Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 23, 1915 · Page 10
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1915
Page 10
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10 THE PITT8I5U It (MI GAZETTE TIMES, SATURDAY, JAXTAKY 2Z, l!Jlo. BA5f1CTBALL BOXING BILLIARDS s GENERAL 5 PORTING " IT FROM ME. To H4JD i J HO. MA6jifc, VIOULD THlAlK.U4T i tract H DlO I HEAR SU OU-LiaI'' ME. I5M'1 i T'OO. r MERELY 53LlUX?UJZiAJG-. 1 Hfytg VfcUl4LK .MO Bo?uETS. But IT;? "Th.Vs At LMST OlE- - ; ' . - r ..J : i l ttME. aJ This f Maggie! By Cliff Sterrett. Lawyer Makes Charges. Of "Unclean Hands' ,R4TS SO0 DOli kimc, 10 AiEEO 15 4 of s6iJTh NOVICE OMLV SLARV AS BAD AS Poj and GET THE CASE TODAY to Gazetti Timf. T exercise of the option by September 15 preceding the season in question. He quoted President Gilmore's affidavit regarding the 10-day clause In which the Federal League leader declared It unwise and unbusinesslike to contract with an untried player for a longer time than that. The Killifer case was cited as an instance where "unclean hands" had been found on the part of the plaintiff and in support of 10-day clause, as contained In the organized ball contracts, decisions in the old Lajoie case, a suit Involving Lillian Russell, and the Marsans case were cited, Attorney Miller went over the peace negotiations of last fall to show that the Federal League tried to form an alliance with Its present opponents. , The jurisdictional question was touched on only slightly today. Judge Landia has not yet ruled upon it. t a k'ETcH ME LoSiaI' fcttt BE- HAGGtt. while. SfcnjRE. THAT fft VtRKtAS y an J fer Pals Gee, Central Downs South In Fast Contest The South Ride Market House was the scene of one of the fastest scholastic games ever played on that floor yesterday afternoon when the South High went down to defeat at the hands of the Central High five -t to 19. Central scored first, Abmmi making a foul goal few seconds after the game started, Gen-tiile, a few seconds later, on a tnss-up near his basket. knocKed the ball in on the jump. Central then came back with a foul and a field goal and held the lead the rest of the same, although hard pressed at times. A rooting duel was an added feature. Lineup: South 19. Central 2$. Gros F A or am Gentille ........F, Frishman Williams .....,., O levinson A. DfeKleman ....G .. &andoroire E. Dtegelman g Jjw Field goal Gentiile. Williams A. Diegal-man. Abrams. L Vinson 3. bandomire. Foul goals Gent Hie 7 out of 16, A. Dtegelman 6 out of 16. E. Diegelman o out, of 2. Abrams 16 out of 26, Referee Her rman. Scorer Agnew. CENTRAL HIGH GIRLS LOSE. Kdgewood High girls deffated Central High irU by to IS, in Imfktbati came terday on th Central starrrtj for Edge wood. floor. Mi Clifford with 19 netd goal. i,ltieup: Ed ge wood 52. Miss Clifford V Mips Snail F Mis Beil .-C "tiss Thorn ?. ..... Miss Lewis ii Ait McKlirov .. Centra'. 18. Miss OoldwKlrr Mi?a Steele M;sa Sakordkv ...Htfcs Piwlev Mtn, Weber Mlm Plato FleKi proais Miss Clifford 1. Miss gnall 4. Ml OoidKder 2. Mia9 r!e 3. "oul g(i Mias Steele ftli 8nall 6. Mls c;fidMdr 4. Kefere Mlas Campbeil. Allegheny Prep Five Score Easy Victories The Allegheny Prrp basketball five scored as easy victory over the New Brighton five last evening on the Prep floor by 36 to IS The game was fast and weU piayed by bom teams, but JEaIsu Hypocrisy Against Feds Attorney (.eorgc Y. 3Iiller Delivers What Is Believed to lie Organized liaseball's Concluding Argument in Anti-Trust Hearing. . W and J. Winner Over Geneva Five ISi'Eciai. Telegram to Gazette Times. WASHINGTON, PA., Jan. 2. Starting a bit slowly, but raptdly striking its gait, the Washington and Jefferson live this evening, defeated the Geneva College basketball tettrn' here by 3i to 19. After the middle of the first half W. & J. showed the visitors whirlwind rali. McCrvight being, the particular star. The lineup W A J 35. Geneva 19, Oortdwin-N'utl Ktsher-Hevman McOeiirht-Veeler .... Pe!pr-Nus Mcpherson Field goais XulL, Oretght 7. .Peeler. .P McCarter-Johnson -F" Dodds .C... Buchanan-McCarter .G Perron .; Ioeffler j a1 is her 