Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 2, 1931 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1931
Page 5
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*>{ i ^•fff^^^m i ' '/ * f ' ''i^Vr/ LL I* L 1-Al the , cornet-hi.blt--nj.jte Call Uui' 'sum- from 6 tO'«0 picture » made by the dlrec- the stars of COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA PAOE ews Mr. and Mrs. J. Palmeter, '. Friday, .Inly 8. Midnight matinee, 11:30. CHARLIE RUGGLES In "The Girl Habit" —and— JACKIE SEARL women OLIVER, LOUISE :FAZENDA Sinclair :L>wis— forbidden [venture" air Lewis do'to 'Holly- rtird what' he did to of two mothers of 'children who suddenly t ..-h.< ' . ,K lAcide to Introduce the child | the king. • '. " „ r Jim con make 4,000 in> the fmy Baisy can make'60,000— t be bothered with you. „ j for this one. Sinclair"^ «t'Hollywood as he told,'you ' , street. ' ">• In Hitfr- ,M-C*1 COMtOV in ?0ur Wife" All day'July'4, air night July 4. Come in any time and cool off. .._„„.,. ^.4, „ t j_ «11 iie 1,^1 | Choklo, Minn., were guests Sunday at W. V. Pool's. • Mrs. J. j. noH-/.bauer spent Sunday at Mason City, guest of the W. A. Schraeders. The Thorpe Wood & Iron Works has added the farm wagons made at Calmar to Its line. Jeanne Altwegg Is spending several weeks at the J. C. Baker home at Lake Crystal, Minn. „ Mr. and Mre. Wesley Hohn re- 'turned Monday from a week at their son Vernon's at Rlngsted. Mrs. Elmer Gronbach, Livermore, underwent a minor operation at the Kossuth hospital Monday. J. F. Russell, Omaha, spent Tuesday here on business. He represents ^ -ihe Omaha Farms company. Mrs. F. Di Williams returned Sunday from Chicago, where she had spent a week with relatives. Lornine Arndorfer had her appendix removed at the Kossuth hospital last week Wednesday. Roy Waterbury, 20, Swoa City, had an operation for appendicitis at the Kossuth hospital Monday. Sunday and Monday, July 5 and 0 NORMA SHEARER in "Free Soul" Successor to "Strangers May Rise." They taught her to live dangerously! Not sinning— Just loving. Sunday Matinee, !•!!, at 10-3fic. Tneflday and Wednesday, July 7-8 Thursday matinee, 2:30. ADOLPH MENJOU hi "Men Call It Love" Thursday and 'Friday, July 9 and 10 PAUL LUKAS ELEANOR, BO ARDMAN 1 to ''Women Love Once" The Life dfct Your Picnic or Party— (freshes you, appeases your hunger. It will invig- Jrate you, pep you up, after your sport activities. of our delicious Home Made. Ice Cream after tgame of golf or tennis will put new life in you. r a quart, y 2 gallon, or gallon, at The Algonquin. IT WILL PILL THE BILL 1 ALGONQUIN CONFECTIONERY THE PLACE FOB BETTER ICE CREAM J. F. BEHLMER ICE CREAM MAKERS I EAST STATE STREET' ALGONA, IOWA 1 PHONE 145 ,- ,-': \nother example of ORD ECONOMY- •Mrs. Ellen Grant, Elgin, 111., arrived Sunday to visit Mrs. Mary Runchey and the Ellis Runcheys. '" Mr. and Mrs. F. A. M. Frost entertained their son Fred Frost, of Ogden, and his wife last week-end. J. W. Sullivan has not been doing well during the last week or two and has been keeping to his room. . Cliff Mandy's orchestra Is playing tor a dance tomorrow night at the fair grounds, as well as on the '•Fourth. Robert Brown, 18, West Bend, underwent an operation for appendicitis at the local hospital last week Monday. '! Anna Nelson left Sunday for the Estes National Park, where she will spend the summer as waitress in a camp. Dr. John N. Keriefick, new partner of his uncle, Dr, M. J. Kenefick, is rooming at the Wm. K. Ferguson home. Mrs. E. C. Dickinson returned to her duties at the county recorder's office Monday, after a two weeks vacation at home. Mr- and Mrs.' Matt Ferrlgan, Chicago, are expected for the week-end with the Charles Barrlckmans and other local relatives. Mrs. Henry Johannsen Sr., who was ' operated on at Rochester, Minn., a few weeks ago, Is Improving and is expected home this weekend. bojts. Mr. Murtagh spent Sunday with them. William Chubb is expected tomorrow night for the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Chubb, and he will be accompanied by Mar- Ian Wilson, Minneapolis. "Bill" Is in the employ of R. G. Dun & Co. at Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. William Phllo, Winona, Minn., came Sunday for a week with relatives and- old friends here. They