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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 13

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 13

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

PITT BIS TT RGTI GAZETTE -Fill DAT, MAY. 11. .10 0 ft. .1 T. if ir- i (v Xa -vA '3 Ht.w..

ft fci 3 2L jrv XL M.JS -w Tell your friends and acquaintances if they Want Summer Boarders to write the Want. Ad Dept. of The Gazetce Times. KOK SALTS. FOH SALK.

FOR BL. LEGAL NOUCKS. AUCTION eAT.F. MONET TO 1-AAN. HK' I- a L.J ri te -J i ii A Ent Rl Jaces.

MiK-elluneos. PATity lur.h riifi.i- tiit'Jtt-s for "seta ch.ap. IN THE OpiortanUie. CON'FRCnONEHY AI) PTOF.f' prKia counters, phvlving, nine NOTE THIS I 1 1 0 AUCTION SALE OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND PIANOS. To storag rgcs, at our Mage rear Fftlj MONDAY, MAY 14TH, 16.


Avclieneer. auctTonai Wlil be sold at auction, in accotmt of whom may concern at The Plttsburga Stock Exchange. WEEK-END TRIPS TO THE COUNTRY WITH THE FAMILY MONEY AT SIX PER CENT. Tak your family some iel'i little 'an try place ta'h Saturday and etaj vntil Monday. They'll be happier and heat'bler for theae litt!" trips Into the green fields.

In cj ycu era a "little shrt" of money, don't er that keep y.ju from going. To" rotrw here tell us alxut It slid ill li-aa yon noney ss often as y-si want it. We trwit all transact ronftdtJitlaiTy only charge you cent for tb Fcr acurltv, we acept JOTKLRT, tiiverware. fui-s. clot Mr g.

etc. We no-charge for eroring si'vexwars, frs, etc during the summer worths. CAPITAL V.M.C. SIX PER O.tNT. MARKET STREET LOAN Cor.

Markf-t Street and Third sve. IN PVeINESS OVER TEARS. v. rr' r. rr lt.i kg 3-t a tsd ON' A.V.U SQl'ARKS FltO.V Flt-TH.


doit.i.e rORCHCS. IMPKOVEMENTS ALL-PAID ron. FIVE OTHERS NEARiNij CXUIi'LiJTION. Interior Changes to scit rrF.citAsr.u. lots foot $3,500 to $0,500.

REAL ESTATE TRUST OH OLIVER ESTATE OFFICE, WOOD ST. AND OLIVER AVK. HEAL ESTATE, farms. Ftore bougbt. sold or exoliantrd -without publicity.

For uulck results. eo J. F.OVD, ii Fourth ava. VOH-Ijr'oSiT "aLI'tHB ANSWERS "YOTJ WANT FROM THE fcCNDAY GAZETTE TIMES WANT PAOCS. Sale Rest.


R. country place. acres; laree n-iodejii dweliinp- 18 spacioua rfomj, billiard, i bathrooms: all modern conveniences, orchard, aiiaded drives, sprintf Anter. ice house, stocked with ice; carriaga Viorsts, etc. Possession at once.


COMMERCIAL HO "EL Located in thriving Pennsylvania toTvn, irt Vens-ngo county; estab-lifahed 4t) years; new buff britk building: has been erected at a cet of v.hirlx baa built ths iat five years; Go mod-ein rooms; all modern conveniences; 6 baths; Jars' barroom: jtiahosjar.y good Mock of liiuors; Dense cost can bo transferred at any time; only ix? lne. 6 yesrw; privilege' of five yean total recvpts for last year J-HTil 5: net profits above all expanses, fll.f.TS; thi can 'be verified; -sve consider thU one of the best propositions we have ever had to loust ba soen to be ajpret iatd tvnns, $10. txX'. Frioe J1S.000 8. V.

THOMPFON Third Floor, Tiiqs TV, Fooi-th ave. CMICKMN AND RAISING BCSN Nl.iirf Conaists of We of 2" acres of ground at a rent of flO per inonth. and inciulea hovse. largs barn, stable Miin arid b'jfc-jry deirtirent: xveil watered ani has st.ial! fruit snd shrubbery: laso for fl a yt-an; new poultry houfie. in.

brcode'-s, to pigeons. S'u. IJi-kens,; buftlness under pioer rnanae-merit dear ier year; stock ani invoice owner Is uuveHntr ard cannot rive this burin his attpnllon. FOH WLTCK SAJ.E WILL SELL FOR S. V.

THOMPSON Tnird Floor, tl'H) Fourth av. over SLr per; enr-rifr on str-tt car lire; 5 roomn storeroom, ftno b-'iseinet't, naMe. large iot; 2-year less-; rent ordj- lui; it nt in the fltv; seii at less than Invoice In otber worth SEE THE HOOa REALTY COMPANY. Fifth Floor. Fidelity VAX Fourth ava.

"rOREsTTToTKLiSAL QtTICICLY SOLD for cash thr ugh our agency; veal r3ts.t anrad for etocks of iir. proved for unimproved ral -state, if you want to r.iake deal without publicity, cs'l rr B. R. FAULKNER Jc INC'D. OlusljK-as etabiiihed tn mS Arrctt Fourth ave.

and Wood sf. Barber op, seven fnloon and fourteen Dviie Invoice Saloon aii 1 six invi.tce 1,609 I All good locations a.nd dotng good business. F. A. 14 No.

Harcl at. Youngstcwn, O. A in K. TY STOdt eT" Only stor cf the kimi In progressive town cf 4.r0 people, 15 miles from Pittsbu'-ga: consists of groceries, some, drygoods. furnish- 1 r.g g.KHls.

Mies lat year S15.V.0: atocS iiml OTtur-s will Inioice abjut Will i ill at a fab- invoke, less 10 per cent. I CHARLES W. TURNER, 411 Fourth a-, Room 6. First Floor. FOR PAP Newspaper rout- in the best part of the Second ward.

Allegheny, at present handling 1.46U daily pap rs and i) fc'unday parsers; will sal' cheap to a buyer, cl owner to 1-eve the c.iy. Any offer will lecolve consideration. Address A. 'f. Columbia place, Allegheny.

Pa. WANTED FOR "a MaTTu- FACTURTNG CONCERN In the city, a gocl man for a leading deoart-lornt and nssiatant frenerai manager. to Jln.C'"0 capital necassai-y to sev.uro an interest and to insure faithful this is a fine opening we can recomr.iend it. JA5. TV.

DRAI'E 4jr, Fourtn ave. GROCERY STORE-N'ice corner location in Knoxville, has 6 Jiic? living rooms p.nd balh; rent only doing a business of $200 a- eek. I withotit horse, or wagon; can b2 hicri8! this lis a fine rp-n'ng; juio invoice, about I HO 1 1 'K-ARM STRONG I CIS Times bll. Fourth ave. IFOR f'A EE Sci.d for our frif booklet of flii vle.vs In beaut'ful jsoutherr.

