Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 11, 1931 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, June 11, 1931
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r> w W tViifi?* 1 ' ALGONA, IOWA, JUNE 11, 1931 16 Pages Number 39 SJLinEM^ydlRALmLAYHE RE fiML I LEFT UP ,N THE AIR | HflTHFRWIMS GIRLS FINED'FOR Algona GALL PARK IS iELECTEDJY GUARDIANSHIP WRECKING SCHOOL Markets FIIIFnWITH 6, DIRECTORS at Morrison and ID. A. Give Good Reports. Icounty Farm Bureau board I quarterly meeting last week jsday afternoon at the Legion llgona, with 21 persons In at- President F. L. Ryerson, •sided. iort read by Muriel Body, H, [showed unusually good work I part of the women's organ- in the home management The annual Achievement lerved May 28 at Burt, was uccessful. Approximately 200 I viewed the exhibits. Ten lips had booths, and seven •perfect score on organization. 1 an unusually good record. I4-H club work In the county fiows good gains. .Rally day icrved last Thursday at the ! A. Call state park, with Ittendance. frishlp and community meet- i been helped by the cqun- nen's organizations, accord- Body's report. German (ip had a community meeting entirely by the women's lip committee, lorrlson Presents Report. Bty Agent Morrison also pre la report, in^K-hich he cov (lot work on soils, crop diseasi corn variety work, includ- 'brlds, weed eradication, hor- fe, animal husbandry, dairy idry, farm records, and" gen- •ganlzatlon work at township nmunlty meetings, •al business was transacted, discussion took place as Icy of the Kossuth Farm Bii- regard to Corn Belt com[ policies and the Federal iard question, |11. »ay at Fair Planned. Zerfass, secretary of the I fair,- discussed'~a"'' proposed Bureau day at fair. The de- was to postpone the annual farm Bureau picnic till Sep- 11 of county fair week, Ihere will be a special farm I the fair, with speakers, pic- Iner, games, and probably a lalent circus. The usual 4-H livestock parade will also lace. Gov. Dan W. Turner icted to be the speaker. |or Geo. W. Patterson 'was and gave a resume of last legislative activities,, refer- length to efforts along tax Illnes. irganlzation chairman, C. R. reported 650 paid up-'mem- ; date this year, and men- jWesley township as one already earned the right a delegate whose expenses [Paid to a state meeting at lines next winter, having vol- £ signed up ten or more new 1 for the current year.' «* to M. C. Announced. I decided to promote a Farnr I tour to the Iowa State M' e amerles plant at Mason lursday, June 25, in connec- MI6W /Vb VJELL MAKE HIMSELF COMFORTABLE THERE WONT BE ANOTHER STAGE FOR ft COUPLE OF I MOTHER WINS GUARDIANSHIP OF DAUGHTER Foster Parents Give Up Claim After Settlement. Ill the company's picnic that Farm Bureau members and miles are invited. be good news to the many Miss Body has ac- her short stay here board has re-employed her ' ending July \, ASKS INJUNCTION ~ LUVERNE FARMER Andrew, receiver, has an injunction suit against J Mfs, C. j., sauers, who live 1240-acre Bunkofske farm, . Verne, w hi ch j a about to ft court .auction, the receiv- B acquired It on foreclosure |«eage to the defunct Lu' «« bank, Mr. and Mrs. Uv 6 er u" ta of ^e. farm, and per alleges that they will, 1™ f 3 ' reraov ^ f «-om the 'Jiess furnaca and an ' ter6? S t0 the ^» te l>arole. He .had, pleaded, 11 j* o£ ^^"S chfcfc" ! n March, an'ql tlSOO bond. near had v uni- ine academic year Ben, ar< i Frankl, who <* worked. m * h a insurance with the W may branch, ** *- ALGONA LOSES TO LONE ROCK AFTER OPENING ERRORS The Grays will play at Esther- vlUe this afternoon, and Esther- yHie wlir cbiiie' "iff" Algeria next * Tuesday for a return game. Next Sunday the GrayH will piny at Charles City. These are