Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 16, 1931 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, July 16, 1931
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. ',''.#".$ K f ^ * - YV «"J ALGONA, IOWA, JULY 16, 1931 10 Pages Number . H. FREE CRITICALLY INJURED m SHOW 11 BE HELD NOT 6 ~ 7 M are Offered in tight Divisions I by Club. Community club Is sponsor- tower show to be held at the hall August 6-7. Thursday, t will be entry ; day, and . |e ; must be made before 11|he show.will be open till evening, which Is band con- ht, imd will also be open „,,' Friday. l show Is in charge o£l club committee head- g, Buchanan, with Mrs". French, Holmuth Huenhold, rman Hauberg as the other Mrs. French, who was In of the exhibits two years ago, Jn have charge,. ; , year's show will 1 be much hat that of 1929. It will In- gladtolus, zinnias, dahlias, snapdragons, and,"asters in flower and group assort- and there will also be a di- on table arrangement of of floWers. Exhibits In this , must not be more than high, and the vase, bowl, or container must: be furnished exhibitor. There will be a classification of living room Is, the helghth of which, how- in be up to 21 Indies. , pt the last two classes all „... be placed in milk bottles, i the containers can have no on the judge. The classes ihedules 'follow; • Division I, Gladiolus. 8 A, 3 blooms, white. B B, 3 blooms,, cream. g C, 3 blooms, dark pink. 8 D, 3 blooms,, light pink, s E, 3 blooms, salmon. s F, 3 blooms, scarlet. a G, 3 blooms, dark ,red, s H, 3 blooms, ruffled types me colorJo sK.fi blooms, different lums, .50c and 25c, except one and 50c for Class K. Division II, Zinnias. • A, 3 blooms, large type, all or. « 3 blooms, small type, all i>Ior. ' is C, 6 blooms, large type, as- colors. i D, fi blooms, small type, as- colors. ' miums, 50c and 25c,for Classes B; one dollar and''' 50c for s C and D. ' , Division III, Dahlias, a A,JJ blooms, one color,, dec- e type. • /,' is B, 3 blooms, one color, eac- a C, 3 blooms, one color, pom- is'D, 6 blooms, assorted /colors ypes. , ' mlums>; Class A, one dollar Oc; Class B, 75c and 35c; Class • and 25c; Class p, 75c and 50o. Division IV, Phlox, ' sa A, 3 blooms, white, as B, 3 blooms, pink, 83 C, 3 blooms, salmon. D, e blooms, assorted IOWA'S NEW MATRIMONIAL LAW *"!„'»£ wSfes! HERE&l^V W NEW MASONIC TEMPLE TO BE FINISHED SOON All Three Floors of Old Hospital Removed. August Huenhold in Germany as Financial Crisis Breaks The now Masonic Temple is rap- Idly rounding into It's completed form and should be ready for occupancy by or before fair -time. Patients at the building when it was the Algona hospital under Doctors M. J. Kenetick, E. C. Hartman, and R. H. Crawford would not now recognize the interior, days." though <the exterior shows few' Mr - Huenhold changes. Practically the only thing le.ft the Mrs. August Huenhold and A.1- vln and Helmuth Huenhold have been wondering how Mr. Huenhold was getting along in Germany, in Hew -of the financial crisis in that country which came to a head early this week. All banks were closed Monday by government order to prevent runs consequent on reports that Germany was going bankrupt Mr. Huenhold %vas to go first to Darmstaedter to visit a brother. The dailies Tuesday reported the failure of the Darmstaedter bank, one of the greatest in Germany. Runs were being made on all banks and the government had to step in and save the financial situation temporarily by declaring "bank ho" ORIGIN OF SOILS TOLD AUB. MEET The Greenwood-Ramsey township Farm Bureau people h'eld a~ monthly meeting at the [Bancroft schoolhouse 'Tuesday .evening. J.L. Bonar gave a geological talk on the "Ages o£ Iowa," dealing particularly with the origin of our local soils, a subject'of interest to the folks in the neighborhood, who have been giving more than the usual attention to soils during the last several years via the F- B county soils program. .The (Rev, Mr. \Bryden. BU! pastor, gave a brief chalk which: provided, amusement GAMBLE STORE IS ENTERED AND $85 CASH IS MISSING The Gamble store in the Algona hotel building was entered and robbed of $85 in cash between Saturday night when the store closed SHEEP TRAIN WILL BE HERE JULY 24 