Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 16, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1931
Page 7
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com 6 i for at "ahiJ ifmtt a license to and the Bert Su "' fDolph !,i()f , th<§ -to*' . , , Bhlers,'Mason ,,Sunday guests ot Mr. ftlstau, L.U of Mr. With Mr. and Mrs. Bert and the latters' daughter tvent home with them for or four weeks visit. Thiet Blieiotf, -pubUUue, brother ""'£ T. geeley; visited her Thursday till Mon- Scovel and Des Molnes, at T)t, Waiter 'tichter, who .had .been at ' & Gift shop, resigned a ago and Elsie Helmke |t ft nd Mildred all ,,of ICI |"*T~ ' ' ' i « • .„ Mrs. Hugh Post and their [• called Sunday on the other who Is 'at a boy scouts' t Dodge. .'.Potter left Friday for City, where she Is spend- a! weeks with her daugh |rs. Alta Stiles. - " 1 Edythe Dalley speni Sunday Uault, Minn., with her a I Richard Norton, who, £ ,ig a'military academy there fw. A, Rlchardsons spent the id at Fort Dodge with Jhelr r, Mrs.-Lloyd Bunner, who I with them for a few days :Antolne,\ Ayrshire "undayrto spend ten.days;with Holtzbauers. She Is a In an Ayrshire parochla rFraaer arrived last'Thurs ..j Philadelphia to spend the ler ot the eummer with her Dr. and Mrs. j Walter rohannsen Sr. at lier daughter Mrs. Sophie Peril's, Whlttemore. Mrs. tohannsen, who has been seriously sick, Is Improving. Mr. and Mrs. 'Charles Fisher, ot Sioux Rapids,. spent the week-end Muckey, JOthellne a three Mrs. John Kaln's daughter' Mary came home Saturday for a three Weeks vncntlon. She Is taking lUrses' training nt St. Mary's hospital, Rochester. The Rains' live in Plum Creek township, Bertha Godfrey and Clara Thorpe left Monday morning for Illinois, where the latter Is visiting- Morrison, ill., Mentis while Miss Godfrey, who will pick up relatives, goes on for a tour of eastern states. Mr. and. Mrs. \vm. C. Steele and their son William drove to the Oko- bojls Sunday/ and Mrs. Steele in spending this week with .Mrs. F. s. Norton there. Mr. Steele and William returned Monday morning. Gertrude Flemmlng, Forest City, went home Monday, after two weeks with her grandmother, Mrs. John Kennedy. She is not at present employed, but for several years worked for the Forest City Summit Alfred S. 'Shank, Madison, .Wia., railway postal employe, entered the Kossuth hospital Sunday morning to receive treatment for injuries to a knee suffered when he fell In a railway car. No bones were broken. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kllllan and Mrs. Orvllle Walker, Rock Island, spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kllllan and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Muckey. Ruth Muckey went home with them for a six weeks visit. . KOflBUTtt COttNTY ADVANCE ALQONA. IOWA • Lamuth iyJh i "the I Northwestern -Bell Tele| company. She .began work ay, succeeding Dorothy {Rev. and Mrs. P. ; J. Braner lelr son Erwln called at the Henry Wrede home, Garner, Wedesday on their way to I City. r streit Is taking a two weeks from her duties at the store. She will visit her Illrs. Maurice Cullen, Oelweln, land Mrs. Earl Ashland, Clear and their daughter Marcla Sunday with the W. S. Lees, is employed at the Chrisi store. V Austin-Flint Cedar: < Valley I meeting was held at Clear Iresterclay, and local doctors In Vnce were M, : J. Keneflck and lene'flck. land Mrs. J. W. Collins, of , visited the C. H. Ostwlnkles Mrs. Collins la a niece of Itwlnkle. They were en route IBlack Hilte. Zimmerman, Concordla col fct. Paul, student, arrived re [to spend the rest of the sum i his parents, Mr. and Mrs Slmmermann. March accompanied -Pau to his home /at Fond du ls., 'Sunday for a week with Mrs. F. j. Sessions and her son, C. A. Phelps, of Davenport, flew to Algona in the latter's plane Monday; and were guests till Tuesday morning of the F. W. Dlngleys. ilrs. Sessions looked after business miters here. The Harry Winkles are spending tie week with relatives at points In Sfebraska. Mr. Winkle is still car- ylng his arm in a sling, but the ast has b«en removed. He broke a xme In his right arm last fall in n automobile accident. Perry • Johnston, Des Molnes, and lis father, J. B. Johnston, spent the irst three days of the week fish- ng in Alinnesota. Perry is in the Streit, spent last Thursday and Friday at Ashton, with Mr. Strelt's daughter, ,Mrs. p. j.' Nilchel. Ashton is Mr. Strait's old home, and he attended the funeral of a relative while he was there. Mr and Mrs. Wade Sullivan got home Saturday night from a week's honeymoon nt Chicago and South Bend, Ind. Wade spent two or three years there attending Notre Dame university. Till their new home Is completed, the newlyweds will live with Wade's parents. 