three hard gam'oa In a row, (or both Egthervllle and Charles City have highly rated teams. Algona lost to Lone Rock, 3-1, Sunday afternoon on the Lone Rock field. The Grays got off to a bad start in the very first inning when errors combined with ger and two doubles Rock a two-run lead. a three-bai;- gave Lone Algona was also unable to connect consistently with the .offerings of Sims, Lone Rock pitcher. The Grays made their only score in the sixth, but Lone Rock scored again in the eighth and held.Algona in the ninth. ' The game was not without its thrills. Double plays were made by both teams: Cayou, Algona pitcher, to Scanlan at third,, and for Lone Rock, Sims to Sliarp to Kruger, and Marlow to Sharp to Kruger. Brooks, Lone Rock catcher, knocked a three-base hit, and Sims and Munch, the latter Lone Rock pitcher and left fielder, got two baggers. Algona had one earned run; Lone Rock two, achieving one other by virtue of errors. Algona had' five left on bases, and Lone Rock had 9. H. M. Vinsoni Algona, umpired. The box score follows: AB R H PO A E Bonham, cf 3 Laurltzen, 2b „_„_ 4 O'Brien, c _',_ 2 Twogopd, Ib — 4 Hill, ss 1 3 Marty, If 3 Watts, Cayou, Scanlan, 3b rf-_ P 1 3 1 4 0 2 2 10 0 0 0 2. 0 0 0 1 0 2 Totals -J ,—28 1 4 24 11 7 Lone Rock— ABR H PO A E Hutchison, 3b 5 Kruger, Ib 4 Brooks, c Sims, p Sharp, 2b Mey_ers, cf Marlow, 1 3 0 12 1 5 2 0 3 2 Hutchinson, - rf — 4 Totals - 34 3 82716 1 Score by Innings: 123456789 Algona 0 00001000 Lone Rock -,2 0000 0 0 1 x TWO CUPS WON IN ACADEMIC TESTS ARE RECEIVED HERE Supt. Overmyer has received the two large cups awarded to the Algona high school for Ite records In the recent state academic tests. The larger pup carries the following Inscription: "University of Iowa, Iowa, Academic Contest, 1931, Every-Pu- pll Contest, First Place, Class B. Schools." The inscription on the other CUP is the same except that •«All Schools" is substituted for "Class B Schools." / Puttons Meet The annual Button family reunion will be held «,t the fair grounds next Saturday, This will be a sw- anniversary affair. Scarlet Fever. Ar Writes for Algona T HIS PICTURE of Norma Greiner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Greiner, appeared In the Des Moines Tribune-Capital .following the state academic tests last week Monday and Tuesday. The underline said, "Norma Greiner was one of the sudents from the Algona high school who helped her school take first place in Class B for schools with enrollment from 126 to 400. Algona won second place In general ranking." PARK RULES MUST BE OBEYED, BOARD WARNS The park board wishes to call the attention of parents to the destruction of property in the public parks. A great deal of wanton and malicious distinction of property has taken, place. The parks are supported by your money, and destroyed property must be replaced with your' money. At Athletic park we have a caretaker whose duty it is to place and look after equipment, and no one is permitted to interfere or disturb such arrangement. The rules must be obeyed and parents are warned to tell their children of the rules and the penalty for not observing the same. We especially call your attention to the Section of the Code providing the penalty for destruction, defacing or injuring park ^property. In the future the board will .file information against offenders and let the law punish accordingly. M. 