Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 9, 1931 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, July 9, 1931
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ALGONA, IOWA, JULY 9, 1931 12 Pages Number 4S IANCE TO IER ACTUAL FOURTH LOSS is Wiped Out Downpour at Celebration. . |300 was taken ( ln at the , at the Fourth ", celebration , the gate was^ thrown open. i only o' hel> r&celpts came i the dance, .which showed a It of around $350. Thus the , Insurance of- $4,000 was all I came In to pay the free at- Ictlons, etc. The contracts for ] acts provide for. payment »ther rain or weather Interi with the showing or not. tan' P. P. Zerfass Is having ulty trying to'meet all bills ible for the celebration r rain. BLINDED BY MARAUDER TWO AND ONE HALF MILLION lOWAN'S CANT BE WRONG ruined the Fourth of July atlon Saturday, and, left the •association with a large list of [for improvements which it; had hoped' would be paid out of i o£ the celebration, insurance .will .cover actual when rebates on unused ils have been deducted, '-but] [be met unless there Is a I profit from the fair next Sep- Iprofit from the,fair next Sep- 1th the view to a profit, the big- I'lial of free attractions ', ever i In the middle west at a sin|local exhibition had been se- and that the bill was ap- luted was 'markedly shown by [crowd of more than 3000 which /around in tjie riiucV dui-irig on.and evening, . ;;,.,„. day was a wash-out after , when the rain started; to fall. |downpour kept up alt ,theirest day. The crowd :ihad'-start- i arrive -early ;- l 'aridrlns i tnex~hope i fair day the gate admissions > 'collected, but after tlie rain an intention of .'.continuing :ernoon the^ates were, thrown [ and some 2000 people'-entered ut paying. |l» Way to Refund. Money. »vinanagement 'regretted in• to return money to patrons [paid, but no system could be to return it to , the proper If a refund ' had .been hundreds of unprincipled would have crowded the (asking for money back which | had not in fact paid in. that the Fourth celebration IfUzled because of rain, Secre\ Zerfoss and the officers and of the fair are already r plans for a bigger fair than »n contemplated, though this |» fair had been planned on a 1 scale than ever before. The now being augmented to [patrons a much larger^'show, ' crowd which did attend the 'in apparently enjoyed , it[despite rain. Girls In summer i with white, shoes-and-ho»e, | were candidate^ for a dry or panlng, Mud splashed higfh as pUddfed, an d everybody >with' was showered. Unspoiled by Downpour/ a few preliminary squeals «n the water had stolen into m °st of "the girls quit try' keep dry, and So Splashed f wax to the Floral hall, where [ Proceeded to d«mce as- Jf the tow shining brightly and their |Ww e dry. The tall ,-graas was w in indicating depth of wa- « a puddle apparently, only Inch deep often proved to [Where from an inch to three In depth, to the.dismay of 'Pperq, , - race track crossing where ipassea to a nd,from the infield. nu>». „*, of nuia'BOiwVteY the Numerous-youths on their big accident of the .* rfi to croas ' sittlng a ° wn .ieaiy or sjkld.dlni? in the at' <wls with, high heeled more fortunate, for the «ug | n a ee)1) en ougn to keep I from falling, , OPPORr UNITIES 6US/NESS GRAYS LOSE, 4-1 IN TILT SUNDAY WITH LONE ROCK The Grays will meet Charles City on the local diamond Sunday afternoon in a return game with the Charles City aggregation. This promises to be one of the best.'games of the season, and Algona plans some shifts in the line-up to strengthen; the team. BOOZE GRAZED YOUTH RUNS AMUCK AGAIN Threatens to Clean Up Whittemore on Rampage. William J. Farrell, Whittemore youth who recently terrorized his family with a gun and threats to shoot, was arrested Tuesday night by Marshal Charles Seymore, Whittemore, and yesterday afternoon was taken to Fort Dodge by feder>- al officers. The youth was out on parole from the federal reformatory at Chilllcothc, Mo. Tuesday night the 22-year-old youth got crazy drunk again on the same brand liquor that sent him oft last May. During a rampage down town that night he