13. Mnson, who recently clpsed his Algona Chick Hatchery for the season, hns beer appointed janitor, of the new high school building by the board. The board Is now getting ready for the opening, and for the next few weeks will be kept busy buying equipment. Quinten BJustrom, Hobarton, entered the Kossuth hospital Monday for medical treatment. James Lloyd, Wesley, underwent an operation for appendicitis fit the hospital Monday. Mr. and Mrs. S. Kramer, Irv- Ington, are parents of a boy born at the hospital last Thursday. Beulah Hartshorn, employed' at Mrs. Edythe Dalley's beauty shop in the Galbralth block, Is spending this week with her parents at Swea City. Adelaide Elsenbarth, also employed In the shop, spent lust week With her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Elsenbarth, St. Benedict. (Maurice McMahon, his sister Ruth, and Patricia Reagan, Omaha, a guest of the S. E. McMahons, drove to Chicago Friday, returning Tuesday. Maurice was best man at the wedding of a Crelghton college friend Saturday, and the newlyweds are also friends O f Miss Reagan. Melvln, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Henderson, former Algonians now at Pomona, Calif., Is district agent for the Equitable Life Insurance company of New York, accord- Ing to stationery on which he recently wrote to an Algona friend, Howard Platt. He lives at Pomona. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Amunsen and their two children returned Sunday from a 12-day trip to points in Wisconsin. At Black River they visited A. W.'s father, 87 years old, PAQMJBttVMH . W. A. Frazlers. i month here. Paul had Mrs. O. E. Atcheson are j-of a boy, the second child I the Kossuth hospital Friday (cheson is an engineer at thi al light plant. nfl Mrs, Reinhold Helse, Em and their child spen with the Doctor's 1 parents i Mrs. C. E. Helse. Docto ) a veterinarian. Mrs. Nlek Kirsch are f of AH 8%-ib. girl, born yes |mornlng, This'Is their third they have one boy. Th< i live east of :town. Mrs. Leary O'Toole, lit f'«r e early in the week guest .and Mrs. K. R. Hoffman Ft. Doctor Hoffman and Mrs | are brother and sister, N. H. Palkenhainer W. Pletch, with thej , are spending the week a .Palkenhainer cottage o; ~J's Bay, the Okobojts. na Mrs. Willard Gregapn ^Mrs. Elliott SktiHne, - an • Pry drove to Eldora Sun » spent the day vaulting """•'ng, unqle ot Mrs. Greg J Mrs. R. p, Norton open *-enci with relatives a 'town, and Mr. Norton' ««. W. A, Norton, appom em here for a two week 1°. H, Williams Is ln,__ . department in the Qhrii. IMore while- Jennie Coone ^w»th Holtzbauer, as else ^Ported, are vacationing M «. D. E. Milter; Web tni^ ia thelr Children, Man I Richard, spent Sm>4&y wit *>V Wilsons, Mr, 'MiUer. Is I, ot the high BChool at Web- Mrs. Clemmer Hor&n, If.; 9 a ' lit " and their daugrh' t r home by auto last week "' «ter three weeks with F» Parents, Mr. v and Mrs. W. who lives with a daughter, returned via Minneapolis. with the ' Eankes. and brought them home Sunday. Esther Fellows arrived Monday from Hollywood, Calif., for a week with her mother, Mrs. C. D. Fellows, and sister, Mrs. R. J. Keen. She Is advertising manager for a cosmetic company, and has been a.t Hollywood a year. She drove home In a new Ford coupe with a girl from North- English. Mrs. A. L. Long drove to the Okobojis Sunday to take up a number of children who were to .jpond this week at the Methodist camp and to bring home children who had spent last week at a Congregational Sunday school camp. Arba Dee Long attended last week's camp and remained for this week's. Mrs. Raymond Paine, Pasadena, Calif., and her daughter 8,ally are expected next Tuesday for a week with Raymond's mother, U County Recorder Laura Paine. The visiting Mrs. Paine, who is remenibered here as Catherine Buck, high school teacher six years ago, is visiting her parents at Spirit Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Arnle Hovey, Inglewood, Calif., and their two children left for home Tuesday, after having visited relatives at Badger, Swea City, Creston and Algona three weeks. Arnie is a. brother of Sheriff L. E. Hovey, and' they spent several days here. 