'P. Weaver, B. J. Gllmore, A. Michel, Park Board. MINNESOTA WOMAN HURT IN CAR CRASH HERE FRIDAY Mrs. T. N.. Hovel, Montgomery, Minn., was taken to the, KJossuth hospital Friday, suffering ' from shock and bruises following an accident when a car in which she was riding . with her ftmlly was struck by another car at the Intersection north of Algona. The Hovel car failed t? stop for the intersection. Pastor Goes Touring The Rev. C. y. Hulse and his lly left ' the 13 CARS FULL OF GYPSIES RUSHED OUT QFJOSSUTH Deputy Sheriff Harris, Marshal Frank Green, and a number of deputies escorted a tribe of gypsies across the county Tuesday night, after having received' warning from Palo Alto officials that the latter were bringing them as far as the Kossuth line. The Kossuth oficers met the tribe five miles west on the pavement, where a lengthy argument ensued with the highly excitable men of the tribe who begged that they be allowed to set up their tents, remain overnight, and proceed in the morning. They had got settled in a camp in •Palo. Alto before the officials routed them out, and the women, who do most of the work while the men talk, were tired and sleepy, after pitching tents and Immediately breaking camp again. The men protested that they needed water" so the officials agreed to let them stop at the Walburg station at the junction of highways 18 and 169, north of town, before continuing into Hancock, After reaching the station the ' men again sought to be allowed to encamp. Meanwhile the women'carried water to the cars and rinsed grimy ^ off hands and_Jaces. Every imagfnable excuse for remaining was"made, a big point even being made of the fad that one of the gypsies was a lodge "brother 1 of several of the deputies. Station attendants were kept busy passing sandwiches through a .door which they kept locked when not in use, '.The caravan included 13 cars, al of fairly recent vintage, most of them of the most expensive type. After escorting them to the Hancock line, Kossuth officials next jporning. called Hancock officials to nqtify them that the tribe *was in their jurisdiction. BAD CHECK WRITER GIVEN SECOND SENTENCE TO JAIL Ray Shotto was sentenced to six days in jail Tuesday by Justice W. C. Danson on a charge of writing a bad check. Justice Danson sen tenced him a week ago to 7% days on a like charge, and there are numerous other checks ouitstand ing against Shotto. It will require more than $80 to pay'them all up, and relatives are attempting to raise the money to get Shotto free, The check for which he was sentenced Tuesday was for $6.95, given to Elmer Cook, and written on a 'Spencer bank. •' -•*' 8EOR6E GODFREY IS KEPT BUSY WITH|PEAKIN6 DATES Geo. W- Godfrey Is still kept on the run to fill sneaking engagements. He sooke Monday noon at a meeting of the Fort Dodge -Rotary club at which 100 farmers 'were guests. He was at Stbley Tuesday and besides speaking before the Rotary club there spoke at a Farm Bureau picnic in the afternoon. Tea terday he delivered the principal ad •iress at a Farm Bureau and Cham her at Commerce picnic at Cherokee Algona Girl Graduated, Mr. and Mrs. M. J, McCali leave tomorrow for Milwaukee, where they will spend several days with their daughter Catherine, who will receive a piano diploma in com raencemenj: exercises at the MUwftu feee Downer eollese next'wwk. c?a ' p^m <to PWtoJt a cla#3 jjj A settlement was made between the Coster parents and the real nother of Irene Isabelle Wolford in listrict court last Thursday, after the real mother had been arrested on charges of kidnapping preferred by the foster parents. The foster parents are Mr. and Mrs.'Henry. C. Wolford, of the Ledyurd-Elmore territory, and the mother is Mrs. Alice Hansen, of ClarVsville. Trial had started before Judge Geo. A. Heald, Spencer, when attorneys and principals got together. E. F. Hansen, the mother's husband, gave the Wolfords a check for $37'5 as compensation for the care they had given the' girl, and the AVol- fords relinquished sill rights. Charge Against Girl Dropped. A charge of delinquency which had been preferred against