Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 2, 1931 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1931
Page 3
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*r). j*n»jf- "/• 4j^%f* ' ".' r KOSStltH COUNTY ADVANCE. AtdONA. IOWA ilEO FRIDAY — Mf«. Fred 7° 8ftl .,f her home here. "JfVaroh «,.i«0, at Twenty Years Ago Advance, June 29-,liily 0, 1911. . , 0^ <7>PAGE THRffll, ml the other family Allied |lgonn ring Qer- ,!,„ eldesi ^lld vof PHHlIp * A wife, Marie Koel- t third day after birth she *£ by Factor FUkel, and ™T n a m e Caroline Louise, F <!j ophool al Koaenberg i' 10 ""* 1 ! was cMiflrmea by April 3, of that year. later, Irt May,. «867, to the U. S. with tier chlldreh, In Black near Waterloo, arrival Mr. ,i Nottger J^ere'that the young wo- f*, Mr. Wegener, to whom 1 .married March 8, ,1*70, the »lns solemnized by Pas™" at-Waterloo.,, In May "same year the couple moved where they lived till 'of 1871. Then they mov- hmiestead In Fairfield town- Ipalo AHo county. li«i the family had to leave inn because of the grasshopper and moved back to Black [county. Four years later, or brimry! 1878, they returned to loraestead, where they, lived Jitofed till. 3901, when the el- \t Wegetiers moved to Whit' am , rented the Henry ,.,.aim house, now owned by [ Braatz, 'till Mr. Wegener had ient home built. In June, Illr. and Mrs. Wegener visit- le'oM home In Germany. flier earlier years Mrs. Wege|ad to do much hard labor and ,„ many privations, but she jessed with a strong, healthy [and was hardly ever sick. ; serious Illness began April 131, the result of weakness of leart and enlargement of the At death she was pa»t *'. survives, as do five John, Henry, and Louis . Edw. Greinert, and ; Mrs. 1 Frink. There are 20 grand- i and 14 great-grandchildren. ('August Heidemann, sister, 'hllllp Nottger, brother o£ Mrs. live at Waterloo. leral services were conducted r afternoon at St. Paul's Lm- church, the Rev. William [tich officiating. A large num- ! relatives and old friends at 'S WHO and WHAT THEY DO Pail (children: bearers Clarence were the Wegener, Edwin, and Elmer • Grelnert, I Frink. Interment was [.in the St. John's .Lutheran iry at Fairville. ms from out ot town who the funeral were L. W. |ner, Chicago;- Mrs. August ann, son August Jr.; Mr, and [.Phillip Nottger and a son; I Mrs. Fred Nottger, son El- )!r. and Mrs. John Tegtneyers daughter; the R. E. Clays, Idaughter, Mrs. Peter Jacobs, Cliailtamimi receipts Indicated k financial success, W. J. Galhraith, secretary, announced. The Tuesday receipts'totaled $200. As usual there was a large attendance from towns surrounding Algona, many coming In automobiles. James R. Watson, congressman from Indiana, now senator, Ople Reed, Senator Kenyan, and 'two governors wore headllners; With the Williams' Jubilee Singers as the leading musical number. The. Williams organization did a courteous thing for rioctor Thos. Slull, who was sick abed and had expressed regret that he .wo.uld not hear these old -Algona fo.vpVitos.vOh learning of this the male member* of the chorus went to the house and Sang, several numbers for him. t.t t, -„•;••.ft:-;;-.-,. Minnie, il/iiifi-IHcr of Supervisor and Mrs. C. 10. Hei.se, and Dr. B. A. Socley, army veterinarian, had been married here, and following the ceremony the couple left for Hah Francisco, whenae-they'were to take, boat for the Philippines, where the; doctor . was stationed. ' ' t t't James E. Knowlun and ThomaS Kloska, Irvington, were principals in a 5-mlle foot race run after dark with the aid of headlights to settle a bet of $25. Knowlcn won when he passed Kioska In the last fe\V; feet of the final mile, after Kloska had led all the rest of,the way. The face was backed by Charles Armstrong, R. E. Shea, H. A. Lewie, and R. M. Watson. • - - t t t Frank C. Zemler and Elizabeth Stelnbach had been married at St.' James, Minn. Mr. Zender was then clerking at the Wm. C. Steele clothing store. The couple were to make their home in a new Slagle cottage in Third ward. . t t't George Hollzbaucr and Mark Sarchett had formed a plumbing firm and fitted up a workshop and office in the hotel annex. George had been plumber at the Stalker hardware, and his place there was being taken by Lawrence HoranV t t t James McDonald had . returned from Battle Creek, where", he had spent several weeks in a