Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 23, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 23, 1931
Page 7
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^4 As"&ui.' ,ry 1.^-Aisnsi UPPLIES " • KOSStttH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA wine I a re handling the best , of twine ,at the IbWr ilble price. ire »nd Place Your 4er with Us Now. In the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa. MRS. O. D. HOLLAND AND PAUKB D. HOLLAND, Plaintiffs, WILBUR J. PAYNE, Editor PAGE 8BVW Let Us Me Thankful. The corn field at Carl Humphrey's, south of the fair grounds, wns more In the early days, and about this time of yenr a horde or hm vest hands, not tlhvnys free froi pretti' well tasseled out July IB. ' nnvtl y element, would come Into the i grade of c6al for ting. This field Is the farthest along we have «een, and at that we have traveled south as far as Stratford, more than half way to Des Molnes. Threshing had begun In some places down there on July 15. The corn looks excellent almost everywhere, but oats appear to have been generally a poor crop. Much of the small grain Is rusty, and almost all short- stalked. The section around Clarion and south Is pretty much a cash grain country, with much fewer hope, dairy cattle, and poultry than here: also there is more cash rent and higher rent. The going rate, even for 200 and 300-acre farms, seems tq be about $9.50 an acre. '•Formers 'are naturally pessimistic when they harvest a poor crop oC 15c oats on such land, county, we were told,. In Wright five banks I us ship your livestock. , UB for dates. pay top prices t for IS' ELEVATOR CO. I HOBARTON [[OND REID, Manager. J>hone 36P1. had closed since mid-winter. The writer rode a half day with a Regis- j n g beets. country to Cradle and bind grain. Thewn old timers conducted races at both binding mul c-radllng, and the, contests were cncotiriiged by employers, w iio thought Unit by getting a HtroiiK fellow to challenge the other hands to follow him and do a mansized day's work much would be accomplished in ;i day. When a harvest hand binding grain at terrific pace to keep up became sunstruck and fell In the field he \vfis said to have let his bundle come up and hit him. Sometime thp grain fields were infested with snakes, and It was not uncommon for a harvest hand to bind up a snake In his bundle. Tales of rattle snake bites were common. Today the nearest thing to the coming of the harvest hands around Elmore Is the influx of Mexican sugar-bet, weeders in the spring, and they come only to farms grow- •THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED REAL ESTATE, TOWIT: «HE NORTHEAST QUARTER (NE%) OF SECTION 7, TOWNSHIP 98, NORTH RANGE M., De- MICA Visit ir Showroom OWi live rsary Gift all Visitors Special Ibilee Offer Celebrating 15 Years of IGIDAIRE :hievement the trip not a single bank check was received, though a liberal number of subscriptions was taken. Notwithstanding tight money and ow income, more than 80 per cent of all farm families .in Wright county now have either the Register or the Tribune, and In addition a few have other dailies. Many say the dally paper Is one of the few expenses not absolutely necessary which they allow themselves. Some of us get blue here in Kossuth once In a while, but we have many things to toe thankful for. For Instance, several people have of late commented to us on the good show- Ings in local bank statements. We think they would feel even better about our -banks if they were in position to see the security behind the loans made in the' past 18 months. Folks a while back complained that they could borrow only a fraction of the worth of chattels they offered as security, but .with the drop Tn prices it is a comfort to know that the loans etill are amply secured. Then, too, here in Kossuth we do not have cash grain only to depend on, but a wide range of other income producers. Almost every farm has cream and eggs to sell or pork and beef