The Pittsburgh Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 29, 1854 · Page 3
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The Pittsburgh Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1854
Page 3
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f- - i 1 . HOME 31ATTERS. A Festal. Shrmos was dsliverel on Sunday - afternoon, in the M. E. G'hvTch, on the conn of is CooTTjAii.:Furstant to previous appoiut- ,he late Mr. Bum MKislet. Rev Davidson Sf i"!' y""" Church, met t terse in the New Testament-'-!? ve l rdv. fur in such an hour as ye think not the Son "of j Man eometh." Rev. Charles Cook delivered an : eloquent eulogy. The solemn services were con- . clnded by the choir sinzing the favorite livmn of the deceased, "All is Well." the office of Robb & Kirkrmtrifc the 2th iost. ' J ' Vi. Robert Wray was called to the Chair, and John M. Ku-kpatrick was appointed Secretary. Jifter an interchange of views among the members of the committee, in regard to the adoption of the best measures to further the object contemplated, a committee of three, eonaistinz of Gen. Wm. Larimer. Capt. lawson, aad Dr, Rob- Sunday last, by Justice Shruni, of Greensburch, ert Wray, wag appointed to correspond with the ' on a charge of attempting to throw the locomo- COMMERCIAL. COSUjrTTEK OF ARBITft.VrMX of tie"SrJ .j!'Traie for Attfjtui. Wa. K. Baoy. v. p. :hfii e. Pu.t. Ws, Rfa, W. Krsr.:iAnr, W, 11. C.:.ri;LAst.. PITTSBURGH MARKETS. Diabolical Octeage. A man named Wm. Williams was committed to our countv nrison nn ; . . Omre Iitt 'Bt'TtTi h Gazette 1 ; Tuesday Morning, Aajrust 1$, FLOCfi sales on wbarf and at dpot of la and 20 j bbis. superfine at $i,0 : W, 50 and 3 da. at $3. ; . ; ! extra at S9.U. 30 do. snfierfins and extra at 3y4S!U2; . ' and 25 do. at ?9.0o&$9.18 : from et-. 140 I.Ms, supernue ; ; at and 30 tie. extra at lis tt-udvxtcj ef the markt-t in steadily upward. I WltlMCET-tafa ia lota of JT bWa, recti! at . ! BAOOX sales of 3.700 Ifts. city fmfkta Hams at 10. four! superintendents of the prisons of the various live and care of the Pennsylvania Railroad off i mo'-H- boulders at I, ur mo -. t.uuo . Hair. j cured Hams at 1212. and 6 do. canvassed do. at ll.'i. ; HAY sales ofai Isads at $-!05$24 t ton. ! CIIKESK sales of It) bxs. Western Reserve at 9. rash. V EA NUTS sales of 500 and 330 bos. at $1,50. canh. NAVAL STORES a sale of 100 bbis. liosin at $3, 4 mat ASHES tries of l(t tons Soda Ash at $3.15 100 b. six BIOS. . counties in which the jiew nrison discioLne had the trunk hv nl-u-inir a cross-tie on the r;i been adopted, and solicit reports of the working i The act was committed on the 12th of August, of the system. and strange to say, although the locomotive In conjunction with the balance of the com- struck the tie, carrying it forward some distance, mittee, they were also authorised to draw up a j the train kept the track until stopped by the bill, to be presented to the next legislature, ; engineer, when the obstruction was removed. having for its object the amelioration W the con-: The rascal deserves a severe punishment, if dition of ccunty prisoners. ! guilty, and we hope he may receive it. The following memorial, which was presented by Miss D. L, Dii, the celebrated philanthropist, Dead. Patrick Hasson, the individual who to the Pennsylvania Legislature, a few years ago, ! cut his throat on Friday night, while laboring was read by Dr. Wruy, together with the annexed : under mani-a-potu, died yesterday morning at remarks: ; the Mercy Hospital. Coroner Lowry held an iu- AiLBOHKirr Coisty Paisos. The celebrated quest- i Miss 1). Jj. Dix, some ten years ago, visited al- most all the jails, penitentiaries, hospitals, alms- j houses, '&e., in this Commonwealth, making a : eareful examination into their internal arrange- j BY TELEGRAPH. merits, in order to find out their adaptation fc the purposes tbej were severally designed, carefully noting down their advantages and disadvantages as she passed along. With an eye quick in perception and a mind well qualified for discrimination, she exposed defects in the arrangement of many io&titations which were considered almost perfect in their construction and armnge-ment. The following opinion of the jail in Allegheny county was transcribed from a memorial she pre sented to the Legislature of Pennsylvania, Feb- rending. Soon a large ruary Sd, 1845, which that body ordered to be began their search for Tornado at Louisville- Farther Parilenlar. Ciscinxati, Aug. 28. The Louisville papers of this morning contain full particulars of yesterday's tornado. The Democrat describes it as one of the most violent storms that ever swept over that section. The Third Presbyterian Church corner of Eleventh and Walnut Streets were completely wrecked, and the entire building fell in including the roof, rafters, and brick walls, crushing twenty of the congregation to instant death, and wounding seriously tea or twenty others. The scene was heart- crowd assembled and the victims. A moth- The following printed. The attention of many of our citizens t er and her three children were grouped in death; having been turned to the subject of Moral Re- I another scene presented a father, mother and for in in this community, it might serve a good : babe, the father dead and the mother mortally purpose to make known the views of one so well j wounded while their t:ttle child, placed beneath qualified to form an opinion as Miss Dix as it re- j them escaped unhurt, being protected by the specta the jail in this county : t forms of its parents. In other instances some The jail comprises all the faults and abuses j of the victims were found terribly bruised and of the worst county prisons in this State, or in j maimed. The catastrophe has stricken counter-the United State3. Hoping to find something j nation into the very heart of the city anditspeo- feucraaug m us earner uiacipuue oou government, I deliberately and patiently entered upon the investigation, but the nature of the revelations those inquiries brought to light, obliged me to relinquish the work to those whose immediate dutv it was to bring about a reformation. "I'he prison was built in view of the separate imprisonment, classification, and employment of offenders ; instead of which I found transgressors of all ages, colors, sexes and degrees, promiscuously associated; little boys listening greedily to gray-headed, time and crime-hardened convicts ; the youthful trangressor learning new lessons of iniquity from those whose vices only pie are appalled beyond belief. a list ot the killed: Mm. Wildabee and three children; Mr. Taylor and child; Mr. Godfrey, Mrs Snlesbury, Miss Headly, John McGowan, Mr. Sweeny, Mrs. Martin, wife of John N. Martin, saddler; Mrs. Wicks, niece of Mrs. Martin; Mr. Harbour, Mr. McClelland, Mr. R. Davis, a resident of New Albany; Mr. McBride and child. It was thought that one or two others were killed whose names have not been discovered. Fully oue hundred buildings were unroofed and otherwise injured. The storm oased over that nart of the eitv Iv- kept pace with their crimes. Here the sick were ing between Fifth and Twenty-tirst streets. " unattended, the ignorant untaught, the repent- I A splendid block of four storr houses, recent- nt if any) unencouraged, and the insane for- j ly erected on the north side of Main, between Eighth and Ninth streets, was completely des troyed, nod two or three men it is supposed are buried in the ruins. These cost $18, 000. The upper story of the rope and baggage factory of W. A. Richardson & Co., Magazine St., was blown down and the new city school house, on the corner of Ninth and Magazine streets was unroofed. The total loss is estimated at $100,000. The storm was also very severe in Jefferson-ville where four bouses were blown down. New York, August 27. A fire was raging on the Ca&kiU mountains. Teams were sent to remove the furniture from the MouDtasnouse last night. It is reported that the hoteUt n- tirely destroyed, but the report lacks contir I uiation. gotten. The area, stairs, and passages were unscrub-bed and unswept; the cells and beds yet worse uneleansed; aad some of them perfectly intolerable through foul air and negligence. If it had been the deliberate purpose of the citizens of Allegheny county to establish a school for vice and obliteration of every virtue, I caunot conceive that any means they could have devised would more certainly have secured these results than those I found in full operation in the jail last August. On my second visit, things boie a little better outward aspect, so far ai the use of the broom, some clean blankets, and somewhat more decent apparel were concerned. This, the work of an hour, was to last but a day the visit was prepared for. 