Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1931
Page 7
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BO f*M». A tittle of that Anything >rr P 2ft 7 S * ** • ** Printed La&t Week Lftrgeit circulation by tar In Kossnth, TOtT OMM fhii M *M Alf not kee» coming after yM «r«w H S«T« jonnelt tutmn mfeMfMMMBt the paper yon era itop wkM T«« ped. of (Copyright 1931) MMrtMMI there will rise 'g'iomoratlon of a melt- a bird who ban ex- tor a man drlnklne there will be .„, . method which can put Jto a mind befuddled With Bating results of.Uquor, bo Hauor" or just ordinary rot. ^ fa, 1 s«ms to be general y |S 1 Ihathe results from drink' Tsnme whether the drinks !S - Old Scotch. h « 1 . l ° Volume 30 ALGONA, IOWA, MAY, 21 1931 Algona Victor in Opening Baseball Game 1 -Q t or vaults may be the same *1 a difference - In Old Scotch which may Canada costs while corn here In Iowa', • But y° u must that corn- juice, or. m k, or alky such as we e in Iowa * not loaded with revenue taxes, and rtatlon Is much cheaper, the $3 difference. juiciTwHl m»ke a too mnn CAYOU HURLS NO-HIT GAME AS GRAYSiWIN Gilmore City Shut Out in Season's Opener. quickly am "after-effects w»l probably ffll h him a bit longer. ,Hcl lie's a squirrel regardless of , .irinks, ami h« m»y try to _.. .^OT. but ho rarely gets off KrS-saulrrel whiskey or Old v o __ o ho exhilaration brought on ' a dollar's worth of rotgut to create an Imagination i the pwt of the Imbiber that wondrous wise. Sort of kes him fe«l suner-evcry- e And while his brain is be- U«l and bcmiuWleil he Us lie's normal. Just try to' JC w iih a drunk, and his , become wobbly and straight hes mean nothing to him. Put ta behind a steering wheel and , KNOWS he's sober and nor- lil, and »<> KNOWS he can tliiit car! o—o ID, after he has demonstrated his fly to drive a car while drunk he Js in the hospital or the jail—de- jdlne on how luck stood by him. [should land In jail, but the rest jus are much safer i£ he lands in hospital. And if he's one of j birds who insist- on imbibing Euently regardless — well, we'd |be safer if he landed in the ceme- For that's one place where is no questioning a man's tity to drive, drunk or solier. In lUhere is the end of a man's driv- I and someone e lse la usually at j wheel. o—o | A dollar's worth oC Iowa corn iut into tin cans contains cal- ries and vitamins for body- lulldlng. As for corn bread and mufins and mush, Iowa ira can't be beaten. And what I more delicious than a hunk of from an Iowa cornfed *f? So Iowa corn has a long me of better uses than for rot- Next Sunday Slifer comes to the local ball park. Otlmore City players said Slifer has probably tho best team the locals will meet this year. It is an all-salaried team, and "Lefty" Mack is the Slifer pitcher. His hurling defeated Algona in a Corwlth game at the county fair last year. For four or five years he has pitched at the Exhibition park at Fort Dodge. ."Lefty" Cayou, who had good support, pitched a no-hit, no-run game to shut out Gilmore City in a spectacular ball tilt • opening the season at tho ball park south of the swimming pool Sunday afternoon. ' It came near being a scoreless game, for the locals had difficulty in scoring their solitary run. Only a balk by Kemp, Gilmore City pitcher, and a wild toss to first gave the Algonians their lone score. Hrenk Comes In Fourth. This was .the only time Kemp weakened in the game, and it was Algona's only real chance to score, though the locals collected four scattered hits. The break came early in the fourth, when Marty, Algona fielder, got a walk. Then, pitching to Edw. Hill, Kemp balked. Marty was thus •\dvanced to second. Hill then fouled out, -but Watts, next Algonian up, 'knocked a hot one to third. Gilmore City's third baseman fielded the ball, but failed • to catch Watta at first, and Marty scored on a passed ball. Here's the Box Score. Gilmore City threatened to score in the ninth, when a man reachec third, but Cayou tightened up and retired the side on an easy roller to second base. The box score follows Algona— AB R H PO A E Bonham, Ib 401800 Scanlan, 3b 000020 Marty, cf 210200 Hill, ss - 300310 Wa'tts, If 301000 O'Brien, c 3 0 1 10 1 0 Cayou, p — - 30003-0 Butler, rf 301300 Mertz, 2b _„ 200131 12 ALGONA PAPER BOYS WIN FROLIC Des Molnes, May 12 — Twelve Algona carrier salesmen for The Register and Tribune and their parents have been Invited by Gardner Cowlos, publisher, to n.ttend a rier salesman's convention and frolic at Des Moinos Monday, June l'i>. The carriers are Donald Akre, Rmmet Beard, Walter Beardslcy, Clarence 'Bruns, William Devine, John Ferguson, William Ferguson, Merlin Little, Russell Medin, Palmer Sellstrom, John Streit, and Paul