Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 23, 1931 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 23, 1931
Page 6
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PAGE Si* IRVINGTONIANS ATTEND BOONE COUNTY PICNIC Irvington, July 21 — The annual Boone county pir.nic, of which Karl Miller, of this vicinity, is secretary- treasurer, was held Sunday at the Algeria fair grounds, and 175 gathered for dJriner and a program,. •yvhtoh was opened by ; Willie Stanley, Boone, who did- some oMtime fiddling, accompanied by his -sister, Mrs. Grant Jennings, Lii Verne. Mr. Stanley is 77. *Thp re«t of the program follows: piano solo, Hazel Hoffman. Rutland: .reading, Frances Kuchynka, Kwca City; music. Juanita and Dorothy Jennings: reading, Biding the Coat: reading, Ha/el Gustafson. Burt: music. AVlllLs Stanley, Boo no; duet. Mesdnmes Johnson nnd Dewitt. West Bend: reading, For France, Hoy Jennings; violin solo, Margaret Kuchynka, of is 1 wen City; reading. Peter Tumbledown, Dorothy Gustafson; duet Olive ,H-nnlngs. Hsirley Clnstafson; solo, 'E. A. Oenrich, Algona; reading 1 , Sexton 1 Mr. and . Mrs. William Hartley have returned from an ftutbmohlle trip to Illinois. They left home in a riew. Pontlac sedan Friday, July 10. They made visits at Peorla and Chenoa, at Peorla attending a Haul- ley family reunion at which 76 relatives • responded to roll call. At Chenoa they vtelted Mrs. Hartley's people. They' also made a stop nt Bloomlngton, and at Waterloo on the homeward trip visited .Mrs. Hartley's brother. Crops In Illinois were excellent; not so good In eastern Iowa, being badly In need of rain, A stretch of country 2!> miles long east of Hampton had been hard hit by hall, the leaves on corn being stripped badly. Geneva Wermei-sen, of Hutchlns, is spending the week nt Harvey Steven's and with relatives at Algona. She is a niece of Mrs. Steven. Mrs. Liouie Erlckson, Corwlth. is spending the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Balk. Mr. Wright, of Kagle GCove, who has purchased the old Sceman farm. north of town, occupied by the A. W. Youngs, was here Sunday, nnd reported a heavy rain down there that day. were Sunday dinner guests at V Barrett's. Etvtn Carpenter took his fci tjiitli Cfttra t*f wall In 'YfctanM f"MtV xtuLii Hwartzeii, to . iviason v^iiy* week Tuesday, and. she left tht for her home at. Oltn, after a \\ here. , Tho Ross Brownings, Mr. and 1 F.rank Kelley, Evelyn nnd t>e! Mayne, and Edith and James gnn spent Sunday at Sllverslde Mesdames NIester, Welnbel Jenks, and P. C. Jergenson n:tt ed a religious meeting' at Blue E last week Wednesday evening! Mrs. Beckner, chief telephone erator at Bancroft, nnd her dai ter Grace were at the , Blar Jenks home Friday evening. Mrs. Edw. McGuire, .Annstr came last .Thursday to take h her son Elmer, who had been w Ing for Christ Gelhaus. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Campbell the Clifton Englehys spent Stir at Halph Campbell's, near Senec V. A. Barrett, A. E. LrfHirlt Levi Welnier, and Frank Mou went to Clear Lake to fish Fri Rollin Moulton, Joliot, 111., co of George D. Moulton, visited Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. J. C. nderkofler, of Britt, her children, Audrey and Thoi were here Friday. The G-arimtn Reformed Aid in with Mrs. Herman GoRtz this 1, '>;• v ;,s' ^ 4 **^ *?^^ ! v >• /•< . ** ,, -, M *"* ' t rv£ '; Vfififv'';>• ;> ' , ( S i»f,' .-. ., fl t^» .^ey^i | ^^KgtA5to5a^d^2!jj^^^d|*j^^ guest, tnst At the old Riley farm, cast ot City;', playlet. 'Bradgatc people. At; town, now tenanted by Mr. Fran- incoting officers were i «..