Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 30, 1931 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, July 30, 1931
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KOSSUTH COUNTY FARM BUREAU EXCHANfcE ALGONA, IOWA, JULY 30, 1931 Number 16 fS ENJOY I GAMP ON KQpiAKE Sylvia Abbiw,- rt days are here again was J tln th e minds of 4'H.dete- they assemble* • at Camp . he Okobojis, Thursday af- rJuly 2. t° march by twos to : hall for their first camp jther. ,-: ; Thomas, the camp his staff/which] 1»-»V. IUa ^J _. A , . the cook, the H. D. A. s, "county agents.'- Thirteen white enaniel were set with M,hes for ten persons each. were about ten girls from y, every table .represent- Wner two girls were left .wash the dishes and sweep Lt of the large .dining room. girls had to set table KM on the food at the follow«l; and so °n- all »' the felting turn. .. • IptalnsClioscii.for Cabins. . -•dinner a captain was .chosen fch cabin. These, captains had nt l special meetings, repre- their counties respectively ringing back new ideas for lhat were attending camp had Wesent at a 2:30 p: m. meet- 4-H Club Achievement Day Program, Bancroft, Aug. 5 8:00- 9:00—Placing of garments. 9:00- 9:20—Demonstration, German Golden Glee club. 9«20- 9140—Demonstration, (Portland Peppy Pals. 9:40-10:00—Demonstration, licdyard Ixiyiil Laborers. 10:00-10:20—.Demonstration, Hurt Lively League. 10:20-10 :'40—Demonstration, Fenton Forwards. 10:40-11:00—Demonstration, Swea Spirit of .Service. 11:00-11:20—Demonstration, Harrison Healthy Hustlers. 11:20-11:40—Demonstration, Buffalo Busy Bees. 11:40-12:00—Announcements, "Campaign upeoches," distribution of ballots. 12:00- 1:00—Noon. 1:00- 1:30—Style show. 1:30- 1:50—Demonstration, Elite club. Plum Creek township. 1:50- 2:10—Demonstration, Alethean club, Union township. 2:10- 2:30—Demonstration, Wesley Willing Workers. 2:30- 2:50—Demonstration, Irvington Wlde-Awakcs. 2:50- 3:10—Demonstration, Lone Kaglo. club, Riverdale twp. 3:10- 3:30—Demonstration, Lu Verne Livowires. 3:'0- 3:50—Demonstration, Lu Verne Loyal Workers. 3:50- 4:00—County 4-H Health champion Introduced by 11. D. A. 4:00- 4:10—Election results and introduction of 11)31-32 county officers by Mrs. Paul Krielbe, Burt. 4:10—Announcement of style show, demonstration, and judging team winners by Hiixol Bown, judge from extension service, Ames. lily. \V'e sang- "The More We COUNTY OFFICERS TO BE NAMED ON ACHIEVEMENT DAY Three hundred Kossuth 4-H club g'irls and leaders are now busy with Kossuth Cabin Wins Honors Every Day of the Camp. Seven Ko.ssuth 4-H girls,, nccom- [Togethcr" with 'variations. and leaders were, numbered. Iwere 98 girls and^ leaders and H. D. A.'s and county agents preparations for the annual panied by a leader and the H. D. A., spent a delightful three" days at Camp Foster, the Okobojis, July 2-5. ACHIEVEMENT DAY NEXT WEEK FOR 4-H GIRLS DemonstrationTeams Entered by 15 Groups. At the county 4-H club 'girls' Achievement day at the Bancroft public: schoulhouse next Wednesday 15 demonstration teams will compete for county honors. The subjects for demonstrations have been chosen from things studied during j the second-year clothing course which wns the girls' project this, past ypur. The teams and subjects follow: Fenton Forwards — Ella l^eona Borchardt.' old-fnshloned an< modern layettes. German Golden Glee — Eleaho Intel-mill, Vergie Kill-does, littli sister's clothing. Union Twp., Aletheans — Alic Payne, Mary Gisch, alteration o sleeve pattern. ' •" ' Portland Peppy Pals — Ad Schwietert, Edith Jandl, old and A total of girls attended this One Club Girl's Achievement Card Uy Irene Zielske. After having been in 4-H club work seven years, I believe I should tell of some of the results In my own case. I Joined the Contented Clover club in Ledyard township In the wlrtter of 1924. The first project we studied was clothing. It was then that I made a uniform we. were given a trip to the state