Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 30, 1931 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1931
Page 11
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S-fwrit,. n > 3-' H • !&.&. .CT -! If Vl-'NCS By REESE . A tittle ! (C( ,pj.rigM 1931) suggested that tile build concrete e or so, In order to drive to I M , been noticed that many Keel Clings a short If, the highways, and I 'lean, contain 'young l " some not BO away the perhaps ' PAPERS Printed This Week Largest circulation by f« r |,, Kossutli. Volume 30 Farm Bureau Edition ALGONA, IOWA, APRIL 30, 1931 Number 33 TELLS OF LATEST PHONE WONDER ;:;«with love. o-o , ngg C8t that we \*T go one daytime mint' neck while ibrellas — .. . . td. YOU may have time or other how ;" 9 wum «<«' on armful. 1|H bowl along the pave. rivlne with one hand ana Jobvious to other U-af- Iblrds should be kicked off They are a potential Too bad . motorists, "think of this in tune BO 1 Hth assembly could pass [lake core of these matters. o—o ffanted-A Referee, ., I that members of the as.- 5 I have taken fights home local precincts, we fwatch.with Interest the „...„ waged by the Far- Jjnlon and the Farm Bu|The Union says the Bui bunk, and the Bureau .: Union Is the bunk. So (Bureau has the best of jument, both as to mem- | and finances, and it is ... >rd that any Farm Bu- felcer ever told a hunch of i to take their pitchforks Jjlolnea and show the |ure that they meant busi- o—o i be permitted to assume Ifanncr Union official from jimty mount that the pitch- to be used in malting Kline the legislature mem- |\'t do much of while draw| pay? -6-0 Illkc wo're going'to enjoy 10 pne this.summer. Now if t arranged so we could- get t paying the 8.cent tax we I places for a dollar. O— 0 CAN'S A CAN. is a can age. Fifty ) canning of foods was to by the housewife, i she canned it in glass |Now the canning indus- i food to such a degree i housewife can put in me attending her bridge o—o ther ten years perhaps we'll ' bread served in cons. : A can of breakfast, a Inner, and a can of supper, J be needed is a can opener, |your three squares in three len you've finished eating [throw the'empty can into i can. Saves dish wash- |sives the housewife some rtunity to study foreign i bridge. o—o * days of yesteryear folks [ all they could ,can. To- 1 can what they can and can't can they can ! without. We listen to | music, go to a canned canned candy, drink I drinks, and buy our In cons. Truly cut a big figure In TELEVISION IS EXPLAINED TO H.S.STUDENTS Last week Mdhdny morning the high school enjoyed an Interesting and Instructive talk on television given by a Mr. Bryant, of the Northwestern Bell Telephone company at Iowa Palls, with the aid of B; C. Handier, local telephone manager, Mr. Bryant showed pictures Illustrating the sending and receiving equipment and drawings of the principles involved in the operation of television sets. There are three kinds of television, one-way two-way, and true color television. When one sees an .object. It Is because of the flood of light which reflects from, the object. In television this flood must be changed to an electric current. This Is done by the Photo-electric cells, which are above and at. each side of the speaker. When light strikes one of these, it sets up a flow of electrons through the cells or vacuum tubes and starts a cur- Dancing Dolls Gavotte O Sole Mio Novelette The Avenger March Boys' CJlee Club. Steal Away Negro Spiritual Tinkers' gong from Robin Hood •• Be Koven Band. Royal Hussars March Pastime ;. overture Morning Tears Flower Song A Summer's Evening l n Hawaii Descriptive Apollo March Girls' Glee Club. Magnolia Bloom ROOS Bernd livitation of the Bolls from "Chimes of Normandy" Plnnquotte FroHlimcn Lead on Honor Holl— When the honor roll was posted ft the end of the second six weeks period, the freshmen were proud to find that their class had more honor students than the other classes and to find two boys' names starred. 