Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 4, 1931 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, June 4, 1931
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT MAN AND GIRL DIE WHEN CAR At the Call Theatre A Review of the Recent Talkies by T, H. C. RAMS HOUSED Scene of Accident at Garner Draws Sightseers. iJThcro has been a tfood deal of interest In Kossuth In a strange automohlic accident at Garner Wednesday nl;;ht, May 20, In which two young people were killed. A Rood many people from this county have driven to Garner to visit the scene. The \vinn-sbaKo Republican gave the following account of the accident: An autcmobllo accident at Garner, Wednesday night, resulted in the HBTHBR SVBNOALI is the ype of story that Interests you R much is certain: It Is n mid-Victorian melodrama based on, the famous novel Trilby nnd played with unerring skill by that distinguished actor, John Barrymore. It is weird, it Is uncanny, it is gruesome, and certainly not pleasant, but it is a notable picture nevertheless and one of those finished pieces of cinema art which nre exceedingly rare for the simple reason that they seldom prove box-office successes. The story hns to do with Sven-i ga'i, hypnotist, and his sinister in-' fluence over Trilby, ably played by Marian Marsh, a comparative new- ] comer to the talkies. This young lady gets away with a rather disappointing start, but seems to come Into her own after her first big scene with Barrymore and grows on I fact, as one critic has put It. Schnltzler has given us an Insight into the gay, care-'free life of the Austrian capital in much the same manner in which Maupassant has described Paris in his short stories and novels. That Director Jacques Feyder has sought to preserve this spirit of gayety and light-heartedness is apparent, nnd he has succeeded in a measure. The incidental music of the light Strauss waltz tempo run.s through the entire picture and gives it a background of ciulet charm. The music never | seems dragged in by the hair, as is the case with many of the recent productions. Helen Chandler playing the simple, innocent music teacher, is con- EXCEPTIONAL RECORD MADE IN STATE TILT you more and more, till she 1 thoroughly Ingratiated herself Imsi with i vincing, and probably gives one of j the most unusual and difficult ] character portrayals in the history of the talkies (with the possible exception of Marie Dressier in Anna Christie), when she becomes slight- young people were coming from the west, and evidently did not .see the corner, which is a sharp turn, in time to negotiate it. the big ba- j chanlctel . whicll ,„ Salle coupe leaping over the embank- j fll .., m . ltlc . , m _ ltsn - t ment, nnd crashing into the west' wall of the Mrs. O. S. Mitclwll residence. Mrs. Mitchell an,! her son Dale were sleeping in the upstairs bedrooms at the time, and Dean, another son, was asleep on the porc.'i. adjoining the living room. Upon hearing the crash the boys rusho.l out and fount! the car lyiim upside down, with the two occupants pinned underneath it. The marshal and several others, who also _ *!1 1^ , the kiml ot " arts f or which he Thus always genius has the happy'|« b«rt suited, which is something UU1JB1 faculty, ot sustaining interest in a j « Uiese day-, wher, bo h actors and ,„. clasg Plum Crock Cliib'fo Celebfntc— The Plum Creek Social aVid Literary club was entertained at Mamie' Frankl's, Marie Scuffham assisting,, • f-i 11 last week AA r ednesday. The meet- IS Excellent Ing was opened with a reading by Helen Frankl, nnd roll call was ans- i wered with health hints. Lela Card-! ner rend a paper, and a magazine | article was read by Sadie Hopkins, j Revision of the club's amendments j and by-laws were read and are to i be voted on nt the next meeting,. Above Schools of All Classes. Rankings In the state academic which will be a celebration of the mer members are invited to attend this event. Each person attending Is to take sandwiches and a covered dish. \ tests of the Algona high school in | club . s 20th anniversary at the Shel- c'ass B in this district, In which | ter Hqu.se at the Ambrose A. Call