5, Heyman. Mc- isuse, Mcuarter. uou.is. Perrott 3. Foul goals- McPhWBon. a out o 8: Heyman, none dut of 1: Mc-Carter. s out of 32. fcore at end of first half W. & J. io, Geneva s. H eferee Sterrett. Peabody Earns Slim Verdict Over Brushton! j some newspaper decisions went to Lore j ... ' i the consensus of opinion would seem to be. After loam decisively to South High on:n faVor of calling the battle a. draw. WedneBd&y afternoon. Coach Robinson a lirush- u r-allv 9mH thp drawn decision I ton High boys cam back strong and yester- .HroTK T i earna ine "I j I u, held Fmhadv Hi.h h..kei,Vaii v m a in the closing round. Lore had the better ' I u6 VP FtR 5bMElH(Al' 5cPF&SaJ V'COME. All K.1 11 id ; & I MU .""l-'VJ Brock and Lore Fight Fast Draw Lightweights Box Eight Sensational Rounds Much Punishment Administered. CLEVELANDER STRONG AT END I-Spkciax Teibohvx to Gazette Tivks.1 DKTROIT. MICH.. Jan. 20. : of Cleveland and Johnny Lore. Ni. . H.n, fought eight tjrrtflo rounds here tonight, the men staggering to their corners at the finish from sheer exhaustion. While of the sixth and stvcnth stanzas. Brock p ppearing to slow up, hut he cnnie with a. vengeance in the tthth. F.oth men fought like bulldoge throughout. Lore outweighed the Clve'and lignt-weight bv several pounds, refusing to tip the scales and Manager Burke gathered In the New York fghter's forfeit. JIM ELLIOTT KNOCKED OUT BY ALLEN IN TWO ROUNDS NEW YORK, Jan. ri. t Spoclal. Jim Elliott's star has set. His heavyweight championship aspirations and he alons; with them n si-a. k nn-k us. intA u i-ruUtwt tin i tit t h re opening of the new Polo Athletic Ciub to- "lsni- k wivK. m Ji th- after a bout which m.Rht have been laughable had it not been so sad. In the nrst round Eli.ott Jashe4 out of bis corner carrying his .-la pounds easily ana proceeded to belabor Alien all ever the ring. Now Allen w eighs only Itw pounds, so retreated. The greater number of punches sent In his direction landed on his elbows and shoulders. Soon the beii rang and all hai.ds were glad of It. In. the second round Alien perked up. He n-ii ' It'll tr.tl In - n a.whncB hliura a n la ill the giant low. For nine seconds j-Illiott adorned 5 the canvas and then he got up. Alas. Allen mashed him on thp chin with a right hand waliop and all was over save the formality of counting 10. Terry Mitchell was disqualified for fouling Kddie Stanton in the first round of a 1- round contest at the lxmjc Acre Athletic Association tonight. SET NEW WORLD'S EEC0RD. y. I . A. C S trim liters Establish yew Marie for Four-Man 200Yartt Relay NEW YORK. Jan. 22. A new world's record in the amateur 200-yard relay four-man team swimming was established here tonight by the Aew York Athletic Club four, which covered the distance in 1 minute 43 3-5 sec onds, in competition with the Montreal amateur Athletic Association team. The former record, 1 minute, 4 seconds, was set some years asro by a New York A. O, team of which char.es M. ranielf. holder of many records, was a member. The members of the new champion team are Walter Rarame, Harry O'Sullivan, James A. Reily and Robert Bennett. The New York A. C. won a dua, meet. 32 to 1. from the Montreal A. A. A., the local swimmers taking every event except the soccer water polo match. Waiter Ramme. New York A. t, won the ao-yard, time 2 !-. seoomis. Harry O'Sulit- van. New ork A. ('.. was second and S. B. McGill Montreal, third. WlUttJaKDISO SWIMMERS WIS. Tne Wilmerding aquatic team defeated the Greensburg aquatic men at Wilmerding last night by the score of 55 to 28. The Greensburg team started the meet by taking first place in the initial event, the senior 30 yards. Sum- marles: Senior 30 yards Won by Ryan. Greensburg: second. Wilnon, Wilmerding; third. Hutton. Wilmerding. byShurgot. W timer- a.nK: secona. a. iravia. wilmerding; third. Lowell. VWImerdlng. m-nior -yra mih siroKe w on oy H. Gil- is"n' WlltnerUIng, captain: srond. W. Diits. Wilmerding; third. Ryan. Gnensburg, and In ' "meraing. ea. Time. :i ec - onds. j ui.iut uiuuk uy i3u.iunion. v littler- I J Upon Makeup Hrep showed the best rorm anj was always t the end of ,h. opening period of play, ahead by at least four points. An exceedingly Tne fou, shooling of Lunic was the only MnK" ss? r(i. prelimiliary game was piaved bv Prep Seconds trailing alon back of the Kastern team, with the Eleventh United Preabyterian Church , After nussinif the first attempt from nve. Prep winaips by 2s to it. Uneup. ; the soal line, l.ublic had 17 other chances r5ZZu r...MVa1cl Und he made food on all of them , whk Tsvior F t rJe a remarkable record. Thtse 17 fouls tiorn.an C, HawkinstKept mad it possible for the locals to uJm1?.''