The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 22, 1954
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER CIA, U.S. Superspy Agency, Is So Secret Even Congress Knows Little About It By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON (AP) — This country's superspy outfit, the Central Intelligence Agency, is so secret that even Congress, which votes money for it, knows less about it than about any other major government agency. Former President Truman set it up in 1947, with the approval of Congress, when it became clear Russia, the wartime friend, had become the peacetime enemy. Congress has let it operate behind a screen ever since. Only five or six members know how much money Congress votes for CIA every year. Congress as a whole doesn't know. The funds are scattered and concealed among the appropriations for other agencies. There have been guesses CIA spends between 500 and 800 million dollars a year. But even the number of CIA's employes is secret. Guesses on this run from 8,000 to 30,000. Can't Tell All CIA officials do give some committees of Congress pieces of information. Because of the nature of its work the CIA can't, like the Labor Department, for example, lay all its cards on the table. This much is publicly known of the CIA: 1. It does its work overseas, spying on the communists. Its job is to find out what they're up to day by day and, in case the Reds plan an attack, to grve this country plenty of warning. 2. It coordinates the information gathered by six other government agencies which have intelligence agents of their own: Army, Navy, Air Force, State Department, Atomic Energy Commission and Itoe FBI. At about that point, outside knowledge of the CLA stops. Congress, being shut off from a close look, can't tell much about CIA's only President Eisenhower and those closest to him know. Credit Not Claimed Because of the dark wall around it, the CIA cannot very well publicly claim credit for its successes. By the same token, any failures are concealed. The CIA was roundly criticized in 1950 on the grounds it failed to give this country warning about the Communist attack on South Korea. Shortly thereafter Truman replaced the CIA boss, Hear Adm. Roscoe Hillenkoetter, with Gen. Walter Bedell Smith. Smith, who had been President Eisenhower's chief of staff in Europe during World War IT, picked Allen Dulles, a lawyer and brother of the present .secretary of state, John Foster Dulles, to be one of his deputies. When Eisenhower took over as president he moved Smith over to the State Department as undersecretary and made Allen Dulles head of the CIA. The CIA has been called a cloak- and-dagger outfit, mixed up in various enterprises, besides spying, to give the Communists the miseries. It may, for instance, have helped engineer the 1953 uprising of the East Germans against the Communists. Sen, McCarthy (R-Wis) has talked cryptically of Communist infiltration of the CIA. Dulles says this is false. 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Western observers estimated the large sweptwing 'bomber could carry any air weapon yet produced. This picture is from an official newsreel, just received in the United States and released by Sov- foto, agency distributing Russian pictures. (AP Wirephoto) Marie McDonald, Police Have Fiery Session BEVERLY -ilLLS, Calif. tress Marie McDonald was ordered into court today after a stormy session with police officers, who said her car struck four other autos. Miss McDonald was booked yesterday under three sections of the motor vehicle code: driving while under the influence of narcotics, hit-run driving and having no operator's license. Police said the shapely movie player screamed, tried to bite two officers who took her to a cell and then removed a shoe and shattered a light fixture. Lt. John Hankins said she kicked him in the groin when he tried to remove her to another cell. Miss McDonald said she had taken two nembutal and four seconal capsules, the police report showed. Her physician confirmed her statement that he had given her a prescription for the sedatives. Police reported her car struck three parked cars and then hit a fourth auto which had been halted* for a traffic light. j She was released without bond when her husband, wealthy shoe manufacturer Harry Karl, and hisj attorney came to the police station. A news reel cameraman and a press photographer complained to police that Karl tried to run them down when he and his party left the station. Miss McDonald and her husband separated recently and then became reconciled. Tokyo Doctors Strike TOKYO (#l — Thirty doctors staged a sitdown strike in front of the Welfare Ministry today in an attempt to block proposed cuts in fees charged patients under a government-sponsored low cost hospitalization program. particular interest m the CIA, say it's time Congress was able to keep closer tabs on the agency. Last March Sen. Mansfield CD- Mont) offered a resolution backed by 20 other senators to set up a joint committee on central intelligence. It would be composed of five House members and five senators. Its purpose: To make a continuing study of CIA's activities and problems. The members of this committee then, without divulging details that had to be secret, could inform both houses on what should be done to and for the CIA. The Atomic Energy Commission, almost as secret as the CIA since it controls this country's atomic development, is under constant check by a similar congressional committee, a relationship which has worked well. There has been no action on the Mansfield resolution-and probably won't be this year. NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF No. 2,248 Jane Ballard. deceased. Last known address of decedent: Manila, Arkansas. Date of death: February 7, 1954. The undersigned was appointed administrator of the estate of the above-named decedent on the 16th day of June, 1954. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published 22nd day of June, 1954. WM. G. FOX, Administrator P. O. Box 548 Blytheville, Arkansas. j Oscar Fendler. ! Attorney for Administrator. 