Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1931 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1931
Page 11
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t f '!• lOOD SEASON :, Mny 19—Though the has on the whole been ncdlot, , herei tbotits now looks tit rh* bat outlook Is excel, nlantlnjr Is practically Ed Vn« most « dtoua ™ Iff' " been frequent, but the ! „ needed. There ot hall elsewhere, >n here. Prospects |- y iclds~of all crops are ex- the St. received IMH | .With graders of 1 narochlnl school J th elr final tests one day 1 teachers and. pupils to find that all had exercises will Sunday, May 31. There' ,oys and four girls In the Ascension Observed— of the Ascension was last Thursday at the St. Catholic church. Ther-B masses, low mass at 7:30 l high mass at 10. Both l attended. Anidorfcrs— : Arndorfer 2975 PAPERS Printed Last Week circulation l ly fur |,, OTADC U I Ul U Thl * '" " ne A><ron " P,"P < * r . Hot keep com In* nftpr ynVrirdl>i> tt illii Snvn rnursttW future ptnlil«rr«t*«tti^nt bj tho paper yon can itop nil en yon w»hi It ped. ' ' ii »* ALGONA, IOWA, MAY, 21 1931 Number 36 PUPILS WRITE POEMS IN ENGLISH CLASS ler for Ocn. nnd Mrs. George "nts of a girl of Six pounds, week Monday evening. is caring 1st .. r Armlorfer, R. -N-, [her and baby. for (lie Areiids— Ld Mrs. John Arend' are par- fa boy, born Saturday, The I now have three sons and Vlrls, this baby being the ten- ,ated In Fall- son of Mr. Q nd Mrs. Charles Ih, fell off a horse and hurt ine day l as t week, but he is , school and the foot is 1m- Ither St. Benedict. Mrs. Lfio Reaser, Tort | an d their daughter. Georgia 1 (ere Sunday dinner guests" of 1 Mrs. William Welner, ;north ylllage, Mrs. Reaser Is a sis- Jjlrs. Welner, and-Mr. Rea;her was an Algona furniture years ago. ( who attended a.K. ,C. at Emmetsburg Sunday anker and Mrs. E. F. Rahm, pam Eichs, the John N. and the Leo M. 'Arndor- 'heve was a banquet at 6:30 lind a program followed;/ [William Elch, accompanied . M. J. Streit, Algona, drove VERSE BOOKLET MADE BY HIGH SCHOOL PUPILS Under the direction of Miss Messenger, students In the high school, have prepared a little book of original ver.se which will be entered at the county, fair next fall. It Is entitled Spires and carries the following lines by Dorothy Johnson, '31, on the title page: "Turrets of thought Rising from smooth .surfaces " To outline beauty Against a.sky of dreams." Dorothy served as student editor of the book. Nine students — five seniors, one junior, one sophomore, and two eighth graders—are represented by 20 poems. The art work, Including cover design and Illustrations for eight poems, was done by Johanna and Margaret Fiene, '33, The booklet Is being prepared by the typing students under Miss Krlekenbaum's supervision. Only a few copies will be made, just enough for-the pupils .represented and for entry at the fall-. Following, is the table of contents: , Haln on May Day, Eleanor Backus, '31; Description, -Dorothy Johnson, "'31; Work on a Grey Day, Eleanor Backus; Long-Needed Rain, Margaret Fiene, '33; From My Win-, dow, Dorothy Johnson; Palladium, Eleanor Backus; To a Little House With:Memories, Helen Morrow, •'Si; Star-Gazing, Helen Becker, '32; Love Rejected, Eleanor Bnckus. Spring In the Meadows, Ruth iMalueg, "35; New Spring, Ella Mae Johnson, '35; Pneumonia, William Ferguson, '31; Capricious Love, Eleanor Backus; Fog, Margaret Fiene, '33; Memorial Day, Dorothy Johnson; Mystic Message, Helen Morrow; Attainment, Lucille Black, '31; Reminiscence, Eleanor Backus; Peace, tracing the ideal of peace; »nil Forward, .March, tracing tho ad. vuiice in civilization. Dodge last week some shopping. Tuesday Mr. and [.