mrs. Borge, aunt of Mr. Srdahl, and Isaac Flo, of Kansas, ousin of Mrs. Erdahl. The Melvin Norlands spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Frink, Emmetsburg. Melvin and Mrs referred to as Uncle Sam's wife. In side the rotunda and on the stair- the surrender of Burgoyne, Washington and Cornwallls at Yorktown, | and other historical events. Dome Has Allegorical Canopy. The outstanding feature of the ro-l tunda is a canopy painting of the apotheosis of Washington. This is in tlite interior and includes the whole of the dome. In the center of this allegorical picture is seat iFORNIAN STARTS AUTO HER The Algona Glass Works, a new WhitOoYouP«yfor Fin IntuiMCt In Your Homt? Fiiurt oru-tMrJIfU —and that'* about what H aill co,t you • to iniur* alth th* National Citttan* Mutual!. Ath our ag*nt in your ioitn for dttailt—or urite direct. You become a stockholder in ^ strong companies and receive' a time in the profits. These eompMuetwe most economically op-'.rated. I-"*** are small because of careful telecbOQasT risks. As a result, you save as much 33H% to toe cost of your i BEE SUPPLIES A full line of Bee Supplies. Get j them of G. E. Van Dorston, having moved to north end of N. Minnesota street, which Is first street east of) paved street leading to Burt. ADVANCE WANT-ADS GET BEST RESULTS NATIONAL CITIZENS MUTUALS »*™»w.KWK. MVTVAL -""HwavKr* LA BARRE & FALKENHAlNER THE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY First door north of Iowa State Bank Phone 55 points can be covered, the best way is to take one of the many sightseeing busses. These travel regular routes; making stops at points of Interest, and guides take visitors through buildings. Naturally the traveler is rushed more or less all the way, and thus has -an opportunity only for superficial inspection. ' Visitors Can See White House. Four of these trips, for which the charge is $1.50 each, takes one through the main government buildings in which tourists are allowed, The one most patronized is the White House. Visitors are permitted in the east corridor and ante-rooms, and in the East room or State parlor. Entrance to the White House is 01 mis aiicjjunuiii piucuie" *» oc^i.- -**»*- ^-.e, -— • ed Washington, like, Jove on Olym- local firm, recently 'began business pus, with supernal beings attend-|i n quarters in the old Trlpp sales gained on the east past a pool of lilies and sold fish and up a flight of stone steps to the portico. The entrance leads to a long hallway on the south of which are anterooms in which 'glassed cases hold samples of china used at 'state functions In administrations from the time of Washington to the present. The latest china is decorated with the president's coat of arms in gold on white. At the end of the corridor is a broad stairway leading to the second floor of the White House proper and to the East room. This room, used for' receptions of a state nature is 40 feet wide and 82 feet long, and has a 22-ft ceiling. Four carved mantles are surrounded by mirrors, and the walls and ceilings are decorated in white and gold, with draperies of old gold. On the mantels are marble busts of Washington, Franklin, Jeferson, and Lincoln. ' . Gold I'tono Disappointing. This is also the location of a fa- gold niano, built at a. cost or Ing him. On his right sits Freedom, on his left Victory, and about him float the Thirteen States as aerial figures, bearing a banner inscribed E Plurlbus Unum. Encircling the base is an allegory of the Revolution, representing the Fall of Tyranny with Freedom and' her Eagle putting to rout the forces 61 War, Tyranny, Priestcraft, Discord, Anger, and Revenge. Around the canopy are figures representing Ag riculture, Mechanics, Commerce, Marine, Arts, and the Sciences. An interesting thing about this huge painting, which Is <G8 feet in diameter, Is that it was painted on the dome, not hung after paint ing. •' .