'The ample leisure of the prisoners afforded opportunity for various little works of skill and ingenuity for facilitating oral communication, when by night all, or by day a part should be locked in the cells. The pastime particularly referred to, was cutting the doors in pieces, or . niche apertures through them, as in default of clairvoyance assisted vision and promoted a social feeling, by iucrtasing facilities for conversa- , tkm. I was somewhat struck with the remark of one of the prisoners, a forger, and & man of j zens are flying in all directions. , some education, though he had tailed in the ue j of his advantages. A man who comes here, j Philadelphia, August 28. Considerable ra-.n ; will lose all respect for the law, and for those j fell here on Saturday night and faunday. who administer it, and all respect for the oiiicers f ; and those who appoint them; and he will go on j Boston, August 27. Nothing definite has indifferent to every restaint, and it is a chance i been obtained in regard to the amount of prop- lf he dots not baueve himself as good as those erty destroyed by the fire at w&tdboro , Maine; Baltimore, August 27. We had a glo rioue rain this afternoon, which lastedtwo h ourg. It is still cloudy and there is a prospect of more. Colcnbia, S. C, Augut 26 Letters from Savannah state that the yellow fever is exceedingly virulent. It is confined to no section of the city. The weather is very hot and the citt- MONETARY AND COMMERCIAL According to the returns made by the various If.Rilnd Companies of Grwat Britain, it seem that the as-irrwsistp receipts 01 atl the Kailnd Cotupaui-? during the pant year, iu that eountrv. wn; about eiuhteeii million tf?rlit)af, or nearly nstiety miliums of tloiUr. The returca from Lh three aivistc us irf th i'nitfd Kingdom prt-fnt a ftinffular dilUTf-nce as to the revenue from passengers and that frum trai;,fiortiioa of kxh,. viz : -, . from t'&saenrs. Fr-ro Ooods. Tn Eiiir ai: l .47.45 V sut. ." '? cent. In S.a(.i .....3y l cent. WUS tBt. in .nslan.t... -.Vi.i2 $ rent. 3$.:jS fi rent. m-ljio!, if fast bwomhHc a mannfaf-turifig country. Tife food tratic having increased in the past ibur yt-ars about Mi tt cent, Friday, August 25. The unfavorable reaction in the market for speculative .Stocks, whioh began yesterday continues to-day. It is another of the many illustration afforded within two or three months of the dimcuity, if not the imi bility. of infusing anr weli sustained spirit into the Stock Kxchange. The ups are alt spasmodic and tneir duration is measured by two or three days at most. U'hil. Inq. Effects of the Drouth- Advance is Pore. The protracted drouth thrououaht the West, and the eon?e.-iuot faiiurw of. the etirn crop, has materially art'eeted the price of several otaple articles of provision. In itiie city there mmimi- speculative feline tor pork, and brands oi mei.ft thai two ftnmih atro were dull ot sale at JiO f-.und ready purchasers yesterday at $12 50 barrsl. This is quite an advance, iu view ot the largely increased crop of hOK in Keutuesy the present y ear Rome- two or three huudred thousand and as it is eurailv be ieved a still greater increase in Indiana. Louis viiie Cnur. We hear of no new c untry banks thrown out by the brokers to-day, and it is hoped that the chaff has now been winnowed out. and that we shall get on without any further failures. The excitement of the last few dayi has driven in considerable amounts of currency, epee ally that of other States, hut this is now subsiding ; and as far as we can learn, the redemption agent are able to take -"are of everythini; which appears. The discount on Western currency is still heavy to 6 cent.)but will gooa probaniy be ameliorated. In relation tothe Erie aad Kalamazoo Bank, The Buffalo Democracy says : The notes oi th Krie and Kalamazoo Kailroad Bank, at Adrian, Michigan, are rud'-euKsa at the banking offit of Jt hv. tl. Lee & Co., in this city, at 13 cenU the u(uaJ discount Ibr Western money. We have been shown a di-natrh !nm the President of the bank, to Mr. Lee, statins that it was paying coin for its bills, on demand, ami that the tiank would he able to sustain itseif. Mr. Lee inform us that he ha the utmost confidence in the icntleniau manainK the aTTairs of the UiaUtutkm, and in the ability of tha haute to redwem its entjru circulation. The amount of sold entrasred fc-r the L inon to-morrow, at a late hour this af'ternoou. wa aixmt f 2(.(100, The a-mouut haa been restricted by the advance in freights to Cent. In the present excited state of the public mind and the predisposition, so to speafc, to a financial panic, the ctr.m-laikn of rumor of faihiri. either verbally or through the public journals, is worthy of severe cpnsure, as tending to pnidu-.-e that vary state of ihins which we should do our utmost to avert. Many failures havi d-mltless been the resuit in times of embarrassment in the tnauHal world of the rirculati-in t-f uch ruimvrs. in somecajes the invention of mallic, and in others hut idle Kossij. Credit is trulv aseositivf plant, and must be handld tender! v. have matc it a rale never tn alinde to a failure until alter it has taken place, and in future shai report otslew that of some house of marked important, X. V, Trih. The Union steamerfor Havre, to-morrow. take al)fut $:00,0H) in specie. The owners have raised specie freights to oi" 1 t jxmi t. N, Y. Times. Sr. Lons Mabket, Aug. 2(1. To-dsy. for the first time in ten days, we observed the upward tendency in wher.t, and several olher articles enerked. f'ri-- have ivncl,d an unusually hih rane for the aon- au-i de:-T5 hit, tit tcr-.'-ur.iaw u a pause, l-rime red wheat sold at ti 4 and white at $1 &. but at the flow? tle tuar fet -Hvoral ioti( were lett over unwbi. 'trni u re-taiU-d at i: T ;i 7. but there appeared no huvra $r round l'.s at either price, i oru quoted at ai to but th stales br a day or two hnve hc-rne a very muIl pr-v portico t" the reeeipts. and a verv iarae quantity haaijone into sUre tr previous cr better pni-s. tsdu! at 4 '; 4-e. brovisions hnu b'.it : sa!e fa(-4a'' of iW jhli, m.i tMsrs at ,-. No 1 lard Quoted at y--e : dworabl. parcels iu stre held hii;b-r. Bn sh--utden hU at n to ' he : nb:ied mJm at t. tt t,-c : e.rax 7c and n VI hi.. ! kev JtKx-.i7r. Tbe staples, tabaceo, hemp and lead nvt ujaterialiy changed. For the finer Kra.1-x of totc.. there i Bat'tive demand at veyy hUrb pritwi. but f-r erithL ; lk'W raaimfacturioj- aualitiea there is n fcw-mrptiU fhana Wemp and ieaJ remain dull. I ndr-ase.1 hemp ouoa fronj to $130. rhoie $13a(0.lKo. iMd dull at St. 1. tit txftKS tirm, irth uiarly the staple, sugar and r-ffep. Ht. Louis IiiteL STEWART & KILGOEE, COOKING, HEATING, FANCY STOVES, GRATES, FENDERS. Pipes, Boxes, and Foundry Castings o. all kinds. OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE, So. 2C7 Liberty St., corner of Hand, r iTTSIil KGH, P A. Great Semi-AwmalSaie of Carpets. CARPET WAREHOUSE, jyo. 112 MARKET STREET. PITTSBURGH. W. M'CLINTOCK & 33ROS. 1 f L commenced our saleof Carpeting, I y ftil cloth,, kc. hare the pleasure to armouni tc vi irwuun anQ cue pui.ue taat ive are now seihisg oil present stocK at reduwetl pries; tc- maite room ftir th.