Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 9, 1931 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1931
Page 11
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PAOHi FOVB <' -v\ '* ?' ^.^f^CT KOflfiDTH rirtftfrV AhVA*imi'lt^MArfb^V...T .^^r^^l^S 1-1ici ANNIVERSARY JUBILEE Special Jubilee VISIT OUR SHOWROOM NOW ANNIVERSARY GIFT TO ALL VISITORS Make it a point to pay us a visit odoring the next few days. For iwe are celebrating Frigidaire's fifteenth anniversary and have arranged a special program that jyou won't want to miss. Among other things we are ^making a special Jubilee Offer to Cthose who purchase now—an coffer that will surprise you with REBEKAHSAT BURT INSTALL NEW OFFICERS Burt, July 7—The Burt Rebekah odge installed the following officers for the coming term at their regular meeting last Thursday evening: Mrs. Tom Trenary, noble grand; Lottie Hawcott, vice grand; Mrs. Lillian Sheldon, recording secretary; Mrs. C. B. Chipman, treasurer; Ar- ;ne Steward, warden; Dorothy •toward, conductor; Edna Staley and Mrs. I. AV. Hansen, noble grand supporters; Mrs. G. E. Brace, chaplain; Esther Bahling, inside guardian; Mrs. C. F. AVlmlen, outside guard; Gladys Brace and Mrs. J. P. 3tow, vice grand supporters. Pastor A'lslts Former Charge— The Rev. and Mrs. L. Rlchmann and daughter Margaret left Sunday for Lockridge, where they are visiting former parishioners, the Rev. Richmann having been at one time pastor of the Lutheran church there. He will preach at a mission festival there next Sunday. There will be no service at the Lutheran church here ne'xt Sunday morning, but the Falrvllle minister will preach in the evening. Krnushaar Here for Summer— O. F. Kraushnar arrived from Cambridge, Mass., a week ago Thursday to spend the summer here with his wife at O. P. McDonald's. Dr. Claire Clapsaddle and a Mr. Mrs. J. N. Holding: Home Again— Merwyn Holding and Mrs. Ivan Long, Swea City, drove to Oakdale last AVednesday and brought home their mother, Mrs. J. N. Holding, who had been in the sanitarium there a number of months. Mrs. Holding Is much improved in health. Three Tour the Black Hills- Earl Ackerman, Henry Bahling, and D. F. Schwletert returned Sunday from a week's trip through the Black Hills. They also visited the Devil's Tower, AA'yo., and attended the* rodeo at Beliefourche, S. D. Seivlcks Visit In Wisconsin- Mr, and Mrs. J. G. Se\yick and daughter Lucile went to Elk Mound, AVis., last week AVednesday for a week's visit with old friends. The Sewicks formerly lived at Elk Mound. llrookc Children Home Again— Oriole and Marcelle Brooke got home last week Sunday from Ontario, Calif., where they attended WHAT'S WRONG AND WHERE? Messenger PVlftttag Co. ... Sergei- Mfg. do. ij. *~ Wm. Shirley ...* *-A tTnmmond Stephens Co. -,'_ Marshall Office Supply Co. * . A\ Falkenhalner .a-.. O. AV. Brlckson Hdw. Advance Publishing Co. — Standard Oil Co. Harcourt Brace & Co. — *Bert Deal . '• Elk Cleaners .L. . Kohlhaas Hardware ----,- H.70 2.8ft i«» 7 .8.64 40.00 63.26 28.10 B9.94 3-*-°8 21.70 17.80 2.85 H. B. Mason *..'*__— :**- i2B7.05 Mr. and Mrs. J. Patterson • 226.00 John Barr &' Son — — — 226-.00 Geo."Hof lus, Treas. Bap tist church .—...—— 283,50 Jens Knudsen -.— ---- — -'765.00 Westlnghotise Electric Supply Co, -'——..i— ~ 3.58 A. L. Webster ---- — — — 287.00 Jenney-Semple Hill & Co. 40.35 Beckley-Cardy Co. .— — 176.43 Ginn & Co. — . .......... 20.36 Baker Paper Co. .1 ---- — — 312.32 Iowa Tuberculosis Association' -^—^—. i —— 15.20 Iowa Medical Supply Co.