the girl after she refused to go home with the"AVolfordft was dismissed, and HJ glass, etc. was understood that on payment of costs the kidnapping cha'rge against Mrs. Hansen would also be dropped. The case arose a month ago, when Mrs. Hansen took her daughter to Clarksville for a visit. The girl, who is 15, told her mother that she preferred to remain with her and alleged mistreatment by the Wolfords. This charge was denied by the foster parents. Mrs. Hansen brought the girl back, but Irene GIRLS FINED'FOR WRECKING SCHOOL Neva Palmer, Aigona, Wilma Wil- (lin, southwest of Aigona, and Mabel i*Vy. Whlttemore, were each fined $15 nnd costs by Justice Danson for their part In the recent wanton wreckage of the Irvington rural school of which Fred Gelgel is director. The girls pleaded guilty to unlawful assembly. The boys In the party, H. B. Fish, Arnold Hilbert, and W. F. Weir, all of Whlttemore, were arraigned and bond set at $1000 each on charges of malicious damage to a public building. Hilbert and Weir furnished bonds, but Fish was unable to seed bonds immediately, and Fish was released yesterday. Hilbert and Weir are to appear before Judge Davidson in court here this afternoon. The Fry and Wildin girls were sentenced and paid their fines last week Wednesday evening, Justice Danson coming up late In the even- Ing to hear the case so they would npt have to go to jail. The Palmer girl, who was obstreperous when arrested, was lodged In jail and her hearing was held the following morning. Mr. Geigel estimates the damages at $109, including new panes for all windows, a new blackboard, a new door and labor In cleaning out the building Including washing the walls and ceiling, picking up broken By Wilbur ,1. and Alice Payne. Close of Business June 9. LIVESTOCK Hogs. B. std. lights, 180-230 Ibs $5.GO B. meil. wt. butch., 230-2GO $5.40 B. hvy wt. butch., 260-300 $5.20 B. pme. hvy. butch., 300-3-50 ...$5.00 B. pkg. sows, 300-350 $4.10 B. hvy sows, 350-400 $3.75 B. hvy. sows, 450-000 $3.GO Cattle. Canners nnd cutters $'1.00-2.00 Yearlings $4'.00 J 5.00 Fat Cows $2.50-3.50 Bulls '. $2.50-3.25 Veal calves $5.00-7.00 Fat steers ,.. $5.50 GRAINS • Corn, No. 2 43c Corn, No. 3 42c Oats, No. 3 19 Barley, No. 2. special 38c PRODUCE Eggs, straight run l'2c Graded, No. 1 14c Graded, No. 2 •„ lOc Cash cream ;• 20c POULTRY All weights, hens 15c Leg-horn hens Wo Heavy roosters Sc Leghorn roosters ..... 7c HIDES Calf and cow, Ib 3c Horse $1.75-1.00 Colt hides, each ... • ode Wool i3 C CALL PARK IS FILLED WITH GIRLS: LEADERS 190 Write Annual! Music Memory Contest. refused to return to the Wolfords.. Mother Charged with Kidnapping'. Mrs. Hansen took Irene back to Clnrksville and advised the Wolfords that she \vould keep her. The Wol- fords then got out a warrant charging Mrs. Hansen with kidnapping, and Sheriff Hovey arrested Mrs. Hansen at .Clarksville and brought both her and the girl to Algona. The Wolfords came down and sought to take Irene home with them, but she refused to go. After considerable argument the sheriff left her in care of Marshal and Mrs. Green, with whom she remained till the trial day. After the arrest Mrs. Hansen was released o n bond of $500. At the trial character witnesses produced by the Hansens Included the 'Butler county district court clerk, the sheriff, and other prominent citizens. The circumstances under which the Wolfords adopted the girl did not come out at the trial, but the adoption took place when she was a NEW DOCTOR WILL OPEN OFFICE HERE Newlyweds in Getaway Are Caught; Tried P. P. Zerfass, secretary of. the county fair, and Lucille, daughter of Mr.' and Mrs. W. S. Windell, were married last evening. Friends of the couple learned of the event, though efforts had