Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 4, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1931
Page 7
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WILBUR J. PAYNE, Editor KOSStJtH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PA01MPVW* 'P* motion at tune of Includes damage otter caaea of park " blame Accident* hi. Flowing Wells Reported. In one of Harvry Inghnni's Inter- eating books, "Union Slough," Is mention of flowing wells, us follows; . colliding for col- to a colltalon are Car Owner INSURANCE, Al/80 ["ieauty of it" la, that .you along with Property iItlonal cost over fftdl " charge for the lat- Euonal Infomation about this needed coverage the Agent of the [FARM MUTUAL AUTO- INSURANCE COMPANY "Professor MacIBrldo (Iow» City) found limestone In the north half of Kossuth at T5 to 100 feet below the surface, and the flowing wells are nil above the 'limestone bed. At Germanla he found a well nt 00 feet. "What this menns Is that the flowing walls' of Kossuth and Hancock counties are all of them part o [ the drift that came in the last glacier. They gather their waters from the fields of Southern Minnesota. Just why there should be flowing wells at the very top of the world, where water runs uwa.y In all directions, is one of the interest Ing studies of this interesting region." There Is no date In this book to show when It. was written, but we have bee.n able to find only one flow well of recent drilling where water was found nbove the rock. Guy Beemer, Lakota, who drills probably as many wells as anybody, says that most wells nowadays have to be sunk through the rock. He said, however, that a well he drilled ,on the El'sworth & .Tones form south of Lakota reached a flow at 135 feet, above the rock. We should like to have some one tel us mora obout flow wells and whether or not water was found above or below limestone rock. The writer finds the study of Kossuth ^ week ago Saturday We saw pictures of Algona's Diamond Jubilee oh displny. Such a celebration is to bo held at Hampton June 14-15, iml Franklin county people have Ixion getting ideas from Algona and other towns where such celebrations have been held. The Algona pictures were the only ones on dls- Play. Mr. and Mrs. Heyo Berschman south of Lakota, are building a. new modern 7-roorn and bath home on their idO-acre farm, which they hav e operated 14 years. The old house has been moved back. The new on will have a pressure water system and central heat, also will be wired for electricity. Ben Farrow, Lako <a, is the contractor. Mr. and Mrs Berschman have two boys and twc girls to grow up in the new home A pair of newlyweds starting ou for thmeselves are Mr. and Mrs Albert Siemens, w ho have the 120 ncre farm operated last year by Mat Gcrdes, south of Lakota. This farm ivns lately bo.ught by William Wirt- ,1es, whp farms a little way east. The d. rte now has five cowe and nine i6lfer«, all but twoj| of Holsteln ilood. At the farm ,we met veter- narlan Archie Whitlow, of Swea Ity. We had heard of him all tjver he Bancroft, Lakota, Burt, Led- •ard, Blmore, Fenton, and tone Rock neighborhoods, but this was he first time we had met the doc- or.' He evidently Is In demand 'over i wide territory and keeps moving. Doctor Whitlow said in answer o a question that vaccination prices ore a hit lower this season. We stopped at H. G. Rieken's one lot, dry, windy day recently and naked for a drink. Mr. Rleken took us to the windmill and showed us a natural fountain, A pipe leading from the windmill pump to the water tank had worn a hole in the under side, but It was turned over and serves well. If you hold a hand over the lower end of the pipe, water bubbles out of the hole on the upper side of the pipe. We could not get Mr. Rieken to talk crops or livestock, hut he did comment on the size of his last cream check. He was like another farmer near by . rf who tried to sell Us'a 700-lb. purebred sow recently. A woman farmer of- ed, and the building will be ready for occupation lii October or November. The next thing will be to get behind Editor Clemens' Idea for a swimming pool. We suggest that the business men of Bancroft, Tl- tonka, and Lakota encourage Home- one to make a part time job out of managing a gravel pit swimming pool which lies nearly midway between the three towns. There should be a little Income from operating a stand. Perhaps a ball diamond there could be promoted also, and a small rental charged for use of the gravel pit, The various sources of income could be made to cover cost of supervision at the pool and also would pay for filling Home of the deeper holes so a level floor could be had which would be less dangerous for swimmers. Shallow water could be provided for the kids pnd most of the benefits of a big