Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 4, 1931 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1931
Page 12
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COUNTY ADVANCE ALQONA, VMSVTH (JdU5Tt ADVA1TC1 TOWMkly Newspaper Founded In 1901 -Xnttred as Second-Clams Matter "jM.MUtii'r 31, 1908, at the Po«tofMc« •t Algona, Iowa, Under the Act of March 2, 1879. . . B. Quarton H. W. Millet QUARTO & MIL1EB Law' Offices. Utoones: Office 427, residence SU Algona, Iowa. 1 J. L/BOJfAB, Attorney-at-Law Office Iowa State Bank Bldg. •:«MBce phone 460-W. Algona. Iowa CON FERRED ON BOYS AT BURT Hurt, June 2— At a Court of Honor held by the Boy Scouts at Iowa Lake one day last week 13 Scouts received from one to nine merit badges. Ronald Blvidge received X, McMAHOJf * •y. W. Sullivan S. E. McMahon Ii. E. Llnnan Attorneys-at-Law *VaPkones: Office, 2S1; J. W. S.. 309 •.?». E. Me, 403. Algona, Iowa " HABBINGTOX & DICKI>'SOJf if. P. Harrington L. J. Dlcklnsoi Attorneys-at-Law Office, 2S7; T. P. H., 44' six; Wlllard Krlethe, five; Stow, Hugh four: Paul McDonald, , two; Donald Patterson, four; liam Glddlnee, five; Ernest Wil- Lav- Hanna, two one; Gardner Ta.af.VAW NESS G. AV. STILLMA* Lawyers Office over Iowa State Bank. 213-W. Algona. Iowa p ;gj. D. Shumway E - D - SHTJMAVAY & KELLY Attorneys-at-Law Office In Quinby Block. *3Plione 68. Algona, Iowa. 1. A. WINKEL Attorney-at-taw Office in Quinby Building. Phone 180. M. J. KEXEFICK, M. D. Physician nnil Surgeon. JSDHices over James drug store, for- rmerry occupied by Dr. A. L. Riet. 300. Itesldcnce phone 67. luim '-i*x»v.'«.c'~, -- renz, three; Norman Sanderson, four; Dale Kennedy, one; Charles Keith Thaves, one; v^u-u.^ Patterson, three; Supt. Weir, nine: and Kenneth Graham, one. The following scouts were awarded first-class badges: Keith Thaves, Gardner Patterson, Norman Sanderson. Ernest Lavrenz and Kenneth Graham Star scout badees were awarded to Paul KHethe, Hugh McDonald, Donald Patterson: life scout badges to Ronald Elvidge and AVillard Stow. Twenty Attend Rebecca Convention Among Rebeccas who attended a county convention at AVesley last week Tuesday were Opal and Ai T^^sVT^-Idt Mrs" cV AVhalen, Mrs. Gerald Brace, 'Mrs. Lillian Sheldon Mrs. Lois Trainer, Edna Staley, Mrs. 1. W. Hansen. Selina ClKton. Esther Bahling. Esther Olson. Beulah Luison Lulu Hawcott, D. F. Schwie- iert L Mellza, and Harold Steward. Dorothy Steward was one o£ a c.ass o£ five'initiated. AV H. 31." S. Conducts Services— The AV H. M. S. had charge morning services at the Methodist church Sunday. 'The program included talks by Mrs. F. O. Stow, and Mrs. J. G. Sewick, a violin solo by \rlene Daniels, accompanied by Dorothy Brooke, a reading by Eleanor Vogel, an exercise by Stella Isenberger and Leona Neltzel. and a mandolin solo by O. G. Stow. C. H. CRETZMEYEB Physician and Surgeon Office In John Galbraith Block. : Office 310, res. 444, Algon* The next meeting will be at MM. Ladendortfa next week Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. C. p. Smith, Lent- mon, S. D., and a son arrived Thursday for visits with the C. C. and K. J. Smiths. The Aid'meets this week Wednesday at Mrs. H. S. Van Vrankln's; Mrs. A. Q. Volentlne, assisting hostess. The Milton McChesneys, St. Paul, called on Burt friends Saturday. Mr. McChesney lived here many years ago. Cecil AVolfe spent the week-end with her mother at Pocahontas, and F. B. Rubey was with his family at Ames. Mrs. AV. A. Ladendorff, Mrs. R. E. Ladendorff, Mre. Jesse Thoreson, and Clara Shaw were at Fort Dodge last week Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Clark were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Clark's sister, Mrs. Fred Jennings, Titonka. Evelyn Behrman, Bancroft, spent Monday night with Lura Sewick. She leaves today for Denver and California. Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Trainer and Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Dremmel fished at Interlaken Friday and Saturday. The R. S. Johns and Esther Olson were Sunday dinner guests Lee Olson's, near Bancroft. Twenty Year* Ago Advance, .Tnne 8, 1011. .Surviving veterans of the Civil war who were members of James C. Taylor poet were: Chubb, Turner, Turner, Sarchett, Sarchett, Parsons, Spear, Laird, Haggard, Campbell, Cleary, Kennedy, Donnell, Rawson, Stewart, Mantor, Lat- tlmore, Toung, Dodge, Gilbert, Hed- rlck Dickinson, Spencer, Wolf, Pnge, Schlelcher, Manwarlng, Johnson, Clark, Ranney, Parker, Peck, Kelley, Tjaden, Colby, Ward, Smith, Hatch, Evans, Whitman, Turnbaugh, Palmer, Phillips, Tennant, and Williams. The names of 67 veterans buried In the local cemetery, former members of the post, were also given. at , The R. C. Smiths, Jefferson, were week-end guests of the local Smiths. The Rev. and Mrs. N. L. Hotchkiss, AVoden, were Decoration day dinner guests of Mrs. Ida Anderson. The Harry Sewicks, Ireton, were week-end guests at H. G. A. Sewick's. The Reed Andersons, Spencer, ham's in Portland township. The AA r ayne Manns and G. E. Braces were at Crystal Lake and Pilot Knob Sunday. Lottie Hawcott went to AVhitte- of t t t' Frank Prius, who kept shoe , store at the rear of the Galbralth building, had been robbed of $1800 by two men who got him drunk. He had drawn out the money from a local bank the year before and had ever since been carrying it on his pereon. The robbers were strangers. With Prius and a supply of beer, they went driving. Next morning Prius missed his roll and carefully retraced the route but found nothing, and on looking for had disappeared. t t t Frank Johnson, itinerant umbrella mender, had been robbed of $30 by two men who gave him "bitters" until he became dead drunk. A man .... - , j«,,« „* until ne oecame uea.u uiuun.. -n- i...*.. more Monday for a .few days at ^ ^^^ but JohnsO n was not rivnvp,- Ro«l s. 6m . e Q{ Iaentiflcatlori) so n e was released. The P. T. JANSE, M. ». Physician and Surgeon, •Office on South Dodge Street. "^phones: Office, 666; residence, 361 Algona, Iowa. WALTER FBASER, M. D. Physician and Surgeon Office in Quinby Bldg., Room 14 Phone No. 12. * DR. W. I). ANDREWS Osteopathle Physician nnil Surgeon Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat — X-ray. •Office over Hub Recreation Parlor '.Phones: Office. 1ST; residence, 688 CHIROPRACTORS DR. R. J. THISSEN Palmer Graduate Chiropractor '(Thirteen year's successful practice. Office over State's Cafe. VETERINARY L. W. FOX Veterinarian West State Street, Algona, '^Phones: Office 475-W., res. 475-R 11 to District O. E. S. *«*— Mrs F L. Pratt, Mr. and Mis. H.. V." Jones! Mr.s. Q. P Hawcott, Mrs. J G. Clapsaddle, Mr. and Mrs.AA . H. Klamp, Mrs. Lois Trainer, Mrs. M. L. Vinaas, Mrs. E. E. Fame a.ncl Mr.s C. AA r . Patterson attended a district O. E. S. meeting at Manly last Thursday Mr. Jones, worthy patron here, and Mrs. Hawcott, marshal, helped put on the work. Pnlno Family In Get-Together— Mr. and Mr.s. Geo. S. Tyndal, Car- •oll, and their three children were week-end guests at J. P. Stow's, ind Sunday the Eugene Hallocks, AVcbster City, H. B. Hallock, Clarion, Mre. Ella Cowan, Ree Heights, N. D., Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Phelps. of Titonka. and E. E. Paine were dinner guests at the Stow home. Warner-Whitney in Jaunt— Mattie AVarner and Eva AVhitney letf last Thursday for Cedar Falls, spent the night' there with Mrs. Laura Mantor, and then departed for Shelby, Mich., to visit friends. They are. also to make visits at Chicago and Gary, Ind. Klchntnn to Pastoral Meet— The Rev. L. Richmann went to Wall Lake Monday to attend a Lutheran pastoral conference. Mrs. Grover Reed's. Dolliver Peters came home last Thursday from Iowa City, where he attended the university. Mrs. H. D. Flewellin, Aurora, 111., visited last week at her nephew Dr. J. G. Clapsaddle's. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. McDonald, Sioux City, were week-end guests at O. P. McDonald's. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Christiansen left Friday for a few days at AVa- terloo. J. J. John went to Maxwell Friday for a few days with relatives. The C. O. Baileys, Inwood, called on Burt friends Saturday. t t t- annual chautauqna was and FORMER WHITTEMORE GIRL PASSES IN WEST AVhittemore. June 2—Mrs.. Frank A'andermee, former AA T hittemore girl, died at Arvada, Colo., a week ago Friday morning. AA r illiam Walsh, Mrs. Leroy Fan-ell, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kollasch drove to Arvada to attend the funeral. She was Rita AValsh nnd had been sick since ™~' su 7f ere " d internal injuries Christmas with heart trouble. Born t t t January 2f>, 1S97, she. was the ^. A daughter of Mr. and 'Mrs. Edward BUILDING CONTRACTORS COAVAX & SON General Contractors. Estimates Furnished. ^Phones: Business, 639-J; res., 19 GEORGE L. MILLER Guncrul Contractor. Estimates furnished. ' 'BIO S. Podge, Algona, la. Phone 758. scheduled for June 24-July 2, among talent were the present Senator James E. Watson, Indiana, then a congressman, Governor Luther Manship, Mississippi, and Governor Robert B. Glenn, North Carolina. The chautauqua was locally managed. t t t Mnry E. Barry and C. B. Moore Smith had been married by Father Halpin. The bride was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Barry, and Mr. Smith is a former Algonian at Des Moinee. His brother Howland, then deputy postmaster here, is now chief postoffice inspector for the southeastern district, with headquarters at Atlanta. t t t Mrs. O. M. Parsons was killed when a team she was driving was frightened by an automobile driven by H. A. Lewis. Mr. Lewis had noticed that the team was nervous, so he drove to one side of the road and stopped. AVhen the team ran away Mrs. Parson fell out of her buggy south of McGregor »tr*et, and had sub-divided H Into lots. There were no houses there at the time, but It Is well btillt,up now. t t t ,„».,., .Jte* ml!** an hour had been set as state: motor speed limit by a law which went Into effect July 1. Aniong other provisions was a change In licensing whereby horsepower rating of engines determined fees. A provision defined driving a car while Intoxicated as a misdemeanor. • t t t A $7,000 bond Issue for a new school building at Lu Verne was to be submitted to voters. The town had voted $6600 the year before, and that amount then coincided with the statutory limit, but the legislature passed a new law which permitted Issuance of an additional $7,000 needed to pay for the building as erected. t t t 'The Dwlglit Sun, a special newspaper boosting Kossuth land am Issued for circulation at\ Dwight 111., was being printed that week by the Advance, under direction of W. H. Ketcham, land agent, formerly of Dwight. Many Illinois farmers were induced to come to Kossuth as a result. t t t Kossuth -antolsts had received a call to meet at the courthouse to discuss putting Algona on the route of a proposed highway between Des Moines, Spirit Lake, and the Twin Cities. t t t Business men on the north side of State street were to meet an equal number from the south side in a baseball game at the fair grounds. Admission fee was charged for such games, played several times a year, and the proceeds were given towards local projects. t t t Bancroft was to celebrate the Fourth, and Burt merchants were discussing a celebration. t t t . A $2 excursion to the Twin Cities had been run by the M. & St. L. t ft Five' steep hills on the diagonal road east through the woods to Irvington had been graded down by G. G. Studer's crew. A like improvement was being demanded for the Dan Long and Singleton hills. CIRCUS WILL SHOW AT BAYSIDE NEXT SUNDAY Bayslde, June 2-PurceU's ctrcufl will be here next Sunday. Dogs, ponies, monkeye, downs, and acrobats will appear on the ov**[<» r stage. Venice, wonder P?"