Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 6, 1931 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1931
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PAOB TWO dOtlNTY AtoVAKCtfi. ALQONA. !5WA Semi-Annual Report «f H N iKruse, Treasurer of Kossuth County, Iowa, for the period from January 1st, 1931, to May. 31st, 1931, inclusive. STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS BY FUNDS 'Balance Disburse- Balance FtTNlDS Jn.n. 1,1931. Receipts ments May 31, SI General State Revenue $ 18.9W.41 $ 7U42.19 $ 24,480.44 $ 60775.16 Soldiers Bonus - 1.201.29 8,&7.27 667.43 S.TO.W 79,109.28 ",716.52 6,10.09 t ' 7 2!-lS 4.1,691.73 58,522.73 238.27 General County .................. — Court Expense _____ ...... ---- ..... Poor ...... . ..... ------ ............ •State Insane ----------------------Secondary Hoad construction ------Secondary Road Maintenance ------•County Bridge _____ ................ County Cnsh Road ----- ..... ------County School _. ............... — — Soldiers (Relief ___________ ......... County Bond ____ ..... . ...... - ..... •Bridge Bond .. ........ ------ ....... County Cash Road Bond ........... Diverted Interest ------------------School Districts Library Motor Vehicle Principal of .Schopl ......... --------Cemetery ..... 1 .......... -------Temporary School ______ ........ --'Teachers' Institute _____ .. ----------Bovine T. B. ................ - ...... ^Domestic Animal ___________________ Ctounty Fair Grounds _______________ City Special Assessments ___________ Corporation Funils _________________ School District Funds ....... ------•Township Funds ___________________ »rainage (Credits) ... ........ - ..... (Overdrafts) .......... ... ...... 2,607.45 Primary Road Bond Redemption ---- 112.50 'Special Assessment Refunds ________ 109.S7 Secondary Road Redemption _______ 173.90 ^Secondary Road Assessment ________ 9,927.91 3»ri-Sec. Road Redemption __________ 7.25 Primary fftoad Bond _______________ 7,109.72 Credit Balances ____________________ 594,789.54 Overdrafts ________________________ 2,607.45 1,758.28 3,045.05 125.39 19,368.25 23,329.99 1,213.43 93,372.61 502.69 248.29 8,604.63 369.97 101.43 1,178.10 4,816.40 39,257.42 308.38 44,035.45 611.91 15.543.91 7.S7S.62 6S.S44.40 90,281.15 6,508.71 1,197.94 9,002.96 32,010.28 7,879.12. 29.9G2.GO 6.000.00 1,113.18 1,318.95 5.976.60 2.959.00 2.502.62 7,337.08 36.092.49 262,963.86 434.14 44,146.73 75,546.70 2.93 7,290.27 5S.97 51,051.78 3,109.72 17.649.-64 7,915.52 63,349.33 75,201.88 29.60 24.70 7,732.31 1,179.51 18,190.57 15,141.04 7,879.12 1,034.95 74,013.53 5,000.00 1,220.07 2,399.57 1,117.70 4,438.50 1,250.00 7.199.S4 35.101.90 2S1.77S.24 568.00 36,167.24 69,143.48 2,93 63.47 3,610.66 69,092.95 11,218.71 3,095.36 1,714.26 61,086.80 73,602.00 203.67 1.173.61 534.6S 3,063.48 125.39 10,1 SO. 64 £0,199.23 178.48 49,291.58 ' 1,602.69 141.40 7.524.01 369.97 27.024.S5 2,993.26 1,354.05 1,315.34 5,806.99 20,443.04 174.52 140,398.38 2.342.76 6,515.72 109.S7 173.99 17,218.18 2.75 3,499.06 610,902.11 2,342.76 .......................... ..$592,182.09 $826,999.93 $810,622.67 $608,659.35 RECEIPTS AND DISBRSEMENTS RECEIPTS On hand January 1, 1931 ------------------------------------ »om Current Taxes, 1930 __________________________________ •3From Delinquent Taxes, 1929, and prlior years --------------Penalty, Interest and Costs ------------------------------- 3>rainase Taxes ___________________________________________ ^Highway Receipts _________________________________________ •^Gasoline Tax _____________________________________________ '^Diverted Interest _____ ----------------------------------Motor Carrier _____________________ _______________________ •"Cigarette Licenses _________________ _______ . ---------------"Dog Licenses _____________________________________________ Principal of School 'Fund __________________________________ Interest of School Fund ____________ _______________________ /Bale of Automobile Numbers and License ___________________ Sale of Bonds (Drainage) _________________________________ :Fines and Forfeitures from Clerk ____ _ _____________________ yines and Forfeitures from