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Kennebec Journal from Augusta, Maine • 7

Kennebec Journali
Augusta, Maine
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I I SEVEN DAILY KENNEBEC JOURNAL AUGUSTA MAINE MONDAY JANUARY 9 1933 DESK AND CHAIR FROM PNEUMONIA New ork Girl a Success in Song Writing New -York Jan Bernice Petkere 25 and pretty has become a leading composer of Tinpan Alley in less than a year as the result of an Inspiration bom of -boredom' In a night club Xn months the Shy little housewife1 has turned out a score of popular songs most of them hits ana the publishers aw clamoring for mow Tinpan Alley defines a sit as one thatsells 50000 copies Ser of the Leaves" alone las topped naif a million so far and career started last March at a nightclub whew She went with her husband i 1 1 UMa ft ep1 I i fci8Il Amo Alonso Stagg formor University of Chicago coach haa dam eI onstratsd his vigor at 70 by making a spoody recovery from pneumonia at rt on hort tm In a New York hospital Ho Is shown with his doctor Max Rohde who before his death (Associated Press Photo) played under Stagg and nurse (Associated Press Photo) SISTER SHIP NEARS COMPLETION The huge 8 8 Macon sister ship of the giant Akron Is virtually completed -All fuel tanks have i ken Installed two of the four fins are In place and Instruments in the control car soon will be Installed After It Is finished in March and accepted by the navy it will be based at Sunnyvale Cal (Associated'1 frees Photo) SECRETARY GIVING NEWS OF MR DEATH Gasoline Tank Cap -Is Fitted with' Lode at New York Show New York Jan 8-AV-Among the accestries on display at -the annual automobile show in Grand Central Palace this year la a gasoline cap with a lock Not only will this prevent thefts of gasoline its sponsors say but If the whole car la stolen it can be driven only until the tank runs dry for no fuel can be added without using the key Manufacturers and salesmen generally expressed delight at the reception accorded their products at the show which opened yesterday and will continue through next week a Nash chairman of 'the board of the Nash Motors Company called upon the nation political leaden an address today to curb governmental expenditures business enterprise today that haa -not cut ita current expenses to the bone le solvent and successful" he said at a meeting of dealers and salesmen my mind our various governmental bodies have no mow than made a start In this direction We are necessarily marking time now because of the divided responsibility between a Democratic Congress and a Republican president Let us hope that in Marcn when this political deadlock passes a real start at conserving public funds and at adjusting taxes to proper low levels will be made Then and only then will business begin to pick up In my Cold watches will be presented tomorrow night to the lint men selected by the National Automobile Show committee to have driven automobiles In New York The recipients will be Stephen Bal-zer of Andover who drove a car of his own make hew late In September 1894 and Dr Thomas Goodwin of Mount Vernon who operated a Locomobile through the afreets on July 27 1899 whew the leaser gangs no longer fear to defy the syndicate Yesterday they round body along a lonely road In Porter county Indiana Apparently his death waa a typical gsngiami assassination Pistol bulletaslashed his head: a shotgun charge almost blasted off one hand Likely authorities said Newberry had been killed elsewhere and his body dumped in the Dunes country For weeks Mayor Anton Cermak and Cook new State'S Attorney Thomas Courtney have carried on a drive against the syndicate and Cermak promises to put It out of business New York Jan Although he lost both of the last two Mocks tpday Ralph OreenleaT national pocket bilUarxU champion defeated Andrew Ponzl of Philadelphia 1750 to 1725 In their special match at the Strand Academy Ponzl made heavy Inroads today Into -the lead Oreenleaf had piled up during the middle of the week After-taking the afternoon block 224-126 he outscored the champion In the final block tonight 182 to 120 The Mock went 14 Innings with a high run of 61 for Bonn and one of 23 for Omen-test The champion won eight of the 14 blocks Into which the match divided and Ponzl six Paris Jah Roberto man 20 the grand nephew of the first president of Panama waa found shot In his mother's apartment Sunday morning He waa taken to the American hospital where hla condition was said to be venr nave Police said- their Investigation showed that his sister heard a shot in his room about MttO A and that she found in bed unconscious with a bullet through hla lungs Senora Raoul Amador wife of unde rahfcd to the American hospital and fetched Dr Charles Bove The i the Panaman Chnge Affaires hew