sanitarium. His physical condition woe greatly improved. He visited at the home of a patient he met at,the hospital, and the two fished for several days after leaving the place, t t t T..H. Chrlschllles Jr., junior in the Minnesota university, had gone to Belolt, Wis., to visit former :clase- mates, and was to attend a national convention of his fraternity, Sigma Chi, at Pittsburgh. t t t 'Burt jcreamery .stockholders had voted an assessment of $25 a share for a new creamery building to re- MODERN DRY CLEANERS For Bettor Service. PHONE 537 : ALGONA, IOWA There has never been a time when It was more Important'.to look well than the present. Neither has there been a time when It paid better dividends jn both business and social circles. Modern. Cleaners have done their part to improve, the wearing apparel o£ KosBUth county citizens. You do not need to have new clothing every few Weeks if you hnvo these popular cleaners makp 'your repairs, alterations,' and do your dyeing, cleaning and pressing, which are, handled in their up-to- date plant. But when you really need a new suit these boys render an expert made-to-order service .'at reasonable prices—the lowest' in years. . This firm makes a specialty cleaning and realizing rugs, and also of cleaning n-nrt reblocking hats. They call and deliver, This Is a "one-stop station" offer- Ing a complete service, even to covering buttons. ' • • • \Ve heartily recommend these high-class cleaners, 'knowing you WHAT'S WRONG AND. WHERE? will receive the best of ship and service. workman- ALGONA BOTTLING WORKS PHONE 280 : ALGONA, IOWA A Home Owned Institution. Hot weather is hero . and the Fourth near at hand. Order a case or two of Algona Soda or Ginger Ale from your dealer and have .your refreshments handy .when friends drop In. These are pure, healthful, beverages, made, from pure carbonated water, delightfully flavored. cerns. Their Orange Klat and Golden Orange Kist are excejitlonaU ly .fine drinks, and § .their Cherry 'Sparlcjc has a pleasing distinctive .taste as well, as being higlijy .refreshing.. In .fact, their .'full'line-.of sodas, are of. the .very b'esf, and are manufactured from, the "purest in;. Orange Kist, Golden Orange, Kist, and Cherry Sparkle are made ex-. clusively by us for this territory! Algona Is indeed fortunate. in having this model plant for 'the manufacture of high grade beverages located in its midst. They manufacture a high-class line of sodas, ginger ale, and other soft drinks of superior quality. They also maintain a truck service that gives prompt delivery of all orders in north Iowa. Their goods are equal to, if not better than those manufactured in the larger cities. They are a home concern, interested in Algona and the welfare of Kossuth county. They are worthy of your support and render a splendid service not equalled by outside con- gre.dients the market affords in the sanitary plant where everything is sterilized and bottled by electricity. This plant is under..the pure food inspection of the state, of Iowa , and has gained a wide .reputation for absolute cleanliness, ,-' Visitors are 'al-. ways welcome at the. 'Algona Bottling Works, and you will thoroughly enjoy their sodas after having witnessed the care, pains, and cleanliness that is taken in their manufacture. The manager will consider it a personal favor if you will specify Algona pop or ginger-ale when making a purchase. This will be a boost for Algona and Kossuth. county and will assist in bringing back prosperity to this territory, . ELLIS RUNCHEY MEAlTS AND GROCERIES . PHONE 287 : ' ALGONAj IOWA Mr. Runchey serves his friends and .customers at:i04..E,, State St. in a -most- efficient' manner. .!• Mr. Runchey is well and favorably known in Algona 'and vicinity for his congenial manner and square dealing. . ; He was the originator of low prices in Algona on high grade liie'rchandise. Algona is a much better trading center since the es- *.„ V.1 t"_l._. An 4- n f . t-Vin TVunnVt d\r 'cifrkVdO •with. -his customers ... to. r 'anticipate their. .wants and know' exactly: .what they desire in meats. • • Call Mr.. Runchey .when, you want a real fine steak or' a delicious roast. He also carries a nice line of fruits and vegetables :and a ' fanc> selection :of panned goods and .groceries. • : . In fact Runchey's market has become the popular food center of Al- crXWti '"anil' •'nfiTnmlinifv : ' ft ' la- home THERE /SRt 10 MISTAKES IN-THIS PICTURE have Increased their prestige by the Increasing quality of their photographs. We recommend this excellent studio to our readers with the know!