«, the buildings are being repaired. Grunt Hoffman. Rutland, it: Karl Miller, sccrctury- ; .r: refreshments, Karl Alil- A. Genrich. Roy Bjuwtrom; James ' KuchynUn. Swea rugram, Mrs. Grant Jen- a elected: jirCKi'uVj troiiKiir,' lei-, K. sports. City; i liing.s )-:} V'crnc. This picnic pkicc ar.nu.-illy on -tho third Sunday in .Inly... . . Two \Vomtui TitUc a Tour— Ill's. Kmma flroiK-h. here, ,-nnl Grace Turner, Algonn. enjoyed a .several . ila.ys trip during the fore purl o£..,Iuly.,. Th.cy visited Omaha and .tho. Father Klanigan h tys 1 A Mr. Stevens, of Humboldt, is doing painting and repairing on the farm belonging to the Stevens estate, tenanted by Ralph Yanser. Mrs. Melvin Olson and her daughter Ardeen are spending a few days with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Hoover, near Britt. Mrs. Leo Miller, who has been seriously sick for some time, was reported a little improved Monday. The August ' Kirschbaums spent last Thursday with Mrs. Klrsch- tyium'H parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eiee- man, near Britt. The Aid met with Mrs. Orville Thursday. Lydln Mansmilh, Hurt, is spending thi.-( v.(M-k at D. A. Carpenter's. homo, which, they say. i.s n wonder- I Hedrlck last Thursday. The' next fill institution in "which 2(11) boys are always: being educated. After a boy i.s, graduated fnun the eighth grudi; he is allowed to choose a. trade,' ;;!id Is trained accordingly. Tho boys all sleep in one. huge airy room, in which there are 2flO white single "i)(:ds. There are also game _ rooms, swimming pools, etc., which help to make life 'pleasant for the buy«. Mrs, Crouch and .Miss Turner also vis.itcd the May and Field nursurk's at Shenandoah. They arrived hi time to see William Pen- 1'ield, who i.s .sitting on a. 24n-t't. tower Mf (I'lys. fli.s cabin i.s nc-ar tlie tower ,'i.nd his wife hoists bin meals on a e.abk'. lie lia.s a telephone and radio; ;ti.so a bicycle fastened to the tower Jn .such a way that he can meeting-will be at Steven's A.ugust 13. * Mrs. Harvey climb into it and pedal, which does lor his daily exercise. he Missiosiary Society Hius 1'ro/jrain— Tho Missionary .society met Friday. afternoon the church. Roll call was answered by scripture venues. Tlie mr-rting w:us opened by Mrs. V. turned Several J. Sctr.uiitl and was later over to Mrs. Roldridgi 1 . soitg.s .v-:.'i'e .sung, after which articles w'-.'v read and discusnod on the ruspcotiv- 1 topic.s. A solo was sung by Mrv. Austin 'Summers, accom- punieii ":iy -Mrs. Karl Miller. Piano .solot) \V,T(. played by Bernicp Hov- lancl, 5Si;rIe Grove, and Mrs. 1C. P. Roney. A duet, Held in His Mighty Arms, was sung -by Mrs. Schichtl and Mi-.-t. McLean. Tho meeting closed with tlie Lord's Prayer. Tlie hostcsfwr, SfoKdamos M. L. and K. P. Roiit-y, served 20 women in the ,-\nm.'i. Six dollars was taken in. NEW LEDYARD NINE BEATEN IN 1ST GAME lA'dyard, July lil—Ledyard has organized a new ball cluh, called the North Kossuth team. It played its first game Sunday at Bancroft, and was defeated, 8-7. Players and positions are: Frank Moulton, pitcher; A. Lauritzen, catcher; Carpenter, Ib; Warner, 2b; Kimmet, ss; Hagge, 3h; Meyers, If; Kramersmeier, cf; Holland, rf. Wednesday after- of her daughter Beys' Teams Play Baseball— Wilson Brack took his "Fence ISuster.s" to Lakota Friday evening to play ball against the "Sauerkraut Haters." The players were all under 14. The "Fenc€ Busters" were beaten, 11.3-11. There is a return game here this week, and the line-up is Jack iMoulton, pitcher; Armin Schultz, catcher; Alfred Lloyd, first base; Klwood Green, second: William Barnes, third; Billy R'uimann, short; Leonard Warner, Dwight 'Smith, James Logan, fielders. Spend Sunday at Interlaken— A good-sized number from here Tlit>'ini& spurgron Fiv» v ; Party— Mr.s. liobcrt Hpurgwm .gave. ])arty last week noon hj honor Thelm.