Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 9, 1931 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1931
Page 10
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PAQS TWO CHURCH HOUR GIVEN WESLEY BIBLEJUPILS Wesley, July 7—Children who had ! been attending the vacation Bible' school at tho Methodist church during the forenoons of two weeks at i the Methodist church, gave a program last week Sunday morning, under the leadership of Pearl Steven, Sexton, who had been assisted by Mnurlne Hansen, Dorothy Kraus, and Erma Ward. A pantomime, The Good Samaritan, was well carried out, anil the story of Naomi, Orpah, and Ruth, was remarkably well acted. The children gave the Ten Commandment* and the Beatitudes from memory, also the twenty-third Psalm, other familiar Bible ' passages, and many Bible verses. They gave the books o£ the Old and the New Testaments, also the groupings of books, such Miss Frances Meils, Manson high ce j vec i ] OW " score. Colo Monday. At Colo they got Russell French, who had been vlsit^ ing the B, 0. Wrights, formerly of Tltonka. Edith Budlong, who has b?en working In Hampton, and Maye BUdlong, who has been working in Waterloo, spent the Week-end with home folks. They returned to work Sunday evening. Henry Lee, Emmetsburg, visited friends here Sunday. Mr. Lee used to be barber in the Gray Smith shop a few years ago, leaving here for Emmetsburg, where he has been very successful. • W. J. Denton, Ernest Peterson, 'E. O. Slack, and Arthur Falls spent one day last week fishing at Amber lake. The Fielding Perrys, Algona, and the Henry Lees, Emmetsburg. were Sunday guests at the H. A. French home. The Logan Kleagles, Minneapolis, spent the Fourth and Sunday 'with •he Kleagle and Relbsamen families here. Mrs. John Wood entertained her afternoon bridge club last week Wednesday. Mrs. Lee O. Wolfe re- as the Law, Major and Minor school girl, whose essay on meat Ml>- and MrSi K E . Mitchell, De- Prophets, Epistles, etc. One little, won highest honors for the state of t , oit , j llc h., and Mr. and Mrs. Harry * ' ' . _ Tmirn 1 « l-lio I4!f<*nrn Nnrlnnnl Aloof* girl gave a. long mission story from memory. North Dnkotnns Visit Here— Mrs. Helen S. AVard and her daughter Amy, Stanton, N. D.. came Wednesday June 24, and visited Wesley and Burt relatives and j Algona friends six days. Wesley \~ relatives are Mrs. Ward's brother-j ters, the Mesdames Herman 'Carlin-law, W. P. Giddings, her bus- son, Silas Skow, and Fred Bentele. Her son, Herbert, who has been living with his sisters here for a her grandnephew, Arlo Dawson. | year or two, will go with her, and Burt relatives are Guy C. Giddings! will enter high sei">ol in the fall. , ., . . Iowa in the kiglith National Meat Clophleri Cedal . Falte , were guests Story Contest which just came to a h B , Petersons Saturday. to sloux clty band's nephew, A. E. Giddings. her own nephew, Preston Chapin, and and Mrs. Fred • Ringsdorf. Mrs. Ward Is the widow of Yv'illiiim Ward, who camo with his father. Alcinus, to Wesley township in 180:1 Mrs. Ward and Amy llvi- at Ce'ntei. N. D.. where Amy is chief telephone operator. Each owns a farm nea: Stanton. Before coming here tl'.ay .had visited Mrs. Ward's ilauglite: 1 , Mrs. G. S. Patrick, Ci-nter City, Minn., and a niece, Mrs. O. T. Dawson, Mason City. Ages Totaled at CiatlicriiiK'— At a gathering of relatives at the Fred Rlngsdorf home. Burt, a week ago last Friday, ''just for fun" the ages of those present were added, and the result was 57(1. Persons in the group were Mrs. Elizabeth KlngsdorC, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ringsdorf, W. P- Giddings, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Giddings. Mrs. Helen S. Ward and her daughter Amy. The senior Mrs. Rinprsdorf is SI), and W. P. Giddings is S7. The combined ages of the three oldest present is 200 years. Florence and Maurlne Hansen left Friday evening 1 ' to spend the Fourth with their grandmother and aunt, Mrs. Caroline