* e '* h1 trained canines, also Little Bobbie clever dog ,from Mexico, will b< featured, and the Purcells, vaude. vllle entertainers, will do a thrillini wlre-walklng act, juggle With knives, axes, Indian clubs, and put on a plate-spinning exhibition. King Bozo, man ape from Africa .who does stunts like a human, will, also be here, and the Varsity band wll play popular concerts afternoon and evening, also a tap dancer. At 3 p m the Bayelde Cubs will -clash with a fast north Iowa team. The grand stand In the ball park has recentl: been rebuilt. There were many vis itors at the park last Sunday, and the new "whip" proved a popula amusement. LEDYARD GIRL SHOCKED BY SHORT IN ELECTRIC WIRING Ledyord, June 2—Last Thursdaj night an electrician- was "wiring a tent for Methodist evangelistic meet ings, when Henrietta O'Keeke pick ed up a bulb and cord lying on the ground. It was short-circuited am" gave her such a severe shock tha she was unable to let go of it, bu Mr. Johnson jerked it out of he hand. She was not seriously in jured but suffered a slight burn on the palm of her hand. . •\Vaish. She was married October 25, l!);l 7 , Mr. Vandermee. being then tmi'loyej at Aleona. They went west, thtn returned, living here for time, at Fenton and Charles MACHINISTS NORTON MACHINE WORKS Machinists and WeWers. •''jBervlce stock on Piston Rings, Plni and Bearings. of Courthouse. Phone 551 PRODUCE SWIFT & COMPANY Cash Buyers. Poultry, Eggs, and Hides. Matt Lamuth, Mgr. Phone 264. INSURANCE ta. KOSSUTH COUNT? MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION .'•Over $15,000,000 worth of insuranot i<to lorce. A home company. Sat*, '\secure. J. O. Paxson, Secretary THE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY . 1C. JL La Barre AI Falkcnhalne? Reliable Ins. Service Phone 55. •Richmann and daughter Margaret | accompanied him to Spencer to visit friends. Timmel to Teach in Wisconsin— Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Timmel left last Thursday for Lake Mills, AA'is., to visit relatives. Mr. Timmel has accepted a position in the Oconomo- woe, AA'is., schools for next year. Teacher in New Mexico Home- Opal '"Schrader, who had taught a year at Artesia, N. M., got home last week Wednesday to spend the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Schrader. Former Editor Visits Here— Editor and Mrs. R. S. Sherwood, Parkersburg, Mr. and Mrs. George Manus, Northwood, and Mrs. Mayme Baker, Britt, were Decoration day visitors here. J. P. Stows Are Grandparents— Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Stow have received word of the birth of a daughter, Sunday, to Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Parish, Newton, Mrs. Parish is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stow. Pock House Changes Owners— Le Roy Boettcher recently purchased the Peck house, occupied by the A. N. Jensens. Ho will take possession in September. Eurl Dooge's Tonsils Out— Earl, son of Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Doege, had his tonsils removed at Dr. J. G. Clapsacldle's office Monday morning. City, but returned to the west after the death of Edward Walsh. The Vnndermees had three children, the youngest four. There are also two step children.. Six sisters also survive; Mrs. Peter W. Kollasch, Mrs. L. J. Paige, Mason City, Mrs. Leroy Fan-ell, Mrs. Howard Jergens, and Mrs. George Jergens, West Bend, and Ursulla Walsh. There are three brothers: Edward Jr., AVenona, 111. 1 William R., AVhittemore; John Walsh, Omaha, former Algona print- treasurer, and Amie Peugnet were county checkers. Local checkers appointed by the board of supervisors then checked the county books each year. Now the work is done by men in state employ. t T t H. E. BJst had bought the Ingham block on Minnesota street, one block er. A brother Leo was killed the AA'orld war. t t t Wright, former county COAL We handle the BEST GRADES of COAL and sell on the lowest possible margin. Seeds Let us furnish you with your Seeds the coming season. FARMERS' ELEVATOB CO, HOBARTON Jas. Elder Jr., Manager. Phone 36F1. I ' take Trip I —•—This Summer- 2331 Summer Tourist fares to frl East and to the West are ( b| trcmely low. In the West- Yellowstone Park via GaM tin Gateway-Mt.Rai n ij National Park-PugetSonj —Olympic Peninsula-Vic,! toria, Vancouver and AlaiM offer a host of thrills adventures. In the East— the old home-town— cities—historic places-nj beaches — steamer trips oa lakes, rivers and ocean-i afford endless diversions. Go this summer. Take yo«(, family. Travel on one of th«| Milwaukee Road's famouil trains. Courteous attendantij Electrified over the mountain] Scenically supreme. Meals-bjjl Rector of Broadway faraJ Every\travel