Ca'iiornis. b.t-h tt'lla h'jH' you (in set a fruit a.i..l aifaUa. farm i and be independent for alrriost nothing. Srd at limited number to dispose of in this way. S.

W. WHon. South Paaa.I,-nn. CaJ. CJP.OCERT $TORE Tincated in growing wjbur-har town: fresh, dwn stcck In modern ii'ding; rent $5.

Inelud'ng six-room with c-eT convenience. I.un-p or invoice, about FrinclpsiS rvily. Address A The Oazotts Times. REAL ESTATE LUSINE-Ontraliv lo cated in East End: etabii.l'-i by present owner eight years aao; netting $2,000 armualB. I Price H.r.O).

B. R. FAULKNER a-. IN CD 1107 Arrctt Blip Fourth and 9t WE a specialty of selimg st- I and hotels auri ruslneta nnportiin't c' si) klnls: buslress strictly con Mitdemiai: com of bu ir.ur.Lste wiUx us if ou are liig selling. V.

THOMPSON VO SC1 Times building FOR SALE Mat market: one of tne best locations; dosrg business y.Y per Wfek an.l 1 clearing er JCC0 per month: must st i once: price cn'y Call st John Sbcc. l-' Pi isv, ick I WHOt.f-S Lb 1 sFn ESPro" T- rrtly b-'tcd In Allesheny; a n.ost fi.ll I trn 1- wlro ai whisky: ro V-r handleit: rv'tmg i ZM an.iua'.ly. Prlc 1 TL The Gagette Times Eoft SAI E-To LSiAit. An pen. 3 org, Whan' and siding.

part: app Hefrv A. 6 I PMlr.dclph'a GET ALL TH ANSWERS YOU WANT F.lO?.r Till' SUNDAY GAZETTE T1ME-I WANT PACES. MILLIVERT t-'TORE-ln manufaetarhig ljs tt -pulfln; Inventory prire; itsp i rent Hot 8'u'h gharon. Ps. I WC ll.tVE the yir.r rroposlti 'ii Ir.

t'-e Princes is having rr.or.ey inr. at a.ulrr.s V. Hox PavsnnsS Oa. MILL.

or ri: nchlr.e. yi music. J. W. Gi-aharn, i I PELMAR I'ARIC, T- tfc- r-Ucn t- Uv In tWf gxd old rft! brick With bath.

Take vf or Hamilton ave. cars to PterriU wa Tip to 730J IIrr.t!tsg st. Com our durln or nr. I-) ch tlon. talercp monthly I ONE OK fSWWvb NKir ir jl PEi) OX Sw'-'IilKKI.

i4.iV) tit worth nicre. bat JM.W "131 viy it'. 'Tar a MKt)-ci; ntw center halt t2 ruoirn and tn tJ tl room. in thi h'W is crtry r-uct and Is flrdi.ed in harfJwood It r-oxlil ffx. RKAU EST AT THUtT CO.

Sil Fourth NLV BPJCK tlOtiSt batb. S3v27: Jacitad'-r -onni-to riri-'- on panMbte tmi. HANKS TOWN RCALTY i''vn I-t Knd. Ci'r. "7 YOU kavt.

FHo.t Tirr; scvpay gazette AVi" PAdl.H P. I LT. AVEVi'E." On bogt hous in Tn mve-nufl. IC room rcociitlon bull. bpffi.

lirse lot; pru? on reanonsbU trrms. Tt A Li F.HTATK PAVINOS THU3T 'edernl St. I ir.ust have rrvor.Br anJ. 'rer my hri-k ri3inc for M.Ron ORK.m:.vr BAnoATN itistohy. Ar.PKN'TEU-M'lIORRAN RCALTV CO.

Tbcr. R. Court. J33 Fourth HAVE -your rM estat tltips aad Insured T-nd Trut 51S Fourthav. AlX TUB ANSWERS YOT7 WANT FF.OM THK SVNUAT OA2ETTE TTVES 1VAVT PAG fop.

CHOICE LOT IN SHADYSIDE. fire of thi br-f-t strl" it; Sftadytd. lot Frkf tor qiiC sale 5250 PER FRONT FOOT. GEOPvGE Columbia Bar.k l.tiild'cg1. IIS Fourth ave.

FOP, THE LAND'S SAKE. Em't mcnej- to a to q- vst Z.V0 railfs a-nay. We ha a fin LOT rroixsi ion risbt at your dorr, you will flcrvldKe tl; tbinrf on th r.iarkt; J5.Wj -wia mak? jou llOO.ooO t.iis ytar; tr vriil not kfff VKRNT.a REALTY COMPANY, Fri'K; TOWN IDT FOH SALK IN MONACA. Fsirj- trrr.s: located at th nd of river oViiitrr. froritlnir on tn Ohii river, opposite licihestcr om of tha most dcatrabla lorat.or for residence t'19 county; fv Ritu-nte' to Uher stior: CO niiiiatea' rido to th city: train very half huur, etrest rallvsy borrtrins; projieiti1.

Apply to AOBERT BIE-DLU. 0T.r, On at tfca of the Ohio River Priif. Morjica, l-a. RRIUHTON COUNTRY CI.CB Is on of the mort bauttful rpo' tn Aelny ars horr.e sites ot every-day prirc. l.jrit'o;; providra country air, minahme -Rilli city conveniences.

i-i-c p'-aa md jrt. nrlr rd trm. LAND TKl'ST COMPANY. Sift F)tirth avj. "oiEswick Ik ki o'ii a bca itiful wr er pron-ur lacrffajias In value tiaiJy, We.bava 14 rs.

1' f-I on irrsiinved sti -ict ar.d car lire, th: wa at an attractive f.tcuro. It iyr a mMIvWoh and wouJd a giants. LAND THirST COM PAN 3 Fourth aie. TIILL LOT oOxlbS. No Da road, b't-Mn Murray and v- Bt it and frr: be soli rf of valoa.

OH N' K. EWINfi 2.Z Fonrtii v. i prnuYsvtr lk avb 1" i. 1 fion'iiK on two stte ti; )ad nl swrtd. T.

AM. IKON la Fdr6l CI'CTCK bCLI.KVTK LOTS. b-iildi altea at various pries. YOUNG, -i; run S.AI.1: Taialn. fae bTjtrj-ss lot tit.

Trr.fford City. Jol)ii W. Grafca'rc, WliiaeMliig. Pa or; AT I IE VX, '7i A NT FROM THE SUNDAY fl AF.ITE A VU'i'IFl. I farm of o.rp", ti: 'Kid, Baync P.

a. New fnane nf 6 1 00m i with cellar; aoo.1 bbnk barn and 'itbuildins. Ro 1 ater. all kinds of ani hoc! Now tr.p-viajnla.fd road survo; -t iv farm, nri'l alw -ar vyod near this farm. a the- iu In pt-r aer.

