The Waxahachie Daily Light from Waxahachie, Texas on September 1, 1938 · Page 2
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The Waxahachie Daily Light from Waxahachie, Texas · Page 2

Waxahachie, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1938
Page 2
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THE WAXAIIACHrE DAILY LIGHT THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1.1938 Waxahaohie Daily Light Published every day except Sunday by the Enterprise I’uh.lvhtn»: OoWpany, South College S e«t, and entered In the I’Oitofffce at Waxaliachie, Ellis County, ’¡V xhh , as mall matter ol the second clan's. Tflfi DAILY LIGHT (In City and Uy .Mull Outside Comity Paid in Advance) One your ............................... I5.0Q Six month».......................... $2.» 3 Throe months..................... $1.50 One month......................................-»-I (liy Mail in Pili» County) On© year............................... $1.00 Six months........................... Thxep month».......................$1.25 One month ............................ 5 0 ' WEEKLY KN’TKUPIUMK (lly mail In or out oí county) Papi Year............................................................................................................. i»-«o 'JKLKITIONEH BufdnoMN phot’*) from 7:30 to 5:30 .................. If you miss your paper cull (up to 7:30; . . . 148 251 Punishment Like That of Fiends A DISUBACKFin, Ibing has happened ,il tin Philadelphia County prison. The whole country has been »hocked by the fatal jiMdlnft of four h»»Df«r-strIklitR i»rl»onc*r there. It 1» said that it %fs quite euntomary to “turn on the heat" when ts became uaruly. But the time acrived when they "turned on too much llPt’’—and four death» resulted, evjdi nee indicate». Phi» i a d»-M I»#* throw-back to barbariam. It I* nothing less than revolting. Hiking people to death! lan’t that a Mm com.oM for modern tltUOH? Wit it I to.tur, Will t hey think Ol next? It »> etm, that a good luwiy example» are going to nave to be made in Hie epidemic of inhumane treatment, in bidet to get it »topped. Whenever any oil®, without benofit of jury, lake» it upon him.mll to kid others, «specially by the torture route, then it is high lime that in ex- aft] pin he made of him. Citizens with any n pect lor iiuman and human« right» will Join In seeing that such deviltry i» not '<d»i- utOil. In a so-called ertljphtcned nation o^oOooo - — Thought for Today Doth noi the appetite ulter? A man loves the meat of hi» youth, that b« cannot endure in his age. Shakespeare, dill too —• Quotation From the Bible Put a knife to thy throat if thou lie a man ivett to appetite Proverb» XXIII;2. ooOoo• Views Expressed by Others ooOoo Prejudice »quinta when it sees, and lies when it talks. Ellen Crocker. Iludió I» u new and noisy method of letting peddlers Into your home. Edwin II Btuart. Binili We ever return to the first American principle o! II side til ah e» with it ,'»n cept couutry dinner? I .on Angele: Times. Maybe the reason women Imy luncy umbrella: is so the male member» of the family won't borrow them New York State Journal. ooOoo — Two to One. Botile levs it.irs ago. Just : Jimmy I'oxx had broken into the regular lineup with the Philadelphia Athletics, lite Heston Heil Box came Io Pbilly to play a aeries. George Moriarty was umpiring behiud the plate Fo,\.