- i irnp..rtatiuns. e mriie those wishing tofuruisli Hot Houses, or Steamboats, to rail ana examine the ir.r'.-st i test str-'d West of the mountains, as we are determii to sell cheaper thsn can be purchased for rM&h in the ti ,,.r , eonipnses tn prt the ibiiowin, v t emtiaa tari ' NEW YOSK ADYESTISESTESTS. From Wm. a. McDonald's AdtertMnr MuaM. No- 1 Nassau street. .ew twit. fiiiit's & Ssniib, Sa. 419 Pearl Street. SVw Y.:rk, MPORTEF.S OF WINDOW COKNICES. BtNMAN'Dl'INs. 4r-ers from the Trade ia Sew r at a distance will he priLo:itli- a?i.-nded to. AIo, n hand, tt .-r.ted. and Co:t'n V A MASK, FKII.t PTXPH r A A DVEKTISE1! J5'TJ. FBft-W C .-.' ,t Ci.VS ADVERTISING HOrsE, sr x,ivri Timw xt-, riULADEvrnu. BUSINESS DIRECTORY. era citi. ovai ivet Fi c ( 'ArnftK- " Tapestry Brussels do; Brussels do: Aubuss. rSrntswl do; Extra Imperial 6 Ply d Superfine do - , d-i; Fimj do drt; Patent Tapestry Ing'tt do; SuuKrnue do do; Fine do do? joraraon uo do: Twilled do m: Flaju do All WuolScotc'l Ifemu. Lint and Kair vdu: ChfiiileandTufteii Kuirs; Cantou aad tVoi-a JiatjEiug; Matfn Stair Hod; t-'iauo and laDietx-ver: AlBO. Oil 4-1. fil (Ll.n.)v.i D' 24 ft. sheets of awry style aud colors; Gold Bordered Window Shades, Trimmings, sr. Having the IarKst and best etockm the W estem Market, w tVbl wnfidf-nt that, we carj plenw thf iH!.t fantidious. Kemoiiwr tti pllice to get great bargains. 112 Mark t at- ear LUwrty. I ieU JffEW PLOW FACTORY VALLEYFORG K WORKS. HAVIXG commenced opperations iii PLOUGH FACTORY, in Wheter, wo are uiftnvt farturiug PLWtGHS of ererr denrintinn rf t.h rnimt im. proved patUnia. AioonR tbm will be found J. S. Hafl's 'attMlt UOUble or Tlriil flnn.rh. .1 u Tn..K.v,H i ji vr PlouKha. riitht and lert band; alw.. Hill Side and Sub- Sil i'lOUiih. tlfftthfr With .'Inonh Pnlnn bt,,I lluctiriCB of eoory dt-scriotion. Our PJvishs and 'astin? can 1 had at Jaa. Uharlum'n. Watnr nt.. below rrj-; 1'htllp K. kiacaid's, comer Lirerty and Pitt stg.. Pittsbnrirh, -or ft hiji.;salc and Ketaii. at the Factory, iu Manchester. aull-mUiwt who are instromental in bringing him there "i oa may leara her," said another, "everything that people outside call bad; and yon nuty look long enoagh for the good, aad not Had it at last. " At one time there had been religious teaching and preaching on the Sabbath : bat a ery respectable pious clergyman told me he had relinquished the work from the copviction, that where evil conduct, thro' want of a good system of discipline, so prevailed, it was wholly unavailing to offer occasional instruction. Dauphin county jail afford a model upon which the Allegheny county prison can be remodeled. I know some of the mo3t intelligent of the citizens of Pittsburgh are earnest to carry .out a change, which, if it be not fruitful of great good, shall at leaat not permit such an increase of positive evil. Attention once directed to these : monstrous abuses, reformation will be certain to follow in the Allegheny county jail." The Committee, however, while attaching all truth to Miss Dix's statement, believe that since her visit the condition of the county prison has changed for the better, and that it is now in as cleanly and healthy a state compatible with the bad ventilation. but the loss canit exceed $500,000, destrayed forty-soven stores. Tho fire Niw 0RLEAXS, August The steamer Orizab-t arrived here yesterday, with Mexico dates to the 19th. Count Boulbon and other French officers had been sentenced to be shot on the 19th, Another Government victory is report -:d to have taken place on the 7th. There is nothing respecting Cotton unsettled and nominal ; tut ulea of the week were 2250 bales , the stock, e ' isiv ; c-f ehip board, 10,000. a decrease. The reeeiri- it the southern ports are 227,750 bales. Flour 57 725. Mess Pork, $14- IMPORTS BY RAILROAD. Opirt a si Ptwstlt wn RtnBfiiB-se hWn Aahf. I wj-laMs fitx W Hunter; m do, MAn whisker. I W Hwrs-ttt -t' en ham. F'rn th A rx tm d. .-B-il.r vk M k fat r. M i inrka't tt n hi U jwris. tT bx rhv, 5 lbi at!N-. 5 &t pc-txu.te. J M t'aufwid: hti tard i't, lrh--Tiiasr tvi; 1 lnr9 iv-itat tirn-, 12 bhs l&rd mt. J IaitU: di.. Jot A Imdrv: 13 e sid, W fei brtw.m 4HTU. aaat; i'w) hx starch- Ciark Thaw: IT Ml i Hatpo: 2 bbls (is, K IaiH; lMvBkrn. if hhin ea, BH Ugrtt: 1W 1mm fiasm-cd. IVharfn: $t hw pta tf. owmr; 'i ton rri Imo. lit-!irjtt Jtw. I'-" b rh J C Harvey; lii cars bwp, n l.u few.. 37 sk wjyl, t'iniHp leather. '2 rk i: buttr. 2 feM it ck ar. $t: 2i sk -woo!. S fcj(tt oifrtai, Nimi-k k mi VI bbi "iar, J Aifw-w 0 ftd. J W Sinit-: hririll on?r. bus wbat. Wry ft a & co; S-S dev. tt ihuartb i ce. hMti?ga. '2 do wax. Hart-aa?b 4 Bfione.: IS 5xvf!. P telrwr,: 3 unt'-At ti, 4 hvMi -tt?, oora. 4 icsthr. R 4 C Hay; ti Mi 115 t. J L hvz ;i-J lwa.l fcttt. VnhattKUvk & p; d, Nwvin Jtw fi.-e brkX.ityoiaj i eti; at-sJO do. Wenrwrli 1 cv. SEMI-AJTNXTAL SALE. A. A. Mason & ( o . , NO. 25 FIFTH STREET, Will open their next great SEMI-ANNUAL SALE OF DKY GOODS, 0a Tlinrsday, June 15tht 1854 Thi sale will Im found to bathe largest aud inot attractive the have ever heli. jh STRAW 0'XDS5iS54." " rilHOS. WHITE & 0. No. 41 South 2d ft. street. Philadelphia Splendid .aew estabashment .Sew tioudaLarK'i ami auwiuaiiea mwortnuiut, tniiiU;ljr Valuable Property foSale7" riHE HOUSE situated on the North-Eust ft. fienfthe Piatnotid. and known a Lindar's Kv-ehatiifp. Tt.p lit is one hundred aiui twenty fit iu depth by trBtj- wide, and has on the nar a twotrr hrick teu-tyiiewt. for term and rahijr partu-nlam. iilv to Jytf G BO. P. 8)1 IT 11 4 a.,aW4rt. OiWTfN U ATI ON "tF Tl I R GREAT 8KM1 ANN UAL .SALE OF A. A. MA SOX tt- .-O.. And etill further reduction iu inr's. (xmmenfitiK ofl THURSDAY, July ianh, ana routinulaf thryu:h the mouth of July. i19 Notice to Shippers. IJLlE Ohio and Pennsylvania U-iilroad Com- ft Vnr is prpard toearrj-Vritchtwfth pmmptear.fl dispatch. Tbrousrh frplcht i rarrid fmni H,tihun;h to Creftt!iin Btnte hour, and there an- ttr (ir.mpt.K tjmfn-in Crtim to OiHnimti, that Bhipwrs msr rely upcn thc prt'inpt furwardint? of their Ku.i8. kt trtmi Pittl.urah to Cincian!:, u, &0 m Willi pr hX) U ptaaw uT n-eixht. Prisht is ahipprtl tunnijih t luw ratto sariom t.inta in th WwL Au-P'y l' , -J- A. BKAKKS, Freight ABiTt. w. t or D. h C r KTN Y. M aster of Tmuapunatten. ttuburah, Juir 0, laflt-jj-i American House, Boston. lriTH the addition, is the largest uml hft er lvr lenx tn cr.U tt-nti a tt- its maffTii?Wnt arnmte-tnt and superior a.emimidaikti. The furoifTsrt- is n.a.t o utility and m vn ;ncw with hisuri-m eawt andcoPrx, The dnwrn; r-oota are iu.t waiis y afpointi: tlw mute U rr-.m arraucl fi.r faiitiHw and Earic trm-vditte !arii; thp -S-Tiinntf airt,iiu oni-m.wliounan.i vm!tilAt.. auit a larsn tnlirti"r.if th.ra upi-ii-d with ( Brhituattf ter ud rfa. fcerr-fi-.rt wifl i ad bt th f r.tjnt.w ecotrititt U, the et-mr.rt of hi it.iwts wlmf skyuariUHig at inn h.. jyo-..uid i.kvI ii liifR. lVttirtr. Turkish Towels. lfE havejusirp-irml aoottir lut of those 1 ? exeelut Turliwh Bath Towels. hBrww Linen Tows! ba harp s'ltau'iatirts mjrfer. eouif-imns thtmpprti of a fifa Iwiwb, with the d.rf4 flfiilitir of TokhI. The Ooini. T''.( pnw?RB aoft neM sot aftninahie tn LtTtra, and the uUarttjr ?.f a.nrbi aouiure without fnrtfn, Caiiearlf ami P'tiff a Tea, Tea, Tea, VTE are receiving f rom New York and t Philadelphia a H h CHKT TBA, eomprtla tut! Hyftui, u.iMTiai, .inpir?4r. nlx.4. swch'ti and KijjkE.ih hrs&Mt. ail tf whieh hare tfi carvfuJi? er axid wiX's tm noid auirui, either m Ikh!. or rtaii A. J K VKS, jy2.Vtf rkln Teaor,. a Vuih vrut. Ion SALE, Cincinnati, Aug. 28. Flour $8,25. Com 62. TVhiakeT 3 with a dtmaud exeeelirijr th? supply. Provisions, market firm: sales 100,000 l&s bulk sides at 6 ; gales 250 bbis prime Lrd at inhw wat in the ffhauneitaad 10. tbcese yfa lO. The river has risen foar inches. Weather very warm. Kotice to Shippers. ON and affr Angurt 3d na freight will he rewind at tt ?d5a? street r.timt tbii a ltd Hrma, t-aiirrajJfar hiiaii,t. afSr lh hcur of S f eiovM, Y. St . IttSLs ta-iing (uut he teaeded ieto ttw Fr-iisht tf tarn i-f"r oVkwk, Si, J. A. f.ifcAKi.. au tl i" AgMti u in iK it. & superior Saw M.U ou th rit f rwd'Bi. ai,t 2 .