Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1931 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1931
Page 8
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Twenty Years Ago Advance, May 25, 1911. Business men were divided into two baseball teams for a game, In which northsiders were to play the southslders, the dividing 1 line being State street. The game was to be played at the fairground, and 15 and 25 cents would be charged. Receipts of the game were to be given ito the library, which was in need of funds. t t t Lightning traveling along a telephone wire jolted Grace Brown and Unita Forbes, who were operating the telephone switchboard, then located over the present James and Cummlngs stores. The girls were more scared than hurt, for arresters stopped all but a minor part of the bolt. t t t Owners of automobiles were to meet at the courthouse to discuss organization of a county club of cur- ownoi-K. There wore comparatively few automobiles owned. Travel between towns by cur was still an adventure in which blow-outs and punctures and mud and rutted r.iads played a. big part. f t t Alfronu. was beini? considered as the location of the ilu.sonie order of the Council, then located at Emmetsburg, and it was believed that no objections would be made to moving I DCMUTQ April 14, 1931. Auditor's Office. 1:30 o'clock P. M., April 14, 1931. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by McDonald that assessments on Dr. ITS lie confirmed as reported by commissioners except as to following tracts: NE 1-4 SE 1-4 Sec. 22-94-29, from $392.00 to $368.00; SE 1-4 SE 1-4 Sec. 22-94-29, from $827.00 to $793.00; SW 1-4 SE 1-4 Sec. 2-94-29, from $759.00 to $717.00; NR 1-4 NW 1-4 Sec. 2fl-94-29, from $654.00 to $614.00; NW 1-1 NW 1-4 Sec. 26-94-29, from $854.00 to $794.00; SE 1-4 NE 1-4 Sec. 22-94-29, from $201.00 to SUM 00; W 1-4 XE 1-1 Sec. 22-04-29, from $46.00 to $71.00; SW 1-4 NE 1-4 Sec. 2-94-29, $121.00 to $144.00; NW 1-4 SE 1-4 Sec. 22-91-29, $354.00 to $374.00; SE 1-4 NIW 1-4 Sec. 22-94-2!), J2SS.OO to $363.00; S\V 1-4 NW 1-4 Sec. 22-94-20. from from from from 4.00 the to Algona. t t t Cnpt. W. II. Iiiffliain niul Louis II. Smith were sent special invitations to attend a pioneer day at Estherville, in which they, as members of the frontiersman's national guard. were stationed in Estherville. and built Fort Defiance at the time of the Indian troubles in the Civil Wai- days. Mr. Ingham commanded the North Iowa Brigade, anil Mr. Smith was quartermaster. Harvey Ingham was asked to make the principal address at the celebration. t t t A hall clock, made by senior boys, was presented by the Iflli senior class to the high school. The entire clock, with the exception of the movement which was furnished by Wehler bi-os., was made by the boy's as a part of their manual training work under the direction of \V. H. Stone. Fred Strandberg made the presentation speech, and the clock was accepted by Supt. J. F. Overmyer. T. P. Harrington and Dr. M. J. Kenefick, members of the school board, also spoke. This was the.fir.st class to leave a gift, and the custom was fullowed for many years. t t t A fire, at Wliittemore brought 37 automobiles filled with curious spectators. Algona, West Bend, Fenton, and L,one Rock were represented. t t t Burt residents living along the west end ot main street had purchased 400 geraniums which were to be place in front yards of the homes. t t t The buffalo that broke out of the Lenander farm at Bancroft was recaptured and returned to its quarters after an exciting chase. t t t Rob K.'iin was the latest purchaser of a Ford, bought from F. H. Seller. t t t 15. E. Norton, county auditor, had an electrically operated adding machine on demonstration in his office. The board was considering buying one for ti.se in the courthouse. t t t A total of $11(10 had been subscribed for the new Presbyterian parsonage. The drive was continuing to raise the total to S2000, and a loan was to be secured for the balance of cost of the house. t t t Dr. C. II. t'retzmeyer shaved off his mustache. He told the story that it blew off while traveling in his new Kissel Kar. t t t An ordinance against speeding was being rigidly enforced at Spencer. Some 13 motorists had paid fines. Speed limits were generally 10 and 1-' miles per hour. t t t The Algonu creamery paid 24 cents for butterfat. t t t Charles C'. Chubb, state senator and one of Kossuth's pioneers, died after an illness of more than a year. C. C. and his brother Coleman came to Kossuth county in H8G5 at the close of the Civil War, and for 30 years their home was a farm and ranch south of Algona. In 1897 the brothers retired to Algona, and became interested in many banks in Kossuth and adjoining counties. Mr. Chubb