'Arnle is in the employ of the city of IngleWood.- Mr. and Mrs. J. X. Bellinger and their son Jock, with A. F. Rnhe and his son Charles, all of Dyersvllle, were at the C. H. Ostwlnkle home several days last week. Mr. Bol- llnger, who is foreman of the Dyers- vllle Commercial, a newspaper, is on his annual vacation. Mrs. Bol-: linger Is a sister of Mrs. Ostwinkle. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Gust, Mobile, Ala., left for home Friday, after' a week with Mrs. Gust's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Anderson. Mr. and Mrs, Gust brought home their niece, Jean Simmons, who had spent a year with k them. Mr. Gust has charge of shipping for the Continental Roofing company at Mobile. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Tierney, of Mason .City,, and their son 'came Saturday to Visit Bernard's 'mother, They Mrs. George Holtzbauer. Mrs. Tler- IMr. ney and the 'boy remained for the H. M. Vlnson. • The Vlhsons will- take her home about August 1, This week the -... Vinsons, except H, M., and Mrs.,Stillman are at the Okobd- jis with John M. Vlnson, pf Spencer, who Is spending the summer in a cottage, there. . Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Holmes and Mr. and Mrs. E. J, Schmidt, Esther- vllle, spent Sunday at Fairmont, where they visited Mrs. M. J. Qulnn and Mrs. Susie Engler, who are In charge of. the Country club. clubhouse there. The Meedames Quinn and Engler have had a successful season. The Fairmont club Is active and the women play cards a great deal more than here. Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Tiss, Fort Madison, and their two daughters dame lost Thursday for a week with Mr. Tlss's mother, Mrs., ;catherlne Tlss,, and his sister, M^B. Isabelle Melggs, both of the I. : 'M. Finnell home. Mr. Tlss Is superintendent Pf ( schools at Fort Madison. Sunday <;guests of the FInnells were Mrs. E. L. Stllsoh, Corwith, and a Mrs. Van Dyke, Los Angeles, who Is visiting at Corwith. Georgia Cole, Maxwell, Is spending this week with her aunt, Mrs. B. A. Thorpe, and friends here. She who Is taking & two weeks vacation from his duties at the Wm. C. Steele store, spent part of fast week at Marshalltown, where he formerly lived. Mr. Bandy runs a theater at Brltt, ' Mrs. E.,A.'Paschke, Echo, Minn., her daughter Jean Marie, and son Roger came on the Fourth to Visit Mrs. Paschke's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Herman. Mrs. G. J. Stebblns, Sanla Ana, Calif., arid-her grandson, 1 Russell, arrived lost week Wednesday to visit the Hermans, Mrs. Stebblns, who makes her home with her daughter, Mrs. Lee Hall, being a sister-in-law of Mrs. Hermany other guests of the Hermans Friday were Mr. Herman's brother's wife, Mrs. Alex Herman, Spokane, Wash., and her sister, a Mrs. Cook, with a son and a daughter of the latter, all of whom were en route to Dubuque to visit relatives. Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Cotant, American Falls, Idaho, with two daughters, 16 arid 15, spent last week Wednesday here, and Mr. Cotant renewed old Algona acquaintanceships, particularly with his- former partner, E. J. Van Ness. Mr. Cotant practiced law here between 1901 and 1006. Mr. Van Ness was then at Amunsen is jeweler at the Wehler store. Mr. and Mi's. A. S. Parker, Clinton, Minn., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. George Mahoney. They are en route to Seattle, whence they will take boat for Seward, Ala., to visit their daughter, Mrs. George Butler. Mr. Butler, who operates a general store there, is a son of Mrs. Mahoney. Asaph Arent, son of Dr. and Mrs. mploy of Wallaces' Farmer and Is A. Arent, Humboldt, who is spend- having a week's vacation. He