Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1931 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1931
Page 13
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>- e pbrt -.of the Dairy association,' No. tester. I* out. Mr. the month 'of April average production of t s hns n flt decreased, from M There were 34B cows In (the same as In. -March, and fe re61ory In April compared ! In March. , M ndrec1 and six cows in averaged 684 pounds of milk, pounds butterfat. Seventy- ws produced an average of Hhan 41 pounds of butterfat of these produced more than inds F |v e cows wefe '' S ° ld f ° f K members were 'feeding sll- i m etnbers were feeding- 1e- liinvs 28 were feeding concen- •Vnci 24 were feeding hi concentrates. ' •• Ihteh herd for April was the tered Holsteins, two dry, v Henry Lampe. This herd J an average of 1186 pounds 40,04 pounds of butterfat. were on honor roll, five produced more than 50 k of butterfat. The average cost was 18.8c. [second high herd was 16 reg- Holsteins owned by. R. H. . & Son, Swea City, with an > of 1145 pounds of milk, 38.9 'of 'butterfat. There were six iHhe honor roll, and two of aged more than .60 pounds • Other herds ranked as fol- i fat, grade Holstelnfl -ownec ''Hagedorn;'average; , 1127 f milk, 37 pounds fat, 4 cows •roll. , •••••-•••• sn grade . Ouerneeya y'Stoutenburg ,& Jones, 1 , o: fcverago 741 pqunds milk, 36.5 , 4 cows.prf honor roll two I averaging more than 50 I'lat, '.-••••, registered milking i.owned by J. E. Telcamp 919 pounds milk, 34.2 6 cows on honor, roll than 50 pounds o it-?, .- , • .. , ' grade Guernseys owne< 1 Chrlstensen, Lone Rock S/684 pounds of milk,. .33.! [of fat, two cows on hono ; enty grade Holstel.ne, tw< I.by Hillard Abbas; aver i pounds of milk, 31.8 pound Itoiir cows on honor roll. Jine grade Holsteins, "one dry |by C. M. Gross; average, 83 I of milk, 31.5 pounds of fal <ns on honor roll, one wit! lan 50 pounds of fat. .-. iteen registered and grad owned by Leo Bernhard 869 pounds of milk, 30. i of fat, two cows on hono iNlneteen grade ' Holetelns {dry, owned by J. H. Hall kverage, 840 pounds o milk funds of fat, five cows o ' the ten herds .were fed bal aln rations; nine were fe i hays; and seven were fe high cow for the month, 1 Holstein owned by Henr J produced an average of 18f I of milk and 69.4 pounds She freshened Februar »second high cow was a reg- f Holstein, also owned by Mr. and she averaged 1743 [of milk and 62.7 pounds of Tils cow freshened December The third high cow was a Rolsteln owned by E. A. Tras- pnd she averaged 1293 pounds Vana 58.2 pounds of butterfat. N freshened January 29. The [high cow was ,a registered i owned by R. H. Walker & 1 she averaged 1563 pounds ! and 66.3 pounds of fat. She 1 March 18. The fifth high ' a grade Guernsey owned by |burg t Jonee, and she aver" pounds of milk and 65.9 I °f fat. She freshened No- 1930. ... h 2-year-olds' were; a reg- I Holstein owned by R. H. I * Son which averaged 1299 I oi milk and 52 pound* of fat. """ March 12; a. • grade KOS8TJTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA Milkman, Housewife, Sportsman, * Winners in $50,000 Contest Top, James Thomas Sharkey, first prize winner; lower left, Mrs. Walter Sweet, winner of second prize; lower right, Julius M. Nolle, winner