was vice president of the Algona State bank, ; nid president of the Burt -National bank. He en listed in the Union army in April 1SG1 with the Wisconsin volunteers, and fought in tin, oattles of Winchester, South Mountain, Antietam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and Lookout .Mountain. He was discharged at the end uf his enlistment in 18(14, but re-enlisted i n the heavy artillery of ,\ew York, and served till the end of the war. He was married to .Mattie M. Taylor in 18UU, and three children, Collie, Charles, and Laura, survived. Funeral services were conducted on the lawn of the Chubb home in the north part of town. The crowd at the services was much too large to toe accommodated in the home or a church. The Rev. O. H. Holmes officiated. Mr. Chubb was one of the founders and was the only treasurer up till his death, of the Kossuth County Association. Mutual Insurance t T t Revival of th e Gopher picnic of township was being dis- Portland cussed. t t t Revival meetings at the Methodist Church resulted In 30 conversions, and a collection taken for the evangelist, a Mrs. Hilbish, totaled $24G. t t t Claronce and E. E. Paine had leased the only garage at Arnolds Park, and were to keep six machines for taxi purposes. AND ANOTHER THING — G •'& J tires are the last word In modern Ask about subside-wall—perfect rim fit. 28x4.75 $6.48 ea. in Gamble Stores. tire construction, tread, buttressed prs.— 28-36 $150.00 to $191.00. ((See 'Record for Resolution). Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded i>y Morris that application of Wall- Service Station to sell cigarettes. :s hereby granted and bond for $1,COO hereby approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken ami seconded by Fimnemark that application of Jos i>ph H. Schnllur for $5.000 school fund Is hereby approved subject to approving opinion of County Attorney. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris anil seconded by iHelken that report of A. E. Michel, Engineer, on Dr. 1)9 Is hereby approved and A. E. Michel and Funnemark are hereby appointed as a committee to have said repairs made. Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken and seconded by McDonald that the following open ditch right-of-way claims, refunds, abatements and soldiers' exemptions are hereby allowed: Dr. ]<&•F. W. Klenitz, SW 1-4 Sec. 13-99-28, 13.1 acres. Humbolclt-Kosstith Jt. No. 8— Nick Thilges, SE 1-4 NE 1-4 Sec. 3391-29. 1.83 acres. Abate 50 cents county poll tax of John It. Sewlck, Burt, Iowa, on account of being erroneously assessed. That Elizabeth Barton, widow Civil war veteran be allowed $3,000.00 Soldier's Exemption on E. 1S9.9 feet of N. 100 feet of Lot 2 of Plat of W 1-2 SW 1-4 Sec. 31, Township 91, Range 27 for 1930 and County Auditor instructed to abate or refund said taxes as case may be in accordance herewith. .\yes: All. On motion Board adjourned to nine o'clock a. in. April 29th. 1931. IBERTHA E. JOHNSON. County Auditor. April 29, 1931. Auditor's office, April 29, 19r,l. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by McDonald that bid of F. S. Norton & Son for one carload of Green River coal at $7.15 per ton Hay delivery, and bid of Fred Anderson for one carload at la.fio per ton September delivery, is hereby accepted. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Heiken that construction bond of Bauck Construction Company for $15,- S.S5.00 and construction bond of J. V. Elbert for $7,000.00 is hereby approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken and seconded by Funnemark that bond of Henry ng-R. Constable, for 5500.00 is hereby approved. Ayes: .All. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.—Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Tbis beinii the time for hearing objections as to establishment of fol- Imvin.n' Secondary IR'oad Districts, objections beard and discussed orally. On motion by .Funnemark anil seconded by Morris that the following Secondary 'Road districts be established as reported by Kngineer: Secondary roads No.". :M-W.-\-r>S-ne-119-l27-l2S-J3l)- 1:17-142,1iifi and 1!i7 except as to SR 1-4 Sec. '19-1M--J7; See. Nns. 1SS-159-1i!0-lBl- Ilii-lKMIM-lGn - llili - 11" - 1GS - 1G9-170- 171 - 171' - 17:! - 174-175-1715- 177-178-179. Aye?: All. (See 'Record for Resolution.) Motion by Morris and seconded by Heiken that the Kith day of May, 1.031, at 10 o'clock a. m. is hereby fixed as time for receiving bids for graveling Secondary 'Roads Nos :!(-(i(.\-(S-llii- 1111 - 127 - TJS - i:)fi-137-H2-15ii-K,7-irvS-ln9- ll',0 - 1ill-lll:!-lG3-1(H-l<B-]<ii5-li)7-lliS-ll'i9-l70 171 - 172 - 17:; - 17-I-173-17« - 177- 17S-17.0. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to nine o'clock a. m. May ri, i;i;jl BRRTHA K. JOHXSOX, County Auditor. 