fair. In 1929 I was elected president of tho county organization and was toastmoster at a banquet at Bancroft. On a team which won bread-judging first at the county fair. I won the individual high honors, and my teammate was second. Last year I was elected county secretary, and I was our club's which has faithfully served me ever since. During 1925 and 1927 we stud- delegate to Camp Foster: My led home furnishings, and I was j Paper In the music memory con- on a demonstration team which test was marked perfect. won second place at the county fair. I attended one of the largest 4-H club banquets ever held In the state. This was at a short course at Ames where more than 2,000 boys and girls were assembled. Kossuth county had 72 delegates there. Canning was next. I was again oft the demonstration' team, which won first place oh Achievement day. In recognition Since last January I have made 26 dresses (not all my own, of course), eight undergarments, two herein and a purse, and have "made over" seven dresses. Last year I did painting and decorating for two families, and I have also done much canning. I have been helped "in many ways by my 4-H work, and I have made many friends that I would hate to lose. • 4-H CLUBS WILL STUDY TYPES OF MUSIC NEXT YEAR A study of the various types of music will constitute the music pro- Mel riam. Doris Merrlnm, fitting the tgl . am £ol . Iowa 4H clubs next . yeixr . modern layettes for' baby. Lu. Verne Live Wires — Alberta Jendance. lips of 115 played get-ac- until .3:45, when Twent bathing. The water Jne" except that it was some[riled, there being so many in Hauled Down at Night. JEllle was culled at 5:45 p. m., pi of the girls formed a large f around the flag pole while was lowered. .Then we leij to supper. After supper t w as boating, and only three Ind a life-guard were permit[a boat. ' sundown we walked to a Ihlllsido beside the. lake, some fee from our cabins. We sang [in cabin order, and the win,TOUP sang Bendemere Stream lealth talk followed given by •Needles, state health speclal- llils was not a physical educa- plk but a spiritual .and mental She said that perscfns who |he wrong outlook on life are much cripples as^ persons an't walk. [9:30 p. m. reveille sounded i and all had'-;to t be : Mn'••' bed, jand the lights out.- For a •not obeying there was a light (ment. ; Shampoo Demonstrated. next morning, .after flag Achievement day, which will be held next Wednesday at the Bancroft public schoolbouse. Fifteen demonstration teams are working on demonstrations of clothing, which is the girls' project this year. Some of the subjects are alteration, of sleeve pattern, fitting foundation pattern, accessories for the club girl, and little sister clothing. The winning team will represent the county at the state fair and there compete for state honors. •Thirty girls will take part in a judging contest. They will judge shoes, underwear, and two classes of dresses. The scores will l>e based 50% on placing and 50% for reason given. A style show will be held to choose a county style show girl to represent Kossuth at the state fair. The contestants may model in one of the following classes; cotton school dress, semi-tailored -dress or suit, tailored wool dress or suit, or informal party dress. Each' girl will model in a garment made by herself. Shoes, hose, posture, and general appearance will be taken into consideration. Bach club will have a clothing exhibit, and the judge will choose garments for a county exhibit at the state fair. Election of county officers will be held. Each club is entitled to name candidates for county president, vice foundation pattern. rni , Lu Verne Loyal Workers '• — Ro- year. They were from O'Brien, bm!l .M,,sterson, Elsie Hunt, the Sioux, Kmmet, Lyon, Dickinson, Cherokee, Plymouth, Clay, Humboldt. Palo Alto, Osceola, and Kossuth counties. Alene Wilson, Orange City, and well shod foot. Harrison Healthy Hustlers — Louise Simmons, Harriet