on feed. Others -have spec ialUes, like sugar beets, soy beans alfalfa, etc. We keep far more poultry, ant this is one item that will be firs to rise in price. Already a 5c gain in first-grade egg prices has been registered in the last two weeks Folks have sold hens ruthlessly have raised fewer baby chicks and are headed straight for another The Haver homo has a. grove of big trees which prove that the home site has long been occupied. FARM NEWS AND COMMENT. Theo. E. Harr recently purchased a mllklng-straln Shorthorn bull from the A. A. Kading herd at Lotts Creek. The sire of this bull weighed more than a ton. The Kading quality is well known. E. A. Guderian was exchanging work vlth Mr. Harr when we called, and he two men were operating * a factor-binder outfit in the oats 'leld. The crop was fair. Mr. and Mrs, Jos. Platt, south of own, on Lover's Lane, have had a new 12-lb. baby since July 15. This STOAKES, W. K. SMITH, JOHN S. THOMPSON, JAMES CREGAN, MRS. ELLEN DUKE, MISS AUGUSTA BRIESKE, MRS. ANNA L. SHORT, MISS MARJORIE EDWARDS, AND ALL UNKNOWN PERSON OR PERSONS, OR CLAIMANTS, CLAIMING ANY RIGHT, TITLE, OR INTEREST IN AND TO THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED REAL ESTATE, TO - WIT: SOUTHWEST QUARTER (SW%) OF SECTION 35, TOWNSHIP 94, NORTH OF RANGE 27, WEST OF THE 5TH P. M., KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, Defendants. To Each and All of the Above Nam• ed Defendants: You and each of you are hereby notified that there is now on file In the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, the petition of the plaintiffs above named elating and alleging . that they are the owners and holders of three promissory notes, one in the sum of $1,500.00 and-one.in .the sum of $2,000.00 and one in the sum of $2,500.00, all bearing date of November 22, 1926, and excuted by Ida I. Stoakea and Henry E. Stoakes. Said petition alleges that to secure notes totaling the sum of $15,000.00, which eum includes the mount of the plaintiffs' notes, the efendants, Ida I. Stoakes and Henry E. Stoakes made, executed and delivered to the defendant, John S. Thompson, a real estae mortgage conveying the following described real estate, to-wit: The Southwest Quarter (8W%) of Section 35, Township 94, North of Range 27. West 'of the Fifth P, M., Kossuth county, Iowa. Said petition further alleges that 29, WEST OF THE 5TH P. KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, fendants. To Each and All of the Above Named Defendants: You and each of you are hereby notified that there is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, the petition of the plaintiff above named alleging and' claiming that she is the owner and holder of two certain promissory notes In the sum of $1500.00 each bearing date of January 20, 1920, executed by Dave Gilbert and Minnie Gilbert and payable to "ourselves" and asking that she have a personal Judgment against the said Dave Gilbert and Minnie Gilbert upon said notes in the sum of $3497.32 with Interest from and after the first day of August, 1931 at the rate of seven per cent per annum, and asking In addition thereto judgment for $29.30 for abstract of title. Said petition alleges, among other :ho plaintiff's Hen against said premises is senior and superior to the claim, right, title, or Interest of each and all of the defendants, and asks for a personal Judgment against the said Dave Gilbert and Minnie Gilbert only, and asks that said judgment be established a» a lien against said described premises from the date of the said mortgace, to-wit: the 20th day of January. 