\ took |wo I vt ritte cuts at tbi lirst two pitches, att.l let the third one float by. “Strike three, you're out. said Moiinrity Foxx turned indignantly. “You missed that one. George.” "Well, you missed the other two." Meriarity replied. "You're «till one up on me - ooOoo —— \ GO) Ol IMIKTRA . Tlipu must be I rue to thy elf. It thou the truth wouldst teach; Thy sou I must overflow, if thou Another's soul wouldn't reach; It needs the O'e flow of heart. To give the Jip» full specoli lloratius Donar. Magazines Tile largest and must com dote stock to be found iu town . . . colm­ ili und brow se a rotimi . . . you're sure to find what vou want to read. Hotel Drug Store Phone 483 for Bus Information WPA (Continued l-’rom la alleys uib- 7,658; woi k- The Rumor Department Whirling Willie. ‘ Wife (at Pearly líales). "I have conic to Join my husband." SI. Peter: "What Is vom bustun.d's name'.’" “William Smith " “I'm afraid that will not be sufficient top us to identify him by. We hav> a lot of William Smiths here. Is there any other memi» by which I can identity him?" "Well, before he died he told me that If I ever kissed another man ho would turn over in his grave. “Oli! I know tli(. chap, I p here \\call him Whirling W il­ li©!" H<>r( UuiturnJ. “Mis New rich wa load ol Dow i mil » penally like» Hie salvia, Imi was not very ri'lii'ble in . Min.', Ilf name n-Mit. die Wa» giving direction» lo her anteoer. “On this side »•! Die walk," »ho »aid, “I want you to put out some salivas. Now vvliat would you suggest for the other?" “Well. umdHlii," answered the ;ardeiiei »hmuily, "m ybt it would he a good Idea to put some spltioonia there." »ewer lint » throughout FniversMy I’ark suburb; Fedora! fund*, $235,904; «popsOr's f inds, $ 1 2 5,712; worker», 553. Grade and gravid throughout Fniversity Mark urb; Fed'-ra! funds, $1» »pon»or’s funds, $14.101; era. 3 <5 S. Dickens < 'minty. Spur Reconstruct and lower 5,780 feet of sever lint west and cast of Arlington Avenue front 7th Street to Hill Street; F“deral funds, $5,522; sponsor’s funds, $2,538; workers, 85. I'htstloud ('unity. County Clear, grub, fence, drain, grade, partly gravel 13.5 miles of farm to market, road south of Cisco; Federal funds, $56,974; sponsor's funds, $26,330; workers, 1 19. FI Paso t omit y . FI Maso Construct additions to building»; repair buildings; grade and landscape grounds of 26 public schools; Federal funds $130,96 1; sponsor » funds, $17,960; workers. 262 Fratb ('minty. County Clear, grub, fence, drain, grade, gravel 7.75 mile! of Dupblin-Victor Road; Federal funds, $20,107; sponsor s funds, $10,552; workers, .3 3. Fannin < minl.v. County Clear, grub, fence, drain, lay double bituminous sur- I'ao.e on K.25 miles of Highway 5 between Honey Grove anti Johnson Crossing; Federal funds, $4 I - 526; sponsor’s funds,' $33,765; workers, 113. Foard County. County Fence, drain and grade farm to market roads in Precinct ; Federal fttmb , $2.317; sponsor's funds, $1,333; workers, 33. (in I v (-»ton ( omit y. Galveston Improv,. drives on grounds of Galveston State Msy- ehopathio Hospital, and install drainage lines; Federal funds, $2.,027; sponsor's funds, $1,914; workers, 33. Gar/.n County. County Construct bast", construct drainag lures and bridge on 10.5 Highway 380 from Most l.ynn County lint $51,432; sponsor 728; workers, 103, Grayson ( utility Whitew right Drain double bituminous su streets throughout cily; funds, $13,843; sponsor' $6,4 72; workers, 104. County Clear, grub, fence, drain, lay part gravel and part double bituminous surface on 16.52 miles of farm to market roads near Denison; Ft derai funds, $73,1 27; sponsor's funds, $35,(83; workers, 187 Harris c<mniy. Abline Construct high school football field, walks, drives and tennis courts; re-locate wood gymnasium; landscape campus ¡.ml install drainage lines: I'eder al funds. $13,80!; sponsor’s funds, $vlnf>; workers.'ST. Ilentierson (iMioty. County Clear, grub, diaiu. guide, gravel farm to ma. kel toad from Ppynor 