city swimming pool obtained at email expense that could be met largely out of Income if the thing were properly organized. This scheme in one way or another hns been advocated by Editor Clemens for a couple of summers. Now something this week to visit relatives near Poorla, 111., and will be accompanied by his granddaughter, lone witham. Other Good Hope News Mr. nnd Mrs. James Knoll and the Rev. and Mrs. C. B. Mitchell, Armstrong, with their son Arthur, were at Alta and Schaller over Memorial day. Returning Saturday night, they spent Sunday at But- •'alo Center with the Bennett Mitchells. Arthur will be at the Knoll home for the summer. Mrs. Harry Bliss, niece of W, J. Bourne, was a recent guest at the Bourne home, en route to her homt fered 240 pounds of goose sweet lard at less than the pre-war price. We sure have a topsy-turvy price world nowadays. Senator Geo. \y. Patterson. Burt, was hnving a runaway when we traveled past his home last week Wednesday. First, the team (mules) bolted up a corn ro\v to the fence, wrecking a cultivator, from which bride was Dena Hinders, Buffalo they got Ioose . Tney ' then stnrtec] Center, and Albert is a son of Mr. i acrO ss the road south of the house and Mrs. Robert Siemens, northeast of Lakota. The couple are starting with five cows and four sows. The first 2 sows farrowed saved 16 pigs. Albert had been farming with his father and thus had good training. At the Aggo Janssen home, southeast of Lakota, recently we were told that there had been a new 8-lb. girl at J. C. Boehm's, and her people the most interest-1 southwest of Titonka, since May 27. Mpomington, Illinois; ..'•, jored by the Farm Bureau I Federation of Iowa lying farmers in 29 States. i Emblem on Your Car [A jlark of Distinctlon-^- ken of a nation-wide service. ho Wears it on His Car Is [Neighbor in Case of Need. BEST FRIENDS AND BOOSTERS follcyholders for whom we iave made settlements. |D. Hutchins {•Kennedy St., Algona, Iowa. south of Public Library. i-W. Algona, .Iowa. Ing occupation he has, nnd the Ingham books are among the most helpful. At Herman Schroeder's. On the Arthur Lester farm, just outside Lakota on the south, where Aaron Hans had operated till this season, we recently found a couple of newlyweds starting to farm for themselves. They are Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schroeder, and are among the best 'known and most popular young folks at Lakota. Mrs. Schroeder is Lucille, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester, and Mr. Schroeder is a son of Mr. and Mrs. William Schroeder Sr., who own 80 the same couple are the young pair will move to a 320-acre farm .also owned by Dad Schroeder, now operated by Herman's elder brother George. George has bought a farm which he will occupy. Mr. and Mrs. Schroeder were mar. ried April 29 and went right to farming. They have two cows and 37 pl£?s. Herman's 45 acres of corn was planted and Mrs. Schroeder's garden was ready. Herman, who worked for his brother George, has had good training as a farmer, and Mrs. Schroeder Mrs. Boehm is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Janssen, and the youngster is the 18th grandchild for them. includes Mr. and The Boehm family now four boys and three girls. acres which farming. Next year is equipped for a mate. real farm help- iO TO $300 Hie money you need— (1 to 20 months to repay It. i made on almost all forms You can get up:to $300 • your debts, and by small /payments retire the loan. » Pay in full at any time, 'only for the period you money, - ' ' ' ** ; people on salary or fixed fare invited to 'pee .us. We u with every courtesy and &, be certain that there. bibarrassment. • •'" FARM NEWS AN'n COMMENT. Richard Price, east of Lakota, planted eight acres of Manchu soy beans.this spring, six acres for hay and two to thresh. Eike's Real Shoe Shop has put in a stock of Wear-U-Well shoes. Mr. Elke, who is a tireless worker, finished unpacking his stock and dressing the window at a late hour Monday night. He says prices are away down. The shop is located south- of the Goeders store at Algona. Stephen. Powers was 1 seeding seven acres of millet on a low spot on his land west of Lakota May 2S. He eaid he" had grown millet there before and the stuff grew armpit high. The day was shortly after a heavy rain, but Mr. Powers sa|d It was a good time to sow and the land was apparently working without pack. Lakota is now getting excellent mall service. A bus comes with mail from Garner, another from Bs- therville, another from Lake Mills. Postmaster J. A. Bargar has been active in getting good service for the people of his town. "We also notice that he is right on duty when needed and that everything is looked after In shipshape style. At the Coonley hotel, Hampton, Mrs. Janssen