For vaC-u'Hr? M. Wright. A Ftrrys villa P. I R. F.

I. No MjX Or Hurh A. Lettsdaia I', pn P.M T7 STts. located 2 from on t.h Frj. T(.

tirlTlnld v-ith cohI and cUr. J. il. Liachiifie, T.Js- FARM acres. m' from city.

Vs mil fro-11 station and town on Fenris. R. R. V'tuM be flue as country L. Mchitch.n, Kl Arrctt city.

Bell 'phone Co.jrt. HAVE tue. good fan. is; If you want to S---II fcn-nunioato ith us at on--. V.

THOMPSON Tones building. HAVE your renl ewtate examined sri'j b. Mi red by Ijind Trust 315 Fourth ave VofLtT GT2T tTgT ANSWERS YOU WANT FROM THE HUNDAY GAZETTE TIME-t WANT PAGEii. Ind snd Acreages. 'A AC'tES.

mewood. adi.i-enf. po; ii-dustriai cr.or. Addr-a Tne Gazette 'li'TI. TOUl.b WANT I-ROM Tljr; BUXDAV GAZETTE TDISf WANT PALER.

Virginld Itwl Estntr. FOrt SsALivCcun'ry hor.i In Bedford countv. cn U. A O. Ry and Jsmes tlvpr, 13 a.bove Eyn- t.buig; 170 acres, two-story ft a me cot tag? reriderce, metal wf, 7 rooms, 24 bnth rnoiTi, sift atcr, e'c.

f.r.a barr. JxH. tw. tenants' hous -a. two twci 7 acres winter in 17 api-i, 2 and 3 yens pUnt-l; raiini! at.tfion tfour trains prstoidce.

f-xpres an i money r.rdor ofi'n e. 6.V1 frvni iiotis Sh'polng fa i lea to All l.dr.'s. Insurance on tairs. Climate unsurTiS8-d; ro ruslann.

lr'-frt. fi.iH., cash. Apply Lieut. Allen -Olney, it. N.

Coleinan's I'a lis, Vs. YOUTJ, GET A LL THe" A SV eIIS' YOU WANT FROM. THI5 GAZETTE TIiK-? WANT A I FiR MjTtgaS 1OSD. 'M a client who wl.l mono or. 1 idld'rr during c.n'.tructlon.

pro frenn i for ani tret Charges re able CONTINENTAL CuVI'ANV, 1(M Sixth si 1 B-sa-jiner Mlif.l. have n. client Tin will sdvnnc" on buli ion. pruvi.Vl is for atret hnprovsupTts jie I'httrg" UONTINEVTAL TEt'V COMPANY, I'A lgt" B-ssemcr lK1g. 11 A VII several arpltcams fnt- 00 I'atTolic church sovurlt VET IP OWN flT.

PKF.TT CO, R.H.f.8 Fr-tlt til MONEY IO TyOAN on ptortfigis; buU.s i I Crtv. .1 DIG LI. U.lldh.g. vTaNT t. rr 'MA Um" Jl.AV.

V.i.'f K- '1 Imnr-ivcd pay Mach-ny Fvurth ave. to loan, 4-t t9 6per c-e-it; murtgagsa or ceratetsU private psr'y. F. O. hixJK.

lUI'VO "VoR MOiiTO.ViP I.OA-S. JOHN K. ir.CI.VO CO.4faNV.Zrt ITK AVK. M' 'NEV To LOAN In ry unt .1 KlDVirV S'-. -To l.n 'on R-l i-M If can, 1 1" II.

U. 1 JU.i in-i r-i'-rt iv hoi 1 i'm. city. V'l XII IT rov the jt," A' ETTf. 1 long.

FOR fcAI.E Looon csutJer. is fpei finish. Itiiuire 252 tnltbtid PFJR'ONALS. I'ERSON A L- i.uaics and pentiemhr, cash pnW cast-oft f.thi'is. Fifih ave.

V.ot Ailrir83 2:29 J. A. J- write wald: 1S41 V.TEBSTER AVK r. A. PHONE 651-it NO MATTER bow badly broken we will ropair your watch and insure sa-ne fr 2 years, for only Jewt-'iy fc'-S Liberty ave.

HAVE your mowers ground ani rpcired by Avbelm MfT Third ave. D-H 8:1 Court. WK do ltirsmitMr.if. Axhclm 34 J. Third eve.

p.o!l S'd Court. MISS HURLER, hiar.lcure. Oaxett? Building liarDr sno. II REPAIRS a watch, Insurance. Mi Seen1h ave.

FUBT.1C S-U A NEW CANNING FACTOR! ai Sandy like. Mercer county, will offered at public 'ile on Tu-aday, May 15, at 2 m. All new machinery, capacity 4Ci0 ces-s day; 4y borse er holier and 16 Iictfo ow.r nipine; West ingJiouse dynamo, Fghtfd wi'h gas and electricity, buildings new, rooted with eUte, good artesian wu. faetoi-y boated within a few rods of L. s.

M. S. good farm in country. Plant in eummer Terms made known on ciay r.f sale. Ly ori'sr of committee.

YOU' iTT GET AIL THE Tn'SAV ER3 YOU WANT FROM THE SUNDAY GAZETTE TIMES WANT PAGES MEETINGS, THE ANGELINF. DOCK COMPANY. The annual tnr-eting of the stockholders this company will be held at the general office, corn-r Third eve. and Try Pittsburgh. on Thursday, May 17, lscj.

at 3:30 o'clock p. for the eiecUuii of a toara of director to serve the cnfiuingr yrar, for transacting such other busiuesa as n.ay brovght. fote the meeting, JOHN 1,. MOORE, Secretary. Office of Sun.nnt Park Land Company.

MEETING--Special notb'e to The board of directors of this company ha! called a meeting cf its stockholders t. be htld at the general office of th coaipany. 618 Smlthneld Pittsburgh, rn the 31st day of May, lOOo. at -2 o'clock p. for tna pjrposo of voting for or against an increase of the capital stock.


PHONE 1010 MAIN. Don't your goods when moving, tore with us and tva will sell them for you, under your directions. 30,000 square feet of flror pac. We store furniture, fix tores, car-rlnges, wagons, sr.fes. machrnery, and aii descriptions of mcrchar.dts.;.

WILL STABLE YOUR HORt5ES-tO MODERN SANITARY STALLS. For the months of April. May and June our charge will be cr.e-half of the visual ttorag prle. TRANSFER AND STORAGK. MOVING AND STORAGE.

J. O'NEIL Will move you cheapest ar.d best; we do gen-tral hauling of all binds. 813 W. Diamond Both "phones. Allegheny.

Pa. MUIC'Ar. RHEUMATISM-Rome Nervo posttlveiy relieves pain in legs, arms, tavk. stir or swollen Joints In 1 to days, or I refund your money. rlc SI pr box.