-, edge that any dealings >witH them are bound to be more than flatlsfaer tory. Algona and this entire • see* tlon Is ve'ry fortunate in having such an establishment serving them. as the Algona Studio. ALBERT DEITERING BANCROFT, IOWA CHEVROLET SALES AND SERVICE High .Grade Lubrication, Tires, and Accessories. Tills is automobile headquarters in Bancroft, and they render super- able smoothness, power, and" durability of this car, which has mpda* the fastest gains in automobile.. Jitr dustry during the last three years* It Is impossible to obtain In a four. Chevrolet repair service. Maintaining a full and complete line of genuine Chevrolet parts. Their repair shop is fully equipped, and in charge of expert .me- cylinder car the smoothness and; chanlcs, "who know their oil." | power possessed by this wonderful' The Deitering Chevrolet company j new Six but In order to fully appre— is headquarters for the well known I date the many good qualities at this; Chevrolet 6 car, and you will find a | car you should nhone Deitering'ar nice display of both passenger and truck models in their show rooms. This car is recognized as an outstanding value in Its field. Chevrolet i yond the shadow of a ! doubt 1 Why It Six ha.s long been famous for eco-j Is to your advantage to own.' noinical transportation. They build ' today a bigger and better car, that Chevrolet company for a free onstration and their congenial man will gladly prove to you • be- SIX. AV<( v lioartlly recommend the'Cher* possesses comfort and convenience rolef Six iin.il the. Dclterlng' Super- that you would only expect to find a high-priced car. You will be agreeably surprised at the remark- Service lo our. renders, knowing' llml''you will receive splendid' values for every dollar spent. How good ai> you at finding: miitakti? Th« artist hat Intentionally mad* nvcral. obvloui one* In drawing the above picture. Some of them are easily dieeovered, other* may be. hard.. See how long It will take YOU to find them. KOHLHAAS HARDWARE "Good Merchandise and the Best of Service" PHONE 4M..' : ALGONA, IOWA CALL THEATRE PHONE 45 : ALGONA, IOWA |er family; Mrs. Otto' i Mrs. Edw. Nottger, daugh- Mrs. Max Bredow, '.\Kxterloo; •aul Schendel and Mrs. Fish, Jts&urg, the H. L. Dlckmanns, Iowa. PLAY CLOSES ERNEJW NAIL IVerne is without a pool hall, lews says. "One day lost ] Jack Gilles, the proprietor, sted for allowing a, minor ' in the hull and wan given a stiff fine. Feeling that it npossibte for.him to fully obey X Mr. Gilles decided to close »1 tables down and will in the only use the front end, soft drinks, cigars, \candy, cream. - . <• 1 minor is question is in the m-hood of 20 years of age and [Customary throughout • the •or pool halls to allow young two. age to play. Just what harm there 'is in, a young Ine or entering a pool fn not easily be seen^ Mr. nas conducted a very place and, has tried to order at all times, ' '°f of the pool hall will be Kit. especially by the far|*J°. trade here. Many ( of hour their Play place place one burned. The estimated cost of the building was $3500 and of equipment $2400. ."••'•" t-f't 8 n inner Quarton.had been graduated from the state university ' and with a chum "Was to work his way on a cattle boat-. ,f.vom Montreal to London. The boys were to make a tour of Europe, ; and their passage home would b'e paid for by the owner of the cattle they chaperoned, but they had to pay their other expenses themselves. tabllshment of the Uuncney store. YOU will find every day is "bargain day" at his establishment. • Ellis' has the experience and 'ability through long years of contact P.W.PE' ; ./ . .''