'Students who have won 'honors in the ninth grade are-. Lucile Dole, John Ferguson, Nettle Grubb, Ida Halpin, Elnora Lattimer, Ila Leffert, man, Plckett. *Russel Medin, Violet Nor *Donald Parsons, Valeria rent. The stronger the flood of light the stronger the current. This current is extremely weak, 80 It must be amplified thousands of times at each end of the line. In the receiving end the current is run through a neon light, Illuminating It. In front of the light is a revolving disc which has fifty holes In It, each a little nearer the center, till the last Is one Inch nearer than the firSt. As the disc revolves, the neon light shines through the holes and makes 50 points of light on the screen. The disc revolves so quickly that It mokes 60,000 impressions a second, each point of the same degree of brightness as the one started at the other end, thus forming a picture. The one-way television requires two channels, one for the telephone Itself, one for television. In the .true-color television the photoelectric cells sort the colors into the three basic colors, red, blue, and gi;een, letting- only he blues filter through the "electric eyes" on on side, the greens above, and the reds on the other side, or vice versa. In the receiving end, three separate channels are required, one for each color. In this marvelous way the transmission o£ television is accomplished. — Ila Leffert, Freshman. In the tenth grade class, the following names appeared: James Bishop, Margaret Flene, Theo. Gas kill, Eleanor Keen, Ruby Koepke, Lavonne Larson, Norma Raney, Virginia Schnepf, *Ella Zumach. The nth grade has the names of these students: Ardeen Devine, John Hargreaves, Kenneth Knudson, •Phyllis Parsons, Leona Stewart Margaret Simpson. The twelfth grade students whose names were on the roll were: Alva Benson, *Genevieve Hartshorn, Hazel Neeling, Karl Shumway, John Simpson, Lucille Black. 050 Pieces In One Table- Mr. Burmeister Is completing a fine piece of furniture,, a table with a top consisting of G56 pieces ot bird's-eye maple and black walnut It is octagonal in shape, with the grain going In different directions which produces a pleasing effect of .shading. The pieces are all tri angles ana ore i filed to form a beautiful piece. Mr. Burmeister has taken great pains to show his boys each step in this unusually fine piece. It shows possibilities In en hancing the grain of wood. Messenger on Hook Piig'c— On the book page of the Des Molnes Sunday Register, Miss Messenger, English instructor, hod following interesting review of the 'Incredible Truth" by Irvin S. Cobb: "The Incredible truth for readers Is that Cobb has actually written a book without attempting to be funny made a ci-acking good job of o—o |Wre fired we're canned; f we're jailed we're jugged. o—o Politics Is beginning i as to the sneaker of • in 1933. This year had the care «*sl)i|>. Looks like I IMS '° UaVe * wh * cl1 o — o need j n the house anything else is silence— |« it. Look' what all the did to us in the 44th. o— p savings time has It, too. With a setting 9f personal comments, he has presented in a series of unrelated chapters what he himself justifiably calls 'graphic', vivid, and vigorous first-person, present-tense annals of historic events'—actual accounts of actual eye-witnesses, .recorded in letters, diaries, official documents, newspapers, or books. "The events themselves range over the whole nineteen centuries of the Christian era and are of diverse natures. Intimate description of Napoleon's Coronation jostle elbows with vivid excerpts from a contemporary newspaper on the storm of the Bastile. "It might seem as if the author in selecting his material leaned a little too heavily toward the military and merely horrible, did not the eloquent plea of 'Thunder traveling, over-the-mountaln- for justice toward the red man stand as represen' tative of chapters on less violent history. One might wish, too, that h6 had quoted a little more and commented and paraphrased less. >But It would be ungrateful caviling to criticize over-much a book which opens so 1 many peep-holes upon events of significance." Study Helps Classroom Speaking— Recently a high school student wrote the following letter to the editor of the Question-Answer department of the Scholastic magazine; ,"When the teacher calls on me to recite, every thought leaves Poster Prizes are Awarded— Several high school and .eighth grade students made posters to,"ad vertise the senior play, "The Busybody," to be given this 1 week Thurs day and Friday evenings at the Call theater. Pupils from each class making the best posters receivec free tickets, as follows: eighth grade Lillian Durant and Dorothy Hen dren; ninth grade, William Devine tenth grade, Theo. Gaskill; llth grade, Ardeen Devine; 12th grade Irene Devine. the clock. Seems ; , fa ™ er in Iowa allows • «o 'be pretty <well regu- sun. The legisla- may 8top th * ng up Jn their farmer has never stopping the clock " until he finishes o—o 68 Molnes J coma i Register's to In- Pretty 0—0 my he^d. I know my lesson say It." but This was the reply: "Do you receive 'high marks on your examination