threatened to do away with the whole town with a pop bottle, but he was persuaded to go home. When Marshal Seymore went to the home of the youth's father, the young man swore that no one was going to take him anywhere, and 'he sitd- clenly launched" an attache which caught the officer off guard. A "hajymaker" was landed on Seymore's chin, and the latter said later that it made him groggy lor a minute. He recovered quickly, however, and with a few well directed blows put young Farrell out of commission temporarily. Youth Puts Up Scrap. The elder Mr. Farrell and the marshal then brought the desperado to the county jail. There was a fight to put him into the car, and James Robinson Is Fined $25 TEAR GAS IS When Brothers Feud Flares Tonight's Band Concert Program March—University of Dayton 'j Pariella | Overture—William Tell _.--_Rossini \ Popular—Eventide in Araby.Englisli I Patrol—Q.\e. South. -i..^^—-Zamecnik | March—Royal Scotch Highlanders - —- King Fantasle — My Old Kentucky Home Dalbey Trombone Smear — Two Thomas Cats 'Smith March—Stars and Stripes Forever ': '. Souea The Algona Grays lost 4-1 .to Lone Rock Sunday afternoon in a game featured by hits that failed to materialize into runs. Lone Rock had the be«t of it in gathering the hits in the right places, and out of 10 hits made four runs. Algona was able to score only once out of 12 tofts'. The tear rors, both having two The box score follows: Shan>, 2b -Krueger, Ib Hancock, c Sims, P Munch, If..... T>. Blanchard, Hutchinson, rf 4. Marlow, ss 4 G. Blanchard, cf — 4 Totals ' ----- —36 Algona— Duncan, If •Hill, e» -— Twogood, In O'Brien, c vere even on er- two. ''•'Hows: ABR 4 5 . 4 . 4 . 3 . 4 . 4 4 . 4 0 0 0 1 0 1 30 0 H 0 3 1 2 0 1 2 1 0 PO 3 10 g 2 1. 1 1 0 1 A 2 0 1 5 0 4 0 1 0 E 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 3R 4- 1ft 27 13 2 LIMB STUCK INTO HOUSE BY TWISTER Last week Wednesday's rain and wind storm did much minor damage in tlie county, and three twisters in the Four Corners and Whittemore neighborhoods are reported. One of them was seen by D. P. Smith, who was at the golf linke at the time, but it did not come down far enough to do material damage. Another twister dipped at the Louis Lowman Jr. farm, north of Hobarton, just long enough to pick off a tree limb:and .hurl it.through the side of:the house.., Corn and'' oat^ were flattened Barnes, cf . 3 0 Watts, 2b , Scanlan, 3b Butler, rf ^ 0 Vinson, rf '1 Cayou, p — * Ford, p og t ABR 5 a 5 4 3 4 .4 'I 1 3 1 3$ wog him Q 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 IV R 1 0 3 3' 0 I o j 0 0 0 12 ft 1 PO 1 1 s 10 3 2 1 1 0 0 0 27 •A 1 2 2 4 0 2 1 0 0 0 2 14 E 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 .0 0 0 0 2 'ood, O'Brien, ion.- t damage:!*.believed done. -The, heat wave rides were kept run'" 11 considering the rain, wneei had many customers, tlie f into the dened Totals Two'-— Butler? Sims, Hutchtnaon Runs batted in—O'Brien Marlow, Hutchinson 2, Struck out bjr: Cayou 7, Ford 2. Bases on 'balls: Cayou 3, Sime 1'. > Earned runs: Algona 1, Lone Left 'on bases: Algona 13, Rook 8. BUY SO* lifsIjmTTMK HIRE The baby son of a woman "who between Clarion here Saturday while his brother, and another where exposed,to .the wind, but the cool wet weather has given it a chance to '• straighten up, and little to have been of two weeks ( standing was effectively broken 'by the downpour.. There was almost a cloudburst, for 1.67 irtches of water fell during the afternoon. Meanwhile the' mercury dropped from 92 to 68, bringing blessed relief to a population which had suffered from heat and lack of rest. The rain on the Fourth totaled .63 inch. Rain insurance carried by the fair association called for only two-tenths of an inch by 3 p, m, and this was reached by 1:30, On Sunday a tenth, of an inch of DRUNKEN DRIVING CAUSES CAR CRASH NEAR LONE ROCK - Ben Seegebarth, who gives his address as Chicago but who up to a year ago lived In the- Lone Rock- Lotts Creek neighborhood, was- arrested Friday night, when his car crashed into one driven by Elvira, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, August Krause, Lone