-i "n her fifth birthday. The small s'-ie-sls were: Evelyn and Marvfli Bole Arvllla Hudson.. Marjorie Kili-.y, Adella Lemkee, T-ierna- dine liiicy, Eli'/.abeth Skilling, Camilla Frank 1. lOdward, Richard, and GeraW shilling, Phyllis Maxwell, Betty Miller, and Shirley Roney. ARM! Wimian (khscrvo.s Hirlhday— Htjnry Sc-heppmnn, with lii-s sister, Mrs. L. Schaffer. West Bend, and her hUMjand. drove to Lakefield, Minn., Saturday to help honor hfa inothci. who was celebrating her 7th bii'tliday. Eight of her ten children w-re there. Mrs. Seheppman waj3 a j . l.ftkffield recently to .see her later, - ! i. Oliri.stoffcr, ivho was celebrating a birthday. FENTO, 1 BABY GIRL IS FIVE; GIVES PARTY Fenli-n, July 2|1 — Mrs. E. K. Johnson entertained a number of children and their, mothers 'Saturday afternoon, c.il'bi ,-uing the fifth birthday of her daughter Eunice. Games were enjoyed by the children while the mothers spent the time at visiting. Lunch was served. Attending were; Mrs. Chos. Newel, daughter Lavonne; Mrs. F. H. Hohn, daughter Mary Ann:;. Mrs. John Gerhard, daughter Georgia.; Mrs. Amos Finnestad, daughter Rose Mary; Mrs. Clarence Wegener, daughter Lorraine; Mrs. William Miller, daughters Cordelia and Carman. Four-II Club Meets July 14—•_ The '•)•>! club met hiat week Tues: day afternoon at the home of Leona Borcluirdt. Roll call was answered by members giving names of material best suited- for children's clothing. Demonstration was given by Marlys Jensen, How to Remove Spots. A paper was given by Viola Mueller, Foot Health. There were 1C members present and two visitors. Leonard Hanso Breaks Arm— Supt. Leonard Haase, Donnellson, came Saturday to spend a week at the home of his brother Harry. While playing kittenball recently he had the misfortune to fall and break his left arm and a finger on the right hand. went to Interlaken Sunday, including the Leon Wordens, the D. B. Mayers, the Edw. Christs, Charley Gable and Cleo, the Baumanns, the Paul Gelhaus family, Luella Duncan, the Jack Welfares, Bessie HU- ferty, and Jack and Alice Moulton. Mall (Carriers Name Delegate— Mr. and Mrs. Qeorge Thompson attended a rural mail carriers and Auxiliary meeting last week Tuesday fit Thomas Garry's, Bancroft. Mrs. Thompson was elected delegate to an Auxiliary convention at Decorah in August. Fred Gingrich i.s the carrier delegate. Freeman Wolfe Birthday Honorod ; — -Mr. and Mrs.W. R. Wolfe,, their daughter Edith, and Mr. Wolfe's father, Freeman Wolfe, were enter tained at the Calvin Householder's at Lone Rock for a birthday din ner honoring the- elder Mr. Wolfe's i«lst birthday. Janet McFall is 3; Party- Mrs. Frank McFall entertained a number of children and women at her home Friday afternoon In honor of her daughter Janet's third birth•. The time was spent at games Ilahle Kami \VAnK Impovod— Th(7 ;'arm whore .1. Hahle lives, formerly urcupiwl by Mr, and Mrs. Ray Butu-rfield, i.s undergoing con- sideraMt- improvement. Gravel and lumber arc being hauled for a new barn, ;tnd Mr. liable reports that there will also lie a new house soon. •\Vimnitlys Return to Chicago— Churls Winandy arrived at John Simon'.