are at the home of Mrs. Phllo's son, Henry Guderlan. Mr. Phllo teaches in a business college at Winona, Mrs. Ray Miner and a little son left last Thursday for their home at Merlden, after- three days with her mother, Mrs.. Martha Potter. Mrs. Miner's sister, Mrs. Alta Stiles, returned to Charles City Monday after a week here. The Cresco Mothers and Daughters club will be entertained next week Thursday by Mrs. Frank Halderman at Mre. Charles Reaper's, four" miles east of Algona on the McGregor street road. Quilt blocks are to be handed In. Pastor J.' L. Coleman, of the Presbyterian church, and Mrs. Colernan departed early in the week for Owatonna, Minn., where they were to spend two days with a daughter, Mrs. Emll Grove, whose husband Is an Insurance writer. Sylvia Harrand resumed work at the Sullivan, McMahon & Linnan law offices yesterday, after a two weeks vacation during " which she visited relatives at Maxwell and Ames. During her absence Trade Holtzbauer substituted. Mrs. Frank Rathbun, New W'nd- sor, 111., arrived last week Tuesday to visit her sister, Mrs. F.' S. Norton. Mrs. Rathbun's sor), Dr. Clarion plant. The consideration wait $2,000, said to be considerably less than • the property Is worth. Guy R. Mantor made the sale. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. ^Clayton, daughter Jeanne Louise, ' another daughter, Mi's. Robert Stiles, and the latter!? husband .left Friday, to attend a Clayton family reunion at Aurora, 111,, and visit relatives. Mrs. W. H. Bosworth .accompanied them as far as Cedai* Rapids, and thence went on to Iowa City, where her little'daughter Adrls Is recovering from operation for throat trouble. Relief of the from the excessive last ten days may heat have .13. 14 George Rathbun, and his family,' who were en route to Denver, brought her to Algona. , :• • Jaunlta Martin came home last Thursday from Des Mpines, where she had; completed a ten' 'months commercial and • secretarial course at the American Institute of .Business. She Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Martin. Pauline Meyers.' who had been telegraph agent here for some years, resigned a week ago and returned to her home at Dycrsvllle, where her mother, recently widowed, resides. E. W. Hume, Powersvllle, Mo., was sent here from Omaha to supply till a, new agent arrives. Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Erickson go come in a heavy shower which struck Algona yesterday afternoon nt 3 o'clock. Driven by a strong wind which suggested a possible tornado somewhere Ifi the storm's path, rain fell In sheets so heavy that It was difficult to see more than a block. A light shower In the forenoon had failed ,to relieve the heat. .Ignatius J. Wernert, Algona, boy, is teaching and studying at the university of Ohio summer school, according to announcement from Co- 'umbuR, Ohio, where the university June Is located. Ignatius Is a graduate June of the University of Iowa, from which he received his Bachelor of June 9 Science degree, and he Is now completing work for a doctor's degree, specializing In chemistry. He Is expected, here Jate in 1 August • tovisit his parents. » June Helen Dlngley, who had been employed In a bank at Chicago during the last several years, got home Friday. The bank has been closed and Helen will spend the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Dlngley. The William Nugents, Chicago, were expected yesterday, and Mrs. Nugent and the two sone will remain till fall, Mr. Nugent going back Monday. William will return later in the summer for a few weeks' vacation. Mrs. Don Allen, Davenport, who visited from last week Tuesday till Saturday at her mother Mrs. J. C. ICresensky's 1 , joined Mr. Allen at- Mason City Saturday, and they left thence In their car for a week in northern Minnesota. Mr. Allen Is a member of the staff of the Davenport Democrat; and : Mrs\ Allen •has been employed in' a store at Davenport, 'but after her • return will manage a book shop, for a firm from Cedar Rapids.''