Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 2, 1931 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1931
Page 6
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',* '••, </V« PAGE six ''' BEE SUPPLIES A full Hne of Bee Supplies. Get them of O. E. Van frorston, having moved to nor.th end of NV Minnesota street, which Is fli-at street east'of paved street leading to Hurt, Building Material Prices are Down YOU CAN DOIT FOR LESS NOW! This !» the time to fix up Anything .flint needs repairing, Lumber . and building materliil prices ate nil In your favor. You. can rcpair..-and remodel now with a minimum amount of money. Take Advantage of Present •.-• Lumber Prices 'The longer you wait the more material .It will take. Prices, are certain to be higher later on. Why not do It now and Save the Difference? BOTSFORD LUMBER COMPANY WEHLER ,- . , est y ^OJlic r . x :Bnseg, ''rfe'Sr torvfkr vision^ Hours 8 a. m. to 8 p. m ' F, W, MfBflB & 'M Pliohe 240 Algonty town. MONET TO LOAN —on— EASY TEKMS BEADY CASH - 8EETICE We loan vou money on a few minutes notice, in amounts from $50.00 to $300. Phone or call on us, as our method is quick, courteous and confidential.. We lend on household furniture and automobiles, and allow you to repay In 20 small monthly payments. HAWKEYE FINANCE CO. Represented by CUNNINGHAM ft LACY 107 W. State Street. Phone 698 JENSEN FAMILY REUNION DRAWS CROWD OF108 , Senecn, ; June 30—The sixth an- .-nual Jensen • family reunion took .placii Sun'dayat Martin Wllberg's in Seneca township. One hundred und eight people registered, which wus a islightly smaller number than in for- m'er years. ' TKe day's program started with a business session, at which .1-1. E. Jensen, S\yea City, was elected president; Laila Hanson, Bode, vice president; ,T. H. Jensen, Seneca, secretary-treasurer. The Nels \Vil- bergs will be next yey.r'.s prognun committee. The following program i :\vns given Sunday: ! Community Singing—America the] ; Beautiful. ' Reading—When Jhnmlo Gotw tu Bed, Aria Hokenstnd. Piano solo—Gloria Griffith. Song—Perry and Teddy Jensen. Selections by Ttingsttxl ninle quartet. Attending the reunion were the following persons; TJes Moines — G. K. Griffith, clnii.Kliter Gloria. ' Dubuiiue—Mr. and Mrs. K. A. 131s- enachmlcU;. daughter Louise. Waterloo—Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Shnuger, daughter Laila, Lena .Ten- sun, H. C. Britzmiin. Mason City—Mr. and Mrs. .T. G. Hanson, daughters LoU and Lorna. Cedar Falls—Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Peterson, sons Mervln and Dennis. Bode—Mrs. Julia Hanson, daughters Minnie and Lalla, granddaughter Audrey Hanson. Rutland—Mr. and Mrs, C. W. rtanson, son Wallace. Hardy—Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jensen' Jr. Garretson, S. D.—Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Hokenstad, daughter Aria. Swea City—Mr. and Mrs. H. ,E. Jensen, sons Everett and Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Jensen, son Maynard, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jensen and their children, Bernard, Harriett, Dorcella, Bernice, Victoria, Florence, and Calvin. Armstrong—Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Helgason, daughters lone and Viola, Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Helgason. Ringsted—Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Jensen, son Wendell, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Jensen, son Shenvood, Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Wilberg and their children, Mary, Margery, Norman, Patricia, and Richard, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Christenson, sons Wayne and Wallace, J. P. Rasmussen, Mr. and Mrs. George Jensen and their children, Leona, Dorothy, and Richard, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. .Pafkman. Fenton—Mrs. Jennie Jensen, sons Ralph and Vernon; Mr. and Mrs Nels Wilberg; Mr. and'Mrs. Harry Widdel, daughter Marian, an<! James; Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wilberg, sons Wayne, Lloyd, Robert and Marvin; Mr. and Mrs. P. H Jensen, daughter Marlys, son Per.