Toole, accessories for the club girl. Hurt Lively League — Muriel H. M. Nichols, Humboldt, had Long, Margaret Laahs, textile test- charge of the camp, and assisting' ing-. were the following home- demonstration agents: Pearl Sim«, Plymouth county; Miriam Griffith, Cherokee; Jennie Nelson, Clay; and Muriel Body, Kossuth. County Agents M. Wesley willing Workers — Fred- rlcka Girres, Helen Franzen, making of purses. Buffalo Busy Bee« — Kdith Reynolds, Lorraine Peterson, washing G. Burlingmair. of O'Brien, Paul i dainty cottons and silks. Busenbark, of Clay, and Wayne Irwin, of Dickinson, also helped. Swimming, boating, nature study, and handicraft filled busy days. Miss Needle's, of the state health department, spent Thursday and Ledyard Loyal Laborers — Helen Hagge, Fern Lewis, afternoon dresses. Irvington WIde-Awakes — Ruby Koepke, Ruth Black, becoming necklines. Friday at the camp and gave health j Riverdale Lone Eagles — Virginia shampoo demonstrations, besides | Schoby, Kathryn Schoby, smocks. while the Star-Spangled :\yas played, breakfast, out-' apel exercises, and cabin in- by two H. D. A.'s took |;'Then Miss Needles demon- egg shampoo, and a health answered. She also |he girls the 4-H health creed, is; 1. Air is nature's first 12. Water Is beneficial inside Jitside; 3. Food Is, fuel; three (a day are essential. Needles explained that food s are like bad habits; Just as jthe finger nails is a bad .habit. Ilittle bit, a teaspoonful or so, Jdlsllkecl food at a time, and rill gradually become -used to fossutli Cubln is Neatest. meals yells and snappy [were sung by groups. Many ade up for the occasion. It .nnounced at Friday's dinner Primghar cabin was the cabin, though three others behind. This Prlmghar auth's cabin and we Kos- ls were a t least aHIny. bit by the anouncement. On °nd clay of inspection our was again pronounced neat- we sang, We're f»om Big 1 which was greeted with Applause. • afternoon we made port- |m which to put our record [and prevent them from be- soiled or "dog-eared," as l f lffith, H. D. A., expressed it. charge of the making. asure Hunt U Staged, re taught games for .com- and rural use, fun songs, songs, also numbers in the IMemo: contest for the com- by Fannie Buchanan, jrauslc work is known all over sure hunt took place late in ; er noon, j n charge of Mr. ° and Mr. Boom," county F ruit and candy had been among the brush and pn the IWanches of trees, We also [ wentify trees, There was the or linden tree, concerning had a Music Memory k «nls last year.- There were ironwood, walnut, and ' trees. ' Day on Fourth, ! Wa « play day, and water games were played. The •In groups, eaph having a 1 captain. Somebody got fern,?'' 8 mlXefl a ^ S * le ' * nd poups of Eirls t9 und * them_ —-- n ,~ v «.Qes and base- lathing suits on. By noon ..getting .Pretty well warmed 8 leading group, it will be into note, was r own H. 0. prevented the "finishing off : a y, so in jhe afternoon we 2teS pei : lod ln ^ lch ^ e president, secretary, treasurer, and historian.. A county committee will select then two candidates for each office, after • which ballots will be distributed and the voting will take place at noon. Qualifications for county officers, as formulated by the county 4-H committee are: 1. Parents must be Farm Bureau members; 2. Candidates must be at least 16 years of age; '3. Minimum years of club work, 2; 4. At least two years of record books well kept. The county health champion will be presented during the program. She will have been selected previously, but her name will be kept secret till the Achievement' day announce- All persons interested in 4-H club work are Jnvited to attend all or 'any part of the^ day's program, Girls at Wesley Give Program at Twp. F.B. Meet The Wesley Willing Workers, 4-H club in Wesley township, provided the program for a monthly Farm Bureau meeting Friday evening, July 17, at the J. F. Cruise home. This lively group of rural girls demonstrated