— • 27.95 E. W. Lusby ...... ., ---- - 34.90 Fred W. Wehler & Co.'.l- 1.60 Harry Baker ............ 20.13 W. H. Horan Electric Coi- 94.65 United Chemical Co. —1- 7.49 Foster's /Furniture - ----- > 17.75 Algona Insurance Agency __ ^ ________ ; ______ L __ 332.85 Proudfoot, Rawson, Souers & Thomas ----- — — 2,726.91 ^raoagruv^.1 BIISINESSB 31, U0 g Estimated'taxes per $1,000.00 of assessed value, $13 Estimated taxes In mills per dollar of taxable valuation, 73V Number of persons of school age In the district, 286. v " , ' Taxable Valuation— • . ; - k Hancock county . ----— .................—- $333,166 Kossuth county ... •• —^——--. *—•.-*..—. 101,116 Moneys and Credits— \ ,.>,'-. '• Hancock county i.- .— 68,400 - 1 Kossuth county _.j , ..;.*.....—.' . > / .470 How good ar« you at findlnq mlttaket? Tht artist hat Inttntlonally mad* several obvious ones In drawing the above picture. Some of them are eaiily discovered, ether* may be hard. See how long it will take YOU to find them. ; ' - • vur • school. B. AV. Brooke and G. jits generosity. We are presenting Hawcott met them at Ames. P. am Anniversary Gift to all adults 'KvJbo visit our showroom. And New CJiWioiis House Tenants— Mr. and Mrs. N. A. AVhitehurst jWre are giving a dramatic demon- have rented the house recently_va- ;j5tration of the enduring qualities scot Frigidaire Lifetime Porcelain. We are also showing how the (Cold Control speeds the freezing fl?f ice and desserts — how the Hy- alrator makes even wilted vegetables fresh — how the Quickube Hce Tray releases ice cubes with {finger-tip pressure — one at a time o>r a whole trayful. Come in today and receive your 'Anniversary Gift. During the Jubilee we will • jputall Frigidaire in your borne for ONLY I W DOWN —the balance arranged to suit your convenience them to Thor, where he visited his wife. Mr. and Mrs. R. E.'Moyer went to Des Moines last week Tuesday and nought home lone Moyer, who had :aken a course in beauty culture ;here. John L. Hughes, Oklahoma City, arrived last Thursday for a few days with his daughter, Mrs. R. AV. Rash. Mrs. C. W. Schryver got home last week Monday from Arvada, Colo., where she had visited a daughter a month. Mr. and Mrs. George Jackish, of Minneapolis, .visited Saturday and Sunday at the W. E. Brace home. Mr. Jackish is Mrs. Brace's brother. Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Thaves and three children and Mrs. Thaves' two sisters of Lakota took a trip to Madison, AVis., over the week-end. AT iv nnrl M"r«. A. fl WIokivIrA nnfl whose benefit such connection Is made, shall in consideration of the privilege thereby granted and en- .ioyed, pay to the City of Algona, Iowa, the sum of One Hundred Dollars ($1100.00), and hold the city of Algona, harmless from any loss or damage that may In any W ay result from or be occasioned by such connection. Section Two. No more than one building shall be connected with said city sewer through one drain without a permit for each building. Section Three. No ' connection with said public sewer shall be made except under the immediate supervision of the Superintendent ol Public Works. Section Four. This ordinance In accordance with law shall take ef feet and be in full force from and after its legal publication. Adopted and passed by the City Council of the City of Algona Tnttrn 4-\-,tct OflfU ,1 . nf Tin-irt 1 11 0 1 Midland Chemical Co. Bureau of Dental Hygiene O. G. Waffle _.,_ ------ — Singer Sewing Machine /Co. — : -------- — -- ---Henry Wllhelm Co. ------ Klrsch Laundry _.._—— The;Goeders Co. — _ — '.: — University Publishing Co. Sid J. Backus, P. M. — — Hr M. Rowe Co. ---- . ----J. S. Fearls & Bro. ------ j. W. H. Lacy — L --------Andres & Tallman _. — '. ---The Century Co. ----- : ---H. W. Post ----------- — Total 503,152 A. M. Marquis Co. '. ------Port Huron Machine Co.