Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 2, 1931 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1931
Page 2
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9AGB TWO Xlfe In Xossith Comtf* IN ALGO HA ' ' & Y F.S.NORTONJ/SON S t* c- * » r «•»«"» »•* »•- r DOtS THE. COAL. I Bay rr FROM A. RELIABLE DtALER.,AMp AND V4HEN Vot»R BURNS ALL UP, VouR. COAL BILLS' C<P/VE " THIS SAVING- FACT WE'D ,H AVE YOU KNOW THE SUMMER. PR ICE OF COAL IS LOW. PHONE F.S.NORTON&SON HA TiaiALSroa BUILDIHG isrUfLSroa HEATING PHONE ZZ9 ALGONA Everything to Build Witb and the Fuel to Heat It, How's Your Haying Equipment? Is it ready for the season? Haying has to be done in a hurry. Faulty machinery may cause delay if a shower comes up inopportunely. Have Your Repairs Made Now We also build hayracks to order. New one on hand ready to go out ,with the first buyer. We grind sickles in a hurry and put in new sections. Any needed woodwork furnished. Thorpe Wood & Iron Works Phone 157. FISH NURSERY AT CLEAR LAKE IS ENDANGERED Drop in Water Level Offset by Use of Pumps. Twelve hours a day, a huge engine is pumping water Into the Clear Lake open air pike nursery, battling with dry weather for the lives of more than 1,500,000 flsli ranging from one to two Inches in length. Every day since May 14, the 1,000 gallon an hour ptftnp has waged Its battle. For the first three weeks it worked continuously 24 hours a day. ; Now another problem presents itself—the drying up ot the drainage ditch that supplies water for the pump. This ditch has been clammed, but even with that, the water is lower than at any time last year, according to O. K Hoel, of the state fish department. The situation Is. even more serious than last year when the pump was installed late in the summer to halt the rapidly lowering water level. Last year the pond filled with water supplied by the creek originally intended as its water source. This spring, however, the pump had to be used from the start. -The creek filled the pond to a depth of about two feet, but the pump has raised the water lever to four and a half feet. About 20 acres are under water. Algae Will Feed Fish. At present the pond is clear, but if dry weather continues, algae and other water growths are almost sure to appear, Mr. Hoel said. Contrary to general belief, algae Is an asset to such nurseries. The weedy growths furnish food and shade for the fish; they retard evaporation and help keep the water cool; they protect the young fish from birds that would prey on them if the water was clear. Pumping of water into the pond will continue until there is sufficient rainfall to maintain the water at its present level. A rainfall of from one and a half to two inches is necessary to be effectual, Mr. Hoel stated. The pond was practically unaffected by last week's rains. The possibilities of open air pike nurseries was demonstrated here last year. More than a million pike, ranging from four to eight inches in length, were taken from the pond last fall and put into the lake. This year five other ponds have | been started, stocked with fish from the Clear Lake hatchery. More fish KbsscTH ctMrtrt | View of the $ 1,500,000 HUMBOLDTcl CLERK VICHI SKIN GAME The Humboklt county cer appeared | n j, more Gazette; Ever since last ficlent County Clerk ut| A ro, Wnn " knU ' has uat. ior a squeeze v snake has f 01 . , mnt It was llko this- a bl e T . Courtesy Des Molnee Register and Tribune-Capital. era was pointed toward tne Keprisier & j.riuune piunc uuuu ^c«o **, «.i»« «..— ..«, ....— — ~- , .* . • •we*, and at the upper left hand corner of the smoke area is the .drug store In which the fire got its start. A shift of the wind toward the camera after the fire started swept the flames across the street to do the damage shown. At the lower right hand corner are piles of coal burning. -;;. ^ , npHI$ VIEW OF th» fire at Spencer Saturday was taken from the Register & Tribune plane Good News II, and shows, ^he'blaze at tt^heiBht^^The At the Call Theatre A Review of the Recent Talkies by T. H. C. than In the other five combined. The largest of the new ponds is at Vinton and includes about seven acres. A natural pond at Charles City was transformed Into a nursery, and artificial ponds built at Waverly, Rockford, and Nashua, Bass nurseries are located at Alden and Mason City, at the Ideal sand and ravel grounds. Pump is Needed. N EOSHO, MO., present home .of former «Ugonian Geo." W. Platt, boasts an Orpheum theatre, managed by one Mr. Gardner. He Is a pleasant, genial fellow, and we spent a delightful hour talking with the gentleman. The Orpheum is showing "Young Sinners" tonight, a jazzy, eexy Fox production of flaming youth which may or may not, find its way to the Call. Tommy Meighan is headlined, but all honors go to Dorothy Jordon, who