-A. Arndorfer and Mr.,and I Rcsenmeyer were shoppers ist Thursday. • • •'- ' • jpnd Mrs. Martin Bleich, Tl- jand their daughter Mary Jt tended church services Jiere land spent the remainder of r with Mrs. iBlelch's -parents, 1 Mrs. Henry Seller. Mrs. Joseph Harlg and laughter Marjorie Ann left afternoon for their .home |ey, after a few days with Mr. "William Arndorfer, 1 Mrs. A. J. Fehr, the Leo i and Genevleye Arndorfer, freek, were dinner guests of men's mother, Mrs. Rosa |er, Sunday. Mrs. Al Rosenmeyer, Ed. yer, Mrs. Mary Raskopf, IStep'henson, Algona, \vere 1dinner guests of Mrs.'Anna IA..J, Fehr took Slater,'M; and Sister M. Rose Agnes rith Saturday, and the , Sis- p dental work done there. „ Mrs. Anton Grandgenett Mr, eon Lawrence wer.e,Sun e "- ' Sorrow, Dorothy Johnson; Dorothy Johnson. Solace, .Innlors Arn AVrltlni? Torse— j Juniors In American literature! nro completing poem booklets. Bach i Illustrate, ] birds, or Hnlmals. They ar e illustratea with original drawings. Hlolojry 1'uplls Pursue Projects— Miss Horn's biology classes arc making projects outside of class this week. They'had their choice of the following subjects: collecting Insects, leaves, twigs, or flowers; making biographies of scientists; writing stories of bird lives; making l)lrcl calendars, or constructing flower boxes. Other School News. The first-grade teacher was trying to teach a class the story of the Mayflower and the Pilgrims, and she naked the pupils to draw pictures of Plymouth Rock. After a while Kenneth Cowan raised ^ his hand and a.sked, ('Please, teacher, which shall we draw, a hen or a rooster?" , - ( Everyal Adams, who says he attributes his success in school to his | ability to love his teachers, Is giving lessons to Kenneth Cowan.- During -the last two weeks Miss Duhigg's sociology class has been- giving detailed reports on their favorite countries. All boys" interested In next fall's football are reporting to Mr. Bonham for spring practice. Miss Krampe's 9th English class is studying business and social letter writing. « . Twenty juniors and seniors took state normal .training tests May 14-15. '•••.'•••' The Latin students are taking a journey, through Hades with Aeneas. The gym classes are working at track, volley ball, and kittenball. Miss -Messer's modern history class is studying the World war. Miss Quinby visited friends «|h Sac City over the week-end. FOUR FROM WHITTEMORE ARE At the Call Theatre A Review of the Recent Talkies by T. H. C. ° E ti '" M Wh °l horB C ' eVC '' abandof were disappointed .at not seeing | bank-robbers, making a dull, dude June Moon at the Call last Sunday ranch their base of operations, pull- and Monday we print, 'herewith, our (ing their job, getting all mixed Age of Elizabeth Studied— The tenth English classes have been studying the age of Elizabeth In connection with Shakspeare's As You Like It. Since they Have been working on this age in history, they are particularly interested in the play. Members are making projects of various kinds; several are dress ing- • Elizabethan dolls to illustrate styles of dress; some are lllustrat ing scenes from the play with original drawings; small models of Elizabethan theaters are being built; still other pupils are reading books dealing 'with the period or written by authors contemporary with Shakspeare. Two pencil studies of Shalispeare have been handed In and occupy the bulletin board HURT WHEN CAR IS DITGHED only the cast of charade personal reaction to the tnlkie after seeing a preview of it Saturday. If you still have regrets after!reading this, heaven help you! June Moon with Jack Oakie and a glorious trio of lovely maidens (Frances Dee, Wynne Gibson, and June MacCIoy) Is the essence of a misspent evening, if you know what I mean. It portrays graphically enough, the experiences of a small- town song writer who tries to crash the "music racket" In ' New York City, and if the picture is a true portrayal of his plight, we should say the poor farmers In Iowa are sitting in a bed of roses. It is just one headache after another, culminating with a big hangover for moat of the audience. Jack ought to follow Bulek's sagfi advice and picture. Perhaps our disappointment is due in part to having heard only snatches of the song hit, June Moon, for which our hero I'.in the story) wrote the words. It seems to be a tuneful little