Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 24, 2003 · 32
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 32

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 24, 2003
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2 LOCAL THE OAKLAND T1U8UNE . ' ' SUNDAY, Augurt 24, 2003 name A DECADES-OLD Oakland educational in- . notation Id changing ltsname. . . The California College of Arts and Crafts, founded In 1907, Is now Callfapiia College of the Arts. Aaprdlng to the college's Is the regionally accredited, tnchooTofartand design In the western United States.. Classes offered at two locations, a 4-acre hilltop site on Broadway at College Avenue and a facility on Eighth Street In San Franrtsco, lead to un- deraduate and graduate delta 24 different , ranging from architecture and Interior design to painting, drawing and pho-to&aphy, textiles, graphic denial and fflmMdeo performance. Founder Frederick Meyer sought to provide an education for artists and designers that would integrate both theory and practice In the arts. Meyer, a German bom cabinetmaker, was an early proponent of the Arts and Crafts Mofement, which library history room flies say, originated In Europe during the late 19th century In reaction to the machine-made products of the Industrial age. Meyer emigrated to San Francisco at the turn of the last century where he established a cabinet shop and taught at the Mark Hopkins , Institute of Art The 1906 earthquake and Are destroyed both his shop and the Institute. Like thousands of other refugees, Meyer looked to the East Bay to make a fresh start He decided to start his own art school, Initially in . Berkeley, with $45, a line of credit, 43 students, 3 teachers wife Laetltla as school sec- AUSL aijdwll rotary. In addition to subjects such as figure drawing and landscape painting, the fledgtag school included instruction in metal work, mechanical drawing and other so-called practical courses. From this humble beginning the new school developed rapidly, changing locations in Berkeley three times. With an Influx of veterans returning from World War I, the school again outgtw Its quarters, and by 1922 flies say, the search was under way for a new permanent site. The famed James Treadwell estate on Broadway was on the market and It proved to the Ideal location for the growing Institution. 1 JIM PM ARK1 The sale came with a statriy. Victorian villa and separate twratory coachhouse, as well as Impressive pounds, trees and Imposing concrete retaining wall along Broadway (still In place). James Treadwell was one of three brothers originally from New Brunswick, Canada who struck gold In Alaska In the 1880s. The Treadwell gold mines soon became among die tidiest gold producers In the world. Hie brothers sold their Interest at geal profit and turned their attention to southern Alameda County, where they Invested In a coal mine, budding a railroad line to transport 500 tons a day. The layers of day and aand surrounding the cod gave rise to additional Industries. The clay layer produced 43 different kinds of clay used to create porcelain and mrthen-ware. Combined with the sand, it yielded 80,000 bricks per day. These factories were called the Carnegie Brick and Pottery Company. The Treadwells used the bricks to lay out paths and walkways on the property they had acquired north of Oakland on Broadway. Bricks on campus with the Carnegie stamp are still visible. The Treadwells used their considerable fortune to make the North .Oakland property a show place. The view across open land to the bay was magnificent According to the history files, family descendants describe watching such historic events as balloon ascensions at Blair Park, the first night In 1905 when Mayor Frank Mott pulled a switch' to turn on the first electrotiers ' and San Francisco In flames Mowing the earthquake of 1906. Financial reverses began to plague the Treadwells fw- -lowing the earthquake and after James' death some years later, the family was forced to sell. Frederick Meyer, described as a "peppery , con-pact man with an encyclopedic range of knowledge, boundless enthusiasm and love of plants and animals," was able to C3 Soul Beat TV cj ComnuSy ante pransn on Soul Bmi Takvbtei KS8T-TVL Chanrel 9 2544 7M Aw. 777-MOO MudK ' 4am SoM Baal Gold Htov 1 1 ml tap Bwl wMi Young Turner Im SaiBtf Spacri .. ml and 11 pm-RNakdmGaapat MMtfodwta(torthnnfidn IS ml Ewr taraaaing Mi wMi to Rw.fndK.Mco 11aa.