Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 18, 1931 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, June 18, 1931
Page 8
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EIGHT FRIENDS HAVE FUN AT COST OF NEWLYWEDS • Friends who "swore out a warrant" and had P. P. Zerfass and his •bride, formerly Lucille Wlndell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. "Wlndell, arrested on charges of illegal possession of a (stuffed) pheasant, had great fun at the couple's expense last week Wednesday might, and the newlyweds entered into the spirit of the occasion. Deputy Sheriff Claude Samson -.-and Marshal F. W. Green chased the •.pair to Wesley and caught them at the Julius Kunz home, where they • "were preparing to make a getaway. In the meantime County Attorney Shumway and Justice L. A. Winkel •were in wait here for the Zerfasses to be brought home for trial. They •declined emphatically, however, to • risk themselves in Algona, so Mr. Shumway and Mr. Winkel obliged 'them by going to Wesley. On being arraigned for trial, Mr. ! .Zerfass entered a, plea of not guilty. THe was asked If he had an attorney, • and said he did not, after which he • ottered a "pauper's plea" for the appointment of defense counsel. L. E. X.innan was appointed by Justice ""Winkel. An attempt to appoint H. "W. Miller also failed when Shumway declared that Miller was his chief '-witness and Mr. Zerfass objected to '.having the complaining witness as -Jus attorney. Miller testifie'd that Mr. Zbrfass "had the stuffed pheasant. This had ibeen borrowed for the occasion from -Dr. W. D. Andrews, and the county ^attorney introduced It as Exhibit A. Sir. Miller declared that ho was '•certain it was the same bird, because he had seen the mounting Aboard on the bird's feet when it fell. .He could also identify It, he said, by 'the grain on the hoard, as well as "by the bird's exceptionally long tail. Mr. Linnan had difficulty in ques- •"tions on cross-examination satisfactory to Justice Winkel, who would .'not give the defense a chance. Fin- ST, BENEDICT WOMAN DIES; (LULL WINTER St.'Benedict, June 16—Mrs. Jacob Fehr's death last Wednesday was a shock to everyone but she hasn't been well all winter and spring and not very well for the past few ywirs. Mrs. Fehr was GO years old at her death and is survived by hfi- husband and daughter, Mrs Lawrence Clnk and son August who ar e married ami also a sister, Mrs. J.'cob Augustine, of St. Cloud, Minn., and two brothers, Charles and August Emearel of this village. The funeral was held Saturday morning- at H o'clock here at the Catholic church, Rev. B. H. Loeffelholz reading a requiem high mass and burial made at the St. Benedict cemetery. The funeral was well attended. Those from afar were Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Augustine, of St. Cloud. Minn., and son Jack, of Bellevue; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Emearel and Mrs. Mary Krebsach and Mr. Max Jax from St. Cloud, Minn.; and a number of relatives and friends from Algona and Tltonka. EDITH BOWYER RETAINS HOPE TILLTHE END By Irma D. Adams. Los Angeles, June 10—Nearly a year ago Edith Bowyer Whiffen left New York City and came to the home o£ her mother, Nellie G. Bowyer, In Hollywood, in search of health. For months it seemed as though, by some miracle, she might win out. She was always optimistic, cheerful, and patient, and everything known to both Christian and medical science was done to' help her; but It was a losing fight, for she was afflicted with cancer of the bone. During the last four months ESTHERVILLE DOWNS ALGONA IN GAME HERE •ally, however, the justice threw i she was confined to bed, but she -flown the bars, whereupon Mr. Lin- never c ease <l bein e hopeful of re- nan asked Mr. Miller whether the 'latter had ever seen an African wif- .lendoofer. Mr. Miller said he had ffieen many varl-colored birds, —whereupon Mr. Linnan asked •Tvhether the alleged pheasant .might ••not in fact be a wlffendoofer. Mr. -3Iiller maintained, on the contrary, t-that