of third prize. Pictures show the three major prize winners In the Camel cigarette contest. James Thomas Sharkey, 32, a milkman In Boston, was awarded nrst prize of $25,000; Mrs. Walter Sweet, mother o£ three children and wife of a Marine Corps captain stationed at the Brooklyn (N. Y.) Navy Yard, won second prize of ?10,000, and Julius M. Nolle, real estate dealer, and former secretary of the Duluth Commercial Club, received the third prize of ?5,000. In addition, five prizes of $1,000 each, five prizes of $600 each and twenty-five prizes of $100 each were awarded. The three fortunate prize winners will go to Wlnston-Salem, -N. C, •where Camel cigarettes are manufactured, to receive their checks. ANNUAL UNION RURAL SCHOOL Union twp.,.May 19 - jh'ents. for the 6th ann'hrural schools day to be held at ' Friday, May 29, have pleted according to Mrs. ner, chairman. The at. with Claude Dearchs and 'Roy Sarchett In charge will begin''Vt" 10 a. A picnic lunch with the crowd assembled in school district 'groups will feature the noon hour. Hot coffee will be furnished as has been the • custom. The Rev. Fred J. Clark, Algona, will glv e the main address of the afternoon. The pupils will sing in unison some of the songs used in the state choir work. Every school will have a number. Diplo 'mas will be presented to the eighth grade graduates and prizes will b awarded the pupils winning first and second places in the three divisions of tlie recent spelling contest and to the two eighth grade pupils of the townhlp with the highest and sec ond mghest averages in the county examinations. A display of individual school work arranged by grades will be in the community room. The teachers will arrange this display Wednesday afternoon May 27, and the work will be judged the next day. Other members of the committee in charge are Mesdames Lilian Broderson, Jessie Mitchell, Nan 1 Ward,, Marguerite Long, and Carrie Bourne. The teachers of the township are Mary Fraser, Helen McMahon, Margaret Dodds, Gertrude Sage, Ruth Fraser, Irene NEWS ..of Our .. Neighbors SCHOOLS IX LD VEKNE PUPILS SHOW GOOD RESULTS IN STATE TEST (Held from last week.) Below is a summary of state academic tests conducted at the AI- Eona high school last week TUPB- tlay. All pupils enrolled In the subjects listed took the tests. This was a statewide test in which between 70,000 and 80,000 high school pupils, participated. The high pupils, their' grades, and the class averages follow: CORRECTIVE ENGLISH Possible Grade, 174. Fre.shmen— 1. Ila Leffert __lfi3 2. Adine Thompson 143 3. Nettle Gruhb 13!) Class average, 82.03. "" Sophomores— 1. Johanna Fiene 157 2. Norma Raney 153 3. Ruth Turner 149 Class average, 85.42. Juniors— 1. Phyllis Parsons 142 2. Carmilla Fraser 137 3. Helen Becker , 127 Class average, 81.8$. Seniors— ~ 1. Helen Morrow ' 122 2. Genevleve Hartshorn 121 Esther Dearchs 115 Class average, 67.G4. NINTH ALGEBRA. Possible Grade, 107. Ila Leffert 95 Donald Parsons 88 Ida Halpin 79 Class average, 56.24. GEOMETRY Possible Grade, 63. Bernlce Dearchs 33 Le Roy Dale 33 Fernley. Nolle —. Class average, 18.09. PHYSICS Possible Grade, 144. Max Richardson 121 Karl Shumway 7! Lyle Runchey 7' William Ferguson 77 Claes average, 45.53. WORLD HISTORY Possible Grade, 180.. John Simpson _: 9 William Ferguson :_ 9i PAGE THRBB 93 T)VP. GIVE PBOGBAM— ' LU VERNE— The rural schools of Lu Verne township gave a. free program at the local gym Friday evening, each school furnishing 20 minutes of numbers. There was a large attendance. 