Monday and was .st ilk for the audience. ' , The county champion woman s demonstration team gave its demonstration on' cookie making and kitchen equipment. The team con- aists of Mrs. John Heltland and Mrs. J. E. Telkamp, °£ Ledyard township. The women will represent the county In the coming state fair contest. The. Romance of the Reaper, an International Harvester' company film shown by a Mr. Schnathorst, won favorable comment. The pictures depict the evolution of reap- the days of the morning when it ppened, ,It is believed .that _ ^ to the store was gained through _ a t| _ _ m|] door which opens Into the 1 hotel basement. This door Is kept locked hy bolt'and''a large-hook fastened from the Inside, but it Is believed that the burglar wae in the store Saturday evening and taking advantage of an opportunity when he ,vas unobserved slipped A sheep train conducted by th Milwaukee railroad,' the Extensio service of Iowa State college, th Farm Bureau, and the/low Algona Markets carries Amerlcar Express company traveler's checks and it is believed that he can easib same as it was is the locatfon of the I cas h them « ith<?1 ' at the compam doctors' offices and consultation offices in Germany or at busines; rooms at the west end of the base- houses. nent. These have not been changed, American money is in great de ncl will probably be left as they are mand; probably brings a. premium or storage or other purposes. Efforts of depositors to draw The remainder of the south half in ss in German banks in dollars or f the basement has been trans- Pounds sterling were balked by a ormed into a dining hall, with stair- government order requiring pay- vay'on the north side to the upper ment only in German marks Some loor. In the north half are a large banks ' Tuesday s Chicago Tribune erving room, a kitchen, and the said - allowed withdrawals of only oiler and coal rooms. Alt door- S25 ' for each depositor, ways have been arched. Letters from Mr. Huenhold have f , . ,, t . ,, „, • not yet had time to reach this Center Stairway Moved. coun [ rv , and the family awaits with On the first floor the thing: the interest news of Mr. Httenhold's 'isitor first notices is the fact that experiences during these troublous he old stairway has been moved. | times. Threats of a revolution Formerly it went up direct from the front doorway. Now It rises from the center of the west wall, •unning east and west, whereas it formerly ran north and *>uth. At the west side of this floor are two rooms to be used by the Eastern Stars, designated as women's rooms! There is also a large reception and lounging room, from which the stairs to the basement descends. This room opens on the porch, with large double doors. The north half of the floor is divided into a. billiard room and ai- Thefts of livestock from farms are secretary's office, this to be used becoming prevalent in the north By Wither .1. and Alici> Payne. At Close of Business July 14. LIVESTOCK Hogs. std. lights, 230-2UO Ibs $6.50 B. mod. wt. butch., 2BO-300 ...?fi.20 B. hvy. butch., 260-300 $5.60 B. pme. hvy. butch., 300-350 ..$5.20 Packing sows, 300-500 ...$4.00-1.50 Cattle. Canners and cutters ..$1.50-2.50 Fat cows $2.50-3.50 Veal calves Jo.OO-G.'SO Bulls $2.50-3.25 •Yearlings ' $4.00-5.00 Fat steers $5. 1 50-fi.50 GRAINS No. 2 yellow corn 43'^c Xo. 3 'white oats . 17c No. 3 corn 42y.se Barley, No. 2 Special ........ .36c PRODUCE Eggs, straight run ......; 12c raded, No. 1 ..'... ........16c Graded, No.) 2 10c Cash Cream i • 20c POULTRY All weights,' hens 13c Leghorn hens 9c Heavy roosters '8c Leghorn roosters , 7c HIDES Calf and cow, Ib 3 Horse $1.75-1.0 Colt hides, each ....•'..' 