-r ef am'tniiii. 4 vivrtni at- m i-tf icitt. Al l-.i acr yf'?x ii,d. TfispTO-4. with j(A I buJi'imx atd m a-r In Aukifa.iurf &r4sr. H u 3 ttutat from fekr a laadm. ar.d hi a S'Md ufifirtositj' t i get a howm. j Alw'i. '."5 a?Tw tf )rlTt Sand in th Kanawa r(r. T . ; li nH (I'-iSt. arvcft!v.ri4!i. 1 raiits frtn lit r.n.i It m a uruoori-T gje tf jmryfed uiud. aud otfrd at a f'rv,u. uuir uf Locust Grove Seminary for Youncr Ladies. lr... I rijir nfxt m ! t.ia i will v N1 IEP ARTCRKSt n-n fc.ifc.?lA, tyt. Hh, and wnnsu I".rt- : . : Putin ff-ffi tV ertr r ntsitTTal tn aud frii. th xehau(i, Clark.. Bro-wQstiii. I Whii"- n-i. Margt :. . a?-1 i Mr M:v t a M W:t,-u,.. v fP!ARTKT 1 o ,--ttthi w id hwrtr, lie. W 54 H I Uh, fc. Laxetur. Anawalt. frcnovtito. j rJ.mrua 4-.t fff ltM,ft. I-a, Exchan, Clark, i,. - Assessment Notice. PittUirc;h Mm- roHlJs'.TASKLS.OiMl'!?, 4e WISD-'W MIAUKS ami 1 iUMMiNGS. ail of which the-offer at gre.itl v rMnmi prices. au2i-Jni3l World's Fair Premiums. T II R E i; F III Z MEDALS Hare laen 5ff,-,rj.i t tho very pleiraut and superior PIANO FOETES TXIIIBITEI) by the subscriber I J at the CEit.iL f'.,ACE. In m ai; i an ; 2lJ tue ab'jrannoa:min.eiit, they would taknT '11 'W" ff this oprf ur.iiv to retu-n thpir thanks tu-i y V li a ttifir nuaitrouafrk'clP. firths ust'nU-a and liberal put- iuuae in-rewj;uiv esimswi ii tueKi- aniiafture tn no paiun Jif4i t aiiarea to sustain the nattcfin; reputs-li'Mi airp&iy attainVd. In onlur to aiet't to sra;lv in-i!rta.-ea dinand hr thir Ivstru inputs, they havt: tMiile.1 lamely to liir ma!iufa--turin; tawlith's. which they trust win aalue theia n future to promptiv muet every demand. .AW,ou hand an assort na-ut of very guvrUr MKLODK-A.b. r.t ttvfjfypt) te. aud at low pricfi. URiJViisfKk.V Till! SG0W, 5M& Bmaaway, S, X , (Adjoin injr it. Aictiolas Hot-l. N. It. Jrmiams were awarded by the Auiericrn tute to their Pianos Qve years in ucciFSskm. au'-fimM Ho. 76 Chambers Street, XEW YORK. PINNEO & CO., r,,, Iiupnrirs and Jyhberflof SlLKRIBB0y, VJCLi-UTS. FEATHERS, FLOWERS LACE& ti, Are now rewivlni? a larji;e atsd omnltft Msortment of KICH MILLLNE&Y GOOuS, Wfait h theyars enablesj to flell at the lowest prices, and on the iiu.sT. favorable tortus. Those who pureh i f u may save ooe profit at least, as verir nearir ad our gnods are receiv?d direct from the manufacturers in France. m , , ' Ti"ftfiMMJlEa THE NrMBiLK, JFj - (0 Ciiambers st., 1st door West of Broadway, OPPOSITE THE IRVING HOUSE, N. T. . O. PINNED. E. C. CHAPIS.....,.....a. H. BANTORfl. auKKiioM WM. 11. fiORSTMAX & $1 XWTFf THIRD STJfKET. PHiLAUELHilA. Manufactory, Fifth and Cherry Streets. npiIK attention of Wholesale dealers is so- JL Hritwi to a larpe storfe of the articls ttTKaWiat-utvn-fei. ail of wbirh are (ifii,Tovit m&rms.ctureisr i-tijvrtr-tk-n. ilaviuctht- Iflfff! ruauuiaetiiriKg estafciifhiunit -i it? clasj id the United t.-vt,. nut fnciliif4 'C tt r tht; extit'ution of auy ort'.er with wLicU we asay be r tjr!. Military Oontis, Ladies' tms 'riiHWt'ns. Curtain Trimirtiii'ji. Venetian jjh'nd Trimmings, Hosier ff, (rfcr-ft, ds. lUrriupe MTv tenuis. Plug and Man-ntrt, Theatrical IMeoratiims. Rejjalia and Fumutnrr of ev-r doOTiitti-m. for Lodarft i that ' uf Wa-wns, O-id Fellows, aud other Fraterciti. nif-um iui bjk s i?iwt oun, air sewiiijf anu lowing Maifaxnps. , aul4-Sroc M. PETTrfTU ft Ca-8 ADVEKTtSTSa AGEKCT NOTICES, &C. I "VOXICEThelnK! firm of W,ck 4 M'Cand-m. ) 1 lew terms lam diwolwd by lb. death of Jobs D. r. ...... ...... .. ., " --v; "rr'.T y??1?1" ia . ui i estroiatto fats,' ,rs 'ss!1 "r."". : ri-vr.?;'0"1"-"" oob4 For Melbourne. Australia, Pioneer Line, Carrying the United States Mai?. THE A. 1, superior Clipper Ship GER- TRUDK will sutced the N ig htiu itala. and sail for the sbovw ports on the firft uf July, n seTcnteeuih irhip of this hi ue. Th t.frtruile has proved herse-if a remarkably tast sailor, and is the only A. i.fcbi p uow loading at this port i..r Australia. Xh Pioneer Line has gained a most enviable reputation. It was tlie first, and is ih-w tht.- ouly rcsular liiie. ivwrjf thing is provided tbr pansenirers ex-ctpt wines and Heut.-r. sou.p and towels. The bmsth oi paasaffe varies from 75 to UKidavs. First Cabin i asfwvra and ii.aeoond CaHn passage $V2it and $1. Yot fttHsthtnt, apply to ft. W. CAM KKtN, my30-tfM 1W Wail street. Gwyiui's Patent Eeactioa Centrifagal Pump and Engine. VDAPTED toany Hitxiatim; unlimited in power, oertain in actio: permanent ia use, and withal, so Uwm cost, that tboy are rapid! v superswiioK all others. It is esitec,aJty wonimnded to th attention or sti interested in Steamr.'s, Mnnufaetories, Taaueries. Krewerws, UistiUeriws, Kilrmd V ater HUtious. tauais. waterworks. I)raioae or Irrigation, for tti following imrpisa: H-imoniy, J'uru'Uify, btmptuniu., FrtMomfrum laMUy toen-vJ " order atet forge. r?su!U from tht ptitwr upfUioL For Mining, yuarryins, (fferda, km Ihcy are oartwuiarty adanbid. sixs are marjutaciured of from 2a to lts'UKKi Kftiliius perisiiuute ea parity. tJail and W sat:s-hM of these fiyts. at the oth(- si:d w"arhouse of Cnion Power Company of U. S.. No. Kr-dway, .VewYnrk. Re-moTpd from 2i. opposite preseut stand. my-SmM Iron Bailing Works. IRON" RAILING, very variety, of Wrought and Cast rou, and th re!Vsted Wire Railing. rtVKRSHAMJS 1'ATESTKD WIRE fENCB, For IVairies, Kaiiroads, Farms. Lawns, Unra-n, &e't at S3 Ir rwi. IKOX JBET$TEADSIRfX FVRXITURE. The 'id (Klition of "Srw Phawof th I mo Man u fart ur,' contamuia deita. cspiaii&tif.Tis stid nrices of the above artiM'S, forwM.inl a-idrfMSna xu snbstrir. JiJfl.N B. WICKKitSliAM, Warerw.s. Xo.S12 Broadwar. w orks, Nos, 53, b$ and Gl i- is street. New ork. nib21-4mM Byie's Spool Silk, FOR SEtViyaA.W TszirLxa MACHINES. r'lIIIS well kuov. n Silk was introduced to the I pullie ,9ix Years oao. r'mm when it has been sold In lartH quantities to all i'ftrt -ol the United States. It is warranted equal to the best Italian; the spools contain as tnuch as the usual ekein. and is eleantiv put up iu brises of 1 dosen spools each. The cases contain 50 dox-ed "pools. The siik made for Sewtnst Machiues is m spooU of one ounce each, and to those who use the machines, it In ouiy BwMwrj wuy him wc&nicie xt Mia pica w purpose in every respect For sale by the Sole Avnts for the t'nitetjStates. WM. II. HORglMANN ft SONS. il North Third St., Philadelphia H0RSTMANN, BROTH hRi A AhLIKN. aul-Suu: 8 Maiden Laue. New Torit. KEV XvllK Ai V E RTISJEM EN TS. RUNG, TVEISSF.XBOUX & CO (latfl C Bruno.) Iinirf.-rs and w h.Vrl li- -hand Italian usiral Tnstrnn uLTGeran tint-n i 4 LFR! 1 Retai Ueviatioa ft i JJ.J-iJrp OLlU'HIKKK. j KtU MvAKUE & 0.. Katen. 1 Cio thine- Kstshhshment. m t!r,.H businew, of id firm will fc OhKS, SurriTitifi Partner. CO PARTNERSHIP The undersigned, ot the late firm of Wfrfc A M'Csndless. has tnig dav u-stieiated with him WILLIAM MKANiand UAHKISoN a Cut KI S .r the purpose tfnUnaiaa the W hoiesaie On eery and Cxcuuiisehn business, at the uld tBd. oomr oi H ood and Water t. Fittshurxb, under the name ud style of H'Am.F.s??.,EANiji0. Tbv iMtpectruitf in-Tite a -ritinuaaco ot the patronag o liberailj exteoAe4 tothe late firm. J). M CAI)Ui&, Slay 24, my27 DR3T Oufi8. O OWEN, Me NAME E & CO Importers of it; r- T a treja PiiKaailancy iiuods,iij. aad 1 COTTEJiET & CO., Importers of French . and other European Goods, N,.. 