1920, and alleges thnt the said not» and mortgage are due and wholly unpaid, as to this plaintiff, Said. petition further alleges that the defendants, Harry J. Shoemaker, Mrs. W. S. Doyle, Mrs. Ella B. Taylor, Charles Hocker, Kathrvn Appellate, J. D. Holland estate, Geo. S. Shaw, Charles Hacker, administrator, and Mary Ella Gantz, at one time .claimed to be the owners and holders of the other notes secured by said mortgage, but If they are not the owners of such notes, thin plaintiff does not know the names of the owners of auch other notes and the unknown claimants and unknown persons made defendanta In this action are the owners of the said other notes. said petition now on file. And unless you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of the second day of the next term of Bald court, the same being the regular September 1931 term thereof, which will convene at the court house in COUNTY BUDGET ESTIMAl NOTICE: The Board of Supervl meet August 4th, 1931, at 10 a. m.,'t Taxpayers will be heard for or agalnf dltures at that time. Proposed Bal. Estlmat. Bxp. on/Hand Surplus FUNDS Est. June 30 of Bal. 1932 1931 on'Hand tteneral —$103.000 $ 54,051 $ 20,000 Court Exp. 7,000 8,366 5,500 Poor 42,000 «807 State Insane 17,000 1,749 Fairground _ 2,600 1,354 100 Co. School . 16,500 655 Sold. Relief- 3,400 2,472 1,200 Co. Cash Rd. Bonds and Interest - 34,000 17,990 8,000 C o . Bridge Bonds and Interest '. 23,000 10,180 10,500 Secondary Road Const.: Mandatory (2 mills) . 115,000 24,697 15.00C Optional (2 mllte) - 22,000 Secondary Algona, Iowa, on the 21st day «t September, 1931, your default itftl be entered of record and judgment and decree rendered as provided by 'law. •'•.• • ' , ."•- ;• FRANK S. fcOVRim" 44-47 Attorney for Plaintiff. PE AND KECOKD OF FH.IIVO sors of Kossuth County, Iowa, will it the Court House In Algona, Iowa, it the following estimate of «xpen- BBRTHA 15. JOHNSON, County Auditor. Est. In- Amt. Nee. Expend. Expend, come to be for for Other than Raised Year Year Taxation by Tax 1929 1930 $ 20,000 $ 63,000 $101,616 ?102,136 1,500 7,049 4,813 8,000 34,000 30,995 31,746 1,000 16,000 15,452 16,082 2,500 2,070 1,S>56 4,000 12,500 17,036 16,309 2,20(5 2,731 2,377 26,000 27,496 31,807 1 12,500 17,469 19,74.2 75,000 25,000 175,668 171,1.31 22,600 fc3Ui*U JJG 1,1111/1 a O.l*^e,^«J| U111W11O W»(*^.* Ings, that to secure the payment said notes, and other notes, which her notes Including the notes led upon, totaled $16,000.00 in prin- pal, the defendants, Dave Gilbert id Minnie Gilbert, made, executed nd delivered to one John I. Thomp; in a mortgage conveying . the. folr wing described real estate, to-wlt: Northeast Quarter <NE%) of Section 7, Township 98... North Range 29, West of the 5th P. M., Koesuth county, Iowa. Said petition further alleges that y the purchase of the notes sued pon in this action, the lien of the aid mortgage and the mortgage it- elf was transferred to this plaintifl nd that she Is the owner and hold- r of said mortgage and of all rights ecured thereunder. Said petition further alleges that Said petition asks that Raid mortgage be foreclosed and that the plaintiff be awarded a special e«e- cution and that from and after the day. of sale under .said special ••««• cutlon that the defendanta and each and all of them be, forever barred anil ."foreclosed f rbni . "claiming MJ7 right, title, or, Interest In" and to said described premises except such rights of redemption as are especially provided by law. Said petition also states ground* for the appointment of a receiver and asks that a receiver b« appointed, and alleges that the wild mortgage was duly recorded on the 31st day of January, 1920, in Book 74 on page 46, Mortgage Records of Kossuth County, Iowa. For a more particular statement of the plaintiff's cause of action, aee Secondary Road Const.: Mandatory (2 mills) . 115,000 24,697 15,000 Optional (2 mllte) - 22,000 Secondary RoadMalnt.: • Mandatory (4.8 mills) 58,700 Mandatory (7% mills) .80,000 65,332 Optional (1.8 mills) 21,000 Construe, or Malnt: Mandatory (2 mills) _ 26,000 Totals $671,200 $186,846 $ 60,300 Estimated taxes per $1,000.00 of 'Overdraft. 