the bird was really a pheasant, ."though he admitted that he was not iin proper condition to say whether ;:any bird was a wiffendoofer. Joseph Bloom was then placed on ~the stand, and he admitted that he ."knew nothing good about Mr. Zer- tfass. Mr. Zerfass, who followed Mr. CBloom, admitted being a wlffendoof- (<r fancier, and said the bird was out 'of his own private flock. Mrs. Zer- SSass was called as the next witness, 'and she testified that her husband <3iad always been kind, possessed an ••<excellent character, and wouldn't Oiarm a bird. During the proceedings Mr. Lin- .aian and Mr. Shumway frequently .^consulted each other on the lawn. i.31r. Zerfass objected that his law- r.yer was apparently in cahoots with ''the prosecuting attorney, but his ij>rotests were in vain. After one of ?lheee consultations the lawyers de- sclared the case settled out-of court. In the meantime the Zerfass car Miad been decorated with appropriate signs, and a long string of tin '-icons attached to a rear tire. The couple were finally allowed to dei-part for their honeymoon at Macll- .Wia, They returned Sunday ;th Mr. Zerfass's daughter Janet, i-who had been attending an academy rat Madison. Mr. Zerfass and Miss Windell -were married last week Wednesday ••evening. Mrs. Zerfass has been i teaching in the Fort Dodge schools. ''She attended the state university -ot Iowa. The Zerfasses returned •from Madison Sunday with Mr. Zer l-Sass's daughter Janet, and they are ::at home in the Zerfass home on •'south Minnesota street. 1FORMER KOSSUTH CITIZENS ACCUSED OF BANK ROBBERY Bulletins from the state bureau of 'investigation of Minnesota received .recently by sheriff Hovey seek the 'arrest of Mr. and Mrs. Hilary Henderson and Clarence Campbell, one time citizens for short periods of JCossuth, believed implicated in some >«f the local bank robberies. Mrs 'Henderson, whose name is Edith, is "accused of being an accessory to the robbery of a Judson, Minn., ban! July 24, 1930, and Campbell .is charg ^ed with the same robbery. Hender son is wanted for robbery of a He -witt, Minn., bank May 2 this year 'Henderson, who with his wife, spen •^several weeks in this county a yeai tago, is believed to have been ring ."3eader in most bank robberies ii '3owa and Minnesota in recent years 'FORMER ALGONIAN RANGER IN YELLOWSTONE NATL, PARK covery. She was given the most loving care and constant attention, with every wish anticipated by her mother, relatives, friends, and trained nurses. Her sister Gwendolyn came from Chicago to lend assis- The Lone Rock baseball team and the Algona Grays will meet on the local diamond Sunday afternoon in what promises to be une of the best ball games to be played here this summer. The Lone Rock team has been making an excellent record in de* renting aggregations supposedly better, and the team has a large following in central and northern Kossuth. A large group of fans from the North'-'End are expected. , Dwight, son of the Rev. and Mrs J-F. A. Smiley, Grinnell, is at the Yel 'Jiowstone park, where he is spendin; "the summer as ranger naturalist iHe is stationed at Mammoth Ho ^Springs, and will be pleased to se -'old Algona friends who may visi park this summer. Check Artist Out. Roy Shotto, who had written sev Jieral bad checks, was released fron 'custody early in the week, whe isisters put up bond of $500 to secur jfholders of the checks, which totale -.more than $80. Shotto, who hai fceerved 15 days in jail on-two charg ies of bad checks, is from Spencer. * Speeder Is Fined. Ralph Wood, Algona youth, wa •ained $2.50 by Justice Danson Sat tiurday on a charge of speeding i Sine Ambrose A. Call state park. H £had been warned previously b aCustodian Paul wille, but had faile tto heed warnings. Mr. Wille cough {him racing in the park. • Couple Wed Here. Geo. W. Beacom and Constanc «Y»agnath, both of Minneapolis, wer 2ZQarrted Saturday evening at ^o'clock at Trinity Evangelical Lu pargonag^ by the Rev. L ew% KHnt? ana Rober served as witnesses. tance, which was a great blessing, for