been made to Jieep it a secret, and Mr. and Mrs. Zerfass were "arrested" at the Julius Kunz home, Wesley, by Deputy Sheriff Samson and Marshal Prank Green on a charge of illegal possession of a (stuffed) pheasant. County Attorney Shumway, Justice L. A. Winkel, and 15 to 20 witnesses went to Wesley, and a mock trial was held, in which L. E, Ltnnan appeared as attorney for Mr. Zerfass and H. W. Miller was complaining witness. After a couple of hours Mr. Zerfass was found guilty, but the attorneys settled the case so the couple could proceed on their way. The crowd had a great deal of fun, and the newlyweds entered into it, Mrs, •Zerfass even appearing as a character witness for her husband^ THOS. COOKE DEFEATED IN ELECTION AT L Col. Thos. F. Cooke, former Al- gonlan, lost his place as the second district councilman in Los Xrigeles In a municipal election last week by a . narrow margin. GolJ received 4861 votes and his nent, James M. Hyde 5258. Jn the primary, in which Cooke and Hyde were the two highest and received the nomination! Cooke led Hyde 27W to 2618. Col Cooke was one of seven other candidates who lost out in an upheaval In politics in the coast metropolis,'' He was a supporter of Mayor Porter, now In France- on the mayors' tour of rope. Two years ago Mayor porter and Mr. Cooke were the two Reading candidates for mayor, but Mr. Cooke entered the council, leaving the may oraltty free tor Porter. Cot Cooke left Algofla shortly after the Span ten-American war, going to Oee Mo.tnes, and 25 years or 09 9C9 W4 to botjj Los Angetes, bis He |p Jw* at ^ SP4nl8h-AnLerb»si, jpd Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bourne,. near Lone Rock, released announcement Monday that their son, Dr. Melvin J. Bourne, would enter the practice of medicine and surgery here in July. The'doctor, who Is single, will secure office rooms after he arrives. Doctor Bourne was born here, and he is the grandson of a pioneer Kossuth physician, the late Dr. W. T. Bourne, who, mixed farming and the practice of medicine. For many years before they died this early- day doctor and his wi^e lived retired in the house across the street north from the Congregational church. Dr. Melvin J. Bourne grew up on the parental farm and was graduated from the Algona high school. He later received his B. A. at the state university and in 1929 was graduated from the medical college at Iowa City; After graduation Doctor 'Bourne ;ook a summer obstetrical course at the Lying-in Hospital, Chicago. A year's interneship at the Harper Hospital, Detroit, followed; and during the last year he has been taking special training in surgery at the same hospital. The doctor. Is a member of the Acacia social chapter at Iowa City, also of the Phi Rho Sigma medical fraternity. DAVID R. STEWART IS DEAD; BURIED SUNDAY Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon at the Laird & McCullough chapel for David R. Stewart, who died at the Kossuth hospital last Thursday of cancer of the throat. Mr. Stewart was born at Paris, Edgar county, 'ill.,,and at death was past 64. He has lived her e some 20 years, and was a tiling contractor. He Is survived by a widow, a son Roscoe, 12, and a daughter Heleni 11. There are 'also two brothers, G. M. Stewart, Norborne, Mo., and Grant Stewart, Chrlsman, 111., and one sister, Mrs. Kizzie Ramsey, Perrysville, Ind. made in Riverview. Burial was FLA6 TOURNEY AND DUTCH LUNCH TO BE HEID TODAY A flag tournament and "dutch' lunch Is to bo held at the Country club clubhouse this afternoon, with golfing at 3 p. m. and lunch at 7. In the flag tournament a player Is given a certain number of strokes to play the course. When lie has used up the number of strokes giv en, he places the flag in the spot Where