have lived 30 years on the same farm. A son John farms with them,'and together the two men take care of 150 acres of corn. Mr. Janssen was tending 180 four weeks old pigs saved from 28 Chester White litters when we called. On the former August Beckei farm, southeast of Lakota, we met Le Roy Edwin Bnnen, who will b"e six months old on the 24th of this month, the first child of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ennen, who moved from land owned by Roy's parents north of Lakota this spring. The youngster is first grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. William Schadendorf, who farm north of.Gerled, but just on of a dozen and a half or so for Mr and Mrs. E. Edden, north of La kota. The Ennens are pioneer set tiers and landowners in Kossuth. The Schadendorfs bought their 200- acre farm ten years ago. We should say that young Le Roy Edwin is pretty well fixed for parents and grandparents. George A. Christ, on the old Christ home farm, east of Lakota, had 88 two-weeks-old Spotted Poland pigs saved from 13 litters when we called one day last week. • Mr. Christ, who is the youngest of the Christ children, is getting well start- should be done about it before an accident brings tragedy at the gravel pit, which Is considered dangerous. •*- t Cunning, 8. D. Irene McDonnel, Whittemore, is o the barn. Mr. Patterson, who incl been driving, took charge of nother team driven by Charles Moyer, while'the latter ran over the illl after" the mules. We picked him up and took him to the Patterson barnyard, where he caught the animals and tied them in their stalls. The mules were frightened when Mr. Patterson's hat blew under the mules' feet, and' they plunged, breaking the neckyoke.' Mr. Moyer, who has worked on the senator's farm eight years', is a married man with children and lives at Burt. The story of the runaway was print, ed in a column about "People" on the front page of Friday's Register, and Senator Patterson's pic ture.was used. Nick Koppen now has a private road graveled out to a main graveled road that leads into Lakota from the east. Karl Trump also has a private road graveled, the work having been done last October. The main road was ^graveled last August, and the mail route, which had passed a half mile farther north, was changed to come into town over the gravel December 1. The route now goes right past the Nick Koppen, Julius Henning, Karl Trump, and George Winter farms and leaves the P. L. Koppen, Ike GIBBS FAMILY HOLDS REUNION IN MINNESOTA Good Hope, June 2—The Roy Sar- chetts and William Spears met at the Frank Glbbs home, Elkton, Minn., Saturday for a family reunion. The Gibbs family is formerly of this neighborhood. The Spears live at Campia, Wis., where Mr. Spear is manager of a lumber and feed business. Mrs. Spear and the children accompanied the Sar chetts home and is now at Mamie Steinman's Algona. Mrs. Walter A. Gromenz, formerly Inez Salisbury, Is here from her home In Illinois. Her mother, Mrs. Claude Salisbury, and son Ralph are expected .this week from their home at Ft. Benon, Mont., and a reunion of the Sallsburys is planned for the near uture. Ralph will be here for the summer and will help his brother Howard on a farm near Burt. nere for several days with her incle nnd mint, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh \Icr-Mnhon. Mrs. Loren Brown is at Polyclin- !c hospital, Dss Moines, where she is I'ecovering from an operation. Mrs. Kate Annis and her daughter Beth ate expected this week I from Miles City, Mont. The Roy A. Bjustroms, Edmund Larson, and Hazel Mitchell spent the latter part of last week at Spirit Lake, fishing. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Mittag are happy over the arrival of a boy, James Allen Mittag, born Sunday, May 24. Used Cars We have a number of used cars in good condition to be sold at a very low price, One 1929 Model A Fordor sedan. One 1929 Plymouth coach. One 1929 Buick Master Six. One 1929 Dodge sedan. One 1929 Dodge sport coupe. One 1929 Chevrolet 1 1-2 ton truck, used very little, in fine, condition. Come In and let us give you a demonstration of the NEW DODGE AND PLYMOUTH CARS Elbert Garage South of the Courthouse. IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO buy or sell, or exchange, write for our special low classified advertising rates and list of the'leading county '[weeklies of Iowa.