.:;- RINGS*! : Phone for. better service -pn Mc~ Cormick-DeeHng farm machinery, twine and. repairs. .They .render first class machinery . repair .and sfiles .service., . ..Pay:, or ..night, •; they are ready to-.s.orve^.you,with a smile^ and best of, .all , they , know their "oil," all work being guaranteed. owned and in no way connected With any chain /organization and -is 'worthy .of a /fair share '.of your meat and grocery trade. PERSON », IOWA Harvester Co., who, this year are celebrating .their 100th anniversary. This great company, along with the new era of agriculture, was toorn In •1831, when Cyrus- Hall McGormick Invented the first successful reaper. The name, International, has been one that has been associated with The name Kohlhaas has been associated with the coinmerciai' life of 'Algona £or over .a qiiarter .of, a century. This is the store with the 'stock, showing a complete line of Hardware, electrical appliances, and: household utilities of national mam ufactu.clng and advertising. • This store adds much to the efficiency of the community as a trade center and is headquarters for a large number of- people from the surrounding country. . The hardware carried has been found to always be of the very best- quality consistent 'with the price at :Whlch .each article is sold and here you •will find standard makes" of the • leading man- ufacturers. . " '.'... Mr. Kohlhaas and his men employed are courteous and' accommodating. They will be pleased, to have you come In and Inspect their and supplies, locks, knives, stock • of hardware nails,, screws, bolts, tools; cutlery and shelf hardware of national -manufacture and advertising., This'is a store of the first-class and carries all one would expect In such a store. Each and every article fully guaranteed. • We wish to compliment the management upon the - admirable • manner in which the business; is operated and upon' the progressive and public spirited policies, ' About the first thing a stranger notices at night when entering town Is the splendid electrical sign of the Call Theatre. This theatre has a seating capacity of : 500, strictly modern, having the famous Western Electric Sound System, and Kooler Alre cooling and ventilating, of which N. C. Rice IB exclusive distributor for Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming. This is the coolest place in town, and just the place to spend a pleasant enjoyable evening. , The seats are finely upholstered, which adds to your comfort. The lighting, decorations, and furnishings -will all .add to . your pleasant evening's entertainment. This is an exceptionally fine theatre and should be appreciated and patronized by all. Whenever you want to see .a really first-class picture you may drop in at this popular theatre and feel certain that you will not be disappointed, as the management uses great care in. the selection of plqc-' tures, and i,the.,-pictures rank fMr above, .-the average ot those usually shown nl a -town the size ot'- Afc- ona. . • •-... • .'.. • . In talking , pictures you will fin*^ the machine produces very clear and. ! distinct reproductions, and many people give them a high rating for- 7 quality, clearness of tone, and: tlnctiveness. The manager is courteous agreeable, and he . is striving maintain, a .very high standard ..-•Mr' fa* this, theatre, and give to the peoptav of Algona and, Kossuth county, very best in. actors and actreHMK' and- screen, pictures. ...You will On* that they .run a good clean - show, where you may spend a , pleasaat. and profitable hour of recreation and forget -your troubles. Drop in to:' the Call Theatre tonight , and - -you will toe more than pleased,, at, their offerings and tta. courteous .treatment which you receive. n HOBARTON FARMERS ELEVATOR PHONE 86F1. Dealers In grain and coal, company has won an enviable t t t Postmaster Weaver had received official information that a .postal savings'bank would be added to the postoffice 'here. t t t Matt Lamutli, manager., of, the Prlebe product plant, now manager of its sucpessor, Swift & Co.,, had received a case of "fresh' egge in which a liye.baby chick was found. . s- t t t ' Prisoner* at the county jail had been supplied, with firecrackers by Sheriff Brunso'n, and they celebrated by shooting them off via the jail .McCormick - peering .implements, FARMALL tractors,, the . , International truck, the McCqrmick-peer- ing farming machinery, , the McCor- mick-beering 'ball bearing cream separator, the ONLY. ONE of ;its kind, a new manure spreader, which has roller, bearings, alemite 'oiling system, and many other features the farmers are highly complimenting on. The McCormlck-Deerlng farm machinery, as you know, are built and backed .by the International RINGSTED CO-OP RINGSTI 1 Farmers Co Op Creameries have always been among the most auc- all the great developments In agriculture from the days of the siqkle to the present time. The great Harvester company is ably represented in Rlngsted by P. W. Petereon. .Mr. Peterson has spent several years in this vicinity building a • reputation , for honesty and square dealing and needs no Introduction to the majority of the farinera in the north half. -of Kossuth 'county and .:east .half, of . Erri-, met. • ..."'