- ry; Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Jensen, nott Teddy; Mr. and Mrs. Hans Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Millen Jensen, Mr.' and Mrs. Linus Jensen. WHITTEMORE GIRL MARRIED SUNDAY Apparatus for Feature Attraction at Fourth • .*'.'* . . . — ,, , ,, ... " -T i i < . BUSINESS DIRI , McMAllOtfit '. W. Sullivan A . an Attorney8-a(-Ui ff ' 'Hones: office, 201; f\v s « E. Me, 403. ' 8 HARRINGTON 4 DI CK C P. Harrington L, J. j Attorneya-at-Law •tiones: Office, 287; I. J. TAN NESS (UV.g' Ur.vyors Office over loiva State 'none 213-VV. T 1 HI8 PICTURE OP Apparatus to he used by Oscar Babcoclc at the Fourth of July celebration here SaU ,rday, way, down which he rides his bicycle 'to circle ins'.de the loop, and then jump the 40-foot gap at the end . taken at the ^ Ohicago; the lo:>p. The pathway is lation would mean death for the performer. RANEY FAMILY HAS ANNUAL REUNION AT LAKEJ»EAR BRITT The annual Raney family reunion was held Saturday at Eagle Lake, near Britt, with 99 relatives and one visitor, Ralph 1/auster, Big Stone, S. D., in attendance. • Others who attended were; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Raney, •Llvermore, sons Evered and Herbert and daughter Beth; Dr. and Mrs. Forrest Cairy, Sioux City, daughters Doris Mary, Louise, and Betty Ann; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Davis, Morehead, Minn., daughter Ilo; Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Clark, Britt, sons Robert, Ronald, and Howard; Mrs. Flora Raney, Lu Verne, sons Arthur and Forrest; Mrs, Addio Raney, Butterfield, Minn., son Donald. Mrs. Cora Runey, daughter Hat;tie, Mr. and Mrs. daughter Meredith, Glen Mr. ajxl Mrs. Council Minutes Algona, lowu, June 25, 1931 — —City council met .In regular session on this day at the city hall, and among other thing* allowed the following bills: ELECTRIC FUND, J. W. Kelly, salary $ 165:00 Leo Bollock, salary 150.00 Tom Halpin, salary 135.00 AValter Gorman, salary 135.00 Ray Barton, salary 139.00 H. E. Stephenson, salary — ISO.OO 1 C. C. Wright, salary 85.00' Adah Carlson, salary 145.00' Westinghouse Elect. Supply Co., mdse. 245.54 AVestinghouse Electric Supply Co., mdse. 488.27 W. D. Allen Mfg. Co., Whittemore, June At St. $50 TO $300 Borrow (he money yon need— Take 1 to 30 months to repay It. Loans made on; almost all forms of security. You <ia!n ! get uj> to $300 to cover your debts, and by small monthly payments retire the loan. Tou can pay In full at any time, and pay only for the period you have the money. , Honest people'-; oh" salary or fixed Income are invited to see us. We treat you with every courtesy and you may be certain that there will b» no embarrassment. COME IN TODAY! The Inland Finance Corp. Alcoa* Phone 55. Iowa First door north of Iowa State Bank Paul's Lutheran church Sunday afternoon at 2:30 Erna Oade was married to Emil Bierstedt. Alfred Bierstedt, cousin, was the bridegroom's attendant, and Hilda Meyer, niece of .the bride, was maia o£ honor, With Lorna Faulstich, another niece, was flower girl. The bride's gown was an ankle length white satin dress and she wore a veil, in cap effect, caught with a wreath of orange blossoms. Around her neck was a string of pearls, and she carried a bouquet of roses. The maid of honor wore an ankle-length orchid gown and carried an arm bouquet of carnations. The couple approached the altar to Lohengrin's wedding march played i>y H. W. Betihke. The new Mrs. Bler-stedt, who Is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. August Gade, was born and reared on a farm south of Whittemore. Mr. .Bierstedt is the son of Hugh Raney, daughters Norma ami Buena, son Howard, Mr, and. Mrs-. Ray ' Fitch, daughter Myrtle, Mr. and Mrs.' Ben Potter, Vivian, Dwight, Dick, amS Joyce-,. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Potter,. Wayne and Keith Moore, and J. A. Raney, all of Algona. ' -. Mr. and Mrs.' Geoi'ge Johnson;, slaughter • Marjorle,' wons Lfiroy and Vera; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moore, Helen,- Pauline, and Robert,, all 1 ,<"£ Burl. Mr. and Mrs. Roy CUVnk,. Dfceorali',. sons Tommy and Eddy;- Vera Clark, Mason City; Mrs. Rolient Stltmtag.,. Irvington, son Dewey; Mi's. Victor Applegate, Corwith; Mr., aind! Mrs. V. A. Barrett, Ledyard;- M.K.. and. Mrs. Ernest Raney, Hunvlioldt; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Raney, Llveumore. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Clark, sen* teo> Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. James Ross, Ireta and Betty; Mr. and' Mrs;: Bem Hartzell, Charlotte, Robert,. GKr.acev Ted!, Kenneth, and Dale; andi Mrs. Helen Shore, all of Britt, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Raney, Chicago: Mr. and- Mrs. Harry Raney West Union; Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Clark,. Webster City, son GBne;; MIc:. and Mrs. Clayton Raney, Joliet, 111., Margaret, Jerry, and Donald. An invitation for next year's i;e- unfon was extended by Mr. and Mrs.. Walter Davis, Morehead, -•- Minn. Mr. and Mrs. northeast of August Fenton. Bierstedt, Following their' marriage the couple left for a wedding trip In Minnesota. When they return they will make their home with Mr. Bierstedt's parents. BUFFALO CENTER WOMAN IS BURIED AT BANCROFT mdse. ' Terry-Durin Co., mdse. — Terry-Durin Co.. mdse. Fulton Iron Works Co., mdse. Iowa Machinery & Supply Co., mdse. General Electric Supply Corp., mdse. The -Graybar Electric Co., mdse. Electric Supply Co., mdse._ Electric Supply Co., mdae._ J. I. Holcomb' Mfg. Co., mdse. Tfre Garland Co., mdse. — Skelly Oil Co., gas and oil Clapp's Master Service, 17.82' S'.OT 22.9'ff G'.2'4 A. H. Borchardt, mdse. ... . 3iOO Laing & Muckey, mdse. _— .16 Katherlne Kain, labor 2.25 M. R. Selley, labor on signs 05.00 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. 62.30 Geo. Holtzbauer, mds". — 48.00 Remmington-Rand, repairs 2.30 Ernst Thlel, meter reading- S. J. Backus, P. M., rent... The Hallmark Store, repairs H. W. Post, f'rt. and dray... Earl Bowman et al, labor— C. E. McNabb et al, refund deposit N. W. Bell Tel., service — R'y Express Agency Inc., express _ Standard Oil Co., oil Moe & SJogren, mdse. Advance Pub. Co., printing Reamer Tire & Electric Co. Permatax Co. Botsford Lumber Co.' WATER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary 92.69 45.17 4.15 3.00 75.00 Frank Ostrnm, salary 130.00 O. E. Atchesori, salary Laura Mitchell, salary 29.56 Helmer Helmers et al, labor American Foundry & Mfg-. 6T.94' C'o. r mds-e. '— I Lefghton Supply Co., mdse. 25.TQ' Mueller Brass Co., mdse. 70.30 17T.62 1 27;00' mtTse. Mueller Co., mdse. Pittsburgh Equitable Meter C'o,, mdse. Hill Butter Tub & Supply 125.00 110.00 664.54 85.50 24.02 7.32 7.29 10.00 6.3' 12.25 Cbv md'sie. 36.26' H. W. Post, frt. antf dray.— 14.99 M. St. P. & P. R'y,. frt. 16.28" om pipe 189.59 7.00 T. W. Kelly, hip boots GENERAL FUND Frank Green, salary _- 125.00 H. A. Van Alstyne, salary— 125.00 Thoe. Akre, rent 10.00 F. W. Green, two dogs 1.00 Iowa Culvert & Pipe Co., mdse , 31.20 Supreme Mfg. Co.. mdse. — 38.86 C. S. Johnson, mdse. .. 3.75 J. L. Molloy, repairs -j 2.45 Standard Oil Co., mdse. 35.24 Haggard & Backus, printing —~- 42.75 C. F. Specht 2.24 Skelly Oil Co., mdse. ,- 1.13 Skelly OiV Co., mdse,. „,— 4.23 J. F. McGee et al, labor— 14.00 Jesse Umbenhower, care of dump '_----' 12.50 Republic Flow Meters, meters - 334.70 Wigman Co., mdse. 174.39 K. C. State Bank, 'draft 922.00 H. R. Cowan & Son, third estimate 1835.96 M. V. Norris, engineering— 183.60 H. W. Post, frt. and dray.— 9.18 Municipal Supply Co., mdse. 11.24 SWIMMING POOL FUND Haggard & Backus, printing 10.00 Algona Greenhouses, planting . ., 52.00 LaMotte Chemical Co., mdse, , 12.88 Algona Steam Laundry, laundry . 