their ability as coming rural leaders by giving talks, music, and a comedy. Mable Kent, leader, had charge of the enter talnment. The nrogram follows; Dreaming, national 4-H club song, club; reports on state 4-H convention, Helen Kent and Helen Fran» _ . , in T»n+Vi i-Tn. zen; conducting a health conference. Fannie Buchanan, extension recreational specialist from Ames, spent Friday and Saturday at the .camp. She had charge of music and folk games, and of a 4-H entertainment Friday evening. Kossuth girls, won first each day for the neatest cabin. They also made a reputation in camp for fine 4-H spirit. Lucille Black, Irvington township, took part In a special dance, "The Minuet," Friday night, and Frederica Girres, Wesley, and Sylvia Abbas, German township, took the lead in an old Irish folk dance presented the same evening. Kossuth girls attending were; Sylvia Abbas, German Golden Glee; Fredrlca Girres, Wesley \Villlng Workers; Lucille Black and Edna Jordan, Irvington Wide-Awakes; Lorraine "Peterson and Viola Rike, Judging teams are, being chosen from at least IB clubs in individual club contests. The purpose of these judging contests is l. To create interest in high standards of woman- ship; 2. To induce the girls to want to made these standards theirs; 3. To teach girls where their work falls short;; 4. To create friendly competition; 5. To win without bragging and lose without squealing. Marches, waltzes, minuets, and lyric or descriptive music will be studied. The year's study will be based around the following six compositions: The Festival March,'Wagner; Blue Danube Waltz, Strauss; Minuet in G. Paderewski; Hark, Hark, the Lark, Schubert; The Storm, Rossini; Tra'umerei, Schumann. Strauss is often called the "AValt;>, j King." In Blue Danube he gives'a set of short waltzes joined together. He must have been wanting to suit every mood, for the waltzes are dres my, gay, jolly, and wistful in ; turn. ' "''" Schubert Composes Hark! Hark! In Hark, Hark the Lark a.custom of olden days is illustrated.. Then the lover wakened his lady by singing at sunrise beneath her window. Schubert,' seated one day in a.cafe, heard a friend read from Shakespeare the poem' "Hark, the Lark." Buffalo Busy Bees; and Alberta Merrlam, of the Lu Verne Live- Wires. Caroline Hofbauer, German township, attended as the girls' leader, and Viola Rike. was elected captain of the group, *.=,. duet. Whippoorwill, Ruth Haverly and Bernlce De, Boer; report on 4-H camp at Camp Foster, Fredrica Girres; solo, Arlene Brethorsf What the 4-H's Mean, Muriel Body H D. A.; play, Aunt Matilda's Birthday Party, club; Iowa. Smiling Prairie, song, club. Following the program the gills sold Ice cream and cake. A delightful feature of the prom was the arrangement of seats „„ the spacious Cruise lawn..with the porch of the home, serving as program platform. Some 65 people enjoyed this jolly Farm Bureau af- Theron Hansen,- president of the Wesley Farm Bureau, introduced Miss Kent, and gave a short talk at the close of the program. Member's of the Wesley club are: Helen Kent, president; Helen Hawkins, vice pre* dent; Patricia Cruise, secretary "-raass&rs* Girres. Ruth Haverly, Helen Franzen, Gertrude Attlg, Bernlce, De Boer, Victoria Foster, Marjorte Stuley, Edna Llckteig, and June Bole- nous. gram on fair. German Township Girls Give Tea; Mothers Guests The Four-H club girls proved themselves delightful hostesses when the German Golden .Glee club entertained at an afternoon tea at the K. R: Intel-mill home Friday afternoon, June 26. The girls had invited their mothers, the county 4-H committee members, and the H. D. A. to share in the courtesy. A 4 H club program entertained the guests: America the. Beautiful; Welcome, Dianne Kardoes; piano duet, -Sena Tjaden, Sylvia- Abbas; reading, Harriet Sleper; piano solo, Sena Tjaden; Wonderful Mother of Mine, 'club; piano solo, Elsie, Abbas; report of state 4-H convention, Bertha Hofbauer. ' . Rereshments