.. , ' ; . .': '. CREAMERY CO; 3D, IOWA ' -."'-"- .-..:-' •' ' - - , • . . -. ' ".v -.-• . j- • their famous iRingsted butter than : chain -creameries who-, operate, over SJLVER GREY CAFE Where the Crowds Cf. PHONE" «»v ! : ALGONA, IOWA While this cafe is pniy two years I food is all home cooked,,— -selected old it has gained a. well-.earned patronage from among tlie dis<2rim'in-! ating travelers arid Citizens.'6'f Kossuth county. THERE' M ; trST BE' A- REASON. . . " '•' : •-•••• '-•'• • This cafe is uniquely decorated in silver .grey, the tables are furnished with clean linen. The cafe is equipped with electrical refrigeration for the proper preservation ,of food and cooling of -drinks. : :.•;.., The service Is excellent,. and the .from .the .choicest food products the 'market affords,' properly prepared, and.served in a pleasing, courteous way atj moderate prices. Silver Grey never closes, 24 hours a day 365 days in the year. They specialize in GOOD COFFEE, excellent meals, lunches, cold drinks, and dainty lunches. Drop in at the SILVER GREY, and then you will understand why they FEED THE MULTITUDE. This reputation for honesty and fair dealing among their'many customers. . " •Many farmers come to Hobarton to deal who are located nearer larger towns, and when asked why, reply: "Because it pays, and we always get a equare deal, Farmers' Exchange are Hobarton extensive BURT CO-OP. CREAMERY CO. PHONE, 49 : I HURT, IOWA windows. A freight t't t' brukemuVi .had been to spend a social *y Playing with and if they .. u Probably go to can play.', 1 . thrown over telegraph wires into a cornfield-when -a box car on which he was riding was wrecked. The eastbound Milwaukee freight had just passed Hobarton when a truck Under a ; car, turned. The brakeman suffered only bruises. - t t t '- Mayor Wadsworth hod issued an order requiring all Algonians using city water for sprinkling lawns to call the light plant and give notice of intention. -The hours of 8 a, m. and"6,P, m. were fixed .in. the order 'as the proper'time for sprinkling, and violation made one liable.^,,'a. fine of $3 to $100. The city .water, .was low -following, th^f^lCt brought an4 lack of rain u'p to that 1911, and an extra charge ir , Wataty of what 'Hin'4!«f a ,h° rs ' After they reached SonuY' S0n Q * Mr " W* W* ,*,."' WOn ft , tfamtltnn sessed against persons using for sprtnkUhg^/An'ordinance fifed,;the maximum size of nozzle and hose that could be used. '• t t-t Sergeant Tlios. Dalley, well-known Whittemore Civil war veteran, died. Hl» sone were Edward, of Muscatine; A. P. and Charles, Algona; H, $.. Whittemore; and a daughter, Mrs. James Canfield, Denver. 0|ily 10* BledW* tor season tickets c'essful of the- farmers' enterprises, and the Rlngsted Co Op Creamery enjoys a splendid business and re- mutation, arid is one' of the fine Home Owned enterprises of , that throfty little .city. ' , . ', This creamery specializes in fine products which are thoroughly sanitary and clean and they rftapufao- tiire fine butter. This creamery Is under frequent pure food inspection ojf the state of Iowa, and has always received a high grade classification In cleanliness and'. sanitary conditions, as well fes. in quality- of U>e famous Ringsted butter, :...'.-• :•',.'.' (This-, a puply home owned ; In- atitution.and one worthy of . v your .support, .whether you are. a pur- p|»aser'of butter or seller ' of creaom. miey; are Interested in: the citizens : o(' jfingsted and of Emmet 'and 'Kos. .eith. 'counties, and provide-.a' first cto.ss-market for pure^cream; They V^eive their'cream at regular-intervals in a few hours' time, after it' leaves the farmers'or dairymen and are thereby 'enabled to manu- f^cture a higher grade of butter in. fpr the 1912 chautauqua had been signed, and the association was contemplating a drive for more. T^f» WOT |» l° e cream famine pn the Fourti), when Manager C. H. •Taylor and his crew at the Ice cream plant) ran out ot » u etored creanl ' The crew and Mr. Taylor had worked day and night, but the extremely hot weather created a, demand that not be satisfied.. The mercury ' . 