3. 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 1. 2. 3. 3. Bjustrom, and Genevleve The event is sponsored Mitchell Genrlch. by the township school board and the Mothers and Daughters club with the cooperation of the teach- Men . owned by Stoutenburg ft averaged 10*7 pounds ;& nd 46.1 pounds of fat, F8 November 21, 1880; v .'I [Guernsey owned by WJ11 i which averaged. 963 milk and 43.3 pounds of fining December 24, 1930; " 1 Holstein owned by Leo which averaged 1047 « milk and .42.9 pounds of March 28; a 'grade 1 by H,.' W. JHtofoon ^erased 906 pounds of milk P ,T? 08 ° f *at, frishenlns lyou, ' -••-• ERTHERE . MAT * H «tel from 10 a, m, **C(JHcli 8&y B ' v Retention Shlejda' , weight you lift. relef &» <*£ «Penin e in a remarfcably nm rupture, promptly ers, pupils, and patrons. persons are Invited. Interested Other Union News Mrs; F. S. Thompson was a guest at ^the Busy Bee club Friday afternoon at Mrs. Bahling's, Burt. This was guest day. Mrs. Thompson accompanied at the piano while her daughter, Mrs. Robert Leason, Jr. sang. Mrs. Thompson played other ilano selections. ~"; Mr. and Mrs. Frank ...Hangberg, Chicago, and their son Donald went 700 CHICKS ENDANGERED IN BROODEH ,BLAZE LEDYARD — Mrs. Edward Looft had a narrow escape last week AVed nesday from loss of her brooder house and 700 white Leghorn chicks. She built a fire and took the little door off from the front of the stove so the fire would draw better. Then she went into the house a few minutes. Company arrived, and she forgot the fire, but Mr. Looft, who-was outside, .saw the light, investigated, and found straw around the stove on fire. He put out the blaze, and no great damage was done. YOUNG MOTHER DIES; BA»BE IS MOTHERLESS— ' WESLEY—A sad death near Wesley was that of Mrs. Richard Van Horn, Hancock county, whose marriage took place lees than two years ago. She died last week Wednesday night, after a sickness of a few days with pneumonia. She left a daughter a month old a,nd three children by a former marriage whose surname is Smith. Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon i at the German -Reformed church near Woden. home Friday after at the Otto Laabs'. a week's visit Mr. "Hahgljerg and Mrs. Laabs are cousins. Corn planting is abo'ut finished '.or most farmers. Favorable conditions have encouraged many. farmers to plant earlier than usual. D USE SELF-ADDRESSED return envelopes?, .We' have three waye of addressing- such envelopes. We can print them for r yo\i in the old-fashioned w^y, or 'w«j- f4n either." mlniodgraph or A«M)?esso-. graph then). The easiest and cffeap- eat way Is to have us make, ftn Adr dressograph plate bearing" "your name and.address. Then we will keep the plate-'and whenever you want a.ffeBii supply of self-Addressed envelopes we can run them through for you In a few minute*; or'you can take the plateji^th ypu and run thp', envelopes throug)i?,yp'ur own Addressograph, if * you 'have AVILMAM KBA'MEH OUT OF FOBT MADISOJT— WHITTEMORE — William Cramer, formerly of Whittemore, who had served