40 Broa-i street. U PSsTEIN & IJOXIG, 1(10 Liberty St., and M4 Ctar r. Trinity Plaw. Importira of Um FL00S OIL CLOTHS: ALBRO & HOYT, 16 CUUllCU ALLEY. PHILADELPHIA, AKD 76 Johnand 29, 31 and 33 Piatt ti.,X. Y., Otf'tr to tb Trade, on favraU terms, a full rtoclt of FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, 4-4, 6-4, HI4.S4 and IM rldi. Also, TABLE Oil. CLOTHS. Of American aud German manufacture, 4.4. 6-4, 6-4 and 8 4 wide, warranted to endure any climate. Also. STAIR OIL CLOTHS, 13, 15. 18 and 22 ia wide. Also, EN A MEL ED CAN VA S, Of the Tery best manufacture. Ah. SHEET OIL CLOTHS. Of their own manufacture. 4, d and 8 yards wide, of N'ew and Leading Patterns; toother with a stools of lighter Sades, 1;" and 18 feet wide, ail of w hich are offered at e Lowest Market Prices. au7-iuio aiCHAHJ SREIi HEMIY OBJtI8. RICHARD K0RRIS & SON, NORRIsJ LOCOMOTIVE WORKS, Hash HiU, Stvzntitnth gtrttt. abm 0. Maiiroad, PHILADELPHIA. ANUFACTURE LOCOMOTIVES cx- 1 a elusirelr. ou anr plan or of any size desired, in the best manner, flaring extensire workshops filled with the best Tools especially adanted to their business, thev nn xeeute orders Tr-rv prtnuptlr, on reasfrnabl terms and libt-ralrreait. Bawling and Lowmoor Tyn-s furnished at oneaiaj&o. Wrought Iron Wcrkof any description. auii-Ome I AMES OWEN. 15 Broad St., Importer of 7 inTC.W mmps nil "inges. bilk Cmrata, Laos Mitts: anj tjUkUoods generally. l liEiNAEQUIX & CO. Importers of LAIN ha, BARU.KS, cM t0 Broad tnt. iaix UK0BINS0X& CO., No. 187 Broadwa - Importers and Jobbers of Lace floods, Kibbous, , Lm broideries. Hosiery, Uhm. bhawla, Small Wares apiii-jy Ths New York Steam Blank Book Man-ufacturhig: EBt&blisnnent. (1 APS, halt Umuil, oumerou stvloa, 9 ets. J pr miire and upwatvi; Cape, fuil bound, whit, l.'x- A uipward. fine bla. Ie: l with Rds s lnrlft, whit, Etm b.av, jasd lh'tiy'u tiit olue. Kawia earners, i-agicd, 4ic urtarrts; with etiil A hji,3s, pair&d, 45; A up'ds; Hui df do SOW S 5c dti t-sirc, I ir..1;ii?. raited, A'r-A ur-warilSi .M'?diumi l.usp.morntrs, do do; " " eti'Jp A. b. do 7,'kj d'i; ' etira (isdis do 87c d. Amirnriya.s.xtra!4 f do I,2 do; A rat wrwiT f i'as biwiks, t,0 jr itro. A upwards; MeiTsarandum ftivsk. A.k d- dy; Itei-t Boofea, 1-vttv A.wmnts. Mtniattwe Blanks, Let-twr '..!!' iux kf. WrttluK lfcK-ks, C3inHufi Booiia. C'-st i j- ' n hafid, rca!S if maTiUfartured wrk ev-rr lialiiy atd fhcnptUui. aU bound in the mtfSt iilTntlal maunsF, aud iu th r,oat!t atvle; whirh r .;h-rd t . U"--i Wv. Stationer, and 1'Vaier' seuraii)'T for cash wapvruyed J IL uHAHA, Watches, Jewelry, Silver-Ware and Pla- tea uooas. JJE. CAU)WELt& Co., 140 Chestnut et Philadeliihia, Im ortprs and Mannfarturers, offer an exteosjTe stork of srooda iufjOLV and Savas. at raoder-t" prices. Watches made in London, L.Ttrpnoi and Switzerland, lv th must prominent workmen in the world. Fashionable IHatnomi Work and yold JeweJrv. sterling (juaiity Silver Tea Setts. Waiters, Pit'-hera. f-hiets. Forks, SSf-oons. and rery article made in Siirer fur table serrhe Mranirers vmtiiitf the eitr axeintitej to ca!I andexauiine for thtnQseiTes. jyny-'tme To Shoe Dealers. II. BARRETT, Boot & Shoe Manufacturer, 61 JSrrrth FiwrtA FhilwMptsm, IT AS always ou hand and constantly Manual ferturintianPxteusiTe assortment of jnt Buttoned and 0 tigress Jaitrs;. Bojs: do do; (.rents i'atnt Leather and Bm'askin Walking hos, Boys do do; la-iies' Frent-h and KTiiilieh I-astiiigOaiters; Kid and Morocco BOts and and fsbe, and ever' dwriiition of' Misses' and Chiidrens' Shoes. In addition Ut hi shos, he is constantly manufae turin er-rr variety tn'tittuts' and Botb' Oaitr and -hoe Vr-lr. to whicn hoiuvites th special atteuvicj of manu-Swturer. jy4-3nifi Consumption Cured in a few Days. CONSIDERABLE degree of courage is re- a qvsrrn u) ananon. ' w mr ituuuc tuat in? mosx rern-tAta mw on srtU is r-aufied. b v a new mdieal discoTe-ry, to a situpie cmnpUt --it The treatunjut Issafti.aiid the oa.f on wrioc ilJ iatt'.'at; Will te curd ca,u te mixtivm(itb-cauv swrtasiiTl, to eivrht re out of t-n. Consumption iu th : gt'ipe, for example, is iffima-rui .-Mrf:fi( taiA 15 eU't&iitf adiin. Iu the second stape tbw treatment is a Uttif toiijier. and from oO t o patients ver fnt. wili be ir-'A. accrriBs: U their prudenc white undr treatment, lo the . bird stajie' from li lo I& patiei-ts tui- per eut.tan w sav-aa. ieitiip uoi loo ir Kone; wno srr- imiy marK- ed a th futttf tir,'t:n of Cor. um Dtton oause Itelbre ther ! Crjief-t this advertiseiuent. This is to thVui a question of 1 fl&"-:r death, and the? verdict is in hisnwu oiouth. The in-1 crdihh sbrt titue re-i uired to neriiru. the cunts must "The Hazard Powicr Company;" S -t, MANUFACTURERS OF GUN POWDER, "m" traal kair ais atirtr kiira, ! flMIIS new nd popular MtfiMishmenti? "f m 1.!!I r"0 Atae. a Ml artuipnt . j, a am for ill tption -is . . Sii B,n..s ,i toiii WRW.g4, K j Tim PTi,ri.r. tRankfni f. IU. patrotiae h ba. no IMPORTS BY RIVER. BV BROWSHVILtat BOAT?-tn hhlr Sour, Elmr. 3(! fcaa oats, a& pksa prwduc, owors; 1-mjo ft larahr, tua- w UKBLISO, tr keel boat-4 ilu hat. 8rro t t. f?K war, w?.. R 1 V ER 1 INTEL L I fi EIN'CE. STEAMBOAT AKtU V A LS J Tas First Baptist Church Agais. The members of this Church held their monthly meet ing on Saturday mjrht last, Kev. Mr. Williams taking the chair as moderator. The minutes of the last meeting being called for, Mr. Bargesacr, the late clerk, read what the moderator considered as such. They were objected to as incorrect by several members: but a motion being put for their adoption, Air. Williams declared it carried, though a large number of the members contended it was lost A division was ealled for, bat the moderator refused to the expression of the members in the matter, when great confusion ensued. It was then moyed that tbe Key. Mr. Williams be removed from- his position as moderator of the meeting, and that Mr. A. H. M'Clelland be appointed moderator pro tern. Mr. Williams, much excited arose, and dared the meeting to remove him. The motion was pot, and carried, and Mr. M'Clelland took the chair. The min-ntes of the previous meeting were then read, and adopted with but a few dissenting voices. Compensation ron Milttaxt Sehvices. Suits were yepterday instituted against the County of Allegheny by Messrs. John Layton and Thos. little, to recover compensation for military services rendered npon the occasion of the execution of David Jewell. The prosecutors are both members of ob of the military companies which were ordered ont on that day by the Sheriff, to preserve order, and as the County Commissioners hare heretofore refused to remu nerate the men engaged for their services, these suits were brought to enforce payment. The house of a Mrs. Dick, situ ated on Pennsylvania Aventie, was entered by burglars on Friday night, and ten dollars in money, and jewelry to the amount of twenty-five dollars, some elothing, and a daguerreotype of the lady's husband stolen therefrom. Arrests have been maue. Bailed. Hutchinson, the man who commit ted the assault and battery upon Wm. Boyd and John Chess, at the Hand street bridge, was ye8-terdar released from prison, bail having been entered for his appearance at Court to answer the charge. Trsspass Mayor Adams, on Sunday, com mitted two men named Christian Bowman and George Zimmerman on a charge of trespassing on the grounds of Jacob uoenrmg, auu .jn5 his peach trees. Bowman was released jester-day, bail having been entered for his appearance to answer at Court. Labckxt Two youths, named Hugh McEl- wane and John Hatter, were committed to prison on Sunday, by Mayor Adams, of Allegheny, for the alleged larceny of several articles of gold jewelry, the property of Caesar Lay. Tippliko Hoi-sr Cas. Aid. Wiggins yesterday sent to prison, in default of $200 bail, Michael Masman, charged with keeping tippling bouse. Tub Rich Variety of French China, Bohemian Glass, and SilTer-plated ware, at No. 64 Market street, near Fourth, will be sure to please the taste of all wanting to purchase. They are to be sold this morning by our auctioneer-friend " D ivis, commencing at to o