104 W *» e Fourth. -A pJlot CM laylps «"t the route of th? North 19V* Fnw, then being or- ? * »-watch,. a, widely, scattered territory .where- the cream -Is ; exppsed .to the-sun and all manners of bad weather r and is. n,ot .received • in .the.i prime,;.condition that- the Rlngsted -.Creamery secures their supply of cream. ;-The chain creameries are consequently unable to produce butter of; this high quality and worth; '. .. . • The Ringsted Creamery will ;con- slder it a special favor if-you-will specify Rlngsted butter in- making a purchase, and-you will-be assured of the highest quality food products al a reasonable price. ; ':Why- .buy butter substitute^ when- .genuine •Rlngsted, butter can;be secured 1 at -such; a reasonable -'price and which possesses the • highest ' food- value while substitutes are qf amall ;fo,9d, vWue and very low in-vitimins? Re- m'ember that'butter is , the • -best spread for bread and that health is your most valuable asset- Take ho chances and ask: for Rlngsted h"t' t4r and you Will be thoroughly satisfied. -'••":.'.•'. i'v"'.,';' it. will' help to bring back prosperity 'to Ringsted and Emmet county. i BEAMER ELECTRICAL CO, PHONE 170 » AI<GONA, IOWA EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL This i^ one of the newest firms of th.e city; but one that h,as gained a- splendid reputation for exceHent service — quality merchandise , at reasonable pripes. They werp award; ed the electrical cpntract on the new high school building, and their execution °* this Job is ^ credit in every way to this firm. Tnte Is an electrical age, and we all use electricity or products produced by tt every day. It tooKs our food, refrigerates it also, runs our cars, furnishes, our Jlghts, provides dependable poiyer at, a nominal cost, and a hundred other uses. Provide the wife equal electrical conveniences tha.t you enjoy at of? fice, stp^e, factory, or farm. Surely she Is entitled tp thja consideration. A new fan or electf-lcal, refrJgeratpr are In line right npw, ajnd will add greatly to your enjoyment and. .convenience. Come in and. inspect their 'stock or phone for service. -. Tliia creamery specializes in pasteurized products which are' .thoroughly sanitary and 'clean. It. is under frequent pure food inspection of the State of Iowa and has always •received a high grade : classification in cleanliness and sanitary condir lions ae Svell as in the quality ' of their famous Burt butter; - •'• This is a purely home-owned in- stitutlon and one worthy of your support, whether you are a purchaser of butter or a seller qt 'cream. They are Interested in the citizens of Burt and Kossuth coun ; ty and provide a first .class market for pure cream. They receive their cream at regular intervals of a few hours time, after leaving the farmers, or dairymen and are thereby enabled to manufacture a higher. •grade of butter in their famous Burt brand. The product of chain creameries" who operate over a Widely scattered, territory, 'where cream is exposed to the sun and all manners of bad weather, and is not received in prime condition cannot compare to the product of the Burt Co-operative creamery,, manufactured under ideal conditions. The management will consider it a special fayor.lf you will • specify Burt .butter 'in making a purchase, arid you will be assured of the highest quality food product at a reasr enable price. > Why buy butter substitutes when genuine Burt butter can be secured at a reasonable price, and which .possesses the highest food value While substitutes are low food -value and no vitamins. Remember that butter is the best spread for bread and that health is your most valuable asset. Take no chances, ask for Burt butter, and you will 'be thoroughly satisfied. •" Jt will h,elp to bring back prosperity to Burt and Kossuth county. -< WESLEY AUTO CO. •^ '.'.."•."'