. Elizabeth Baler, Des Molnes, and her sister, Mrs. Helen Baler Claussen, Birmingham, • Ala., arrived a POOL ATTENDANCE IN JUNE IS 9350: RECEIPTS $1484 'Attendance at the swimming pool has Increased by leaps and bounds during the extremely hot weather of the last, ten days. The high mark so far this 'season was reached Sunday, when 727 persons took advantage of the opportunity to cool off Tuseday's patronage was nearly as large, with 632 for the day. Free use of the pool In the morning for "the kids" )s proving- extremely popular. From June 7, when the ptfel was opened 2452 "swims" have bee n enjoyed by children without charge. Receipts from the pool during the three weeks it has been open total $'14&4.25. Daily reports of attendance follow: 7 for 223 June 10 ............ "'277 June 111 ........... " " 277 ''' .. June 16 ............... ,., June 17 ............ 3 " June. June 18 19 .Tuno 20 June 21 June 22 June 23 June 24 June 25 June 20 June 27 358 417 63'1 251 440 432, 493 580, 506 •581 478 Northwest lowann, .if any, who complain of growing conditions for crops should take a day or two off • In southern Iowa, says Dist. Supt. Lease, mention ot whose jaunt to visit educational Institutions In that section of the state was made last'week, .-•••• 'Everywhere north of Ames farming conditions so far as crops are concerned are Ideal, a8cordlng to Mr. Lease, but when you strike into eastern and southeastern Iowa you find a vastly different eituation. The oat crop is already pretty much ruined and the corn Is ready to fire. While western Iowa has in spots had an overabundance of rain, no moisture has blessed southeastern Iowa and the agricultural outlook Is exceedingly bad. "I have done a bit of traveling In my time," Mr. Lease added, "and I always come back to northwest Iowa feeling that it Is the garden.spot of the world. I would not want to Mve and work anywhere else. .The crops here are at this time gorgeous and there Is little Chance that during the rest of the season the rainfall will be short enough to do material damage." * June 28 " 727 June 29 .. " MS June 30 ....'..''" The total number number of . for June is 9,3>50, or nearly comparing Sunday's pa/- 529 632 pa HO.OOO. SWEA CITY FARM TO BE RECLAIMED FROM QUACK GRASS A new kind of land reclamation project is Under way on the Metropolitan Life Insurance company's farm where Hugh Butterfield lives, according to the Swea City Herald. "One hundred and sixty acres of this half section farm are being reclaimed from Canada the place are in crop and as Hugh Is doing genera} farming. The place formerly was 'owned b# Dr. C. M. C, Walters of Los Angeles." ;.+,- '.I..V'. •,;;; . Yonth Dies. Whlttemore, June 3d — Word was received here' • Sunday evening that Rosa Fry Jr. was critically Hick and not expected to live, ftto Is a brother of Mptole Fry, who h'M been working for her aunt, MrsV 8. A. Savage, local telephone operator. Mr. and Mrs. Savage and Mabte left -Sunday evening for Nevada, tb see the boy, who died Monday tnorh* Ing at 8. He was only 16. •,• NOTICE TO PUBLIC. We wish to take the opportunity at this time to Inform the publlp that all coal and twine will be soM for cash only. By order of boani of directors of Farmers Co-Operative Society of Wesley, iowa, Ed. Hildmari, Mgr. Never Forgotten to Lake Korona, In Minnesota, morrow to -stay till after to- the *• U. C. C. Plan of 1ASY PAYMENTS Credit Cwpftny'* pl« °f ewy p«jr- „ i OM boim endorsed by the Ford Motor Con* r —b«c«nte it carrie* over into inrtalment- ,. the principle* of economy, uS ety and . '. B*>th*t we bwic policies of the Ford , '^Company, Down payment and monthly pay- ' t 1 we wall, Com in and atk for details, NT MOTOR CO. «* AUTHORIZED Algonm low* Justice W. C. Dansori will spend the Fourth at his Okpboji cottage, and in accordance with a. family custom his children wifl all be with him. 1 Elsie Specht, attending summer school at I. S. T. C., Cedar Falls, is expected for the Fourth with her parents, Mayor and Mrs. C. F. Specht. Mrs. Joel Herbst returned to her duties as clerk at the Christensen store Monday, after a two weeks vacation in northern Minnesota and at home. Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Kent, E. R. Rising, and Theo. Harr went to Des Molnes Tuesday morning to get new Fords for Messrs." Rising and Harr. Mrs. F. F. 1 Barker, wife of former County Agent Frank Barker, underwent an operation for gallstones at the Kossuth hospital Sunday and Is recovering. The Rev. and Mrs. P. J. Braner, son Erwln, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Thiel, and the Max Basts were entertained at dinner at David Ris- tau'e Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Arend, Detroit Lakes, Minn., and their four children went home Sunday, after a week with , Mr. Arend's mother, Mrs. Henry Arend. Judge and Mrs. W. B. Quarton and Mrs, C. O. Simpson left for Lake Hautie In northern Minnesota yesterday morning for a week at Mrs. Simpson's cottage. The Rev. R. D. Kabelltz, Fen ton, visited the Rev. P, J. Braner Satur T day, and }he Rev. and Mrs. Henry Wrede, Garner, were guests of the Fourth, when they will go to Rhinelander, Wis., where Mrs. Erickson will spend a month with her mother. Mr. Erickeon, who is a traveling hardware salesman, will continue his rounds. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lorenz ana Mr. and Mrs, Don Nugent go to the Okobojis tomorrow for a ' week or more at the-F. J. Mann cottage on Hayward's Bay. They will be joined later by Eugene McMahon and Frances -Duhlgg, the latter an Al- teacher whose hoirte is at Emrr.etsburg. Betty Strelt arrived Sunday for a two weeks 'vacation at her grandfather Anton Streit's. She is taking a nurses training course at Mercy hospital, Chicago, and will be graduated next fall. She spent last week -at Oelwein with her aunt, Mrs. Maurice Cullen; and friends at Winona, Minn. The Union township 4-H girls will give a play at the K. of C. hall tonight 'following the 'band concert. week ago Sunday to visit their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baler Sr. Elizabeth, who Is a stenographer in the syndicate department of the Register & Tribune company, is having a two weeks vacation. Mrs. Claussen, who went on to Chicago last week Tuesday, was joined there by Mr. Claussen, and the- pair returned thence in .their car to Alabama. •--.-. • ••'..Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brownell were called to Kanawha 'Friday >by news of the death of Mrs. Brownell's sister, Mre. Inga Schreiber, who had been an invalid six years with sleeping sickness. Funeral services were held at Kanawha Sunday, and the Brownells .attended. An hour •before the services the wife of the pastor, the Rev. Mr; Holm, who was to preach, the sermon, died suddenly of heart' disease, and a. minister from Eagle, Grove had to. be. secured .to take his place. John Intlekofer, once a Milwaukee railway mail <;lerk here, was geetlng old Algona friends Friday and .Saturday. He had been. at Lansing, his old home, which was celebrating the opening ..of a new bridge over the Mississippi. Mr. Intlekofer married Agnes, daughter of the late Geo. E. Clarke, pioneer Algona lawyer, and they 'have .lived ever since at Vancouver, i 1 Wash.', tronage with that of other days, is should be remembered that there IB no free us e Sunday morning. Thus the total of 727, for last Sunday looms exceptionally large. JUNIOR BALL TEAM LOSES TWO GAMES ^"~~^^-* • / The Algona Junior baseball team lost two league games last week, one at Titonka 12-0, Friday evening.. The other was lost to West Bend, 6-5, Monday evening. In the Titonka game, J. KeJley, pitcher for the locals, had difficulty adjusting himself to the pitcher's box, which is arranged for right* hand pitchers, while Kelley is a southpaw. Alter four innings he was relieved by Coffin. '' The Algona line-up included, besides J. Kelley and Coffin, R. Kelley, M. Bruns, McDonald, Crete-' meyer, Hegarty, Braner, Vogel, and thistles. Under * contract Metropolitan company with the beginning June 15, Hugh is to plow the-land six times and disc it twelve times before freezing weather this,.-fall. •">.' "He .was planning to use four tractors during the week to get over the land the first time with the. plow. The theory back, of this 1 process is that constant cutting of the thistle eventually will starve It out. An attempt will be made to prevent the plants from showing any growth between now and freezing weather. It is ext- pected that with leaves and stalk eliminated the roots eventually will lose their vitality. "A farm machine new to thii neighborhood will be introduced This machine is a weed killer, con ;Struc^ed / so it looks like a two-row cultivator, excepting it" is larger Two rows of . cutting shoes, are arranged one ahead of the other st not. an inch of ground is missed as the : plowing proceeds. "One .hundred and sixty acres on When a Memorial Is finished in Pirie's Dark Barre Granite, it Will honor forever the'mem- ory of the one -for whom it is erected. . This granite, quarried for nearly fifty yean, . possesses color, texture and. durability that; are unsurpassed. When, you specify it for memorials, your loved ones -„. will never be forgotten. '"\ • •• ' • ' '-•,-.