cIdck. Baltimore, Aug. 28. The deaths for tho week were 148. Satassah, Aug, 27. The interments cn Friday were 12, all by yellow fever. On Saturday 15, including 8 by yellow fever. Kew York, Aug. 28. The Catskill Mountain House was not burned and has been in no immediate danger. The fire on the mountains was extinguished by rain on Saturday. Eostos, Aug. 28. The cholera has appeared among the Irish at Fall river. From Saturday morning up to this morning 19 had died. The . r. . . i . .) ... nt ram nere on aiuruaj was uiy uivAr.n w much benefit to the crops. Fbiladeiphia, Aug. 28. Postmaster Miller is seriously ill of billious fever and is not expect ed to recover. Hdwird Elias and Peter Crawford had a hear ing before Mayor Conrad on the charge of killing Francis Tulbeson, 17 years ago, in anOyater Sa loon, in Soutn street near Tenth. The parties are both colored men; the accused made a confession and acknowledged to killing Tulbeson, but said deceased attacked him with a billet of wood. New York. Aug. 28. Stocks better. Money unchanged; Sew York Central tt; fine aij, Reading 69; Cleveland and Toledo 68; Illinois Central R. li. bonds 32. Flour unchanged, a limited business at previous rates; sates m- bbis straight state at $9,&3f5;10,20; Southern, ,! bbis at S9.75(3,10.S7; Hope mills. Petersburg, to arrive sold at $10,50. Wheat dull. Corn declined 25" 37; sales 53,000 bush western mixed at 85'ti; others nominal. Coffee firm, transactions limited. Sugars and molasses unchanged, alimited business. Tobacco, Kentucky firm, advanced 12c. Cotton this week dull, declined fii.k to-day, limited sales; (Means middling 9j; Mobile fair 11, middling 95; Upland fair 111, middling &J. Whiskey easier; sales 150 bbis Ohio at 87. Mess pork declined 25e; 14,75 and prime 12. Beef firm, new Chicago for November delivery $1. Cut meats firm. Lard firm, sales 800 bbis at 11 ($ 11 J. Lead Galena quiet. Cattle Markbt. Less offered to-day, prices ityU higher; inferior and fair 7njj; -xtra lOi. Swine, Ohio, 4J4J. IAXCY BIRD CAOES 6ik. large sizes, at 11.2S. Bl.TS and SiOO, jiMt rw'd at tl 3"1 f at aalfi JAilES ARDfai.if, (3 Y I l OrtETTT 'if Ml' it trl i f alJ L. IB! 1. '.van. i-r im trr at 1 . j?as aw sptfji!-1 ti fcl i K. A KM HEESE 300 bis. prime cmtinp W. R. Cbeew mcM by HESKY H, SLMSS. IXEUAR 3 bhlt. "prime f.r Kale by anift HESBTH. COf.LIXS ,MiGS 0 bbis. this day ree d and fir a'e tr uu mtxKjn. wui) EAULS IS casks fur sale by aal HKSRf H. WM-':!-: BE EKE S00 bxs. prime lare' I I .t. VJL 1. l.- HltBV h frn.l.ii " AMPBLACK 30 ass'd common; ! 10 bhla. Ivatn?r: 5 hhin. Hfflnwl; lti Al. iaaIi MUttn'. 6m aa! trr : aut J. SCHOOXMAK ER CO. r H)PAI. YARN ISil -i" l,l.!s. "assorted for i Ill 50, K: 1 .B L !.-t . Tra. 1 A j sTHiM.S-MAKFR HV N KW BOOKS juttt ree'd by iprcv: Oar Hoaeywwtin n4 ntlsur wtniiitie from ! ttneh, with ori1tiJ iP'utrmtiit. bf J. M'-'!an. Bpticiratirtmi, frr.m $'iU0 to f2U,(X r hts? fur the pUf. by John bullork. Aim. iit l-tt (rf iraak henlie't LM&im' Gt-tt ft Aa.. tindcy for August, prim 30 cental; Jflarpr k ck '2t Putnam do 3ft At, tiri do to '20 den Miiftziise of Art, tU t tb Chftv (-re of atiii S B tAUVrEH. H7 Wrwd n. IUl APPLES 50 bus. inntore nnd for cslbr jy 3. B. CAN! IKLD. Eitn Flour In utore fir iaJa fey JOHN W ATT CO. VI L M t UK VI K arftl J Lnd. n th Mi!ssfbJ fe,. ft, of fii fr-.' b4 lia rti'.-- Wttlwi. 7it.4th t. LBiS. OIL OKI.; AMI. M. wurrftnted pur, oa RAfiiJ BTf mi" by tLf.ilt ..?. I S Ii.Olt 1 1 Ni. (H.K1 VI r-l thir .i br Jal'H Kl.Kvtl . M Hi nda and "(! t. ti" M .t calm M Half !(nl t'. 1 T.. ll.:-! ITiiV. No 12. W(kI at. UAt' I'll in. Phil and t in. Nt in 'WW ana !ir 1.T f. H AKBal'tm CO. rtl RAi.s MI K ME M)t aj 9 f 31 m.k Aaif Ma MaHstaiwiws; (OXTIXrE to furnish Cur, Powder of ail jh.-oii:ig "AtsrKma fJtms "ludini Btff. ' "EI. wk, ".'aft. And rSWilt"n( Pitt-rirtfb. nd ttli ofllow f U .mpavii ?s Wall t tfTi lifer. A, U. UAAii, T-f!.ktv A. K. l", wautwr, CHIP AM) STEAMIKl.V? FIXTURES: . ' Aivw' TkrixbMi -riear jij t in, )M hatirtd vrw itrtr U'de, rii'-.irtinj i'U: Ct tfjHi.m ii,.-. r.'nt H't-iiJar JHet, uw art !-! but- fey sultu) 4r4 tsiM rtsf hr T, L KJL'W,fcTT ul-iuiK n'kw y'ohk a T "cTTTf o'iFxa" F" " it rsittsii - vp 4r 'ij s ii.init'iM- Kut (.H i AU N wl- i Iff F MAIL lf Lir id wlttT II Ulr?.i!? TICKETS, indtb it i uf " r - i r i sH'tr nif. ' li t:rt riswi d- u!"t mmn n4aR.yiiif. hm ?n the 5th ajid th w- n '-,(' ihU., v.-s;:,'ii5 ,".Sit vhl f't-fn dll'l fi .ft -un-1. -:H-.tn5 :'?v,tfu w Hi fe ;.iiiuic ft . . snn-n'i (iie M.-a.ra:.UA f rMt- K-uf-. Vt ,JI:! ivt r.f rriaac with Ilif tVimi'mn M-iVAl'A- i IHnJ NUtli1- M iiv.tbf-h wilt y-ti Jutfl ifi fctid. if.f l- as-ift.-tratHJBf Tmoitit anion niJ;j-.itiit't fti-iflj chakl; M'-miAv. akmil fWli-r-en i Bwii-fir. . Y wI 'bai':! to th 4Hi and i' tfe Mt!h mfinth V faea iw ';! ' n Mitiii "9 ue ,i.n m u ih rnH I N Wlml III- il I I YNos. nrR Sea Bathine, 'OLUMBIA II O Lr S E, CA1 1st AND, NEW JERSEY. lrsy reiied, to as&rp bis .fiends sd the put!i& that the Hol'KU in ry ..rtiticut wili be fept in a t-l tiperkr to .oy ptwiu a9m. iias bs bea in-troduo"d iato 2"0 jx-jpx. Hawinr'i celebrated ore befit ra h en Dsciftd xtf!Tisr fur this houe, and many otttw arrajsitunients ia md ttiiiiDig to tfci id- cTfKl tsimiMrt wid enjn aifEtof the sats. Appltfatlti f'r lM-nap mar '- aid hr fi&drvmitiu tiw priprwicr t Cap lUtid, or to tbe ?utwiir6r, L- ilHWiKD, No. 17 avwtfa 3d . i'ivtiadriihta. c. d. In 1 a M Ail EVABii, No, 21 Sbr.h Fonrth Street, r filhAUELl HIA, BOOT, SHOE AND OAITKR CPPER MANUFACTURER. AJ1 dCTipU"iiof rjM-er ready fi'-r the last, con- atanf ly n hn-1 and &r ai at tbekire?t price. French. English aad American KIP, CALF SKIN, PATENT LEATHER, AND BUTTON. jelaKfanc t'., .T,hr at.-! i.f Has rt. (-via dt t r. . fl.M,t.Q wfes l-saiHi ar mwd?d u"rKr ali fithr. tirat twriii 4i) :it l'tam..i t Mrnttd hbttd ,'ian'wad Mci-im. 3S5 ftftMit. !i.ii-i or rtrtait. at th rtm, Hrrr 4ird;U. ineJtt t T- i. licrrj) I' - H l' A t.v .-.;ifi i'iii,. hav the ltt (ia- PJ1YFK S1 ILU AM do. in anil ESSEfT. (Ji.VOK It 00. to- NOBLE. I'pbiilttcrtir. and llAr in I; rh.'lBtry. W!;!rsai ae4 Htalt,Tbtni Of 1 J IO COFFEE 25 bags Lest for sal by ,j15 VON B'VSXUOKOT Ml'Ki'll riMIOMPSOVS EYE WATER 1 cro. J thgMoinartielnw'alir JiW. FI.KVHSU. jvH enr. bla (1 and Market at. J JLOl7"B "surpiFcRMiit) .. fur sale by 1 Byl B. A. FAHSESTfK'K CO. (U1EKHE 200 bis. prime itwt roc'it and J for salt; br )! J- B- CA.NHKU. I j1' I X E E X T R A CT 3 FO R T il E 1 1 D K F I hv this day w'd an .(Pirtraeitt c.f Baztn'i KTtrant., a in on k whk'h are hirf;,trateii (rintt liraim, fM to lm th fiufsst pfiffuiae in th worid; aliio, his tint- Extrart m Upper Tn, Joeky Club. Ac, Tbe in want of 8t Ox' triifiii can atwsya pr(ar tbui at Jt.S. FIKMINi'8, oror ofthe UiataoBfJ and Market si. RY IIILES 23 juBt TTO'd and for Je by apill 8. HAHHAI'dll CO. i 14 atre!t, earlj ufpa.t 1 AWSON, MOHAN A CO., Manufa, !orfrs w first astl Sswuasl ttrwta, ii.taburKh. l a. inoHftattur IffrtB. ftrlioinine Part I.Uwftr. ItIt tm tijr- catraJ; laaiirjaa anu rrau-B nuns Hta. m If K f H K KX It A 1 LK Y. two PtirT Frnmfl ILie fcjw rt- Ti?r will i- (M.yJJ at a n. KnunSr" f wtrtf TilOM ASW(MiI)S, a, h at. 1I1CE FLOCR 3 bw. pure freh frrouud IX)H SALE- 1"' SALK A and a jWTp"ttial i?n Hie far ai W. A. MH Ll'KG. for gale by W. A. M(!Ct.(IRO. Vaiuabie Property for Sale, Liberty street, aciittinin the Metho- W dtt iran"Ya.rtl sear Casi'al ilaxia " Tbs ts iwm til miW !e!raM. pifrwof !pfiH'riy isi this n,lfhirrlitxi not rr4j K uhl op f.r thn IViinitviiiftuia Haitn4 t'tHja- ir.w b till Mtft.tiijt f,ira Yarti feet, to iJtwrtf Iritf Ft.iw (m it, a anl sui'-ptanti) tiirwe atmr brick, with i tt n"nsaBrv wws buti'trnt:'- bas fir a umt t.m Vh-d vunieit llttKtfi Htti. 4i inet a&md ntat. C:a aP-3 KUWAiiU r ABElv. T. C. WARKISGX03T; (DII'LiiMA.) APIES' A CUIEDKKN'S SHOE STORE. OOU j17 -Cawh paid for "Wfx! Iiv OS BilNStlllRST MURPHY. I UTTER 15 kegs fresh firkin lor "ale by iel HENRY II. COLLINS. " ! ACON -10 ksSfdiw;' I 6 canal Uamr. S eak ShonM-ra, tor ml'J p ACON 31X) Bacon Sides for sale by JliTi'i I ."OU SALK. 1 20 aharea Nra li a til HENRY H.COLLINS. 