were served by the leader, Dorothy Intermill. Pools and rockery in the Intel-mill yard-were inspected. The .following friends -and 4>(H girls enjoyed this unusually pleasant afternoon: Special guests—Mrs. J. H. Warburton, Lakota; Mrs. J. M. Patterson, Algona; Mrs. B, R. Intermill, Titonka; Mrs. Kobus Tjaden, Titonka; Mrs. Will Kardoes, Buffalo Center; Mrs. J. Hofbauer, Buffalo Center; Emma Gutknecht, Lakota; Mrs. Olaf Funnemark, Wesley; Mrs. Hillurd Abbas, Lakota; Mrs. J. A. iSlepeir, Titbnku; Goldie Hofbauer, Buffalo Center; and the H. D. A. Four-H girls—Eleanor Intermill, Sena Tjaden, Bertha Hofbauer, Harriet Sleper, Sylvia, Anna, and Elsie Abbas, Dianne, Fanne, and Vlrgie Kardoes The style show contest,' which will be held from. 1:00 to 1:30, will have at lenst 15 girls modeling for county honors. The score card to be used by the judge in choosing the style show girl follows: I. General appearance 40 , 1. General design and color combination 110 2. Individuality arid style ... 5 3. Posture and carriage 10 4. .personal neatness '5 5. Fit of garments 5 C. Effect of undergarments.. 5 II. Suitability of costume 20 1. Artistic aspects 2. Becomingnesa of color. 3. Suitability of design. III. Suitability for purpose .....10 1. Occasion 5 '4- Time of year , 5 IV. Attitude on stage .10 II- Girlishness o 2. 4-H club spirit »' V. Accessories .• 20 1. Shoes 10 2. Hose 16 3. Other accessories S "That would make a fine song," he said, and turning the rnenu card over he drew lines for a staff arid wrote the music for this happiest of morning serenades. The Minuet' in G is an old-time dance, such as George and Martha Washington knew. It was. walked with little mincing steps, from which comes its name. Description of "The Storm." The Storm by Rossini is from th 4-H Stock Clubs Plan for State and County Tilts - Kossuth•' 4-H clubs are. preparing for • the county, 'district, 'and staie fairs.- Tn addition "to the" usual county fair exhibits'of';dairy calves', beef calves, and colts' there' : \vl'll ber i. considerable growth'' in''the pure 1 bred gilt and sow and litter' departments,' largely through the efforts of George.. ,iP.' Hawcott, country • pig club chair-roan at Burt, arid' L. E. Sweeney, .club 'leader •'• and-" Smith- Hughes' . agriciultural' • Instructor'- at Swea City. .' ' ' ' •"•',' •' The dairy calf clubs will ''again compete ,at Waterloo with 'a dairy df-moristration team, and perhaps a judging team. . . The baby beef-club and the purebred heifer department, which produced 'the. first-prize purebz-ed beef eifer at the 1930 state fair shown y 'Florence Geishec.ke.r,. Livermore, vill this year 'be one .of the best ounty heifer groups at the state how and will again be a leading oritestant for first place in the in- lividual class. .' . Several new lamb club members iave been added to the list in the iwea City neighborhood, arid this dass will also show an increase iver 1930 at tho county fair. There will be county judging team ryouts in August. and undoubtedly there will be considerable competition for places on the state . fair 200 Present at Annual Lincoln Ice Cream Fest The annual ice cream social of the Lincoln township Farm Bureau was held at the Helko Adams farm, eight miles northeast of Lakota, Friday evening. The event drew .in attendance oC 200, Including members, families, neighbors, and other friends. The evening was spent at visiting, but some of the young folks furnished music and a motion picture program was arranged by a committee. The social cleared $3D 'and was declared the usual success. This event, like the township picnics up that way, has for some years been a popular annual affair in Lincoln township. Elimination trials for prospec tivo members of the county's state fair 4-H livestock judging team were started last Thursday at 'Wesley. The team may include boys from all livestock clubs. The boys visited'.the Alt Studei-.farm to judge hogs; Ben Studer.;s • for beef cattle; Donovan's for dairy cattle; 'i A. .A.