•• Ask us to show you;this lovely memorial stone. We shall also be glad to assist you in selecting an appropriate design. Godden Monument Co. Est. 1878. l bcttcr READt*« IWNTAPS The title of the play, jhlch Is a. here Joh , g , d in a ^ fli«*n«. nnf nnmeiriir la • TV»a. I 1 /Miair» ! . * r .. • act comedy, is Cousin from Coon Ridge. . The play is to be given tomorrow night at the Good Hope church five miles north of Hobarton. Katherine Moses, • Minneapolis, went to Lakota last Thursday after a visit of several, days with local friends, the A. L. Longs and others. At Lakota she visited- Mrs. Vera Ogren Williams. Miss former Algona teacher, Moses, a taught at Rapid City, S. D., last year and will go back in the fall. Mrs. C. B. Nasby returned to her home at Ottumwa Sunday, after having been called here two weeks ago to help tare for her mother, Braners Sunday evening. | Mrs. Messrs, and Mesdames G. W. and Mrs. Ray Brown, With Mrs. D. D. Sparks, all of Cresco township, attended a Brown family reunion at Olson park. Fort Dodge, .Sunday. Gertrude KenefIck returned Sat-| urday from Iowa City, where; she .Jiad spent two weeks in camp study at the etate university in connection with Physical Education studies. : • . • . - : •. . -:••'• ' • G. W. Stlllman goes to Majfwell, Story county, Friday and will return Saturday or Sunday with Mrs. syiUrian and the t>aby " """ who are visiting Mrs. mother. '''•'' i_n Mrs; A. A. Sterling and her chil- -dre n went to Webster City Friday for several days with the former's mother, Mrs. Samuel Batman, They Sterling's broth- daughter, Stlllman's 1C D. James, who was eick; James has since fully recov- mill or something of the kind. 'The Intlekofere have two. children, . both nearly grown. Renewing her subscription, Mrs. A. H. Jentz, Colorado Springs, Colo., writes; "Enclosed find $1.89 for my subscription to January 1, 1832. We look forward to getting the Algona paper every week. The weather here has been wonderful this summer. The nights are so cool that you don't mind a •little heat through the day, llr. Jentz is still In the barber trade. I don't think we'll have the tourlste this year Coons. Titonka's team included: Boyken, Gartner, Sleper, Isenbach- er, Wlngert, Wllhousen, Freleich, Boeckelman, and Askins. The 'game with West Bend was fast and there were .few errors, the Algonians showing marked improv- ment over the style of early games in the season. Braner and Coffin pitched, with McDonald at catch.' Scores were made by J. Kelley, N: Bruns, McDonald, and ~R. .Kelley. West Bend's HneuD included Barnes, Struthers, Carpenter, Cooper, Kucker, Lawman, Douglass,: Metzgar,. and Ketclser. . • • ' ' The Algonians play again this evening at Bancroft, and another home game is planned for a week from .tomorrow evening, at 6:15. Plans have been made to. organize two ,and possibly three teams here. Any boys interested may report at the baseball park south of the swimming pool. The teams are sponsored by the local Legion post. M. E. Worster III. M. E. Worster, who suffered a broken rib and was otherwise injured when he fell' downstairs recently, suffered a relapse Sunday, and Is now critically sick. that we have had •. '• recent years, V S LINES 8EBVICE accompanied Mrs, er Jim. •Mr, and Mrs- A. White returned Friday front a week with relatives' at pulnts in Nebraska. Their son H. B. and his wife had charge of the grocery store during their ebsence. Helen Corey left Tuesday morning for Denver to visit a mend briefly before proceeding to Glen Isle on the Platte, Colo., where ehe be head waitress in the resort's attending business dining rooms. Ruth Stokes, college at Mankato, will go back after the Fourth, otter -having been home since .a. w«*k ago Friday. She is the daughter of Mr. and Bjrs. O. P. Stokes. ' • Kenneth Thomson, 22, Swea city, medical patient at the Kossutn hospital