-GnpdBret NoM-Govpd Fate Hor itttowngo- K Joyce Twin - - Ipm-fedShowcaaewMiAIBtort Ipa-SodhotM I pm Haakh Boa wtti Or. H. Goof- teyMteaon y Shoppere Bnt wtti hni Sandare and Man Date pnt -Tka SoUom Sh Dt W BaycfYoirBbdtMutenBtowy 1 1 pm -SL Andrews Riyar How topm ftalor Dorodiy McGhee " IKTOPTV MACKY HALL (above) is the oldest building on the California College of the Arts campus in Oakland. NEW IUILDIN6S MIX with the old on the arts school's Oakland campus Jefl). SIS Takyfe gMmment programming on . Otaanfi KTDP-1Y pbio Onml M iv WOMt-VfoAecsre I ml Locd Mmo Ewm Maw Why WmwaGool Pint Nooa Earth Cah: EnwgyCanmnafon 1230 pm BHi of NASA 1 1pm NASA: Tho Moon God UOpm-NASAUbSdonot' 2 pm -DeWMon Tomorrow (epiaoda II 230 pm-NASA 25 Yon of Mognm I pm - NASA: Mom Moon EwMon 30 pm NASA: Space for Woman 4pm -Dartnafan 2 fapaoda 2) 430 pm EartiGte:VHne Energy 5 pm Earth Ode Afeamatiw Rah 5:30 pm Eco NawK Swing UMft I pm Lantwn Umy Sarto: Ruhart 1 7 pm Eco Nowk Tho Row of Mo 1 730 pm - Exploring Your Rogjonol Mb I pm Eco Nowk Grand Canyon bring new life to the once Hall (for artist Spencer Macky, grand estate. Meyer and his . president from 1944 to 1954) wife and daughter took up res- was completed in 1988. Ad- ldence In the mansion's top floor attic, while Instructors and students conducted classes downstairs. The carriage house and stable was converted Into studios. The school's approach to arts curriculum would have a far-reaching Impact, stressing practical skills and ways to earn a Hying producing art Classes In wood carving, Jewelry, weaving and furniture 'were soon added: In mlnlstratlve offices as well as an aria gallery now occupy the building. Both Macky Hall and riage house: toff photo and the Downtown Historic District, on Aug. 30. Call the tours 24-hour hot line, 238-3234, for time and starting ' places. Oakland Heritage Alliance continues Its summer 1 130 pm Eco Now: Grand'Otaon Baton to Dam pm Ego Nowk Bring to Tuo-lummeRwer 30 pm Info Accaw KDOL the nearby carriage house are Hated on the National Register of Historic Places and are city lanrimarlna. Fall classes at the college are starting soon. For more In- 763-9218. formation, visit www.ccart-s.edu, or call 594-3600. Upcoming tours of downtown Oakland, offered by the Today"! programming on to Oakland AJta noE wmHaxi Eouenra boom ibhil walking tour aeries with a tour ancaraCritoChwirwl27,reki(ta today, Twenties Tlmewarp: Mills Gardena to Picardy . Drive, starting a 10 a.m. Call OHA for more Information, the 1920s, the rapid growth of Oakland Tours Program, In-surrounding ndibor hoods elude Chinatown, on Aug. 27, with tracts of bungalows meant CCAC students typically found gaod employment opportunities alter graduation. The college's founder continued to guide the school's growth until his retirement In . the 1940s. He died In 1961. During the years, administrators have maintained the original structures, while . constructing new buildings to meet increased demands. A -major restoration of the grand old house, now called Macky Li mj 1- - ran Mum. ummni monos or m - -a i -a r.j, rsrvn naoenai rMoncM rmK mr nounco a grant award tan tho Na-Monal Endowment of to Humanities to further development of their interpretive programs. am-KDOLNawmal ml TEAMS Detonce learning Noon KDOL Nawareal 2 pm Tidal Parent Education Houf -3 pm -KDOL Irate Hour 4 pm Oatend Tdart Showcrea pm KDOL Nawareal 7 pm -OCC IM Urban Dreams