said that the incident was inexplicable and that Ehxman had no troubles and was His toother the widow of William Ehrman io Jld die knew of 'no worries al- Toronto Oiit Jan Enforcement of the five-day week or-fwnewspaper prlnteds procnul-gated by ths International Typographical union has been left abeyance hew pr ding negotiations with the executive council of the International body The Toronto local -met today but them was no move to make the order effective although the order of the International body was to have become effective the first week In January There was little discussion- of the matter at meeting The meeting decided to take a referendum of the tnembe of the local to decide whether the three per unt' contribution of employed printers for the relief of unempl yea members of the local should oe continued until spring One of the objections token by the local union to the International five-day wek order Is that the vote taken on the proposal was open to members employed In' commercial and Job-printing establishments who are not compelled to abide by the or der Richmond Vaj Jan- 8 '( Archibald Roosevelt executive secretary of the National Economy league asserted hew tonight that efforts aw being made to hide the purposes of the league behind attacks on the wtlwment pay received Rear Admiral Richard Byrd president and General John member aw Just trying to drag a red herring afrofs the trsln Rooeevelt said divert public attention from the tremendous sums of taxpayers' monsy paid to veterans who do not dffwye it to the small amounts paid the men who have served the country long and faithfully" He aid that the retirement pay received Fy Admiral Byrd and Oen ewl Pershing exactly the same as that WMlvecT by retiwd executives in business It Is in no way comparable to a pension and has nothing to do with the exorbitant pensions paid to war veterans for alnce Sith tS Ul no conncctlon Idle Given Test" Before They flet rood DcnverjHJT-lio who would eat free In Denver must first pass the flo on the Platte river eliminates non-workers Young Mid that the number of the test" wu Installed Bagdad Bans Film (Av-An old American film York Nights" has been panned by police hew because of 3pponent Assails Workability Farm Allotijieht Plan Washington 1 Jan charge by the IGllers National Fedr eration that tite domestic allotment farm relief 'plan would cost consumers $1167000000 waa hurled at the Xtemoeratle sponsors today they prepared to drive It through the Hotna this week Xn an open tetter to every' Representative the Federation said the emergency bin levy an average sates -tax of $10 per capita against every man woman and child In the country" This attack was Issued as Progressive Republicans Joining Democratic farm leaders In support of the price-fixing (dan announced dans to propose amendments when hat state of consideration Is reach- ed In the House late tomorrow to -uevent pyramiding of the process- ng tax and to protect the farmer's xrnus certificates from hla creditors will propose amendments to protect the certificate In the hands of the farmers from attachment un- til they are cashed" explained Repf resentative LaOuardla (RN 7Q1 Progressive leader also will offer' an amendment qualify Uw duties of the seen- tary of agriculture In publishing market prices and bonus rates to cover retail prices so that pyramid-log of the tax can be prevented" From a Republican Fish of New meanwhile came a statement that the bill an amaa-Ing piece of legislation to originate in the fertile political mind of Franklin Roosevelt the Presi- -dent-elect who received 900000 me- York orlty in the City of New now proposes to assess the consumers lq New York C1U and upstate cities which he carried by substan- tial majorities for the benefit of southern and western states" two weeks ago" Fish added Roosevelt stated that he was 'horrified" at the suggestion of a sates tax and this proposal is nothing mow than a sates tax In its worst upon food products and clothing the twojtems which everyone agreed should be eliminated from any general sales tax" Dr Einstein Due at Pasadena Today sadena' Calif 'Jan The motorship Oakland bringing Dr Albert Einstein noted German Jhysiciat on his third visited to California will drop-- anchor In outer Los Angeles harbor San Pedro-at 12A0 and probably dock at 2 tomorrow some four Hours ahead of schedule Hamburg-Amerlrm Xdne- officials announced today The 'Oakland comes from' Bremen Germany by way of lhe Panama Canal- This trip oif the scientist is -lnanced by the Obcrlaender Trust of the Carl Schurz foundation of Phladelphla which la designed to promote amicable Germaxi-American relations Dr Robert A kfllllkan president 3f California Institute of Technology where Dr Einstein puraied his studies on previous visits said the