papers? If your, oral recitations are poor, while your written work is Very good indeed, your trouble lies In undue self -consciousness. «glnce I know nothing about you personally, I cannot suggest what It is bothers you.. You will have tp figure out for yourself why your tlioug-Jjts go flying when they Should be focused on the recitation. "Jf ypj) are only, average In your written work, your trouble la that you dp not really know your lessons. You may learn them, only in spots and have no clear Idea of tbe whole subject. The usual cause of baxy recitations is hazy thinking. I recommend the tiresome old virtue of concentration as the basis of glib recitations. If ypu 'keep the seat of your pants on the seat of your chair" during, long study periods ypu will find yourself able to think quickly when you are on your feet. • "It to rather important tor you to rji to speak without embarrassment to the classroom for this will prepare you to spe^ik in public after ypu eaye left school." Other School News. Mr. Johnson, physics Instructor has accepted a position In the hlgl school science and athletic depart ments at Hlnsdale, 111. The super intendent of the Hinsdale school came to Algona to observe his work and was so well pleased that he im mediately engaged him. Mr. John son, who was an "all-around" man will be greatly missed here. If you want to reach the bottom of the stairs In a hurry, just fa' down. The fact that tills Is a Quiet way was proved last Thursday by lofty junior girl who fell five steps The heel was torn off one of he slippers and skin was removed from an elbow. The following grade pupils are 01 the honor roll at the City hall; Don aid Bryan, Maxine Caldwell, Bar bara Haggard, Russell Kelly, Harrj Greenberg, Mary Louise Gllmore and Helen Chubb. Thirty-five pu plls had perfect attendance. After their return from' De Molnes Mary B. Foster and Glady Rising gave Interesting accounts \o their trip. They told about thel rehearsals and the program at th Shrine Temple the Friday evenin before. A breath of springtime wa>. brought Into the assembly one da this week, when Lyle Raney walke down the aisle with a bunch dandelions in his belt and on jauntily bobbing in his hair. The freshmen are looking forward to a niqe day for a picnic at the, Ambrose A. Call state park. It ,was planned at the opening of the school year, but because of a change in weather was postponed. The Algona track team will tdke part in a North-Central conference meet Friday afternoon .and even- ng at Webster City. The fina'H 111 take place In the evening under oodlights. Miss Ml'.ler, geometry instructor, lent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. nd Mrs. Basil Fitch, of Sumner. Ira. Fitch was formerly Lillie Al- ensteln, a local teacher. Mnrjorie Turner recently broke an nkle while she was high-jumping t home. She la now attending chool, but will have to use crutches or some time. The girls' gym classes are in- ustriously practicing stunts for an xhlbitlon on Mother's day. Each "ass will be responsible for several tunts. ACADEMIC TESTS TO BE STARTED MAY 5 The preliminary or every-pupll est in the third annual statewide vcademic contest will be conducted Vtay B. As the name implies every jupil having received instruction during the present school year is a ubject for which a test Is provided vlll be required to take the tests. Teachers and pupils are now pre- jaring for this contest In algebra, )lane geometry, general science, mysics, world history, American history, economics, civics, English iterature, American literature, -and English. For this inter-school competition )artlcipating schools are classified nto four enrollment groups. Algona B classified under the B group and will compete with schools in the North-Central district,, which Includes Kossuth, Winnebago, Worth, Mitchell, Palo Alto, 'Hancock, Cerro Oordo, Pocahontas, Humboldt, Wright, and Franklin counties. The two pupils achieving the high- st grades in each subject in the district will be entitled to compete in a state scholarship con testvjune 1-2 at the state university. The same pupils may compete In more than one subject. The fundamental purpose's of this Iowa academic contest are to help the high schools of the state in an attempt to measure achievements of pupils, encourage ' better scholar' ship and more effective instruction and make more rapid progress in improvement in instruction. CLERK AND PASTOR ROUTED OUT OF BED TO WED PAIR District Court Clerk Clark' Orton and the Rev. A. English were routed out of bed in the early hours last Thursday morning by a young, couple from Minneapolis wanted to get married here and start for home before daybreak. They explained that their marriage had been set. for next month, but that they wanted to steal a march on friends and surprise them on the announced wed ding date by announcement that the event had taken place a month earlier. They were Joseph George Masko, 23, and Inez Ruth Wright 21, both~, of Minneapolis. The bride groom gave his occupation as hole! clerk. 