ditty, if someone had taken the trouble to sing it through in approved musical comedy style. Then, strangely enough, the two men who play the minor parts carry off the honors for stellar performances. The crowning defect of the play is the overpowering dumbness of Jack Oakie; after a mild hit as a boob in a movie, he multiplies the dose till he portrays here a character- who Is positively fantastic. A hick as green as this bird wouldn't get out of the Pennsylvania station without having his pockets picked, to say nothing of being kicked- out of the song writers' union before he could get his foot Into the door. And while we are out with the proverbial hammer, we might as well register a well deserved com- who give fantastic story a touch You feel somehow, that with a troupe of ham-actors, and finally culminating in a melodramatic, fighting finish that you gasping tor air; , An excellent supporting cast gives the rather of reality. notwithstanding the absurdity of •the situation the thing MIGHT happen, and there is enough (and what is more important, not too much) comedy in the play which the wandering troupe of actors put on for the benefit of the bored ranch guests to carry the picture through to a successful finish. And what a finish! All the ear-marks of the old Diamond Dick yellowbacks — the runaway car (it used to be a team), the leaping hero, the thundering train, the wreck, and the recovering hero cradled in the beautiful heroine's arms for the final fade-out. The lovely June Collyer 'is more beautiful -than ever, although her part gives her little opportunity for displaying any of the ability, which we' trust she possesses. Here, then, was a perfect Mothers' day show in contrast to the rather sexy June Moon, 'which, through the watchful efforts of Manager Rice? you, his patrons, were, not privileged to see, and for which you have every reason in the world-, to feel thankful. Inn the. entire production does Miss Cbatterton riso to even near-dramatic heights; she goes through her linos with a patient weariness which scorns to say, "Well, I'm glad that's over!" i There seems to be considerable difference of opinion over Paul Iviikas; he Is a near-idol with many of the fans, but he falls far below his previous • performance (The Right to Love) in this show. Paul Cavanaugh also turns in a mediocre Job of acting, but this may also be leaves . excused on the ground that the star did not have her heart in her work and was therefore unable to get the up best out Unfaithful of Is her subordinates, a bitter disappointment to admirers of Ruth Chatterton, because she is an actress of great ability and should be given every opportunity to display her talents. So we'll just charge this up to profit and loss—and, goodness knows, there haven't been many profits this year. raqon visitors at i Arndorfer's. lenmeyer spent Mr, and Saturday with his mother, Mrs. Rosenmeyer, and sister, -tt Steussy. * dore Elsenbarth wqsiabed and Sunday with* stoifiach She \yas reported Improv- ffty Tuesday. j Bisenbarth, gunday afternoon with her E. F, Arndorfer. and ndorter. ' [Jos, Bah m j r . and her chll- •*? Sunday dinner guests of filter,-Mrs, Louis, Algona. d Rosenmeyer, Frank and L. P. Howard at- 1 ea me at Algona Sun- noon, 'Word Dehherts and Matilda tf 've d Saturday -from' fit,: Mangles, dinner guest* of-Mr, 1 August Harlg, i«orge Ludwlg Sr . and her. 5[ v ° eV86tOAckle y Saturday to Grandeenett attended IE CLASS!LAY in Miss Messenger's room. They were made* by Leroy Johnson and Johanna Piene. Class Visits Advance Shop— The business English class made a most interesting and instructive trip through the Advance printing office a week ago Friday morning. The class has been., studying types of machines and devices for large-scale output of letters, circulars, etc. ^Through the 'kindness of D, E. and Donald P. ! . Dewel they were permitted to see'several of/ these machines jh action and to'-hear a fine explanation of hoi^they are used. The Addressograph system, the mimeographing machine, the .linotypes, the presses, and the folding ,:machirie were the chief .objects of Interest. This practical'lesson made theoretical study much more interesting. The class to grateful to the Messrs. Dewel and the shop force for the courtesy.