Gwendolyn was most faithful to the very last. In January her brother, Ambrose Bowyer, Chicago, and his wife came and spent a month in Hollywood, bringing much cheer into Mrs. Whiffen's life. Another sister, Marjorie Burls, also Chicago, was here at the same time and also spent several weeks trying to be helpful in every way. In spite of all efforts and the skill of doctors and nurses, Mrs. Whiffen grew weaker and weaker, till she passed peacefully away at her mother's home June 3. Funeral services were held June 5 in one of the chapels of the Pierce Bros. Funeral Home, it being fill ed with friends, many of whom had t some time or other lived at AI- ona. The wonderful organ music •as a forceful reminder of the beau- ful musician who had passed on. his was followed by the Christian cience service and two beautiful ongs, "There'll Be no Night There ml "Shepherd, Show Me How to o," sung sweetly by Edith's girl- ood friend, Crete Goddard Bruce. ianks of flowers were mute symbols f the sympathy of hundreds of rlends. Cremation followed, and the ashes •ere scattered over the Pacific cean which Mrs. Whiffen loved so veil. Her late husband's body was Iso cremated and the ashes scat ered. |. •• n--^:-.\.<:-. : .*IH-R.a5'.u«- Hdith was 'born at Algona April , 1882, the daughter of the late :. G. Bowyer and Nellie G. Bowyer. he spent her girlhood at Algona, ilways showing a marked talent and ove for music. She taught there a vhile, but whe n still young went o Chicago, where she studied and aught at the Chicago Musical col- ege. ' Later Mrs. Whiffen studied 'under he great masters in Italy and Rus- iia and became a most charming md accomplished pianist 'and organ- st. At the time she was stricken vith her dread disease she was ichieving great success in her- chosen art at New York City. It was her constant desire and ambition to get well and return to her work. Edith was married September U, 1904, at Algona to Walter C. Whiffen, who died at Moscow, Russia, August 2, 1827. He was a representative of the Associated Press, and this enabled the couple to live in many different countries: first in the United States, next in Mexico, then in Russia, finally, for years, at Peking, China. In addition to her mother, the brother Ambrose, and the sisters, Gwendolyn Norrie and Marjorie, Genevieve Field, who lives at Shanghai, China, survives. It is difficult to become reconciled to ths loss of such a. charming personality as 'that of Edith Bowyer Whiffen. She was as fine in spirit and as free from fault as human nature may be. A multitude of errors plus an excellent team defeated the Algona Grays, S-l, Tuesday afternoon at the local ball park before n, big crowd. The stand was crowded, and many were parked in cars around the field, which was recently skinned and put in excellent condition. Estherville scored in the second inning, got three runs in the third, and one each In the fourth, fifth, seventh, and ninth frames. Algona's only score came on a home run in the seventh inning, when Forrest Twogood knocked the ball way out into the pasture and galloped around the bases. Moulton at right field, and Mertz at left field accounted for two errors apiece, and "Marty, at center, was credited with the other Algona error. Guzy, Estherville pitcher, had the Algonians under control all through the game, and the locals did not seriously threaten to score. Algona had nine die on bases, and Estherville had H2. Algona had one earned run, land Estherville six. Cayou struck out three, and Guzy struck out eight. Each pitcher allowed two walks. At Charles City Sunday Algona won 5-4 after a hard fought battle with the Floyd county aggregation on the latter's home field before a large crowd. The teams were tied at the end of the ninth and tenth innings, but Hill, for Algona, cracked out a hit in the eleventh inning, bringing in the winning run. Last Thursday at Estherville the Algonians suffered their first defeat at the hands of Estherville 9-2. The game was much like the one here Tuesday, with the Algonians putting up