Rock, at a point near that town. .He was charged with driving while drunk. Deputy Sheriffs Harris and. Samson found Ben in,a cornfield, near by, sleeping, when the officers investigated, after, being called by Miss Krause, who was accompanied by Lucille Zumach . and Gertrude Theesfeld. . The girls said they had noticed the Seegebarth Ford coming down the road first on one side and then the other, and had stopped to let It pass. . The Seegebarth car. crashed head- on agalnet the Krause car, but fortunately it was not going fast, and none of. the occupants of either car were injured, though one of the girl's knees knocked the Krause Ford into ,gea~r, when the - shoclf came, and it shot backward. : Seegebarth was" bound' to grand jury by Justice , Wlnkel the Fourth on a charge of driving while intoxicated, and his bond was set at $2,000, which he was unable to furnish. He was to be taken to, Emmetsburg: before Judge Davidson for sentence yesterday afternoon, after having offered in the morning to plead guilty. the on more pr less of a battle all the way to Alsona. The youth kicked out two windows in the car, broke the dash light and the instrument glass, and nearly, knocked out his father with a kick in the back of the latter's neck. This is the same youth who early In May came home crazy drunk, grabbed a ,4110 shotgun and a butch er knife, lined his parents and the rest of ; the family up against a. wall, and threatened to shoot the whole outfit. He even made threats against a brother critically ill in the house and terrorized the boy to the point-of exhaustion. Charges were brought against young Farrell at the time, and he was held In jail ten days, awaiting a preliminary hearing. His father, however, was persuaded by tlie rest of the family to drop the charges and he had to be released against the better judgment of county officials. •Troublemaker for a Year. . The youth has been in constant trouble more than a year. He was sent to the federal reformatory a year ago on a charge of .transporting a stolen auto from one state to another, but was released early this year. . Afte,r a rampage tye was brought before the county -board of Insanity, which, after a hearing, ad ludged him sane. • In the May rampage, the .youth tired at the deputy sheriff at Em metsburg when the latter tried to stop him as Farrell was passing r in a car. 'Farrell. is now to be returned to Another episode in the Robinson brothers' feud at Bancroft was written -Friday when' James Robinson was fined $25 and costs by Justice W. C. Danson on a charge of using profane language toward Mrs. Sylvester Robinson. According to evidence introduced by Mrs. Sylvester Robinson and substantiated by Dorllla and Elsie Cayler, and Loretta Simmons, James Robinson cursed Mrs. Sylvester Robinson from the James Robinson home, which is next door to the Cay ler home. The three girls, ranging in age from \14 to f!9, and Mrs. Robinson were standing in front of the Cayler home, where Mrs. Robinson had taken some washing. Women hi Wordy lluttle. James Robinson testified that Mrs Sylvester . was laughing at the James Robinsons, who were with out a car after their car had been tied up through mortgage proceed ings. According to James, Mrs Sylvester .remarked in a loud voice that it was too bad that the James Robinsons were to lose their car and that they, the Sylvester Rob Insons, were going to buy it at the mortgage sale July 6. Mrs. James Robinson then cam to the front window or door of the house and remarked that the car would be reclaimed before the sale, and that the ' Sylvester Robinsons would never ride in it. A few similar words were bandied, and Mrs. Sylvester Robinson charged that James entered into the word battle with curses and abuse. James, his wife, and a niece, Irene McAllister, of Emmetsburg, denied that James said any swear words. puring the scrap Mrs. Sylvester Robinson invited Mrs. jamcs._ Robinson, out into the street for a scrap, according to testimony given by the latter, who said she refused. Wlnkel Defends Boblnaqn. The- James Robinsons were repre Algona Markets By Wilbur J. and Alice Payne. At Close of Business July 7. LIVESTOCK Hogs. B. std.' lights, 180-230 Ibs $0.50 B. med. wt. butch, 230-260 16.20 B. hvy. butch., 260-300 $5.60 B. pme. hvy. butch., 300-350 ..