16 saares u. f. rt. K. Stock; irth American d; Pittsb'K. Cin. aud Louisville Tl. do. bf U. O. Kisuuinauiek and Kx. Broltor. Pot Clay MAKER A CO. 110T CLAY 100 bk. Copley's pre'aaad (tor sale by Jz 6CIKK5.MA IS EARIiS 15 casks in store and for sale by .... a liiHDirnci fcni I "OUIS VILLE LIME 100 bbln.Su rc' 1 1 AY RAKES 20 dost. Hay Rakes ju re- M" "CRPiiT BuikOHFIfciu) continue to 11 ?IRE BOARD PRINTS A fnwli assort ment, wbli-b be sold cheap br THOS. ALMER. ACON 3(XXi 11. Shoulders and Umb HELL A LKiUKTT. j JEARL SAfiO, Tupifwn, V , IJliESTON & MERRILL'S EXTRACTS of M. VanillK ltnn; He! Teach; Aimnnd: Strawlterrf, Aff., Aff Sir Savor, las Cream. Blauc Maaije, Fuddtnup, f.r fale br auS . A. Mi-XLti.l. TE have just rpe'd Some of the most de- w r and eia)it atv ica LeLain and Caelunurea. aulo A. A M,AStlS HU.,ja, Sth nt. NEW ARRIVAL AT JIOOD'H Jurtrec'd k netvr fcmt rih iuumrtnnnt of fln (hA& Jtwrrv . Al fcia Hpntma and l-otki, IVart, VeUft anil I-ailier Prt Monia to lariiH Tarwtwit; t rt. TnlmblnB. reiw.m, ,. au th also? (t.I ar rfe'd 'lirt tTm. the maJHtifcrturvTu. whifti ftnal-lt'ei nt ti offer thi at riular ir hfjiaaJo Drrr, itrht artim, an mm lii 6i ft pr nt. twin the vrl. r ypurslva. at 51 Market t. Jill y ree'd and for aalo br jyl5 upualir aaked at 'Hher eetaMiftbmfnts in tnta rity. e If r laull ti t'ail aud BAN'S 50 bU. small white for sale bv J.B.0AKK1KLD. 0NEY i bbis. in store for su's by ISAIAH DICK KY CD. 15 tes. nrime fresh Ricei'it reo'd 1 and for aale br MeOI LLi A HOE. I ICE It U A B BATH SCHOOL U(X)KS A supply 7 of all tbe New Books of tha Man. S. S. t'tr and the Amorimn I'nion. juat ree'd at CAVISOJi'S. B-k Store, & Market at.. Bear 4th. 3?J.. (HEESE 100 bas-'ree'd tier C'. & V. JR. K.and lbraale bf A. MrBANK. 1M. 1 1 ACON Haiiis7 Sliouiders and Sides in .tors and tor al br A. A. MeBANK. URLINGTON HERR1NO An extra ar-) LAVELV AI'AXTO.V Rcjiokkb Cboleka Osaths, We are inform cd that three eases of cholera occurred Tester-day on tho Brownsville turnpike, a short dis taoee above Birmingham. Mr. John Ruch, s carpenter, was the first victim; the next was the child of Mr. Samuel Pomfrey, and the third was an Englishman, who had only been a short time in this country. Two others were attacked, one the brother of the last mentioned, who it is possible may recover; and a voung lady named Jane Eckles, whose ease is doubtful. Ma Killed. A man, named Craig, who was i'K f .fX K. price of , .err an j a great maiir othermiUtrJri!aln - i iTwEGO CORN STARCH 100 lbs. of the A fi BBLS. XUKPEAIIAA on nana uu Hi (or lebr u22 FLtMIa BBOA 1S1SH 100 bbis. and half do White Iwh; 1 100 do do ! Trout, for aalebr a HENRY H. COLLINS, 1IAPER FOR VESTIBULES, of ornamental deaia-n vamlabed and otherwiea, fnr taJft br .416 WALTER MARgHALL. rsnvs Hft front, on WasblPSton at. 13S deep, near Inna. assisiiug a uermon doctor to gel Bis Horse aooara ".t aiao, s. CUTHBBitt aWn .iw. 34 at. oi tae i wry rxjat running across the Aiiegneny river, at Tarentum, was killed by a kick f rom ,tie horse, on Sunday las. Craig was employed aS & (tose-nason in erecting a bridge for the Allegheny V alley Railroad. i 12H half bble. White Fish; S3 H bbl.. White Flan; 10d do PL-kerel, tor aala rHY will ye sweat and fume and pant f V and eselaitn against the afmanae maber. wbeu roll can bur Summer clothing at OlIfcSTKH'S at cost. o rbfirge tor sbowlna gwxlB. 74 Wood at. ID bbis. Whlta iahi II do Trout; lIRST CLASS CLOTHING for men aDd 3 bny adapted to the eeaeon. now rloains out at ETeat- ly reduced nriwtB, at CUKftTKR'li, 74 Wood at. v please. We atudy . DAL7.KLL A Co. 1 EANS KM) bus, in store and for sale by w J one of the beat remedies now ia nae, for the etira of 9 i5T I Ti'HAM'S VEGETABLE ELECTUARY, plie Ud-a. ree'd by JJS. rLKHINO. jCOR SALE OR RENT A Frame House fc and Lot, nttnated oa Mari$aret Alter, Alleghany t'itr: bouito contains ti rounia aud lare linihed jrairt:t. dry eer-lar. Iaite oren and hydrant. Rent fT ir month. Price . M'LAIKARlN. 21,6tht. t tHEESE 200 bxs. good euttme for sale ENAMELED, llenoi. 116 Market St Metal io . DALZKLL CO. India Rubbpr L1SH 25 bbis. White Fish; I 2A half bbla. WhIM I'iab: K8 bbis. Trout: "0 do do Trout: SO do No. 3 large Mackerel; o tiuia. iv. uieuium ata'-xerei; ii5 do do small do; 'Mi do do medinm do, for sale by anil . JBANVIKLD. I 'IIEESK liXI boxes for sale by iaull J. B Ca-SKIKLD. f LINO TRIMMINGS and Fatonin)r at I f an!4 W. MefjLIMTUCK BROS.', IIS Market t. I 1OO0FARM FOR SALE, of 43 acres, with I a uiKxl frame hnnw of 4 rmnns an4 (-ellax. atnl frnnt tv.rrb. aiffiod soriniz boaaw. with double bftra and ataH itit'in BntH. f'lry-Eno, ani igiHwi Karut'H, uu urni n hiimlafnts of at.iiittM- itpara. twHphi'. Ac.: 3.) arres ia cult Tstioii. halanct! tiuiJert a anil ami a tiw farm; aitunte yearn. t u th i.k i rwt ai A.HM.VC, r.w. i-r.., Bl., rre?d and for sale I1KNRY H. COLUNi. SOAr Zo bxs, raim &oap iu. fur ale by mu2 lIKNltY mat reed nn II. ooixtns. 10CAPITAUST8- On hands some first I cli Bond ftod MnrttrsKea; Oity nft C'oootjr 0'nipnn ooda: UuMnewand Awomui"dftt;ou a er, an of twc. nt onermt at reduci-a ratrw. Apply io n, ici,ai. I ft LACKIiKKKY BKAN Dy--3 cakA oi I k this relebratAii Bramlv. foror of Pvwntt'Fv-, iUtr- rTifft, and otljfr prmr-uns of tins ri :. asile hv Din iHitT.f nr iWuifht. ht iy'jTi 1st', li. imrnw W.wrt . H . M. i ro. i atwi HIKTS AND COLLARS of approved make l v to- sals LOW atCHESTEli'S, bt H1 t. ,w e or showing (foods. DICE 10 tea. J j mant fo sale f ItKAhKK iX IVUUY. The English Book Store. IMIE suffer. ..-erg having nor 3mplet(i 1 tthiir arratistinrii I fc-r th iaip',rtiif-tt of Engfosk fr-rts. inrttetb attention of .ilwW, Kixik Buy;ra anti tli Trsrtla u tbeir st'A'k, wliiv'-h bt faad uu usual! j1 rhmf and wU n-t'et?ti. ati4 at ti mcirt nywotiable priwa. Iniunrtiiis diri-y't frnas th Ktiiriiah mifctiahwra. k.rcI liuviuer IVr ft. ttvv ar ctolKi to wii, iu man inslajaca,"aTi Kwrhh elltif.ja at th? ame prit that ar paid far inferior Anwriian oa, anf d-titiji thir attention strict ly t,t rtw.i rVifTkt, par!"bafrui4y dewnd a pod findmgttie irta-mtuMrnt atttwir MtabiitiiBr.t. New poblieations roivd hw vry ;aiaer. Ifajoki .n)rnHl to order rrk-ly, frsisi Etura-tt!. inim tnii iiwuh&j, ia much lwUta ; than tte tliaary time rquir4. Mmhi-l'ai-JUal' d Old freiif and F.gllnb ; Book fiursLbnd ;rati on avpUr-atfciB. or et by mail ut ; tHT fsftrt f tb sitBtry. Auy iafnaatkm in regard to ' prifwi, p,..-f avVtrpigu ftwiks, famiah94i im applimt n, by I mii r itthfrwiw. !vii-.ri-tkii rfftseivnd to all l- ixo J ORX, SCHLIEPER & HAARACSTl A 9 JwrtsrsofOerman and Belgian Broad OJoths. Sliks, Hwtenes: Ac, Xo. 60 Exchange l"Tao. CALOMAS KOHXSTAMM, IrapSrteTU 0TICE All persons are hereby warned 1 not to bur a certain PC B BILL far l,0OO. drawn br Lee A. Beckham Iu lavor of Tbomas Springs, sod da tad at A.lsvhrav City. April lsoi.aa Umsaiim balbaaa lost b said Thomas Sria. Jra-aaiwa THOMAS SPniOQg. J HAVE this day purchased the interest of i V?h Dilw"rth in bllRIVEK. DIL WORTH A OO.- jSwamd at, under th. style of SIIKlVtil A DLL. and WOR Jul lVUrk2 th?2S,n '1 f1" C,rw,t ""1. fool Jatmiv Ia't. , h. i,,',h,p w from thTsrst dar msburith. Mar 1st, 13 U"xutlt- 11 EMOVAL The office of the Northern 1. Protection Insurance Company, in Pittsburgh has n removed to No.90 Mater stseet, between Wood an llarket sts. acl-tf P. DOBBS. Agent. IJ EMOVAL J. & W. Eea have removed I I to Nos. 74 Water and 90 Front sts., Pittsburgh, Pa. Importer of French I1ETER 0. MULLEN Merman , and pwiss Dry 0oo.1i. Satins. Velvets Meri- w.eiu c... ..o. .