4.00 4.00 12.00 12.00 2.00 12.2C •4.00 4.0(1 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 16.00 16.00 12.00 16.00 4.00 S.OO 8.00 4.00 4.00 S.OO S.OO S.OO 4.00 8.00 7.00 9.00 7.00 6.00 13.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 S.OO S.OO S.OO 9.00 13.65 12.00 S.OO 12.00 13.00 12.00 12.00 3.20 3.20 3.20 13.20 4.00 4.00 - 4.00 16.00 S.OO 6.50 2.00 2.00 S.OO 4.00 5.00 5.00 4.00 5.00 3.00 .88 5.25 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 May 5, 1931. Auditor's office May 5th. 1931. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Board proceeded with the Auditing; and Allowing' of bills. Motion by Morris and seconded by Funnemark that t^ie following open ditch right-of-way claims be allowed, and County Auditor instructed to issue refund warrants or abate said taxes as ease may be: P-A-K ,Jt. Xo. 1— Mike H. Klepper— S10 1-4 SB 1-4 Sec. 15-91-30, 3.92 acres. N'W 1-4 S15 1-1 Sec. 10-94-», 1.90 ac'i-es. Beiilah RdRinton— SE 1-4 SW 1-4 Sec. 15-94-30, 2.2T> acres SW 1-) ,SW 1-4 Sec. lfl-91-30, 2.2 acres.' Dr. UK— John Frankl and E. J. Gilmore— F. 1-2 See. 22-100-2S. 17.5 acres Ayes: All. On motion 'Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.—Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Heiken and seconded by McDonald that compensation insurance for 19:!1 Is hereby awarded to Al- b'ona Insurance Agency. Ayes: All. On motion Board proceeded with Auditing and Allowing of bills as pel- Schedule of Claims hereinafter writ- SCHEDt'T.E OF CLAIMS COUNTY FUND Railway Express Agency, express '. J II. Rlchter, bounty Robert Etherlngton, bounty .. Duane Jensen, bounty A. fi. Pannkuk, bounty V. E. Trip]), cleaning typewriters Louis .Simpson, bounty City of Algona, light serv Bernard Miller, bounty Joseph Harig, bounty ... 7-f. M. Smith, Co. e;i!',ineer ... Peter Sandt, bounty Duane Jensen, bounty F. J. Baltreman, com. and session W. E. McDonald, com. and session Olaf IFunnemark, com. and sesion Chas. Morris, com. and ses. ... P. J. Heiken, com. and ses 'Hutton •& Jenks, pub. board proc Lottie J. Kain, assistant treas. Mary iK. Sands, work in treas. office C. A. Sampson, assisting sher- 2.11 1.00 1.10 2.50 2.10 34.50 1.70 17.73 1.10 130 300.00 1.20 1.90 201.05 225.20 255.00 252.10 313.10 91.46 6.00 78.00 78.00 18.00 Martha 'Harris, clerk's office.. Advance Pub. Co., pub. Board Proc 67.66 Richard Cosgrove, bounty Arthur Askln, bounty John Haxton, bounty H. J. Boettcher, bounty Le IRby Rlcke, bounty Martin Becker, bounty William Senne, bounty S. P. Eckholm, local registrar. I. E. Wortman, local registrar. It. 'B. Hollister, local registrar. FloteUa Welp, local registrar. H. A. Thompson, local registrar Wm. 'Boyken, local registrar . R. H. FJnnell, local registrar.. Adah Carlson, local registrar.. Arthur Hof, local registrar ... Fred A. IMekmann, local registrar ...... Tom 'Reid, trustee mtg 'P. M. Christenson. trustee mtg Art Crulkshank, trustee mt& .. Paul Hertzke, trustee mtg. ... J. B. Kelley, trustee mtg Peter Looft, trustee mtg. Geo. D. Moulton, trustee mtg. 1.10 2.20 38.00 1.40 1.50 .80 1.10 2.75 4.50 1.25 6.50 3.75 3.25 7.75 16.50 2.75 4.00 12.00 4.00 12.00 2.00 8.00 S.OO 8.00 M. N. Phillips, trustee mts. .. Harry Sablh, trustee'nits. ... John lHaa* trustee tntg. C. N. Robinson, trustee mtg... Guy B. Risk, trustee mtg Louis Anderson, trustee mtg.. J. K. Warburton, trustee mtg. Fred B. Dutton, trustee mtg.. O. B. Johnson, trustee mtg... iW. W. Rlngsdorf, trustee mtg, W. B. 'Grover, trustee mtg.... Wm. Schwietert, trustee mtg.. E. O. Mann, trustee metg. ... G. W. Brown, trustee mtg John Sachau, trustee mtg. .. .. E. P. Hansen, trustee mtg. ... Chris Brandt, trustee mtg. ... Wm. A. Schram, trustee mtg. Andrew. Hansen, trustee mtg.. Alex Radlg, trustee mtg Axel Erlckson, trustee mtg. ... J. H. McGregor, trustee mtg.. W, .P. 'Relmers, trustee mtg... H. iF. Schultz, trustee mtg. ... R. B. Bernlnghaus, trustee meeting Joe Schaller, trustee mtg H. W. Harms, trustee mig. ... Wm. Meyer, trustee mtg Geo. Hagge, trustee mtg R. B. 'Hall, trustee mtg W. A. Hall, trustee mtg F. Jacohs. trustee meeting- .... Ell Anderson, trustee meeting. John P. Bormann, trustee mtg. Henry J. Kohlhaas, ti-ustee mtg Aaron W. Steussy, trustee mtg. Simeon Leigh, trustee mtg. ... Aug. Crtitknocht, trustee mtg.. O. L. Thoreson, trustee mtg.. O. A. Jensen, trustee mtg Mike Wagner W. c. Nelson, trustee mtg. ... A. It. Gustafson, trustee mtg.. J; J. Anderson, trustee mtg. .. John Armlorfer, trustee mtg.. 'Geo. Clnk. trustee mtg ;G. B. Ludwlg, trustee mtg. ... Tsaclore Mayer, trustee mtg. .. Thos. 'Biers, trustee mtg H. O. Larson, trustee mtg. ... It. W. Erick, trustee mtg H. C. Limning, trustee mtg. .. J. T. Cherlaml, trustee mtg .. K. G. Ewolclt, trustee mtg. E. IR. Woltz, trustee mtg. 