Call or Address S2Q Winston HaxelWorl. Pa. DETECTri AGENCIES. PERiilNS' I'MOS DETECTIVE AGFNf'T ZZ1 Fourth ave. Telephones.

Private exchange. BERRY DETECT ICE SERVICE. sve. Boll Grant 433 Fifth 64i. DANCING ACADEMIES.

McDOUG ALL'S ACADEMY Carnival at Du- 16. Little Rrd Rtiin: Hood Operetta. Bsl-lt. Skirt, Buck and Wing. Clog an! Fancy Dnnsirg.

Singing, etc. Open ell summer. r.sT er in o. UPHOLSTERING and all furniture repaired at your horn; floors polished. Henry Field, ISol Bluff H.

Cblb. t.n nf.rrpc-tv lAlJ W.fyr experieme. Bell 'ptione LF.fiAL NOTICES. THEODORE F. NEWLIN, Attoi ny-at-Law.

No. 317 Baeow Ouil.ling. Pa. Notice is hereby given that letters of adminis- trst.on on the estate-of Margaret Tipping, de-veesed, late of I'ittsburgh. Allegheny county, have been granted to the und-rs'lgntd, tj whom r.ll j-ersona imebteu to salt eetato ere requested to make immediate payment, and those bavins claims or demands against the ram- will ir.ak them known without delay.

The Colonial Truet administrator. A.i-irces No. till Fourth arenue, Nos. 21 to 318 Diamond Ihttebursrh. Pa.

W. J. BRENNEN. attoniey. N-aice- Is hereby given that an appii-ation was ft; I in this office on the.

of May, for th transfrr of the retail limior licen of John T. O'Tocde. granted at No. CrtS. March session, 1908, court quarter sessions of 'Allegheny countv.

ir tbJ premises situate at No. 7r. West Carson street. Thirty-fourth ward, of tl city I'ittsburgh. "to Michel Con I nollv and Eugr-nc heehan.

and tbo same bo hi.rd in said court on Mnndav. the rift day of Mav, at o'civck a. WILLIAM DO DOS. Ciork of Courts. JOHN F.

COX, iOi i.a- monti street, Pittsburgh. Ha. ts given that letter testamentary the estate of Jaol) deceas-d. lat of Himc- ricad, Allegheny county, have bven grarlcd to th- to whom ail versons indebted to said estate nre icqucoted to make iiroiiedlate fend those having claims or demarda agu-nst the same win make them known without James A. tlidihmd.

'jftu Fourth avenue. Homestead, and Alice C. Cilti-land. 243 Third avenue, Allegheny county, Fenasylvanla. executors.

S. M. MYERS. Attorney-at-Law. S-7ih)i Park bviil.tirg, Piitctv.rgh, Pa.

hereby given that l-tlers of administration on the tstate of Do-ninono I istvrte, oectatseti, late cf Wii.rterd'.ng, Allegheny our.ty, have been granted to the un lc rbigned, to whom aii Ittsoiij rndebied to said estate are ie.jue-.ted to make in. mediate payment, thos- having claims or demands aeainnt the earns wlli niake them known without 1-lay. WiiiUr.i H. aenjinis'rator- Ad'rs care c-f coroner's office. AlUgneny county, Pb.

EDWaRD G. KARTJE, At torny-at-lAw, No. 41 tit. 'chcias Pv. Nc lice Is hereby riven that Eio.i decesaia, of Ben Avon, AUeihenv cour-ty.

be.n granted to the- ttnd'! slgne to whom persons indebtit-- ra.d estate are a I nae vayrnent. those c.i- wi nutxs trtem Wirii'at aejay. Emma A. Pores ecu'rii. Cen county.

Pa. trr.v.r STILLET. Mtcrpey-at-Lsw 6'' Eriek Notice is hr-bv siv-i. that letters -stamntary on the of Jlar-garetta Setter, dec-asd. cf Upper St.

Clair toraHt AIltrher'v c.y. nc- vrant- t. ti. -i sons inlebtd to said -stats sre reovtesied to make and tho bevinr c'i'-ts or jj t' aam. rli- them known witbeat.

John Ex- er titer. F. No. 1 Lndgevil'e. JENNINGS No.

1 p-. I Pa Notice is gvr, thsr itiitrs of -n th of Sarah Is'r ot I'ittahurgh. Allvrher.v bounty. rave a'-eit-'t t.j Hie ro wr.oin ah trsnrs iniCf-l lo mU estate to imi.te.itatfl M''Tiirt. an.l those raviia claims or iletnasds aratmt tn same will make n-m known wirr.

'itiAV. Jci.n fcdn.lmytrat.,r. Addrrs No. 27t'l Fifth Ps. NOTICE is b.ertbv that tters of ad- ministration on th atte of Maria Wcrer.

lato of Mt. Oliver borough, Ail- gr.eriy county have ln granteo to the undr- aitrr.e.;. ro norit 'i to aaia sita Rrr rrqui.j ir r.iHue and thote psv.r.g ciativs or itiands 1 aaitst the thn Vi-. wtth- uit I'aiay. sdmlrslstrarc: I Carron street, Pa.

i I I 1 i i I i DISTRICT COURT OF THE VNUED STATES 4 FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA. Ir, foe Matter the riTTSBURGH BLUE PRINT COMPANY, Bar.krupt. No. SU.6, in Bankruptcy. Notice is hereby given that on too Utb DAT OF MAY.

2J6. AT A. Ll.e undersigned will apply to the Untttd States coort lor final ar.d concr-tnation of toe sa'e cf th personal property of th above nanitd baukrup-t. Machinery, tools, fixtures, pa- --ts, Btuck and mat. rU! on hand at tho roach shop of the coirTeny on FOURTH fiiX'S VF TH V3 ARROTT POWER BUILDING, BARKER PLACE, and also the oTico furnilurn i.r.1 hius, blue print interal find mathiro o- the FIFTEENTH FT.

OF THE PARK PUILDING. TSEL iiG find all other goods ana chattels, except book accourits. nt piiva? sale, for tiio sum of jive thousand unleas the ear. time a hieer and better bid is received. At and piace you ere reuuired to show cause why ti.a prayer cf the petitioner should not be (This sala to leasehold of office and workshop In Park building.) TITE COLONIAL TRUST COMPANY.

Receiver in Bsnkruptcy for Una Pittsburgh Blue Print" Company. 317 Fourth Avenue. Diamond fetreeL CHAS. A. MOORE.

AUomey, 553 Fourth Avetiue. NOriCB To LAUNDRY MACHINERY CONTRACTORS Roaled iropofiii wiil bi received by th trustees of the Institution for Feeble-Minded of Western Peons Fa tip to noon of June t. IP05, the fur of machinery and ej'j'pment, includiiig ail tiectrlc wo.k, electric wiring, motors and transfonnara. as per plans and specifics tlor-a. -vhich may bo sesn at the office of J.