$5.20 Packing sows, 300-500 . • .$4.00-4.50 Cattle. Canners and cutters $1.00-2.00 Fat cows $2.00-3.00 Veal calves ?4.00-o.OO Bulls $2.50-3.00 Yearlings ...'.....' J3.50M.50 Fat steers -..';. $5/50-8.50 • GRAINS No. 2 yellow corn 4GV2C No. 3 white oats ...... .....19c No. 3 corn 45^&c Barley, No. 2 special 34c PRODUCE ,Eggs, straight run lie Graded. No. l 15c rain fell. Temperatures week follow: for the •*• July July July July July July July High 92 .85 84 -78 77 80 75 Low 68 68 60 61 67 58 55. ONE WEDDIN6 APPLICATION MADE UNDER 5-DAY LAW The new state law requiring a 6- day wait between application for a marriage license and issuance of the same went into effect Jtfy Only "one application - haa so been received by Clerk Oterk O that ot Mary G. Doyle, 31, of Kop- suth county, and Raymond J. Schwarz, 32, of Sauk county, Wis. The application wa? filed Monday, and the couple wffli Have to wait till ne*t Monday to secure the license, CAPONE LIEUTENANT HAD BANCROFT ON CALL LIST Kossuth citizens were 'not especially surprised to find' that a Bancroft telephone number was given as having been used for calls from Al Capone headquarters at Aurora, 111, Bancroft was listed with 12 other Iowa cities—Bpone,- Hartj- ley, Moline, Davenport, Des lloines, Iowa C(ty, Dubuque, Atlantic, Waterloo, Clinton, and Cedar Rapids: The records of the telephone companies were investigated by federal agents, who have been delving into the activities of Mike Meyers, indicted Capone henchma,n, w ho headquartered at Aurora, whence the Capone syndicate distributed four million gallons of alcohol in the middle west exclusive of Chicago. Mankato and Minneapolis are the only Minnesota towns listed by the Register, ; 4- far Chillicothe to serve, the balance of his term, which will expire in a few months, and local officers here will wait till that time to charges against him on his escapede. bring latest does not • W midnight Saturday is s Opene4« -The Anpex." » »W "rummage sale" Btore, to projected by in gl the . Jtfi WHITTEMORE YOUTH BURNED BY FIRECRACKER OH FOURTH TWO Fourth of July accident? are reported. Eugene, son of WttUam JBlberfc •yVhittemore, suffered a burned f&ce an<J bands wjien a firecracker e*pJode<l prematurely, and Monday's Dea Moinei? Register reported that a, 80-year-QXd, son of 0. K. Johnson, Algona, wafl H, A. REINER BUYS FUNERAL HOME AT BRAND JUNCTION The H. A, Reimer family will move to Grand 'Junction' next -week Wednesday, Jfr.> . Reimer . having bought -a : furniture and undertak.; ing business 'there, '. Till recently he •was in partnership here with W. E. Laird. The R^imers have lived here -four years, •"having come here from Cleveland, O,, where "Mr. Reimer managed a funeral home. He was reared at Estherville, where his parents still jive, and ^Irs. Relmer's old home is at Laurens. The Reimers spent a few days early in the week at Grand Junction, making final preparations for /moving, Grand Junction is .a town of 1100 or 1200 population. Mr. and Mrs. Reiiner have been aptive in the social life, of Algona and will be missed here. Mrs, Reimer is president of the local Legion Auxiliary. WINDOW AT STEELE STORE IS BROKEHJY SKY ROCKET Two Fourth of July celebrators on State street came to grief when they carried rockets to, the middle of the paving and, sejt them off. Qne of tlje rocketg broke a pla,t$ glass Window in the Steele clothing store, and the, cejebrators Ua4 sen ted by Justice L. A. Winkel, who on previous occasions has "fined both James and Sylvester Robinson, and County Attorney Shumway had 'the case for the stats. Justice C. Behrmari and Jacob Keller, r both of Bancroft, attended the trial, and the former testified that the word battle was so loud that he came from his house to see what the trouble was about. He heard none of the proceedings, however, James was unable to pay the fine Friday, but promised to pay the fine of $25 and costs of $24.6-5 Monday, and he