latter will speak on Relations" from a public meeting here January 23 -Dr of the Instl-ute said that Dr Einstein probably will continue here further development of the unified field theory on which he has i spent soma 15 yean The unified field theory haa been described very roughly as an attempt to prove there la only one or one unified for all material action In creation' Last year Dr Einstein announced that he had made Important new strides In proving mathematically that gravitation and electricity can' be reduced to a single factor Bridge Academy" Tlw honor roll for December as follows: Those receiving 80 or more In four- subjects: James Carr Clough 34 Doris Randall Leslie Souviney 33 Betty Wltham 74-lbrnret 'Walts 36 Thelma Warren Three subjects: Lillian Chapman Lillian Hall 35 Carieton M04 Cobb-35 Two subjects: Adelbert Barter 34 Fern Barter Edmund Hayward 35 Franklin Hammond 35 Gertrude Lawrence Vernon Meserve 35 Thelma Wltham 32 Gns subject: Pearl BroufHat'-Te Bickford 36 Arthur Lswis 35 Joseph Siegers 34 and Burton -Trussell The senior class-Is to serve an oyster stew supper on Friday Jan 13 from 8 JO to 7 JO M-at the church vestry School opened January 2 for the winter term about the same enrollment as last term Miss La Vaughn Blair 36 who has been attending Richmond High chool for the put two months has returned to Bridge academy Miss Barbara Lord VO haa returned to Bates college after spending the holidays with her parents Mr and Mrs Lord Miss Eileene Yarbrough 34 who has been ill with appendicitis has returned to school The students of Bridge academy srs enjoying the skating on the Eastern river 4 Norman Dailey 34 is absent from' school on account of Illness 1 Phyllis Cate 30 Avis Barter 30 Thelma Bailey and Arlene Hunt VI have resumed their teaching duties in their respective schools In Dresden and Pittstoh a Gardiner Jeweler Is dally exporting the clsse rings The' erest Is a picture of the academy flenked by (he class numerals This has been chosen the standard ring Not only the present students but also many of ths alumni have ordered these rings Qiina 1 Mr' Fred Gaunce spent Saturdaynight with his brother Charles Oaunce of Fairfield Mr and Mrs Arehte Larochelle entertained Obrlstmaa day their on and wife Mr and Mrs Leo La- -roohelte and their daughter Miss Louise Larochelle and Mr Dominie all froni Winslow Mim Edna Larochelle la working for Mr and Mrs Doumont in Watervllle Mr and Mrs Harry Mitchell entertained Mr and Mrs Georgs Patterson and Mr Frank Patterson one day recently 1 Mr and Mrs Allis Doc and son Edwin spent -Christmas day with Mr Hnev "later and family Mr and Mrs Waldo Washburn MUs Dqris Mitchell returned to her school at Albion after spending two vacation at her home -i Mr and Mrs Oscar Ward enter tained recently Mr iand Mr Coombs and daughter Basel Miss Nellie Bumps -i Mrs Roy Coombs hks been spetid-lng a few weeks with her mother Mrs Oscar Ward and has been ill Marseilles Prance Jan MV-Tho Meuageries Martlmes liner Angko which left hen In October today was reported to have Incurred abroken propeller blade near Station Rom that part It was said a proceeded with only one propel-lor Made to Saigon when die la awaiting spares from Marseilles A rumor' of sabotage 'was categorically denied hen Cambridge Jan James Hardy Ropes Professor of Divinity and Dexter Lecturer on Biblical Literatim of the Harvard Divinity School'' died at his home hen today He was 66 and-' had 111 but a short time The Hollis Professorship which Dr Ropes held was the oldest In Harvard University having been founded in 1728 Havre France Jan WV-Fire today damaged a passenger cab In the transatlantic liner Prance which had been docked here for the past "few months The fin was mastered by a skeleton emw which was aboard with the assistance of Havn firemen Officials said the origin of the fin appeared to be due to a short circuit Amherst Mass Jan 8 W) Three games apiece an listed this week for the Massachusetts State College hockey and' basketball teams the latter to (day on successive nights The noopaters open their season at Yale cm Tuesday play Clark at home Wednesday and Mlddletmiy hen Thursday Par the hockey team beaten by Brown In overtime Friday night- games with mlddlebury Bates ana Colby an scheduled on Tuesday Friday apd Saturday all away fbora home Hew York Jan (JV-Alfred Sloan Jr president of Oeneral Motors Ooron announced- today thatbe haanceived telegrams ana letters from morn than 150 leaden of American life expressing the belief that the progress and momentum of American trade and production go In spite of depressions'' The messages wen in reply to a telegram from Sloan In which he said will be gratified to learn that In a year of economic and financial depression General Motors haa developed and Introduced Into