50 NECK AND BACK ARE BROKEN IN CAR ACCIDENT > Loose Gravel Throw* Car Sideways . t Into Ditch. George HV Free is in a critical- I headed by Hitler, or even of communism, are hinted at in some dispatches, but it is not believed here that either movement will be sue cessf ul, especially If the government I is able to avert a financial panic. lllVESTOGnHEFTS GETTING FREQUENT SIOUX FALLS TEAM WILL MEET GRAYS HERE TOMORROW jointly by secretaries of all or'ganl- into the Wool Growers associ come to Algona next wee Friday. The cars will be open for inspection from 1 till 8 p. m. when a .conference: will be held for all persons interested. All farmers Interested in sheep breeding or feeding are Invited to come to see the exhibits and attend ing machinery from the old hand sickle down to present harvester-threshers or combines and deal at length with the miums: Classes A B, C, 7>5c Jsc; Class D, $1.50 and T>5c. |Dlvlslon V, Snapdragons. _ 1 A, 3 blooms, red. B, 3 blooms, yellow, ' 0, 3 blooms, white, i D, 3 blooms, *plnH. 1 B^3 blooms, salmon. u blooms, assented liums; Classes A, B, C, D, E, ' 25o; Class F, $l,aO and 75o, Division VI, Asters. ' 1 A, 3 blooms, deu'k pink. ' B, 3 blooms, light pink. . 1 ° 3 blooms, blue, ' '. 3 blooms, purple. * 1 E, 3 blooms, white. I' 1 . 12 blooms, assorted Imiums: Classes'A, B, C, P, E. '"« 25c; Class F, Jl.QO and 50c. on VII, Table Arrangement. •n?ement, .color, combination, irmony with container consid- E strongly i n judging. First To trophy; 2nd, | 3; 3r(J| }2. 'on VUi, Living Room Bouquet wgement, color combination, narinony with container consld- f?f. r " n ely in judging. • !Purpos« I «<* intended to be «sta{ef5 on for problems" and work of Cyrus Hall McConnick, who. made the first The pictures tell a sort of story, and the old cradles and selfrake reapers .^r-.., recalled for many of the older people their early experiences in the harvest field. Music was furnished by me cal Farm (Bureau orchestra, and Emtl Vaske sang several numbers, accompanied by his sister at the piano, The customary lunun was served by'the women. DRUNKEN DRIVER CRASHES . . INTO LAKOTA CAR; ONE HURT Lakota, July 14-As the Jerry Ukenas were driving between Lake basement and undid the lock.' The money, taken from a' hiding. place, consisted of receipts after the banks closed Saturday afternoon. ORTON TALKS ON BIRDS_Al ROTARY The Rotary club was entertained Monday by a talk by Clark Orton, district court clerk, who has made natural, history a lifelong study. Mr. Orton' told of the habits of birds and how Nature tends to balance their good and bad traits. ' The U. S. Department of Agriculture has figures gathered from studies of the contents of the v gizzards of hundreds of each species of birds showing what types'of food they eat. Birds which are by nature insect-eaters are sometimes compelled by a shortage of natural food to eat grain, but the'amount of grain thus destroyed Is more than balanced by the good the birds do In destroying harmful Insects, which Mr, Orton considers man's greatest enemy at the present time. Mr. Orton has been interested in birds Since boyhood. For three years he studied them a month each summer with his friend. -• William A- Bryan, -famed' naturalist who was curator of the museum of the University of 'Southern California, the conference. The train will be spotted near the Milwaukee depot. Handling both native and western lambs will be discussed. One of the cars will be devoted to equipment, and lambs will be used to demonstrate market grades as well as' market demands for proper finish and weight; Model shelters, hay racks, feed racks, sorting devices, and other equipment will be on display. Topics to'be discussed will Include farm flock taianagem)en.t, diseasfes of sheep, marketing, price outlook and demand, equipment for production and 'feeding, return on investment from ^ young ewes Jn 1927 as compared with 193'1,, and_ contract lamb .feeding vs. purchases and fi- nanclngr. zatlons using- "the-'building. are also toilet accommodations. Upper Floor is Lodge Hall. " The upper or second floor : is devoted entirely to a lodge room and two preparation rooms. The preparation", rooms are at the west end, one on each side of the stairway. Over .the stairway is a projection room for still or moving pictures. half of the state. They range from , The : lodge room is as long, but riot as wide as the'present room in the-Misbach block. The capacity Is practically the same as at present. A new brick chimney rises from the north side of ' the' roof, • and a change in the outside stairs to the porch is noticed. ' The stairs formerly rose direct from the sidewalk to the middle of the porch, but now ascends at the west, 'leaving the whole porch free for chairs. The railing was