other Officers __________________ Trust Funds _______________________ ___________ • -----------Care of Patient in State (Institutions __ _ _________________ Care of Patients In Co. Institutions __ _______________________ Sale of Produce at County Home ---- _______________________ Sale of School Books ______________________________________ *"ees from County Auditor __________ _______________________ 'Fees from County Trer.surer ________ _______________________ Ftees from County Recorder ________ . _____________________ -•Jfees from Clerk of .District Court.. _ _______________________ i**ees from Sheriff __________________ _______________________ •Miscellaneous Receipts— Auto Registrations ______________ ___________________ ,^Primary Road Bond Redemption.. _________________ ia,o4G.iO Miscellaneous Receipts __________ ________________________ 10. 19S.90 Transfers from Funds (Less Auto Registration _______________ 2t,loiA* 'Total Receipts ____ ...... . .......... ........ _____ ...... _____ 1,419,182.02 DISBURSEMENTS Am ° u1 'State Treasurer's Receipts __________ ________________________ $ County Auditor's Warrants _________ ________________________ School Fund Loans __________ - ______ _______________________ ^Drainage Warrants, Bonds & Interest _______________________ County Bonds Redeemed _____ ------ ..... __________ ......... Interest on County Bonds ---------- ________________________ ^Primary iROad Bonds Redeemed ____ _____________________ "Interest on Primary Road Bonds ___ ____________________ Secondary Road Certificates Redeeme e d (Pri.-Sec. Inc.) ________ Interest on Secondary Road Certificates (Prl. -Sec. Inc.) _______ Orders on County Treasurer by Mayo rs o f Cities and Towns --Orders on County Treasurer by Presidents of School Dlst -----Township Clerks' Receipts ... ..... .. ______ ..... . ...... . ..... Secretary of State's Receipts for Automobile Licenses ________ .•Miscellaneous Payments— Trust Funds Paid _ ...... ._ ...... ______________________ Loss— First Natl Bank, Alfrona ... ______________________ Loss— Farmers St. Bk, Bancroft.. _______________ Expense (BriflRe Bd, Acct) _______ ______________________ 'Transfers to Funds ________________________________________ Balance on hand May 31, 1931 _______ __ ......... _ ....... ... Amount 692,182.09 570,519.17 3,346.00 950.81 22,118.74 7,352.17 2S.S05.94 7,879.12 345.38 25.00 2,698.00 6,000.00 1,318.93. 29.962.50 21,768.36 204.15 303.70 2,266.00 1,177.93 703.62 2,383.95 707.33 183.45 29.55 1.497.00 2,103.39 891.20 miM 10 ' 13 ' e,-o J*Je „„;,?.! '2'il ,, ' 1 3, 117.03 r 5,187. 4.! 8,444.37 24.14 608,6o9.3o BANCROFTERS PLAY AL60NA NEXT SUNDAY t Bancroft, Aug. 4 — The local baseball team plays at the Algona ball park south of Algona next Sunday against the Algona Grays. Although Algona and Bancroft 'have been baseball rivals for years, this Is the first game between the two teams this season, and it large crowd of enthusiastic rooters Is expected to attend tho game. Both teams have excellent records for the season. The game will be called at Mnrgaret Bettering is Hostess— Margaret Deitering entertained 20 friends at a party at her home Thursday evening. Amorlta Schiltz and Philip Sheridan won high scores in cootie and Margaret Haverly and John Sheridan got low. Margaret Haverly and Theresa Rector, of Wesley, were out-of-town guests. Miss Deitering graduated from St. John's high this spring and is bookkeeper at the Chevrolet garage now. Interior Decorator Kills Self— Vincent Lattimer received word Sunday night that his father-in-law O. C. Halstedt, Frost, Minn., shot himself Sunday afternoon and died that evening. Mr. Halstedt was an Interior decorator. Mrs. Lattimer was operated on for appendicitis at a. Fairmont hospital some time ago, and was taken to her folks' home at Frost Friday to recuperate. Doctor's Office Girl Changed— Florette Welp completed her work at the Dr. J. A. Devine office Friday, and Alice Grethen, Mallard, is the new office girl. Miss Welp will go to Omaha the last of this month to finish her course in nurse's training at Creighton. Grocery Clerk Takes Vacation— . Roy McGuire, Richard