a good game, but losing by a large score. Algona's infield worked excellently in all three Ejames. The box score of Tuesday's game follows; Algona— Hill, ss Watts, 2b 4 Twogood, Ib 4 1 O'Brien, c 40230.0 Marty, cf 4 01301 Scanlan, 3b 400030 Moulton, rf 301202 Mertz, If 301202 Cayou, p 401020 Butler, ,1-f 100100 *Vinson 100000 EIGHT A180NIANS ATTEND DISTRICT BAR CHAUTAUQUA The eighth nnmml lawyers' chau- tauqua of the 14th judicial district bar association took place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Crescent Inn on West Okobojl, and the attendance from here Included Judge Quarton, S. E. and Maurice •McMahon, J. L. Bonar, T. P. and Robert Harrington, Luke 13. Linnan, and G. W. Stlllman. There was a total attendance ot some GO lawyers. Mr. Linnan was on the program but for lack of time for preparation did not appear. Hereafter the chau- tauniia will ho conducted under the joint auspices of the 14th, and 2)lst district bar assoclatlo'ns. The 21st district adjoins the 14th district- on the west and Includes counties north and northeast of Slous^Clty. WILLS', UNION FARMERS, HAVE MANY CHICKENS Union Twp., June 10—Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Will have kept to their normal production of poultry this year regardless of lower prices. They have nearly 700 young White Leghorns not yet six weeks old. However, the roosters are beginning to crow. The chicks were custom hatched at Algona from eggs supplied by the Will flock of 350 hens. The Wills have fed nothing except oatmeal, cracked corn, hulled oats, and sour milk, and the chicks have developed rapidly on this ration; The Wills are now gathering 200 eggs a day from their flock. Yearbook Committee Named—. Mesdames Anga Stoutenberg, Maude Nelson, Nan Ward, and Mary Bennett are members of a. program committee to make out yearbooks for the Mothers and Daughters club. Mesdames Winnifred Jergenson and Katherlne Leason, president and secretary-elect, are ex-officio members. The president appoints this committee. Donald Boevcrs is Graduated— Friends In the community have re ceived announcement that Donald, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. George Boevers, Mason City, was a member of a high school graduating class there this year. Mr. Boevers owns and for many years lived on wayside Farm, three miles north of Algona on No. 169. Clyde Mnrtln Is Married— ' Clyde D. Martin, Merchontvllle, N. J., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. -L.. Martin, Algona, and Mary Ann, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Coate, Bridgetown, N. J., were married Friday, May 29, by the Rev. Mr. Richards, pastor of the f'lrst church, Haddonfleld, AB R H PO A E -400430 02220 1 10 0 0 2 3 Farmers Are Cultivating Corn— Cultivating corn is keeping most farmers busy now. The corn is well advanced for this time of year. Plenty of moisture has made conditions favorable for weeds. Alfalfa Is about ready for the first cutting. Pastures are good. No drought prospects for Kossuth this year. Methodist N. J. A college friend of the bride, Leona Faust, Sewell, N. J., and an Iowa State college' chum of the bridegroom, Lee O. Mork, New York City, were attendants. The only relative of the bridegroom In attendance was his brother Lloyd, Camden, N. J. The new Mrs. Martin, who Is a graduate of the Woodstown, N. J., high school and the Camden Commercial college, is stenographer for the R. C. A. Victor company at Camden. Her husband was graduated from the Algona high-school in 1925 and from Iowa State college In 1920. He Is a member of the Theta XI fraternity, and Is specifications engineer for the R. C. A. Victor company. After a wedding dinner at Camden the couple and the bridegroom's brother came here to visit the boys' parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Martin, arriving June 2. The newlyweds left for home last week Wednesday, and were to visit Mason City and Chicago friends en route. They were also to stop briefly at Niagara Falls and cross to Ontario, Can. Mr. and Mrs. Martin have now begun housekeeping at Oaklyn, N. J., and both will continue at work for the R. C. A. Victor company. 