!.!'"- Mahlffte of Gettysburt?, made 36 out HERE ?s7 1-3 . I -T - T A. s nv to EKT.DECIIS Four 0. AVilling: B. Orgauizatious to Jump, Says Local Federal Magnate. REFUSES TO PREDICT Four well known minor leagues have ofrerrt In oftiliato ,h.mr T with the onerea to aimiate tnemsenes wnn ine Federal League at any time. The truth of the above statement waa verified yesterday afternoon by President Kd. W. Gwinner of the local Federal League club. Mr. Gwinner returned home yesterday morning from Chicago where he attended the opening .sessions of the Federal League's anti-trust suit against organized baseball. . The matter was discussed by the independent moguls assembled in- Chicago and all seem to be in favor of the plan. Mr. Gwinner said his league "would have a farm for surplus players. Karh club on the circuit has several men they can- not possibly take care of and a branch league will have to be obtained. "Much depends on the outcome of the suit before Judge Landis at the present time," declared Gwinner. "Each of the four leagues have through a representative offered to come under the Independent flag and at least two of them were willing to come in before thd suit was even settled." May Return to Chicayo. -. According to Gwinner the minor fe'asue olhcials made their offers voluntan.y and without any solicitation from the r eds whatever. Kadi gave the assurance that his colleagues could be in Huenced to make the change and many of them were already decided. Gwinner said he was not at liberty to name the leagues that have offered to become farms for the Feds, but he declared that they are well established . circuits in prominent sections of the country. When asked regarding the suit before Jude Landis the local magnate said, "it looks aS if we have a very good caae, but I wouldn't attempt to make a prediction as to the probable outcome. X have only heard one eide and that was ours, Mr. Pepper, the attorney for organized ball having Just opened his cam as I was leaving." When asked whether r.t thought the case would be thrown out before being finished. President Gwinner said it was hardly possible. He also expects the case to continue through next week, and in this event Gwinner stated that he would return to Chicago for the final blow-off. President Gwinner expressed his utmost confidence in the decision that will be rendered by Judge Landis. The noted i iurist according to the local Club owner i accoramg to tne local cmo j nas keen knowledge of baseball and at "",,1 gS tow of the Fed attorney repeating statements of the previous day and he was promptly reminded of it by Judge Landis. Honus Wagner to Help Coach Tech Athletes l , t, it .,,, ti, , ' "Jf " L J ' famous Pirate shortstf p. has bm Signed j to coach the Carnegie Tech oasRetoall 'ana DaseDall teams, it was ennouneec i , ..., ... u. v,. Honun sent the Tch lloor men through a hard !ractice. llonus will continue his roaming uniu the i'irates start South for the spnntf training camp. Al will likely make thj ;; ; . . , . . .4ii w. diny Y. M. C. A. went down to defeat nere ! this afternoon at the hands of the Indiana I Gilson F1'. Lvlne-Knke Edwards G... Markie-Levine-Gettv I'.Iements-Stroster ....G Zwlesele Field goals Rugh Anderson 3. Enke . i Ainsorth ttto. Gilson 4. Foul goais u? 3- Anders.n Gilson T. Points awarded Indiana 2. W iimerdlng 1. Referee Daugherty. t A ! TIOSA L Si'ORTlSG AEWS OA I ACE SIX. $10.50 for $15 Suits and Overcoats MI IB Whizz, Now It's Aunt GETTYSBUBE IS BEATEN 81 Pin NSDE Locals AV i ti Basketball (ilame in the