-. Senior Mogailnee Next Week- The Senior magazines are expected for distribution early next week. The hard work that the staff, some of the typing students, and Miss Messenger put In on preparation of the material and the dummies Is much appreciated. .The senior artist, Eugene Kelley, designed the cover a.nd the original drawings. Qenevieve Hartshorn and Lyle Runcliey. advertising managers, sold several hundred dollars' worth of AVhittemore, May 19 — Mr. and Mrs. Tom Weir, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kuecker, Erwin Kuecker, and Mrs. G-rippen attended a dance Friday evening at Lizard Lake. En route home in the Weir car, a Chevrolet, they ran off the road and were upset. Erwin had a cord severed In one arm, Harold suffered a muscle gash which required eight clamps to close, Mrs. Grippen suffered a cut above one eye, and Mrs. Weir was badly bruised. Mrs. Kuecker suffered only a few scratches, ,and Mr. Weir was unhurt. A car from Emmetsburg picked them up and took them to-a West Bend doctor and they were then brought home. The car was badly wrecked. . characters by their real instead of sfage, names. We don't know (and have no, way of finding out) which one of the trio of comely maidens mentioned above plays what part. In this case all three turn In creditable performances, which is fortunate. We are just mildly curious to know which is which, however. .Will producers of moving pictures kindly give a complete cast ture talkies? of characters In We thank you! fu- D I UDE RANCH, which substituted for June Moon In the, ninth Inning, with two out, bases full, and the score tied, was a distinct "hit." It Is the best thing our Jack (Oakie) has ever done. Here, at least, is the flavor of originality; A FTER THE RIGHT TO LOVE and Sarah and Son, Unfaithful, with the talented Ruth Chatterton, is pretty fiat; in fact, we might go farther and say it is the poorest thing she ever did. Is the moving picture industry, one of our major arts, to be prostituted at the shrine of mass production to the extent that a star must make a certain number of pictures, whether they are good or no? In Unfaithful, Miss Chatterton has been handed an extremely inadequate plot and slipshod direction; but, artist that she is, she seems to sense" this and gives, in turn, a second-rate ' performance. Critics have commented on the fact that this is her last picture for Paramount and that departing stars are always given a bad break when they leave a company We are not prepared to certify this statement. Nor are we going into details' of this plot. It follows the regular pattern of domestic triangle dramas, with stupid dialog and utterly Idiotic situations. Witness the Countess shooting craps with two sailors in a drawing room filled with her friends; it Is so improbable as to be positively ridiculous. Not once dur- P UBLIC ENEMY, gruesome, stark, realistic, lasted just one" night at the Call, and fortunately we failed to see it. We had planned to attend the Friday show. Ever since we heard that the picture began and ended with a sermonial word of explanation we have felt unkindly towards it; if the movies are going in for "uplift", then the fight is over are fa.r as we are concerned. Manager Rice informs us that the last gangster picture of 1931 has been made, which is about the best news we have heard since the legislature adjourned. ,UEEN HIGH, TAKEN from the stage Tsuccess, A Pair of Sixes, is capital entertainment, if farce is what you are looking for to drive dull care away. A quartet of competent actors brings many a laugh, and while the music is somewhat (Continued on Page 4.) Kooler Aire Cooling and Ventilating Plant Makes the weather to suit at the Call. Special service head phones for the hard of hearing. Tell your friends —use