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Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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2U0CAL THE OAKLAND TRIBUNE WEDNESDAY. February 18, 1998 Victim in coma, police seek hit-and-run driver I "S'-' xsj (V, il Ya T'Mlhi i'nrx yy U. 7 ST i -i1 i By Cady But STAFF WRITER BERKELEY Mary Lam-prech was only doing the same thing she had done hundreds of times before stopping at the market on her way home from But on the evening of Feb. 3, that routine turned into a nightmare for Lamprech and husband Markus Robinson when she was struck down by a car at 6:40 p.m as she walked across Claremont Avenue near Eton Court Lamprech was rushed to Hlgh)and Hospital Oakland where doctors worked to save her life. She has been In a coma since the accident and only recently shown signs of coming out of it Robinson said.

She was transferred to Alta Bates Medical Center In Berkeley two daysago. Although her condition has been upgraded. Lamprech has sustained severe brain damage and doctors say it Is too early to tell how much she will recover, Robinson said. Lamprech was In the crosswalk when she was hit From the trail of Items she police estimate she was carried 50 feet on the hood of. the car before falling off.

A lone witness saw the driver get out of the car and look down at Lamprech's crumpled form before getting back In the car and driving a way. The crime has so shocked neighbors and friends of the Mary Lamprech, shown with husband Markus Robinson last month, has bean In a coma since Berkeley crosswalk. couple that the city has offered a $5,000 reward from a fund reserved for homicides for Information leading to the arrest and conviction of the driver. That figure might Increase to $10,000 since the City Council voted last week to Increase the standard reward In homicide cases, said Deputy City Manager Phil Friends have helped Rob-, inson add another $10,000 and Wind River Systems of Alameda, where Robinson works, has contributed another $5,000, bringing the total award so far to $20,000. Kamlarz said the city also has set up a Mary, Lamprech reward fund for Contributions from the public.

Lamprech, 48, has worked as an acquisitions editor at University of California Press for more than 20 years. Friends are can-the city with notices about the accident. The community has had two meetings with city officials to express their concerns about traffic on Clare mont Avenue, said Coun-cllmember Polly Aritastong (Elmhurst). The male driver Is described 20 to 30 years old, with dark hair and a slight build, of unknown race. He was driving a light-colored, four-door vehicle resembling a Volvo or, Mer bargains Robbery suspects make plea ByJoriiRUiman STAFF WRITER OAKLAND Two people accused of following an Oakland man home from a card club, then beating and robbing him of thousands of dollars, made plea bargains Tuesday in Alameda County Superior 'Court.

Judge Dean Beaupre of Alameda County Superior Court said hell consider Dorltys and Selull's probation reports before deciding how to sentence them. Dority can get up to three years In state prison andor up to five years of probation, while Selull faces up to two years In prism auditor up to five years probation. Police and prosecutors claim Selull went Into the Oaks Card Club in Emeryville on Dec. 22 seeking a gambler who was leaving alone, so she could signal her friends outside to rob that person. She found Chuen and the robbers'frdlowed Au to his 66th Avenue home.

Dority, a youth and possibly another un identified man attacked Au as he walked from his car to his house, clubbing him. over the head with a metal flashlight and stealing about $8,000 In cash, police said, Au spent several days at Oakland's Highland Hospital being treated for a fractured Court records show police learned Selull boasted about her role in robbing Au. When confronted, she confessed and Implicated Dorlty's sentencing is scheduled for March 17, while Selull's Is scheduled for March 31. Information about the youth Involved In the Attack wasn't available Tuesdity. James Dority, 19, of Custer Street In Oakland, pleaded no contest to one count of robbery: In return, prosecutors dropped a charge of assault with deadly weapon.

Tu-llanna Selull, 20, pleaded guilty to one count of robbery hi exchange for to lighter sentence recommendation. MM hm Sr. Loving futand of Eddo Mw Bmn pwd way Frixusy M. 1998. V-Mkn taMy.

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51M3M011 Roads: Oakland hills drain pipes at risk impacted by sliding earth, said Inspector Calvin Wong -of the Community and Economic Development Agency. 11 The latest houses evacuated are along 19th Avenue in Oakland. Three families were forced to leave a 3-story home on the 2700 block of 19th Avenue during the weekend after cracks were discovered In the foundation a chimney. The building was "red-tagged, and the residents placed In emer- FAMLY PHOTO Feb. 3 after being hit by a car in a cedes.

Robinson said he has left the handing pout of leaflets to friends, while he concentrates on his wife. She is strong." hie said. But if we get the guy It will never bring Mary back unless she brings herself Anyone with Information should call Berkeley police at 644-6744 and reference case No. 98-05679. Teen pleads not guilty in shootings FROM STAFF REPORTS QAKLANP An 18-year-old member accused of looting two youths In a drive-; by attack near Fremont High School last month; raigned Tuesday In Alameda County Superior Court Jose Contreras pleaded guilty to threecounts each of at-1 tempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, as well as two counts of committing a drive-by shooting and one count of having a firearm in a school zone.

His next court hearing Is scheduled for March 5. Police say Contreras fired from a moving car, wounding two- 17-year-old boys as they! stood across the street from, Fremont High School on Jan. A third student had a bullet pass through his clothes but; wasn't hurt. The shootings outcry for sparked a community outcry better safety and security ln Oakland's schools. Police Identified Contreras Is a member of the Border Brothers, an offshoot of the! Vario Latino Brothers of VLB." The two wounded youths alle-; gedly hang out with members of the 38th Avenue Locos, afllll- aled with the Nortenos gang, Contreras his victim ex-; changed hostile words and gang; opened signs before Contreras fire, police said.