ex pects to return to Des Moines today. Ellis Stephenson, Newton, is Isiting .his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Stephenson, Fenton, and old fiends at Algona. He is employed a, the Maytag plant at Newton. His vlfe and children are visiting the 'ormer's parents In one of the Da- Jotas, Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Clark and the latter's mother, Mrs. R. E. Urown, took Mrs. Clark's niecee, ilizabeth and Jean Schoby, to their home at Mason City Sunday, after a week's visit here. The girls are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Schoby. Dr. and Mr% A. D. Adams were week-end guests of Mr and' Mrs. Walter Lorenz at the Mann cottage at the Okobojis. Mr. and Mrs. Lor enz, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Nugent, Hazel Potter, and Elizabeth Nuegnt, who spent last week there, returned Sunday. •Mrs. John Meslng, Hanover, Kans., arrived last week Wdnesday to visit ( her .son Max and her old friend, Mrs, Rebecca-McDonald. Mr. Meslng, who formerly operated a music and jewelry repair store here has a jewelry store at Hanover and is doing well. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer G. Peterson, Reinbeck, and their baby, left July 14 for Sioux City to visit other relatives, after two days here with Elmer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Peterson, and .with the A. E. Claytons. Mr. Peterson is a brother of Mrs, Clayton. Mrs. L. C. Reding and her daughter Rosanne accompanied Mrs R, A. Burrows to the latter's home at Dallas Center Monday. Mrs. Burrows had been visiting her parents, Mr. and; Mrs. C, C. Wright. Mrs, Reding and her daughter will return Sunday. Anton Streit and his grandchildren; Betty, Catherine, and Jack ng: the summer with his parents, •ecently returned from Antloch col- ege, Yellow Springs, O., where lie s taking a medical course. On the Friday before the Fourth he visited his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. :. E. Heise. Mrs. Oliver Moe, who bought the Joel Tavlor house on north Tho'ring- ton last spring, sold it a week ago to Mr. and Mrs. Otto Falkenhainer. Mrs. Moe hoe bought four lots east of E. J. Murtagh's and expects to build a new house and also remodel the house In which the Max Mes- ings are living. Leo Schick, Webster City, night worker at the Swift plant here, entered the Kossutfi^hospltal for medical treatment Saturday. Emmett C. Jackson, Emmetsburg, state highway commission employe, entered the hospital Friday for medical treatment for muscular injuries sustained in a fall. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Zanke, who make their home with their daughter, Mrs. R. A. Harvey, of Union township, spent last week at the Okobojis. Mrs. Harvey, her two children, and Mary Gisch..drove to the Okobojis, spent the week-end week, Bernard; going . back • Sunday night. He will return for hie family this week-end. Bernard is employed at the Decker plant, Mason City. Mrs. I. G. Dewel is spending this week at the W. E. Laird cottage, Clear Lake. Her daughter, Mrs. Geo. G. Cole, Maxwell, the latter's daughter Elinor, and Mrs. Dewel's granddaughter, Martha Dewel, Muskogee, Okla., are with her, and an> other daughter, Mrs. B. A. Thorpe and Georgia Cole, granddaughter, will be there next week. H. W. Hanson, Des Moines, brought hie four children, Howard Patricia, Norman, and Billy, to Algona Friday for three weeks with their grandparents, Mr. arid Mrs. J B. Johnston. Mr. Hanson wen home Friday night. The late Mrs Hanson was Loretta Johnston. Mi- Hanson has a housekeeper, but she is away on vacation. He' is a lawyer. Mrs. Lee Stillman, Hammond Ind., best remembered here as hav Ing been Helen Vinson, arrived las week Monday to visit her brother this fall to teach history. Georgia Is a-graduate" Of Rockford college, and..for some months before becoming connected with the Starrett -school was pursuing post-graduate studies on a scholarship at Chicago University. Jennie Cooney, Elizabeth Holtzbauer, and Mrs! J. J. Holtzbauer left Sunday in the Cooney car for ten days at points in Illinois. Mrs. Holtzbauer is visiting relatives at Davenport, Rock Island, and Bushnell and Carthage, 111., while