40 at Country Club Party— The third Country club evening party was held at the clubhouse Tuesday night, and a chicken dinner was served at 7, after which there was bridge and dancing. The high scores were won by Mrs, J. L. Bonar and D. D. Paxson, and Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Williams won the family prize. There were 40 persons In attendance. The hosts and hostesses were: Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Scheme!, Alvin Huenhold, June Corey, Elizabeth Nugent, and C. W. Nicoulln. The next afternoon party will be held next Tuesday, with the following women as hostesses: Mesdames T. C. Sherman, S. E. McMs,- hon, Al Falkenhainer, Chas. Taylor, Ralph Elbert, and C. A. Momyer. The next evening party will be held June 30, with the following committee in charge; Messrs, and Mesdames C. R. LaBarre, E. C. Hancher, L. C. Nugent, and James McDonald, -Marie Wehler, Dr. H.'M. Olson, and Mabel Olson. honoring Mrs, Leona, Stevehfcon Me- draw, of dreene. Mrs. M6Graw received a guest prize, and JJllzabeth Nugent won the high score, Mrs. McGraw was honored at another party last week Wednesday,' when Hejen Corey entertained at two tables of bridge. Party Given nt •Mrs. H. E. Woodward, Whltte- mo:-e, and Mrs. Walter Fraser entertained 24 women at a bridge lunch* eon last week Wednesday at the former's home. A two-course luncheon was served at small tables and an orchid color scheme-was carried out. The high bridge scores were won by Mrs. N. C. Rice, Mrs. ,T. L. Bonar, arid Mrs, Wm. 1C Ferguson. KLAHR WRITES OF THE HORSE OUSTER RODE Guests' nt WliiHemore— Mr. and Mrs. George Elbert, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Oliver, and Mrs. Eugene Kenefick were entertained at cards at Dr. and Mrs. H. E, Woodward's, Whittemore, Friday night. Bridge was played at two tables, after which refreshments were served. Editor'and Mrs. Seth Cairy were also guests. Mrs. F. H. Webster Honored— The county Legion Auxiliary honored County Chairman, Mrs. F. H. Webster, at a picnic at the Ambrose A. Call state park yesterday afternoon at 2:30. Mrs. Webster Is leaving Algona next fall and the picnic was given In her honor. Totals :___36 1 9 27 10 5 •Batted for Watts in ninth. Estherville— AB R H PO A E Dolan, 3b 611310 Anderson, If 612410 Waytula, rf 501400 Wegs, c 401900 Casper, cf 411000 Tomer, Ib „_ 533600 Grant, 2b 411020 Walsh, ss .:__ 412131 Guzy, p 502000 Totals 43 S 14 27 7 1 Score by Innings: 123456789 Estherville » 1311011 Algona 0 0.0 000100 SCHOOL NURSE GIVES AID TO 968 STUDENTS (Continued from page one.) SHORT TALKS FEATURE OF ROTARY PROGRAM MONDAY The Rotary club heard four excellent five-minute talks Monday noon. Supervisor McDonald spoke on the county's 1931 road improvement program an d answered questions. N. V. Lowe told what services are performed by the Tire Service company. County Attorney Shumway responded to the question, Why Make a Will? Lastly R. H. Miller described a fishing vacation which the Millers and the F. E. Kents took in northern Minnesota last week. A visiting Rotarian from Lincoln, Neb., was introduced. In the absence of Mrs. Eugene Murtagh, Mrs. Sylvia Ounn played the piano for the singing, which was led by Dr. L. G. Baker. Wesley Boy to Wed. Wesley, June 16—The marriage of Alson Braley, Wesley, 'to Hazel Leona Deming, Iowa City, will take place at Iowa City next Monday. Alson's' family wiB attend, driving down Sunday afternoon. up by the Kiwanis club among its members, and these are given to Miss Bonnstetter for milk for un derweight and impoverished chil dren. The fund last year totaled S23.3G, and $20 was spent for milk for one family O f children. Clothing contributions were made by many Algonians, but the list not complete because many of the bundles were not marked with the name of the donor. Mrs. L. W. Keith was in charge of distribution of Christmas baskets and 45 families were remembered The list of contributors