'Geo. P. Hawcott, trustee mtg. Chas. A. Rohlln, trustee mtg. O. L. Thoreson, quarantine .. B. 'F. Edward, board of rev. mtg Bert Coder, board of review mtg -Peter Hans, trustee mtg L. B. Hollister, trustee mtg.... S. V. Carter, hoard of review mtg. Fred Seylar, board of review mtg A. J. Christensen, hoard of review meeting P. J. Heiken, hoard of review meeting A. C. Linde, board of review meeting F. H. Lathrop, labor A. E. Michel, labor W. A. Murray, board of equal. mtg A. A. Droessler, board of equal, mtg W. J. Hood, board of equal. mtg., A. H. iFuchs, board of equal. mtg Leo M. Saunders, board of equal, mtg W. Carmean, hoard of equal, mtg S. F. Phillips, board of equal. mtg T. L. Llchty, board of equal. mtg J. O. Marty, board of review mtg Fred Schneider, board of equal, .mtg L. F. Smith, board of equal. mtg A. M. Lease, board of review mtg Carl Johnson, board of revtew mtg Emil Wester, board of review mtg A. L. Kleinpeter, board of review mtg H. J. Braley, board of review mtg Alfred Jorgenson, weed commissioner L. E. Hovey, sheriff Wm. Shirley, superintendent .. J. A. McDonald, del. tax collector 191.23 Geo. D. Barnard Stationery Co.. supplies Laird '& -Reinier, use of chairs B. E. Grinnell Elec. • Shop., supplies Koch Brothers, supplies Typewriter Exchange Inc., supplies Matt Parrott & Sons Co., supplies American Litho. & Print. Co., supplies L. A. Andrew, Rec.. adding! machine Fitllar & Chambers So., supplies S.OO A. Flanagan Co., supplies .. .. 11.-14 News Printing Co., warrant books ' Crescent Print. Co., supplies.. Klipto Loose Leaf Co., supplies ... Johnson-Randolph Co., supplies , L. C. Smith >& corona 'Typewriters Inc., typewriter Advance Pub. Co., supplies ... Hi^ley Chemical Co., supplies. -\c-lsofi Hardware, supplies Norton Machine \Yorks, supplies D. C. Kills, assessor ISleanor 'Potter, assessor .. ... \\ r . J. Bourne, assessor Wash Harris, assessor John X. Lurlwig, assessor .... W. P. Vaske, assessor R. E. Gocldard, assessor W. H. Patterson, assessor ... J. E. Keil, assessor •. P.. F. Hawcott, assessor J. P. Cunningham, assessor .. Chris Dahl, assessesor iHenry Klepper, asessor Hay E. Hanson, assessor IT. iF. Gutknecht, assessor .. .. Clare M. Erlckson, assessor .. Frank W. Elbert, assessor ... Andrew Elbert, assessor 1 O. W. Berggren, assessor .. .. S. A. 'Butcher, assessor A. L. Bosworth, assessor .. .. Henry iFox, assessor John Dempsey, assessor Wm. Runchey, assessor Leon J. Worden, assessor Peter Selvig, assessor John E. Smith, assessor D. F. Schwietert, assessor ... D. F. Schwietert, assessor .... Frankel Carbon & Ribbon Mfg. Co., supplies 1175 L. A. Barslou, assessor ... -----Paul Selberg-, assessor ... POOIR! FUND* Elinor T. Sutton, trunsp. . Elinor T. Sutton, trans. ., C. H. Cretzmeyer, med. aid; 6.00 5.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 S. Itt. Dufant, labor j,,, il.l 'Family Welfare Ass'h, supplied Z.34 Elinor T. Sutton, office e*p.... 9,7 M. 3. Nemmers, board ... .....' 86.00 Kohlhaaa Bros., storage 6.M iFrahk Green, board and room. 24c G. D. Curtis, funeral exp Paul Clark, barber bill Fidelia Stufllek, care 12B.OC 1,25 90 Lakota Cemetery Assn, upkeep 4l!o , Elinor T. Sutton, transp. Laird 8.0C funeral axp.. 60.00 *-«.*i* «*b T-tvciiiit;!, luiieitM ttjtp.* ou.wj Portable Milling Co., labor .... 4.0 R. G. Richardson, supplies ..; Norton Machine Works, supplies A. K. Cliff, supplies 27.00 1.75 7,10 34.30 2.90 31.06 eti ft M --- - ,, a —- t .« —— m ... ..... WtV . M. Morrow, supplies 10:2o Farmers' Elevator, supplies Nelson Hardware, supplies . iFred 'Parks, expense Howard Strayer, labor ... J. W. Neville, supplies Hugh iRaney, pasture 7.3. 40.50 -Zehder & Caldwell, supplies ... 16.6 Fred Park, eggs ... 19.62 Botsford Lumber' Co., brooder house 75.00 Geo. E. Johnson, repairs COURT FUND 4.0C H. J. Kittleman, court reporter 104.0 H. J. Kittleman, court reporter 43.S& R. A. 'Palmer, court bailiff .... 36.00 C. Behrmann, J. P. fees -1.00 Jake Keller, constable fees .... 5.95 L.-E. Hovey, sheriff's fees . . 237.43 L. A. Wlnkel, J. P^fees 15.00 Roy C. Ball, witness fees 5.40 Earl Cushman, witness < fees .. 2.91 Elmer Peterson, witness fees.. 5.4( Lawrence Swift, witness fees. 3.SO Wm. Ricklefs, constable fees.. 21.75 W. C. Danson, J. -P. fees il.or George Meyers, witness fees .. 2.8( George Peterson, witness fees. 2.7( Elmer Cushman, witness fees. 2.IH George Lester, witness fees .. 3.3< F. A. Newvllle, witness fees.. .8( J. A. Devine, witness fees .. .. 2.30 Carl Dillhauser, witness fees . 2.30 Chris Behrman, witness fees .. 2.3( Jacob JCeller, witness fees .... 