Menke, and Glenn Cowing went to Des Moines, Sunday for a few days. Glenn is taking his vacation now. He is employed in the grocery department of Kennedy Bros. Department Store. Editor Hutton Still Improving— Jos. Jenks drove to Rochester, Minn., Friday to ,visit R. E. Hutton, who is at the Colonial hospital there. Mr. Hutton was operated on for kidney stones and is getting along fine. L,one Bock Wins Ball Game— The Henry Menkes, Marathon, visited relatives here Sunday and Henry umpired the ball game between Lone Rock and Bancroft at the local diamond, which Lone Rock won, S-3. Lions' Club Holds Picnic— The Lions club held its annual picnic at the river west of town Tuesday evening. Bancroft has 22 members in this club. The members asked friends to the picnic. COMING TO STATE FAIR Years Ago Advance, August 10, 1»81< Des Moines, Special—Aviation's newest thrill, the Atitoglro, which climbs and descends almost ^Vertically, "hovers" In .midair, and performs other almost unbelievable stunts, has just been announced at one of the headline attractions for the coming Iowa State Fair, Aug. 26 to Sept. 4. This will be the first public exhibition of this weird new type of plane In Iowa. The ship will be put through Its paces before the grandstand crowds every afternoon of the exposition, and will also be on view to the public throughout the period of the fair. week at the Len Schlindweln home. The B. H. Kohnke family visited at Minneapolis Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Mr. Kohnke Is manager at the Thompson Yards here. Dr. C. J. Plonske, Minn., spent Sunday at Farlbault, the H. J. Guide home. Dr. Plonske was the doctor here many years ago. The Rev. and Mrs. C. B. Bryden and daughter Helen returned Saturday from Cedar Rapids, where they spent a week. • Esther and Alice Olson returned to Minneapolis Sunday after two weeks with their parents, the Olof Olsons. Elmer Johnson left Thursday for Moline, 111., after a few days at Mrs. Peter Johnson's. The Catholic Woman's Missionary society met Thursday afternoon In St. John's hall. NOTED BAND LEADER -Total Disbursements $ 1,419,182.02 Alffona, Iowa, June 16, 1931. I, H. N. Kruse, Treasurer of Kossuth County, Iowa, do hereby certify that the report given above is a correct summary of the business transacted by me as said treasurer during the period therein specified. H. N. 'KRUSE, 'County Treasurer. Escaped girl B Agnes Christeiiseii 7; Party— Agnes Christenson celebrated her seventh birthday Monday by having several of her friends in. Charles Hiltz had a birthday party Sunday afternoon. JUROR DUTIES EXPLAINED TO UNION WOMEN Union Twp., Aug. 4 — The Mothers and Daughters club met last Thursday with Mrs. .Gusta Patterson who was assisted by Mrs. Mary Keefe and the latter's daughter Dorothy, St. Paul. Two papers, Stitches of Character and My Duties and Privileges as a Juror were given by Mesdames Julia Taylor and Maude Nel- respectively. Matilda Gorman, A'postal snvlnira bank had been opened here, but In the first week only $2 was deposited. Today, because of bank troubles of recent years, the total. Is nearly a quarter of a million. Such deposits draw only a small rate of Interest. M. P. Weaver was postmaster when _ the local bank was established. ;" t t t. C. F. Lathrop had sold his Oko- bojt cottage to a Mllford man and planned to spend future vacations at Minnesota lakes, where the fishing was better; ' t t t The county antomoblle association was to meet at the courthouse to choose a committee to confer with county authorities about the expenditure of ?16H,96 received by the county as its share of a state auto license fund. t t t . A paving engineer had estimated the cost of proposed State street paving 26 feet wide at $180 a 66-ft. front. t t t The County Mutual announced that policyholders who equipped buildings with lightning rods would earn a 20 per cent reduction in rate. Among board members Were Ellis McWhorter, Portland; John Bernhard, Greenwood; J. L. Vaux, of Grant; Jos. Hauptman, Wesley; Samuel Steussy, Lu Verne; M. J. Jones, Cresco. t t t • Aldermen J. 0. Paxson and W. J. Burke had spent a day at Shenandoah, looking