Smith and Mrs. Mahoney, at Hopkins, Minn. They will remain during this week. Florence, who works in the Exchange .state bank. Is having her vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hopkins spent the Fourth, which is also Mrs. Hopkins' birthday, with the A. X. Andersons. Clear Lake, and enjoyed a double celebration. The Fred Jensen" family. Livermore, Minn., visited from Sunday to Monday with Mr. Johnson's brother, Mrs. Ed Loebig. Mrs. Ammon Lease and her son Burrell, are visiting Mrs. • Lease's parents, the Fred Burrells, at Urbana. ": ' " ' ' '* Neighbors 1'icnioU on Fourth— Twenty relatives anil neighbors "picnicked" at the Herman Ostercamp home the Fourth, and feasted on new potatoes and peas, Tried chicken, ice cream, and all et ce- teras. Rainy weather made little difference to them. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hanson and Mrs. Mary Steven and the Hans Hansens visited the C. Hansens' son, Howard, at Clear Lake. Because of rain, none of the afternoon prog-rani was given except the band music. TITONKA YOUTH AND THOMPSON GIRL MARRIED Titonka, July 7—Miss Leita Spelr- ings, of Thompson, and Bernard, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Phelps, who live west of town, were married Wednesday, June 24. at the Martin Larsen home The Rev. G. M. Squires, Rowan, formerly of Titonka, and the Rev. U G. Gartner, | spent the Fourth here. Lynn Callies left for Illinois on a business and plp"«ure trip Saturday. CHILDREN ARE NO HANDICAP AT SAN DIEGO By Mrs. J. S Aimer. Sa n Diego. Calif.. July 1 — There are two ways of taking vacations: with or without the children. On certain trips children are a distinct handicap to' fullest enjoyment. San Diego, however, offers unusual! unarm to "family vacationers." [ To live in a small apartment on a tiny court with two lively Iowa youngsters accustomed to a quarter of a block for a playground seemed a big' undertaking, but it only a short time till we learned that the whole countryside here is a children's playground. It was our good fortune to find a pleasant primary teacher anxious to assume charge of the children eac-b, afternoon and take them to mumerable places of interest. They return daily with animated descriptions of the places they have visited.. Only three blocks away lies. Balboa Park, site of- the Panama-Pacific Exposition in 1015, consisting of \l400 acres. Many afternoons have !>een spent there, viewing the largest bird cage in the world, anc the "Zoo" with Us countless oni mala In natural surroundings. Big white polar bears roving up jagged rocks delight even a 2-year-old, ob .server. The exquisite orienta charm of a Japanese Tea garden is Picnic on Fourth at SUow's— Thirty-seven relatives and friends enjoyed a "house picnic" at Silas (Skew's on the Fourth. Rain lire- vented their eating outdoors as planned. They were the SUow, Fred Bentele, Herman Carlson, Ole Flom, Olaf Funnemark and Viggo KUlsholm families, and Mr. and Mrs. Marion Paulson, Mrs. Johnson and jlerbert. Missionary Thornte ' addressed the gathering at one time during the afternoon. Mrs. Dieknmnn Losos Grandfather Mrs. Fred Diekmann left last Thursday for St. Paul, to attend the funeral of her paternal grandfather, Fred Johnson, who was 88. Death occurred at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Minnie Hedwall. Mr. Johneon had been ailing for many months, and it is thought the heat hastened his death. Funeral services •were held Friday afternoon. HcNameu Family in Reunion- Mr, and Mrs. Wallace lienton and Delbert drove to Austin Sunday, to participate in it reunion of Mrs. Benton'.s family, the McNamees Fifty-one persons were present, Hans Hansen ran the Standard Oil station in Mr. Benton's absence. Titonka, performed the ceremony. I Bernard was attended by his brother AVillis, and Leita was attended by her" sister Edna. An elaborate dinner was served at the Martin Larsen home. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Phelps will live on the Phelps farm. Many relatives of the couple were present at the wedding. 4-H Cliib Mooting' Held— A 4-H club meeting was held at Violet Slack's, with Alice Gartner as assistant hostess last week Wednesday. Edith Reynolds, who went to also who appreciated by the are enchanted with children,, the real Ames as a delegate from the club, ave a report on the trip. Myrtle Una gave a demonstration on collar nd cuff sets, and there were also a ew other good talks. Muriel Body, Ugona, county home demonstration .gent, was a guest and spoke brief- y.' A few of the records of the nusic memory contest for next year vere played. The next meeting will >e July 1C with Myrtle Ama and Vila Rike as hostesses. Moore Katriotlo S«nnon— 'The Rev. Mr. iloore delivered ai excellent Independence day sermor at the Methodist church Sundaj but because of fatigue fol morning, lowing tho Fourth only congregation greeted him. a smal Methodists in Picnic Yestwlay— The Methodist Aid will sponso a picnic supper on the church Uiwi this week Wednesday afternoor Each member will contribute on or two items to the menu. Boy and Girl IJahies Born— A son was born to Mr. and Mrs JJKO West last week Wdnewday, an a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. James Cibson last week Tuesday. Other AVesley News. Visits Six Lesion Auxiliaries— Mrs. Sadie Denton, tenth district lublicity chairman, reports that the tenth district is the first district in Japanese lady in her beautiful robes who serves them Ice cream and "rice cakes". , A C-year-olcl can. find a great deal of enjoyment in San Diego^e art | gallery. At present there is a collection of paintings by Southern California artists. The children delight in familiar near-by views painted on canvas in vivid, flaunting colors. It is always the unusual that strikes the child's fancy. The loveliest object to the 6-year-old; was an exquisite crystal statuette of Madonna and Child, so diminutive that it had escaped notice of elders. The San Diego harbor offers an ever-changing panorama. More than CO ships of the United States fleet are often anchored in the bay. Battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and submarines are a study. Close to the bay is the immense Lindbergh aviation field, where planes are constantly landing and taking off. The auto-giro is interesting to watch. An afternoon spent here is all too short for a modern air-minded miss!. Soldiers, sailors, marines, the state to have each unit in district contribute publicity to the the state department. Mrs. Denton left last week Tuesday morning for Fort Dodge, Boone, Grand Junction, Glidden, Clare and Gowrie in the interests of work connected with her department. AlK'onliins lire Entertained Here— Mrs. Howard French entertained a number of Algona friends at a 7 o'clock dinner last week Monday evening. There were six tables and the color scheme was pink and green. Helen Dingley won high .score, .Mrs. W. P. French, second, and Mrs. Thomas Sherman, low score. 1'iirty for lies Moines Girl- Several young people gave a party last week Wednesday evening in cans, Chinese, and Japanese crowd the streets and provide a picture, book o£ characters to be recalled, later by the children as /they read of foreign lands in school books.. , The ocean is the real treat for all children. They love the surf buth- ins and playing in the sand. Coronado Beach and Mission are ideal beaches for children. They amuse themselves there for hours,, their bodies meanwhile turning a deep copper color in the glorious, sunshine. Food is the demand when the children return from a sight-seeing tour. The markets afford every vegetable and fruit in a child's diet. The children eat everything, with an almost limitless appetite. Bven the carrots and spinach are enjoyed, because "they taste different." Mr. and Mrs. their daughter Nathan Sluder, Emina and sun Julius, lel't Saturday morning to visit another daughter, Mrs. J. V. Itttschni'.;k-r, at