--- Sunday morning, and was to return to .Chicago this week Tuesday, accompanied by hw wife, small son. anil a 'brother, all of whom had .spent several weeks at the Simon home. WomacUs No\\- in Louisiana— Word h:is been received of tlie ; rivul of tlie R. J. Womnek.s at Gray- .son, La. The weather there rainy or cloudy, but flowers are pretty and the crops look good. Suffers Broken Collar Bone— Dell Barslou fell from a horse last week and broke one of Mf collar bones, besides being hadlj bruised. He is recovering untlei tlie care of Doctor Devine. Sunday School Has IMcnlc— The German Reformed Uetluin Sunday school held Its annual pic nic at tlie Otlo Swalve grove Sun day. A large crowd attended. Floyd (fliris*ensons Have Son— Air. and Mrs. Floyd Chri.sten.son nrn parents of a 'boy. James Vernon, borr. .July 1U sit their home at Wai- worth, \Vi.s. Mrs. Christenson is the daughter of Frank Harness, and a niece oi' Mns. Frank Ditsworth here. 1'astiiir Will Take Vacation— The Rev. A. lOnglish preached SuntUy on the text I!,.- Not Afraid, Only fir-hove; Mark, 5—22-23, 35-36. Tiler" will he no more church services licre till further notice, as Mr. Hn^li.sii plains to take a vacation. > • i ,, i • Llndsey, ,Ht 'Moorheod, Minn. Mr. and Mrs.' feed Johnson and baby daughter canie Saturday ve- nlng to the .T, f. Newel home. Mr. Johnson "left the same evening on rt business mission to Slbley and. Mrs. Johnson and baby visited at the Newel's until .Sunday evening when Mr. Johnson and, she returned home. Mrs. Ed McAdam and small son Henry Edward, of El Monte, . Qallf,, arrived '• Saturday'"- night via F.or't podge for 'an ( extended visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Jienry Boevers, and .other relatives here. Mrs. McAdam Is best remembered here as Sadie Boeyers. John Espe, who Is acting as temporary section foreman at J-«u Verne, s_pent Sunday with His family.. Edna Lauritzen, who has been assisting with the housework at the Espe's the. past- ten weeks, returned to" her home at -Whlttemore Sunday. Mrs, W. J. Weisbrod and son Donald, Romalne. Stransberry and Mrs. Hugo Denker and children motored to the Okpbojis Saturday evening. Sunday they were . mot by- Mr. Danker, and his family return ed Horite to Lester with The others also returned' home Sunday night. Mrs. Peter Klyver and daughter Vivian of Minneapolis, Peter Kyhl, Mr. and Mrs. August Kyhl of Ringsted, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Furtney, Mrs. M. S. Furtney of Ceylon, and Raymond Kyhl of FalnnoiU, Minn., were supper guests at the H. N. Kyhl home 'Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. R. ,N. Kyle and daughter Ruth .Mae, and the ,1. A. Ftirthoys. Ceylon, niotored to Mason City to bring home the Kyles' daughter Ella, employed at that place, to • spend a week with them. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mack and daughter Elinor, of Watertown, Wis., visited Monday at the R. C. Goetsch's. Mrs. Mack is a cousin of Mr. Goet.sch. Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Jens Henrick.son and their granddaughter, of RIngsted, spent Sunday evening at the C. G. Humphrey's. Mrs, William Boettcher and children Marlyn and Billy attended a birthday party at the C. L. Holding home at Burt Thursday ater- noon. Gladys Weisbrod, employed at the Field's Beauty Shoppe at Ames, spent a week wi'th tier parents 1 , Mr. ajid Mrs. L. J. Weisbrod last week. JVIr.s. Ervin Olson and soni John, Gladys Olson and Mrs. L. J. Olson. al of Spencer, spent Thursday lit the Doctor E. W. Rusfce- home. .Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Bailey and daughter La Von He, of Inwood. visited from Saturday until Sunday evening at the W. V. Vager'n-. John Micklick former Fentoiv atliv- letic coach attending summer .school at Cedar 1 Falls spent the 1 week-end with friends here. The Asa Warner' family',, of r u ed u yard, spent Sunday at. the liorae of Asa's mother, Mrs; Henry Warner senior:. Mrs. Jay Woods, Gowrie, is visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 'Phillip' Wei'sbrodJ. Chis week. Mal>le DeGraw, ATgona:,. was ; aim over Sunday visftor at the Kenneth Steplienson'.s; BANCROFT xfter which :erved. refreshments were Mrs. E. A. \Ycisbrod Brother 111— Mrs. E. A. Weisbrod returned Saturday evening from Hawley, Minn., where she had been assisting ler parents in the care of her it-other X. C. Gibbons, who .is seriouslv ill with heart trouble. A. Mayer returned to his home in Waterloo after a few days viait here. Mi-: Mhycr is ; a member of. the implement firm- of Mayer & Guide. Vern Austin's.; folks, of Cedar Falls, came Sunday to visit tlie Austins and to see their new granddaughter, Meredith; Joan' Aaistim. Hubert Hood anil Francis Loner •gun returned' Sunday fronv tlio'oHo l)ojis, where tliey spent their vacation last week. Mrs. Joseph Flecker, daughter, Mrs. ]u..J. N'emmers, and Mrs, Fr.ank Ri-ckc-r visited at \\"est Bend: last week Wernesiliyy; Mr. and Mi's: A. O. \"old,. t,os Angele.s.. are visiting, their- soni Vtxir doljih here. FATHER FISCH MADE PRELATE TO POPE PIUS Bancroft, Illy 21 — The Rt. Rev. Monslgnor J. D. Flsch was solemnly Invested by Bishop Heelan, of Sioux City, with the Insignia of his recently received appointment, that of Domestic Prelate of His Holiness Pope Plus XI Sunday. This investiture wns followed by a, solemn high mass which Was sung b.V the Rt. Hev, Henry 'Rohlmann. J). D., Bishop of Davenport, a college male of Monslgnor Flsch. Bishop Hcclnn gave the sermon. A large number of priests were In attendtmce. A banquet was served in. St. John's hall following the services to the pi'iestH.nnd relatives ot tins lit. Hev, Fr. Flsch. The" Rev. Joseph T. jFlnne- gan was toastinnster, "the Rev. Arnold Boedlng, speaker, and tht Rev, J. D. Flsch gave the response. Million ((perilled nn Agnln — Postmaster R. E. Huttnll, Who ,oi , c. ,. ,. tract to gravel seven Wiles' of road east of Mtu-ble ttock at rt letting at eharlc-H City, The work Is to he completed August 10. Onl« TnrnlM Oof Well— Homo of the farmers are^thre«hlng and the oats are going good. A. A, Droessler threshed Friday threshed Monday was confined to his home last week Tuesday and Wednesday on account of an attack of kidney stones, was tiiken to Rochester Wednesday evening by Jos. JenUs and Mrs. Hutton. Thursday morning he wns operated on. Mr. Hutton had another kidney 'Stone removed at .Rochester two years a.yro. Mr. Jenks returned] from Rochester Friday. He and Mr.s. Mutton are pnrtncrs in the Bancroft Register. Frank McGuire nnd Tuesday. Other Bancroft News. The Walter Welps, Humboldt. vis. Itcd tho Mrs. J. H. \Volp and M! A. Satimlers homes Sunday. Mrs. Welt) was Mnble Saumlers before marriage. Her sister, Mrs; Charles •Skllllng, of \Vindom, Minn,, Who has been visiting her folks here returned to Humlx>1clt with them for Severn 1 "ilnj'R. i Mr. and Mrs, llttymond Schwarz, Priilrie du Sue,, Wis.; niid her mother, Mrs. G. H. Doyle, nnd Mrs. P.ridgcl Quinn Ipft Frfctny fot- Yankton, wliero they are visiting- Attorney and Mrs. llrtrolcT Doyle. Attorney Doyle. Is a son of Mrs, O. H. Doyle and a. brother of Mrs. Schwar?.. Mrs. M. I.,. Hchlltz. daughter Xtnr- gni-ft, and Frances Berens tooFc Sylvester t/ittimor to his honit" fw Ce- dm- Rapids Friday, and they visited there until the first of the '• vreefc. Mr. Tyji.tl.imcr Is a grandson of Mrs. M. L. StthiUss. era and Daughters club Thursday at Hurt, vHtti Mrs. Maine llo'ttus and her daughter, Mrs. Lulu Etaton, fls hostesses. Mr*. Maude Nelson presided at ft btmlnesa meet- Ing and the program. The elub sons' wart »wg, and a pa|»er, Songs of Xote, wan read by Mrs, Katherlne Reason ; Review Of: Bess Streeter Aldrlch'n ."A Lantern In Hei- Hhnd," Mrs. Mary Wood; piano solo, Eleanor Elston. A tray lunch wmtnerv- cd by the hoBtMM* and a .oclal '•flier Un| ftll v os t,n R ' £ , Practically flnl sh «n" was down hn ,, ly '' n . h;ul to "'V an»l this wcok. Lulu, daiiKlUnr of Sni'rrn T.