33.17 Kennedy & Parsons Co., mdse. 19.16 P. A. Danson, labor 38.00 H. W. Post, frt. and dray.4 1.47 W. J. Bell, labor 2.71 James Dltsworth, labor — Botsford' Lumber Co., mdfle. Botsford Lumber Co. _. C. F. Specht, trip Hllma Ostrum et al, labor— Geo; Gunder, labor Elliott •Skilllng, labor, with team The Mathieson Alkali Works ... ••_-• -----------General Fund. mdse. -----SEWER FUND .T. W. Kelly, salary -------Fred Hagg, labor - -------H. W. Post, frt. and dray.- Geo. L. Miller! mdse. and labor — .-— — -------A. E. Michel, engineering- Wilson Concrete Co., mdse. Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. CITY PAVING Iowa State Bank, coupon — ;' IMPROVEMENT FUND Carleton D, Beh Co., Interest ----------- — — -' FIRE FUND C. C. Wright, salary _— — ROAD DRAG FUND Jesse Lashbrook, salary — Jesse Lashbrook, advance— Fred Baumgartner, labor .& material — — — — — , Geo. Gunder, labor — ; — - — Frank Skilling, labor ------Louis Hagg, labor — ---- — Willard Gregson, team 22.80 4.75 15.80 2.85 ;103.62 5.25 s.33.60 31.03 10.40 35.00 4.50 .75 19.55 95.38 105.69 12.30 . 60.00 • D. Shumwuy SHDMWAT 4 KEII| Attorneys-at-Law , Office In Qulnby 58. I" A. Attonejr.at-iiw Office in Qulnby Bull Phone 180, «OC'UO»f KJBSE.FICK ft KEMP Physicians and Office over Rexall Drug S OEtice phone JOO.' ; V| H. J; Keneflek T M. B, m,i I. K. Kaneflck, M. D, MM ,9-82 f 45.00 84.20; 20.00 66.20 80.15 76.65 76.30 C. «. CBETZMBIH Physician and Office In John Galbralth L, •'hones: Office 310, res. 4«, j P. V, JAN HE, M. ft Physician and SargMt Office ^m South Dodge I ?hone«: Office, 666; Algona, Iowa. WAITER FRA8EB,li Physician and Surgeon.'l )fflce In Qulnby Bldg,, Phone No, 18, \} work — — — - ........ 151.2Q Elliott Skilling, team work Elliott Skilling, advance — 74.20 49.00 C. F. SPECHT, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. Mail a Want to Fill a Want of the Advance's comtywkto elruulallon, want advertising In this paper Is exceptionally productive. At the same tin* It In Inexpensive. Beplles often ceat the advertiser less than a cent apiece. Koto—Except lon» "readers," any kind of advertising as* ' In the same type as the news l» a "want ad." You "want" to sell as well as buy, yon "want" to trade, yon "want" to rant a hmiM or farm, yon "want" to take cow» t» pasture, etc. All such advertising Is called "want" advertlslnc by newspapers. , Bancroft, June 30 Inman, 72, who died - Mrs. H. L. at the home We are handling the best grades of twine ,at the lowest possible price. Be Sure and Place Your Order With Us Now. COAL A good grade of cpal for threshing. Let us ship your livestock. Phone us for dates. We pay top prices for grain. FARMERS' ELEVATOR CO. HOBARTON EA1MOND : Pfcone of her daughter, Mrs. A. A. Howe, Buffalo Center, was buried here !aat week Monday afternoon. She hod been sick only t\vo weeks, but for several months had not been in good health. The body .was brought to Bancroft a week ago Saturday evening and taken to the home of the daughter, Mrs. Mrytle Ringsdorf. Out of town relatives who attended the funeral were; the William Ringsdorfs and Grandma Itingsdorf, Burt; Mrs. O. J. Peterson, Ida Peterson, the R. G. Richardsons, and Mrs. D. Johnson, Algona; the George Kienks, Titonka; Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McGregor and Mrs. T. B. Jensen, Armstrong; the A. M. Gilberts, Bert Thompsons, Edw. Yahnkes, Mrs. Julius Jensen, and Mrs. Lena Glorfield, Buffalo Center; and the H. E. Jensens and William Christensens, Swea City. CHILDREN HURT WHEN CAB GOES IN DITCH AT LAKOTA Lakota, June 30—As Mrs;. Olthoff was bringing her four- children to Sunday school here Sunday morning a car drove rapidly out of the Harm Steenhard driveway Into her path. Mrs. Olthoff was too clotie to stop, and so had! to head into the ditch to avoid! a collision. The .car was badly wrecked! anet the children were cut and' bruise*!. The Steenhards were not at home and the driver of the