was released on the promise. DEVICE PATENTED FOR FAG SMOKERS Among 47 lowans who secured patents last month was Ellis McWhorter, Algona, who was granted a patent for a cigaret holder or tobacco can which contains a small chamber for holding burned matches and cigaret stubs. • ' Though Mr. McWnorter doesn't use tobacco ' in' any form, he . realized-that cigarets arid-other forms of smokipg tobacco were becoming more•'• prevalent. ! A> : large share of each year's property destruction by fire is started by unextinguished matches or. cigaret stubs; In 1928 property valued at 30 millions was destroyed by these agents. Mr. Mc- Whprter is familiar with examples in this locality where fire was started by cigarets, including fire on his own property. Mr. McWhprter's can will also prevent children from picking up cigaret stubs and smoking them, Diseases are quickly spread in this way. Graded, No. 2 9c Cash cream 20c . POULTRY All weights, hens 12c Leg-horn hens 8c Heavy roosters 8c Leghorn roosters ..,.;. 7c HIDES Calf and cow, Ib. 3c Horse ,... .$1.75-1.00 Colt hides, each ... • 50c MRS, RUTH TRIBON BLEAKLY PASSES; 3 CHILDREN LEFT ; Mrs. Lewis L. Bleakly, nee R'utii Elizabeth Tribon, died at 9 o'clock Sunday 'morning at the home of her parents, Dr. arid Mrs. F. L Tribon, after an 'illness of several 'months with heart disease. Funeral services were conducted at the -Methodist church Tuesday morning, the Rev. C. V. Hulse officiating, arid burial was made in Riverview cemetery. \ Ruth was born . August 9, 1901, one of twin daughters of Dr. and Mrs. F. L: , Tribon, the other Isabel, dying a few days after birth. She was graduated from the Algona high school in 1920, and attended the Iowa State college, Ames, where she met Lewis. L. Bleakly, student in chemical engineering, whom she later married. After leaving Ames SCATTERED IN 2 A, M, ATTACK Hugh Post Recovering from Effects of Strange Attack* An unknown assailant earty.: terday morning entered the W. Post home and. either distrOwfc- ed tear gas or poured an eye- tant into the face of Mr. Post,' was sleeping on the porch. Mr. awoke, and finding himself blinded- by the effects of the gas'or irritant^, called Mrs. Post, who waS-sleeptaBt in the house, and Dr. P. V. Jama* who lives across the street., Post was then taken to the suth hospital, .where he was «•- liorted recoveiing yesterday after*noon. Mr. Post said he. was awakened. «te about 2 a. m. by the slamming: of. the screen door on the porch. fully awake, he thought his had got .but and was butting 1 door to be let in again. He up, let the dog in when it barke*i again, and then noticed that Max eyes were smarting. He thought little of it, believing that the R«t den awakening was the cause.' Patient Moved to Hospital. < Mi-. Post went back to bed, 1 but immediately his eyes began paining;; him and the tears came. Becoming alarmed, he called Mrs. PtunV who in turn called Doctor Jana*~ The pain meanwhile grew intense.* and many handkerchiefs were vafti to wipe away the tears. All clean handkerchiefs were soon up, and Mrs. Post provided line*. napkins. When these too gave «>•*;» clean rags were used till Mr. Pa*k- was taken to the hospital. , Mrs. Post-said she went back ti the porch to see if she could discover the cause of the trouble ant that when she walked into the 1 she noticed a peculiar odor. It not plainly defined, but smelled. it," great deal like fresh pencil ahmr— ings. In the excitement it was momentarily forgotten. ^ she was employed home economics in as teacher the schools Superior and Rodman. Ruth was married January'' 1, 1925, to Lewis L. Bleakly, of Galva, and the couple made their home at Davenport three years, while Mr. Bleakly was employed as chemical engineer for the People's Light and Gas Co. moved to In March, Milwaukee,-. 1928, where they theey Nothing Taken from' The reason for the use of the ; gas or other irritant is" not but a burglar may have hoped fr make the rounds of the house wltfc*- out .molestation. Mrs. Foot haaV- made the usual freight, and' 'dnfetf collections Monday, and the cav ceipts, mostly in checks, were I* thav' house. Thy were found untouehtsV and nothing else was noticeably 4a»- turbed. it is believed that aftia«r- the dog or Mr. Post frightened ttaV. marauder away. _ v > ..