Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 9, 1931 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1931
Page 8
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WARRANTS IN E. X.N0.2ARE HELD ILLEGAL TiixpayerH in SUth joint siml Kns Ois'.rict Xo. 2 At the Call Theatre A Review of the Recent Talkies by T. R .C. A N ATROCIOUS Blt^t. at the Mainstreet theatre, Kansas City, only proves further that you can get "stunK" In the city more effectively than In the country. Not SiHn loim iiniimw IISM.I u:i -xu. - . ' ,' , , i „,, lnaUsflpcl with n mediocre talkie, the were again favored two weeks aso, '-"•' I ^^ . ' . (___._ —.-* i«r1r1rM-1 ill Oil If Til Itl 1111'V whec the Iowa rule<3 they should to pey warrants supreme court not be Assessed amounting to limn ?!)(>. 000 which had l>een issued more, than ten years ago to Clyde A. \Valh, tlniinape contractor, \>y the hoai-ds of the two coun^ie^, said lust week's Swo:i City Herald. The warrant holders had been beaten in the lower coiirts twfa* before. The Herald goes on to jaty. Tfaii! actlun had Its origin some twelve years or move aS" when management added insult to injury by presenting a vaudeville that was positively zero in intelligent entertainment. We saw Weaver Bros., Arkansas travelers, years ago when we thought they They have added rubes, male and female, passable, more they 20 till have ruined the act. It's simply too much of a good thing 1 now. we had our suspicions, but the rainy Fourth forced us to the Call against better judgment, alohg with hundreds of disappointed celebration fans who had come to attend the big doings at the fair grounds but were lured to the theatre as the driest spot in town. And so the old. saying "It's an 111 wind," etc. Is true again, as far as the Call Is concerned. We haven't the heart to go into detail about Girl Habit. But it was probably the best "bet" for a Fourth of July crowd rained out and slight- Woody Simpson secured junction stopping record for a steady hour. It. IK the , talkin'eat talkie ever recorded, nnd ,. i most of the gags arc of the vlntaue on in- ] eciuipment remained idle. 11: first contract willed Cor the P'i: men" of !i.&2 cents -,\ cubic yard. Robert Wootaev. in Everything's! * disgruntled. It la one of those Kosie. is, a« one critic has described sustained comedies whkihgradually it like listening to a phonosraph gets worse till The End Is the ll '" e B - • • most welcome thing on the screen. Charlotte (Legs) Greenwood contributes a two-reel comedy which didn't raise the percentage of th« afternoon's entertainment! The olc reliable Laurel & Hardy saved the day with a clever comedy, Our Wife, which has at least three good laughs, a good record for any com Why .. t has never been n weakness of ours, In .the meantime, us the. war rame on prices of Itibor and mounted to unheard of Walb pleaded the first erials even when he was associated his old side-kick Wheeler, but Ev- uti.Ti-u- erything'ti Rosle will add no jewels IwlKh'ts to his crown. A well directed kick t ronti-ictjin the pants would be our only sug- prk* would ruin him, and In-fore gestlon. By attending two shows in he resumed work 'tin- boards of the one afternoon we saw the Pa^de two Bounties relet the contract to j before King George of England him ft 28 cents a cubic yard, five I twice in the news reels, which dldn t times Uie orlginul price. Tin- drain-) add anything to the enjoyment of age district paid for HIP services, the day. of a watchman during the nesirly two years the dredge boat w:i.« idle, and it is said Walb was re- compensated in other ways. When the work was compk'lcd, Warrants, had been issued to U'alb at Uje ne\\- contract price of 28 cents. Wall) -solil thp warrants. When the taxpayer** got wind of it Ui*y begun to protest. were hired and the long battle il in the c-iuits started. Twice the case was tried in ' the lower courts, and both times the taxpayers won. Then the wfUTant holders appealed to the -tate supreme court. and again they were defeated. the higrbfrr court ruling two wecU.s ago the ntw contract between Walb and ihe boards of the two counties was i!k-s;a!. EHirin.:,' thp last ILMI years the warrants given to Wall) ha\v become scattered widoly. It is sn.id a large block Is held by purchasers in Osage. Supervisor 1'. J. Heik&n said the first of the week the cuunly uuthorities at Algunn, estimate they total somewhere l'>e- tween l>30,00() and 1i»5,000. Appellants in the supreme court action are named as being the executors anil trustees, of the H. C. Houghlon estate; 'S. A. "Parker; Home Trust and 'Savings bank, Osagt; .les-sie U. Claus; H. .C. TAKE THIS WOMAN, with the gaunt Gary Cooper and the lovely blond Carole Lombard heading an adequate but not unusual oa.st. i.