Algona won both first ovrr a'.l and state park next AVednesday. All for- first in its class, show that local students took first place In Oth algebra, world history, nns'inh literature, and !Hh and iioth English criticism, a total O f five firsts out of a possible 13. One second was won In llth English, a third in American literature, fifths in physics and American government, sixth In plane geometry, ninth in llth English criticism, 13th in economics, and 21st In American history. Jlecord Is Exceptional. This record Is exceptional when It is considered that between 70 and ;o essential in actresses essay everything from Pie-, tosts . „ t h shcnvlng was no ]ess it so in .life? throwing comedies to Shakespeare, do fans flock to see Babe Ruth ] knock home runs 1 .' Simply because the man i.s master of the bat, the ICing of Swat! And Barrymore is the master of part. Svengali lives on the silver screen as realistically as though ; and blood. he were in flesh /CAPACITY HOUSES GREETED *~J both the Memorial day and Sunday performances nt the Call, and the smartly costumed usherettes In .their new maroon trousers and cream satin blouses added no little charm to the artistic theatre. Renders will pardon our enthusiasm fm ' our Ulcnl P'ayhouse. This feel- tlfltes back n flll! '5' e ar before I Due credit must also be given the i director, -whose name has escaped | us but who is entitled to nofflittle, j praise for an effective piece of work.! %ve began editing this column. \\ itn i One scene in particular is one of the i tll(? possible exception of the Chi- heard tho sound of the impact, soon ; m(Ht mv.stifving- we have ever seen cago Theatre, we have never before ft Vl'l V.'nrl r.n ,.U rt c..r.f%vm .,,1,1 4',,*ll11l«l . - ' .' »7^-»-J* ... ,. _ f 1 arrived on the scene, and finally succeeded In raising the car enough in the movies. Svengali sits in his 4. ,.,,.. , i morn, and we follow his thoughts to extncae the victims, although it j ol , t m - th(? wimlow g * heav nea\ y ^ Until Victims Die. Mr. Hanson was removed from Ul6 illto the p , everest It is blt of t11r e c tion that has come to our attention in months. ''"' ie !i °ts are ingeniously built, , the wreckage first, and was found i wit b special emphasis to depth, long to bo conscious, although suffering j vistas of winding corridors heighten- greatly from his injuries, as the in ^ tnc effect of mystery. Lighting weight o'f the car had been resting I effects are excellent. The make-up 1 experienced elsewhere such a feeling of absolute pence carefreeness as comes and to us utter when we settle back comfortably in the Call. AA'e sometimes wonder whether folks fully appreciate just what we have here? -*- of Svengali i s a marvel. 1C you missed this talkie, you have somc- upon his chest. Miss AVernetto was unconscious, and showed no signs of life except that she was breathing | thing to be sorry for. faintly. Dr. Bemi.s was called im- -- • — mediately, and also Rex Shannon, C-VTURDAY HOURS OX Friday ambulance driver, who took the two j ^ night interfered somewhat with | injured persons to the Dr. Irish oui- complete enjoyment of Marion hospital, here, accompanied by Dr. | Davies in "It's a AVise Child." but Bemis. Miss "\Vernette died about! we saw enough to convince us that, ten minutes after reaching the hos- ; :i full program would have been just| pita), without regaining conscious- • that much worse. Granted that Mar- I BROTHERHOOD IN BIG RALLY HERE TOUIOHT remarkable among 300 schools in in a was semi- ness. Mr. Hanson was conscious condition and to bo suffering from ; skull, a broken thigh bone, and lous internal injuries. He was en the. best possible care and attention, but it was to no avail, as The Algona District Broadcaster, a small publication issued monthly by Dist. Supt. L.ease for the benefit as found i comedy parts with risque situations,! 1 fractured! we can: for her less and les.