75,000 25,000 175,668 171,1.31 22,600 58,700 80,000 21,000 26,000 190.487 $108,000 $402,900 $397,582 $587,986 assessed value, $8.9558. poultry boom that will commence just as soon as the market finds how small our poultry flocks have become. Dairy products also are due to show a email Increase in price, though probably not as much as young fellow in the fifth boy in the 'amily, and there are two girls. Mr ?latt works for Cowan & Son. The Platt family, who came here from Spokane last fall, take care of sev eral acres-of garden and have pota toes, popcorn, field corn, and garden stuff in abundance. Haupert Bros., on the Haggart farm, southeast of. town, hav built 400 rods of fence since they came on the .farm. This was don on their own .time, and it is oh way to get a farm fenced to handl livestock. 'I farming with their mother, 'Mrs John Haupert, tend 200 acres, and have 30 cattle and 23 head of sheep. The women folks this spring started with 400 buCC Minorca baby chicks and have raised 350. The farm had been operated till recently by Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh Hike. Le Roy Thilges, St. Joe, who married Agnes Manthei, Ledyard, June 30, has a good, start at farming the Mrs. Green 120-acre place southwest of Algona. Le Roy is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thilges, who farm south of Algona in the St. Joe neighborhood, and his bride is a, daughter of the late Mrs. Rose Manthei, who owned and operated a the defendants, James Cregan, Mrs. Ellen Duke, Miss Augusta Brleske, Mrs. Anna L. Short, and Miss Mar- jorle Edwards at one time owned the notes secured by said mortgage other than the plaintiffs' notes, and that if they do not own the same now, that the persons owning the same are unknown defendants named in said petition and in this notice. Said petition alleges that by the purchase of the said notes the Hen of the said mortgage was transferred to these plaintiffs and the mortgage itself was transferred to these plaintiffs, and that their lien under said mortgage is senior and superior to the lien, right, claim, title, or Interest of any of the said defendants in and to said described premises. Said petition alleges that there was due and owing upon said notes on the first day of July, 1931, the sum of $6,536.00 and that the plaintiffs have been to the expense of $10.70 for abstract of title and asks for a personal judgment against the defendants, Ida I. Stoakes and Attention hresherme.fl-1 ( - - . . Subject to prior sale, we offer the following bargain prices: FRICIDAIRI ANNIVIMARY JUIILII poultry. Both dairy and poultry can now be fed cheaper than at any time before in years; accordingly we have low.er cost of production. We still have a good deal of maneuvering to do to finance ourselves past the next few months, but there are opportunities on every side for the wideawake farmer today. Our folks are not wasting time grouelng about the present situation but are thinking hard about how to prepare for tomorrow. That is the right spirit, and it will win for the active, intelligent farmer every time.. At J. P. Nickerson's. J. P. Nickerson sold seven 300-lb. sows last week Wednesday at $4.50 cwt. One sow with no pigs brought $5.60. The price, though low, was better than. many others have • received this summer for sows. Mr. Nickerson has part of his land rented to Vernon Teeter and part to C. • N. ' Robinson, neighbors. These men Nickerson land along land, Mr. Nickerson keeps about usual number of sows and cows and Mrs. Nickerson tends the .usual- sized poultry flock. They feed the stock out of their landlord's share but escape the work of tending the land. The Nickersons now own large farm near Ledyard. • Le Roy as rented the Green farm for five ears. Both of these young folks ave been well trained as farmers nd will succeed. Jewell M. Patterson, south of Alona, recently made a deal with ic state college forestry depart- ent by which it is conducting a near-by farm the with othei the [now celebrating . Wwiverjary, and wt cordially « to be our guest. You will 1 interesting things, «U we a dramatic dcmoostra. toe enduring qualities of » Ufetinw Porc«Uin. You |»« neither heat nor moisture this