-'Bonnstetter's for horses';'"'" The- two high • boys were''" one Youngwirth, with a score of 2BO out of .a.-possible 300,. and E'dWan Funnemark. . They -will "Compete w.ith Algona.,, St. -Joe, aria'•'' 1< We"si Bend, club,-me.mbers...this week, a'ric Kossuth to Have Project Exhibit at Iowa State Fair The county Farm Bureau ain put on -one of seven cptratw Farm Bureau .project exhibits aft. the state fair. Crop diseiise contcuH and seed treatment will be the title*, and tho exhibit will be one of t*» iroject exhibits- used to illustrate Ames extension work carried on 1W the county Farm Bureaus of state. • During tho last several '" considerable experimental and dea»- onstratlon work has been done far the county by the Farm Bureau cooperation with local farmers R. H. Porter;' plant pathologist «*i the college. •. This work has tnchKfc- ed the use of dusts for . porn. mouKtet, formaldehyde arid jlusts,'' for oats-., barley, and wheat; and ''treatment* hons«* feu* treatc- for potatoes, bulbs, nrid ' plants, In .general the pifb; dealt with all jnrmn'er oj.Hej ment and crop"'dlsease' cojit^crt sures. ""*" • The K6sKUth" : hl&h'' honors fta . Wlth'ii.' s'oils'a'nd _ r __ T .__ the committee'; in v 'tehii9fe6 J ot MSfelh. wus HV'J.- 'Bod'e,' Algbna',' l -|^!' t fc'Kl4~ later., the .four,.'jiigh boys will 'compete.; with, the, .four; hlgr-lj boys'froit the Lakota. and. Swea..City ; 'club 'to name, .-three . members. and', one : al ,tei-nate for. -the." state fair- judging ..team. ., ... -. -.,--, •-.•..' V ~'' .. -A. grain judging team, will .'be named from the Swea, City corn club, and a dairy cattle .congress-(Waterloo) team will tye named, from the .high dairy ^calf ] club . members on .dairy cattle pTaci'ng's' in the present tryouts. . . . . , . Whorter, Hurt, an.tl' i ' ;t tom ll! BeHr,"Bfe- Miore.'"' "•'• ' ""• '•"'"'•• • ''' AltiVdugh thty year's'* exTiltnt 1 ntetf r riot win' 'all •tirses''-'a ; ntl-'sweeJ>StMi««r ft -will' at '-le'ast'^e'^rie' r ''-W' ; tlfe-oiit,- stilnaing f exhibits J ut>=''t:We' 1 '5lattf fair-. •• .?'.' •••VK .'.'.•-. >;•? .; •'".^jillSy' '»'•.{ i opera William Tell. The takes us Into the Alps just musii as ! storm is breaking. First, there Is a bit of hurrying, quivering music to represent little mountain crea tures scurrying to cover; then pic colo and flute give quick short call like flashes of lightning, and th drums mutter thunder. Finally a the storm breaks all of the Instru ments together tell of the shriekln wind, the lashing trees, the rushin water, and the crashing rocks. Traumerei, which is German fo dreams, is a quiet, restful piece, a In the one little melody. Total points 100 IT'S .OUTSTANDING—SUMMER ..or winter—Gamble's? 17-plate Tiger battery has 55 per cent more plate surface. Will not overcharge quickly in summer driving'— $0.89 exch. pricel Open until 8 p. m.; Sat- Farmers' Directory urdays 10 p. m. 32-46 HAVE US ADDRESSOGRAPH your mailing list and save you the expense and drudgery of typing. Our addresses' cannot be told from typewriting.—Advance. . 25tf CHICKS, DAY, WEEK,, 2 old . Also yearling hens.—TTanrfl— ton Leghorn Farm .& Hatchery;, Bancroft, Iowa. ?rain and livestock Judging team, a class in which Kossuth. has placed, in the high ten for the last several , ears. Prospects at this time are for 1931 to be one of the outstanding years tor Kossuth 4-H clubs in .-inter- county competition, and this can be largely credited to the work of the county 4-H club committee and che efforts of local club leaders. to match our cos- fy n ' pro- everyone forget that Aftervyards .morning w a a.bi *W W Wo** PS!