contributes a really masterful performance civilized and enlightened people the darkest side of an Institution which simply could not survive and passed out of existence through Its own vlciousness? William Farnum, old stager that he is, does well with the title role, as does also Mr. Sanschi (or some such name) as the heavy villain. All the old sob-stuff is presented in the most heart-rending fashion, including the patient and suffering wife, the pure little girl, the noble doctor, the prophesying mother-ln- haev been put in the local nursery ag one o£ the fi ames . Her partner, SHULTZ' RECTALJJLINIu AMBULANT PROCTOLOGY Piles (hemorrhoids) cured without operation. Other rectal conditions. Write for booklet. Consultation without cost. 218-219-220 First National Bank BIdg. Phone 842, Mason City, Iowa 4tf e YELLOW PENCIL with the BAND The ten horse power Fairbanks ngine that operates the pump at ie Clear Lake nursery is too small or the job, Mr. Hoel said. This en- ine was installed during August of ast year when the lives of about ,250,000 pike were endangered by 10 rapidly lowering water level. A lielter has been built over the ump and engine and furnishes a ilace for the caretaker to stay while t the nursery. A man has been ssigned to stay at the nursery un- 11 the natural water supply makes he pump unnecessary. A man has jeen at the pond for about 12 hours day since May 14. U Clear Lake is beginning to have Work at the state pike hatchery effect. Fishing has been better this spring than for many years. This is partly explained by the great growths of algae in the lake last summer which furnished large quantities of food for the fish, real explanation, however, is The that fish hatched in the state hatchery nere are just beginning to reach .egal size. This spring more than )1'5,000,000 pike were hatched. About 15 per cent of these were used to stock ponds and rivers, and the remaining 85 per cent will be used to ptock Clear Lake. The Mason City bass nursery also supplies the lake with thousands of bass annually. Built Eight Years iAgo. The hatchery was built here about eight years ago, but the first three years not much was accomplished. Eggs were brought in from other states, hatched, and put into the lake. About Jive years ago the state fish department started collecting its own eggs' from fish in state watres. Work has progressed rapidly since then. Last year most of the pike caught were just a few inches undersize but this year most of them are lli or l<7 inches in length. Mr. Hoel, manager of the hatchery, said it Hardie Albright, a stranger so 'far as we are concerned, is excellent, and the rest of the cast is' much superior to the plot of the picture! Somehow, these wild orgies of fast New York life always leave us rather cold. There is no doubt they exist, as they have since the days of Babylon, but there is something flat about presenting them on. either stage or screen. Bizarre settings, frequent mention of flasks and gin, handsome trapings, these do not make pictures any more than fine clothes make a gentleman or a lady. The only redeeming feature in most of these pictures is the fact that there is always the happy ending, which at least leaves a good taste In the mouth. •TVXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo.,., ie •I-' not quite as "up and a'coming" in its movies; first, Women of. All Nations, and tonight The Finger Points, both shown in Algona weeks ago ... In the terrific heat of Kansas City, Mo., we sought the cooling temperature of Loew's Midland theatre, one of those spacious, barn- like movie palaces which already look out-of-date only a few years after their erection. It is a magnificent affair, however, and well patronized, probably for the same reason that took us hither—the heat of the sidewalks. Daddy Long-Legs brings back the law, the daughter, chaste etc., etc. saloon-keeper's The fight between the drunkard and the saloon keeper is the most gruesome and ghastly spectacle we have ever seen on the screen. If there is any- CHURCH CORNER STONE TOBE1AIDATLUVERNE Lu Verne, June 30 — Next Sunday will be a day of great rejoicing for the Zion Lutheran congregation here, when the cornerstone of a new church building will be laid. The need of a new building has for many years been felt, the old one being too small. The new structure will be built of ,Ka)o brick in gothlc resign, with arched cathedral windows. Dark colored oak^pews, altar, pulpit, and lectern will give the interior ' a beautiful setting. A seating capacity of 400 has been planned. The .church will have a basement which will be entirely modern, in thing entertaining or seeing two men snarl, edifying in bite, claw, and massacre each other, we fail to see it. It simply belongs to another age, an age which, thanks to civilization, we