to these baskets follows; Algona teachers, O. Madsen, Cath olic Daughters of America, Roya Neighbors, Royal Neighbor club Congregational church, 4-Corne club, Wa-tan-ye club, Episcopa guild, Presbyterians, Methodists Mrs. Chester Long's Campfire girls Baptist church, Father Davern, Mrs Harry Godden, Martin Bonnstettei Swedish Lutheran women, D. A. R Olivia Kressin, (toys) Fenton schooi Mrs. Nelson, toys and clothing-rura school, Miss Coate, P. E. O., Iow c State bank, Algona high schoo Miss Godfrey and pupils, W. C. T U., Mr. and Mrs. Marty, Legio; Auxiliary, American Legion, Mrs George Godfrey and neighbors, Wo man's Relief Corps, German Lu theran Women, Algona telephon girls, Women's club. Dutton & Le: fert furnished a truck and Fran! Thorpe helped to deliver basket not taken by organizations. Tonsil Clinic Conducted. Mrs. C. A. Sampson conducted a intensive Christmas Seal sale, an enough funds, the largest since th war, makes it possible to furnis milk to children when needed. The Kiwanis club, in addition t other activities mentioned, give $1.0 per month, the Home Econorr ics -ch* a. total of $66.06, and th Chris'tmas Seal fund gave $13.9 which was used in the tonsil din recently held. A total of 35 A\gon children had their tonsils remove free of any charge last year an this year. Other Union News Alice, 11-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Mahoney, accom- inied her aunt, Mrs. Dora Feri-i- in, Sexton, to Chicago Saturday, hey are guests of the latter's aughter, Mrs. Alfred Faulkner, lice's trip and visit, which will over five weeks, are the gift of Irs. Faulkner. Frieda and Helen aetz, Sexton, also accompanied Irs. Ferrigan, and are visiting an ncle in Chicago. . Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leason Jr. ntertained at family dinner Sunday !r. and Mrs. Robert Leason, son Ifred, and daughter Mabel; Mr. and Irs. Paul Dremmel, Algona; the eph Gross'family, Lone Rock; Mr. nd Mrs. Arthur Leason, Burt; and Ir. and Mrs. Marshall Leason. Mrs. Jos. Leininger fir., who had een living with her daughter, Mrs. ludolph Will more than two years, eturned to her Lotts Creek home wo weeks ago Sunday to spend a !W months with her son William. Erna Madson is doing the house- vork. Jennie Thompson, Mrs. Mame Ho- ius, and the Lloyd Elstons, all of Burt, were Sunday evening guests it F. S. Thompson's. The first two are sisters of Mr. Thompson, and Mrs. Elston is a niece. The Rudolph Wills attended an nnual Lutheran picnic at Whittemore Sunday. They spent the even- ng at Chris Alt's. The John Mahoneys spent Sunday evening with the Carl Paetzes at Sexton. The St. Thomas Guild will next week Thursday with Marie Wchty at Clear Lake. mee Mr The Methodist Bible Searcher Sunday school 'class met 'Tusda with'Mre. J. M. Ifcxn*. Mrs. Helen Briislilng-liain M'cd— Mrs. Helen Brushingham, eldest daughter of Judge and Mrs. W. B. Quarton, was married last week Wednesday at 9 o'clock at the Cal- legiate church, New York City, to Dr. Charles E. Remsen, of that city. Doctor Remsen, who is a World war veteran, is a son of the late Dr. Ira Remsen, famous chemist and former president of John Hopkins university. He is a physician and surgeon and practices in New York City. Following their marriage the couple went to Springfield, Mass., and they will spend the rest of the summer at Deer Isle, Maine. The new Mrs. Remsen was graduated from Northwestern university, Evanston, 111., in fl.918, and Doctor Remsen was graduated from John Hopkins in 1904. >: Shower Honors Ethel Epgllgh— Other Society. The R. N. A. club will meet with Mrs. Fred Powell next week Tuesday afternoon at 2:30. A business meeting will be followed by a program and refreshments. The committee in charge is composed of Mesdames Ell Burbank, Henry Aman, Prank Ortrum, Cora 'Bowman, Frank Vera, George Hackman, J. J. Dooley and Fred Powell. Mesdames Loyd Wellendorf, Mau. rice and Fred Bartholomew, and N. Victor Lowe entertained at dinner and bridge at the Wellendorf home Monday night. At 6:30 dinner was served to 40 