Soul Food Night! at Hayward High! FROM STAFF REPORTS HAYWARD Help celebrate; February as Black History Month In a night of dance and great food with Hayward High School students tonight. The school's Black Union Is sponsoring a Soul Food Night beginning at 6 p.m. -In the campus 1633 East Ave. The evening will Include: dance, storytelling singers, a. choir and great food.

Tickets are $6. Proceeds will be used to fund a trip for dub! members to the 1998 Black Student Union state convention In Ventura. For call 293-8586. (Wfutted-lWiBams I JunemtMom SmaHof distinction with the perfect triSute S10S61-110S 5500 Foothil Reform: Consultant suggests powerful storms began blasting Northern California In January, there has been $764,000 In. damage to several schools, particularly those in the hills.

There has been surface flooding, damaged roofs, erosion' problems, sewage backups arid downed trees. Oakland school Superintendent Card Quan said the costliest damage was at Claremont Middle School, where, water seeped into a gymnasium an overhaul If districts are to have schools that enhance learning, thelr schools must have a clean, safe and healthy Instructional environment. "The custodians demonstrate that they lack both the training and the supervision to property clean restrooms In a safe and healthy manner." Frank Brunetti, assistant su-. perlntendent of schools In the Berkeley district, said there has been progress at the high school. "We're continuing to work cm the problems.

It's a very complex Issue and we're making a variety of changes," Brunetti said. "We don't have any disagreement or battle with the parents at all. Theyre frustrated and we do appreciate their efforts." Schod board president Ted Schultz said he Is "cautiously optimistic that a marked Improvement will be made and well get on top of the situation." parts of plan "We knew we'd have to pay to do all these things." Fuller Funerals Inc. For Those Who Can INra Lantim Td Srm Ym Fluiriqc A PlfrAnuRNKirt AviiliNr 3100 Cutting Blvd.t Richmond (510) 237-5473 4647 E. 14th Oakland (510)4363181 Continued from lOCAL-1 say.

While there Is no danger to luld break houses, the settling could drain pipes Installed In the 1930s, city officials said. So far, the city estimates there has been nearly $2.35 million In damage to Its roads, mostly in the Oakland hills. the storms began, the city has ordered evacuations of 13 homes; and Is njonltorlngll. that could be other structures Net New slate of city officials Continued from LOCAL-1 the first travesty," said Russo (Grand Lake-Chlnatown), adding that CH2MHllTs ongoing participation In the MIERS project Is a conflict of Interest." Russo said none tit the citys top-level managers currently trying to sort out the mess surrounding MIERS worked for Oakland In 1994. It would be wrong to smear In any way the folks that are fell to chan this mess up." Those working to unravel MIERS Include Hany Chen, the city's new director of the Office of Communication and Information Services, which spearheaded the project, and Oakland's new city manager, Robert Bobb.

Both said Tuesday that while the project's future remains In limbo, portions of the MIERS technology are being used by various city departments for such things as tracking runoff from the current series of winter storms. And while Chen questioned past management decisions that allowed the city to get so deep Into a project that has felled to prove itself, he said It was too soon to scrap MIERS. A followup report Is scheduled for foil. Bobb said unresolved issues persist between the city and Digital Equipment Corp which Oakland has paid $4.7 paid $4.7 million for work on MIERS. Last month, a Digital spokesperson said the company has "met its contractual obligations with the city." gency housing by the Red Cross The also evacuated a home next door because It is In the same slide area.

A slide mi Redwood Road Is threatening three homes on Geranium Place. One home at 4665 Geranium Place has been ordered evacuated, A home at 4673 Geranium Place was yel-. low-tagged, meaning only limited occupancy Is allowed. Oakland school ofBdals-also revealed Tuesday that since the The msuUant, Mike Zwrekh, coordinator of custodial services intkePleascmtm schod district, said cm overhaul is needed in the way the Berkeley schools approach deeming. have been handed down from year to year with no rationale as to what It means to do a good Job.

"For example, the restrooms are never cleaned properly. There Is no system currently in place to Insure that all restrooms are cleaned and disinfected. Furthermore, the odors present in your restrooms are the result of germs. may stall some money. Kamlarz said costs could rise even more once construction gets started and more Impacts are discovered.

For example, another traffic signal that has been talked about would run $177,000, and further reducing construrtlon hours could cost as much as $600,000. Unbudgeted employee transit subsidies, satellite parking lota and shuttles, ever implemented, could cost $1 million. "The figure Is not shocking," Kamlarz said. Continued from LOCAL-1 survey, the consultant basically was as shocked as we were the first time we went In there," parent Shirley Issel said. "The Job just Isn't getting done and It's our kids who suffer." Another parent, Linda Fletch, said the high school focus Is on improving the achievement of students who have been getting D's and "Documented studies show the condition of the building directly Influences student achievement," she said.

The consultant, Mike Zur-elch, coordinator of custodial services In the Pleasanton school district, said an overhaul Is needed In the way the Berkeley schools approach cleaning. Upon inspection, the cleaning standards In your district are non-existent," he said. "The current method and means of cleaning the restrooms at Berkeley High Schod Building: City Continued from LOCAL-1 "The city cannot expect to do a project of this magnitude and not have money set aside for She said negotiations, which some of her colleagues have suggested, means the whole environmental review process would have to be reopened. She did suggest that such aa some measures, the $152,000 traffic signal at and Center, Martin Luther King might be delayed for a year to give the city time to raise Sidra.

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