have 'outgrown. And we have outgrown stories like Ten Nights in a Bar-Room. It is a waste of time and money; the oldtime saloon has passed, thank heaven; we have new problems to solve: let us solve them intelligently. eluding kitchen, rest rooms, and a modern heating plant. The, auditorium will be 60x34 ft', in ground dimensions, and the entire structure 97x36 feet. The complete cost will be $14,000. Cornerstone-laying ceremonies will be conducted Sunday afternoon at 2:15, and the program will Include speeches by the Faulstich, Whittemore, Rev. and W. the Rev. C. Hinrich, Mallard. Invitations to attend have been sent to congregations at Garner, Algona, Whittemore,. West Bend, and Mall ard. May DUcovcr N«w On«i Tip from the Tennessee News: People spend .the time you make them wait in summing up your faults, so don't be''late. r e* mtw YOUNG COUPLE AT SENECA MARRIED LAST THURSDAY Seneca, June 80 — At 'Mr., and Mrs. Jens Halvorson's. last • Thursday took place the marriage of their daughter Esther to Linus, son , of Mrs. Jennie Jensen, the Rev. S. O. Sande officiating. Attendants were Orva Halvorson, sister ot the bride, and Vernon Jensen, brother of the bridegroom. The house was decorated In peach. and white, and flowers were white roses and -lilies. A lap supper was served to Immediate relatives in attendance. Hat Strong Prop«rtU* The sweetness of saccharine .1; variously estimated at 900 to 500 tlmei that ot cane sngar. . "H.I.-T, ij[ir] sions, 'neverythlnR i n terestlng to the J 0 ° naturally a fe w B kl n _,, In evidence, calculated t the unsophisticated' fp()m ,, and a lot O r peopte ?h ' to be convince,, that ^ the other fellow's g j, m something for nothing, w. fakir's seductive K ,. ft t t ' fleers m . c no t supposed i, ed with the easy-mnrks joined the hero illl(1 , )1( nil these little gnn , M ' you bet on tlin red | s ' black will sho w up, or t|,. mil "m th , 0 mms •«* little pill W ||| bc , 5 cup. l So Wnlly saw his nioto . hire cash fading !nvlv j to -.recoup his losses tenacity worthy of ,[' he courageously stue k to lh( ,. Deplenishing his wad ' from the Hardy Bunk out $305. ' Other and smaller victim, their losses calmly, ami tad way Into the crowd to giv e at the board t 0 fresh rwruli not so Wally. Those lost looked pretty b!|? to a Wally's Scottlsli clw and he put up n liollar. Sheriff Sexo and the coui, torney were summoned [ro m boldt. Doubtless they toM'.l few things in private touchli moi-al obligations o( county < but they sympathized with. the extent of persuading the to restore to him his money returned home to his official a chastened man. Mr. Wallukait serves „„• board of Insane CommLsJloranT we have heard remarks sin above episode, touching O n t glbllity of a man to ment on whether others an'] or sane. Cleaned-Pn G.W Repaired Elk Cleaners and' Phone ISd Don't Rasp Your demure little to a role for violet, Janet Gaynor, which she is ideally took a pike about years to reach its four or growth. five This suited; also it brings to Warner Baxter a part which fits him like a glove. Between these two finished performers we have a talkie which is just about right as far as good entertainment is concerned. There are no sex problems, cocktail parties, wild petting orgies—just good clean, romantic love of the Pollyanna type, which is certainly a relief after gangsters, racketeers, gunmen, and what have you? Most of us are familiar with the play, in which Ruth Chatterton. enjoyed such popularity on the stage; some of us remember Mary Pickford In the silent version. Janet is superior to Mary, but we are inclined to think that the stage production, from a dramatic standpoint, scored higher than either. However, there VETERN LIVESTOCK MAN CLOSED OUT BY ESTHERVILLE BANK Financial failure o£ W. O. Nelson, Swea City's veteran livestock buyer, has put more or less of a dent in the community's economic affairs for the time being, the Swea City Herald reports. Without warning the Iowa Trust and Savings bank at Estherville, through whom Mr. Nelson wae checking, attached the proceeds of recent stock shipments to cover his account. A number of shippers here are holding checks amounting to $500 or less. "Mr.. Nelson said Tuesday he was doing everything in his power to settle with the shippers. He believes with proper cooperation he will be able to make some payments on the checks in the immediate future, after which he plans to take up the remainder when he gets his affairs righted again. "For the most part the people of the community are in deep sympathy with Mr. Nelson as he proceeds to get himself in shape to do business again. Unquestionably he is one of the best buyers in this region and has a wide following. Moreover he is the essence of square dealing." There is no hint of irregularity on his part in the present sit- Happy