- World Book Co. --------Paul A. Schmidt Music . Co, -— --------- -' ----Algona Military Band — Practical Drawing Co. — A. H. Borchardt ----- : ---- 465.25 3.15 28.20 4.66 7.29 2.35 7.88 3.77 10.00 1.29 4.00 7.14 12.95 2.00 34.30 7.88 20.00 1.56 8.38 15.00 16.01 21.70 21.00 21.83 50.00 30.60 2.85 BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD'OF FILlNO SCHOOL DISTRICT ESTIMATE NOTICE—The Board of. Dlrectoos^ of "Independent School' District of Algona, Algona Township, Kossuth County, Iowa, will meet July 23, 1981, at 8 p. m., at pfflce of T. P. Harrington. Taxpayers will bo heard for ofr against the following?-estimate dr expenditures at that time. MARY E. MITCHELL, District Secretary. ?hones: Sullivan L. 26ti P. Harrington L. J. FUNDS General ... School House ... Transportation Special (Bond) Totals a-3 « $80,000 4,000 1,500 13,990 $99,490 M I .S $69,597 28,182 $87,779 $13,250 $13,250 $70,000 4,000 1,500 13,990 $89,490 $79,092 145,789 $224,881 $79,880 $79,880 FRIGIDAIRE OENSRAL MOTORS VALUl GUARANTEED FOR 3 YEARS A, I CLIFF UTILITY SHOP ^ Old Moderh'vDry Cleaners Building Running Water —Everywhere •VOU can hive running * water—limantly—la die kitchen and for the bath—upsuln and down —In the barn or the Iced loc— lot the lawn ot (ol fcc protection—If you \ar ooc ol the (amou* ^kU Oiling VaUrSyttcnK Self-oiling- Mlf.«tartlng-aelf-«toppln« their operation la enllrely automatic, lender|n«a dependable trouble-ftee tervlce under •It condition!. No ejpense for upkeep or xcpaln. ThetetoasryleandsUe—hand.wlod, cncine ot motor power—for^very need. alM> Incltttk* PWwer PotDM, ErHangcni. Hay and Cratn LA11SG & MUCKEY Algona, Iowa. cated by Mrs. Grace Gibbons. They will move in within a few days. Bert Godclens io tylc, Minn.— The Bert Goddens went to Lyle, Minn., Monday, where Mrs. Godclen has a job, Circle Has Picnic on Fourth— The U and I circle had a picnic at the H. A. Salisbury, home on July 4. Other Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Elvidge and daughter Madge, and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer AViestedt, Marshall, Minn., were week-end visitors at the AVil- llam Elvidge and C. B. Chipman homes. They also visited at the Roy Jensen home near Lone Rock. Mr. Elvidge and the Chipmans also spent the Fourth there. Mrs. Al Staehle and Mr. and Mrs, H. L. -Sauermann and son Jimmie, Mitchell, S. D., visited Thursday at the P. F. Kriethe home. The Sauer- manns are spending the summer at their cottage at Lake Okoboji. The Kriethe family went up and spent the Fourth with them there. Mr. and Mrs. George McGregor and five children, Litchfield, N. D., visited from Thursday to Friday at the E. O. Chipman home. Mrs. McGregor and Mrs. Chipman are sisters. The McGregors went on to Nashua to visit relatives. Mr. and Mrs. AV. A. Barnes and Iwo daughters and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leech and three daughters, Aberdeen, S. D., spent the week-end at the Rev. S. H. Aten home. Mrs. Barnes is Mrs. Aten's sister, and Mr. Leech Is her brother. Dean Clapsaddle, who is working at Eldora, spent the Fourth with Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Clapsaddle. Mrs. Clapsaddle, Mrs. Lois Trainer, and George Graham took him back to Eldora Sunday. Mrs. Matilda Ward returned Friday from New Underwood, S. D., where she had spent a couple of months with her sons. She is now visiting at the G. C. Giddings home. She is Mrs. Giddings' mother. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Parish and children, Newton, spent the weekend at the J. P. Stow home. They brought home with them Florence son, Des Moines, visited Thursday at the J. H. Graham home. They were on their way to Spirit Lake, The B, C. Sandersons went to Canton, S. D., for the Fourth. Ruby Sanderson went on to Hudson, S. D., where she is visiting an aunt. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Whltehlll and Mrs. Clements, Bancroft, left Monday for Lodi, AVis., where they will visit a sister of Mrs. Whitehill. Mr. and Mrs. Clark Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fall and daughter Marjorie, Eagle Grove, visited Sunday at the J. N. Holding home. The William Larson family, Rochester, Minn., visited from Thursday to Sunday at the Wilfred Chafee and J. P. Larson homes. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Koestler, Clinton, are visiting Leonard's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Koestler. Mrs. Rachel Lowe and Mrs. Lillian Sheldon spent Saturday and Sunday at the Victor Lowe home In Algona. Margaret Harwell returned to her home at Waterloo Sunday after several weeks with Mrs. Lois Trainer. Leo Vinaas, Marengo, 111., arrived Saturday for a visit with his parents Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Vinaas. Mr. and Mrs. J. % Heaney visited' over the Fourth with Mrs. Heaney's Iowa, this 29th day of June, 1031. ADAH CARLSON City Clerk of the City of Algona, Iowa. Approved by me this 29th day of June, 19311. C. F. SPECHT Mayor of the Algona, Iowa. City of AXNUAI. FINANCIAL STATE- of Independent School District of Algona, Iowa, Township of Algona, County of Kossuth, for the year ending June 30, 1931. We hereby certify that the following report comprising pages 1 to 5, inclusive, is correct as required by Section 4242 and Section Code of 1927. Filed July 1, 1931. 4242-bl, Algona Flour & Feed Co. Chrlschilles & Herbst Donald Parsons Educational Binder Co. — The Old Dray Shop E. J. Gilmore, Treas. Int. on bonds, and exp. 3,611.00 Congregational Church — H. Coleman Gaar Bros. Typewriter Co. Soap Industry AA r . J. Sigebee Narragansett Mach. Co. _ Marine Biological Lab. — Scott Foresman & Co. — Thorpe AVood & Iron AA r orks — Southern Calif. Music Co. A, J. Nystrum & Co. '_.— Long's Grocery Vern Rutledge Gordon Kuhn O. H. Engstrom Sidney AValberg .- Neostyle Sales Agency — Laird &, Reimers Dr. D. C. Scanlan F. H. Shackelford K. L. King Music House. E. AV. Hansen Nelson Hardware C. M. Knudsen C. E. Sweet —. John Frankl _.. E. F. Jones Chris C. Knudsen Hazel~E. Keen. Dodd, Mead & Co. Estimated taxes per $1,000.00'of assessed value, $26.65. Estimated taxes In mills per dollar of taxable valuation, 106.65, Taxable valuation (1931), $839,074.00. Moneys and Credits (1931), $1,022,623.00. Number of persons of school age In the district, 1276. Attorney a -at.L aw 'sl •bones: Office, 287; T p" ». J. VAN NESS 0. IV. Si _,. Office over State I *• D. Shurmvay SHDMWAY ft Attorneys-at-Uv" Office In Quinby Block,)! Aigomf 'bone 58. L - A. Attorncy. u t.i lw Office In Quinby BulUlul Phone 180. Stow, who had been staying them several weeks. with parents at Prescott, AVis. Elsie Haskell, Lu Verne, came Tuesday morning for a few days at L. D. Hodgson's. The R. A. Blelch family spent last week vis'Iting relatives at Eau Claire, AVis. R. F. Hawcott left Friday evening for El Paso, 111., where he is visiting friends. The L. M. Sweeneys, Fort Dodge, spent part of last week Holding's. at C. L. T. P. HARRINGTON, President. MARY E. MITCHELL, Secretary. Receipts — General Fund Amount On hand last report ---- $ 53,583.88 (Of which $1725.29 was In closed bank.) Normal training aid 750.00 General fund tax levy — $ 66,900.00 Semi-annual apportionments ---------------- 2,519.05 Tuition - ...... ......... 