women. The small tables were centered with bouquets of daisies. High bridge scores were won by Mesdames W. P. French, Frank Thorpe, and Henry Reimer. The W. C. T. U. met at Mrs. John Schimmel's last week Tuesday afternoon.' Dr. Kenefick spoke on Alcohol a Deceptive Remedy. Vera Stiel, who gave a violin solo, was accompanied by Lucile Maleug at the piano. Senator Dickinson in attendance and gave a talk. The next regular Royal Neighbor lodge meeting has been changed from next week Thursday to the day before in order not to conflict with a district convention at Ringsted. This district consists of Emmet, Palo Alto, and Kossuth. The Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Aid met last Thursday at Mrs. P. J Braner's with an attendance of 28 Three new members were received Luhch was served by Mrs. Braner Mrs. Henry Wegener is president of the Aid. The Get-Togethers met for lunch- P A Falkenhainer won high bridge score. Mrs. S. D. Drake, of Mason City, \ V as a guest of the club. The Baptist Mission Circle meets this afternoon at 2:30 with Mrs Orville Elkins, Mrs. Claude Samson assisting. Mrs. Hugh daughter, Mrs. Herman and her George P. Elvid'ge, News of Our Neighbors 90-YEAR-OLD WOMAN MAKES TRIP BY AUTO— BURT—Mrs. Myrtle Rlngsdorf and son Clifford, Bancroft, and Will FUngsdorf drove to Maquoketa last Thursday and visited until Saturday at the Rev. Barslou home. Mrs. Elizabeth Rlngsdorf, who has been spending the winter there with her daughter, returned with them. Although Mrs. Rlngsdorf is nearly 90 years of age, she stood the 300-mile auto ride remarkably well and on Sunday morning was able to go to church. eon and bridge with Mrs. M, Weaver Monday noon. Mrs. Doctor Klahr is the father • of 'Mrs/ Qeo'. St. John. "With Mrs./ .JCIahr, he recently went to Law- tericp ' via bus to visit another daughtejtv By Dr. F. P. Klnhr. Lawrence, Kans., June 6 — Our rip from Mason City was uneventful and pleasant, save that it-'grew ivarm ere'we reached our destination" at;2'.BO'p. m. ' W!e ; 'fy%wed the landscape o'er all .heJwd-J? down, expecting to see corn all6i£"8rown as we proceeded on our way.'Mut we were 'disappointed, as Algona corn was as far advanced as any w.p saw. We did find peas and ictato' vines in bloom on our arrival lere, but'they have no such luxur- ant growth' of dandelions as we can show them, at home^ To us-, one of the most interesting and beautiful places here IB university campus on- Oread the hill. just east of and adjacent to the cityi The elevation Is suoti as to afford a fine view of the surrounding country, which In June particularly Is plctuceeque, undulating and partial!y timbered. Most of the 'U' buildings are constructed of limestone, quarried from the campus hillsides. There Is a new stadium In the valley hard by, and It is a credit to the state as well as to the Institution. It Is claimed that the Dyche museum Is one of the finest among those of state unlvesltles in this county, and that It has the largest and . finest collection of bird and turtle skeletons In the world. The first thing to attract the writer's attention museum was as; he •••entered'';.this the horse "Comanche," the only living 'being left of the U. S. forces on-the' field of battle after the Cueter massacre on the Little Big Horn in 1876. The story is that the horse, which had suffered seven flesh wounds, was found near, the scene of battle and subsequently taken to Fort Meade and afterward removed to Fort x Rlley, where he spent the remainder of his days,.".•which were ended' about 1892. By order of the commandlrtg officer at Fort Meade he was never ridden- after his rescue from the field of battle. Upon the death of Professor Dyche, of K. U., was engaged as taxidermist to mount him at the agreed upon compensation of $400, with the understanding that the exhibit would be sent with the K. .U exhibit to the World's fair at Chicago' in 1893; but as the $400 fee was never paid to Professor Dyche Comahche still occupies a prominent place on the first floor of thfe K. U. museum, notwithstanding the fact that people interested in other museums have tried hard and long to get him. We are having a somewhat busy but fine visit. BEAD THE WANT ADVS. GAME TO Fenton, exciting b,,i| r Sunday, scm-o i 2 .t| 'Ive rune In the ond -cored .even mo c on only four. Thn throughout. „,„,, regular players t) . been , Uff le WANTED— fona hotel.