Hunter Presents her WSAS CITY PLAY BOYS Featuring JSingJug Trio — Novelty Acts DANCE «EXTW, TUESDAY, .JUIY T Missouri's Seven Rhythm would indicate that the work of the hatchery is beginning to have effect, and that shipped in eggs were not as practical as those taken from fish in Iowa waters. The number of eggs hatched can be little more than an estimate. In estimating the number of pike hatched, 175,000 eggs to the quart is the basis. For bass the basis is about 6,000 eggs to the quart. Pike can be hatched artificially as in the state fish hatchery here. Bass, however, must be allowed to spawn and hatch their young naturally. For this reason, they are Segregated in open ponds. In this isolated breeding ground, the bass rear their young with great success. Trout eggs are so large they are hatched in trays rather than jars as are pike eggs, Mr. Hoel said. Pike from Clear Lake hatchery have ben used to stock the six open air nurseries maintained by the state. They are located at Clear Lake, the largest, Vinton, Charles City, Waverley, Rockford, and Nashua. * Poor The worm turns all right, a Kentucky editor observes, but not until the voice on the back neat gives orders to do so.- -Capper's is little to criticize about Daddy Long-Legs, talkie. It is the story of a bachelor who rescues a. poor little waif from an orphan asylum and sends her to college, only to find in the end that he loves her. The scenes in the orphanage are great. Janet Gaynor plays the most sincere part of her entire career in these early sequences; but she Is also very fine in the finale, never overplaying her part but acting with a, quiet reserve which is the first essential of a good actress. Warner Baxter might easily have spoiled his part, thereby ruining the effectiveness of Janet also; as it te, he makes a. perfect bachelor and a good lover. This is the kind of picture which many patrons of the Call will welcome with open arms—or ears, rath-, er; a good talkie for the children, and the old folks will enjoy it too. Let's have more of them. ESCAPE HEAT more than from desire to see the picture, we finally succumber to Ten Nights in a Bar-Room, shown at the Beyer- Fox theatre at Excelsior Springs, The talkie is even worse than we thought possible. Here is a haory, weather-beaten old melo-drama of a past decade with positively nothing to recommend it presented to customers who pay good money lor entertainment $nd get only « headache. While it teaches -on the one hand the sin and curse of drink, it sjiowe on the other the horrors of the oldtime saloon, now defunct never to rise again. "Why enow to uation. "At best, stock buying is a hazardous undertaking. It has become more so the last year or two with prices undergoing sharp fluctua- ions. Apparently, Mr. Nelson is a victim of the times, and no dishonor attaches to him in his present difficulties." -*Finni Hold Record Generally speaking, the natives of Finland are the most law-abiding. A police system Is not found necessary. IF TOU HAVE SOMETHING TO buy or sell, or exchange, write lor our special low classified advertising- rates and list of the leading county weeklies ot Iowa.—IOWA NEWSPAPERS INC., 214 Royal Bldg., Des Homes, Iowa, Union g32tt Itchy Toes H»nd Ringworm, AthUU'i Foot Why suffer from the queer skin disease causing severe itching ol toes and feet, cracking, peeling skin, blisters. Ringworm, Trench Foot 01 Crotch Itch, when you cat} avoid infection and quickly heal your skin With Dr. Nixon's Nixoderm? B»se<j on the famous English Hospital formula, discovered by a leading London skin specialist, pr. NI*on T a NU. «dern» acts with anaaislng. speed, b$* roa Harsl Irritants "Reach for a LUCKY Insl lh« graat lard T.nnywn In a btoulHull refers to a woman'* Adam'* Appl« ai"fl»* white apple of her throat. "Con. Id «r your/ Apple. Touch It-your Adam's Appla- larynx-your voice box-It contains your* chords. When you consider your Adam'i AffN aro considering your throat-your v«ol< Protect the delicate tissues within your Be caroful In your choice of clgar0ttM>5S«!!!J your throat with harsh irritants! Reach forol instead. Here fn America lUCKYSTRIKlUf cigarette, which brings you the addtd f the exclusive "TOAiTINQ" •roee»i/wW*l the use'of modern Ultra Violet Rayi, ltUH*| elusive process thot expels certain hw *' present In all raw tobaccos. These tants are sold to manufacturers of « h-l "j j pounds, They are not present in your LUCKY > And so wo soy '^Consider gour Ad designed, for this _ particular •kin disease. Nixodero i« --------heal #r b. . It muat $top i ourB.Wsi OR ttfi SUM and OI Y0ur Throat P {,. 's toasted the use of Ultra Violet Ray* *llpw*—Heat Purifies a^alntt irritqtlQn^ i^^^^^^^^^&ffp ^^^^^^^ffiRIMffiit ' ^ ? r *' *\ 'i 'f-f V— ! L"»^ i "'

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