2.3( Helma IHelmers, witness fees . M L. T. IGrlffln, constable fees.. 6.70 Clark Orton, clerk's fees 13.50 H. \V. Miller, att'y fees 10.0( DOMESTIC ANIIMAL JjlUND D. C. Ellis, listing dogs 30 , 'FAIRGIROUNDS FiUN'D P. P. Zerfass, appropriation .. 1250.00 INSANE (FUND L. E. Hovey, exp. of conveyance , 35.00 L. E. Hovey, exp. of conveyance 35.00 L. E. Hovey, exp. of conveyance t 35.00 L. E. Hovey, exp. of conveyance 35.00 L. E. Hovey, exp. of conveyance ... 35.00 21ark Orton, clerk's fees 33.00 Li. E. Hovey, sheriff's fees .... 9.20 Li. A. Wlnkel, commissioner ... 3.00 ?. H. Cretzmeyer, physician .. 18.09 3. C. McMahon, commissioner 9.00 Sam Llchllter, witness 4.10 \lrs, Anderson, witness 4.10 Jrs. Dixon, witness 4.10 1. W. Miller, commissioner ... 3.00 Dr. Janse, witness 2.10 V. 'Hutchison, commissioner ... 3.00 iValter Steward, witness and serv. notice 14.00 ROAD CONSTRUCTION FUND »I. T. McGuire, grading project No. IS 612.00 M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 32 65S.OO M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 27 558.00 VI. T. McGuire, grading project No. 23 1043:10 it. T. McGuire, grading project No. 2 497.25 /L. "T. McGuire, grading project No. 25 1035.00 M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 20 972.00 M. T. McGuire, grading project No. S 53.77 2.00 I M. T. McGuire, grading project I No. 10 128.43 2.CO. M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 19 • 193.GS 2.00 •2.00 2.00 2. GO 231.20 9S.36 1.S7 C.10 9.75 53.09 3.05 45.S5 00.00 S2.SO 20.25 35.00 9.05 5.30 79.00 65.00 2S9.75 GO.rX) 4IJ.OO 54.00 110.00 145.00 134.00 «GOO 67.00 250.50 142.00 22000 128.00 62.00 142.00 161.75 152.75 52.00 104.00 52.00 7400 54.00 51.00 132.00 59.00 193.50 149.75 28.00 54.50 clmd. $73.00 Mrs. T. C. Sehaper, sick: clmd. $133.00 . not allowed cave of Sanborn's Cash Store, provisions ......................... Kennedy Bros. Co., provisions E. L. Hansen, provisions ... .'. E. Boyd, provisions ... ........ R. A. Clark, provisions ....... Ellis Runchey, provisions .... Zumach's Sanitary Market, provisions .................. A. A. Droessler, provisions . H. M. Dyer, provisions ....... Rite Way .Grocery, provisions. Merrill Bros., supplies ....... Trevett & Kent, supplies ..... C. L. Gardner. ' provisions ... . Moe & Sjogren, provisions ... Thaves Sisters, provisions .... Handy Grocery, provisions ____ Hood's Cash Store, provisions. Smith Dept. Store, provisions. Art Johnson, provisions ...... W. T. Trainer, provisions ____ L. E. IFrederlckson, provisions. Long Bros., provisions ........ Benedict's Store, provisions .. A. W. Jurgens, provisions ... IGibbons Bros. Co., provisions. (Herman Wise, provisions ..... iBJoom's Store, provisions .... Algona Co-op. Cry. Co., provisions ...................... lit Jos. F. Menke, provisions .. . Central States Elec. Co., light service .................... .Geo. Newel, rent ........... E. K. Burtis, rent ........... C. E. Rohlin, rent not allowed 3D K\ 159'i 2"(A\ 5109 664C 20.00 I3.'jo 2000 7^00 ss "0 79.'02 7 SO 2903 1500 1007 2500 20'00 250 890 1000 54.96 24041 85 400 4482 443 600 405 Y'OO 1500 20.00 M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 30 506'.60 M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 5 153.00 M.' T. McGuire, grading project No. 6 1039.44 M. T. McGuire, grading project C. R. I. & P. iR'y, freight Mike Hins, gravel land ... Northwestern Mut. Life Ins. Co., release on G. P ... Milton MoFadden, rodman ... . Don T. Nugent, asst. engineer. C. R. I. & 'P. R'y Co., freight. Hutton & Jenks, pub. notice... M. T. McGuire, grading project No. IS M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 17 M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 21 M. T. McGuire, grading project 4S6.3G C09.SO 21U7.50 No. 21 M. T. McGuire, grading project No. Ifl '. M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 20 M. T. McGulr'e, grading project No. 20 M. T. McGuire, grading project M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 16 M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 2S M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 25 ...... M. T. McGuire, grading project . No. 23 M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 32. M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 15 : M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 14 M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 13 54.25 175.00 05.01 22.SO 71.50 1047.75 882.57 S17.50 599.27 919.59 112.CS OS.liO 1017.45 3552.60 116.20 124.92 63.50 902.57 299.10 2401.66 162-1.07 1975.7S HftrtS W, Nielsen, labor , 102,00 J. if. Ciulnh, patrol ... ..,-...,..» 62.9 Clyde Zanders, patrol 68.8 John S. Nelson,'labor .. ,.. ... 105.* Elrnet' Ewlngr, labor ... ..t .... 117.6 John^Phlltlps, labor 96.60 C. A.*" Lattioreux, patrol ... ....' 