— »'m. K .f SELECT PEOI for Fall planting while are in bloom not] Perennials may transplanted. Earlv" for tulip bulbs ' selection. HORTE>SE S. PER 6 | CARSON Never Forgotten When, a Memor! finished in Pirie'sl Barre Granite, it) honor forever the if ory of the one for i it is erected. This granite, qui for nearly fifty; possesses color, te| . and durability thai unsurpassed. Whei specify it for ials, your loved will never be forf Ask us to show ] lovely memorial We shall also be i assist you in s an appropriate i GoddenMonw Est. 1878. i Mid • Summer Dresses of Perry, entertained at the former's home last Thursday at a miscellaneous shower for Ethel English, who will be married this month to Casey Loss. There were 25 guests. The afternoon was mostly spent at visiting. A prize was offered to the person who could make the most words out of Ethel's name. Late In the afternoon refreshments were served. Florence Dehnert assisted with the serving. Out-of-town guests were Mesdames Frank and I. H. Chapman, and Jos. Lich'ty, Lu Verne, and Mrs. Fred Geigel, Bode. Gathering Honors Moe Anniversary SB Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Moe were pleasantly surprised a week ago Sunday at the home of Mrs. Moe's sister, Mrs. Adolph. Groves, Forest City, wlien 50 relatives came to help them observe their 38th wedding anniversary. After dinner at noon' the rest of the day was spent at visiting. Mr. and Mrs. Moe were presented with a purse. Mrs. Eugene Keneklck and her sons John and Jim accompanied the former's parents, the Moes, to Forest City. Party Honors Greene Woman— June Adel Overmyer and Ann Murtagh entertained at three tables of bridge last Thursday evening, ss "Where Service and Quality Meet" 1 New arrivals for this week's sellii Corner Grocery AND MEATS PASTOR'S GRANDMOTHER PAST 93 YEARS OLD— BURT—The Rev. and Mrs. Rich mann and daughter Margaret spent from Wednesday to Friday of last week at Readlyn visiting the Rev. Richmann's parents. On Friday they attended a, Mathias family reunion, in honor of the Rev. Mr, Mac aroni, 4 boxes for 18c Richmann's grandmother's 93rd SPECIAL Value* for ThU Week birthday. About 200 attended, five generations being represented. THREE AT WHITTEMORE LEAVE FOR TOUR— WHITTEMORE — Paul and William Weber and Henry Haag left last week Wednesday for an auto trip that will take them to the west coast. They planned to travel via. Sioux City, Norfolk, Nebraska, Colorado; Wyoming, Washington, Oregon, and California, and were to be gone at least a month. They are camping along the way. NINE LEDYAIU) MAIDENS SOJOURNING AT LAKES— LEDYARD—Nine girls plan to go to Arnold's Park the latter part of this week to spend a week at the lake. Mrs. EUg. Golhaus will go as chaperon for the following fir Is: Helen Hagge, Violet Plngel, Alice Moulton, Alice Mayne, Winnifred Friday, Bertha Nit?,, Ire^e Luetta and Anita Gelh.aus, Fig -Bars, 2 Ibs for 25c Georgie Porgie Breakfast Food 20c Pork and Beans, size 2% can 18e Assortment of Beans, per can fie 20 mule team Borax j 15c Oxydol, large size 19c Palm Rose Toilet Soap, 4 for -~25c "Big 8" Coffee, 3 Ibs. for .58c Meat Department Beef Boil, 2 Ibs. 86c Lard, 2 Ibs. 2Bc Hamburger, home made, Ib. 15c Pork Saueage, home made, Ib. _.J5c Beef, Veul, Fork, and lamb Trade out your eggs with us. H.UORENSEN&CO, Deliver Phone We call your attention to this mid-.ea»on thawing, summer styles in all the newest hotvweather material chittons, shantungs, washable crepes—in all siases ranges. $e.i ... , aoyelty weave^ $11.75,11? Drartic price reduction! .mounting to J of f an «U SprN * light rinted '«*»»»•. crepes New Voiles coming in "" ft n4

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