his ball stopped after the final stroke had been used. Par for the course, plus a handicap allowance, Is used in figuring the number of strokes for each player, so that theoretically each player should reach the final hole In the stroke allowance. HILL SUPPLY IS SOLD TO SIOUX CITY FIRM The Kennedy & Parsons company", Sioux City, purchased the Hill Butter Tub and Supply cp. last week, andMook possession Saturday. The Sioux City concern plans to make the Algona plant a distributing point for creamery, dairy, laundry, and poultry supplies, and a complete- stock in all of these items is to be carried here. A truck route for delivery purposes out of Algona is also contemplated. The Hill brothers, Torkel and Edwin, came to Algona-'five years ago, after they purchased the business from the Spurbeck-Lanjbert company. During the five years they have built up an excellent business, and have become closely connected with business life in Algona. They have been especially active in the sport- men's lines, both'being experts in hunting and fishing, and active in the former Izaak Walton League, i and tl\e present win H. Dily league. FLOWER SHOW WILL BE GIVEN HERE THIS SEASON A flower show will be sponsored again this year by the Algona Community club. A similar show was conducted two years ago, but the club anticipated that one of the woman's clubs here would sponsor it last year, but, nothing was , done. Two years ago the show was held on asters, zinnias, and gladioli, and it is planned to increase the number of flowers this year. The date of the show will depend upon the maturity date of the bulk of the flowers selected for the show, and will joe announced a week or so in advance. Those interested In the show should help the committee- make'it one of the best ever held in Algona. Judges at the show two years ago pronounced the display remarkable, both on quality and variety. The committee is composed of Mrs. Wendell French, Helmuth Huenhbld, H. M. Hauberg, and G, S. Buchanan.- By Muriel Body. Two hundred fifty people attended the annual 4-H club rally? day last Thursday at the, Ambrose < A. Call state park, Algona. Mrs.. Paul Kriethe, of Burt, county club- chairman, presided. On the morning program F. 1+.. Ryerson, Burt, county Farm Bureau.; president, spoke on Farm Bureau.. activities and opportunities for 4-H.: girls. Mrs. J. H. Warburton, count^f- chairman of the woman's /project. work, also spoke, and Muriel Bodjv H. D. A., explained qualificatlon« for queen and state officers. The county music-memory contest: was written by 13 clubs, 190 girlai writing. The music list for thiti Iowa contest this year consisted oC: selections S for tho entire family. Song's Are Dramatized. Mrs. F, F. Barker, assisted by- Frances Barker, Billie Murtagb*. Jean Murtagli, and Eugenia Krlethwj. rendered 'The Fiddle Song, Littto- Jack Horner, Little Bo-Peep, Ben-. demere Stream, The Little Dustman.., and .Down by the Old Mill Stream-! Georgann Gelgel, .of township, in costume, flantfefl, Irish "Washerwoman, 'and _ mother played the music. Fate- Rosemary; Rondlno, and In a Persian Market were presented by Victrola records. Three girls scored 100: FredrlckaT Girres, of the Wesley Willing Workers; and Edna Jordan and Georgamui Geigel, of the Irvington Wlde-A.- wakes. Prizes were awarded these, high-scoring girls. The Irvington club won ! first place in the contest among cluba*, and a portable phonograph goes .tt* this "club^ for the coming year. Portland Peppy Pals, a close ond, will receive a .three-year sub* scriptlon to the 4-H magazine. 