- as time I ' he continued to ion has !L certain talent for light I of Algona district Methodists, head- time (lines the following announcement of ser- goes on. One critic says she isian event scheduled to take place at giv- • "really funny" in this role and titles the Algona Methodist church to- his (or her) review, "torrents of mirth". With such an absur.l plot | night: "The time is about here for the grow weaker | aim with rather faulty direct!, n, we big district brotherhood rally, which throughout the day, and died short-i must disagree again. It ly after »:SO this afternoon. Much'Damage Done to House. The livins room and dining room of the Mitchell home were badly damaged as a result of the crash, these two rooms being located another talkie In our young li.'e. just; is an annual affair. All six of our ' Sl-'KAKIXC,, city -*- Streets may not In- the b-?st of the gangster pictures, but a-- far as; year's should thiri critic in concerned it is ' *" mr\t;4- group brotherhoods will unite to make this a big success. Our attendance for the last three years has run between 300 and 40(1. This the district classified according to enrollment. Algona placed first In 10th English criticism and in world history and won seconds in English literature and 9th English criticism. In nth algebra Algona placed fourth: i n llth English, sixth; ami in American literature, eighth. Thus Algona placed in the first- ten In seven out of 13 subjects in which more than 300 schools of small and large enrollment participated. In other subjects Algona's placing varied from 20th to 3Sth, which was excellent in view of the number of schools , represented. Even in economics. In which local students p>ced 38th ' among 17'J schools, Algona was still in the upper fifth. Hlg'h Standard Hfnliilalned. Results of the tests conclusively showed that the Algona schools are maintaining the high standards set in past apademic tosts. They also showed that the prime purpose of all schools, education, is being carried out by tiii; Algona schools. Supt Overmyor and the staff of teachers are highly pleased .with the results. Besides reflecting immediate credit on the high school faculty, the lest results also show that the entire teaching system from primary class to-the Sth grade is functioning well. The background a. student obtains in the lower grades is as SJioiver Honors Klliol Mrs. L. G. AVlllson and Mrs. Robert Smith entertained at a miscellaneous shower at the AVlllson home last week AVednesday in honor of Ethel. English, who will bs married to Casey Loss sometime ] this month. There were 22 guests. The afternoon was spent informally. Each guest wrote her favorite recipe on a card for the honoree. Gifts in a little wagon decorated In pink and white crepe paper were drawn into the living room by Ardis Kresensky and Phy.llis Hoffman, of Corwith, and after Ethel had unwrapped them refreshments were served. sister, Utr. Struble travels (for the local Druggist Mutual Insurance company. - * Lettle Brace, a Atra, Stuff, and the latter's daughter, Viola Stuff, all of Waterloo, spent the week-arid with, little's mother, Mrs. S. N. Brn<to, and visited the Ambrose . .Ai- Call state park nnd the Grotto of tho Redemption at West Bend. The l 't"ffs w'"i i' % •••"••tensive t.HV'ers. were delighted with the btau'ty of both attraction.?. They thought.-the Shelter House here especially fitting for the location. . Alesdmnes W. P. H-?mphllt, O. B. Brundage, W. J. Mnngan, and Anna March entertained 32 women Monday night at the Hempiiill home. A three-course dinner was served a,t 'li:30, after which bridge was played. The high scores were won by Mrs. T. L. Lnrson, Mrs. William Hawcott, and Mrs. John Dutton. Mrs. A. E. Michel .entertained 24 wKiv.n ;-,t :i. b.'IcljJ luncheon at Mr. 1 ;.] Mortcnse Ferguson's Monday. A two-cours-? lunclv?on was served at small tables centered with, flowers. The hiffli bridge scores were wo;: by Mrs. M. J. McCall nnd Mrs. P. .1. Chrlstensen, nnd Mrs. C. R. baBarr e \yon tho consolation. Mrs. Jos. Stell Sr.. her daughter- in-law, Mrs. William Stell, and her I daughter Mary, all of Litchfiold,' Minn., went home Tuesday, after visits with relatives here since Friday. Mrs. Steil Is Jos. ,Steil's mother. The Baptist Aid will meet this afternoon with Mrs. C.inton Samp- I > ~i ~ t i ~ r,otft4lght ifif'es noitheail of flfaslesses,, Meadam^H Car- itorry,, IIo)geii!t/ friiist, Vortl Stell Went to Minneapolis Tuesday, ftrtd Is expected homo to- fl«y*y. She taught 4th grade at the 1 Congregational church last year,' but ttill teacli at Sioux City next' year i Mrs. Fred Bunker, Paton, and 1 her little son came Saturday for a vlnlt till tomorrow With the former's] parents',-'Mr. and Mrs. O. S. tilndsey. I Doctor Bunker will come after them. Mr. and Mrs. 1. C. MiHard, son Herb'er't,"and >rr. ( nnd Mrs. Leroy Arp, ," r !l .ot Cotlrtr Rapids, sppnt Sat- urr-"' riui Sunday With the O. S. "I'-.