Second Half of Fast Contest. FINAL SCORE IS 41 TO 30 By RICHARD GUY. Pitt beat Gettysburg at basketball on the Trees Gym floor last night 41 to 30. A large crowd attended despite the bad weather. Jlie came might be likened unto a horse race. Gettysburg, a light team. traveled ahead a surinter, until the i three -quarter pole was reached, when it blew up. while Pitt, like a big stronger trotter, took its second wind at the three-u.uarter pole, just when strength and stamina is demanded, and won in a canter. . Gettysburg looked like a sure winner !n the first half, while Pitt performed tar below its form and for a while a;- peared to be in for its first defeat of the i year. The half ended 18 to 15. in favor this'vear that' Pitt has been in the rear'- of 22 trials. Mose Campbell, the former Butler High School star, started the pa me at eenter for Gettysburg, and be was Kettins the jump on the toss up, but in the second bull he waa moved to forward in place of Williams. Boftock of iimerdmK-, a strmttr. tHkitiir Campbell's placf. Thia move auted contrary to expectations to Gettysburg, for Joe Matron bent Bos-tock and richeffcr, whr relieved Busto"kf in most every instance in the Jump off. This, with the improvement in the passing; of the men, paved the way for Pitt to win. Gettysburg falling; down in its work. Carlson, by a Held goal, brougnt the Pitt total up -to 18, Just two points back uf Gettysburg, and later on Ms basket tied t he score at 21 . That feat acted as a tonic on the Pitt team for it started to play like a machine going at TO miles an hour. Red Hastings V. .1.,4 .its. n Ku- DhntHnx .aMnirh tun! basket, in quick iuc.ets. With Lubic Keeping up ms wui a i iuui Pitt thereafter had a commanding; lead, but Gettysburjr kept plugging. It was another instance of a good big team be-ating a good little team. Two lon? tosnea from almost mid-floor In the first half by Campbell and Trum-ball were features. Gettysburg will play the CarncRie Tech team on the Tech floor tonight. The lineup of the game luKt night: Pitt -1. Gettysbui-g-ao. HaatinKs-Graham F Mahaffia HHlev-Carlaon- McOullough F Williams-Campbell Mai son C... Oanmbell-BoBloi'k- Scheffer T.nblc O .. . Ikeler Cchsenhirt G Turnbull Field T-al liasnnns Matson J. l.ubic. CVhsenhert. "arlson z. Graham MahalTI- 3.1 WMUams. Campbell l.ubic. 17 out of 18; R ef eree Ia v is. TunibuM. Kwil Mahalfi,. 18 out of 2. PRELIMINARY GAME ntt Fresnmen 2. Craft on H R--2S. TMvtd F. .. Wlnterhalter Ktnhtrnan .-F Dunn Nicolas C, Wentz Meilmao G Burke n I'llmnlri.-L Field goal Davis. Stahlman A Nlcula ?. WMnterhalter 4. Ihmn. Wentx, Burk 2. Two points awarded Craft on. Fotij goais Davis. 6 ou? of 12; t'unn. 7 out of 14. Score first half -Freshmen 14. Cmfton X Ref eree Davi i. Kane Girls Win Again. KANK. PA.'. Jan i ( SoeciaH Tha Kan Girls basketbsli team easily defeated the Hmethport tiirls' basketball team by 2 to S. Ttie lineup: Kane 3. ImethtKrt6. Miss Corev F M!s Kerr Mies Hpi'k-T . .F Mts Brown MiM M' K'mna C Miss Sase Miss McGlnnif (i Miss Annie Miss Btttenbeniler O Mlsn Stmpkina Field goalt Mi Ricker M as M Kenns 2, Wish M'C.tiiniK J. MIm Brown 2. Miss Kerr, Mlm KittenlHnder. Avonmore 27; Blairsville 23. The Y. M Blaimvlile Vu ifA night b Avonmore Rumbauath .. A. A. of Axonmore defeated the kettll five in a rough game 27 to 23. The lineup: 7, Htalraville 2.1. P McAnn F H. Snvder McMlllen G Barcom-McGivens G A. jinvder -RiimbauKh 4. Garland 4. Ander- idersim .... (.Hfland Flke McAdoo Field gnals- ?on 3. rlh 8. H Snyder 3 Foul goals Harcom 3. MeAnn 2. Garland 3- $28.50 for $40 ts $5 Suits and Orercoats I , j 1 ; t i j J 1 I I j . , ' ! 