12,590.75 Transfer from other funds 3,600.00 Other sources 470.87 Total general fund $140,414,55 Recapitulation— General Fund Amount On hand last report $ 53,583.88 (Of which $1725.29 was in closed bank.) Total receipts current year 86,830.67 Total general fund 140,414.55 Allyn & Bacon Bureau of Educational Research — Demco Library Supplies _ David C. King L. H. Crawford Carl Hutchins M. E, Church Algona Public Library — 2S3.99 '4.00 12.58 2.44 4.35 32.00 12.83 47.76 3.45 12.98 16.44 202.11 30.00 2.25 67.50 67.50 3.62 3.90 13.00 , 4.50 1.11 5.15 15.88 15.00 7.50 67.50 60.00 45.00 67.50 6.10 16.8X) 30.26 10.40 45.00 45.00 67.50 400.80 214.27 19.30 8.85 13.50 BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD OF FILINO TOWN AND CITY ESTIMATE NOTICE—The city council of Algona, of Kossuth county,Aowa, will meet July 30, 1931, at 8 p. m., at the City Hall. : Taxpayers will he heard for or against the following, estimate of expenditures at that time. ,,.'••; '••.•• ADAH CARLSON, • City Clerk. Bruce Clifton is the new assistant at the I. AA r . Hansen Service Station. LEDYARD GIRL AND ST, JOE YOUTH ARE WED AT LEDYARD Disbursements current H. W. Post Pray and Transfer Long Distance Hauling Every load insured against loss and dam- Age of all kinds. Equipped to do all .kinds of hauling and draying. Algona, jowa. R. W. Rash went to Charles City Friday and brought home his daughters Elizabeth and June, who had spent ten days with relatives. Mrs. Mary Orchard came with them for a visit at the Rash home. Mrs. Matilda Dexter and Mr. and Mrs. Raney Putz visited at the Claire Dexter home at Storm Lake and George Dexter at Cherokee from Thursday to Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Rentz and children, Rockford, visited from Thursday to Tuesday at the Mrs. G, Gerhards home. Mrs. Rentz and Mrs. Gerhards are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Strommen and children, 'St. James, Minn., visited from Friday to Saturday at N. I. Morness home. Mr. Strommen Is Mrs. Morness' brother. Mrs. Robert McClurg and two sons, Lincoln, Neb., visited over the week-end at the J. W. Dorrance home. Mrs. McClurg Is a niece of the Dorrances. Walter Hanna, Newton, Irma Reid, Ames, Katherlne Lucas, and Kenneth Johnson, Madrid, visited Saturday at the Mrs. Maude Hanna home. Mrs. P. L. Dremmel and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dremmel and son Donald left Sunday for Aurora, 111., where they are visiting the Floyd Dremmel home. Mercler, St. Genevleve, Mo., spent part of last week at Dr. J. G. Clap- saddle'8. They were on their way to northern Minnesota. Mr. and Mra. A. H, Meliwer 8 pe»t the Fourth with relatives at Fort Dodge, Julius Briggs accompanied Ledyard, July 7—At the Sacred Heart church here last week AVednesday Agnes Manthei, Ledyard, and Leroy Thilgee, St. Joe, were married by the Rev. Father Sturm. Walter Thllges, brother of the bridegroom, was best man, and Mary Manthei, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid. After the ceremony Mrs. Arthur Brandt, sister of the bride, served a wedding breakfast, and that evening the newlyweds gave