Worster. Tho convention will open at 0:20 a. m. with a theater party and a I short business session. At its clos'e | the salesmen will form in a parade find march through the business district of Des Molnes, accompanied by Baby Mirje, elephant bought two years ago by Iowa boys and girls. In tho parade there will also be bands and several floats. Prizes are offered for tho best costumes de signed by carriers. All marching salesmen will be given red caps anc a large number will appear in brightly colored sweaters. The pa rade will pass a reviewing stand on which will b e seated prominent Iowa officials. When the parade disperses a Oee of street cars will carry the sales men and their parents to Rivervlew (lark, where all rides and several concessions will be free for the afternoon. Refreshments will also be served. More than 2,500 boys and their parents In all parts o£ Iowa are expected to attend. Last year's gathering, first of Its kind, attracted more than 2,000, and much greater Interest is being shown in the coming frolic. SHERIFF GIVEN NAMES OF 125 UNLICENSED CAR OWNERS Names of only 125 owners of cars unlicensed In 1031 were turned over to Sheriff L. E. Hovey for collection Tuesday by County Treasurer vruso. In former years the number las often been higher.' Many cars lave been junked this year, and the number of licenses issued up to Monday (G046) was 300 lower than the number at the same period last year. Delinquent holders will have -o pay collection fees, plus a penalty for each month, in addition to the regular fee. The county treasurer must be notified whenever a car is junked or it will be assessed at the regular fee. 23 ALGONIANS IN FISHING JAUNTS D. H. Goeders, J. S. Auner, George Elbert, L. M. Merritt, Loyd Wellendorf, Torkel Hill, Edw. Hill, Harold Lamprlght, Dr. J. F. Auner, Des Moines, George- Munch, Arnolds Park, Loo Ladd, Pomeroy, and Ralph House, Des Moines, comprised a party which fished at Spirit Lake from Friday till Sunday, putting up at tho Wayside Inn. They caught •tho limit each day. C. R, LaBarre, G. S. iBuchanan, H. Rist, L. G. Baker, Bert Deal, and H. Holmes left Saturday for Lake 'innebegosh, Minn., where they •o fishing. Some, o£ them arc ex Department Stores Friday and Saturday Specials This Week Step-on Garbage bucket Brooms, metal wrapped Spring clothes pins, 3 doz. 69c 29c 10c Shop our Specials each week, MONEY TO LOAN —on— EASY TEEMS r BEADY CASH - SERVICE We loan you money on a few minutes notice, In amounts from $50.00 to $300. Phone or call on us, as our method Is quick, courteous and confidential. "VVe lend on household furniture and automobiles, and allow you to repay In 20 small monthly payments. HAWKEYE riNAJTCE CO. Represented by CUNNINGHAM & 1ACY 107 W. State Street. Phone 598 pected back this midweek. M. P. Weaver, E. R- Morrison, and 'Andy" Anderson left for the Oko- bojls Saturday noon and fished that evening and Sunday. W. P. French, M. II. Falkenhalner, H. M-. Smith, Walter Lorenz, John Haggard, and Gail .Towno, were at the Al Falken- halner cottage on Hay ward's bay and spent Sunday fishing. All have reported good luck. Mr. Weaver sufered a painful accident Saturday night, when a hook caught In one of his fingers. A doctor removed the book. TODAY'S OFFER TO ALL WHO SUFFER STOMACH AGONY, GAS AND INDIGESTION WE CALL FOR and DELIVER YOUR Your Money Cheerfully Befundcd, If One Bottle of Dare's Montlia Pepsin Doesn't Do You More Good Than Anything You Ever Used There's a sure way to put an end to stubborn indigestion, gae, shortness of breath and all the ailments that are caused by a bad stomach. You are simply patching up your stomach when you take things that only give relief for a few hours. Why not build up your run-down stomach—make it strong and ous so that you can eat you want any time you want taj without the least sign of dlatram Dare's Mentha Pepsin Is what «W* ory stomach sufferer needs—a pl*MH< ant tonic elixir for all stomach. fflK Thousands of bottles of Dairtfl. Mentha Pepsin are sold every tof% because it Is the one outstanding supremely effective stomach that is guaranteed by B. W. and druggists everywhere to end., to—digestion or money back. Elk Cleaners and Tailors Phono 830 READ THE ADVANCE WANT ADS nj. ,i Lc. r 1 1 C JL IL L: HEADQUARTERS t/ursz, o—o Iut a dollar's worth of Iowa maize |Terte<l Into corn juice can raise h -- when 't reaches, the i of the hare-brained no-good i sole aim is to violate the laws decency and the eighteenth nt. And put a dollar's i of distilled Iowa corn back of ng wheel, be tt jitney or Cadi the effect is the same. It will over the pavement recklessly, of hospitals or jails; and |lle It stews and boils and rusts i stomach which holds