130 KOSSUTH GASES REQUIRE WELFARE WORK Mrs. Elinor Sutton, county welfare worker, makes the following report for March: Old cases 107 New cases 23 130 LOCALITIES VISITED IN MARCH Outside Algona. Bancroft 2 3urt '. 4 Irvington l IJakota 2 Tjadyard 2 Lone Rock 2 LIU Verne i 'Sexton l Swea City , ,j Titonka i Wesley 2 Whittemore l Buffalo township i resco township 2 Fenton township 1 Irvington township 2 Springfield township 2 V^esley township l Outside County. Buffalo Center il Des Moines 1 Emmetsburg lOwa City .- l Livermore ;....' 2 PROBLEMS PRESENTED. Unemployment «. Indebtedness T. B. Caincer 2 Cardiac 5 Syphilis Gonorrhea 6 Gynaeaologlcal • 6 Maternity Malnutrition . 4 Disease of respiratory system B Chronic illness . 9 Acute illness . 10 Need of dental care . 6 Need of optical care . 3 Blindness or sight seriously impaired 2 Paralyzed or .crippled 8 Old use 17 Death 2 Epilepsy , i Psychosis 4 Neurosis diagnosed 1 Mental disorder diagnosed ... 3 Mental disorder suspected 1 Mental clefectiveness G Alcoholism 4 Irregular sex relationships 1 Br.havior prob'.em 2 Attitude producing conflict ba- tween husband and wife 1 Widow with depandent children.. 17 Orphan i Poor home-making 3 Family desertion 1 Non-support of family 3 Juvenile delinquency 4 Illegitimacy i Imprisonment 3 Begging tendency 3 Non residence 14 SERVICES RENDERED. Employment secured 1 Iowa City hospital 11 Psychopathic hospital, Iowa City. 1 Iowa City papers 1 Iowa City offered and refused.... 4 Private hospital 7 Private physician 16 Psychiatric examination 1 Dental care 13 Burial arranged 2 County farm, temporary ....... 2 Juvenile court action .'.. 1 Connection with relatives yS'trengthened 9 Non residence notice 5 FAMILY STATUS. Married couple 76 Unmarried couple 1 Unmarried mother 1 Widow 24 Widower 3 Deserted woman 3 Divorced 7 'Separated 4 Single man 4 Single woman 6 Orphan 1 SHULTZ' RECTAL CLINIC AMBULANT PHOCTOLOGY Piles (hemorrhoids) cured without operation. Other -ectal conditions. Write for booklet. Consultation without cost. 218-219-220 First National Bank Bldg. Phone 842, Mason City, Iowa 4tf SOY BEANS Farmers: Why not raise Soy Beans? For the livestock man you can make more money off an acre of Soy Beans than off an acre of corn or oats at present prices. s We have a new variety called Illini. A high yielder 'of grain, Excellent for hay. $1.75 Per Bushel, sacked 10 Bushel at 91.50. A. B. SCHENCK Algona. MONEY TO 10AN —on— EAST TERMS KEADY CASH • SERVICE We loan you money on a few' minutes notice, in amounts from $50.00 to $300. Phone or call on ue, as our method Is quick, courteous and confidential. We lend on household furniture and automobiles, and allow you to repay in 20 small monthly payments. , HAWKEYE FINANCE CO. Represented by CUNNINGHAM * LACY 107 W. State Street. Phone 598 For a Perfect * Wash Day This New Full Size Porcelain Tub Washer Written Guarantee By America's Pioneer Manufacturers of Washers Small Carrying Charge $5 Down $1.50 a week A washer that has been giving satisfaction for 30 .years to over 2,000,000 users. Full six-sheet capacity Westinghouse motor—Lovell pressure cleanser with balloon rolls—Compact, beautiful appearance, easy to keep clean—washes clothes clean in from 5 to'7 minutes. These and other features make the One Minute the washer for a- perfect wash day. L Foster's Furniture Store ALGONA Elk Cleaners and Tailors Phone W Concert u 4 fairly large erow4 attended a ea} ppacert Friday evening at high 1 school, auditorium. The the pnehestra, and the bpys Newest Ideas In Footwear Ultra Styles and Quality, $6 NEWEST PATTERNS! Step in and see just how lovely and really stylish the new footwear fpr Spring Is! Styles that fit and please. Lowering the Cost of Dressing Well i * • • : This store saves you money on the price without robbing quality to do it. We Have One Single Purpose in Mind To Sell the BEST SUITS in Iowa for $ .50 others $18,50 $25.00 $35.00 ^^^^^^^ ^^f^ '^^BB^^^ ^^^^H^f' ^^^^^^^^H^^ ^M^BBpB^^P^t J^PARP^^HPHR* ! f's ffe

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