126.3 Wilbur Fisher, labor .. ...,.,.. IW.OO Albert Looft, labor .i 27.3! Ward & iQoetz, dragging - 49.B Donald Jacobs, dragging ... ,,i 11.21 CarrHarttia, dragging ,. i 9.3 1 John Simmons, dragging 18.01 L. D. iPotter, dragging 11.62 Jay D. Graham, dragging .. .. 12.& Paul Zlelske, dragging .'. 11.21 Raymoh. Barslou, dragging .... 6.01 Sam iHarr & Son, dragging .:. 14.25 IHerman Runksmeler, dragging 33.01 Peter N. Thilges, dragging .,.. 13.7 Albert Kresstn, dragging 3.75 Frank R. 'Shipley, dragging 1 ... 10.S< Clarence Green, dragging 10.91 Carl Zumach, dragging 27.01 Wyot Stott, dragging ... '21.75 Cecil Thoreson, dragging A. L. Jordan, dragging Wllbert W. IRJlchmond, dragging- Earl Ackerman, dragging A. M. IGustafson, dragging ...., Frank Rlebhoff, dragging .. .. Louis Scott, dragging Wilbur Zelgler, dragging Henry Hofbauer, dragging .... Albert WJttkopf, dragging .... Randolph Johnson, dragging . W. >P. Vaske, dragging Tony Kollasch, dragging Loren Byers, dragging J. L. Vaux, labor Maynard Sohn, dragging Joe J. Clnk, dragging E. R. Intermill, dragging Jacob Hofbauer, dragging .. .. Melvtn Cody, dragging Fred Butterfield, dragging ... Simon Blome, dragging Leonard Mino, dragging Joe Mayne, dragging ... Reindert 'Krommlnga, labor ... Andrew Nelson, labor Gus Richter, labor A. J. Lawler. labor '. Ben Leeck, labor ... .; Arthur Peterson, labor Dwlght Graham, labor Albert Ekeberg, labor Oliver Ewing, labor Pearly C. Haynes, labor Peter Hopkins, labor; clmd. $4-1.00; allowed Del-ward Neitzel, labor Glen Leeper, labor Wm. Krause, labor Erwln TCucker, labor Wm. F. Gronbach, labor Will iLeeper, labor E. L. Huber, labor Robert W. Volglrt? labor; clmd. WG.CO; allowed Rimer Elllngson, labor 2arl Glesklng, labor 3uy Ash, labor 3eo. G. Eden, labor Bert Whitrharsh, labor Spear <& McVey, labor Clapp's Master Service, labor. Tire Service Co., supplies Penn. Petro. Co., supplies .. .. Vacuum Oil Co., supplies Simmer Oil Corp., supplies .... T. M; Blanchard, supplies 2. S. Johnson, supplies Vewel Hardware, supplies .... kelson Hardware, supplies .... 12.16 Frank Flalg, supplies 2.000 Aug. Schattschneider, supplies 22.10 Watt Murtha, supplies 70.45 Xorton Machine Works, supplies - SS.15 in Verne Auto & Machine Co., supplies VI. M. Morrow, supplies ntcrstate Power Co., supplies. Frank Hoflus, right-of-way .. A. H. Hanson, supplies 6.37 25.60 13.SS 6.7i 9.00 9.39 1.50 11.2T 20.65 16.12 5.63 4.50 26.99 61.70 17.25 3.7o 13.50 13.90 18.38 9.75 8.25 9.00 15.75 19.20 18.00 24.50 5.60 21.00 28.00 21.00 39.02 44.10 98.00 38.50 2S.OO 2S.70 28.00 17.50 10.50 67.55 2S.OO 14.00 14.00 2.50 5.30 12.00 3.50 108.00 1.75 4.75 60.95 69.61 202.07 40.49 1.50 .75 16.50 21.58 5.40 25.00 10.38 179.75 7.95 Botsford Lumber Co., supplies Northern Lumber Co., supplies Sergent Tile Ditcher Co., sup- Plies ........................ U.GO ross Tractor & Equip Co., supplies ..................... 3.C6 Economy Welding Works, supplies ....... ................. 82.64 . W. Steel Co., supplies .. .. 2S.SS Barton-Warner Co., supplies . 189.87 ". D. Adams Co., supplies ..... 376.01 Gibbs-Cook Tractor iE Equipment Co., supplies ....... ;.. 37.40 Sieg-Fort TJodge Co., supplies. 43.83 3es Moines Steel Co., supplies 498.41 Vheeler Lumber Bridge and Supply C., supplies ......... 572.38 Vheeler Lumber Bridge and' Supply Co., supplies ........ Wheeler Lumber Bridge and 350.49 359.76 M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 12 M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 9 M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 11 809.SO M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 7 M. T. McGuire, grading' project No. 3 M. 'T. MoGuire, grading project No. 31 M. T. MoGuire, grading project M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 1 M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 29 Wheeler .Lumber 'Bridge \&. Supply Co., supplies Wheeler Lumber. Bridge & Supply Co., supplies Matt Parrott &. Sons Co., supplies Algona Ins. Agency, insurance. Leo Delperdang, snow fencing. Kennedy Bros., assignment ... Leroy Elbert, labor Clarence Elbert, labor J. A. Roberts, labor Wilson Concrete Co., supplies.. Wilson Concrete Co., supplies.. Barton-Warner Co., supplies... Farmers Co-op. Ass'n, supplies Des Molnes Steel Co., supplies. Concrete Materials Corp., supplies : Fenton Reporter, pub. notice .. ' Lu Verne News, pub. notices.. Burt Monitor, pub. notices .... Advance Pub. Co., pub. notices Sturdivant Pub. Co., pub. notices North Kossuth IHecord, pub. notices Lee O. Wolfe, pub. notices .. . A. E. <Pasley, rent ........... 15.00 C. G. Dourk, rent ........... 10.00 E. Ross, rent ................ 12.00 Rhoba Gaylor, rent .......... 5.00 C. F. Berggren, rent ......... 30.00 'Helmer Helmers, rent ........ 9.00 Farmers Elevator Co., coal ... 