lasting, glaounoota. that It withstands bard |«nd scratch**- that liven, the " of lemon cannot harm the I interior. W also see how Frigidaiw's back, one.wsjy, steel-rail [nuke it easy to put food in and out-how the Cold Control ble a wide variety of frown three houses in Algona, but continue live on the farm, where they are connected with the city by a good paved road and have a more com fortable home than they would bi likely to have In town. The young eat daughter,' Evelyn, left for De Moines right after the Fourth t enter the Capital City Commercla with Mr. Nickerson abou how long It took for corn to> tasse out. we made a guess that the tas eels appeared over night, but JMI Nickerson said that in spite of hay ing been around corn fields as Ion as he has been he could not say to sure hpw long it required, Howeye he said he had measured the growt of a cornstalk in good growin weather and had found that I inches of growth was made ip [Mww the Hydmor vegetable* fr«*h adull wiU vffl ffv tb < We'laughed with J. P- al ? out *"j experience of a reporter who wa sent out to a corn field by a Des Moines editor one hot night las, summer to see if corn pops when grows fast. The reporter sat u with the corn a.11 night, but in report he wrote mostly of bugs an P which crawled over him an ,, which bit him, wit corn DOWN 1 G I DA i R E ' AI "I£[0 (UK i HAHi roject in forestry on the Patteron farm. The college furnished nd set out 220 evergreens, 200 vval- ut trees, and 200 ash trees; also he college will replace during the ext three years all trees that fail o live. Mr. Patterson spent $23 for and is cultivating the land he trees are set out on. He has otatoes planted on part of the land mong the small trees. Some of the feet, lived vergreens are four or five igh. Probably 90% have hrough the hot weather. There was also about a (10% loss among the valnut trees, but none among the ,sn trees, The, plan looks like a good one. The college gets a chance ,o set out trees under actual farm conditions and study them there instead of just setting. them out at he college. The Patterson farm is known as one of the Important Hoi- stein centers o£ the county. > Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Gunder, south Henry 1 E. Stoakes, in the sum of $6,546.70 with interest from the first day of July, 1931. Said petition further-asks that the Hen of the said judgment be established against the said described premises from the date of the said mortgage, to-wit: The 22nd day' of November, 1926, and further asks that the plaintiffs be awarded a special execution for the sale of said premises, or so much thereof, 'as may be necessary to make the said judgment and costs, and that from and after the day of sale that the defendants and each and all of, them be forever barred and foreclosed from claiming any right, title, or interest in and to said premises, except such rights of redemption as are especially provided by law. ' , . Said petition further alleges grounds for the appointment of a receiver and asks that a receiver be appointed, and also asks that their lien be established senior and superior to the right, claim, title or interest of any of the defendants, and asks for all such other and further relief as to the court may aeem equitable and proper. For a more particular statement of the plaintiffs' cause of ; action, see said petition now on file. And unless you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of the second day of the next term of said 40 ft. 195' ft. 378 ft. 357 ft. 396 ft. 143 ft. 245 ft. 279 ft. 171 ft. 301 ft. 33 ft. 12 ft. 260 ft. 30 ft. 36 ft. 100 ft. 66 ft. fi ft. i 38% ft. 1 21 ft. IS 17 ' 1 BELTING 4 in,, 4 ply, black canvas ft.. $ .25 1 In., -3 ply, rubber ft. .08 1%-in., 3 ply, rubber .