JM-ted 1 ! I pm TNa I Mrant EducMon Htor pm KDOL Irafa Hour hr s compiato schedule, viak htfotf WMwJtdoLorg q 'Q LivetmoraVUeyf- Days. -vo.Vtinenes. Buses Don't miss your diance to party like a Star! Labor Day Weekend August 31st and September 1st fcatGwfcWl mr ACWb UebtobyWhwra! VtoyOto. Kara Wtoray at Baby: aCWywiWhwy wtttrear " WUkOntWhay WtoaVtoywria W dWawteVlwaywds IkafBtyltoy Yoa cm join the Tour by purchasing ddatt srcal92SL 447. WINE land Porting at 2205 $35 Advaace-Two Day Ticket $40 Dey of the Event $30 Monday-Only Paoo rammefaUvcnnoRt imi i raffllD Fcdac WWlUta c mSf t, FRBEmppm . : SAVE $6.00 Stream MAP onua The STREAM MAP OF NORTHERN CALfORMA resembles another nep-knowntoPennsyfvaniaaiigfersastfie 'Lost Stream tap. He Sham tap of Pmsytvania" was compMed in 198 after a 30 yrar effort by Howard Htymatormar Pm Slate fWrf,nnnr 4M-1 1--I U nUBSSu rBgDee SUCC0NN fl creating a map oMfeliglestdetal possUeu map tat alms every stream and take. Hapanstakingly plotted by hand, tie locafon of 15,000 mles of shams onto a . 3 by 5 tool map. The map sold extremely wel - unti I was lost several years later. Incredfotyflw printerenkusted wilh the original drawing and priming plates declared bankruptcy ttwn carelessly hauled ffgbee's 30 years ol work to ffwiantM. Tte to remaiwig dogeared copies became a prized fshsrman's. AUiiiaLyi DniuAA Ulu pOHroOl nwSSOr nqDO0 W8B offered $400 foe one of his last maps.' And stale agencies were forced to keep Mr copies under lock end key . The experts led alwaye told Professor Hbee tiat reprints were jmposstfebeettse tie maps were -printed In non-photographic blue. Then, In 1991, at tie age of 91, Howenl figbee's deem cere, true. Computed ntyk I preeUe to reprint tie map. Hoklng ai updteed map, Howard aid, 1 never tuigftrd he kmtkdty .Then, by combining Prefessor IV-L i- a i-J - - nVNn nmmobb in conpiv kcbnatogy-teSTREAMMAPOF ' NORTHERN CAUFOfVMwacmaiBl Whyemyanerandboaferneedsfliismap i It ia eitimaled that 10 of all the anen eilch 90 of tlw Tuh. RepnUeee of which group you till intaJthere iea rare way to up your : oddiMjimply try new fiehing waters. Now, with the map you on find -, hidden streams and lahet : Northern Cilifornii h bided with great fishing waterunany of them overlooked, from the Oregon border to the eut-weit boundary HTmilei below San Joae...thouMndi of anilei of etieimi, lakes and riven are new eaiy-to-locate on one map. Profeaor Hieei Stream Map of Northern California ii the lint and only highly detailed map of ita kind. Thin Woot-by-5-foot colormap ahowi virtually all of the MJIOOmilea of Northern Cafifonia stream, plus , lakes. SI KBVMS If REE GUIDEBOOK WITH ALHIAP RAVE REVIEWS It ia amazingly datalad and names aono create in to Mohawk VUay tot canl ovanba found on topographic maps' -JchnPlanm, OBSBtVBVOSmiCHi UUca If iiouYa looking to to moat daMSw maps ovar erealad dapicing owy ainfpa creak, rtmforeanV pond and late...ton ' Trofoaaor Hobart Steam Mapa'arewjtoutquaaUon tolnaaL Howard BranL THE NEWARK STAR-LEDGER 1 la In ahowing Mian to ind ouLoHhwrey taut itaamatotmateatomap auchataoiuretota toMtokaWMteAMirltotofotoNWatoiSr gutti Eisty look mt 3.4X man md 597 Uat thorn m'. teStewntteatetoUcMywidgwvapMcWfo toarmw and gutetook W Mt you tote fop 353 taker ftMny Min i -Joa Gordon, . . TRBUNEPEMOCRAT, ORDER YOUR COLOR STREAM MAPS rd or feted ALSO AMAHf bleary pgsUFEM GUNWnEtaMdHFfenibdtaawlMwfeailarfto , rtkMmtoifefermeyiaiigto oatmm -EJiJSiSSSKSSS ZW4,Xy RUDawntefeChM MMta, S21S0 ; ZtofXJ UMNEDHyMkkMd MUto, $4US . StepMfeUS5-dkw7b14a Atortteferinferanfea1 ; . : TtetedfephgdfcrapiaiKVia CMwmnytorMbiidS. Htft WH Maa EACH KUfllNOUUMMQ) IMP SHPKDNA . - STUAOIf STORAGE TUK Cmrn Cart Orders 244ioars-A-Day 1-W7I742M - PeaartmCTt AN-CC MM Ml BnarM Q -- toLTft ANGNawapapmSubacripflonSmtofr ' 401 13th Stool, 2nd Floor . Ortdand,CA 94612 tribune ' www.ogkia1tdTribun0.com pi '

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