removed and a new one built.' ' The reconstruction work is being done by McMurray Bros. Lodge members are taking great interest in the progress of the contractors Every day a number of Masons cal to inspect the building. There -ohTdk'ens* to"h6gs7'"an"d""e\ ; ei^''horsts and cattle have • been reported' stolen. - '. • . A week ago Monday Howard Witham, west of town, lost 25 50-lb, spring pigs. E. J. Gilmore's tenant lost 100 bushels of corn June I 30, when a truck was backed up | to his granary and the corn loaded while the family was away. H. J. Bode lost &5 chickens the day following the Fourth while the family was away from home. Near Elmore the loss. of two mares was reported"'. last week. They were loaded into a truck which was traced as far as Algona, where it turned east. The truck was noticed by a filling station attendant, but he knew nothing of the theft, o.nd so did not take the number. The Cherokee county sheriff, who paid the local sheriff's office a call Tuesday, reported that several head of calves had been stolen 'from a farm in his county. They were in One of the outstanding games of the season is to be played here tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock by the Canaries, Sioux Falls, arid the Grays.'-,- The Grays ./are "heartened by their '.'^Victory over ; Charles City Sunday and guarantee a good fight. The Canaries have on second base "Swede" Risberg, who, fans will remember, was with the "Black Sox," of HSI'9 Chicago fame. The Canaries have won the last 14 gumes they have played. The Grays came out of a slump Sunday afternoon to. defeat Charles City, 1-0, in a fast, hard-fought game on the local diamond. A] sona played errorless ball, and in the seventh inning ran in the score that won the game. Charles City was held down to first base hits, and in only one in stance did a member of the visiting team reach second. The sole score resulted when Duncan, center field er, got a hit, and Hill knocked an condition at the Kossuth hospital, with broken vertebrae in tooth neck.. and back, the result of an automobile accident a mile east of Wau^ coma, a few miles east of New iampton, Tuesday evening, at 6:15. The Free car, Mrs. Free driving, . vas going up a hill towards Wau- oma, where'the couple planned to top to visit Mre. Charles. Cochraii. later of Mrs. Free. There is a sharp .urn,jit the top of the hill, but both.; Mr. and Mrs. Free missed : seeing thw varning sign. Mrs. Free was driving at the moderate rate of 30 to 35 milee. When: she came upon the turn t suddenly,, she swung the car over, and as she did so it struck loose gravel. Th«f car careened into the ; ditch, where it. rolled over a time or two and cam» to rest against a stump. Doubled Up in Car. Mr. Free, who was riding in tha*- front seat, wae doubled up into his- corner of the car, and the pressur* caused the veterbrae to snap. Th* broken bones exerted pressure pit? his-spinal cord which caused paralysis of all voluntary muscles from. his neck down. Another car came up the hill be-; ilnd the Free car, and the people lit t helped get'Mr. Free clear. Other- help was then .called from Watt- coma, and Mr. Free was taken .'.tOh that town. Later the same night Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, George li. Free, and L. M. Merritt drove to Waucoma and brought Mr. Frew home yesterday morning' in th* Merritt ambulance. Mr. Free is fully conscious and i»* bearing up extremely^ well. Durlng- the trip home h'e* occasionally' jokedt about phasee of the accident and discussed the vacation which he and Mrs. Free had enjoyed in the east. He Is suffering; little pain, for th»pressure numbed pain that might otherwise be intense. * Mrs. Free's Forehead Cut. Mrs. Free,'Who accompanied thw, arty home Tuesday night, is. auf- ering from a gash in her forehead^ and a bruised shoulder, as well an other hit to bring him In. score follows; The box a field for,, the night, and the thieves backed a truck up to the fence, cut the wire, and drove them into the. Charles City— Blanck, 2b Finch, c ABR H PO A E truck. Crystal and Mankato Sunday car Tae struck by that of a drunk driver and was upset. One of Mrs. Ukena/s arms was badly hurt, an artery and a wain nerve being