M. Murdoch, superintendent, at the Institution, Polk, Eiich proposal mutt be made on tbo which win bo furnished by application ti J. Murdoch, supriniendrr.t, folk, ar.d must be accompan led bj a certified check tha svun of Jrt as a guernntee t'nat the contractor will enter into a coitrort and furnish satisfactory bond for the faithful of the contract. Bide to he marked 'TroiHJc'al." nd to be to John A. served to reject any or all bid.

William; w. wiikXnTTTu'TMam'md st! in the court of common No. 1 of Allegheny county. No. 628 Jun term, ltco.

In the matter of tho aud consoiiJaf ton of the 'ongrtgaf ion, Belh-2c3sk Ccrigrcp-ation ani Sahro Tflio Copgrt gatior. Notice ta he-e-by given that an application, will made to the above cou-t on Saturday, the 19th day cf May, at o'clock a. under the corporation act of one thousand efsht hundred snd etity-four, anrl lis supplements, for the xrrt.rgcr cr.d consoiidarion of the Beth-David CotiTfaatiori, Beih-cdek Cc-nsrirtlon and Sahro Tfll-j Congregation, as set forth the pttiticn at abo.e r.omoer ar.d term ied said couvt. NOTICE Is hereby given thst a certificate for one share of th cm men stock of Ashtabula Pittsburgh in be namo ot b. Rul ertacn, nuisibored Si'S and dated Novenibcr 21, 1S7S.

has loaf, mislaid cr destroyed, and that the undersigned has aifl appJicatlor. to Ashtabula Finsburh Railway Company ar.d Its successors for a under and in ac or.lance with tha agteni.ur.t of cor.soiidat',011 h- iuu- of said certifloats so lost, i.iisiail or destroyed. Caroline F. a3i.iln!stri-tor of estate of Charles S. Robertson.

O'BRIEN i BRAWNER. Attorneya-at Law. No. 50 Diamond Pittsburgh. Pa.

Notice is hereby given iliat letters of D. B. N. C. 1 A.

on the estate of Anton Knapp, deceased. of Pittsburgh, Aileghwry coursty. hav ben granted to the to w'n ra. ad v-er-ons Indebted to soli ft2te are requested 10 irake liru.ediate payment, and those ha Jtijf claims or demands against tiie same will u.kke tl.em known without de-la'. The Colonial Truwt Company,".-tor.

D. P. C. T. A.

Nos. 217 Fourth avenue ar.d Si SIS Dian.ond street, FRtsburfen, Pa. LAZEAR i CHR. s-8t-Ta-, No. Fouith a.e., Pittsburgh, i'a.

Notice ts hereby glv-n that letters ttatamentry on the estate of Wi'hcimlna Suhtvdier. deceased. 1st of Putsbursb. Allegheny county, have ben granted to tn ut'aersign-d, to v.hom etl Indebted to ssij pstate are requei.ieu to D.fke lrrmedtale payment, and those liavins; claims cr df-toands against the sime v. iii make known withcu delay.

John Henry Frederii It Sch execj-tors, No. 6437 Marchand No. 6i7S penn Pittsburgh. Pa. W.

R. ERRETT, Attor ney-et-La sjare Deposit and Trust Company. Native is hereby Kiven that letters of admlnlf traUuu cn thi estate, of G-orge yi. Whit worth, dwceavvl, of IMitsbtirgh, Aileghenv couuty, lavs been -anwd to the undersigned to whom s.l WM to said estate are rented to make immediate -payment, snd those laving claims or de-mauds agairts-t the san.e will make them known without dei The afe Trust Company of A-tmlristra-tor. Wood Etreet and ri.ver.ue, Pittsburgh, Pa, MILMKEN 4CR AUM 177A Torn 9- at -1 w.

No 411 urant street, Pittetc-(rh, Fa. Notice is hereby given that letters of administration on tb estate of Ka.1h-rlna Ge'smar, deceased, of borongh of North Braddock. AU-sheny county, bav been granted to th tt whom ail persons tndetted to said estate are requested to make Immediate, payment, and those havix.g sclafna or demands gainst th same will make known without Guira.r.;e Title ar.d Trust Administrator, No. 132 Fourth Pittsburgh, Fa. JAMES Attorney-a t-1 No.

420 Bakoweil buBtmg. Pittsburgh, l'a. No. its hereby given that letters of administraticn on tre estate cr hute A. Serves, ci '-ed.

is of Pittsburgh, Aileghenv county, have granted to the ed, to ii ail -sons Indebted to said estate are i-cqutstel rake Fnmediat rr.ent. and these having viajins or equina og-3inet tie Sirnt 1 niake ther.i known nt'hout. delay. T. echeser, Admintstrutrix, No.

56." Lyric street, Pittsburgh, Pa. J. C. Met'OOM MS. Attorny-at-l-aw.

No. 422 Fiftti Fa. Notice hereby jivn that ie.trs stamer.tary on tl- c-s-taf? cf Jacob Renscher, uceasttj. late of oiur't, hive been grintd to tb- ur.dernigrie.i. to whom sC rer-sc-r-s Indebted to said estate sre requested to make immediate psnent.

those having claims or demands sgeinst the same will make them known without delay. H-TiscneT. exc-ci tor. No. 4iC JJorewoc-3 Idtr Fa.

J. H. HARRISON. Atterney-et-Law, No. 1102 i-Tlck PJltaburgh.

P's. Notice is hr-by given that letters on th; estate of Georg-. M. Alexar.dr, deceased, ii.te the -erfy-first ward, Pittsburgh. county, have been to und-jrstgned.

iu v. jjoni no isi: maci rerj to saul eeta le req to maks pa, and rhose havjr.g claims cr demands scairst the wiii n.ake them known without dc'ay. E. Alexander, John R. Joseph 8.

Aissndei', Executors 404 Cot Bank fcnl.dir.g. Pittsburgh. P. H. AND II.

H. ROWAN D. Attorneys -at-1 1 si a. Lav No. -US I tie is hereby given that le'iert Wry ou the o' E'tsact'n ceased.

IfSt cf owe Alleft-h-ny c-'unty, base bt-en grstAed to the tird stsig.ied to ivhcrr. eil ptnort to rail stb ienifvl to make a.irt th-seo having lemAr.d. aealust lbs w.l, n.ak them known "tnoi.t d-iay. Joseph R. D.