« a great show. Not that it is an outstanding talkie so far as plot is concerned, but it is one of those intriguing things that follow the lines of least resistance to the ultimate satisfaction of the customer. The preview trailer says, edy. . A glance at the July calendar reveals some interesting offerings There seems to be a preponderance of domestic problem-shows, which, however, are welcome after gang wars and rackets. J UST WHY THE intelligent and glamorous Norma Shearer picked a story so beneath her talenta and those of her estimable co-partners, as A Free Soul is one of the mysteries of the screen. The thing starts out well, but it begins to wobble after the second reel and finally tottles to an uncertain end when "all is forgiven" and the brave Dwight Winthrop (Leslie Howard), who acts as if he had never held a gun before, shoots the mongrel gangster, Ace Wilfong (Clark Gable), is saved through the efforts of mocked convention, sneered at love, I the drunken lawyer (her father). till a. romantic roughneck said, <I Take This Woman'. Well, that's the plot in a nutshell. A rich society girl falls in love with a dla- mond-in-the-rotigh cowboy. Impossible, you say; yet the newspapers are full of such impossibilities every day. The only difference is that the superbly played by Lionel Barrymore, and is seen embracing the lovely Norma in the final fadeout. Believe it or not, this is a gangster picture, and Norma Shearer, with whom we have come to associate such brilliant performances as The Divorcee and Strangers May \.icl >. 4 uvr \ti u.v i.iij.ic*t.m-.v. *» tuti t ».»«v- _.._. — _ movie version "sticks" while the I Kiss, is the gangster's mistress. . ShiprnK.n; K. F. Armstrong; Audrey Benter; Emil Benter; Lulu Tyson; FranU C. Bliss and the Farmers National bank, Osage. Helsell, Heisell & McCall, Ji'ort Dodge, and Peiser; & Soper of Kldoni were at- eys for the appellants. real thing busts up in Reno. Gary Cooper plays the best part in, his varied career, a studied, sincere .effort to portray his character without flourish or grandstanding. Carole Lombard, equally effective, makes an improbable incident seem real. A Florenx Ziegfeld screen interview in connection with this feature at the Greater Newman theatre in Kansas City lent much to the interest of the program. After all, Florenz ha« added something tangible to the eternal mystery, Woman, and has glorified IT. XJOTHING MORE PATHETIC i ' could have been offered this movie critic in the way of a homecoming treat than Charles Ruggles in CUr] Habit. After Charlie's Aunt What a plight! Lionel Barrymore gives the most outstanding performance of his cinematic career as the drunken criminal lawyer. It is the flash of Barrymore genius, unmistakable. Clark Gable turns in another excellent characterization as "Ace," the hardboiled underworld king, and his interpretation seems somehow to ring true. All the rest seems phony. While A Free Soul will bring the fair Norma no new screen admirers there seems to be no waning of popularity for this young woman. She occupies too firm a place as ah actress of what may be termed in movie circle, The New Sophistication whatever that is, to suffer from one poorly picked story. But let's have another Divorcee, Miss Shearer. HULSES RETURN FROM AUTO JAUNT IN EAST The H.6V. ami Mrs. C. V. Muted and their daughters Ruth and Vashtl got home Monday afternoon from a four week auto jaunt In ,tho east. The going trip was made via n southern route through- Indianapolis, Columbus, Ohio, and Wheel- Ing, Vo... to. Washington, D. C., where the tourists visited points of historic Interest,' including the Congressional library, the Smithsonian Institute, the National Museum, the Bureau, of Printing/and Engraving, the Navy department, etc. Mt. Vernon and Annapolis, home of the naval academy -were other points of Interest visited by the Hulses. Thence they turned north to Wilmington, Bel., Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Niagara Falls, coming home via a northern route. At Philadelphia they visited Carpenter hall, home of the famed Liberty