into a proposal to bring a factory to Algona, also Investigating paving. They represent- ed'both the city and' the- Algona Commercial club. They said their paving choice was brick, with as- phalt'as second choice. WB BO tftB OtTS MNS DR.. F.'E.'SAWYER Bring or Send Kidd e to OUB FOUNTAIN They'll be delighted and you can feel sure thevi be served with pure wholesome Home Made Cream or Fountain Specials. The best Ice Cream, by the Pint, Quart, or G» Take home some and enjoy a treat at home, | The Algonquin FOR BETTER ICE CREAM County Auxiliary Meets Here— The county meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary was held 1 Thai monster, the Turk, A It Bey I— Those beasts, the eunuchs — j Those hideous days, nights — • Can slm—could any woman— [ever forget? I Hirpsima, or, in American, Rose, was i sixteen—in the first blush of womau- ; hood—when wild Kurdish tribesmen ! swooped down upon her home—inur- Idcred her father—drove her mother jto death—tore her screaming sister • •way — and flung her — a slave — into i the harem of that merciless wolf, the {.dread Turkish General, Ali Bey. ares arem errors What terrible fate awaited this gently nurtured young girl behind the silken draperies of the harem door? You must read 'or yourself HAREM SLAVES — die tremendous true-life sio.-v of o v*>.i.itn of the Armenian in»is»*rrc-*. It U written with a quill dipped in th" (i'«- blood of a beautiful wool-mi, wlj..-, herself, knew the unspeaka!:.'e cr»i:.'i:es of harem captivity and who U.O'.s about them now, frankly, for the irst time. You will sit breathless over ibis gripping tale in September TF.UE STORY MAGAZINE. Get your copy—read it today. Tuesday afternoon at church basement here. the Baptist Bible School Student Here— Ruth Adolphson, who is attending Bible school in Minneapolis, came home Saturday to visit her mother, Mrs. C. J. Adolphson. George Foths Have N*w Son— The George Foths have a baby born Monday. They live on the A. J. Berens farm northwest of Bancroft. Other Bancroft News. Mrs. Blanche Beckner and daughter Grace spent Saturday and Sunday at Webster City. Mrs. Beckner is manager of the local telephone office and Grace is an operator. Mrs. Beckner was night operator at Webster City prior to coming here in June. Mrs. Walter O'Hern, Sioux City, id children Donald and Virginia, and Mrs. Clyde Ford, Chicago, came Saturday to visit their mother and sister, Mrs. Peter Becker and Mrs. A. H. Foth. Mrs. O'Hern was Josephine and Mrs. Ford was Margaret True Story Hour is now broadcast every Monday night over WEAFand N 8 C Red Network, 10 o'clock New York time. son St. Benedict, gave piano selections and Frances Gorman, St. Benedict, sang. Mary Darlene Conner, Des Moines, sang. The girl's mother, Mrs. Clyde Conner, Des Moines, and the Misses Gorman are sisters of Mrs. Patterson. The hostesses served a tray lunch following adjournment. The club will meet August 13 with Mrs. Delia Troutman, Algona. Program: Paper, Books I Want My Children to Read, Mrs. Lulu Elston; Magazine Article, Other People's Children, by Booth Tarkington, Mrs. Irma Harvey, Readings from Edgar Guest, Mrs. Elizabeth Schenck, Main Road is Open Again — The bridge near the Frank Reib- hoff farm was completed last week and the main road which had been closed two months was opened to traffic. The road was straightened and the new bridge 60 feet long makes an imposing appearance. The steel sides weigh four tons each and there are some 500 bolts in the bridge. The steel rests on concrete piers. When the truck with the crane was taken from one end of the bridge to the other end it had to be driven around a distance of four miles and a few times after rains Des Moines, Special—The internationally-known Royal Scotch Highlander's Band which has already completed three • successful itours of America will provide the ;musical setting for the huge eve- 'ning open air spectacle, "The (World on Parade", at the coming llowa State Fair, in Des Moines August 26 to September 4. Above is ; Roy D. Smith, leader of the High- jlanders. "The World On Parade" iis said to be the largest open air j production ever presented at the if air. It will take visitors on an ; imaginary tour of the world with ! brief glimpses o£ hippodrome and ! other entertainment features of all 'principal nations. The spectacle be presented each night o£ the state exposition followed elaborate fireworks show. by an CORN IS DAMAGED BY HEAVY STORM AT SLJEHEDICT St. Benedict, Aug'. 