No. 2, bharpurg ro.n LA WRY A. tIERsON. Attorn-ys-at-liw. No avenae, h'-f-i r- Vr.i..- hei-bv river, that letter on -ftatc of iirct-ased.

let of: th cf Nova P-aii cg Allegheny have been gter.ted to the ur.der'.gned". i all j-rs'-na lul-bt'-d to std estate to mans iwyrrent, and hairier cliiln.s or derr.anrJs against the will make them known v-phout IiUiiiss Ad 1202 Jones avenge. North Itral'Jock. Fa i gl-n "ten on the of K-rmedy, le-easd. of toTRship, -un- ty.

a be-n to ti wbor.t a'! Indebted to eai 1 ft ara TQ.ej,.-.i to i umi-dia'e pirr tr.t snd thrae bavlrg claims or A-gitfrtst nrr.e 'i'i n.aic them known vitr.ut 'Jelay. V.n. 1. Ker.r.tdy. Executor, Mjis H.

F. D. SI. Ailegnr.y l'a. NOTICE is fcej eby given spclltary lete-s cf tht i Ai.ton Wendliug.

deceaawL late cf Nev York. ive bec-n grsni-d vndeT signed. sa'-i e-tatc sre i a-i persons tt.Oeote.-i to thcc- Hsvlig rr -S 'i 't-k-. krov, II iTHil Dia- a. antii'ary a hi-inlitratci.

2 mood P'ttstu ih. it 13 i I I 1 i owwr to liavj city arni will ror ,0 skk Tin: noon kkamt ri'rh Floor, "iIiUy 35 Kuiirtn IF YOU WANT to l.tyv or 8y kind of CAVANOJH CO. 41 ro-irtb av. MAChliK-ry CARSON Pittsburgh, the fcl- lowing mdcnincry, eu 1-IS-) II. F.

B. W. lyi boiier. l-iliJe, EO Yi. Y.

IS. Obi erjtln. 1 T.x:x5 Kufcwlt duplex Vtlir feed pamp. 1 No. 1 AItropoiltin lrj--tor, J-txteVS deep w-d pump.

I-'p-pinr Cat-pater. I i.xhxi, Wl.son-fciiydnr pur.i. I cS K. W. Gen.

Eleotrlo dynarr.o, beited: cn oak board. 1 20-ton Pyntiflx-IIendrltto'.injr ma- chine, complete. 1 -r-xll riplax brine poat driven. 16 II. P.

C'tto fc9 er.slr.e. 4.00u 20 II. wcli, motor. 1 brire pip- through VjildintT. 1 rar.on ia'pr tak 1-Ico and brine, store tank.

5'4 ton, lb cans. 1 Sxrxl2 Dan duplex jsump. 1 lfO H. P. Weoster bcatr.

1 Oriln cJtaner. 1 Oats clipper. conveyor. 1 Earrst heist. 1 Cjopplng- mlJl.

KEYSTONE COMMERCIAL CO 10v MACHINERY E-iuioment from plant of Cemral Fine, Valve and Cutmtruction Company. machinery was put In nv and has had iltt! snrviie. 1 4" Bienali KeelT pipe machine. 1 UiytmU A pip machine. 2 6" Eodea pipe 1 4-eplndie urill purs, 21" 120" wcod latne.

I Forga. 1 Anvil. 3 CLain ldooks. Lot piii shaftinif and boxes.

Special price fur immediate as eY-ihins- inuat removed bv Saturday night. WJCKKH BROTHERS. IRON work for building construction, tie rods, anchors, plates, skeleton work of all kinds for concrete construction, buck staves, etc. Pittsburgh Metal Mfg, Knox St. Ft.

W. R. R. We are la receipt, of a tao-car shipment of gas and gasollna erine, of 2, 3, .4 and 6 h. p.

engines for prompt shipment. These, englots are specially adapted for su. uses as confectione-s. Ico cream dairies, pumping outfits, priTte elcctrio plants, rnacb.lna and biacksndth carpenter shops, printing oftices, country hemes ana various otber purposes, fciend tor cata-iotu No, by E. TRANTER MANUFACTURING Pittsburgh, Fa.

FOR SALE Boilers ana engli.a, ail size, from 8 to 125 H. stationary and portable upright boilers and engines; lajge assortment kept in stock: shafting, pul'ttys and hangors and large lot miscellaneous machinery, second-f hand boiting, leather and rubber; large stack ot all sizes at low prices; machinery of all kinds bought and JOHN S. YOUNG. 108-110 Park way AHwgheny. Pa.

FOR bALE Three hoisting engines, one stone crusher, 11 derrick- and other co-itnctors' one large alPealor shpar. HIRSCH PFLAUM. Soufh. ave. and Walker AUegueny.

Bell 'phona liTS Cedar. OAS ENGINES tood-workirg New s.nd second -hp'vd. Have us do yocr repairing. BFUGGS MACHINERY 2Z1 Sat-s-ond ave. foo gajTenTii nea.

We moved April to 114 Market st- with Howe Pcaio Co. Teiet.hone Court 474. FOC8 GAS ENC-iNE COMPANY. IV. Tflrst ave.

LAZIER IMPROVED- OAS KNHNS aiost simple, heaviest and cheapest to r.pcra.e; In Buffalo alone: catalogue free. T.s.y.ier ICn-glne 0a ArCcr budding. Pittsbutgh.a. FOR SALE 5-horse power euitacie for gas or gasoline; run shorr time. AdJreis Par-gain.

65. The Gazette Times. TOrTtTtiiET AT. I TiTe AN Vv' ERS VOi WAMT THE SUNDAY GAZETTE Musical Instruments. $40 Knabe piano JUt 1 Sort Smith 275 Rlrhardson new) 1 Thayer, ouk ca.e Jit Bush G-rtS tss) Sonrnc.r 8c Co The above instruments are except'onal values; we wld allow prices paid for In exchange for a nsw tiano two jnera.

Eay terms if dtsired. HOFFMANN MUSIC HOUSE, fa? SmUbfield ft. CECILIA piano idayer and one niu-c rolls: mahogai.y tv; brand new; ne-er used abaoiut perfect; will sell ch p. Address 70, T'rs Uaeetta Tiines. ANGULU3 piano playwr, case in good and works well; orirlnal pric jiri: will take $75: a bargain.

Aclress 70. Tho Gazette Times. yotVLL GET ALT, THE ANSWFRS YOT. Wji.NT FROM THE SUNDAY TIMES WANT P.VlUd. UAZETTid Pouttry, Birds and Dogs.

SILVER Wyar.dottes, famous all purpose foul. May 1. gss redveed to SI for 13, for 100: U'i choice breeders reduc-1 to each, f-nl for circular and show room record. McNeee Boys, Beavpr. Pa.

EGffy FOR SALE TT.onaon's Fis5't's whit rocks. Partridge Coc.hens. fl per 1, Rrcaize turkey eggs. per It c-crrs. guaranteed.

Guy Blackburn, Bu ciio. OUR Collie puppies make th best doc- for children, are nt hotise dogs, first- lats v.atch and caitin drivers; tv.X up. R. Hoot, 273 n. Sixtv-sixth Chicago.

iToo.S FROM PRIZE WINNING C. Whit Leghorns, rer 15: per M0. Good breeding Ftock for sale. Klnter Diliiburg, l'a. YOU'LL GET AT I.