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They were the beauty parlor operators of Kyushu, asking forgiveness—for cutting off all that mountain of girls' hair in the Audrey Hepburn mania that has swept Japan's island chain from Kushiro to Kagoshima. Widespread Ailment DES MOINES (/P)—Tooth disease is more widespread than any other ailment of mankind except the common cold, Dr. Leslie M. Fitzgerald, Dubuque, Iowa, president of the American Dental Assn., says. He estimates it would take 280 million fillings to fix all the cavities of children 6 to 18 years old in the United States and that 97 per cent of the population suffers from some form of tooth decay or gum disease. Steel, lowest priced of all metals, also is cheaper, pound for pound, than many kinds of wood. * Entire Town Gets PO//O Inoculation ANSLEY, Neb. (,fl - A country doctor who travels 15 miles daily from his home at Broken Bow to tin's little town of 711 persons is working alone to inoculate the entire population against polio. He is Dr. Clyde Witcox and i\e said last night he expects to have the job done by the end of the week. He started on it last week after five confirmed cases and four suspect cases of polio were reported. So far he has treated 125 children and adults. It is the first mass inoculation covering an entire community, the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis said. Dr. Wilcox said. "Everybody pot scared but beyond that there isn't much exciting about it." He snid he thought the situation was under control now. Dr. Wilcox said Dr. E. A. Rogers, state health director, had agreed the situation Was an epidemic and that "all the gamma globulin we can use" is on hand at Ansley. Walking Candidate PAMPA, Tex. Lfl — L. P. Fort, running for county judge, listed on his campaign expense account: 4 'Miscellaneous — new soles and heels for shoes, $3.50." Sleeping Dangerous DETROIT W—Fatigue and sleepiness are among the most dangerous problems faced by motorists says L. M. Noppen, auto finance company official. Most drivers, try to travel too far in a day he says. "If you get sleepy while driving, pull off the road and go to sleep. If you doze off on the highway, you probably never will wake up," he adds. Elephants Wreck Farms KASHIOBWE, Kasenga, Belgian Congo (JP)~ Two large herds of wild elephants have invaded the Kash- iobwe area destroying plantations and terrorizing natives. Nothing has been done so fax by the authorities to destroy the elephants or drive them away. Belgaln Congo elephants are protected by law from destruction. A hand grenade explodes about five seconds after the safety pin is pulled, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Old? Get Pep, Vim Fe«l Full of Vigor; Years Younger MEN, WOMEN of 40. 50, 60. Don't be old, weak,, worn-out, all in. exhausted. Take new. higher-potency Ostrcx Tonic Tablets. Often needed after 40— by body old. run-down Just because lacking Iron; increases vim, vigor, vitality. Thousands feel full of pep. years younger. Quit being old ,"Get-acqun,lntod" size 50c. Att all druggists, in Blythevllle at Kirby & Woods drug. OPERATION HATCHING—These children at a Ft Leavenworth, Kan., tchool ma* not farmers, but they arc Interested In the hatching project of their teacher, Mr*. Opal KendalM She purchased 15 eggs, borrowed a "setting hen," and theri left the situation up to th« htdj The children anxiously watched the experiment, as one chick alter another was hatched. First Day of Summer Was 'Cool' At Presidio-Only 107 Degrees PRESIDIO, Tex, W) —Shucks, it | here." was only 107—so anybody could tell the reporter was kidding when he asked how pcope were standing; the heat on the first dny of summer. "Not Hot' "Aw, this isn't hot," said Oliver Harper. 54, the hardware man and weather observer. "Lots of times it gets up around 112 or 114." In fact, it got up to 111 June 10, when people most places were still wearing suits to work. So you can see summer started off downright cool yesterday, especially in comparison with places like Phoenix, Ariz., where it was 111. Presidio often is the hottest place in the country. "Why, I've been to Dallas when it was only 99." Harper said, shaking his prematurely white head. "I tell you, that damp heat hurt me worse than 119 does NOTICE We Will Be Closed ALL DAY EVERY SATURDAY Until September 1. Hopkins Laundry-All 414 E. Sycamore St. I I I I I I I I I I I •r j IS A DOLLAR BILL? Jutt for fun, f•• If you can pick ffo on* that't $-tiz* If you picked the big one, you're only partly wrong. Bills were that big once. But they went out along with short skirts in 1929. Today's dollar is smaller (tha middle size). The dollar has shrunk in value, too, as everybody knows, But it may surprise you to know that today's dollar is buying alf most two and one-half times as much household electricity as the "big buck" of 25 years ago. In these 25 years, the electric light and power companies have doubled and redoubled their supply of electricity. And they are busy building ahead — by 1960 there will be half again as much electricity available aa there is today. With this record, isn't it wasteful for the federal government to go on building unnecessary electric power projects? The country's fast-growing electric needs always have been met and always can be met by Amenca't Electric Light and Power Com panict. LIGHT FOR FREEDOM POWER FOR Ark-Mo Power Co. This is an adobe town of about 1.200 persons nudging; up to the Rio Grande in i,he big bond of west Texas. They grow cnnteloupes in the dusty fields nearby and lead an easy-going life in the town nobody has ever bothered to incorporate. At the Starr Hotel, the manager, Mrs. Mae Stiirr. a middle-aged lady with uruying black hair and brown eyes, laughed at questions about the heat. "We're standing it fine," she said. "Oh, of course the lobby is full of young men who came in here to spend the afternoon." Heat drove them in for a siesta, DOUAR-WISt? ffiEN IT'S MAYTAG FOR Y(MM 129 °5 \±7.*J Adams Appliance Co. Inc. eh? "Certainly not," »he said. "They —why. they just wanted to get out of the dust. I tell you, it'i not hot." The Pennsylvania Dutch orlgtM* ted in Switzerland and the Rhlne* land. RUnCTORStriti-WorM • Jt'« areaf eoirw 'round-«b*> world with th» new RCA Victor 7-bjind portibl* radio . , . opera tea on AQ DC, or butter**! • "Golden Throat** to** •yntcm. • Hear «t«nd«rd profraauf plw» exciting *hort-w*T«I • Snnirt, •turdy i«Kjingc-»tyl«I * 144 Of cabinet. T •"•"•»• f« (L«M 206-06 W. Main Ph. 1-MT1 NOW!, igidaire Room Conditioners can bo moimtod to take no space in the room! Now you can have thii new appearance feature without sacrificing any of these Frigidaire comfort extras Only the Frigidaire Room Conditioner givw you Gr*at Or* clc Cooling. 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