4—A severe rain and thunder storm swept through this territory late Saturday An Algona ball team had defeated Burt 25-15 in a game at the fair grounds. t t t Secretary Harrington was distributing 1911 county fair premium lists, just printed by the Advance, t t t The Algona Insurance Exchange had been Incorporated, with a capital of $10,000. E. J. Van Ness was president; Al Falkenhainer, secretary; J. B. Johnston, manager. The company was to handle all lines of insurance. t t t E. A. Wolcott, hardware ' dealer, offered to supply Algonlans with airplanes, then listed' for the first time in a hardware supply catalog. t t t The Methodists planned to erect a new parsonage, following sale of the old one to the Algona district for a district superintendent's home. Two sites were proposed, the present site and the T. J. Vincent home. t t t Irvlngton was planning a fall celebration. t t t * Piano pupils of Ida Elsie Kilbourne were to give a recital at the Methodist church. Scheduled to take part were Laura Chubb, Myrtle Beane, Vina, Jane Vincent, Ernestine Chubb, Ruth Lindsey, Frances Malone, Gertrude McChesney, Esther Free, Nelly Schoby, Helen McMahon. t t t • At a special election proposed Improvements at the electric light ins That are BARGAINS 1930 Ford Tudor _ 1930 Ford Coupe _____ 1 1929 Ford Tudor :__ 1929 Ford Roadster Some cheap cars $20 up. One Ford Tudor Demonstrator at a big discounL;| 3 Model T Trucks, $60 up. TERMS KENT MOTOR CO Plioue AUTHORIZED Algoni, I SerYlce— —Sales plant carried, 317-41. allowed to vote, but afternoon, ho'urs, with It lasted a strong about wind. wind blew the rain in sheets, 1% The and garden truck and corn were blown down. It is said that some of the corn will not come up again because the stalks were broken off. On a farm west of the village there was a sort of twister, things being considerably blown about. People were kept' busy wiping up water forced in through doors and win- C A L L SPECIAL Used Car Sale COME IN A1SD LOOK THEM OYEK Special prices and Special Terms in order to reduce our stock of used cars at once. 1929 Dodge D. A. Coach. 1929 Dodge D. A. Sedan. 1926 Dodge Sedan. 1925 Dodge Sedan. 1926 Buick Master Six Coach. 1928 Pontiac Landau Sedan. 1927 Chrysler 60 Sedan. 1924 Jewett 4-pass. Coupe. Ford Model T Tudor. Ford Model T Pickup. Ford Ton Truck, cheap. Try our Washing and Greasing for a first-class job. Elbert Garage Wrecking Service at All Becker before their marriages. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Gossett, Perry, are visiting at the H. E. Theis home for two weeks. Mrs. Gossett was Harriett Theis before her marriage, and she taught in the Perry high school the last two years. Mr. Gossett is coach there. Lucille Lynch, Fairmont, is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. John Nemmers. She Is a daughter of the Dave Lynchs. Her brother Maurice visited hi.s grandmother several weeks and returned home last week. The J. J. Grethens family, Mal,lard, visited the John Williams, the G. D. Harts and Mrs. Mary Segar Sunday. Mrs. Grethen is a daughter of Mrs. Segar and a sister of. the Messrs. Hart and Williams. Isabel Saunders and her niece, Helen Skilling, of Windom, Minn., returned Friday from Humboldt, where they visited at the Walter Welp home since Monday. Isabel is a sister of Mrs. Welp. Mrs.' Roy Larson, Mrs. Harold Larson, Mrs. Oscar Johnson, Viola Larson, Mrs. Wendell Larson and Mrs. Maurice Larson, all of Stanchfield, Minn., spent the week-end at the Olof Olson home. A. W. Kennedy, manager of the Kennedy store, and J. C. Kennedy, Hutchinson, Minn., returned Thursday from Chicago, where they spent a week buying fall goods for their stores. The J. J. Shermans took Lucille Livermore to her home in Fairmont Thursday. Miss Livermore spent several days with her aunt, Mrs. Sherman, here. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Bessalo and daughter Lorraine, of Pennsylvania, are visiting her father, Charles Kollasch. The Bessaloa visit here every summer. Lulu Richards, Clarion, visited her sister, Mrs. Eugene Wolf, Friday afternoon. Mrs. Richards is manager of the telephone office in Clarion. The Raymond Wilhelmis, of Des Moines, spent Sunday at the P. S. Wllhelml home. Raymond Is employed by an electric company there. Betty and Patricia. Sheridan returned the first of the week from where they had spent a the driver had to go around by Biirt, a distance of 13 or so miles. 6- Year-Old's Appendix Removed — Members ,jj of the Mothers and Daughters club and other friends of Mrs. Gusta Patterson are sorry to learn that her niece, Mary Darlene Conner, who sang at the meeting last Thursday, had an emergency operation for appendicitis Monday at dows and bringing chicks to life again. half-drowned The electric the Kossuth hospital, lene is six years old. Mary Dar- Pluin Creek Road Closed— The road directly west of Plum Creek was closed last week for the repair of the wooden bridge west of the steel bridge. This road is in poor condition and is little used except by young people and at times by cars with questionable cargoes. lights were off, and transformers in the neighborhood were burned out. After the main storm there was a slow rain which made everyone feel good. It cooled the air and helped the corn. Wisconsin Relatives in Visit— Frank Caspar), accompanied by Mrs. John Carl, daughter Mabel, and son Clarence, all of Beaver Dam, Wis., arrived Monday evening by auto for a week or so with .relatives here and Wesley. Mrs. ghardon Returns Home— Mrs. L. Shardon, of Chicago, and her son Marvin went home last week Wednesday, after a few days with the Nick and John Raskopfs. Mrs. Shardpn is a sister of Nick. Ruin nig Help to Crops— Some threshing crews have finished their runs, and others will be busy all week. The rain which was •badly needed for the other crops and gardens stopped the threshing Monday. Other Union News. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Davis are parents -of a .girl, their eighth child, born Friday. Mr. Davis works for A. B. Schenck. Women were their ballots were kept separate, because legality of bonds to be issued if the proposals carried would depend on the male vote, women not yet having obtained the franchise. Sixty-eight women votedi and all but three favored the bond issue, t t t Win. K. Ferguson, president of the First National, announced that the bank would erect a new building in the spring. Plans included three two-story fronts, of which the bank was to have one. The postofflce, the A. & P. grocery, and the Paine & Sorensen drug store are now located in the building, At that time the First National was housed in an old brick building third door from the corner on Thorlngton, facing. towards the courthouse. The Sheetz drug store was on the corner and the Parsons, or former Durant drug store, between it and 'the bank. t t t Thos. Gray, Wesley, had been killed when an automobile in which he was riding upset as the result of a rut in the road. He was accompanied by a Colfax doctor who was only little injured. t t t The lease on the building occu- SPECIAL SERVICE Hard of hearing head phones make it possible for any person to enjoy the talking entertainment, I..I..H-M'.H.-I 11 n u i it it H H' Kooler Aire Koollng Plant 35,000 cubic feet of' cool washed air through the theatre every minute. •'••.. 