Jennie, and Elizabeth are at Blooming- on, Peoria, and Chicago. They will •eturn via. Des Molnes and bring lome Mrs. Hbltzbauer's daughter Rosanne, who is with her aunt, Mrs. . B. Moore Smith. The Rev. and Mrs. C. V. Hulse are with the .following Methodist young people who are attending an ^pworth League Institute at the Okobojis this week: Ruth Hulse, Mary E.. Foster; "Arba Dee' -Long, fertrude Long, Gertrude Morrow, Margaret Vigars, Vivian Dole, 31adys Rising, Bernice Dearchs, Esther Dearchs, Ida Halpin, Ha May Leffert, Margaret Lease, Pearl Wajker, Robert Richardson, Melvln Mmer, and Bernard Yeoman. Mr. and Mrs. \y. A. Huttdn, Des Moines, stopped here to call on the R. S. Blossoms and the J. W. Sullivans last week Wednesday, while they were en route home from a visit with relatives at Cedar Falls. Mrs. Hutton, who was Edna Rait, is a sister of Mrs. Blossom, and she once taught the piano here and played the Congregational pipe organ. Mr. Hutton, who spends much time in Sunday school promotion, is secretary of the state Council of Religious Education. Mr. and Mrs. Bliss Anderson, Marshalltown, and their daughter Ernia. spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bandy, (Brltt, came last Thursday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Williams, and Messrs. Bandy and Williams left Sunday for a week of fishing in Minnesota. Mr. Williams, FREE! One of our best permanents to the person suggesting the best name for the new beauty shop opening July 16, under the Algona Hotel. All names must be in by Monday evening. We invite everyone to come and see our shop and help us get a name. Sue Morlan was adviser In the Starrett private! Whlttemore, and he and Mr. Cotant fichool for girls, Evanston, 111., last formed a partnership. For a time spring, and will return to the school j Mr > Cotant served as one of Algona's justices of the peace. Since he left here he 'has been practicing law In Idaho. The Cotants were en route to Creston, where Mr. Cctar.t had business affairs to look after, and thence they were to go to Marengo to visit relatives. Mrs. Edw. Rammer,. Great Falls, Mont., in a recent letter' to Edward's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Rammer, said Edward , was able to be up, after having been in bed since he was hurt In an automobile accident a month ago. A car In which Edward and another man were riding tumbled down an embankment when the brakes locked, and Mr. Rammer suffered 'a; wrenched neck and back, besides being hadly cut. The other man suffered several broken ribs. Edward, who has not been In good health for some time, worked as mechanic for the .International Harvester company in Montana till he had to resign because of his physical condition. * 1929 Chevrolet Coupe 1—1929 Chevrolet truck 1927 Chevrolet sedan 1—1928 Chevrolet truck with grain box 1—yiodel T Ford pick-up box 2 truck stake platforms, 6x8 and 6x9 feet KOHLHAAS BROS. Phone 200 READ THE ADVANCE WANT ADS iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiHiii REMOVAL , SALE! J3 Every pair of shoes, every pair of slippers in Neville's store must be closed S out before we move to our new location. We will start cleaning out the entire '' innnnnannnnn DANCE ACADEMY HALL WHITTEMOBE TUESDAY, JULY 21 Music by HARMONY KINGS New Electric Fans TRY THIS ON THEIR APPETITES TWO WEEKS EXCURSION to Chicago Wednesday, July 15 ONLY $16.19 ROUND TRIP From Algona This Is your chance for an Inexpensive vacation In Chicago— the Wonder City—with Its many- attractions. Baseball Games, Theatres, etc. "" These first-class round trip excursion tickets will be good on trains leaving 1 Wednesday, July 15, and will be honored In sleep- Ing and parlor cars on payment of usual charge for space OCCUT pled. Good returning on all trains scheduled to reach orlg- . Inal starting point by midnight of July 31, 1981. Children Half Fare Baggage Checked For complete Information and tickets apply to Agent Chicago & North Western By Give your family a new treat ip the way. of coffee. Let them vote for their favorite,, among the famous A & 1" Coffee Trio— ' and see how tLeir interest in coffee picks • up and shows new life. Eight O'Clockj . . .smooth, mild and mellow, Bokat . . . delicate, .subtle, exquisitely flavorful, Red Circle,, . . rich, robust, full-bodied. Eight O'clock Coffee MILD AND MELLOW wd nt,s Sunday on -Mra, Henry YEUJOW PENCIL wittilh* have taken the agency for the well-known chassis. w§gou CU*B»W- Tliorpe Wood & ife^A* ^W^^^» ?