—IOWA NEWS- APERS INC., 214 Royal Union Idg., Des Homes, Iowa. g32tf Harms, and Richard Price some distance away. The farms J. H. Warburt'on farm was also on the old route, but it was served at the Lakota postoffice instead of on the route. Mr. Trump remarked that the balloonists who sailed up into the air ten miles last week and came safely down started their flight in Germany only 50 miles from his birthplace. He was reared a Schnelldorf, and the balloonists started from Augsburg. Lakota has the foundation for a new $45,000 echoolhouse well start Cresco Services Next Sunday— This is to inform anyone.who may je interested that services will be resumed at the South Cresco church next Sunday. Will persons readint, :his notice pass the word to' neigh bors? Mrs. Treptow Entertains L. A. S.— A company of women m«t at Mrs William Treptow's last Thursday fo an unusually successful social an business meeting of the L. A. S Mrs. Treptow was assisted by Mrs James Knoll in entertaining. Moser Back to Work— Lola Moser was sufficiently re covered from an illness with whic she had suffered two or thre weeks to return yesterday to her work at Mankato. Farmers 9 Directory LARGEST and best equipped White Leghorn Farm in northern Iowa. Large 5 and 6-lb. hens mated to Tancred pedigreed cockerels. Big boded chicks that will live. Prices very ow, quality considered. Special on leavies. Custom hatching—goose, duck, turkey, and hen eggs. HAMILTON LEGHOttN FARM AND HATCHEBY One mile west and one mile south of Bancroft, Iowa CHIX NEW LOW PRICES FOR JUNE White icgrliorns, $5.75 per 100. White Leghorns guaranteed to live slightly higher. Buff Minorcas, WliKc and. Barred Rocks, Red AVyandottes, 17.50 per 100. An ever-increasing number of customers every year want our June chicks. They are making money for them, why not for you. Try our new starting and growing mash that ie giving such wonderful results. Milled and mixed in our own plant. Always fresh. Hamilton Leghorn Farm and Hatchery One mile west and one mile south, Bancroft Iowa. Lowinun Visits In Illinois— L. J. Lowman leaves sometime Little |ll!lllllllllllllllllllllllltlllllllllllllll»lllllllll!llllllllllllll[|||||||||||IM I Mail-a-Want To Fill-a-Want AMERICA'S FINEST TENT THEATRE ALGONA, IOWA MON., "WE 8 HAZEL M. CASS AND Because of the Advance's conntywide circulation, want advertising In this paper li exceptionally productive. At the same time It |g Inexpensive. Repltes often cost the advertiser less than a cent apiece. Note—Except long "render*." any kind ot advertising Mt In the same type as the news Is a "want ad." Tou "want" to sell as well as buy, yon "want" to trade. TOO "want" to rent a hous» or luriu, you "want" to take cows to pasture, etc. All such advertising Is called "want" a<lv«rll«liir by newspaper*. IN TODAY! •elnliind jance Corp. Phone 55, Iowa W north of Iowa State Bank mil-mi hoes ck direct from tbe factory For— -^ WOM1N, CHILDREN Pi; very low. Corner Grocery ANDJIEATS SPECIALS ^'^J'WBKi. Liner Brand Early June "Peas 2 CANS 27c 4-B qujck or regular oats 8c 4-B gelatin deag^ ^ 4-B Quick Process Prm. * Ofl.tB~~" Gold Cup Prm. Coffee 60c 4-rB Home Style sweet pickr_ les ~-~, — 23c 4-B mustard, small jar _--8c Twin Lake Spanish olives, quart jar _,—- -- » NQ. 10 can crushed pineapj pie „_..——--— ' MEAT DEPARTMENT boiling beef, ? LBS, 25c Beef rpast 17e to 30c Hamburger ._———-- 1 6 ° Sausage * 5c Urd .^.. r -—8 IBS. 250 ww-JKS 1111 ** Only 2c a Word Each Week No Insertion Less Than 20c a Week — We Do Not Charge Want Ads — Stamp*, Cash, or Check MUST Accompany Order CUP THIS FORM AND FILL IT IN Your Name....- ..—,-,..—i—-- , Addrctt _ How many weeluis advertisement to run?. Amount enclosed S. __ Wnte—Write Dlalnly, one word In each ipaoe below, Includlngr name, addren, and phone. If yon do not want your name to appear, An not write name In form helow tout eount four extra wotfi to coyer cost o( keeping track of replteg and forwarding, ^drerthement niuit reach Advance by 10 o'clock Tneiday morning' to Insure Insertion In reynlar want column} If received later It may appear elsewhere. ' Market Price lor Eggs Half Rate* for County Farm Bureau Members (Minimum: 15c a week.) - j Farmers who are paid-up members O f tke Kossuth County Farw Bureau aid their families «rf o a spiral 0&Cej&».Wpr4 rate, Ht to get it they must sign the f Qflowiig Certificate I hereby certify that I am » farmer and a pal^up member pf the JCossuth County Farm Bureau or a member of the family. NEALE HELVEY PLAYERS COMBINED SHOWS With positively the best,plays and productions ever assembled. ALL THE LATEST MUSICAL PRESENTA- t ! TIONS BEFORE THE SHOW HEAR NEALES BOYS OF MELODY IN LATE SONG RELEASES SEE THE FOUR McNALLIE SISTERS The highest priced singing and dancing act on the road. OPENING, PLAY MONDAY NIGHT On the McCall show grounds. TheManFrom the South • A Comedy with a Punch. LADIES FREE One lady admitted free Monday night with'eae* ( paid adult ticket. Poors open 7:30 P. M, Performance 8;1& P. M, Prices: Adults, 85c; .children, J5c; reserves, )$$ \ Same Company played the Princess, Ft, Podp «•' I £ ™fi ^^^Mf^ Ha&f.

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