Bell, where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and this stop was of especial interest. An overnight stop was made to enable the travelers to see • Niagara Falls by night as well as by day. MRS, GEO, E, BOYLE VISITS OLD HOME AT WHITTEMORE Mrs. George E. Boyle arrived yesterday from Pennville, Ind., where she lives'with h^r sister, Mrs. May Brown, and will spend a month or two with lief brothers and sisters at Whittemore. Mrs. John Van Heise and Frances Butler, Whittemore, are Mrs. Boyle's sisters, and Jos. Butler ;:and J. B. Butler, also Whittemore, are her brothers. She also has two brothers or sisters in Canada. During the academic year' just rlosed Mrs. Boyle kept house for a son of Mrs. Brown who is taking a law course at Notre Dame University. The young, man has two years in school yet, and Mrs, Boyle will probably spend the coming year with him; Fanning conditions in Indiana are bad, according to Mrs. Boyle, who says that even'. i'C prices for farm products are low,, farmers in northwest Iowa still have great reason to be thankful • tor good crops. DOWNS BARBER POLE AS HE SEEKS SUPPORT FROM WIND The Shilts Bros, electric barber pole at the postoffice corner was crashed from its moorings last week Wednesday afternoon in the 1 big rain and windstorm when Dale .Davidson, driver for the American 1 . Railway Express truck, used it as a swing to help him slow down 1 and round the -corner. Davidson was. running west on State street, and wanted to turn north on Thorington street into the face of the 1 wind;, and swung himself on the pole, which gave way. The crash ruined the pole, and a new one has been ordered. "MFTand Mrs, George, Becker, fiode, are parents' of a boy, bdrn at the Kossuth hospital Tuesday< The Congregational church and parsonage look much improved, the result of repainting- by Bert Deal. Mrs. B. A, Galbralth was a medical patient at the Kossuth hospital over the week-end, leaving Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Bonnr and the daughter Bonnie Lee. went to the Okobojls Friday night, returning Monday. Mrs. Edythe Daltey got home Sunday from Bella Vista, Ark., where she had spent ten days on vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Ferrlgan, Chi cage, spent the week-end with the C.. M. Barrtckmatuj and other local relatives. Mrs. Thos. Akre. was a medical patient at the Kossuth hospital Friday and Saturday, suffering from gallstones. Laurence Misbach left last, Thursday for Iowa City, where he Is taking medical treatment at the unlver sity hospital. The Rev. 'and Mrs. C, E. Olsson and Marie Fair left Monday for Mo- llne and Andover, 111. , They will be back Saturday. Gertrude Flemmtng, Forest City came last week Wednsday for a week with her grandmother, Mrs John Kennedy. John Mulroney, Mallard, spen the week-end with William Steele The boys are Sigma Nu fraternttj brothers at Iowa City. The Aladdin shows, one of the attractions, booked for the Fourth o July celebration here, is exhibiting at Esthervllle this week. Mr. and Mrs. C. D..Morrison, Chi cago, are spending the week will Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Williams. Mi Morrison is Mrs. -Williams' brother Minnie Angle, who had been em ployed at George Klbert's, went t Fort Dodge Tuesday, and is no\ employed at the home of Mrs. Thos. Dawson. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Greger, Chicago, spent the first of the week with C. E.'s father. C. E. is employed with the Squibb company in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Lee moved last Week into the Bert Deal home on south Harlan, formerly occupied by the R. E. .Moulds family, now of Sioux City. The Dr. A. D. Adams residence, which had been quarantined for scarlet fever a month, was released Friday. Bobby Adams had the disease in a lijzht form. Mr., and Mrs, Daniel Sullivan and their daughter Anita returned to their home 1 at Muscattne Friday, after a few weeks at Mr. Sullivan's brother J.-W. Stdlrwjinfs. Mi-s. A. E. KoiTin andl her daughter Barbara Lou 1 left far thefr home at Sheridan, Wyo., last Thursday, after a; mo-nth 1 witto airs. Kahn's mother, Mrs. L... E. Potter. Attorney Maurice McMahon spent tlie> weekH?mT vritli friends at Omaha. Patrfcoi Reagan, Omaha, l*. a Mrt. L, D*s AtolhAs, mint the «'eek-ehd wHh he farmer's ^p«fet»t«, , Senator "and Mm. fc.»J. >»kskinM»tt< • CrtU'WoprtwCt Icing la.