2 miles northward; Federal funds, $1,25;!; sponsor’s funds. $971; workers, 36 i|o|'kiiis t ‘miu| v. < ouiity Clq. r, grub, leuce, dtaln. guide 9.37 miles of Highway 154 l>( ■ ween Sulphur Springs and Dike; Federal funds, $10,014; sponsor's funds. $6».252; workers, 62. Mâlâriâ KILLS Thousands Yearly llovv (it \v<>1«I It, Keep Feeling Fine. No need now to have malaria i creep up and put you flat oil yout baek in bed with chills and fever. Simple, pleasant treatment, proven in thousands of cases, absolutely proven by science, is embodied in famous Nash's C. & L. Tonic. Resides killing the malaria germ out of the biood, Nash’s C. <V L. Tonic puts an end to temporary constipation and biliousness that may be wrecking yout health. To avoid the effects of malaria, to give a tonic to the blood, to keep feeling fine and keep away, or drive away that awful tiredness, rundown, dizzy feel- that accompany malaria, tak<- only cost a few cents and oh the e li ir lie st ime­ ni iles of west to Federal funds, funds, $39,- ,i n»llay ce on ederal funds, Parents are often puzzled by poor grades received by their children . . . grades that in many cases are the result of poor eyesight! In most children, eye-faults can be corrected and cured b? the wearing of proper glasses, lining your children in for exa safe and sure! utioa. be Examinations Free ot Charge Dr. J. R. Gill OPTOMETRIST •lit VWsr Franklin ble.-sed relief it has given thousand.- and thousands of Southerners (9 out of 10 have malaria, biliousness, constipation, in the South). vor GET GUARANTEED RELIEF If Nash's C. & L. Tonic does not make you feel 100 per cent better after taking only one week, lake the bottle back to your druggist and he will return your money. Nash's C. & L. Tonic, 50c. For sale in Waxahachie, Texas I » y TRfNITV WWJ4PT And ail other gooij drug stores. adv y. It N ish's C. & L. Tonic SOW Howard < ounly. County Grade, drain, a pliait I 23 mile «*f tarin Ip iqarkct road extending north from Benton $2.107; workers, 1Q2. Clear, grub, drain farm to mar- 1,' t road» throughput j’reejnci !■ »decal funds. $25,1 54; sponsor's Street viaduct in Dig Spring; Fed ! Minds, $2.100; workers, IQS. eral funds, $6,848; sponsor's funds, $6,906; workers, 72. Jim Wells County. Alice -- Construct concrete curbs and sidewalks, lay asphalt pavement on streets til rough cut city; Federal funds. $37.213; ponsor's funds, $46,907; workers, 114. Johnson County. Venus ■— Drain, grade, lay bilged stone base on 1 mile of streets throughout city; Federal funds, $5.688; sponsor's funds, $2,708; workers, 56. County — Construct 42,333 ft. of barbwire fence on Alvarado- G rand view Road; Federal funds, $2,568; sponsor's funds, $900; vorkers, 31. Kinney County. Fori Clark Gravel and asphalt roads in grounds of Fort Clark military reservation; Federal funds, $ 1 1,472; sponsor’s funds, $7,254; workers, 7 6. laiuiai County. Maris Drain, grade, asphalt streets throughout city and con- truct concrete curbs and gutters; Federal funds, $288,631; sponsor's funds. $122.053; workers, ' it. County Clear, grub, asphalt Mini Bluff Road in Precinct I; Federal funds, $3,059; sponsor'., funds, $2.349; workers, 14. Clear, drub, drain, lay double bituminous surface or ..» j miles of Minter-Lone Oak Road; Federal funds, $32,94 2; sponsor’s funds $22.906; workers, I ¡2. Clear, grub, drain, grade, lay double bituminous surface on Maxey Tmertovvn Road; Federal funds, $31.39 I; sponsor's funds, $ I ,09 1: w(»rivers, 89. lainip,i--as ('ouuty. County Clear, grub, fence, drain, grade, caliche In.79 miles of Latupas«., - Copperas Road; Federal fund:. $17,456; sponsor's funds, $7,145; workers, 53. l it Salle ( aunty. County Drain, grurit, fence, partly gravel 10.4 miles of Muck- holtz Community Road; Federal funds. $1 7.260; sponsor's funds, $10,025; workers, 60. Leon County. County Char, grub, fence, drain, made 1.82 miles ol Buffalo-Ka iiobeth Road; Federal funds, $2,4.s2; sponsor's funds, $1, workers, 24. Lubbock County. Lubbock Construe: roads, walks and fence at Fair l ark; Federal funds. $6,646; sponsor's funds, $2.785; workers. 