625 Farmers Co-op. Elevator Co., coal ......................... jeeo Whittemore Elevator Co., coal 6748 W. A. Murray, coal .......... 203.05 J. W. McCreery. med. aid ..... 1950 Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care.. 104iOO Keneflck & Crawford, med. aid 131.25 C. W. Lundquist, med. aid .... 9.37 C. H. Cretzmeyer, med. aid-... 881.00 J. A. Devine, med. aid ... ..... 14.BO R. L. Williams, med. aid Bert' Godden, labor 4150 5.00 M. .R. Durant, labor lo!i» Sperheck notives Sperbeck notices Sperbeck notices Sperbeck notices Sperbeck notices Wheeler dumber, Bridge and Supply Co., supplies Champlln Service- Station, supplies Printing Co., pub. Printing Co., pub. Printing Co., pub. Printing Co., pub. Printing Co., pub. 3122.40 480.59 278.90 58.22 596.53 707.55 501.75 393.08 3.5S 29.00 41.16 •50.00 155.55 02.20 536.40 343.83 343.83 725.80 26950 98.71 77.39 62.30 47.215 42.60 62.25 43.00 15.70 1S.SO 11.25 15.35 25.65 14.85 50.10 629.58 9.80 ROAD MAINTENANCE FUND C. & N. W. R'y Co., freight C. R. I. & P. R'y Co., freight. C. R. I. •& P. R'y Co., freight. C. R. I. & P. R'y Co., freight. M. & St L. R'y Co., freight ... M. & St. L. tRI'y Co., freight ... O. R. I. & P. R'y Co., freight. C. '£ N. W. R'y Co., freight ... Catherine Marty, gravel land. C. R. I. & P. R'y Co., freight. Railway Express Agency, express Tom Weir, patrol Clem Goodman, patrol .. CGS.OG 2.57 50.63 567.66 251.49 495.99 396.25 3.29 145.00 116.85 2.46 99.60 100.20 John Hanselman, patrol 133.00 Edward 'Fuchsen, patrol 97.40 Wm. O. Ludwlg, patrol 100.90 James M. Moore, patrol 83.30 'Peter Movlck, patrol 101.00 Hlldreth Pettlt, patrol 67.90 Ole Gerdes. labor 98.00 Chester Alme, patrol 75.80 Oscar Earing, patrol 125,09 , Alton Pettlt, patrol 104.00 , .......... . Joe M. Esser, labor ........... 28.00 'W. A. Elbert, labor .......... 28.00 Joe Helderscheldt, labor ...... 17.50 J. H. Montgomery, patrol . . . . 104.80 S. T>. McDonald, patrol . ...... 100.00 Jos. Bestenlenner, labor ...... 77.00 Supply Co., supplies 'armers Co-op. Elevator Co;, supplies 700 !lty Oil Co., supplies 303.24 Jhamplin Refining Co., supplies 31E.IJS dolph Kilian. supplies S1.nl 'eerless Oil Co., supplies .. .. 824.13 'hllllps Petro. Co., clmd. $114.57; allowed - 111.07 •lld-Cont. Petro. Corp., supplies 126.70 itnndanl Oil Co., supplies ., .. 222.52 DRAINAGE FUND Dr. 0— A. E. Michel, engineer 10.00 F. H. Lathrop, rodman 1.75 Jos. Helderscheldt, labor 420 Dr. 20— A. J. Lawler, labor ' 15.70 Dr. 27— Earl Simms, labor 14.00 Ray A. Marquis, labor ... ... 24.50 Dr. 40— iGeo. Gronbach, labor 21.55 John Wilson, labor 21.55 A. E. Michel, engineer 30.00 F. H. Lathrop, rodman 9.03 Dr. 00- iRay A. Marquis, labor ... Frank Welch, labor Dr. 65— Charlie.Olson, labor Dr. 09— A. E. Michel, engineer F. H. Lathrop, rodman Dr. 72— Henry Fischer, repair work.. Dr. 73— Henry Fischer, labor Dr. 78— A. J. Lawler, labor Dr. SO— Ray A. Marquis, labor Earl Simms, labor Frank Welch, labor Dr. 81— A. E. Michel, engineer E. J. Palmer, labor ... Dr. 84- A. E. Michel, engineer F. H. Lathrop, rodman Dr. S8— Ray A. Marquis, labor Frank Welch, labor Dr. 90- C. iH. Cooper, labor Dr. 99— F. H. Lathrop, rodman 14.00 S.OO 3.45 50.00 42.00 S.OO 3.00 2.80 50.75 22.00 12.00 0.00 5.50 10.00 1.75 14.00 8.00 43.50 1.75 19.00 A. E. Michel, engineer Dr. 102- Earl Simms, labor 6.00 Ray A. Marquis, labor 1050 Dr. 157— T. P. Harrington, legal serv. 313.31 Dr. 105— T. P, Harrington, legal serv. 304.50 Dr. 166— Ray A. Marquis, repair work 4.25 Frank Welch, labor 2.00 Dr. 176— Hilbert Severiens, final 27.15 Dr. 178— • M. J. .Moore, assmt, com. ... 12.50 A. E. Michel, engineer ..• .... 63.00 F. H. Lathrop, rodman S.75 E-K Jt. No. 2— A. E. Michel, engineer 23.00 F. H. Lathrop, rodman 2.63 H-K Jt. 4-56- C. H. Cooper, labor 2.57 H-K Jt. 5-87- A. J. Lawler, labor 3.50 H-K Jt. 7-120- Matt Laux, repairs .98 P-A-K Jt. No. 1— Henry Fischer, labor :.. 13.60 Tri. 84- Henry 'Fischer, labor 12.71 RESOLVED: That the County Auditor is hereby ordered and directed to Issue warrants for all bills allowed at this 'meeting as shown by the "Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written as per vote on each Individual bill. Ayes: «U1. On motion (Hoard adjourned to nine o'clock a. m. May 13, 1931. BBRTH'A B. JOHNSON, County Auditor. Toe Itch Foot «nd H«nd Itch Why a««er from the queer skin disease causing severe Itching o? toes and feet, cracking, peeling Skin. blisters. Ringworm. Trench Foot or Crotch ?tcb. when you can avoid in- Jectjon and quickly heal your skin with Dr. Nixon's Nixoderra? Based «» the famous English Hospital for mula, discovered By a leading Lon a° 8Wn sci NrSoFs, N e speed, be « J i « Particular . Nlxoderm if guaran* It must stop itch and aulcklv ; specialise Dr. s, oderm acts