-.. t-» . l Qeofl!p °'* hour The president, Mrs. Winifred Jergenson, recently had Borne, teeth extracted, December. '« one of tj,, lu h «s boot, Throe Families Kxrliiingo Leo Saunders, JOH. Jenks, anil K. H.' Kohnketi exchanged houses last week Tuesday. The Jonks moved into the house where the Siiunrtws lived which Mr. Jenks purrhHxed n month ago from H. K. Janvrin, of Webster City. K. H. iCohtikes moved 'into the Anton Sk'hmMder house which the Jenks rutMttd nnd the r^eo Saunders fnmii.v- snuvod into the lioiiHO vnciited by JvolinUes. Hvoi-y house in Bancroft is occupied. Phonr Operator \Vlns I'roumtfnn— Margaret Miller, long distance operator, completed her duties at the local telephone office, Saturday. She will visit her folks, the C. W. Millers nrt Lir Verne, and her sister. Mrs. Lulu Richards, at Clarion a few days before going to Mason City to which pTuce she has been promoted. Charlotte Hood is' the new operator on the force. Charles'- Kkilling anil' two' daughters, of Wlndom, Minm,. ivae visiting her folks, the M. A. Haun- dars. Mrs. Skilling WHS MVi.vUv Saunders fosfor? her nuirrlfiRC. Lrorelta Merrill, who .had been- as- j sisting her aunt at Blue Karth, returned home lust week Wednesday. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. N. M*i-rlll drove to Illuc K«rtli after her. Mrs. 1/ulu Richards, Clarion, spent Saturday and Sunday with her sl.stsr, Mrs, Kugeno Wolf. Mrs. Richards is. manager of the tele.- phone office- ,-it Clarion. Airs. H. IT. KiddPr and daughter Doris. Rrownvlllo. Tex., are visiting her folks, the Alfred Pcursons. Mrs. KIdder spend* several weeks here every 'summer. The J. ,1. Sherman family visited relatives at Humboldt last Thursday. ' ' ' "Takeas< at this Ball ai Pottle Test -*gou can SEE that Bnrnoy AV"«-»!wJ» (irnndson Utc.s — Eftirney WettMCls went to Minneapolis Sunday with his son John, ot Eagle Grove, t» attend the funeral of his grandson, tho only child ot the Rudolph \Vessels, died! Saturday night The from baby brain fever. He was horn last Fein-nary. Trirck Urnps. Through .Jos. Greenfield', driver of a. gravel I truck with Rich.-trtl Paul's- graveling 1 gang, crushed through a. bridge ea.st of here Thitirstfay, Mr. Greenfield's head wa* cert, from glass. Tlie truck RECTAL CLINIC Ambulant Proctology. Hemorrhoids (piles) and other forms of rectal trouble. Colon trouble, colitis, constipation. XOK-COXFmNCt, CONSERVATIVE, PAINLESS, OFFICE TREATMENT Five dollars per call. Six to ten calls usually sufficient. WRITE FOR BOOKLET Sinus infection, rheumatism, neuritis treated by special methods. I)R. R. W. SHULTZ 21S-19-20, First National Bank Bldg., Mason City, la. Attend Funeral at Hurt— Mrs. John Gerhard, Mrs. George- Boettcher, Mrs. H. C. LiiHl.si.-iy and Mrs. O. H. Graham attended the funeral of Helen Moore at Burt l:u>t Tliur.-'day afternoon. TliemoreMr** ail has, the use* JVew turrit (Tube 2) /Ku-'pnactMoHy the none body m the fnsh ait (Tube J), white- uaed- *V oil (Tube 3) ha* thmnedt oar decidedly. .H- "TETCOU wanttir low down J! on.aiaiotontii^ these Kttle balls certainly give it to yow. May,b« theyrH hand you aijpltlikc tHoy diiftaK.