Iowa Full.s. It happened that "of Mi's. Hitsfhmeier's nine children, eight were able to be present Who nur.se in Fort home on vacation. The absent one honor of Lela Adamson, of day, two daughters Dodge being Des Moines, who is visiting the Fred Adamsons. Guests included Phy- delli.s and Loraine and Woodi'OW Peterson, Kenneth Larsen, Arthur Jay and Edith Mae Budlong, and Violet Slack. Drcyc-rs Come from Alg'Ona— A portable mill has been located here and the people who run it live in the Johrf A. Sleper residence. R. O. Dreyer, who came here from Algona, runs the mill. Viola Rike and Loraine M. Peterson are delegates from the 4-H club Camp Foster, on the Okobojis. They left last Thursday morning and will return in a few days. Leug-uers Off for Institute— Many members of the local Methodist Epworth League plan to go to institute at Lake Okoboji next Mon- •was Sister Bertha, who teaches in a parochial school at Hutte, Neb. Two Girls to Camp roster— Mrs. Kilschmeier's two grandchildren were present also. The Hoy Madsons, Des Moines, came to spc-nd the Fourth and Sunday with the Raymond Hansens. Mrs. Madson remained for the rest of this week. The Everett Weil- ands spent the Fourth with her parents, the Meyers, at Aplington. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hansen, Clear Lake, vi.sited local relatives Sunday afternoon. The Peter Haverlys, Oelwein, came Friday evening and spent the Fourth and Sunday with Daisy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Felt. Another daughter, Mrs. Al Wagner, Corwith, and her family also spent the Fourth here. Mrs. Haverly and JXmnagene. remained for a two •weeks' vacation. Mrs. Claude Moore, Austin, Minn., and her two children left last •week Wednesday for home, following a week's visit with Mrs Moore's uncle, Carl Franzen. Mrs. Moore's sister, Margaret, remained lor « visit wijfc Mrs. Anthony John *pn. Mrs. Nels M. Johnson, Alamo. f, is here visiting her daugh- FOlt AJfY AVOKTHY PUBPOSE Families living in Algona and vicinity can secure any amount up to $300 on furniture, automobiles, or live stock. It is easy to secure a loan through this company and Just one small Epwortli Leaguers Have Picnic— The Methodist Epworth League held a picnic in the Nelson woods Sunday evening. Other Titonica News. Mr. and Mrs. Jane Heifner and four children drove from their Wisconsin home to spend the Fourth with his mother, Mrs. Emma Heifner, and other relatives. They had planned a reunion picnic the Fourth easy to pay back, payment a month. Ask about our Payment Extension Plan which PHOTECTS YOU when sick or unemployed. LOANS HADE TO School Teachers Oil Your Own Signature For Jiumediate service call, write or phone Chas. Kuchynka 8H E. State, Phoue 399 Represen ting Federal Finance Co., Des Moines but The the Ole at the Ed Zweifel home, rain spoiled their plans. 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The program follows: Bee March—Miller Maxlne Capeslus Fli-st Violet Waltz—Woodward Esther Seefeld First Rose Waltz—Woodward Garnet Plcard Duet, Aladdin March—Le Grand Garnet Picard and George Becker Man ill the Moon—Wallace - Maxine Robinson Jack the Giant Killer—Le Grand George Becker Duet, Spinning the Top—Rolfe Amy and Esther Seefeld Anna March—Fearis ' Betty Merrltt Bolls Do P.lng—Williams ' Maxlne Robinson Duet, After School March—Brownfleld Maxlne Capesius and Irene Fasbender Red Riding: Hood Waltz—Le Grand Amy Seefeld Dance of the Fairies—Streabbog Thelma Sankey Duet, Public School March—Lavalle—Gladys and Bernice Jensen Purple Twilight Reverie—Woodward Irene Fasbender Motor B.oat Race—Kaylor Gwendolyn Deal Bluebird Waltz—Powell Bernice Jensen Jolly Coppersmith—Peter Josephine Eisenbarth Country Dance—Heins Dorothy De Mott Duet, Beautiful Evening Star—Hoist Ruth and Evelyn Black In a Mountain Cot—Helns—» Margaret Vigars A Song of Heaven—Sweet Buena Raney Haymakers' Barn Dance—Powelli Raymond Madson With Flying Colors—Wansborough Evelyn P.lack