^ <) W r ^* or * " 'XL^.., t &, v..... nfct^-"- -» "' '- IS Cofftt Satisfaction is assured by A & P Coffee Survive.-,.. The Coffee to suit your Taste ,.. Freshly Roasted;., .., Correctly Ground... and a Booklet containing suggestions on how to make good coffee taste .better. "" Watermelons—37c Apricots box l,55c Shredctod V/henf ... . &|VO Kiftbcn Malt MGHT OR PARK . Rajah Siila!-'. 1 ^ resting . t Ra[nh Sandwich S)iro«H . Fteifchmetnn'f Ye«st C«ko. Cciinciy So«ip» , , f , 2 CAN 43c e-oz MR 10e (PINT JAJ . 19?) PT. MR |9e f 3c 3 c^ 5 17* 3,'ws IARG6 FKG. Chicken a la King CAN BANANAS SpecUl Price CANTALOUPE lOc ORANGES, 4o*en29<; Friday, July 17 Every pair of shoes and all the furnishings must be cleaned out. I positively! will not move a dollar's worth of this stock to the, new/location; It is going to be sold for what it will bring. The public will be the judge and jury. This will be a clean sweep • In this sale it is not a matter of what the goods cost at wholesale or what they should sell for. Our only thought is how much will people give. Our job is to find a price that will sell every pair and close out the stock in the shortest time possible. The public is going to buy it at what they are willing to pay for it. It will be different from running a.special sale. This will be a GENUINE 1 CLOSING OUT SALE. This means going to the bare walls and selling the goods for what people are willing to pay. The stock will be arranged for handy quick selling. Everything in the store will me marked down. We will have.extra help' to wait on you. You will find values such as you never saw before. It will pay | you to be on hand Friday, July 17th and every day while this stock is being closed out. Bargains! Bargains ! Bargains! 950 pairs of ladies'slippers, novelties, dress slippers and som« of our best 'arch support slippers. These are all regular $5.00 retailers, Our price during this gale will be your choice of any pair, $3.48. This low price wili;clean them out in a hurry. Another lot of comfort slippers and fancy, dress slippers in pumps and straps to close out at $1.98. > /: AH our .high grade slippers that we have been selling from $4.95 to .$6.00 now go at $8,95, This means a choice of any pair in the store at $3,95. These are. beautiful dress slippers same quality that is generally sold for $6.50 to $7.50. Your choice, $8.95, , . , Men's standard work shoes, $1.95, $1.75, and $1.98. Men's dress oxfords, $1.98, $3.50, $9,98, and $3.95, Girls'strap slippers, 98/, Boys'oxfords, 98c, ^ > Basket ball shoes, "regular $1.50 kind," all size; now 69c. The Penn overalls, 8-ounce, always $1.65, now 98c. Our regular $1.00 overall, full size, now go at 69c. • ' -. Men's work shirts, 35c, 59c, and 65c, •:. .' . Postman'^ aftd policeman's BOX, black or brown, at «^ » pair, ' • '• Men's dress shirts, the $1.15 kin4, now 79c. „ x J ^ •**'.;• Men's cotton gloves at 5c a pair, , '! -/ ,L? Men's fl.OO union suits, now 2 suits for $1.00. ' <{ ? Children's hose at lOc; women's hose, 15c. • . * ,-^ V.ij . . Ladies' silk and rayon hose, dull finish, beautiful shapes and coirs at 85e, or* 3 pairs for $1,00. ' f ~ - *Js^ « • « •" ,0-i W"* A lot of ladies' rayon hose to be closed out at lie. Our fu!Hashion.00. chjffqa and semi-service silk hose will all go into this sale at fff. ~ '• , ;'• Thepe are only a few of the many bargains/ypu will Iw4 at Neville's fifo out sale. I have not bought a dollar's wprtft of cfceap goods to p^ jnj^ t^ 1,. It is our regular stock pf standard eboes a»4 furnisWnge, NatiWp^jfpefffil^, are determined to close outleyery pftir and willing tQ make priee^ that w*W e BJI the shelves. '" , ' • , } ,;, % v i , ! .^p ' " r V •» i'"' *"' tif- ff<+ ij» ' &•' ' "i ^WW-'A«.i Tfte cash register an4 tto^^^<AtfMk|^'jyKlwIr/" ' to the new location. AIJ tfc§ fjofi^ W&M 9$$ pergmust^o. " A ' >--*--.- -T .J .,

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