.,.; . ,-,• WESLEY, IOWA ' . .,:.;•:,:•...;•. CHEVROLET CABS, GOODYEAR HUES, MOBILOIL , This firm has an ideal' location on the' Pike, With hundreds) of icars ^passing every day. The. Wesley Auto company offers a -complete auto service, including lubrication, washing, greasing, repairing, tires, and accessories. Their mechanics are experts and give. prompt service. Especially featuring Chevrolet genuine parts. The Wesley Auto company, is headquarters for the well known Chevrolet "9" car, and you will find a nice Display of both passenger and truck models M their show rooms. This car is recognized as an outstanding value In its field. Chevrolet §ix has long been famous for economical transportation. They build today a bigger and better car, • that possesses comforts and con- Venlences that you would only -expect to find in a high-priced car. You will, be agreeably surprised at the remarkable smoothness, power, and durability of this car, which has made the fastest gains in automobile industry during the past three years. It is impossible to obtain In a four-cylinder car the smoothness and power possessed by this wonderful new Six, but in order to fully appreciate the many good qualities of this car you shpuld phone Wesley Auto company <pr a free demonstration. In addition to their many other advantages they possess the highest re-sale value, which in itself is another very good reason why you should select a Chevrolet Si* for your next car.. buyers of all kinds of grains and pay the top market prices at all times. Few, if any, elevator companies have attained the prominence that is awarded this concern. They maintain an up-to-date establieh- ment for the accommodation of the public- and have a reputation for fair prices and good quality. The elevator has a large capacity, with the result that they are in the market at all times for. unlimited quantities of grahi. They are reliable in every way! and the fact that they are tested many times during the year is evidence ability. of their reli- They pay' the highest market: prices for grain at all times- an*' , : airi|.' al-. jipnest weight,' good treatment fair' 'and square dealings have ways been their policies. And policies have' resulted in increase* business each year. They have alao-, resulted in an increase in the number of farmers selling to them. , An. institution of this nature operate*. under the policies that are follow** by this concern Is of inestimable value to any community, and that- 4he liberal policle's of this companx are appreciated by the people' tK this community is 'evidenced by th« fact that they attract trade fron. the country from many miles ound. This firm features the well known. International feeds, American wit,; Midwest Star brand fencing, Plymr outh twine, Mason City brick aii£ tile. The prices are right, and their congenial manager will gladly furnish prices on request. We heartily recommend, this firm to you. I J. M.JENSEN 1 RINGSTED, IOWA GENERAL MERCHANDISE The people of Rlngsted and community are indeed fortunate in having this model store located here. It has been the leader in the .mercantile ifne in Ringsted for many years and has always offered remarkable values in superior merchandised This store is extensive and the stock carried is so great that you can satisfy almost any. household \yant here. This is a strictly up-to-date. esr tabllshment and offers hundreds, of real bargains in all 'lines of moderately ; priced . merchandise. You • will find an up-to-date line of : latest dry goods patterns, shoes, and • groceries, fruits, and Vegetables. Mr. Jensen has built up this wonderful .business by featuring 'quality merchandise, nicely displayed; and excellent service backed up by. alert and extensive buying and a compe- tent sales force. It is a common Mr- port among wholesalers that Mr: Jensen is an' exceptionally shrewC buyer,,.aVid Is well posted on' th* market's values.' 'SHis years of experience In the mercantile buBinMK • enables, him to give hia cuatom«f», many, offerings in high grade chandlse that are not to be elsewhere in this' section of country. Many'of hie customciw regularly drive long distances in. tft~ der to make Jensen's their headquarters, as they have from many years of experience they can do better at Jensen's, proprietor is among the most tru*t- worthy and,reliable citizens of t%* community and is interested ta: Ringsted o,nd has the welfare of Mfc* . custon\e?B,at heart. . , jSEHECA, A Good Store J» » Little Town ALGONA STUDIO pHOiri! FllM? This studip prp4ucea the' highest IOWA ^ ^W^P^^^^I^T|^|HM^ -^I^^JIRrffHP^PiM^IP|^H^

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