87. McLennan Cotutl). .McGregor Lay 59,5 15 ;eet of sewer lines throughout city; construct complete sewage disposal plant; Federal funds, $15,086; sponsor'., funds, $19,606; workers. 118. County Malaria control by drainage of swamps and no ads to eliminate mosquitoes; Federal McMuf|ep popup County — *Cleaj\ grtth; fence, .rad® 5 miles of farm to market road from Tjidep through Cgjli- ftaiu to Live 0;yk County line; Federal funds, $11,651; sponsor's funds, $3,841; workers, 33. Mat-agord«, (oqnly. County — Replace shell surface and embapknients washed by recent floods on the Lower River Road, the Matagorda-Gulf HiM Road, and streets in the unincorporated town of Mfitagorda; Federal funds, $3,869; sponsor's funds, $3,562; workers, 55. Mason Loup)}. Mason — Drain and asphalt streets throughout city; construct concrete curbs and gutters; Federal funds, $32,121; sponsor’s funds, $27,578; workers, 114. Maver|ck County. Eagle Mass—Clear, grub, drain and level school football field; |construct bleachers, dressing rooms, rest rooms, ticket office, fence; install lights and plumbing; Federal funds, $5,383; spoiler's funds, $7,882; workers, 46. Nacogdoches County. County — Clear, grub, fence, drain, grade, gravel approximately 18 miles of farm to market roads in Precinct 2 in the vincju- ity of Cushing, Bacul and Lilberf; j federal tunds. $26,249; sponsor's funds, $1 1,268; workers, 128. j Clear, grub, fence, drain, grade and grave I 17.2 miles of farm to I market roads in Precinct 3; Fed[ eral funds, $17,106; sponsor's j funds, $7,553; workers, 113. Parker County. Springtoivn — Construct concrete tloor in community center building; construct walks and seats, sod and landscape grounds; Federal funds, $2,201; sponsor's funds, $799; workers, 35. Pecos County. Fort Stockton — Construct adobe and concrete recreation center building in the County Park; Federal funds. $5,56 1; sponsor’s funds, $4,508; workers, 28. Runnel» County. County — Construct 3-span concrete bridge 135 feet long, with graveled road surface, over Coyote Creek on Wingate Road i.O mile west of Winters; Federal funds, $20,537; sponsor's 10; j funds, $13,322; workers, 75. * San Augustine County. | County — Clear, grub, fence, drain, grade, gdavel S.25 miles of farm to market roads near San Augustine; Federal funds, $22,950; sponsor's funds, $8,295; workers. 116. San Patricio County. Aransas Pass — Construct reinforced shell-concrete # garage building adjacent to city hall to house city-owned equipment; Federal funds, $3,4 9 i; sponsor's funds, $2,436; workers, 29. Shelby County. County — Clear, grub, fence, funds. $ 17,932; sponsor3- funds,drain and grade 2.9 miles of farm I Have Then Eyes Examined Before School Starts! Good Sight Is Very Important to! Proper Study and Health! j Complete RUTOmOBILE PAOTECTIOn Our rurrent dividend lates i n automobile insurance are as follows: -A per cent dividends on Eire, ll:cft, Windstorm and lînil, Collision, Comprehensive. -0 per cent dividends on Liability and Property Damage. A saving of oue-toprth and one-fifth. E. P. HARBIN CO. Fire Insurance—Real Estale Woodman Building Phone 776 to market road south of Tenaha; Federal funds, $11,689; sponsor’s funds, $3,870; workers, 93. j Clear, grub, fence, drain, grade, j gravel 10.4 miles of farm to niar- I ket roads near Center; Federal | funds, $17,417; sponsor's funds, $7,471; workers, 104. Tarrant County. Fort Worth — Excavate, grade and gravel 3.6G miles of city streets; Federal funds, $23.807, sponsor's funds, $13.939; workers. 