cut. She was taken to the Emanuel hospital, Mankato, for treatment, and Is still there. The Ukena car was t>ad- \y damaged, The drunk driver was . Ind held for hearing Mon- . floor, fireplace,' njftn pic. First " - - 3r<v*3. Sweepstakes "v • , ,.. , lu b e awarded tp tbe high"««• winner. Ejaob, class will 1 Soint, except 7 and. 8, which »«pt five points'each. .artificial . , but as the county attoney vacation the case had to DP o S ne4 till this week Friday. Mr Ukena is Lakota's 'drayman and of the local shipping asso- 6RAETTINGER CHALLENGES TENNIS ENTHUSIASTS HERE A challenge recently issued by Graettipger tennis enthusiasts wae answered by County Treasurer H. N 'Kruse in behalf of local racket experts, and August 2 was suggested for a tourney by Al J. Graettinger, who Issued the challenge. The negotiations were turned over to the" tournament committee of tne Country club for action, as Mr. Kruse will be at the Baptist assembly at Iowa Fails for the next two weeks and will be unable to organ- ise a team. ' ' SISTER OF AL60NIANS DIES; BURIAL MADE AT LUVERNE Mi-s. L. .M, Tannahlil, 59, Forest City, eldest sister of George and John Mahoney, died July 1 of a general breakdown, leaving her husband and nine children. The funeral took'place July 3, the Forest City Methodist pastor conducting services at the home and again at the Lu Verne cemetery, where burial was made beside the gravfe of an infant .daughter. There are now seven Mahoney children : left out of 14 born 1 to their parents; George and John; Dennis, Diwson, S. D.; Kyer, Fort Dodge; Mrs.' Josle Powel}, Spencer; Mrs. v, Katie Stockwell, Sioux.City; Mrs. Ernest '(Peterson, of Peterson, Clay county. Edward, the father, lives with Mrs. Peterson, the mother having died nearly 20 years ago. ' CHEROKEE COUNTY YOUTHS' TAKEN HERE; BOOZE FOUND Elner Lindgren and Charles Un- geri qherokee county youths, were arrested Saturday afternoon near WBUf®!*' !„„ •_ „?".£x 1 ',,-! ,*>*/ * DRUNKEN DRIVER IS FINED $300 ANDILOSES LICENSE Ben Seegebai-th, who now gives his address as Chicago but formerly hailed from the Letts Creek-Lone Rock neighborhood, was fined ?300 and costs by Judge Davidson at Emmetsburg last week Wednesday, on a plea of guilty to driving while intoxicated. He was arrested after a crash near Lone Rock a, weeH ago Friday, when his car rammed that of August Krause, driven by Elvira Krause, NO one was hurt, but r when Deputy Sheriffs Harris and Samson investigated, Seegebarth was found, drunk in a. nearby .cornfield. Judge Davidson deprived Seegebarth of the use of his car for three months. The case was disposed under a new law. which makes $300 instead of . $100 the minimum fine for driving while intoxicated. WESLEY BOY'S EYEBALL IS PIERCED BY WIRE; REMOVED Wesley, July 14—A 3-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. August Studer, southeast of Wesley, had an eyeball PAVING WORKMAN CRUSHED DETWEEN TRACTOR & CAR — 400 1 — 4 0 0 4 Goetzinger, 3b-. 4 0 1 1. E. Goetzinger, sfi - 4 0 0 2 Dougherty, Ib .... 3 0. 1 12 Dobbs, rf ..'...... 40 0 1 Bennett If . 30 21 Wolf, cf 3021 Mdrlinee, p ._ 3001 rom shock. Recovery will inevitably be sldir. As eoon as the effects of the shock- wear off, Mr. Free will be placed to a cast, and In due time the bone* will heal if complications do not «et in. Recovery, from the • paralyaifct may even come about. The broken. bon.es could not be set without daij- Promotion for The A. J- SchneDfs go to'Manka< to August 1 to make their home. Mr. SPhnepf iff ft traveling »*•»«»«£ the Green Foundry and Durnace company Des Moines. His territory has been northwestern Iowa, but it beln changed, and he will now have the rtwto of Minnesota have lived here Whittemore 'by Sheriff Hovey and Deputy Samson after a chase which extended from a pojnt east of A}- gona where the officers first tried to stpp the car, Twou gallons of al- catjot-svere found in their car, and they were bound <;o the grand jury Monday under JJOOO bOAds by. Justice Winkel on transporting-liauor charges'. It was reported yesterday that one of the boys wpu}d plead guilty .before Judge Davidson, who h'oldjtog court here. • Two Hurt In piei-ced in an unexplained way last week Tuesday. He, had been playing