1 I J i Suits Of Baltimore Feds McCandiess, Pittsburgh Boy, Given Berth on Otto Knabe's Terrapin Outfit. SPaCIAl. TS!.GRAM TO GAKKTTS TlMM. 1 BALTIMORE. MX)., Jan. 21 The makeup of the Terrapins for the coming season was decided upon at a meeting today of the Baltimore Federal League club. Johnny Bates, outfielder, will not be offered a contract for this year. A new catcher is to be secured. The deal for Mike Simon, backstop of the St. Louis Federals, has fallen through, and the lines have been put out for another man. Bender, Suggs. Quitin, Bailey, Conley, Smith and Wtlhelm are to be the mound men. Swacina at first. Knabe at second, Doolan at short and Kirkpat-rick or Walsh at third. Duncan, Zinn and Meyer will be the regular fly chasers, with McCandlesst the Pittsburgh boy. in reserve. Jacklitsch. Russell, Kerr and a new man will be the catchers. SOCCER CARD TODAY. Vnlemm the un4xpected happen ail rhe visiting teams ahould win in the District 1irae socear saros tatd for today Today's xsme and referee are: Homestead Rte Works at Carrie on th Wilkinsour F. O. grounds. G. Colt-nso; Pi t tabu rs;h HoverB a i Head 1 i n s Rovers, F. E. Huiah: Sturgeon at Wiimerdt.ig Airbrake, R. O. Corns. At this week's meeting- of the District tragus executive committee it was df-ci1M that no players from the Presi Tsue would be permJffM tt play in any of the remaining ramoa. Player Matchtt, Pittaourh Rovers, and Rsdgers, gwieavais. wer mnvp-ndii for ne week for misconduct 0m the field lat Saturday. East Liberty Beats Braddock. Kast Liberty Academy basketball f rn last night dfj.rei the Braddock High Schooj five on the iatter'a floor. 31 to 20 Moon and IXytchon featured for Kast Ubrty. Lc Gtos Beats Cullen. BVFVAIjO, S. Y.., Jan. 22.-4.'hartes Le Gros of Cincinnati df-ate4 W. ft. Cullen, 60 to 4Z. in an Tnterstste Three-Cushion lilMjard L&gire game here tonight. In 6 inninga. Schacfer Defeats Catton. OINCIXKATI. O., Ian. '22,-in a Xational Billiard Players' league game tonight S-haf-f-r beat Cation. 3W to 12S, in 17 innings Av-eragts Pchaeffr, 17 11-17; Catton 7 7-17 X to Jl score. Th, aam waa Dlavrd on ths vv eating-house (Tiub floor, t'apt. Auid atarted i the acoring for Brushton by tossing a foul, and a second later by casing a fleid goal, giv- : ing Brushton three pointa before Peabody got ! started. After epiendld shooting and passing bv both teams, the flrat halt ended 12 to 11 in I'eabody'a favor. in the second half Peabody increased its lean. 'apt. Auld starred and the cloae guarding of Kvier and McMillan also featured for Brushton. flpie. McClaren and Slluerstein featured for Peabody. Uneup; BruBhton 1. Peabody "6. Auld P Opie Steen F Adams Herrnd . O O'c'onner Kvler (j Silberaaeiu MrMlilan ....ti Mct'laren Kield goais Auid 4. Stceo, Opie 4. Adams. O'Connrr 2. Silbersteln 2. Foul goals Auld 11 out of IS. Opie 8 out of 16. Referee Walcher of fc. 1 T M. C. A. BETJ.F.YTJE'S STREAK BEOKElf. Beaver Fallt High Trim Vnde (rated Fire by 3H to .5. BEAVER FAX.LS, PA.. Jan. 21 (Special. Beaver Kalis Hiph defeated the Bellevue Hie" team her tonight in a fast basketball game by 3B to 15. It the loser's first defeat of th nason and broke a winning streak of nine inrshtght. Uneup: Heaver Falls 3, Bellevue 13. Thomas K Donnelly Hansom V Fbaueh Harr C McFhrrson Wilson O Youne 'orhfS G Mct'antlleps Kield Koals Thomas 5, Ransom 4. Harr 5, Vi Uson 2, Touns; i. r oul goals Wilson 6. Youn Referee Merrlman. Geneva. EDGEW00D HIGH WINS. lg-Et it a SharpHburg-Etna Hifh (oix I'rore Oood Jajwrrn, but Poor Seorer. Edgewood Hlh defeated the Sharnsburtc- ICtJia High basketball five In an interesting yesterrtay afternoon on the Kdgewowl floor by -"5 to 5. The passing of the losing team was a feature, but their attempts to score many time was wide. Nycum was the big scorer of the afternoon with nine neid goals. Lineup: Edge wood 28. iharpsburg-Etna 5. V Riv E-.v Rltt!. C Wise O O'Donm'H Vvcum Hair-Smith .... H'XicKitiSfHi .... Tuc RlIC ck t Ambrose 'i'. VS,0'", my, I out of 2. Kereree buck, Tech First Baptist Team Easy Winner. First Baptist Church Juniors defeated Com- munlty Junior,, basketball five on the Baptist tloor law night by 60 to 11. Lineup: Baptist ":y - Wssson K easel Read ... Hill Ijjrens . .P. -. K . . -C. U ailfnan I Henk 1 faih'l ; Hlt,'rs! .G-. Field goals Wasson li. Keaae! Kaufman 2, Heink 3, Wasson S, Henk 3. 'apel, Walter. Fouls- Kane Loses to Punxsutawney. KANE. PA Jojv 2-1. -special. -Kane High noThe'p ,. n m,. iin.im K.nHi !..,..., r...n. ir . iM.,t '" '"" Moore '..'..'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'..'..'.'