1 1 11 1 N'MII 1 1 1-H-M I 1 Vein Bursts in G. G. Studer recently suffered burst vein in one of his eyes which needed a doctor's care, but he is improving., now. Face Powder From Set In both salt and fresh water live countless millions of microscopic creatures known as diatoms. These build tiny shells of almost Incredible thinness, and when they die their empty homes form a deposit known by the rather forbidding name of diatomaceous earth. Experiments have shown that from this earth can be made a powder which Is ideal for toilet purposes. When dry, diatomaceous earth is easily reduced to very light powder, finer and more porous than that made from rice or starch. At present, all good toilet powders are made from one or other of these two substances. Before long dla- tom powder wade from material collected fropi the seashore or the beds of lutes wd, river* 19 U**ly t» Other St. Benedict, Banker E. F. Rahm, his family, with Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Schemel and Mr. and Mrs. Philip Schemel, Algona, and Dr. and Mrs. Robert Schemel, Omaha, spent Sunday at Alton with the Rev. M. Schemel, a son of Mr. and Mrs., Philip Schemel. The C. L. Blileys, Algona, accompanied by Christine Eisenbarth, spent Friday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Eisenbarth. Florence Cobeen, of Manly, came Saturday evening to spend a week with her sister, Mrs. Julian Arndorfer! Mrs. J. O. Downs and her daughter spent Friday with the Charles Downs family near Wesley. Julia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Rahm, had her tonsils removed last Thursday. A number of folks from here attended a, Catholic bazaar-at St. Joe Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. J. Grossman, of Car- pied by the postoffice was to expire January 1, and bids had been called for on a new location. Then it was in the building occupied by the present Cummings 5 _and 10 store, but eventually it was moved to the present A, & P, grocery quarters, t t t Farmers In the south 14 townships of the county were reporting crops below normal. t t t Supt. Overmyer had completed the annual school census. There were 916 children of school age in the district, of whom 444 were boys, t t t W. P. Chambers, prominent Lu Thursday and Friday, August 6 Thursday matinee 2:30, prices 10-30c Important Booking! 100 -T Hollywood Headllners •— 100 No. 1 Masquer Coinedy Season's laugh cyclone, Made by the Masquer club, comprised of all important" stars, authors, directors, in Hollywood appearing in these comedies. . The club sponsored building a home and sold these Masquer Comedies to Pathe, all proceeds going to this home building furiiJ. . "Stout Hearts and WiUiog Hands" CLIFF EDWARDS ADOLPH MENJOU IRENE DUNN ERNEST TOREENCE in "The Great lover* The screen story of a great opera star. Trapped at his own game. or the love of a beauty vorld apart! ^ Novarro's best since "TO? —Also- n LY3UK HOWE'S HOMII Money Makers oM d »fl SEW SEWS ;|| Diamond Merd_Wj| 2-Reel Talking"" Tuesday-AVcdnesday, A Tuesday matinee 2:30, BARBARA STA CLARK GABIE BEN LYON JOAN BlO EDW, in DORA MACY'S "Sight She tells the naked the night nurse, Prepare for a She's been through Glorious star of Dora Macy's great f*T»;| .Thursday and One of the best month! DOROTHY "* roll, spent Sunday with Mrs, William Kich. * Mr. and Verne township farmer, had made a trip to Washington, D. C., and had been embarrassed time and again by people who mistook him for Vice President James S. Sherman. He was invited' to dinner by members of the House and had difficulty in persuading hotel managers that he was not vice president of the United States and so had no use for royal or state suites which were tendered to him. The daily papers made a big thing of his resemblance to the vice president, and pictures of Mr. Chambera and Vice President Sherman were printed side by 8 ide to show it. The resemblance was indeed striking. o Saturday! Augutt & 1:30-3:30 matinees, 10-30C. Last episode serial! ALICE WHITE EDW. 0. ROBINSON NEIL Burt Bank fay*. •Burt, Aug. 4 — A third dividend is being Paid to depositors of the closed First National bank. This makes a total of 4$ per cent paid in leas mi ninths since the Crlso. of In the criminal world tbose engaged U» cfcx* *re Vnowg as opemiwm of paper in 'The WUow from Chicago' A dangerous widow among the racketeers of the underworld,. Action, suspense, and the thrill of he-man drama. Racketeers quit when the wi4«w calls. Also Big- Comedy Program, 8un4»y and Moua»y, 1 o'clopk and 8 Q'cjqcfe Ineee, J.Q'86p, 6-7-9 o'clock shows, regu^ BAMON KOVABftO Saturday Showing all afternoon^ night to midnight. EDDIB DO "Honeymoon W Be s ure! ln love moon lane, 1 ^«L M »

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