with or pursuing a kitten over the site of a woodpile, and he told his parents that he wa,s hurt with a wire. -He was given .treatment at once, but it was finally determined that the eyeball wquld, have to be removed, and Monday his parents took him to Mason City for the operation. H, F, Johnston Promoted,, H; F. Johnstpn, who had been assistant receiver , f <jr the First National bankjhW and for , othec Swea City, July 14—John Mtmson, 26, working with the paving crew on No. 9, was crushed last Thursday, when a box car he was spotting with a caterpillar'tractor caught him be- tween'tractor and car. One' of the tractor lugs caught in a rail and swung the machine sideways, letting 1 the box car, which was being pushed up a slight incline, roll back. Mr.' Monson's abdomen and internal organs were badly Injured and he died within an hour. He had worked with the. paving crew when it was at Swea City, and* Is known to many in the North End. He was unmarried but is survived by several brothers and his mother ' at Hewitt, Minn. Funeral (services were held at Hewitt Saturday. HEBRON YOUTHS ARRESTED; BOOZE BITS THEM 'IN BAD 1 Lester L'unning and Carlan Egesdal, both of Hebron township, were arrested Tuesday by Sheriff Hovey on liquor charges. The pair ha4 created a disturbance j*t Stevens, In Hebron township, Sunday i noon. Lunnlng Is charged with operating a car while intoxicated, and Egesdal was fined $25 and costs by Justice Winkel. yesterday morning on a drunkenness charge, Lua- ning asked for more time b'efgre hi? case came up for preliminary 'hear? Ing. Justice Winkel asked for 9 $1000 appearance bond, but l>ij n ' ning had no* provided it up to yes- terd,ay noon. Juformutiou Wanted, at itoson City have tjuired 'of local ^eaee official,^ »on. cerning one Roy Mentaer Qr O.'- J .Totals — ---- .—32 0 6 24 15 3 Algona— ABRHPOAE Scanlan, 3b ------- 4 Duncan, cf __,— - 2 Hill, ss ........... 3 O'Brien, c ....... . 3 Barnes, If ........ 2 Watts, 2h ........ 4 Butler, Ib -------- 4 Kelly, rf ...... ---- 3 Cayou, p _________ 2 Bruns, If _________ 1 gerous injury to the spinal but in many instances such preesu*« has been eliminated-in time or comr- pensated for by the work 'of tb* body. • • • -,, ''• The Frees had planned, to spen*. Tuesday evening with Mrs. Coclfc- ran, and then drive home yesterday. Mr. Free was scheduled to rewira* his railway postal clerk's run Satut— , day, - .', ."-*,^" Mr. Free's condition was Bt)U, . critical yesterday, and .he was Mb- -°, perlencing some difficulty in con.- /* trolling his breathing, also in't ing plainly. It is only with nat he can talk at all. ' A Arndorfer, nurse from St, Benedlql;. '".,!' s In attendance. " ••*''•?',' SWEA CITY:JUNIORS LOSE IN 2 TOURNAMENT 6AMEJ Total - 28 1 72712 0 Two base hits: Hill. Runs batted in: Hill, 1. Struck out by: Cayou, 5; Mar- linee, 4. Bases on balls: off Marllnee, 3- Earner rune: Algona, 1, Left on bases: Algona, 8; Charles. City. 6. C&rs Crash Head-Oil. Whlttemore, July 14 — Georg Stell, farmer southeast of WhHte more, and Doctor Dorweller, Wes Bend' veterinarian, were principal in a head-on Automobile collision, north of town on the paving Satur day evening, Make Airjilawe Visit. Burt, July 14—-Glenn Phelp? anc is mother, Mrs. Isola Sessions, of Davenpovt, visited the C. L. Phe)pe family of Portland township, oyer BABY SON OF MR. LYMAN AUDIR Sunday, going b?.ck Monday, traveled by ' They Swea ^ City,' Jujy s^.to Madrid, 3-1 and 8-7,' n Tenth district •' Junior league games at EJagle Grove'"] day. The games, wpve ih»rd and the Swea Cltyans play eft/i lent ball. Last Thursday Hancock champion,, was Swea city, 3-0, an4 the Swea City won from "West a sub-district contest, £>-?, league games between," none more than 17, have < good pl^yere. The i( ' sponsored, by the Legion* ty W) wprk program, and is/"—"—^ scope. • Frank Galloway Fourth for B^ssfleld, Mich., Where he has been m*de receiver of Mr.- J«hn,^09'« faia suffered a fractured hip and his companion, . , City's, week or ao ago Uy-expect« jo follow hip next; sijffereS severe jputs one, daugO,% YtrglnJ^ «ar overturned on gravel', ro84 flvf jsUst south, . ____ ^^._J r v>f\4-j*\11

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