-—. C. V". Hiitse nhd her Methodist, t'.urclay school class of 28 girls hrd ii picnic at the Ambrose A. Call state park Monday evening. The Congregational Aid meeta nt 3 o'clock' this afternoon. .There will bo an election of officers. The St. Thomas Guild will meet this week Thursday with Mrs. Arthur Benschoter. _ * Nut Menu Nut pipits can .heat' ht> •• kept In glass confiifiiprs wtiJnli nrn nlriight. Much'(iHiit'iids (in the i|iinliiy iimi climate us to linw Ions tlioy, niljihi lie kept. It \s> run; llmt Ihc.v win im kepi inti"ir over six luoiiih* 'Vnslilnjitoii ^tnr. THURSDAY j ' •tolai DIES AT J lr«. tion, \v 'lent a: n M. I li»d rrrrm '. ," ;i l; it 'ne of n stele,-', M^YM Tito body . (V . )S 'j 11ui 'nlnj Ht I 1 "' ho m ,', W^V' 0 '' 0 ' R'v. c. v.iUo 10 ,,^ >" Kiverview ( ,. min I'..'''" bor,, April ,o. ," 1'PillK jll.sl ,,, lst '.,' 'It Il 188* »ho WM ..nu On Octnl,,,. ,„, "'IMjl wns mniTliM t ,, M J ' J ' ••mor «•„„ In'; ,- r| / tor Homo vwirs \ , 8 ' 1 mlHHlnncr. l|TOnil '«* MI-M. .If.lmsnn hi,,] Hvft, 1Uc r« ano two brth iKas. u^ip,, N . '. Stan,.. i>:U(. ;Mrs ,,j.; AV. R. C. Calls on Haggard— Members of the AVoman's Relief Corps were among cnllers on D. A. Haggard on his fl2nd birthday last) week •• Wednesday. What with the | Rotary celebration last week Monday night, personal calls at the home, attendance at a Kiwanian meeting last Thursd-iy, and observance of Memorial a-iy, it was a strenuous week for Mr. Haggard, but he suffered no ill effects. Groups of friends gave him five bouquets of fiower s and the same number of boxes of cigars. I HERE'S THE SALE YOli'i/E BEEN WAITING FOR-THE 55TH Another Country Cliil) Party— The second evening party of the Country club was held at the clubhouse Tuesday night, and dinner i ~ was served at T to 70 persons. AC-1 ter dinner bridge was played, Mrs. i P. D. AVilliams and Theo. Chris- j cliilles winning the high individual; — scores, Mr. and Mrs. j. L,. Bonar the "Where Service and Quality Meet"- important in his development that in the high school. The system under which the aca- fumily high score, After bridge there was dancing. j A feature of the entertainment! was a specialty dance by Eleanor i Backus and Sara Doran. The party I committee consisted of Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Andrews, Messrs, and Mcs- dames John Frankl, H. L,. Gilr.ioi'u, and O. AV. Stil'man, and Beth Rick- John Hag- as | us, Lucia AA'allacc, and gard. The next party will be held next point. Every student and students making be a record-breaker. dow frame in the dinin knocked clear out, and fell the table, which ter of tho room. stood in the cen- Nearly all of the plaster is gone from the west wall, and tho radio, which stood against this wall, was practically demolished. The telephone was jarred from a great many dishes the wall and were broken. Mrs. Mitchell and her sons were City Streets packs a wicked punch, has thrills and sustained love interest, introduces a new screen actress,, is well directed; and what more do you want for 50eV Gary Cooper as the young, sure- shootin' westerner who gets all tangled up in the beer racket is a positive wow. The role is made to order for him, and how he does en- ivus. Mitcneu and her sons were Jo lt , Sylvia Hi(] , - , ?r'L.l h ™™ '™™. l Y: r .. b f, da by -W> Clnra Bow was to have' til! the impact and Mrs. Mitchell, who is about 70 years of age, was very much upset as a. result'of the nervous shock. This is the second time tho Mitchell house, has been damaged by a car, a similar accident occurred last summer, at the time of the Diamond Jubilee celebration. On