Ita products new Inventions and discoveries resulting from unremitting effort and Ingenuity of Its research and engineering staffs" Cloan asked for replies from your viewpoint the significance of this unaevlatlng adherence to the Ideal of Nahant Mass Jan (V-The airplane In which two Harvard students cradled Into the ocean off here December 28 was located today and the body of one Donald Mac-key Frost Jr of Boston taken from the wreckage The body of Edward Malllnckrodt 3rd of St Louis could not be found The search for the plane had bean carried on since the day of the accident at the Instigation of father one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the oountry The father has been here directing the search A highly sensitized Instrument operated by the 8 Coast guard and geodetic survey located the plane an the floor within 50 yards of the place where the coast guard had been blng Seattle Jan (JV-Many a stormy day will pass before Christmas comes to the men whom Santa Claus the lighthouse keepers of the far north Isolated on barren Jutting rocks they peered across icy seas' today watching far ships that will bring them Christmas mall and the turkeys and plum puddings of if as the Lighthouse Department says the weather permits Storms have prevented lighthouse tenders from from reaching many of them Far up toward the Artie Circle keepers of the light at Scotchcap and Cape Sarichea away from civilisation more than a year at a time had no sign of the holiday save the carols and bells that Bounded over the crashing waves as their radios were tuned In Asquith quartermaster of the Federal Lighthouse Department here- said keepers of the four lightships also passed the Christmas season alone though tenders reached a couple of them with Yule cheer long time be fore Christmas" A Hew York Jan 8 Opposition to the domestic allotment of farm parity plan reported favorably by the House agricultural committee last week was expressed tonight In a statement by the Cotton-Textile Institute The statement issued by Oeorge A Sloan president of the Institute declared the proposed tax on cotton would raise prices disproportionately and cause a falling off In sales with resultant unemployment increase In what was described aa the largest manufacturing Industry in America from the standpoint of the number of workers employed la no question" the statement said the addtlon of a tax to the present price of cotton as large aa that proposed would cause users of cotton to turn wherever possible to fibres and commodities upon which there waa no tax and ootton far price of cotton? abrlca thestate-ment expressed that the plan actually correct the inequalities between the prices for agricultural and other commodl ties" Vatican City Jan 9-MV-Pope Plus presided today afe the reading of a final decree of canonisation for the blessed' Andre Foumet founder of the Daughters of the Order of the Cross and of a da cree of beautification of the venerable Marla Pelletier founder of the Bisters of the Good shepherd which has many chapters In the United SUtca appeal to Sainthood la not reserved only some but is extended to said his Holiness "It Is true that only some reach the heights but all In various modes and In different measure are obliged to have soma degree of aalnlllnoM in accordance with their individual 'circumstances This appeal ought particularly be felt In the eminent jubilee year which is called Holy oecause lt ought to produce fruits of lloli-nese" Chicago Jan (JV-The death ride of Ted Newberry authorities theorized today marked the first outbreak In a war between new gang powers and the old Capone ayndjr cate for control of the liquor gambling and vice rackets With Al Capone In the Atlanta Federal prison serving a term for Income tuevaalon and police continually harraming tho few remaining lead- narrsMiig mis icw reuuuiuui STAGG RECOVERS Ross I i be hung In the house of rspre hi bh a and the orchestra was playing she picked up a pencil and Jotted down on the back of a menu a strain that came into her head A member of the party wu Joe Young veteran lyricist of andottaer songs Al Jolson sang He asked her whst she was-writing and when rite told him the others insisted on adjourning the party to the Conne apartment on Park avenue to hear her play it on the llano They all liked it So Young wrote some words for it Miss Petkere named It "Starlight and the nation whistled It last summer There followed a Rippling Stream" away from Everyone Else But You of the Leaves" Lady Love1' My River Home" a Mile Away from Home Butterfly" You Mean What YOU Saw Last Night" Oft" Comes a Lady" goseof Bnowland" and then the Foot of the Hills" a Song of and other For five of her songs the wrote the words as well as the music So rapid has been Mist Petkere's rise since