a dance at Floral hall, Algona, They are now at home on a farm south of Algona. year (See pages 1 to 5) 80,817.47 Balance on hand this report 59,597.08 School Fund Receipts Amount On hand last report $107,981.00 Schoolhouse fund tax levy . (Including levy for bond purposes) - —_ 13,600.00 Sale of bonds — 50,000.00 Interest on Investments (Sec. 12775-bl) (on bonds) - — 2,390.62 " FUNDS General Improvement Grading Sewer AVater Light Fire Equipment Fire Maintenance Library Band . _ Park _ ' Road Dragging ._. Swim Pool Totals 1 3 Afl. H*,H m s , ^ O "% T3 Pi a* c. 6 $ 50,000 5,000 2,500 6,000 20,000 75,000 3,000 3,000 4,500 1,500 4,00( 800 5,000 $180,300 . 2 .H § * 0) ' 0 h"% as! $ 30,249 5,786 < 9,235 10,687 42,947 ' 7,479 f 4,600 332 3,918 1,111 3,943 $120,28' 3 ,""" 3 -a "§ffi •*-* £ 1 ° ° S m 0 *-* .-i O W ^J C 3 P. d i • •• : 2,000 2,000 2,000 22,000 2,000 2,00 1,000 2,00( 1,000 $36,001 4 ' - c' .2 •&!$ rt O ^ 8:9 C $ 2,400 200 14,000 50,000 2,040 * ' B a g 9 - ll § " q '-3 C $ • III 1 Consolidated $18,500 3 0AA ,oUu 2 OOC 9001 500 J , 3,325 1 Al\f _ ll ' 1UU 800 1,960 $33,186 6 f 01 J5 € cS S(H C, 0 " % 52 H22 $ 20,858 1,957 3,022' 3 K1 d iDi'4 11RS2Q ' 3,380 3,490 I qotr ,duu A A*) 44Z 439 5,038 C1 T7 1 Ol f 177, lol ' 7 01 ' i 3 o) •B .<" S (H B t. S BSS $ 22,637 1,262 1,537 1 fi6f ,Oo I *ft'ni9 • ' • 1,614 3,487 i A nc 1 (4 69 In CQ ,OD5 23,853 $159,018 Physicians and „„, Office over Rexall Drug™ • Office phone 300. tt. J. Keneflck, M. ]),' re! . p^ J. N. Keneflck, M. p., te , t ^ C. H. CttETZMEftl: Physician and Surgeon J Office In John Galbraith L .'honea: Office 310, res,4«,j P. V. JASSE, M,i. Physician nnil Snrgeoi * Office on South Dodge Sin Phones: Office, 066; residency Algona, Iowa. WALTER PHASER, X.jl Physician and Surgeon '\ Jfflce in Quinby Bldg,, Phone No. 12, DR. w. i). ANDREW! ••steopntlilc Physician and I Eye, Ear, Nose, and Thr« X-ray. Office over Hub Recreation 1 Phones: Office, 187; residing I CHIROPBACTOB8J DR. K. J. Palmer Graduate Chlr Phlrteen year's successful prt Office over State's Cah-J VETERINARY Taxable Valuation (1931), $672,430. .Moneys and Credits (1931), $1,007,727. L. AV. FOX Veterinarian West State Street, Algt*i| Phones: . Office 475-W., rti'.l BUILDING CONTBAC . COWAN'ft SOX .. •General Contracton.;!! Estimates Furnlshsi i| Phones: Business, 639-J; « Total receipts schoolhouse fund , $173,971.62 Recapitulation house Fund School- Amount Snyder I Duplicator Supply Co. LA. E. Michel Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer Amount charged off In closed bank (First National bank) _„• 1,725.29 M. J. Coate 2,199.96 Frances Messer 1,530,00 Frances Duhlgg ' v 1,530.00 Hattle Wilson - 1,620.00 Alvena Miller — 1,485.00 Ruth Krlekenbaum _ 1,485.00 Erma Plaehn 1,440.00 Ruth Messenger _.— 1,395.00 Esther Quimby 1,350,00 Floy Horn ... 1,350.00 Nancy Ruth Renaud 1,305.00 Leona Krampe .. 1,485.00 David C. Ward 1,530.00 Geo, S. Johnson 1,620.00 Adratn Burmeister 1,620.00 Audrey Bonham 1,935.00 Lola Dreesman - 1,665.00] Opal A. Knox . 