that occasion the car was a Dodge, driven by a Clear Lake man, and the damage was Blight. Following the first accident a row of cedar posts had been set between the house and tho highway, but two of these were snapped off at the surface of the ground by Mr. Hanson's car. The remodeled throughout. house about was months ago, and was beautifully decorated and furnished. Car Was Fully Insured. The La-Salle coupe, driven by Mr. Hanson, was almost completely demolished. All windows, with the exception ot the one in the rear, were broken. The yond repair, top tho she got into difficulties with her sec- r.etary last winter, and she does a much better job of emotional acting than the red-head ever turned out. In fact, there is something vaguely fascinating about this newcomer to th e cinema, her eyes perhaps. She owing to the stronger organization of the work over the district and because of the attractive program. It will be of such character that no church can afford not to be represented. "The district Brotherhood committee met some weeks ago, outlined the program, and made all necessary plans. The music committee has arranged for specia.1 numbers in addition to group singing. The local church women will serve a banquet at 6:30 at the popular price of 50c. The program will be held in the auditorium beginning at S o'clock. This makes provision for late comers, and everyone should be able to enjoy the banquet. Those from a long distance must start early, for the fun starts at 6:30. To Speak on Communism. "The committee was fortunate in securing Dr. 13. R. Fulkerson for the main address of the evening* on the subject, 'The Rise and Menace of Communism.' Doctor Fulkerson has spent 20 years as a missionary is superb in th e love scene witn Gary. This little episode is as fine a piece O f incidental acting as we have seen for some time. Again,, ... ... _ _ „„ _, in the nightmare scene in he r pri-j in Japan and "as United States vice son cell, Director Mamoulian has I consul in the Orient. Ho is a speak- given us a realistic piece of work.' \Ve almost felt as though we ware going under ether ourself. Guy Kibbee as the genial, smiling kind-hearted (?) old racketeer all but steals the show and plays an outstanding character part throughout the performance. Paul Lukas has never been a favorite of ours, gone entirely, and the whole body was badly twisted out of shape. The car was fully insured against public liability, property damage and collision. When found, the car was but he plays the part of the "big shot" with all the villainy at his command. City streets may have was crushed be- its faults, but at least it was built windshield was! to please the public, and after all lying on its top, wheels in the air. with all four Burt Store Sold. Burt, June 2—A deal is made by which the being Hansen general store will become the property of J. H. G undersoil, Blue Earth., who will take possession soon. N. A. Whitehurst will be manager. Mr. Hanson has not made plans on where to locate. New Sandwich Shop. Tom Dallcy began work Monday on a 11:2x30 biyck building for Samuel Smith, who will conduct a sandwich shop in it. The site is just south of tho Mid-Continental oil station. The building is to be finished laie this month. * Tour Coming' Here. It Is announced that the St. Paul Junior Chamber of Cimmerce contemplates a tour which will cover part of north Iowa, including stops at Algona, Fort Dodge, and Boone. The date is Jun^ 13. Burt Girl to Wed. Burt, June 2 —Mrs. C. W. Schryver and heis, daughter Ellen left Monday for Denver, where Ellen will become the bride of Dr. L. L. Farm Sold at $130. The Corwith Hustler reports that C. A. Packard. Renwick real estate dealer, has sold a farm two miles «4 Sexton to John Wright, Clove, at $130 an acre. the public has some rights. If we must have gangster pictures, let's have them entertaining. After viewing 075 mediocre comedies, Frozen Faces comes along and gives us" a real wallop. Here is the best "short" we have seen in months. Perhaps this little nonsensical flapdoddle paved the way for tlie complete enjoyment of City Streets. AVho knows? If you didn't