part of a. three-year sen- tfence • to the pen,ltentlary at Fort •Madison, following: a third convic- tlpn for Infraction of liquor laws got home one day last week, good behavior haying cut his time to a trifle less than two years. OUTDOOR MOVIE IS PLANNED AT WESLEY- WESLEY—An -outdoor movie was given west of the Klelnpeter' hall last week Wednesday evening. Seats were made of planks, and' a screen erected just east of the creamery building. The projection .machine was placed in an upstairs window, and the picture thrown from there. SECTION BOSS AT BURT CHANGED TO FENTON— (Held from last week.), BURT—O. H. Schmidt, boss of one .of the Northwestern sections here for yeare, has be*n notified that his section has been, combined with that of N. I. Morness and with Irvington. -Mr. Schmidt gets the Fehtpn section. .The Schmidts .are not sure yet whether they will move from 'Suit. The 'change took, effect May a. ••-.". • . > - Tol>e»okl at Saturday^May 23, 1931 AT SAl^S BABK ON 8TBBBT, AT 9 V. M. LIVING ROOM SUITE--M9hair upholstered davepp.ort, chair ^mpi one walnut end table,' Brooks to match, 2 floor rack * x ° ak r<?cker: i terse w rus: ne V»0*m W! »'«* #?** W» ro linoe rug; oak dining ropm '**»**<; n tfu**: i .»^ WF oil 8 * OV6: 1 P beds with springs and i. 2. Alva Benson Class average, 75. AMERICAN HISTORY Possible Grade. 130. Craig Smith 87 John Hargreaves 87 Arthur Maasdam 78 "Class average^ 59.62. GENERAL SCIENCE Possible Grade, 137. Ila Leffert : 109 Donald Parsons '. 106 Violet Norman 94 Class average, 71.80. AMERICAN LITERATURE Possible Grade, ISO. Craig Smith 150 Bob Cliff 14!) Bob Williams '. 148 Paul Black 149 Class average, 117.17. ENGLISH LITERATURE Possible Grade, ISO. Norma Clrelner Ififl Alva Benson 147 Karl Hhumway 143 ' Class average, lUO.lfi. ECONOMY Possible Grade, 143. Max Richardson 77 Otis Burr 61 Jtiirgnrct Habeger 57 Class average, 44.54. AMERICAN GOVERNMENT Possible Grade, 150. Bob Williams 132 Dorothy Johnson 124 Bob Cliff 122 Class average 102.78. sale cheap.—Dr. Crawford, 420 S. Jones. Ilu36 FOR SALE—FIVE USED DELCO light plants.—Bert B. Brown, Llv- ermore, Iowa. 12u28tf FOR SALE—FOX < TERRIOR pups —good ratters. — Frank Schoby, Phone 28F31. JlpFB36 FOR SALE — THOR ELECTRIC washing- machine. Good condl- t[on. Call 300. 'FOR SALE — MALE ENGLISH Shepherd pups, $1.00. — Meyer Bros., Ulngated. I0p36 FOR RENT — FURNISHED OR unfurnished modern housekeeping rooms. Call Advance. » .]0p35-3(i FOR SALE CITEAP—GOOD~WORK team; also one young Nicker.son, Algona. heifer.—J. 13p36 WANTED—CREAM, EGGS, AND nou!t'.-y.—Fairmont Creamery Co., H. TT. Bocttcher, Rep. 10u25tf FOR SALE "OR RENT — SLIGHT- l.v HHOrt potatoe planter.—M. M. Morrow, Algona, Iowa, Phone 850 14u»Ut FOR SALE-—FINE HARDY TO- matci and cabbage plants. — J. A. Wagoner, 402 East Call street. . 14uS5-3G $4 per day. General agent $40 per week and expenses.—Write M. M. Prescott, <3en. Del., Algona. SEED CORN FOR SALE — BOTH white and yellow. Test 86 to 100%. Subject to retest. High yielding and early maturing. $2 per bushel. Hugh Raney, Phone 15F21, Algona. . 