&* gave a sermonette at the WhU£g Ldge. The Catholic girte were taktn to' 10:80 a. m. mass at Milford, The rest of the girls took pic- and packed up for home. Sunday noon the campua fuU of peopte **** had come after Lu Verne Girls Try Bookkeeping Frances Hansen was to have been hostess to the Lu Verne Loyal Workers 4-H club Friday, July 24, but because threshers were at the Hansen home Eileen Neal was hostess instead. Fifteen members responded to roll call on good manners. A health talk was given by Virgle Hardcopf, and Cora Masterson told how to care for sweaters, while Ruth Madsen gave a talk on music for the club girl. Blanks were given to-the girls t 0 fill out for physical examination. Five mothers and one visitor attended the meeting. The next meeting will be on August 7 at Genevieve Sanfords. Burt 4-H'ers Meet, The Burt Lively League met recently with Dorothy Brooke, and the following program was given: voU call, hints OR waning bose and 'silks; talk, accessortea for the club 6W, aiaay* »«»ii«*5; The girls may model in one of the following classes: 1. cotton school dress; 2. semi-tailored dress or suit; 3. tailored wool /dress or suit; 4. informal party dress. Golden Glee Club Meets July 8th; Also on July 23 .The German Golden Glee club' met Wednesday, July 8, with Anna and Sylvia Abbafi, 12 members attending, including a now member, Ruth Barton. Roll call was answered with ways to'prevent moths in clothing. Bertha Hofbauer reported her trip to Ames, and Sylvia Abbas told of a 4-H club camp she attended at Camp Foster, the Okobojis, July 2-5. Diana Kardoes spoke oh alteration of pats: teVns and on how to mend runners In silk- hose. Sena Tjaden gave a demonstration on decorative stitches and on what garments and materials they are most appropriate for. The meeting was adjourned at 3:30, and Miss Intermill, leader, }n- spected the girls' finished garments, two of which were- selected for exhibition on Achievement day. The girls then had a picture taken. Lunch was served in cafeteria style by "the hostesses. Fannie Kardoese entertained the club at a special meeting last 4-H School Held at Burt July 16 13mma Mcllrath, clothing special- st conducted an all-day training school for 4-H club demonstration '•"f.ms, Thursday, July 116, at the Burt Legion ha'l. Most of the day <va<! spent in special conferences Ith each demonstration team. In f he movning Missi Mcllrath gave a "Ik on I-Iow to Give a Winning Demonstration. The county cham- p'ori team of last year gave its vlnning demonstration on Approved •hoes. Beada. Kollasch, Burt, and "osemary Murphy, Bancroft, made •ip this team, and their demonstra- 'ion formed the basis of Miss Me- lU-ath's discussion. Much help and '"rpirat'.on was given" to the 4-H r i-ls, who are preparing for the ounty contest on "•A • next Wednesday. —. - -* Achievement Thursday, 11 members, the. leader, and a visitor, Marie Meinders, attending. The. afternoon was spent at inspecting garments. A'nna Abbas was chosen style girl for Achievement day. Pictures were taken of Eleanor Intermjll and Vergie Kardpese, the demonstration team, and of Bertha Hofbauer and Sena Tjaden, the judging team. Eleanor and Vergie gave their demonstration on Clothing for- Little Sister,- and at 4 o'clock lunch was served. Lone E&gles Plan Achievement Day Contest Entries Mrs. J. M. Patterson entertained the Lone Eagle/4-H club, of Rlver- d'jle township, at 6. o'clock dinner lust week Wednesday evening. The dinner table was attractive in a. yellow and white color scheme, with daisies and candles forming the cen- ' -^-nieces. The club held a regular meeting in the afternoon, and Virginia Scho;by gave a report of the state 4-H convention at Ames June 17-20. Talks were given by Mrs. Patterson and Muriel Body, H. D. A. T Ma Patterson was chosen style show girl to represent the club In a county contest' on Achievement day, August 5. Elizabeth Leners and Albertha Boldridge will compete in a judging contest. Virginia and Kathryn Schoby were elected demonstration team. Four-H club girls in attendance were Rosetta Barker, Albertha Boldridge, Elizabeth LenerS, Kathryn and Virginia Schoby, Margaret Miller, and Ilda Patterson. Other .guests were Mrs. G. V. Barker, new leader of the club, Mrs., Boldridge, and Miss Body. German 4-H Girls Give Program at Township Meeting The 4-H club girls of German township presented a township ^arm Bureau program Tuesday eve- nnig, June 30, at Guy Barton's. In order to be an Io%va Standard •!