Set a laugh out. of it, go see your nearest doctor. A MALE CRITIC feels strangely **• inadequate to review so saccharine a tidbit UK Daybreak, with •Ramon Novarro, ideal lover, in the title role. It is an innocent piece of romanticism, with soft glances, long clinches, and frequent oscula- tions, all Intended, obviously, for feminine consumption. Certainly no male can get much "het up" about a handsome young cavalier strutting about In full military attire, ogling the ladies and willing to sacrifice everything for his "one and only." TCven granting thnt he does it well (which we all do), It is strictly a feminine show and should be reviewed by a member of the gentler sex. This is one of thos brand new pictures for which the Call Is so justly famous, and therefore, to our knowledge, we are the first to review it. That it will bring Novarro no new . laurels is certain, but neither will it detract from his well deserved reputation. The story is taken from a book by Arthur Schnltzler which has probably been throughly expurgated for public consumption, since this gentleman is one of our most celebrated erotic writers, famous for his pictures of Vienna night-life. In er of extraordinary ability, and with lis years of wide travel and study brings a message of great interest. "Last year Doctor Fulkerson was in Europe, where he made a spec:al study of communism in Russia nnd other countries and with his knowledge of the communistic inroads in Oriental countries, no better authority could be found for this vital subject. A thousand men should plan immediately to hear this great address. Doctor Fulkerson lias been recently heard on the district in missionary rallies, and all who heard him will want to hear him again. College President Coming, "Another rare treat is in store for all who attend. Dr. Robert E. O'Brian, new president of Morningside college, Is interested In meeting the men of Algona district and will be present and make a short address. Doctor O'Brian has a fine personality, and every man will want to meet him and hear him. It Is our good luck to have him for one of his first appearances in the- conference. AVe want to show him the type of hospitality that will make him feel at home and want to come back often. "It will be a good thing if laymen will plan immediately to attend this rally and let the pastor report the number that the Algona women should plan to feed. This will be to the advantage of those coming as well as to those serving." domic tests are conducted provides a valuable means of comparing schools from an academic stand- takes part, low grades drag down the average. This ranks the entire school, and is a real criterion of the school's standing. Contests between the brilliant pupils only mean little | in comparison to those which include entire schools. ALGONIANUOSE 11 INNING GAME AT BAYSIDE PARK Sunday at th e Bayside park the Algona Grays lost a haird-fought game to Cubs 5-4 in an 11-iniiing game. Some Algona fans rate the Algona team better than the Cubs, and believe over-confidence and cockiness by the locals were responsible for the defeat. The break in the game came in the eleventh Inning when both teams were weakening. Algona iscored one run in its half of the inning, and had the game "on ice." Bobbles during the lust half, together with some breaks, gave the Cubs two runs to win the game. The Algona band accompanied the team and played at the Park during the afternoon and evening. Kurt Families Leave. Burt, June 2—Alvin & Kluse, who have been funning the Gibbons garage here for several months, have rented a garage at Gait. Mrs. Gibbons and her sister, Alice Kluss, will also move to Gait, where Miss Kluss expects to open a beauty parlor. —In All the World No Sale Like This- The most comprehensive Clearance Sale in the history of thisl 61-year-old store—a clean swesp — everything goes. Not al t l e "i :p - H - Sellci '.' GKorge_Kibcrt, AV. f| single Spring dress or cloth coit reserved. Over 400 g raents to select from, Tuesday afternoon, \\-ith the following worn-en as hostesses: Mesdames John Kohlhaas, AA'. H. God-!; T. Daughan, and Tony Kirsch. The