19 Make More Than 95. Tlie following girls received 96^ or over on individual scores: Victoria Foster, Helen Franaen, 8%. Maxine Mittag, 99; pearl Woltz, Ion*, Godfredsen, Alice Esarey Ada. Schwietert, viva Brayton; ' Lillian, Godfredsen, Margaret StephensojL, Albertha Boldridge, and Roberta. Skilling. • County Agent Morrison took plo» tures of the Rally day girls' groupw also of various county committeMb* 4-H leaders, and models .for style show. A. picnic dinner eaterf at noon. Mrs. Kriethe led In community? ' seo- wain singing at the opening of the afternoon program. Mary county girls' club president, a oer of the Alethean club, of UnkHt township, -was introduced < by Mr»«' Kriethe,- and she. in turn called oa-. mon the 4-H club presidents talks about their club for: abort! activities. Fourteen club presidents responded!. Alice Dreyer spoke for the ton Forwards, a club with an usually fine record in all lines' ofr activity. Mrs, w,ill Welsbrod I* leader. ' Helen Kent responded tow the Wesley Willing Workers; Fork Lewis for 'Ledyard Loyal Laborer*; Cora Mae Masterson, last year%county health champion, for the Drunks Sent to Jail, Kdwyn Knary, LU Verne, was sentenced to 30 days in jail Saturday by Mayor Genrlch.' He was charged with drunkenness. George Wille Jr., Algona,' was sentenced to ten days In Jail the same day by Mayor Specht on a like charge. Tonight'* Band Concert Program March—The 74th Regiment..-Losey Overture—The Golden Dragon.King Pox Trot- -Here Comes the Sun—•' Woods Serenade — Bowl of Pansles.Reynard ALGONA YOUTHS FINED IN MASON CITY POLICE COURT Wade Coon, Algona, 'was fined ?100 and costs in police court at Mason City Monday on a'charge of reckless driving. He was arrested When his car struck a curb and blew out a tire. Officers told the court he was drunk. Another youth, who said his name was Richard Bar- telmess and Who gave his address as" Algona, was fined $1.0 for drunk- enrtess. He was with Coon. The name, which is that of a screen star wa's" evidently fictitious. . Accord- Ing to street cumor the youth Is employed on State street. JURY IS DRAWN IN CIVIL SUIT BEFORE JUSTICE HERE A Jury was empaneled by justice W. C, Danspn last week -Wednesday tp hear a landlord-tenant case from Lu Verne In which Mrs. Mathilda Stoddard sought $17.60 from Julius Prost for pasturing cattle. The, case, was transferred to Justice Danson's court by Justice Coneuelo Hanna, Lu Verne. The jury consisted ot WilWam and Edw. Kuhn, ge n Hab«* ger, T, C, Sherman, Harry Wtakie, v and M; B- WoreterA 4 .verdjlct "in favor of airs, Operetta— Bio Rita March— Mftdiaw, Square Garden-., Verne Loyal Poole for 'the Workers; Harrison HarrM? Hustler*; Sena TJaden for the German Golctea. Glee; Lois Graham for the Portland. Peppy pals; Lucille Berg for tfc* Swe a spirit of Service; Elizabeth! Leners for the Lone Eagle Alice Payne for the Aletheans; Egel for the Irvington V-^Awakes; Mary Tjaden for the HUU*> club", of Plum Creek; Margaret Laa*», for the Burt Lively League; nui; Phydelis Peterson for the E\»ffaJ» Busy Bees. *^ '•• Delegates Are Introduced. ^ • The H. D. A, introduced the del** gates to be'sent by Individual to a state 4-H convention at , June I7ri0. Each delegate gave brief list of her club a The delegates are: Mary „,_ Edith Reynolds, Gertrude Morrpwi Ada Schwietert, Helen Iv< Gladys Jensen, Harriet Poole, _ tha Hofbauer, Cordejia, Rlstau t A4afc .Telcamp/ Helen Kent, Helen FrasS ' zen, Mary Tjaden, f^orralne Clan.; saddle, Rae Koestler, B^ada "' lasch. . ,. , Girls' club leaders Who expect attend'are: Mrs. Ray Krantfc, M O. McFariand, Mrs. R, Mast Mrs. Wllf W eJ 8brod, Mabie and Myrtle Hanna. The Home onstratlon Agent W JU Thirty gir|s modeled }n -the' day style, show? l n f -* R »• classes o( 4resse , „,. ,. ored wool, infornjai PWtyT" tailored Bilk < carton r £nh<v\] i cotton Tftree tfif.

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