111. Taylor County. County — Clear, grub, fence, drain, grade and spot gravel farm to market roads around Merkel; Federal funds, $13,123; sponsor's funds, $6,953; workers, 81. Titus County. County — Malaria control by- drainage of swamps and ponds to eliminate mosquitoes; Federal funds, $15,790; sponsor's funds. $1,200; workers, 81. Toni Green County. Sanatorium — Construct curbs, gutters, and asphalt drives at Sfafe Hospital; Federal funds, $1,486; sponsor's funds, $2,783; workers» 34. Cquuty — Clear, grub, re-fence, widen farm (o market roads in the county; federal funds. $la.- 172; sponsor's funds, $6,144( workers, 43. Tyler County. County — Clear, giub, drain, fence, gravel 8 miles of* farm to piarket roads in Precinct 2; Federal funds, $9.482; sponsor's funds, $5,559; workers, 83. Uvahjo County. Uvalde — Construct 4,000 feet of concrete storm sewers throughout, city; Federal funds, $27.256; sponsor's funds, $1 5,740; workers. 83'. Walker County. }lqntsville — Grade and asphalt streets throughout city; construct concrete curb;- and gutters, storm drainst and sewers: Federal funds, $14,345; sponsor’s funds, $13,737; workers. 69. Webb County. Laredo — Make general improvements to buildings, roads and grounds of Fort McIntosh military reservation; Federal funds. $33,013; sponsor's funds, $15,4 74; workers, 12 9. Wichita County. Wichita Falls — Construct side- Avalk, sewer and tunnel extensions on grounds of Wichita Falls State Hospital; Federal funds, $24,580; sponsor's funds, $10,341; workers. 156. Williamson County. County Elimination of in sanitary devices in rural and sub- | urban areas where sewer system are impractical; Fedora] fund/?,.,; $ 1.987; sponsor’s funds, workers, 24. Wood County. County — Clear, grub, grade, gravel 4.1 miles of farm to market roads near Winnsboro; Pederal lunds, $3,996; sponsor's funds, $2,127; workers, 6s. Statevv ide. Conduct survey to dctcrmim tentative location of dams, reservoirs, canals nad other tlood prevention devices in Bandera, Edwards, Frio, Kinney, Live Oak, McMullen and Medina Federal funds, $24,421- - Coi» funds, $16,278; workers, ■S CHAS and JEAN HUFF SCHOOL OF THE DANCE AYil! finen Septpijiher 1st hop ( lassificatioii of Students (.’lasses Start September 5tli. Enroll Now! Fhone 85; Care lì. lì. Kiliobrew Studio 2 I I Main St. Next Door J. & H. Cafe $3,20! drain. “»“SEPTEMBER 1 1938 SUN MONTUES WED THUFRI SAT 1 2 3 45 6 78 9 10 11 1213 14 15 1617 18 19 20 212223 24 25 262728 29 30 Today' av <> begin a new month . . . ,*i month thal sees the biggest cotton liarvesi and a month busy with school openings . . . and we have prepared for an increased business by replenishing our stocks . . . which are now most complete. —We wi 11 appreciate a part of your patronage during September, offering you quality drugs and sundries and a soda fountain sei'- \ ice second to none. -VY. E. Jones -J. C. Chapman -Odie Garrett Henry (Bub) Worley DEAN DRUG COMPANY EVERYONE TO HIS OWN TASTE BOEHLES VARIETIES SUIT ALL TASTES - iìm I ai ?U *AoU1’ tuble. You'll be oieasing everyoin Bo(.M, Rugm^1CC ,t0 V ?Ur meal>s t0ü! And don't ibrg'et that tv of In U" 1 r * a (i.aAhll"l and nourishing food; it supplies p^11 h ot energy for active summer da vs! MADE WITH SUPER FINE INGREDIENTS! It’s Not Only Delicious ... It’s Healthful! At Your Grocers id - Ê ffKffnt « ìk à '

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