next evening party is sche-| duled for Jun e 10, with the following 1 committee in charge; Messrs, and Mesdnmes Fred Kent, R. H. Miller, and E. A. Scheme!, and Alvin Huen- ho'.d, June Corey, Elizabeth Nugent, and C. AV. Xicoulin. ci^ Bo wit's Is Married— Algona friends of the E. A. Bowles j family have received announcements j of the marriage of Hazel Mildred, second daughter, to Joseph Dearborn 1 Lilley. The event took place Saturday, May 23, and the couple will live at Omaha. The Bowles family has for some years lived at Persia, Iowa, where Mr. Bowles operates an elevator. Boy's Ann Broken. Russell, 7-yeur-old son of Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Thorpe, fell from a tree Monday evening and broke two bones in one of his forearms. Dr. P. V. Janse set the bones. Alplia-Delplilung Hove Picnic— The Alpha-Delphians entertained their families at a picnic at the Country club clubhouse last night This was the last meeting till fall. At a recent meeting following officers were elected- Mz - s. F. F. Barker, president; Mrs. D. D. Paxson, vice- president; Mrs. John McEnroe, secretary-treasurer. Methodist. Aid to Elect— The Methodist Aid will meet at the church this afternoon at 2:30. There will be election of officers and other business. A 15c lunch will be served by Mrs. AVilson's division. Other Society. Bruce Gates, of AA r aterloo. who gave the commencement address last Thursday night was a guest of the C. R. La Barres last Thursday and Friday. Mr. Gates Is a cousin of Mrs. La Barre. Mr. and Mrs. H, G. Burnham, Waterloo, son Kenneth, and his. wife, also from AVat- erloo, were week-end guests of the La Barres. Mrs. Burnham and Mrs. La Barre are sisters. The H. S. Strubles, Oklahoma City, came Monday for a visit with the La Barres, Mrs. Struble being another Boy Under Knife. AA r hittemore, June 2—The « four- year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. AVer- ner Gade had an operation for appendicitis one day last week at the McCreery hospital, nurse. Ella Burke was Has Forestry Job. Darrell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Newville, will leave this week-end via motorcycle for Idaho, where he has & summer job with the United States forestry service. « Bonustetter Speaks. Last week's News-World announced that Representative Bonnstetter would speak at a Farm Bureau meeting Friday evening at the Doa n schoolhouse north of Wesley. Something Worth Seeing WE NOW HAVE IN STOCK THE Barton Washing Machines Come in and look them over, and ye are sure that you will be more than pleased with all the latest improvements, as well as the moderate prices. Electrics iu two models, $59.50 aud $79.50. Gas motor model, $119,50. Nelson Hardware PHONE 274 AIXJONA, JQWA The Entire Stock of Spring Dresses is Included. Every Cloth; Coat in the Store Goes on Salt 1 I II9III IMPORTANT This is positively the greatest sale of the year because wehavfl thrown the entire early spring stock open—nothing reserved)] no garments hung back—just Buy One Garment Get Another] — —FREE — If _ you only want one garment be sure to bring someone ^j with you, as the two garments must positively be sold at oifl and the same time. You may then split the cost. No garments will be sold before Thursday morning, June' under any circumstances. There will be rare bargains as late as Saturday night, J« 6th, as it is physically impossible to sell as big a stock as (over 400 choice garments) in three day§. PLEASE BE PATIENT — we will have as many extra exj* lenced clerks as the floor space will accommodate, but the"! a limit to the number of custom srs we can wait on. Thereto 1 *' we suggest that Friday and Saturday morning* would be id times to make selections. Remember, we will hold positively nothing back - you make your selections from our ENTIRE stock — price* not be changed—just buy one garment and get another rivim,. • ere is only one gen* uine TWO-FOR-ONE* SALE—all other at* tempts at imitation have been flat fail* ure.*, We have the key to the greatest sale' idea yet devised for clearing out ft ready* to-wear itock and §at*

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