them yourself! Thursday and Friday, May 21 nnd 22 FRANK FAY LAURA LA PLANTE In an Intimate picture "God's Gift to Women" Saturday, Muy 23 Extra Special Two matinees 1:30 and 3:30, Our new serial starts. "KING OF THE JUNGLE* —Also— A big Western Action Special WALLACE BEERY LEWIS STONE JEAN HARLOW JOHN MACK BKOW3T —in— •• Sunday and atondny, May 24 and 25 1 and 3 o'clock matinees, 10 and 30c 5-7-9 o'clock showe, reg. admission All Hail to the New Star ROBERT MONTGOMERY DOROTHY JORDAN CLIFF EDWARDS in "Shipmates" It's a big fun and thrill show. Tuesday and Wednesday, May 26-27 A DRAMATIC TREAT '••'"' JOHN BARRYMORE NORMAN MARCH , in "Srengali" Showing in line with the cities. .. Beery as Scorpio Is much better 'than he was as ."Butch'' of 'the "Big Hand;" Fifty sets of scenes used ire this powerful' story of crooked poli- 'tics'.""Ycmly'e'read of Chicago Business men., cleaning ' up Chicago— now see "The Secret Six." By. Unanimou/ Con/ent.... advertising to Algona business men, and Supt. Overmyer said they were the o seniors was greeted by tf large the proceeds, largest I W*fi8flfc...lWfc. This the"'twtadvertising managers we school has ever had. So far on y about 285 annuals have beeij paid tor, but the rest of the money will •opn t>e collected. Qeoraetry Pupils M»ke Drtwlng*-- geometry classes. have fin, original drawings which they aotje th,i» .semester 9* J™J^l VQrK, They were made by drawlng straight lines, arcs, or a combination of the two. Among the best are a, plctuVe of President Vfllson, another at President Hoover, and a side view of an airplane. There are many other worthwhile drawings. o^lttem arertn black Ink. PU students secured Interesting •'f^^3r»££r£ hard w ,v.™ w little by having tneir tests first, so their credits can be In before graduation. This week Friday th^phfsloB. shorthand, typing, SOT- and methods , tests will Next Monday will come 12th ; normal arithmetic, business Most Semester Tests Are ' Everyone Is now for semester tes|s. fUe ' feaulred boofr reading and «??££*: ££nr^u4»ato'M J *JM» •*«»>&**>* ^SraSSPK!raaktaS *!«>!r «W ; /CHEVROLET 73 of America's leading business concerns have bought 27,OO5 Chevrolets SEDAN DELIVERY, »5T5 "^ UCHT DELIVERY PANEL THVCK, Prominent among the thousands of concern* using large fleet* of Chevrolet* ^ are many of the lender* of American industry. In f»ct, 73 outttanding butlnf" firm* hove purchased a fatal oj 27,605 Chevrolet can #nd truck^ The reason for thU preference lie* In the unescelled economy of Chevrolet can and ttuclu, at proved by o&fW CMt record*. Th»*e record* *howr that J0 milei to the gallon fca common «cf (V- rence among Chevrolet c»r», Th»t oil car* and truck* require only a minimum of service attention, That they give •atl*. fectory low-cost service over exceptionally long period* of time, ' Naturally, • car with *uch * fine record of economy represent* an extremely wi*e Investment for any buyer! Especially »o, when you consider the many advantage* Chevrolet offer* above and beyond ! operation. Comelnaadlevn the** mean in term* of style, comfort, reliability «ad value. SIX §IM» y«nw dealer IfO&w I * - , KOHLHAAS BROS., Yes-Twice as Good and Made With Double Milk Didn't you know we use milk in bread? Well, we do, and plenty of it ~* good, rich, pasteurized milk that makes strong, healthy boys and, girls. ' ) - . . . . .. • . flOM!N*ttOt just any,fcinjdj;bi»t*?Bpecially selected, short^patent flour, mllle* from the very heart of the wheat berry, always the same quality. • Don't be deceived into buying cheap bread. Cheap bread cheats, bpys, a&d, »n4 is ft?t ,worth, thji.pyice ypu pay lo* \i Compare the w»y ow bread tfce way, cheap bread toasts. Dairy Maid Bread toasts eyenly, cheap bread toaat ia uneven and burns in spots. Only perfect bread makes perfect toast are Making a Wonderful Loaf at sc. Try it. Buy Dairy Maid Bre *\s\ •* ., - +., .' ^ * .*"!. 1* . . » .. •»_v .*•* .u i M. P ^f*r, i1/»/ tifl iJtaJ 'J8 VU . u-v: ,' i «• ? .> i_

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