(". " l?.uUer Kmrtckaon .McCreiKnt il Entvre Belli r leij goals hhirk 9. butter 4, Curry io. Bell, -ns tsestty 6. Moore 5. Foul goals Shirk, 2 out of 2; Realty, none out of 2; Moore, j none out of 1. Referee Eairlen. 0 j T-l f V 1 ' Dubois Swamps Lockhaven. OITBQM. PA.. Jan (Si-teclal.) Lock- haven High School lost at basketball to Dubois High here t--niKht by 102 to 12. Dubol iured in passing coupled with accurate shooting under the baskei . lHkhaven was weak in guarding and invariably failed to hold their position. Lineup: Dubois tiign--io-;. i-ockhaven-12. M. Oearhart-Bloom. . .F Mader C (Jearhart F Rath. seber Haves C Keller Swisiier O Smith Kounsetv O Federicks-Hni- burser F'"Id goals M. floarhart . O. Oearhart j. Hayes H Swisher . Rounseiy 14. Bloom 1. Mader. Rathegeitar Foul -ra's Swisher ?! Keller . Fouls ca Hod Dubois 15. Lockha-n 17. j'olnts awarded Dubois 1, Reteree Giilung. St. Mftry's 44; Goodfellows 5. St, Maryls Lyceuc Reserves basketball team of Sharps burg- added another victory to their long siring by easily defeating the Goodfellow Club lest night by 44 to a. Lineup Reserves 44. Goodfellows 5, Wallace Rem el in lAitz ... Niehau Snvder ...P.. ...F.. ...C... ...(., ...G-. Callerv Rnwlev C Connell Aiwli'fcws W. t'onntll Fle'd go4's -Wallace 6. Kem-lln . J-.UU S, Snyder 6. allery. Fou Is Wallace. 0 out of 1. Rel Fichter. . j J , 1 JUIMii: LAMMS MAY I Br Associated Pmm CHICAGO, clean hands atraiust the Jan. 22. Charges of "inland hypocrisy were made Federal League today, by George V. Miller. ho presented what is believed will be the concluding argument on the side of organized ball in the anti-trust suit brought by the Ked-era. He declared a temporary injunction asked by the Federals would destroy an institution it had taken organized ball W years to build. In supftort of his charges. Miller cited Instances in which he sa'.d the Federal Leaguers had signed players under con tract with clubs in organized ball; the sections of the Federal League con-' tracts, he alleged, corresponded to the ' criticised 10-day and reserve rules; and the alleged justification of raids by the t plaintiff on the ground that 10-day i clauses invalidated American and N a-j Uonal League contracts. End of Hearing in Sight. Quoting at length front P.oger Bresnahan, Miller emph portion where Bresnahan said he had Ik en told by Federal League emissaries tt ey wculd have a street cut through the grounds of the Su Louis Nationals. This, the lawyer contended, strengthened hia charge of "unclean hands." rTe. end of the hearing was in Bight tonight. It was said that when the statement by E. E. Gates, of counsel for O e Federals had been concluded, probably tomorrow. Judge Landis would take the case. Xone of the attorneys interested would hazzard a guess as to when a decision would be announced. Miller analyzed a number of alleged raids made last year on the National and American League teams by the Federals. Incidentally he read a list of what purported to be the salaries, year by year, paid by organized ball clubs to players who since had left its ranks for the Federals. He said that Lee Magee in 1911 had drawn $1,500. $2,300 in 1912, $3,400 in 1913. and $7,200 in 1914. Joe Tinker's salary, he asserted, reached $5,600 In his last year with the Cubs 1912,. and $10,000 as manager and shortstop for Cincinnati in 1913. Mordecai Brown, acordlng to Miller's figures, drew $3,500 in IMS. $4,100 in 14. $4,600 in 1910. $5,500 in 1811. and $7.0110 in 1.012. Even with an injured leg, that partially incapacitated him. Brown drew a salary of $4,000 from the Cincinnati club, which he joined the next year, with a promise of. a bonus conditional upon hia work. Teds Reserve Clauae. According to Miller, the Federal League's reserve clause, as shown in the affidavit of Umpire Steve Cusack, holds a player for 10 seasons, granting him a per cent increase in salary each year, and pro-Tiding that he must be notified of the Bennett's TODAY, SIR, FOR BENNETT CLOTHES A T THESE Big Reductions $1 n.50 For Winter Suits formerly $25.00, $23.00, $30.00 $26 50 For Winter Suits formerly $35, 38, ?40. $45 20 .00 For Winter Overcoats and were $35.00. $28.00, $: 0.00 $ 30 .00 For Winter Overcoats and Ulter were $35, $40, $45 and $50 "Mnnmtt Mmanm Bmst' J.G. Bennett & Co. USrlPeddc ding; second. HIHman. Wilmerding; third. Bo- ieJ'- " "lte Al w " k vard Oreensburg. I branches of the sport he wi1! be ffien Kenior plunge Won bv J. ciawson. Wilmer-! abl assistance by Honus. who has aiding; second. Diits, Oreensburn; third. White- ready signified his intention of helping man, Wilmerding. - the Plaid boys to p winning team. Al J tinior fancy diving Won bv Barr. Greens- ' took un his work vesterda- and wiii Jew gwsia Patterson 2. isyior 2, tiorman o. IJaul 2, Hanna 2, Morrison. irPde 2. Hawkins. Koui goa Ciorman. 10 out of 13: Morrison, It out of jl. Referee Washor. Timer Lyon. Score r in ghatn SE3COND GAME, s 412. fcieventh C, Prrp Secon P.-I4. ,. Braun Ins;harn - flark P.. Law ton ."... Morrow J. . . Mnke-Ancterson G . - Fisld Moais lawton T. Hnn . . . . .V.' .' Mermiau Intui'Ti 3. Ciark, Ft r sun 2. T. Brown 2 Hermann. MeCsnomoa Fouls Ingham 6 Allegheny High Too Much for Fifth Avenue Fifth Avenue was defeated in Us first league iraine yesterday bv AHegheny High, SI to 38. on the North aiders' floor. The nrst naif was a walkover for Aliijheny, the s-ore at the end ef th period being 1 to 4. Ktfth did a llttl better in the second half, holding Allegheny even. Hugh's guarding featured. Lineup. Allegheny 2T. Tolochko Kisher Kink:--Wtttroer RuKh-Tstem . . Ijne-Ladlfv . . . Fifth-la. Lvnch-H, Irvine Bi(jttn . Camobell-Peartman A. Levlne Srrrtt Tolrobko 3. Blooni Fou'.s Ksnkie, J4 F . F . .. ield goais r latter , 3. Pearhnan, II Levlne. out ' of 21; JAdiey, 1 out of I; H. Lev ine. 6 out of 1"J; Scon, " out of S. Referee Pro via. DUQTIESNE UNIVERSITY FIVE VS. LAWKENCEVILLE TONIGHT Tl.e Duquesn tniverslty basketball five has championship aspirations. The squad Is one of unusuaj promise thl yar, and th B.unT students belipve that It win be the best In its history, courfqui-ntly they are anxious to ?ee their tossers gt a chance to prove that thy ar the cream of the local passers Ini collegiate circles, t least. Po If th squad pasacs throuah its srht-dule Buccessfutiy chsl-In(if-ii will t issued t Pitt and T.-t:h for ptt-HfSJion icams for the loca! title. Th" luks are on k- for their game with laawrencviiie "Y" toninht. having put in a st reniKHis et-U a t prac tic. Tw o worth y ou-IKn'iits are on ih schedule for next wek, a tne llluffites will clash wiih Wash -.lefl and VVeft Virginia. In tonight' gitr.it- ( 'apt. IMerottI and UflHs will he sr The forwarvlft. Short lev will play center and Morrlssey and Howard wiii be at the guard positions. JEEPE. wrote thai a sardine." "Duquesne ;arden was packed like Simply because Garry Herrmann nervously chewed up a pnper iad pencil at the nmt ea-sion before Judge landls. there is no reason to bolies that he i anybody's goat. Some critical Muck men are said to have underrated George Burns berause of hi show-tnjt in the world' seriey. There in ne greater outfielder, no finer thrower, few better run producers and base-stes ler than this same fellow Hums. In the custody of Mark lie would have plain unlling to thR job of any oiatfielder on the Philadelphia ciub. The Federal L,eaue is learning some things. Ie Clair, the crack younit pitcher vt the it.-o- j eis. refuses to sign tor litii unless "they com I across." j TSe'-retary Foster of the Giants thinks Mar- j qcard should be -ipelifd from orgarilici-d ball. ! Bonus Waitner hk." Rube's pitching so well 1 that he may engage the boat lawyers In the ! hnij save him if the expulsion is at- , f tempted The ini'-ctinn f t.vphoid bacilli "soup" into 1 penn narsmen at the lnligat!on of the nth- : k-tlc committee, brings a sharp criticism from Dr. Charles E. Pane of Boston, who says It was a foolish 'move, as typhoid is not given . by one person to another. j A certain National Iaue bell player re-ceived a iett.r from a -terrain F!eral League ciuh which r'-ai. "We kneed a man of your calibbur." This ouarht. to convince Judge I.an-di.