* 1 wfrh a Deri Molnes firm. Mrs. Albert Kahit, ShorldaM, Wyo., eft hutt week Wednesday, flftef sev< eral weeks with her mother,' Mr». 1». 3. Potter, and other local relatives. Mrs. Kahn was formerly Ruby Pot- ttccVmpanted I, li/edrtnfceledl with art Ml company In ' 4fafyr CrtWfortt ttnM ttciyal Sanders, both of tihflpjH, Mntta BiHiena, if&tfmi/. and OtiW •.Kwttjt-nventef, Sfcii'M 1 rtnrf ttaruM JJfahctow- tit the W. H. 'Brfthdow horn* in OOHOO to'wnshh*.' llrst loan of 1,-UN, with tferest. the tnjoted for - Parties at , .i, ,f Jr tiQtriTi" tf O. 198WJ NOTICR OF APlMLirAlION FOIt AUTHORITY T»t SWMj CBR- ¥&ltt BB-4I/ ESTATE. ln f tji6 s .Dlstrlct Court of lott-a. In and 'tor* Koosuth couhtv. t,. A. Andrew, Superintendent of .•Banking of the State of lowii. ' I'talntlff, . • ' vs. •- , County Savings Bank. Algonn, lowa.j "• 'Defendant. To-All Persons Interested In the Rex • cefverehtn of the County Savings -. Bank, Algrona, Iowa, and to Whom It May Concern: Yoii'nre hereby notified that on or before the loih (lay of July, 1931, there will be on flje In the office of the Clerk 'of the iJlsti'lct Court of Kosfliith county, lowft, the Application of U,A. Andrew, a# Receiver,of tlie,'Co v tfnty Saving*iBank, Algomi. Iowa, asking tha| ; :.he be;authorized 'tov ftqji* the Southwest .CJuarter <J$W : 3(;} of'Section' Mve; (5). Town- .shijriXIncty-six (»6) North;' Range Twenty-seven . (27). West of the i 5tlj' P. IM:,: to D. H. Struthers and Bailie d. Struthers, of West Bend, town, for the mini of Sixteen .ThoUH- und Dollars '($i(5,000lo6)'~ : according to ,{he terms and condition* set out fij'. iiiilifl 'Application, to which, you | arc ¥e?erred for further particulars, j Tow are further notified that .the Trearinff on said Application will be IVnd at. the Courthouse : In Algonii i 'lowk, (in 1 the 15th day ; of July,] A.. 'D.,. IffJt, rit 2 o'clock' p. hi., of I .,...,.v (Td'j;,. fit which time you may, appWi*' atrid show rau«e, If any "you j linvcp why an VOrtlpr should not bs entl-red' atrtftorizhijBr said sale. er. ! Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Soronsen tire, 'xpectecl home this week-end from i month In the west. The children, Porls Jane and ten, are with Mrs, John Ouighlln during their ibaence. Mrs. H. E. Roratedt went to DeS Molnes Friday for «.• week with a lister and with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Walter, who . now; ma-ke -the* 'home with their son at India notn. Mr, and Mrs. James Elbert are parents of fi girl, born Sunday, the first child. Mrs. Elbert was formerly Margaret Palmer, and Mr. Elbert Is a mechanic at the Kohlhaas garage. . Editor-Postmaster S. .T. Backus and his-family, wffh 1 the Thos. ; Maxwells, Dubuque, -are .spending a. week 'or', two- ivtj Lake ,Pe<iaot'In' j 1 Minnesota. .Mi-s. ^fitxwelT and Mrs,, i Backus are Hlstei-s. '' . Irma Oreiner, bookkeeper, anil cashier at the Goeflers atore, went to Big Stone City, S. D., Sun*vy for, a week with ' a brother and' sister. She Is taking a two weeks from her Store duties. Elizabeth Nugent, of the Algonst Insurance Agency, and Hazel POt* ter, of the Kossuth County State bank, went to th e Okobojls Sunday- for a. week at the F. ,1. Mann cottage on: Hay ward's bay. .:. Muriel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Peterson, got home Monday. morning" from AVaahlngton, D. C'.i- .where she Is employed In the Veterr ans' Bureau. She will spend, a two weeks vacation at home. . v Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Mahnn and'' their daughter left Friday on a ten- day trip to Minneapolis, Duluth, and other northern Minnesota pointer Mr. Mahan is the Goodyear repre-; sentatlve in this territory. • '•'•' The John Duttons, Mrs. Dutton'S parents, Barber and Mrs. Henry Liavrenii, and her sister, Bldn Lavrenz, drove to Minneapolis Sunday to visit rolatives a week. John is employed at the Kent garage. Dorothy Manga n, who had been! employed at the Northwestern Bell'' Telephone office during the past year, has resigned, Saturday being 'her last day at the office. Her place has not yet been filled. Betty Stroll,, who has spent thej past two weeks with the Anton Strelts, expects to return tomorrow to Chicago, where she is a student nurse at Mer.cy hospital. She is a i granddaughter of Anton Strait. Mr. and Mrs. W." H. Horan, Mr. and Mrs. Clemmer Horan, of California, their daughter Lpthn. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lacy, and Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Lacy were ^unday dinner guests 1 of Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Buell, of Burt. ' ! . : Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Kennedy, St. IU AMU TON'S I FtfTARN FARM Paul, and daughter Catherine a rel nftmlLIUW 3 LLXjOUIW CftM! expected tomorrow for a week-end visit with Mr. Kennedy's mother, Mrs. John Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy Examiner |' n 'charge. NICK- SHOEREPAI SHINE PAI -i have 'a new machine f or shoes. I can dye •to match your dress, |j p HOJiE 7K" For Further Irifor HOLUS .. ,„, , i Siinterfntendent of Banking of rife Strrte of Towa, as Receiver of ti?n? : County 'Sayings Bank, 'I'-, A Igpnav Iowa. '.-,•,. '' '" " Exaniiiiijr'l'n 43 A' •' NOTICE - '••;'•• '.;..-. rlnB* on tlie ! contract for the ttve- Dg' White farm of 160 acres, described as- SWYt ' 'R-9'C-27, Kp.ssTith countr. Is set for Wed n es- d^/.Tlil}.'- T5i. at 2 1 cr'cTock p. • m., courffiouae; Arg-ontt. The farm 1 , in- encirmlwred with a in purebred 1 cMeks • guaranteed; tcr UVevtbat fill the egg basket ami . pocketbook. Hatcfr twice a .week during July. Special on chick starter redUced! tor July to $2.75. 1 mile west and 1 mile south of Bancroft. AN mi Reverence for'( ones may be 'as? shown in the choic| memorial as in i that one can To select Ages as. the suggests a fine i discrimination, ing an approp sign may involve! tie worry. Letial suit together, GoddenMonw Eat. 1871'•*! BIG DOUBLE • BARREL BARGAIN FESTIVAL Bottom ^Prices Chrischilles & Herbst Big Annual July Clearance Of fering the greatest array of seasonable merchandise ever shown at lowert market prices. Look over these bargains. Think of our reputation for selling quality merchandise for over 60 years, then take advantage of these offering*.. Begins Thursday Morning, July 9 and lasts entire month of July Watch for New and Unusual Bargains from time to time EXTRA SPECIAL—Rack of 100 fine all silk dresses—sizes from 14 to 40—mostly short sleeves, this season's styles—real bargains, including some garments that sold for $11.75 and $15.00—a genuine July Clearance Sale bargain—come early, ' £C AQ get yours «PM«Mw ENTIRE LINE SUMMER DRESSES REDUCED $6.48 $8.90 $11.75 and '$15.00 summer dresses — $19.75 summer dresses ; ALL BETTER DRESSES AT H AND LESS All summer voile and batiste dresses reduced. 54x54 all linen lunch cloths, plain center with border or all-over plaids, each Children's colored silk dresses — 2 to 6, 7 to light and dark colors— beautiful lace trimmed creations, values to dJO QC $5.95 — Special __________ ...... - ---- iflMlMf Children's white voile dresses, 7 to 14, dainty lace trimmed garments, which may be dyed pastel shades. Values to C1 QC $2.75 — Special — .............. ----- * I *^W A GOOD SPRING COAT FOR ONLY $10 95c $1.00 18x36 hea'vy double thread turkish towel, colored woven stripe, 5 for — 22x44 extra big and heavy turkish towels, colored border, 5 for 36-in. cretonnes, wide variety of patterns, florals, vines, and all-over designs. Fabrics suitable for porch or cover use, yard A very good assortment of dotted Swisses, marquisettes, and grenadines, all in one group at ___ 39/40-in. voiles, in pretty new colors and designs, colorfast — Everfast printed dimity., Attractive patterns and fast color _ — 36-in. prints in our well known nigh quality desirable patterns ._—.„..,. >*f »,* >«.•* 19c E9c 29c 19c THE ANNEX is & Herbst A store where you buy quality goods at |a price: ; (Firtt door ea«t— building formerly occupied by Roupe Grocery) Three Big Rousing Days Thursday, Friday and Saturday JULY 9th, 10th and llth -AND EVERY SATURDAY DURING MONTH OF JULY SEPARATE STORE^BUT THE SAME RELIABLE G( ™M PR?™ 1 !? A " nex -N 0 THING BUT MERCHANDISE AT ROCK i UOT KKK-ts Mone.t, dependable good* »t revular Rummage Sale «e of ZSiSZT?' ' ' tie of everything that can at a price. ThU .tore in charge of experienced, plea,an|. efficient ..le. people. Watch .how window, for .pecial.— don't pie. of the kmd of bargain, you m » y »t a thing! Hen we ju.t a Turkish towels, 15x28, colored border Stevens bleached all linen toweling, mill ends, yard ^__ 36rin. cretonnesi for the porch and lake cottage, values to 12%: 19c dresses, steep $ g?*»* '6904 full JWed GET THE HABIT—See wliat't doina at Tbe ^^ ^ F '^" I ii»^p*pup ^iftQ-r^j^ t ^m r "Hi Op« D Evwy S»tar4»y Dwrmftb. Mw,th i<?i •qj .'rV' "ifel

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