27U35-36 EPILEPSY CURABLE? DETROIT lady finds complete relief for husband. Specialists home, abroad failed. Nothing to sell. All letters answered. — Mrs. Geo. Dempster, Apt. D-2, 690.0 La Fayette Blvd. West, Detroit, Mich. 30p36 IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO buy or sell, or exchange, write for our special low classified advertising rates and list of'the leading county weeklies of Iowa.—IOWA NEWSPAPERS INC., 214 Royal Union Bldg., Des Momes, Iowa. g32tf T AKE ADVANTAGE THIS WEATHER 0 F FE BEN* NIAtS AND ORDER FOR FAJjt, OF 1 1931. I Hhall be glad to talk over garden "problems •wlUi you at any time and help In selection of plants. Strong field - grown clump of perennials at moderate prices. llortense S. Ferguson I'liono 248. Continental Currency After Washington became Presi rtent find Hn mil ton secretary of tin treasury, n ln.w wns passed by con gress under which the Continentm pnper money nnd bids of crorlli were redeemed nt Hie rntp of a fe\< tents on the Want Ads WASH FROCKS AT $1.00 to $2.96 each at The Elite Shop. lluSfi SLEEPING ROOMS FOR RENT.- Mrs. Frank Green, phone 413-J. 9p35-36 FOR SALE — HOLSTEIN . HERD bull. — Wm. Koestler, (Burt 8p36-3 EXPERIENCED GIRL WANTS wants housework. Inquire at Ad vance. • 7p3 SKELGAS STOVE AND TANK fo VOUK WANTED — PRACTICAL nursing or housekeeping by week. Jail Mrs. Elinor Sutton, Phone 227. 13p3G •'OR SALE—ROW BOAT, OARS and equipment. Air tired trailer. Outfit is in good condition. — Call Advance. gg VHEN IN NEED OF ELECTRI- cal work, call 446. Work guaran- :eefl and charges reasonable. W. H. Koran. I<5u35tf WANTED — LADIES, GENTLE- men, $40 salary, expenses paid weekly. Car mileage lOc, and canvassers $4 per day.—M. M. Prescott, Gen. Del., Algona. HAVE US ADDRESSOGRAPH youi mailing list and save you the expense and drudgery of typing. Our addresses cannot be told from typewriting.—Advance. , 26t FOR SALE—GOLDEN KING SEED corn. Highest 8-year average fo; northern section Iowa corn yielu test. Exceptionally early variety.— F. S. Thompson. 22u3 WANTED—TEACHERS AND STU dents to canvass your home town SALE OF HATS AT $1.00 and $2.5 , each at The Elite Shop. (12u3 White' GROCERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SPECIALS JELLH 4 packages 25c RAISINS— 4 Ibs. 29c CHOCOLATES, Cherries, Ib. box 23c OLIVES— Quart jar _. 29c HILEX— 2 bottles . 39c COOKIES— Fancy, 2 Ibs : PRESERVES— Pure, 2 Ib.'jar— 43c OATMEALr— Large size 16c REXALL ONE CENT SALE REXAU. ONF CENT 3A1 REXALL ONE CENT SALE * * I 3 Days Only THURSDAY AND FRIDAY SATURDAY ORIGIN CeavMioNT 1027 UNITID Duuo 0» "The Greatest Sale E?er Conducted By a Drag Store Anywhere For Your Benefit" With every article advertised for this sale that you purchase at the regu- . lar price, you receive another just like it for only one cent Face Powder Brunette,'' Flesh and White. Soft, clinging powder with Cold Cream base. 60 cento a box 2 for Sic Duika Face Powder Choice of five shades, one to blend with your complexion. For mother or daughter. , $1.00 a box 2 for $1.01 Good for the Family or Gueit. It latbera. quickly; it'i fragrance ii pleating to all. 15 cento • cake 2 for 16c Mi 31 Shaving Cream Imorei a quick, euy way to loft- en the rob it stubborn beard. A cool, imooth face U auured after the ahar*. Toilet Good*.. l.SO Oafka Perfaae, M-as. . .8 forl.ll 1.00 Dutka Balk Salt* . . . . S for 1.01 1 00 Dwka aalh PawaW . . . t for 1*1 7Se Dwk» Creaau . . ., . . I for T«c 1.00 ae«aj«e« KaaM* Faee PaveW S for 1.01 ISe Jmlael PaveVr Puff* . . . * for l*e •Oc HanUM F*»e fnim>' .