-. The rotunda is the scene of in augurations. After the oath o augurations. Alter ine oain u . ^ een office is administered the new pres- ^ ident goes to the White House, cus- inel ° " u tomarily reviewing troops marching down Pennsylvania avenue from ' barn which it shares with the Corey -Vuto Co. .The business Is owned by I. W. Heckethorn, formerly of Huntington Park, Calif., who was accompanied to Algona by .his wife and three children. A beveling machine has been installed. Glass 'wind wings" are a specialty. SHETLAND PONY IS KILLED AT WESLEY BY LIGTHNING Wesley, Aug. 4—A Shetland 1 pony belonging to Charles Downs was found dead' Saturday morning. No indication of the cause was dlscern- able, but the pony's joints remained flexible and the conclusion was that it had been killed by lightning. There had been a shai-p little early morning thunderstorm, and others in the night. ' and you over" th •; for a job. IB TREASURER SAYS there JN'er curs, which J account for Iway, the old boats take more fhence more ta*. And we can't 1 new cara until we »get new o—o |HE MAURIAGE WCEN8E [business has dropped off putting terrible In t&' '" ' the "intent" law wye. Seenis as 1 who wish to marry HE off, possibly of bashful about; ,. K,L l « me8 Ftafc* ? ve A™*" lore Uiey can wed. - Aj»fl then, nouse wy "• •"-•• , ,, It Is ho\vever, somewhat of a dls appointment to visitors who expect to Bee a brightly shined golden in strument, for at first sight It ap ^le^omtr three" magnificent chandeliers of crystal. Velvet.ov •ei«d ropes attached to moveable S standards keep tourists from touching the mantels .or other deco ratlins but a close examination o £ Piano J^ pennltt*. The key the Capitol. Iowa Has Two, Statues. In \1864 the Statuary hall was founded by act of congress. This was formerly the hall of Representatives, and the present Supreme Court chambers were formerly the hall of Senate. In the statuary hall each state, by Invitation of the pres. ident, places two statues of deceased statesmen. Iowa Is i-epresented by statues of Senator James Harlan and Governor S- J. Kirkwood. The guide points out a brass plate set into the floor just southwest of the center of this room. This plate marks the spot where John Quincy A'dams, only president o return to the House after his term of office, suffered a stroke while the House was in session. He was taken to an ante room, where he died a few minutes later, The guide requests everyone to circle around the plate and look at it He then goes to the opposite end of the hall and talks toward the floor. Every word he speaks, even IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO buy or sell, or exchange, write for our special low classified advertising rates and list of the leading county weeklies of Iowa.— IOWA NEWS PAPERS INC., 214 Royal Union Bldg., Des Moines, Iowa. g32tf ••war* Athlete 1 * Foot Why suffer from the. que< 'disease causing; severe' ltch..i B » toe« and feet, cracking-, peeling- skin, blisters. Ringworm, Trench Foot o Hand Itch, when you can avoid in o tJtUUA • *-* f*^»j ii— «v»--- - a whisper la heard distinctly by a fiana JlUIl, vviitaii .yuu van avuiu ••> fectlon and quickly heal your akin With Dr. Nixon's Nixoderm? Baae< on the famous English Hospital for mula, discovered By a leading Lon don skin specialist, Dr. Nixon's Nix of sixes never want less because it takes six cylinders to give the smooth, silent power that makes driving reattg enjogabte UUU DtklU 0f ou *'***OI'» «*' **•*«»» O **••* oderm acts with amazing speed, because designed for. this particular •kin disease. Nixoderm Is guaranteed. . It must stop itch and Quickly heal your akin or the small cost will bo refunded. ' -A • >v W. CUBBY'S DEUO STUB*? =r^«f3- v ° 9 ' • via the stairway, the -•- en- the !{«» f !«*« eographittg Drivers of sixes are spoiled for anything less. Drivers of sixea are "sold" on multiple cylinders. They would no more think of giving up "six" performance than any other real advancement of motoring. Drive a Chevrolet Six, and you'll know why these drivers feel as they do. Step on the starter, let the motor idle —and notice H» silence. Throw in the clutch,,shift into "low"— and feel that smooth- ._ ness. 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