luxury. Talk it over with the Ticfe) Agent today. . MILWAUKEE AMERICA'S LONGEST ELECTRIFIED RA1I.BOAP 'ex you* FORMER ALGONA GIRL IS HONOR WINNER AT AMES Fort Dodge, June 2—The Daily Messenger for Saturday carried the following paragraph: > "Donna, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Burtis, Algona, formerly Fort Dodge, a student at Iowa State college, was among high- ranking students recognized at the college's annual honors day convocation Friday. For several years the college has held such a convocation at which students of outstanding scholastic attainments have been given special recognition. Miss Burtis was one of few students to receive this honor this year. Only hose in the highest 3 per cent of heir class receive such recogni- ion." dty Property Loans. Farm Loan* Insurance. Real Estate. CUNNINGHAM & LACY •'187 W. State St. Algona, Iow» JOE GBEENBERG New and used Auto Parts Tires and Accessories. Hides, Fur and Wool. Algona, Iowa, MODEKNE CURL SHOPPE Phone 68, FeutOn -Frederick Vita-Tonic Permanents $6 Finger Waves and Marcels, 50c. All other beauty work. PIANO TUNING J. C. Colburn, Tuner 30 Years Experience. Military Band Insts. Tuned. Expert Service Guaranteed. jLeave orders Foster Furniture Store or Phone 642, Algona, MONEY TO LOAN —on— EASY TERMS READY CASH . SERVICE We loan YOU money on a few minutes notice, in amounts from $50.00 to $300. Phone or call on ue, as our method is quick, courteous and confidential. AVe lend on household furniture and automobiles, and allow you to repay in 20 small monthly payments. HAWKEYE FINANCE CO. Represented by CUNNINGHAM * LACY 107 W. State Street. Phone 598 Don't Rasp Your Thro ^^^flMAggCj^M^^^^^^^H^Q^ ^H ' ith Harsl Irritants MIMEOGRAPHING ADVANCE yUgona, Iowa Other Burt News. Mrs. Henry AVegman, Sanborn, and Mrs. Elza Burt, Clearmont, and a daughter visited Saturday at Ed Mai-low's home. They are nieces of Mr. Marlow and daughters of John rlulburt, who lived here many years ago. They came with the Ben Hannas, Shindler, S. D., who visited relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy McAA'horter Osage, and Mrs. AVard McAVhortei Mason City, and a daughter cam last week AVednesday to visit the F. L. Ryersons. Mr. McAA'horter went back last Thursday, but Mrs. McWhorter remained for a longer visit. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Schultz, Fort Dodge, and a daughter, the Ralph Relmers family, AA'hitterrfore, the Glenn Zwiefels, Algona, the Jacob Smiths, and Joe Gross were Decoration clay guests of Mrs. Martha Householder. Gladys Simpson, Tingley, came lust week AA'ednesday, and last Thursday took home with her Helen Johnstone and Charlotte AVarrior, who went on to their homes at Shannon City and Blockton. Amber Mann arrived Friday from Iowa City, where she attended the university. She will go back this week-end for six weeks of summer school. Mrs. AVm. Ringsdorf, son Don,ald, and Mrs. J. P. Stow went to Cedar Falls and brought home Florence Stow Friday. She had been attend- The AA'yott Stott, Ted Ringsdorf, and Gerald Brace families, with W. H. Smith, had a picnic dinner on Decoration day at F»ed Ringsdorf s. <ng college there. The Birthday Circle met last at Mrs. W. R. Carney's, In Your Next Cake Use K C Baking Powder and notice the fine texture and large volume. Because of its high leavening strength you use less than of high priced brands and are assured of perfect results in using POWDER SAME PRICE FOR OVER 40 YEARS 25 ounces for 25c It's Double Acting GET THIS COOK BOOK FREE! Mail this coupon with Ac in stamps for DC-stage , and packing and you will receive the KC Cook's \ Book containing over 90 f" L ' J —'— JAQUES MFG. CO., CHICAGO, ILL. Enclosed find 4c in stamps, mall the Cook's Book to Name_ . A^drcii . MILLIONS OF PQUNDS .U££P£Y OUR GOVERNMENT "Reach for a LUCKY instea< NowlPleascl-Actuallyput) finger on your Adam's Touch it-your Adamj - Do you know you are a touching your larynx?-!! your voice box-it eon« your vocal chords. When 1 consider your Adam's you are considering yourt -your vocal chords. 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