Recreation March—LeGrand Gwendolyn Deal Chimes of Venice—Oradt Josephine Eisenbarth Bachelor's Button—Wenrich Raymond Madson Duet, Beautiful Rainbow Reverie—La Rue : Gladys and Bernice Jensen Shepherd's Evening Song—Blake : Ruth Black College Pep March—Fenstad Gladys Jensen The Triumphant Banner—Paull ; Norma Raney March of the Flower Girls—'Wachs Margaret Vigars Palms (The)—Leybach Rachel Becker Duet, La Golondrina—Northrup Margaret Bliley and Glendora BUrbanJc The Butterfly—Merkel - Maxine Wolf Under the Double Eagle—Wagner Rachel Becker The Stars and Stripes Forever—Sousa- Glendora Burbank Scarf Dance—Chaminade Margaret Blilty Duet, Midnight Fire Alarm—Paull Norma and Buena Ranoy PAGBflttftBll^ LEDYARD W, F, ' M.S, MEETS AT LAKOTJMHURCH Ledyard, July 7—Last week Tu«*-» day the Methodist Woman's Foreign. Missionary was entertained at La— kota. Mrs. F. O. Johnson was hostess, and several Lakota ladies .wefex guests. A program was given to stimulate interest at Lakota In a. missionary society. Attending fro**,., here were Mesdames Knoner, Barrett, Thompson, Mayer, Link, Nleffr- fer, Joe Mayne, Howard Mayne, and Yahnke, and the latter's daughters Margaret and Frances. Following to | the program: Song—We've a Story to Tell All Devotlonal.-The Rev. F. O. Johnson: Solo—Face to Face Mrs. Link Play—The Divine Call, Mesdames Yahnke and Knoner. Solo—Somewhere a Voice Is Calling^ Mrs. Howard Mayne. Address—Mrs. A. A. Bishop, Algona Song—The Old, Old Story All Darnell Is Bride— Laura Darnell and Orvllle Runks- meler were married by' the Rev. Depping last Thursday. The bride*. who is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Darnell, has been a successful teacher. The bridegroom, a farmer, is building a home on his farm. Thai couple spent a short honeymoon int northern Minnesota. NEWLYWEDS OF BANCROFT SEE NIAGARA FALLS Bancroft, July 7—A very pretty wedding took place last week Wednesday morning at' St. John's Catholic church at 8 o'clock when Bernice AVilhelml became the bride of J. H. Welp. The Right Reverend Monsignor J. D. Fisch officiated at I i the wedding. The couple were at- IJnrrefts Hosts to Relatives— A week ago Sunday Mr. and -Mrs. Barrett entertained at dinner Mti and Mrs. Charles Raney, of Liver—', more jand daughter Beth; J. A. Raney, of Algona; Mr. and Mrs. C. E.-Clark, of Brltt; Mr. ' and Mr«. Walter Davis, of Morehead, Minn.?.. Mrs. Flora Raney, Lu Verne, anC son Forest. Depplngs Aivay for Week— The Rev. Mr. Depping and hte „., ,, ... - T family left last week Wednesday for Other Bancroft >CWS % Waukon. They took the pastor's The Clem Heier family, Lamotte, | brother, who has been in South Da-' went home Tuesday after a few days kota, doctoring, home. There wer»" Mr. Fox Is employed in the Williams & Baker barber shop. tended by Emily Welp, youngest sister of the bridegroom and Gerald Wilhelmi, _youngest brother of the bride. The bride was gowned In a beautiful white silk taffeta which hung to the floor. Her long silk lace veil was made in a cap effect, and she wore long silk lace gloves. Her maid's long dress and lace picture hat were of nlle green. Bouquets were of calla lilies and roses. After the wedding ceremony a breakfast was served at the home of the bride to 20 relatives. In the afternoon the couple left for Niagara Falls, New York City, and Washington, D. C., where they expect to spend three weeks. The bride is the youngest daughter of P. S. Wilhelmi. She graduated from St. John's high In 1923. She was employed at Dr. J. A. Devine's office for two years, and since then she has been at .shome with her father. The' bridegroom, who is a son of Mrs. J. H,- Welp, graduated from St. John's high with the class of '21. He also attended St, John's university at Collegeville, Minn. Mr. Welp owns and operates the Welp Produce and Hatchery in Bancroft. Mm. J. H. Welp Has Guests— Dr. and Mrs, L. W. Welp came from Waterloo Saturday to spend a few days with Mrs. J, H. Welp. Mrs,. E. H. Brink''and