-ft. .13 2-in., 3 ply, rubber L ft. .15 2%-in., 3 ply, rubber ft. .16 3-in., 3 ply, rubber ft. -20 3%-in., 4 ply, rubber ft. -25 4-in., 4 ply, rubber ... ft. .35 5 5-in., 4 ply, rubber ft. .38 6-in., 4 ply, rubber ' . ft. .40 7-iti., 4 ply, rubber '. ft. -49 7-in., 5 ply, rubber ft. .62 8-in., 5 ply, rubber ft. -70 2-in., 3 ply Victor Balata ft. .15*^ 3-in., 3 ply, Victor Balata ft. .20 4-in., 4 ply; Victor Balata ft. .45 6-in., 4 ply, Victor Balata ft. ' .68 %-in., round Heather ft. -18 *4-in., round leather ft- - 14 2%-in., single leather : ft- .48 BOILER FLUES 2%x72 In. long. : ea - ch t 1 - EO 2%x82 in. long each 1.75 2%x90 in. long _ each V 1.95 3x75 in. long eaoh i- 70 3x90 in. long _, — each 2.00 3x108 'in. long each 2.50 3x120. in. long . each 2.60 BOILER GAUGE COCKS 12 %x!4 in each 4 %x24 in : ^each 1 %x30 in. :~- _._<jach GAUGE GLASS RUBBERS 107 % in. _• each 73 % in. . each 74 % in. each GLASSES FOR SIGHT FEED OIIEHS 8/12 dz. 1 in. — each 4/]'2 dz. 1H in. each 9/12 dz. 1% in. '• each 3/12 dz. 1% in. each 4/12 dz. 2 in each 2/12 dz. 2% in. each GRAPHITE 4 1 Ib. cans No. .1 coarse— •- each 1 % Ib. can No. 2 flake each 6 1 Ib. cans No. 2 powdered = .—.—each HOOKS 4 boxes No/2 stag : belt -' each HOSE 5 50 ft. lengths %-in. garden hose —-ft. 24 ft. %-in., 4 ply, steam i—ft. 17 ft. %-in., 4 ply. white ateam : . .' ft. 10 ft. 1-in., 4 ply, white steam ft. .-52 ft. 1-in. water • ——ft. 42% ft. 1%-in. water .... *— —ft. .25 .60 .75 .07 .26 .26 .45 .27 , .40 %-in. BOILER GRATES 630 Ibs. 36-in. common 288 Ibe. 42-ln. common 175 Ibs. 44-in. common of the fair grounds, are improving .heir home, which is located half way up the hill towards the Hackman place. ,• They have refloored one room, reroofed, built a 12 by 12 cellar, built a chimney from the ground up, plastered throughout the house, and done other minor improving. Mr. Gunder has lived on the same property 13 years. The Gunder holdings include three acres of land. Mrs. Gunder, who was a Mlxdorf girl before marriage, recently came into a small inherl tance which enabled the couple to remodel their home; Mr. Gunder, who conducts a teaming business, said the demand for his teams had been slack this season, accordingly he had more time for work around home. court, the same being the regular September 1931 term thereof, which will convene at the court house in Algona, Iowa, on the 21st day of September, 1931, your default will be entered of record and Judgment and .decree rendered as provided by law. 44-47 PRANK S. LOVRIEN, Attorney for Plaintiffs. Farmers 9 Directory of winks at one in the night! ORIGINAL NOTICE In the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa. MARY E. MOON, Plaintiff, vs. DAVE GILBERT, MINNIE GIL' BERT, JOHN S. THOMPSON, FARMERS & TRADERS SAVINGS BANK, of Bancroft, Iowa, ' HARRT J. 'SHOEMAKER, MRS, W S. DOXLE, MRS, ELLA B. TAYLOR, CHARLES HOCKER, KATHRYN APPELGATE, J. D. HOLLAND ESTATE, GEO. S. SHAW, CHARLES HACKER, administrator, MARY ELLA GANTZ, AND ALL UNKNOWN PERSONS AND UNKNOWN CLAIMANTS CLAIMING ANY INTEREST OR TITLE IN AND HOW ONE WOMAN LOST 20 FOUNDS OF FAT UUfl y' ..*?-' £&•* physical Visor— A Shapely Figure. 1 1 73 53 60 8' 7 6 8 11 91 54 10 5 328 14 11 13 22 BOILER TOOLS • flue header ----------------------- - ........... each Fire box hoe, 8-ft. handle. ....... -------------- each %-ln, hose clamps ------ •, -------------------- — each 1-iri. hose clamps -------------- - ------------- eaoh 1%-in. hose clamps --------------------------- each 1%-in. hose clamps ... — ....... ------------ — each 2-ln. hose clamps — . ..... --------- ....... —.each CLEANERS • ', Chicago Hue, 1%-in. — ------ ' ------ - — - ----- each Engineer's Favorite flue, 2-in. ---------------- each Engineer's Favorite flue, 2%-in. -------------- each Engineer's Favorite flue," 2%-in ......... ------ each Ruggles flue, 2%-in. -------------------------- each Ruggles flue, 3-in. --------------------- - ------ each Ruggles flue, 4-in. ------ ---------------- 1 ----- each COUPLINGS Garden hose -------- .......... — - ...... '- ----- each %-ln. ateam hose ----- - ------ ............. ---- each 1%-ln. steam hose ----- : --------- — - ---------- each CUPS .Hard oil, size 0 ------- - ---- - ......... ~,- 7 ..... each Hard oil, size 00 ___________ - ------------ -- — —each Hard on, size 1 --------- - ---- ....... — ........ each Hard oil, size 2 - ------ — ------ ------ ....... — each Hard oil, size 3 --------------------- - --------- T each DRESSING (1 Ib. sticks) belt, giant ---------- - ............ each (% Ib. cans) .liquid belt ----------- - ------ _,-,each GASKETS Asbestos boiler hand hole — ; -------------- ...each Asbestos boiler manhole, 12xl6x%x5/16 ,' ------ each GAUGES 4%-ln. steam, 200 Ibs. pressure-. ---- ., ------ .—each GAUGE GLASSES %x!6 in. ------------------------------------- each %xll in ---- r ---- TT -------------------------- each %x!2 in. -------------------------------- - ---- each .95 - 06 - 86 - 06 ' .75 1.20 .03 - 03 .03 .04 .04 1.10 .60 .65 .70 1.70 2,20 2.75 .20 .75 1.20 .10 .11 .12 .20 .15 .35 .35 .10 .75 5.00 .16 .08 .09 INJECTORS 3 .Size AA %-in. Penberthy, low pressure each , 6,00 7 Size BB %-ln. Penberthy .each 9.00, 1 Size 00 %-in. U. S. each 5.00 1 Size 7 1-in. P. S. — ——each , 10.00 INJECTOR HOSE STRAINERS 5 1 in. - — each .50 LACES . . . ..-'''.' ' / ', .; 2 Size 0 Clipper belt, for 4-in. belt — •. ———each .95 LACING 3 boxes No. 15 Alligator belt —— ----- .each, ; J.15 , Ibox No. 20 Alligator belt ..each 1.15 1 box No. 25F Alligator belt —each 1.10 3 boxes No. 25G Alligator belt —. each 2.25 6 boxes No. 27L Alligator belt '• each 2.40 3 boxes No. 35N Alligator belt T each 1.10 2 boxes No. 45U Alligator belt — -.each 1.35 Ibox No. 1 Bristol belt, --- .each ,75 3 boxes No. 2 Bristol belt. each 1.00 1% box No. 3 Bristol belt — ,_——_ —..each 1,15 LEATHER 40 (100 ft. boxes) %-ln. cut lace —.each 1,15 2 boxes %-in. cut lace :_-__ ——each 3.00 3 boxes %-ln. cut lace , ——'— —;each 3.50 NOZZLES 24 %-in. Pi-nberthy hose _— .each .35 OILERS 2- • %-ln. Penberthy-hard oilers ——- each .95 9 Size 0, %-in. sight feed , --— ——each .85 S %-ln. sight feed gas engine : each .93 PACKING. 41bs. Asbestos candle w|ck 1 ? —Ib. .50 101 Ibs. Sheet asbestos— — _.l-.lb. .70 2 Ibs. Graphite, %-in. —— Ib. .40 15 Ibs, Graphite, %-in.'i -«-, :,_„_-Ib. .40 S boxes %-in. spiral valve stem '_„ —-—each .60 3 (% Ib. boxes) %-in. Spiral valve stem — Ib. ,60 5 (% Ib. boxes) 3/16rin. Spiral valve stem——Ib. .60 9 (i-lb, boxes) 5/16-in. Spiral vMve stem-..——— Ib. .60 I (5 Ib. boi) %-ln. Spiral valve stem -i~_ , Ib. • .60 PLUGS t %^in. boiler fuse —. — —.each' .75 8 1-in. boiler fuse each, 1.45 S 1%-in. boiler fuse , , each 1,50 DAIRYMEN Here are A few item* that we *re closing but of our stock—at real bargain while the quantities luted latt: CHICKS. PAY, WEEK, 2 WJ)E|KS lf you "" . Also yearling hens.— Hamil- t— first remove the old ton Leghorn Farm Bancroft, Iowa. Hatchery, H. W, Port Dr*y »»« ?<*?•!*» Long Pletance load }nftMf*4 cause! . . . Take one half teaspoonful of KRUSCHEN SALTS in a glass ° f hot water every morning— in 3 weeks, get on th.% scales and note how many pounds of fat have vanished. Notice also that you have, sained, In ooaFSy-*~ytyr sWn te clearer*--you feel younger In bo4y— KHfUSCHBN wiU SWe any fat PASS No. 338 Cream,City 20-qt, setter cans each I .75 each 12 4 1/2 dz. 8X 14-qt. settler cans .... 8 4/12 dz. 4X 14-g.t. setter can? 1 8/13 dz. 4X 20-kt. setter cans ----- „ — - ----- ,- ---- ...each, 3 dz, 2X 12-qt setter cans ------- - DIFPEBS 9 2-o.t. tin, short handle r . ------- . ...... .. Tr FILTEB PISCS ?i etna, (300 each) 6-ln. glaze* flnis_h — T ---------- ...,,each 88 ctijs. (809 each) 6Mi'Jn. glaze* finish -------- -- .86 .90 1.00 .90 ,95 16 4 . 4 16 t T FAILS i „• 14-<jt. galvanized, \va_ter _rr«~— '-> r-«»ch 14-qt hvavy tin, milk —^—«r ,._.,.:;.ea§b 8TKAINBIW 3 H Qt» TnlTtfi ™™™»««(""««PW^»W»^ !•*••»»»•>« MfM^WMBl W<VWM| •><H«>W*€ftOh |-qt milk ,.,—_.---__—-.T..,.,. T -..—--_--e§ic^ 10-o.t. milk (with carton «f 80« strainer pa4s),---8et ; - Ifi-qt. mjlk (wiilll cartpB °f 8W i.traJUier pad*) KENNEDY & PARSONS CQftll S'.r?*»tm:i;3ife^

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