^ Mr. Post was reported yesterday afternoon. As the effects of the irritant wear his eyes will be as good aa ^ He was still unable to see yM day' afternoon, because the effi of the irritant made opening eyes extremely painful. No plans for manufacturing or marketing the "device, have been made. Mr. MoAyhprter believes that in the future city and state governments will have to take measures to stop 'the destruction, and spread of disease .from discarded cigarets and that when that time conies his invention will be salable. The patent runs for 17 years. lived till the first, of last May, when Mr. Bleakly was transferred to.Bis- marck; N. -D, 1 ;'andi''Mrs. Bleakly came to Algona to recuperate at the home of her parents..^ ', Mrs. Bleakly was in poor' health during the -holiday season, and on January 4 was taken so ill with a heart attack that Doctor and -Mrs. Tribon .were called to Milwaukee, where Mrs, Tribon remained till, the middle of April, when she came home to prepare for Mrs. Bleakly's arrival her_e. Three weeks ago Mrs. Bleakly took a sudden turn for the worse, and • Mr, Bleakly and the two sisters, Mrs. Herman Leeftink, Mountain, Wjsr, and^3>Irs.. Otis Paddock, Glendale, Ariz., were summoned. She never rallied after a severe attack June 2.3, and days later, She ,ia survived .byther husband, three S9ns, Richard, 6, Kobert, 4, arid Tom, is months,^ her parents, ALGONA JUNIOR TEW i. LOSES TO BANCROF1 when a piece of a large firecracker lodged in one of hie legs. 'port i.s believed erroneous accident was serious,. This re- Neither »*r « Ljj.yerne, Jy ,weje ideal " tU» damages. Bystanders , remarked that.it WAS lucky that the careless BONHAM.COACHATA.H.S., PLAYIN6 WITH COAST NINE Aubrey Bonham, Algona high school coach, has been playing ball for the Santa -Clara, Calif., semipro team, and in le.ttei-3 to Algo- ntaris last week-end included clippings f.rom a'Santa Clara paper. The clipping said:- "Boiiham, the Cards' new secpnd sacker, drove in three runs and &cored twice himself. The. lad hails from Iowa, and the sisters, Tribon. and a brother, Donald Pall bearers were W- A, Foster, T. P. Harrington, Al Falkenhainer, H. W. Miller, Or. R, A, Evans, Dr. A. L. Rlst, and Supt. Overmyer, R, 0, BJUSTROM TAKES OVER A. K. CLIFMIAYTA6 A6ENCY R. O.'Bjustrom, w)io operates the/ Hobarton store.' sells Philco The Algona junior league was defeated by the Bancroft gation at Bancroft Friday 6-1. JLt- gona's pitcher, E, Coffin, bad culty in controlling the ball," ing the Bancroft team to tain runs with only four hits.. JiMitar Kelly replaced him in .the inning, and held <the Bancroft gregatlon from then. pp. • Tomorrow night at the total pack the Algona and Tttonka. ,' league 'team's will meet, The, ' ians were defeated by., t}ie last game, and hojMJ venge, and with that-^ |i,-^ changes are, belrig'made in tfcf MP...The line-up atfollows: Algona J. Kelly, $b, p , R.. Kelly, ?b . N, Bruns, 91$ O.' Cretzmeyer, Ib E. Coffin, P McDonald, c Peggevty, cf Coons, If 5 , " : Cook, rf 'O : \M his . spectaxsular . work makes him look like -at secpnd a valuable, man." Bonham is working for tb.e, Pacific Manufacturing Co., according to, a tetter to Nicjc Manaras, H» return to Algona this fall to young fellows dja not pet off a fire here such as Spencer'*}, coach this year's .high letic teams. *o ath- CORKERSTONE CtfiEMONIES AT LUVERKE DRAW CROWD and places Skelgas equipment, has. taken over tfte Cliff H Maytag agency 1 and his headquarters have .been moved from the Galb.yajith room., next ;west o,f the to-the |ormer building. Mr. the .will autVaV'lit? M^yta^T has two men on,the .md,-«P» ing Maytagfs, the, 'other' av equipment,, Mr. CUf? j§ JJry Cleanej-s who als» Una-Ipf #ep?. Algona had "five hjtp Bpxcj?oJt fou' '' errors, FREE 006-POIY SMIW Tl fronj buslne^ afld/haa: n,Q|,ye| an' 1 ' «ternp JPpny "jjirfii feurfpM] ,,_,.^.«bf«&«s:4L fi«e Irasi WAane^tg., W,'

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