daughter Helen, who spent the last two weeks at the Welp home, returned to Waterloo with them. Marguerite Welp daughter of the F. J. Welps, went to Waterloo with them • and wll visit at the Brink and Welp homes for several weeks. Mary Boyle In Honored— A miscellaneous shower was given at the Ray Doyle home,last Thursday evening in honor ' of Mary Doyle'^ who is tp be married nex week to Raymond Schwartz, Pral Tie-du-Sac, Wis. For the last six with her folks, the N. B. Schiltzes. Other relatives visiting at the Schiltz home are Sr. M. Denis and ! Sr. M. Naomi, of Dubuque; Sr., M. Baptista and Sr. Phillistine, of Sioux City, and Mrs. AVilliam Schiltz, of Chicago. The Sisters. Denis and Baptista are daughters of N. B. Schiltz and Sr. Naomi is a daughter of Mrs. Will Schiltz, of Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schiltz, Ipswich, S. D., and four children, the Charles Foths, Ashton, and Gertrude Schiltz, Emery, S. D., visited at the N. J. Schiltz home Saturday and Sunday. This was the first time in six years that the Joe Schiltzes have been here. Clara Stelflug came Friday from Des Moines to visit her sisters Theresa and Mrs. Thomas Von Bank. Miss Stelflug -will enter the Mercy hospital at Dee Moines this fall for nurse's training. The banns of matrimony were published for the second time Sunday at St. John's Catholic church between Mary Doyle and Raymond Schwartz, of Prairie-du-Sac, Wis. Mrs. Frank Recker, son Richard, and her sister Monica Underkofler returned Sunday • from Belmond, where they visited their grandpar- nts for a week. . Mary and Loretta Merrill got lome Saturday from Minneapolis, no services at the German Reformed church Sunday, as the Deppings stayed there for the week-end. F. K. Meeting' Tomorrow'Night— > An annual general Farm Bureau 1 ' meeting will be neld this week Fri- ' clay evening at Gus Torine's. The- 4-H girls will serve home-made ice ' cream, and the women are to fur- " nish cake. L,. A. Nitz and Jacob , Telkamp have charge' of the program, i Former Teacher Here tYeds— Friends of Hanna Gratke, Commercial teacher in the local schools f a few years ago, have learned of i her marriage June 24 to Bert . Blanchard, Strawberry Point. Mrs. *" Blanchard had been teaching at Aurora, Colo. The couple will reside at Strawberry Point. •• Infected Tooth Causes Trouble— . Robert Womack suffered all last week with an infected tooth, last [ week -Monday he had the swelling; lanced by Doctor Murray at Lakota^ « Musical Contest Is Planned— < This week Saturday night, following the band concert, there will b»* an accordion and harmonica con.- test, and prizes will be awarded. years Miss Doyle taught Pralrie-du-Sac high school. In "the Mrs. Bruer's Granddaughter Hurt — Mrs. R. N, Bruer returned home Friday from Minneapolis, where she was called by news of an accident in which her granddaughter Marilyn Austin was hurt, Marilyn was thrown througli the windshield in the accident and It took 24 stitches to close the wound In her head. The vhere they had visited friends for a veek. Albert Nemmers, Waverly, . spent Saturday and Sunday with his parents, the Matt Nemmers. Albert owns a hardware store at Waverly. SUDDEN ILLNESUAKES AIGONIANS; GRANDSON Relatives here were shocked last Thursday by news that Mr, and Mrs. Fred Skinner, Springfield, 111., had lost their little son, Fred Elliott Skinner, 11 months old. While Mr. Skinner was' playing with the. baby the night before, the child suffered convulsions, but apparently recovered, only to fall into con vulsions again without recovery, dying at 1:30 p. m. July 2. Doctors diagnosed the case as a form of meningitis. Funeral services were conducted at the home at 9:30 a. m. Saturday, and burial' was made in a Spring' field cemetery. Mrs. E. J. Skinner Mrs, Frank Seeley, Kate Skinner and F. L, Thorpe, all of Algona were in attendance. Kate remainee and will be brought home In two weeks when her brother Fred ari( his family come for a