she accidental entered the profession last year that the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers waived the usual probation and placed her in one of the higher classifications immediately Miss Petkere said songs just pop Into her head at odd times and she mifcM note of them She uses a sort of by which she writes for instance instead of putting down four notes In the orthodox manner on paper ruled for the chromatic scale She does most of her writing In the early hours of the morning after she and her husband have come ate from a party and he has gone to bed She Is a singer well a pianist The Connes have been married six years but she writes under her maiden name and prefers to be addressed by- Mias much mow exciting" Vassalboro v-'TunlboN Grange POPE The officers of VasMlbaro Orange were Installed Tuesday evening January 3rd by Ernest Oliver of Cascade Orange 11m work was most creditably performed by him assisted by Mrs: Ethel Kerr as marshal Elsie Cote aa emblem bearer Katherine Les-sard as regalia bearer Clarice Wheeler was soloist with Viola Oliver as pianist Eileen Kerr was In charge of the tableaus rThe officers' Installed are as fol lows: Master Theodore Perry overseer Chester Wells steward Clyde Adams lecturer Nellie Wells secretary Frank Rand treasurer Elizabeth Safford chaplain Minnie Purington lady assistant steward' Margaret Stevens assistant steward George Vlgue Ceres Mrs Pomona Qreto Clark Flora lifts Stinchfleld gate keeper Rudolph Rochelle Pomona officers of Maine State Grange victim of pneumonia Patrons of Husbandry here were grieved to hear of the sudden death' of Mrs Harry Crawford wife of the Master of the Maine State Grange at their home In Houlton January 3rd The Sunday evening service the Friends Church which consist of ed of a New Year's program was held at the home of Mr and Mrs Arthur-W Pope a large number were present Frederick Pope left-Saturday for Reading Mass to resume School work jafter passing a vacation withhls parents 3ft and Mrs Edward Pope at "Broadmead" Mlsa Olrlandlne Priest' who teaches at' Hinckley passed a tiro vacation atherhome A number' from this place attended a watch meeting Saturday oight at the Fiends Church Ser-ricea by the pastor featured with a literary end musical program games and later refreshments helped to lUl In the time until the advtat of the New Year J(B3 Among business visitors Tuesday in Watervllle were Edward Pope Lawrence Haslam and 3ft and 3ft A Pope Belgrade and Mi observe thefrrddtogr venary at their home on Sunday New Dday Greetings were 7 friends and relatives during the day although no formal observance was made Their daugh-tit Mr and mwLm- jnend their eon and 'wife Mr and Mrs James Stevens Jr also a cousin Mrs Minnie ook! adjlirious chicken dinner Others WfPB rtUw home the afternoon and evening and enjoyed a social hour of ths Farm Bureau will Mrs Eula Merrow will -have gwte I Supper will bo aerved after Jrtticn tames will bs played and odaf hour enjoyed waaas'hSE'srf IS5 doing fine Mr and Mrs Lee Stevens and Mr Mrs Orel Stevens of Oakland Mrs May Bickford who Is' pass-winter with her daughter Anderson am Oakland attended Sal-JJjn LAke Orange Saturday even- LM? Mr' Leland Stevens aw unHSI -glr Pawnfr Mr and Mrs MlUara Stevens in Canaan for a few cave Cpchrane of Oakland was frtind! lMt week nd daughter litS ta Watari wu shopping Thursday Cook and little daughter Barbara Jane wero dinner guests Vll Md Mn-SuK and Mrs James Stevens of North Belgrade Warned By Japan Marshal Chang Mslao-llang nlll-' tary ruler of north China turned a deaf ear to a warning by Japanese officials that he would be held re sponsible for consequences growing out of tho recent conflict at Shan-haikwan (Associated Press Photo) Actress Robbed A robber dressed as a messenger boy entered the Hollywood home of Betty Compson threatened her life bound and gagged her and escaped with Jewelry tho film act rose said she valued at 941800 (As sedated Press Photo) Shot Crazed Killer -V 1 5 it Corp Peter Hsrdlcy Jr negro nonconnlsslonsd officer pursued and shot to death Private Abernathy negro who had Killed two white army captains and their wives at Fort Huachuca Aria (Associated Press Photo) After a chat' with Ross' Mr'c'oolldge wont to his flmfied(AnMUtidPresrphoto) Is shown (right) talking to newepapormsn In Mr Coolldge law office (Associated press rnoio PICTURE PAINTED FOR POSTERITY Mr 4 rk i VV 'ms A- uihcm iams site picture ew of the one time powerful ayn-1 first released In December 1029 fea-dleate the organisation has weak-1 turea Norma Talmadge XJlyan CMd io the point authorities gahLlTashmaa and Ollbert Roland "too much kissing" The tUm Mrtralt which Is to Los Angeles Is the artist (Associated Press Photo) i.

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