-H. girl's club there are 14 def- 'nite requirements that must be met. One of these is to put on one pro- ram to which the public is. invited. Thus the 4-H clubs of Kossuth are helping out with Farm Bureau programs all over the county, Sena Tjaden la urssiaont of.. the German Golden Glee club, and Dorothy Intermill is leader. This club sent Bertha Hofbauer as delegate to the recent, state convention at Ames and .sent Sylvia Abbas to the • club camp at Camp Foster, the Okobojis. The program at the meeting in tiuestion was heard by 60 Farm Bureau folk, it follows; America the Beautiful, club girls. Reading, Diana Kardoes. Piano duet, Sena Tjaden and Sylvia Abbas. Reading, Harriet Sleper. Piano solo, Sena Tjaden. Song, Wonderful Mother of Mine, club girls. Piano solo, Elsie Abbas. Report of state ,.4-H convention, Bertha Hofbauer. Ta.<k, Mrs, J. H; • Warburton, La- iota, county chairman woman's Fruits and Vegetables . —fresh from garden and orchard and at A&P's low price a decided economy. Peaches, Crate Oranges . Lemons WltfiliCOHOMYSUUi' . . 99c doz. 2lc doz. 39c WATERMELONS BANANAS PEARS Butter ^ 28c 2 16-02. The Elite club ojt Plum Creek township, met last Friday at Verla Shaw's, el£bt members and three visitors present. A talk on care pf clothing was given by kucjlle Calhoun, and another on alteration of patterns by tfee- leadw Miss Bennett. Flaws wwe laid for Achieve- to for Talk, E. R. Morrison, ' county agent. . . Songs, 4-H club girls. "• The H. D. A., Muriel Body, announced the program, Refreshments were served. ANN PAGE STRAWBERRY OR Raspberry Preserves . . .* JARS Hop Flavored Edelweiss Malt CAN 29e Lux Flakes . ... . 21&&V 17e Lux Soap ...... 3 CAKES 19 C Prince Albert Tobacco . . C * N 12c ONE PACKAGE OF PALMOLIVE BEADS WITH EACH PURCHASE OF PALMOtlVE SOAP . • . 3CAKES.I9c Ready in 12 Minutes 3 Big Servings CHEF BOY-ARJDEE Instant SPAGHETTI DINNER Lu Verne Workers Study Clothing The Lu Verne Loyal Workers and heir leader,, Mrs. Robert Master- ori, met at' Nadeen Madsen's Friday, June 26. Roll call, answered s y 16 members, was on materials suitable for an afternoon dress. A emonstration on designs and mater- a's for the ingenue, the dramatic, Mnd the athletic type of girls was -Iven by Benona Neal. Coiu Mas- erson gave a talk on The Hemmed Patch, and Mrs. Earl Nea) gave A Talk to the Girls, Whalt Is a Per- eci; Foot was the subject of a health talk given by Marvel Davidson. A report of the first forenoon session at'the Ames convention was given by Cordelia Rlstau. The Elite 4-H girls' club of Plum Creek township met Jvdy 10 at Lucille Calhoun'8. The girls for the judging and demonstration teams were elected: Ruth Miller and TVeda. Paetz, and Bdna Mjlller and Mary Tjaden. Helen -Paet? was elected style show girl -for Achievement day The.J»ealth contest was ousted, via Riverdale GuesU at Dinner Mrs. J. M- Patterson was hostess tp the Riverdale Lone Eagles club July 14. The club met at ? p. m., a,nd a regular meeting was held, after which a three course forma} dinner was served- The color scheme was yellow anpl white, a yejlow tapering candle in a white hol^e? and a basket of dateies .serving as ce'nter- piece, Quests included. Muriel BETTER THAN ALARM C TJie sleepiest appetite rouses to lively interest when you start making coffee with any one of the famous 'A & P Coift? Trio, Stjut today to wake, them up to real coffee enjoyment. Eight O'Clock . , , , smooth, mild and mellow,' JJokar . . . , delicate, subtle^ exquisitely flavorful, Red Circle .... rich, robust, full-bodiecC EIGHT O'CLOCK coffee, , ib. 19c RED CIRCLE coffee ,..,,* 25? 8 O K A R COTH to. 29* , , The Coffee (19 aun you* assured by 4 #4* * T>

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