several days last week, we» dismissed Tuesday. He is a son of Mr, and Mre. Frank Thomson,'forr ei- Algonians. jaroes Murtagb spent. Tuesday with his parents, Mr. and Mre. C. H. , W d wUl^etura. Iw^tbe at ered. Mr. James took Mrs.. Nasby to Fort ; Dodge, whence she went on to Des Molnes, where she was met by Mr. Nasby, K. J. Hough, administrator of the George Galpralth estate, continues to earn the commendation of good citizens by removing civic eyesores. It was part of the contract by which he. sold the old Rookery, to A. Van: derlinden that the'cellar under -the eame should be filled, and Mr, Van- derllnden was having, the work done early in the week. Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd Bohannon, of Schenectady, N. Y.. have been guests of Lloyd's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J, T, Bohannon, since a week ago Monday. Lloyd is having a month's vacation from hi* duties in the etattetical department of 'the General Electric company. Recently they visited an aunt of Mrs. Bohannon at Sidney, % Marriage licenses were issued last week to Elmer £}, Johnson, 33, Sioux City, Ruby Knapp, 32, Jack- pon, Mich.; Alfred.' Anderson, ?5, Florence Bvelln Anderson, 18, bojh Swea City; Charles Winters, ,31, Viola Grlep, as, both of Fort Dodge; Casey Lose, 26, Ethel E, English, 26, both pf Algona; Oryllle Runks^ Meier, 23, Laura Darnell, 23, Led. yard. Anne Bradfield, Kansas City, is expected tomorrow for a few days as a guest of the Thos. Akres and etate highway .Wallingford, near Estbervilje. .* SSTW ift» R°y * W m ' on account of the depression, though people from the east -tell; us we 'don't begin-to feel It out here like they do back there/' It is no news to people .hereabouts that the heat is "simply ; terrible," but perhaps some far-away readers will be interested. The forenoon is bearable,' but the - afternoon and evening are uncomfortable .beyond words. The worst of it is that there no rest till late at night and people who haye to rise early are "fagged out"* for wsyit^of eleep, We have had two weeks of it now, and when this was written the weather bureau was holding out no hope of relief. It is hot at the summer resorts too, though there, one may find temporary relief in the water. Yesterday afternoon a near cloudburst cooled the atmosphere and broke the heat wave, temporarily at least. DRAMATIS ART AND DANCIII8 CUSSES AREPUNNED HERE Dramatic art and dancing classes are planned to be given here by pha, daughter of,Mr.-and Mrs, F. IJo^anson, and-Margaret, ffowatt, a chum, who is spending the summer here. The {onner is a gradu. ate of the University of Minnesota school music I States Cafe Barbecue Chicken Open at Fairgrounds FRIDAY EVENING AND JULY 4 visit other friends here. en route home from * She is ?bi Beta national convention at Ji, Minn. Miss Bradf tele's engagement to ChWles Akre was «• nounced last winter at low* City, where they are students of the State university. , > Under the titte of Capitalism Communism, Harvey Tpgb» sued a small pajnphjet of nag? of the pes Motoea, of musiCj ana ht^s been >a supervisor ' .in •» Nebraska schools, and music 4lrwtor at Camp Tanadoona, at Lake Minnetonka. The latter graduated from the same university'? school of speech, and represented the school in a debate at Iowa City, She has conducted classes In esfpres^ion and dancing at St. Paul for twq years, and New -York Wy *n oopnectton the ChP Study Association. Don't suffer Mothar An Important Announcement To, bring insurance buyers of this 'Vicinity to the opportunity to participate in the savings and service they offer in fire, windstorm and automobile protection, .the NATIONAL CITIZENS MT!)- TUAii wish to announce the establishment of a pistrict Agency with ' " f , , , '. The Algona Insurance Agency Phone 55 * ' / • 1st Door North Iowa State Bank We use Standard Iowa Policies, Our Companies have the highest rating possible as to company management and payment of losses. THE NATIONAL CITIZENS MUTUALB Make You ' Immediate Savings on Tour Insurance Premium* 33 l<3% on all Dwelling - '$>-v *^&«l *> *?;-: '( 9" 'H4*.H^ **£A "" • HT^**- V "S "^ i * C.V-, i&iE^r ;"'ii£rsSS If - '"-U%>f"*j^ ,." J," ,u ^, t T» L£V&£^ :^%*i Iv >-nUKAii«l

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