** But in. a; fill! of Mew fro-Via. When; it'*, time Mi drain, go into any S'tandwd OH Service- Static* or dtafer and; use dii» oil! tbetu jsour own car iai tbe Bull ant Bottle Test. Thw- proof willi convince RESULTS o/f Btdfoiiapo/M Sgeedutf Certified! lif A,A.4. MBB-Via Motor OiBdH DM fron» dilution; X'Dbring the entire-test of the engines and ohasiis of iD lubinsated' offectively. 3 Oil! Added: a of a-quart—tv« 4 _ • cars—ofIso-Vts fit in 1,000 mile \^S miles p4r four. Wbe» tm MM of irU*w« iiavt jroar •;«• DR. F. E. SAWYER HB 8IGHT vc%. * . •*. uj-kw Ai^xv IOWA. i MOTOR OI ^f few cfolarine ulio u, i*6n*d by our new proeea crwhicAii »xcted»d onlyby S»w ZM-V/s. The price is WATCP FOR THE ISS-VIS TEST CARS| STANDARD OIL ADVANCE WANT-ADS GET BEST- Otiier Irvington News. Mr «inJ Mi-.s. Kryon Richardson, Aigora, Ufa. Mary Schichtl, and Carol i'n« Sc.liichtl, Cedar Rapids, were i-i.-,':ent dinner guests at V. J. Rchk'Mr.s. Mm. Mary Schichtl is the ir.-other of Mrs. Richardson and a sisU-r -in-law of V. J. Caroline i.s a sisv-r of Mr. Schiehtl, and i.s a tf-ai.-iK'r in tlie Ct'\l;ir Rapids .schools. Mrs. I). Poole. Mimc-atine, and a grandson also called at the Schichtl homo one day last week. They were en I'" -In to 'tin- Fiv«l Andrews home, Staples, Minn. Ethel McFadden. Algona, spent last Thursday with Mrs. J. M. Cox. Siie is to leave this week Tuesday for Boulder, Colo., to attend summer school, and planned a stopover at MeCook, Colo., to visit friends. Several years ago she taught the George Stewart school and boarded with Mrs, Cox. The Aid will meet this week afternoon with Bfne. Vern r,:Mr8..\ hostess. 'few; Daughter for August KJinksirk* A girl \vas born to Mr. and -Mrs August Klinksiek last week Tuet> clay. Mrs. LaCoeur is nssisi with the housework. Other Lejlyard. Mrs. Mary Tillmoney's brother A T. Neirling, bin wife, and a cousin Mrs. Amelia Boomer, all of Waukon and Mrs. Fred Turner, Jamestown S. D., came Saturday morning, an that evening all went to Wells Minn., to visit Mrs. Loui.se Till money. Sunday they were all din ner guests at L. W. Wiemer'a. George Dunn left last week Mon- luy for Royal Center, Ind., to get his mother, Mrs. Ada Dunn, and ins In-other, Max. A. K. Lauritzen accompanied him as far as Chicago, where he saw the Cubs and the New- York Giants play ball. They all returned last week Wednesday. Dr. and Mrs. Guy B. Anderson, ot Ackley, their daughter Maribeth, and the Leroy Andersons, Waterloo, were week-end visitors at L. W. Wiemer's. The Mesdames Andersons are sisters of Mr. Wiemer. The Methodist W. F. M. S. meets at the church this week Thursday; Mrs. Jos. Mayne, hostess. Mrs. Yahnke is devotional leader; Mesdames Knoner and Mayer, study leaders. J. W. Hartshorns nnd Maxine Walker, Ames, who had been visit ing here a week, spent Sunday at Elmer Hartshorn's, Algona, and Maxine returned to Ames from there. Reuben Green, George Durni, V. A. Barrett, and Cecil Peterson went to Lone Rock Saturday to see Lone Rock and the Sioux Falls Canaries play ball. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Raney, Horn bpldt, and Wr» and Mrs. Guy Bauey and the John Olsons, Livermore Hurt Club .Meets Her«v_ The Fortnightly club from- Burt met with Mrs. O. H. Graham last week Wednesday afternoon. There were eight members present. Other Fenton News Mrs. M. M. Lonsford and son Elmer left by car Thursday morning for their home at Corpus Christ!, Tex., after spending a month with the former's daughter and her hus hand, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus L,ind ,sey. 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