1,125.00 Jeanne Coon 1,170.00 Matilda Dallinger — 1,080.00' Lucia Wallace 1,215.00 Dora Carson — 1,305.00 Dorothy Bravender 1,125.00 Daisy Schoffstall 1,125.00 Mrs. Hazel Ward 1,035.00 Bernlce Palmer 1,170.00 Vera Stell 1,125.00 •*New Mail Carrier. Burt, July 7—Delbert Vogel began carrying mall on the Star route between Burt to Elmore last week Wednesday. He has a four-year contract. On hand last report $107,981.00 Total receipts current year 65,990.62 Total echoolhouse fund — 173,971.62 Disbursements current year (See pages 1 to 5)_ 145,789.85 Balance on hand this report 28,182.27 Disbursements— Name of person, firm, or corporation paid to whom Gen. Fund ORDINANCE NO. 229. AN ORDINANCE PRESCRIBING RULES AND REGULATIONS AND FIXING CHARGES FOR TAPPING CITY SEAVER NUMBER SEVEN OF ALGONA, IOWA. THAT WHEREAS, the cost of constructing city sewer number seven of the City of Algona, Iowa, was ' paid from the Sewer Fund of said City and no part of the cost of said sewer was paid from funds, raised by a special assessment against the property to be benefited thereby. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF GONA, IOWA: Section One. That any property holder who desires to connect his property with said city sewer number seven of Algona, Iowa, shall' first make application tp the City Clerk for a permit to tap the same, said permit to be granted upon'con- dition that the owner or lessee tor Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. . | 176.60 R. F. Donovan 1 22.75 City Clerk 1,605.69 Carrie Durant 1,575.00 Margaret Hullerman 1,125.00 Lillian Granzow • 1,170.00 Eileen Portman 1,080.00 Nellie Benedict -^ 1,035,00 Esther Fulton .-, ,_. 1,170.00 Grace Melba Miller 1,305.00 Helen Stubbs 1,260.00 Antoinette Bonnstetter __ 1,080.00 Bertha Godfrey _„ 1,260.00 J. F. Overmyer 3,600.00 IN PRETTY SUMMER THINGS Onl y the scientific methods employed by us can We Clean aud Beblock Hats We call for and deliver promptly. Modern Dry Cleaners PHONE! 537 Loyd Gross Upper Des Moines-Kepub- llcan —. Mrs. D. C. Gardner H. R. Cowan & Son T. P. Harrington Metropolitan Supply Co. W. D. Allen Mfg. Co John Byeon , J. I. Holcomb & Co. __«.__ Trojan Playground Equipment Co. , 193.50 137.20 21.25 116.75 22.14 240.09 243.01 90.00 144.07 81.75 224.12 .40 83.27 Lalng & Muckey | C. S. Johnston Norton Machine Works ._ Railway Express Co. Bert Cronan _ 2,140.00 Wm, Goeder« _.. „ 1,045,0.0 Mary B. Mitchell, Sec'y-i 800.00 R. E. Coleman '.... 5.50 O, Norman ' . 9,75 S. N9rtQ^ & Son 8,«10.95 C. H. Johnston Zella Nugent Hortense Ferguson Dorothy Dewel _ Mrs. J. P. Overmyer Mrs. Schemel „_ Mrs, D. R. Steele ... Mrs. D. H. Goeders - 550.00 18.00 14.00 12.00 36.00 18.00 108.00 364.00 GEOUGE 1. MIUHj General Contractor. Estimates furnished. ;|| MO 8. Podge, Algona, la.J MACHINISTS NORTON MACHINE Machinists and We! •torvlce stock on .Piston RlNU and Bearlngi. " of Courthouse. PBODUCE SWIFT * COMPAW| Cash Buyer* Poultry, Eggs, and Matt Lamuth, Mir.;; Phone COUNT! $15,000,000 worth 31 "force. A home co»! i^cure. J. 0. PM»«.J C. H. Haln $.0? Rolden Patent Book Co,.. 9-57 Woodstock Typewriter Co, 3_90.00 ' . | 80,817,47 Dlsbursementg Schoolhouse Fund J. H. Mayer & Son, est. 1 to 6 incl. ^,— ------- f 64,498.17 Beamer Tire & Electric ' Co., est. 1 to 7 -------- 4,873.74 Cuddy Plumb. & Heating Co., est, I tp 9 ^—..... 80,798.90 The Spencer Construction Co., est. 1 to 4 -— „,- 82,216.85 E, J. GiljRore, Treaa. _„. 7,725.00 Labor claims 'paid under 'Ma/er & Son Contract, •by order of U«ion l»- demnity Co, ,— -— T — ._ 8,077.68 vancen^ent of Interest 99 bonds - — .......... 8,600.00 0. B. l» Barre A Reliable Ins. w Phone 65. My Property Loans. Insurance. R 6 * CUNNINGHAM I j IPT W. State St. JOE Jfew and used A«W Rfi Tires and A CC <*F Hides, Fur and "I jUgon* !«** PUNO J, C, ColburBi JO Years E* 1929 Chevrolet Coupe 1—1929 Chevrolet 1930 Chevrolet Coupe' . 1931 Sport Coups 1-4928 Chevrolet truck with gr»in bo* 1-HKodel T Ford pick-up bo* 2 truck stake platforms, 6x8 snfl 6*9 feet KOHLHAASWUM;

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