THE- ANSWER YOt WANT FROM THE GAZETTE TIMES WANT PAtHCS. Horses and YeMc'ea. FOnCAWAT or station waon; latst g'-id as now; low figure. Isvjuira 6CZ Arrott bh-'4. Be'i 'phone 12i7 Court; P.




eel neons. EAST END ADVERTISERS Who incof.vesii.-nt to cell dowatowa for 1. rfi tu've save f.m n.l 1.. hv divine their answers io care of Tho tias'tt Tltr. hiiu-ch ofilc Her.rt.n's d'Xk store.

1 -in two: ivrrmm tr.s i.a-t r.n-i p-niK. saw no the day cr eveinag 'ART Ci! Stalr autc. -l. ws- io the Falr'-s." Siz- S6xi4 iuebea. Ccuid be cut down to One cf the in tr.s dry.

C. L. MoCutcheon, Atr tt Pc tiding. 'phone I Olt PALE New nd scond-hid bililar. end pool tables, bar fixtures of ail inda: eay payments; send for catalogue, ruriswick-Rvkf-tVilfpcJer, iy Wocd t.

I OP. SA I -made cloifc- I Sr.r for larii-s Pith ar. ip. ja.s- J. Wald, i LOT MACHINES si! re rat rd t.

f-e 'I 'S r'OUN AIN-i-Ni rl io---' loi i.Pi ly st. c. P- FFv TURKS. tabies HEP'S. iV ir.h an.l L'icrty.

YOU LL GKT AM, THE ANF.Y IWAVT THE VNDAY TIME ViNT PCE. YOp VZEiTE- I i 1 1 i I i Thursday, May 17, 3:30 T. M. sharrs Pittsburgh Lle arid Trust Co stock. JOHN D.

BAILEY, AucJot.eer. TO CLOSE UP Paying investment at auction. Tuesday. May at 10 o'clock, on premises, Comr Matilda ni Cypress, Bioomfteld. Par-tlcuUtrs from A.

J. PENTECOST. S304 Perrysville ave Alleght ny. 'Phone 417 R. Oflar Al't-'TIUS SALE OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND PIANOS.

To pav storage charges, at our rear Fifth MONDAY, MAY 14TH. A. M. SHANAHAN TRANSFER STORAGE CO. J.


FOt'ND. FOUND. Wbee to get bargains by a.tend!rg ur Auc'lori Si'le J.TONDAT. May 14TK, AT 10 A. M.


FOUNDS Wliere to get bargains by attending our Auction SjIc MONDAY. May 14TK. AT 11 A. M. SHANAHAN TRANSFER STORAGE MAGEE NEAR FIFTH AVE J.

F. TOST. Auctioneer. IAST. LOST Saturday afternoon, btwen I -Irk Annss and Avdrsori hcti, or cn the ball grounds car, Elgin watch, goUi fliled.

open case. Reward for return to 1667 Frick Annex. A HORSE and buggy stolen in Tnr'lo Creek, color light roan 15 hands high, 3 years old; trotter. A liberal reward will be paid for his return to Mrs. A.

Mcintosh LOST Dog. Boston erriar. Ar.iwers to name of Teddy. License No. 2437.

Finder will te-celve reward by to C.T.O Westminster Place. LOST Scotch collie, week3 old Liberal rest. ward If to 6i'4 Beiiefont- YOU'LL GET ALL THE ANSWERS YO'f WANT FROT.I IE SUNDAY TIMES WANT FAGEo. lITIOET3. Citizens Ttactlon Company, Fittsbnrsh, May 16.

DIVIDEND This company lias declared dividend rf ONE il.uC) DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS per share to stoc.ktioid-rs of record 11th Inst. Stuck transfer books will be c'oeed Xr ni Hth to Pali mst. Inclusive. Checks for divi-uends will be mailed. NATIVE HOLMES.

Treasure r. A Lake Erie Railroad Co. DIVIDEND Pursuant to authority ocnvyd by the board vt diiectors, the undersigned will pav bv check, Jane it "i a semiannual dividend of THREE til) PER CENT t-j the holders of prelerreJ stock of the Pittsburgh, Bessemer St Lake Erie J-tal'ioal as of record at the cloo of business May 15, 1Vj. G. W.

KEPLER, 'rrc3urr. PRGPO.SAL8. Pittsburgh, Mav 7. lf06. NOTICK TO CONTR ACTORS FOR FURNISHING LIGHT TO THE CITY OF PJTTfBUF.CJ SEALKD PllOPOSAIiiJ Will be received at thu cf th city controller until Friday, May IS.

at Id a. for light, lighting, extinguishing, carina? for ami keeping tn good order and repair and the furnishing of all material necessary to keen in pood order and light the? street, boulevards. hy-waya aud parks of the city of PiUsajrarh with arc lamps fcr the year besinuitig February 1, St-parat Win will be received for lights in the city of Pittsburgh t-ttv'j the AlloRl.f'ny and rivers, and for lights In th cUy of Pittsburgh south of the ilononeahela nrivl Ohio rivers. Blanks for Lidding- and further information can be obtained at tho general offic cf the department Of public works. Rijch proposal must tw acccm-ipanle-d by 8 bond uith two sureties probated lore thfl city clerk or the asp'stent city ciesk, or ths bond cf a suretj- trust company which has witSi tl for city contracts.

The mayor and the director of the department of public works reserve the rierht to reject any or aii bids. Proposals wni be opned tn cotrtrnon founcll CiRinhfr, Municipal halt, Friday, jl.lay l., st a. m. GEORGE W.

GUTIIRTK. Ma vor. JAMES W. OLA Ft K. Director Department cf Public Wo-ks.

I ROPOSA 1 for ststlor.ery. auppli-e. for the severs! departments the state eminent cf Pernsylvania. Office of toe hoard of eomiisissioners of grounds ar.d bandings, v'ommif aioriei-s Hsrnuei W. Penn packer, roveruor: W.

P. Hr.ydr. auditor W. 11. Hrry.

state urer. .1. M. Proprsa's for furnishing fta-lionery. fuel and other supoli-s.

Ir. compliance with the constitution and laws cf the cf ennsylvaxi'a, a hereby la me rea-ts'i pmposajs, at prnvs maximum rates fixed in schedules, to furnish s'atiojrry. fuel end other tiuppliee fcr the several de; s.rt-tncnts cf the state government, and for rr.fcir.lrg repairs In she several departments and fir th distribution cf the potilic for the year ending the Tuesday cf June. A. D.

1V.7. proposals wi.l be received aiid separate contracts awarded as in schedule'. Eact proposal must be by a bond, with at least two sureties or onn surety corx.rany, approved by a judge of tno court of cur.Tr.on pleas of the county in -vhich the proa or mckin? prrposals may reside, for the faithful j-crformance cf the cor true and auclr-ssed and to the board of commissioners of public grcur.tis and buli.t-lugs before 12 o'cdix-k of Tuenisy. tho day of A. D.