- ". S (or fie ZSc Narciwe TaUwai . . . . • f or M» Xfc Ce*r|ia Reee Craaaw .,', • fOT M* ZSc Ge*r|ia BeM Taleaa* . . . S for tie 1.00 Teil*l Welen, aaiette*] . ". 1 (or 141 1.00 Saaii *e»|e ' . .. •• . * lor 1.01 tOc Riker-e llatel, Ikaia enaa» , S (or •»«, MkJUk.r-taWW.aW. . . . > tor lie SQc Cw.aaaut Ofl Ikiaifi. . . J (of lie 'Sc Htraway Bay IU« . . . S for T«e '5c Hermoay tiiae Veieial >. . » (or. Tfc • it Tkealrlcal CaM Cr«aav 1 Ik. » for ?•> >u< Coco, ^titter CaW Creaaj , I (or lie ilk ICI.aso Faelal Tiiwia . • . • (or (It >«c Hair Stiaiidalor . . , . « (or tie $u« OU»« Slisaiaaa . .. •; • . • (or •!« 1 <JO "M" Hair Te*lc . , 'ix. MWicatee 9Um Se*» 'o, E(r»tiaa Palai S»»p |*. Reaali Sheriaf CMaai »c Recall Sha*'.»g Lotto* $<k KleMo. 0«uJ CreaM . tOc K!«D» Lottie (awutk «a«h) S for lie Sic W.«to Tooik Bn»h« . .. * for Me t for Ml t for Me 1 f or lie » for He 2 for Me * for lit S for lie 2for51c \ FiriUid Sanitary Napkins AMUTO Women Greater Comfort Convenient Bos of U Sold only at Tfce Rexan Store V 2 for 41c Rexall Orderlies The ideal chocolate-flavored laxative tablets. Give prompt relief (ram con. atipation. 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(or tie lOc P.aUa Teilet Tiiaew (or lie Mte Rakkw Clave* . . lor tie Me UeWDrewiBfCeaak (or •!* Uc KJeaa* Has4 anufc . (or M« Sac MeaiV Ha»**rcH»(« (or Me Jonteei Cold Cream An excellent doans* ing cieam. It has beeu of thouwndi of y«an. 50 cento a jar «f for Sic r«*M i*r J»at*el V»ai*k- ias Creaafc 1 tor He r T»Jcwi^ IXiska Compact Naturell* , Btrhtlle. Evening, Single rad and •«* *r w 11.00 aach 2 for $1.01 UgffttV 4 Aaaorted ChocoUtet Delicioos o»,«-' pound auortjnint at -The Chocolatta with tU Wonderful Caataii.' 9 ' •' • ''• • $1.00 a box 2 for $1,01 Pure Food Special* Op*)!* Coffta) , WVol. aeaa) •r CraaiM Ilk-akf^ 2 for 49c i ',>.-, «. b. . . a(orMe T 1 : :!'.SS UfftjttV $weet Milk ChoCoUt*) Not jott»tasty coni •P%tt'-g&£ McaVi.Jk.ba, » for 36c •YHOND-* Oraaiel . ^S)B*j*WW . . (Cvrraal- |«-oa._iaf» *(or4a> , ri«'.f II, S(W*>f ator40c Klenzo Tooth Bnuket , Urge ufortaunt ofitylu; •U-whiU colored budlM. Rexall RenediM »farar UtiM. lmaa**JaUa t for «•• Ma Calanh JaUy .• . * *. . * (or ate ate Fa^ P*«4er .- i , :- . a (or a«e Tie Mlla.r-AaU.la- 4 Lawtira » for Tfc at* iawiac Take (00) ... .a tor afc a for ale a for 1.01 , a (or lie I . a (or TO* Me Hrateai* Pe*«ar, • aaa. •a* M* HaaaVaha P*«4*n. M Uk'a 2 (or Me afc Car*!* 4 eaa.» , . . . a (or Me M* ZiM Oaia> OiataMl, a as*, a (or 31* afc MU1 ialatl.a aieatk waah a (or M* 4fc CaMara *Mraaa Taktat* . . « for 4«c Purete»t ProducU 14* Sfn» •! HypiikiiiHu. Me Milk *l Maavada, »iat ': ifc N» • PWalacual. »ial . Me Glreati* B«rt*eiieria> . Me »>•* Mint Taklat. (140) M* Ewaas «aU, Mk. tia* . . Ma Teilat Uaaolia . , .. . Iff ZiM Staarat* .... M« SHril Caovhor •aw Slarh^la Salt U^^ ^.***^>*w •^•* » » . i M< Baric Add P*«der . Ma, Coai*. U**ric« Powder IfW Mf Peptona A| ffficiont bwi »wl NIK Vontfca tvnk, f«(t |»nrovinf t|f apoeW* and f or sla#>» 91.00 % pipt 2 for $1.0J PMl^a«t Miimal Oil •»l»l»* T*»* .« ' 1* Ta*Ud*at. •^V flP^ ((HB^P^^ * * ^a^a^W^l ^B *. ^HIP. ^W ^^Hl^^ y wHr^BHi^^^pflW^pP^ f-,--a«

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