vacation visit? Fred is employed in the Illinoi insurance department. There are two children left,in the family, Jack Wayne and Jeananne. Fred's par ents,, Mr. and Mrs, B.' J. Skinner) live here, and his wife's parents, Mr, and Mrs. Edmund Elliott, live Leaguers Plan tor Convention— A r The Ledyard-Lakota Epworth * League met here .Sunday night to lay plans for a convention at the, Okobojis next week. •>,, ' ' ^^^^^^^™» ''' ' M if Welmers at the Okobojis— Mr. and Mrs/ L. W. Welmer, son. "Bill," and Janice Williams went t» the Okobojis Friday for the Fourth ^ and this week. |! Daughter for Fred Selbergs— > < < A girl was born to Mr. and Mw»,~i Fred Selberg last : week Tuesday, j The Selbergs now have two boyk * and one girl. Reed Austin family Bruer home. brought Mrs. Sunday School Picnic Planned— The German Reformed Sunday school will have a picnic next Sun^ day at the Otto Swalve grove, Other Ledyard. Frank Rettlnger, Des Moinee, wa» lere Friday, and Mrs. Blanch* Jenks accompanied him to Newton, where she spent the Fourth wttfc/ two daughters. „ \ Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Koellingr, De») Moines, and a son Jamee, who ha<i , been visiting at D. B. Mayer's, hav* ' gone home. The women were school;friends. s N. A. Pirigel's nieces, Dorothy and'4 Margaret Pingel, Fort Dodge, hav»v' been visiting the^ past week at th»j Pingel and West homea. ** Mesdames Tlllmoney, Carpenter,.'! and Mayer, with Misses Swartz ajtvjf]i Dorsey, were callers at Granada and!: Many ||or^ Exceptions] . . Morjorle Sherman Home— Marjorie Sherman came from California Thursday to epehd a few months with her- folks, the J. J. Shermans. Mjlss.' Sherman attended college there and will return this fall. She took her first year of college in 'Minnesota. John Kennedys Visit Here-r The John Keirnedys, Hutohinson, Minn., visited relatives here Saturday and Sunday. John's folks, the Bd Kennedys, of Hutchinson, lyvho spent the last two weeks here with at Montezuma. ;.'< Thompson; their sons Lawrence and returned with them. Ambrose, NEIGHBORS PLOW CORN FOR PARENTS OFJIROWNED BOY Wesley, July 7—Fifteen f>v more neighbors of Howard CummlngB gathered at his farm Friday with teams and corn-plows and p}o\ve<j 5 acres of his corn, Mr. and Mrs. Cummlngs lost a, sort by drowning last week Sunday. Mrs. Cummings had been away with her mother, Mrs- Boutiller, sick at an loWft City hospital, and had come home early that morning. She is. now again absent, nursing her mother at the latter's home ' at Brltt. Fairmont Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Milton of Sioux City, came Friday to the Fourth at the parental Georg*', Thompson home. A The Albert Barnes family and Wr^ and Mrs. Ernest Jergensen spent! Sunday at Armstrong with Barnes' parents. The Howard Maynea went to den Friday to celebrate the Gus Pothoft Appendix: Gys Pothoff was operated on for appendicitis last Thursday morning. Miss Madsen, of Lane Rpck t la the nurse, Pr, JDevine performed, tlje operation, assisted by Dr. R, M. Wa|tece, of Pothoff la employed at the Menke garage Car Burns If ear' He«U- f 4 Phevrplet C%R toelo;nging & An,- w BJoppen buyaed % jmije jjppth of Monday rooming, ,pg. wfW on to, th$> Jetrry and attend a reunion Mayne's people, The Fred Reece and Pugsley .f flies, Dea Moines, spent and Sunday at the P- W, and Reece homes. Mrs, Harold Jorgenson fwi children have gone to <*•*?! Annual Here. A. copy of th<? Golden Anniversary Quax, junior annual of Drake University, Moines, hag spend the summe? with her James Mayne 8r, retur»e'4 from two weelss Mrs. Roy Hartshorn, Mr. and Mrs, Alfred, gchjdti'' Ahna Simms, plue Sunday at I<epn Mrs. recejyed at the- local library, and graduate and students ol? the high school, Drake alumni, and otherq interested are invited by Mra. L: Sander?, Jibra^rfaii, '{Q visit the, bfary an& see thlia {wfc - ''' " ««».;. TOftf. ttbrfrngm te8T}l¥«»SS> l$4* «mjm:«KitoM

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