YK, at which time the prt-paasis 1- orr.ed and in the reception room the xoitive dir-iaent at Harrtsborg, and cot-tracts swarded ils tr sre-ifter as praiHlcable. Blank bonds and irhedub-s containiiig ail neoescfrv lnf -i mstlo cr.n be obtained st this department. J. Srumaker, fcr toe hoar-j conr-i'saioners of iblic and bui.tllng 3R COAf-tsspartmertt of ths eft ice Indian ACCa'rs p. a.j pial.tiy the outside of the " fnr nn.t tV "mmissiooer or inttsn ArrMra, w-i la received until i m.

j'f Tuesday, May i. for fi'mishipg nd lieliveripg cral to the various In-tlan a' les an1 s.bc,:s. ss may recuircd during the 1 ,4 rear er.airg Zii, itii or M.i l.r.s may subo-U propc-ala fcr tie delivery of all or any p'-rtion of the coal at Omaha, Cliy. Sioux City or Bt. Peui.

must be male cut- on governrnr.t blanks. Srhea-ilos showing th cusr.titles cf in? svrl kins of coal to delivered at c--h none. and e'-hooi. witii ct rvopo3' ana ad instruction f-'r Pl1llr.g il he fur-rished t-rn the In lis (f-R'-. Watnlnglon.

D. to the Indim teare- he-uses at Ivew Tork Ot.y. fct. aio. crniana.

ro vvrai schoc! aupr.cter'iirts and to th? of this F. LA RRA-I. EE. Ae'ing Cctntiitssic-ner. TOUI.L GET ALL THE ANSWERS TOT' WNT FP.oM THE cCNDAV GAZETTE TIMES WANT PAGES.


WRITING OR LF. i IC 1 NG WE LOAN FROM Hi) TO on pinnos, wagons rr ar.v in iA of teroiial property G.EAMNG HAMB "VJNPI TURI-FO IN YOUR PRIVATE RECEPTION RctOMS. UNION LOAN A- DEPOSIT UNION LOAN fe DE I-OSIT Rooms 5-6 Gtsy Building'. 01-40e Federal 'Allegheny, Pa. t- 'Phone, Bell 19 404 SMITH FIELD STREET.

tSecond Floor IX1WEST RATES-NO PUBi-ICITT. QUICK SERVICE. LOAN? CF $J0 TO ON HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PIANOS. WITHOUT RrCMOVAL. Cm- business is the largest ii the cRy, r.1 these tttif borrow heie once back when in nJ We especially Invite from those bo have had or now hav I'lans w'th oier com-panlta, as v.e know they will like cu- ratss and terms.

If you cannot call or s.hor.e fi'd 5a the following blank and we will send ctir atnt to see We desir io obtain a losn of $,....... ro- vldiiig jcur rates ani are sitmractarr, NAME ADDRES-? MARRIED Oil SINGLE CAR DIRECTIONS Bell I fcoi.e Court. PENNSYLVANIA TRUST COMPANY, 404 Smithfleld F'rst Dcor from Fourth A. (Over Jewelry Stare.) 'N SHOP 1MJ. li I TICK.


I 2nd Floor. 2nd Floor, 411 Fourth Avenue. TOU ARE TO nUATdE IF YOU FORUltT THE NAME. i THE HOUSEHOLD LOAN 2nd Floor. 2nd Floor, 41 1 Fourth Avenue.

MANY GOOD REASONS Ibo OLD KELT ABLE FTRM is the most sucoesefu) in iine loaclr.g mewv DIAMONDS. WATCHES. JEWELRY SIX PER CENT. 0 "No yttiss." Offices Sitr cieiks Ccfthdential. quick transactions.

Fir sod burglar-proof vst lts. fcafe derxalt ioxe. Mail Ord -ra Moei-n methods Mort pons lb Rank No i'lsr. elhs Private Liberal L'liLmtiert renewals. Lenient payments.

Lowest rat-s No exttas largest amounts All joi stk. JOS. DeROY SONS, SrrlU.fV!d Directly Opp. Postoffice. YEARS AIJEPLACE M0NYTr5rWrENT VTK I-OAfI FULD VALU3 piataends, Jeweirj.

Cictldcg Intrvm.nts. Ptrnri-iS GALLING EE 8. IV.O Venn ais. trar5tra goods lax sa! ehssa. MONEY TO LOAN On Furniture.

Pianos; H'jrss. Wgot. Warehoua Iteceioia and Solirlt. Ixiw itates. l'vrcr'i't.

KEYSTONE LOAN Si TRUST 01 ard Wi Ke3tcr Flrtg FOU.lTH AVV. Fail 'Pliora ottrt WILL PP IV AT ELY LOAtV VCNEY cn reolpfs. and t' her coils. i arid wl.l i-v snms la your pcsi.u-i -m; evryt.i!T. ior.i:c-,i-tial; r.o jiubMcit; the lovxist retts e.

p. o. eox v.r,. a MONEY LoANED hojuehoid furnlt-jr-. witront rmuvaj at Icwest rst.

easiest jtt-rieits; we loe.n money I'Varied peopu. of gocd churactec hu.dintr irn aoint upen their rthr -rurlty. Apniy to UNION LOAN INSTITUTION. 41 correr Dian.end. roo-n SS.

Yoa can set full va On Diamonds. Jeweirr. Muaicat I Flres-ms, FOUT PITT LOAN F.ftSi av. 2nd Floor. Opp.

Cfut tic's-. MONEY TOlOAN In sjitiS to suit on hojsehol-" without rerrovai; also on rooj cti.f-ra.1 security easy psymerts. stiicfv THE SMITH-HADDOCK rct-Uh fecond Moor. "money "T'oAbTEb 9JJjL.MF.7rE6vCm Retail irierel cs end otr.e- a'curpyj -y j.av.ents O.Tic ia principal ctt'tt. D.

Tii DlJ-S'i eil Prnrt a LO AN 5 TO" PBOFLE. Are trade without security; iy fayc.fii'i no FRANKLIN LOAN CO. ROOM 51, 5 AVE. MONFY ioer-ed on planes end hr.xn bold furniture. (w Strir-tlv rn-flrjentiak rer.i ill FiftH 1 SAIJ-rancv si otid-hani FAia.EP: SHCP-Th-; "halr" cn Wbl'sck 4.1.-- I "ttf'cr 7L.

The" 1'oic RAI rre Schcol civil course, vd lrff- Tb Saiete T.m-s. 1ST- Ir. f. Ai. to viivk bu' er.

i -j CAVA vvril 4. F.urth ave. Mlnrl.F.,, l-i i'turt. svr. I i AN ir, i il i CO I i i I.

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