with ama-iine speed, be•Kin 8, W. iUSBY'8 AN VALUE AT $ 430 r.a.b. D«rr«fl,pf>l/r*ffAl •nil ditlvtry. Bumptri mt ipfrt tin tttrm ml immtt tell. THE FORD BOADSTER Everything you want or need in a motor car at a ton? price Beauty of line and color Attractive upholstery 55 to 65 miles an hour Quick acceleration Fully enclosed four-wheel brakes Triplex shatter-proof glass* windshield Four Houdaille hydraulic shock absorbers c Rustless Steel More than twenty ball and roller bearings Economy Reliability Long life See your dealer for a demonstration THIRTEEN BODY TYPES *43O to *63O F. o. 6. Detroit, plut freight and delivery. Bumper, and tpar* lire txlra at tmall coil. You can buy a Ford on economical tcrmi through tk» Ford Finance Plant o/ the Vnivenal Credit Company. (^ hicaqo's first chat with ^ew'York opened the way for thousands of conversations dailij ... L ESS than 40 years ago, in 1892, the first telephone line between Chicago and New York was opened for service. At that time there were about 300,000 telephones in the Unked States, one telephone for every 220 persons. Today cities, towns and rural communities all over the United States are linked together by telephone w|res. There are more than 20,000,000 telephones-one for. every six persons. In a year this Company* handles more than 30,000,000 long distance calls . . . many of them to New York and San Francisco ... some of them to foreign country telephones, nearly 10,000,000 u V £ i ?, h o can ^ Ieache d through the Bell System. _ Invention and use of the loading coil, the telephone repeater carrier current systems, telephone cables and other instrumentalities have greatly increased the scope quality and dependability of long distance telephone service and at the same time have made it possible to reduce rates over most distances. Increasing demand for telephone contact between communi- Ues is recognized by this Com- Fin X "j u Uda ° g Ion <5 dislal «* lines and otherwise extending and improving telephone service I tt an average year this Company spends about $4,500,000 in long distance construction, building to keep pace with service requirements and with the growth and development of telephone service in the states where it operates. NORTHWESTERN BELL <uw ttliphant nwa tiiwttn H,w K,k and Chicago 1392 Our Policy, The muttt telephone tetvice and the be,t at the leatt ct> tt to the public. - <Vn ** > tnMB thl0 ««.MO 990lOWI BUSINESS DlRi Entered as < J> Attorney-at.T. Office i owa - Uw Office phone 4 . P. Harrington Phone.: E. J. VAN KESs a. I-awyera Office over i owa s Phone 213-W. O- D. Shumway Phone '" AUorncy.at.i aw In Quinby BulMl.,1 Phone ISO. %l M. J. Keneflck Physicians Offices: Residence Phones- „ Keneflck ' C. H. ™, Ph , yslc!an and Surgeon Office in John Galbraith Bl Phonee: Office 310,re8. 444, ] Physician and Surgeon I Office in Quinby BIdg., Bo J ' Phone No. 12. DB. W. 1). AX Oftteopnthlc Physlclnn and Eye, Ear, Nose, and Thro: i X-ray. Office over Hub Hecreatlon a Phones; Office, 187; residence,] P. V. JAKSE, M. D. Physician and Surgeon, Office on South 'Dodge Strt. Phones: Office, C66; residence,! Algona, Iowa, CHmonucTons" DR. H. ,1. Palmer Graduate Chlropra Thirteen year's successful Office over State's CafeT] VETEKLNARY Ii. W. FOX Veterinarian West State Street, •hones: Office -I7MV., res. ffi BUILDING CONTRACT Use Advance Want Ads Re«ulU COWAX & SOX General Contractors, Estimates Furnished. , Phones: Business, 639-J; raj GEOIIGK L. JIIUEB General Conlrnclor, Estimates furnished., 010 S^Bodg-o, Alirwia, la. PhoiiJ MACHINISTS JfOHTON MACHINE Machinists and WeHera,';] Service stock on Piston Rings,! and Bearings. West of Courthouse. PtoM| PRODUCE SWIFT & COMPANY v| Cash Buyers. Poultry, Eggs, and Hldei | Matt Lamuth, Mgr. Phone 264. KOSSUTH COUNT! MUfl$ IN8UBANCE ASSOCIAT Over $16,000,000 worth of ini In force. A home company. •ecure. J. O. Paxaon, THE ALGOXA AGENCY C. B. la Barre A! Fa Reliable Ins. Service -,| Phone 65. City Property Loans. Faro I Insurance. Real Estas CUXHINGIUM 107 W. State St. Algol* JOE GB /a New and used Auto Parti.|l Tires and Accessories. :fl Hides, Fur and Wool- \|| Algona, low* MODEKNE CUB1 Phone 08, Fentoa . Frederick Vita-Tonic Permane«| Finger Waves and Marcel* ^i - All other beauty TV"* i*" PIANO TUNING J, C. Colburn, Tuner , 30 Years Experience- ,| Military Band Insta. W*f Expert Service G« ar S Leave'orders Foster FurnitiWf or Phone 642, Ajgf* ' NOT APPENWCi GAS PAWS fwy >'J bad such pain in niy r I though tl had appen« was only eas. After takW-i Ika I've had no . You can't get rid rf the stomach. For WPBH bowel. BOTH yppw and lower out poteons wnlcb w roueness, bad deep- today; by t«W«W» > w of thte -' Dr. and

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