- of basebaii's enligld'-mnent. Th- T. it nit wood riub of ihe F.i"t End is con-4iu- l ins a b:s i)i!ia-ii and lKiJ tournament w!::t n':i the crack cuci:? if the connuuiiiiy entered. Nt?ws report- sy th: H-mu- iaOborr Wt Pht! jdciphia uh a h;pi'v ?niile. Chances 4t. tht Mmw m-ii. ban in w TorK in Him itmi wty. I j burg: second. Ryan. Greensburg; third, Drost, Wilmerding. Senior relay race. 120 yardsWon bv Wilmer ding. Bennighoff . Whiteman, Hutton, Wilson. 1 Junior re lav race Won by Wilmerding, H. ; v. uwesi. j-i. iviiuui. i-. iuiui, a. iravia. j i . ; Senior fancy diving-Wop bv H Gilson Wil- irP CHuin WilM rairo u" merding; second. C. Kuhns. VVlUnerding; third, UP his work at Tech on his retura. Barr. Greensburg. , j senior rv ysriWon by Ryan. Greensburg; INDIANA TRIMS WILMERDING-scon:. BennlgholT. Wilmerding; third, Hutton,! W iimerdlng. . ! INDIANA. PA.. Jan. rr-SpeciaI-J-WUer- Here and There In Sports Hodgson, Swnmer, Is Beaten. NEW YORK. .Ian. 22. The Montreal Aih- ! Normal basketball passers by 32 to- LM. The letic Association defeateti the New York Ath- Lame was fast from start to fii.Uh. For Nor-letie Club in so-cer water poio here tonight ! ,nal Anderson and Rugh performed welL by nve goa.s to two. treorge Hodgson. Cana- iniworth and' Gilson featured for the visitors, dian the 4-.H and 1.W0-meter Olympic cham- i he lineup: pioH. was def'atd by one foot by Joseph C. J Indiana Zi Wilmerding 3. Wbeatlex- of the New York A. C in the z.v- t Alneworth-Dik ...... C UnEer-Rugh yard swim. W heattey s time was minutes i t rft.Pvn. F Rh. Anderson 34 4-5 seconds. Cubs Release Claude Derrick. CHICAGO. Jan. 22 -Claude Derrick, short- stop. has been released to the Douisviiie American Asso latlon club by the i'hicago Na- tiouals, it was announced today. Derrick atrreed to the transfer and has signed a Lou.s- vine contract, ne goen to tne ( oionets in ex- change for sH-cond llaseman McLarry- By JAMES The citv editor sat speculating in a downtown tafn and suddenly heard loud voices at i an adjoining tab-- "111 bet you to $16 that lth Boston ! clubs win the pennants in thMr i espe t!ve , leagues." cried one chap, bringing his stein 1 down on the table with a bang- The btrt was ; prompilv taken and the money pouted. I To date the C E. ha not received any : report of a lunacy commission being sp- pointed for the ( iiao who rlks l to 1 on the j chance of two ciubs winning. Ad Gumhert rema? hed tite other nlRht that Bob Kennedy of Uiiiontown was America's .r. .r.f.na fun In I ha t Ym hn.1 nttnrle.l the f ooenintf Eajne for the past years. Hold on tbere. Ad. He wasn't on de.k at the opener in rii lmi inMt vt-ar and that may exniatn 1 whv the Pirat' went into the second division for the nrst time in 15 years. I The Rev. Dr. J. IKmard I-vy told Htove Ijeaguers Thurwdav ftighi of the invasion of America some 2 years ago bv a crai k team . of English cri'-keters. The crli keters were i inkpn to the old Phillies bait park, where thev watched the baseball players hammer : the bull in practice. Trie unions were taaen on the field and allowed to use thdr wicket ; bats against the delivery or ja k inyior, wjin nrmem catching. Tylr threw some straight - ones and th Britons were gleeful when they succeeded In driving .the iail far out of j bound. "Taylor allowed them to become real J chesty. laughed Dr. Jvy. "and Clemens ! signed for a curve. The Englishman swung ! and missed. Again came a curve and another cricketer looked puzzied. More curves came ( and the giee of the Britons turned to HIsKunt. The curve was something unknown to thm." Dick Hoblltz-li PICKS the Red Sox to win In the American. Pom- Ri Jr.nuA.rv ontiwJ r.t - nici- h service with the Rods. hard acquired that uriiiaC hts int;tr Mike Dortza th.- letm grapplir. wiil find that Irf-vi lasrnh of Perm Stale (s more of a iion when they clash on February "J. Buck Crouse threaj to "annilHsie'1 Harry McCreery and Company $23.50 far $32.50 to $3S and Overcoats $18.50 for $25 to $30 Suits and Overcoats $13.50 fsr $18 to $22.50 Sails and Overcoats And a January Clearance Sale of Shirts, Neckwear, Handkerchiefs and Pajamas.

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