it and bound bemuddlea the brain of consumer, it at times also i up the landscape with wreck- Icnra and broken bones — the bones pally belonging to the otlier fe wlio Isn't drunk, o — o We can't well legislate grow- tos corn out of Iowa In order to tot away from the manufacture of corn whiskey. Too many attle, hogs, horses, and folks upon it. What's needed, ire than anything else, Is to 3-tie the hog who needs must corn juice, and shoot at unrise the bird who Is caught e it. AV O have laws which the manufacture and sale the st U £f, wMie We are not ourselves out enforcing flose laws, there a r e times when i Pinch is made— now and then! , now and Totals 26 1 4 27 10 1 Gilmore City— AB R H PO A E Weir, 2b 3 0 0 1 3 a Starr, cf 4.00300 K. Neal, 69 000320 Bigelow, Ib - 300130 Cain, rf _ -— 300000 Wilson, If — 300100 Hutchison, 3b 300131 Mackey, c 200510 Kemp, p 200020 Totals 25 0 0 24 11 1 Score toy innings— 123456789 Gilmore City 0 00000000 Algona 0 00100000 Two-base hits, O'Brien; runs batted in, Watts; bases on balls: off Cayou 2, off Kemp 2; struck out by Cayou 9, Kemp 5; balk, Kemp; left on bases, Algona 4, Gilmore City 2. • le'dyard School Head Umpires. A. Laurltzen, Ledyard school superintendent, umpired the game, and gave satisfaction. Mr. Lauritzen's high school team won "s £»' st same in state high school finals at Ames a week ago, but lost in the nej^t game to the runner-up for the championship. A new policy has been inaugurated at the park, whereby women will bo admitted without charge, if accompanied by one paid patron. Children under 16 are free. Travellers from Algona and Iowa More popular than ever because of the New College Im where BEN &ERNIE and his orchestra appear nightly HOTBk SHERMAN DRIVE Your Cor Right into Houl Sherman Single room 6 bath 42?° a day and up Double room & bath $4 a day and up B iralses good corn, and lota of [But Iowa liquor is bad. There T is no good liquor. Never has except to those witt» riveted 5* in palate and stomach. If | call a drink "good" that chokes |» sags you when you take it, wakes a d fool out 'of you, makes you see double, that 1 you to beat up the Mrs., or lands you i n t h e ditch, in jail, w hospitals, then you don't inter- 'the meaning of the word "good" « should be interpreted. And that. O II O 9 Jf * '.'^whe comes to pauper ""« millionaire a)ilM>. The pa«^Probably suffers with it few •""s, having not the where* , mlili Vlbei ** °***» *» *^» miUioiwrie. But «, e he»d- BEE SUPPLIES A full line of Bee Supplies. Get them of G. B. Van Dorston, having moved to north end of N. Minnesota street, which is first street east of paved street leading to Burt. e er has but d«M» w the Mi own* r bad, eaU out $* Iftitaf stomach, njakes hte BAKING POWDER n»lv T association, Iow * Preae association, <* «M> Iow» Dally to w** 6 * a the UwKC for fine texture l*rs« volume ln|ew b*klng». EFORE now you may have looked at moderately priced motor cars you thought were admirably smart, but— look at this one, please. Before now you have driven in moderately priced cars which seemed to be very rich and very comfortable, but we ask you— rid* in thit oni. Before now you have driven moderately priced cars you may have considered, to be highly capable in performance, but again we ask you— drive this one. This de luxe edition of the Chrysler Eight is patterned after the magnificent Chrysler Imperial Eight. It has that smart double windshield with chrome-plated frames; that lengthy sweep of line; that extremely graceful effect resulting from a low center of gravity; that visible staunchness that denotes a car of fine quality. Inwardly, the Chrysler Eight De Luxe is sumptuously spaced, upholstered, trimmed and fixtured. And it is a car of de luxe power, de luxe speed, de luxe pick-up and de luxe smoothness, as well as a car of de luxe style and appointments. 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Equip m»w with now GJiJ'i oMhoto •xfromoly low pricoi. GtJ ENDURANCE GutlMU.d 10,000 MII.I SlnlUl 29x4.40/21...... ...... $4.11 30x4.50/21,... ....... . 1.11 28x4.75/19...... ..... . !.»« 29x5.00/19....... •..-•. «.IO Cord» 30x3 H E. S.. . . ....... , $4.0f 3l'it4S.S ...... , ...... ,. 7,10 32x4S..S.....,..,,..... Y.10 P«in SMI 9.94 11.M 1S.SO GftJ STALWARTS GuM*ntnd1 6,000 Mlln Sl.ilti 29x4.40/21.... ........ $4.9S 28x4.75/19 .......... .. «.M 30x4.75/21 ............ *,»! 30x5.00/20 .... ........ 7.19 30x3 H Res 3Qx3^S.S., 32x4S.S... .. f4.3t f.97 P«ln ff.M H.M 1I.W 11.10 S«.M 11.40 fel 1 . f,, MAY SALE SPECIALS w» I* 28' 5LBS. 30' • CBS '-' 10X US HI BULBS DlfH PAN .UMIT !Qqlt.TIN FAILS GAMBLE STORES ^M^'MMiJi^jH, '>,,', -' , ' - • -,' y .

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