car, who aal<l he was going to \Vest Bend and did not have time to help get the Olthoff car out of the ditch, is not known here. ' ' That'* That £ It Is annoying when one goes to the theater and baa one's view obstructed by the hat of a woman seated In front. Nobody has much." sympathy for those who choose to wear their largest bats while seeking amusement, but, on the other hand, there Is the crusty old man who finds fault with everything, and pretends he is unable to see the stage even when the hat la front of him is of the smallest variety. ' One of these was at the theater when, after fidgeting for some time, he growled in a loud voice to the girl In front of him: "Do you mind removing your hat? I can't gee through woodr ,Th,e girl turned, ang looked at MOji quietly for a' moment,< ghe said, calmly: "Ywy »eatt; I CUD." Caverns Under Lookout Mountain Cut by Water Investigations by engineers Indicate that Lookout mountain is a sort of peanut-shell shaped mound covering a system of caverns extending .from one end to the other, with runs branching oft to both east and west brows every few miles,. There are at least one, and perhaps two, large rivers and many smaller streams running under the mountain at a level of about 1,500 feet below the surface. These streams run up and down the mountain and across it. The water in these streams is as clear as a crystal and has no life In it. The streams run both north and south a distance, swerve around some weird formation and flow back southward. The openings under the mountain have been cut by these streams and are corresponding in number and direction. Only 2c a Word Each Week No Insertion Leu Than 20c a Week — We Do Not Charge Want Ads — Stamps, Cash, or Check MUST Accompany Order CUP THIS FORM AND FILL IT IN Your Name. T _ ___ Address- How many *%eeks is advertisement to run? Amount enclosed $ te—Write plainly, one word In e«ch space below, Including name, address, and phone. If yon do not want write name In form below but count lour extra words to cover cost ol keeping track of replies and forwai DB. W. B. Itteopathlc Phyilclan ui I Eye, Ear, Nose, and ' X-ray. >fflce over Hub Recreation.'! Phones: Office, 187; CHIROPBACTOIHl DB. B. J. THI88KT; Palmer Graduate Chin Phtrteen year's succeestul | . Office over State's Cttt| VETEBIMBYfll ' 1. Vf. FOX Veterinarian. Weat State Street, •hones: Office 475-W., I BUILDING CO-MI COWAN * SDK General Contractor* *| Estimates Furnished, 3 honea: Business, 639-J; GEOUGE L. Mlllll'l General Contract*, v Estimates furnlslitd. !!• 8. Podge, Algon»,!«. I MACHINISTS — . . I. 'STORTON MACHIN8 Machinists and M 4«rvioe stock on Piston : and Bearlngi, VMt of Courthouse. PBODUCJ BWIFT * COJCPMll] Cash Buyei* ' Poultry, Eggs, and w»| Matt Lamuth, I' Phone' — , — - KO88UTH COCNTI 1KHVBANCE A88M >»«r 115,000,000 worth Ml n- force, A home 1 J. O. Not do not where. ™» recites and i tm.». n " e to reach Advance by 10 o'clock Tueidajr morning to Insure Insertion In regular want column/ If , re*elre4 " Bladder Weakness ' V Getting UP Nights. Bac frequent day calU. I<fg Pfttns. QuaneM. or Bwrnlng, due to fun •J, B. to Barre Reliable Ins. ; Phone 55- Jltjr Property , Insurance, tOT W.-, State 'St, JOB and used Tires and Hides, Fur AlgOB*. !*•* PIANO » '. j. C, Cpttnn»*gl SO years E«* s MUHory Band Bjpert Service G« Uav« orders Foster Fu <;, or Phone Backache, ains, Nerr- ue to f unctlon- in acid Irrltfttlob. . .. _ .« you teei t.- „. .„,. _ and discouraged, try theCystexT; ^orks fast. •Jarts clr '-"— " « pystem in IS mlnut >uaan4« for rapid an^ tlon», make* you feel tired, depressei nd discouraged, try theCystexTeit. Porks fast, vtarta circulating thru " PraiMawr tlve - Half Ratet for County Farm Bureau Membert (Minimum; I6o a week.) Farmers who *re paid-up members pi the Kossuth County Farm rat*, but to get it th *y Su*i Certificate entitl«d to » «- in **** Sign Here MIMEQii

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