- nroaa street, sev liorlt. seplu-ly 7 OHLSAAT BROS., John street; Im. J V porter of Ladies DRESS TRIMMINUS, Berlin. Wool Uiajos, faasels. Buttons, Stars, Las, Ac. ial3-a; EEKER & MAUmOFF, M.tnufaclurers Of Fashionable Itb rb.t7.; ni imps, Tassels, Butfems, iOa '"4 Dey street. jalMyt ATCH & YALE, Importers and Jobbers. ftfSILK and l'AC7 uit.imna Sdar stroet. u,..u)-o. ,e da.i f) B. HATCH & CO., 97 WiUfam street, , a Importers of Gentlemens' Furnishing Goods, and Manufacturer. flirts, T0HS M. DA VIEST J 0XES & CO., lm- fw porters of (Jentlemens' Furnishing Gooils, and Manufacturers 01 Stocks, Shirts, Ties, 4c, -a Warren street. STRAHLEIM & CO., Ko. 69 Broadway KJ Importers of Lace and Millinery tiooda, mbr aeries and Trimmings. W UI I U tUAKUT. FKOLICH & HOLT- AUSEN. Pvna. f)2 and- 4. I.ihr-tv fuTn.,nM 'Veu'-h. 8alM. and .ienuan Silk, Kibbtia, Velvets. Vet-.fc?.?!e"-' 'ooJ.ii of every description. ma aiid So A CERTAIN' REMEDY. SE the Mexican Mustang Liniment in liheiimti.,n iJmiu, n,..,.. . ... m. Sores, an eftaotual core for nil vCtt.. man or animal. 8. W. Wostbrook, original orijtinator and propnetor.304 Broadway, N. V. ?&hr DAGUERREOTYPES. T GURXEY. No. 349 Broadway, the oldest Jr a and most .extensive estabUshmentin the United sepl3-ly J ESGBAVEK8. W. ORR, Desis-ner and Enpraver on Wood, 75 and 77 Nassau street. This is the larimst best establishment in the United States. EXPRESSES. " T7DWARDS, SANFORD & CO., Foreisn S A ElWMI. Vo. Itmnvs. AV 1 - warded two and from all parts' of the world. Aaent is ruurgu. Aoams & eo. sel3ly FAXCTGOOD3 AND HOSIEKV. XGELMAXN & CO., 93 William street, JLi Fancy Gods. Buttons, Cotton and Woolen Hosiery, lo oash buyers, only seven per oettt. net nront on the im. porting prices. For your own benefit call and see. au21-p FRENCH AND GKKMAX FANCY BASKETS. " CHARLES ZIXN & C0., 52 Maiden Lane, J Importers of French and German Fancy and Traveling Baskets, and manufacturers of Cane and Colored Wit low Fnrmture and Jenny Lind Workstands, &c. jy29-p HAKDWAHR, Ac. B. & W. W. CORXELL, 135 and 143 tf Centre strwt. Plain and Ornamental Iron Works. HATS. FUE3, Ac IHOMPSON & R0ESLER, No. 14 Maiden Lao. Importers and Manufacturers of Furs and lesale Dealer in Hats, Straw Goods. Ac. apllp HOT AIR -FCKKACJ8, Ac DAVID CULYER.Tnventor and Patentee) f)2 OiitF street. mnniiAictnrer ..H rfe.leP and retail, in Furnaces. Registers. Ventilators. Ac. INDIA ELBBER GOODS. THE NEWARK INDIA RUBBER CO., 59 Miiden Tjt.n. W. Y M-ipitiVrtiirw.. WfinlBi Deters in Good-..r' Patent India Kabber Jkiot, rhoea, Wbtpg, Clr.thmg, Halls. Toya, Ag &; fefMyp nO-PAKTXERSIIIP NOTICE. The un- ) flprfli.Ti.fd hairp this dar fornrvd a evv-nartnwrahlri tVr the trsnactkm of the Wholesale aud Ketaii Dry Qooda Business, under the firm of UAuAJ. it AM, at No. Market and ti Union street. A. J. HAG AX, BJh3tf DAS IK L AiiL, JOTICJfi- ith Jno. jeiullips will eonU&ne at the old stand, so. li9 -I have sold bit interest in tha business of Urn, Miller Co. to S. A. Lout, who, Front t- I QirdiaUr recommend the new firm to the pt Fituburtffa,Jui a9th,1854. 8. A.tXJXO ... nw. rsnxm. C A. LONG &CO.. Bel and Bras Foun- kj ders and Oas Fitters, inrlte ittention to tbelr stock olCuai.deliers, Brackets, Pendat4s and other fixtures. We fit up houstss with steam and gas, make brass cast.nBS of all kinds to ord-T, furnish HaiJroad pumis and tank fittings, and keep anti-attrition metal constantly on tuiad. NEW ESTABLISHMEXtt J0HIT LATOHLIN, MERCHANT TAILOR, HAS commenced business at No. 39 Market strwt, between Second atd Third streets. He has just received from the importers and manufacturers a complete and extensiTe assortment of every description of oods for gentlemen's wear, ioeludinir all th modern styles and qualities, which he is prepared to make up to order, io the most fashionable styles and in the twst man ner. JiiTing nau iaigeexprien tnnu business. n ft is conoaent oi giTiug entire satisiaettoa. tie tuvibta & friend to call and examine his stock. aul7-tf DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP The firm of LAVEVT t PAXTOS is this day suived by mutual consent. We hitvu dIrni(Ml of hut an- tins Grocery X-stablishmeut, No. zod iLiiwrtr St., to Mr. J. W. Mer'AKLA.MJ, who will continue the business, and la hereby authorized to collect all accounts dim to us and to settle an ctauua against us. August 2nd. James W. McFariand, WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALER IS FBUILY BOfiERIES, Teas, Fruits, Pickles, Spices, Preserves, WOOD AND WILDW WARM, I AND Domestic House 'urn, thing Goods, I M Liberty Street, Pittsburgh. JtlHN LAVKI.Y. J. lA-lCTON. Country Seat tor Sale. 4 FARM of 9U acres, ona mile from the a Eaon gtatioa of the Ohio and Penna. Hailroad. ' Im-pr-jTeiuents, a two stoiy ana a half brick house, 4 rooms and a hali below stairs, and 6 above;, cellar under tha whole hf'iise, a never-faiiing well of eoft water at tha kitchen door a porch 10 ft. wide, around the one side and end of the faoura; a rood commodious tenant house, oSlea or study near the main building; smoke house, dry house. &c. A larxe frame barn, 63 by 4u, welt arranged with stalls for cattle aud horses Twenty acres of said land level, ia a hih state of cultivation, and suitable for r-lieiiiGg, all the rest rolling, araDle iand, and in grass. tjaid property has two reins of coal, aud excellent stone-quarry: an orchard of gratted fruit in full bearing is two miles from Darlington, and about the same distance from the ctlibra-ed Darlington Cannel Coal Mines. Enquire of iianiaKe & M'uiston. Merchants, Enon Station, La,wreiie Oouiity, 1'a., or Mr. JoHN KEHR, al8-awdi2m,wS on the premises. T A. BROWIV, would most respectfully in- js form the public that he keeps ou hand, at his stand uu the west aide of the Diamond, AJegheay City, a oom plete assortment of YeniUan Bunds; Ais , Venitian Shutters art) made to order, In the best style, warranted equal to auy in the United states. His Blinds can be removed without the aid of a screw driver. Having purchased tha stock, tools, and wood of the Cabinet etablishnient ot Ramsey it McClelland, I am prepared to furnish their old customers as well as the public at large, with everything in their line. Agency, S o. 6 Wood street, Pittsburgh. mch26 J. A. BKOWN. MENEY DAVENPORT, 86 Juhn street, Mancfwturer and Dealer In erry description of wear's Patent Kabber fabrics. Fancy .Rubber Goods Tovs sepl3-ly FTXIOX INDIA RUBBER CO., 41 John 1. st make all kinds of Rubber Clothing, Cloths, Drug-Klftts1 Articles, ic; Coats from to $0,00 each, fe-Si-lyp LADlfiS" ELASTIC SKIRTS, (HOUGH'S PATENT.) IADIES' ELASTIC SKIRTS, Hough's A Ratent P. BATES, 31 Barclay street, opposite the tor House. N"ew York, maauiacturer of the above splendid and desirable article. mhlt7mp A b; and Si QUIMBY& SON, Dealera in Quim- Lime ao.lia tart zrtli street, MACHINEKT AND MACHISK TOOLS. QCHENCK'S MACHINERY DEPOT, 62 1 Courtland stewet. Machiiwry and Machine Tools. baac joyza jcxW r. aiiioa. JONES & QUIGQ, Manufacturers of Spring and Blister Steel. Ploush Slab Btaet, Steel Plough w Inge. Coach and Kliptic Springs; JBrass ut Tapers. Half Patent ccrew Hail and Hammered Iron Axles. -Corner ot Hose and First streets, Pittsburgh. J0TTE9 4 QrifHJ. L. . a. wwna. DH. KOUEKS & (JU.j ManutacturerB ot a Kofter's Patent Improved iSteel Cultivator. Corner oi Kose aud First strwets. Pittsburgh. feX2 J. T. nOOSR. WM. HARlit.'iH.. ...J. J. BOOK! B00KE, HAEBAUGH & BOONE, p EXERALCOMMISSIOX MERCHANTS, Jf Deaiwrs in WooL Floor. Produce and Provision, No 8J Jiorth H ater street, Philadelphia. HAEJBATTGBT& B00NES, 170 RW A R D i N G COMMISSION MFR Jt, CHANTS. Dealers tn Wool and Produce or all kinds; Office, No. ail Liberty street, Pittsburgh, Pa. mb'T-lyd I SCOTT, lentist. Fourth Btreet, 9J . five doors west of Market. Office hours: All work warranted. jalS JT? TNA INSURANCE COMPANY, Hart- JjLJt ford,Ci)nn. Chartered 1S19. CAPITAL STOCK 300,000. THOS. i. BRACE. President. THUS. A. ALEXANDER, Secretary. MUSICAL INSIRimiSXTiS. (1 AKGILt k CO.,47siaiden Lane, Guitars, Violins. Aceordeons, Brass Instruments, and Strings, at wholesale. ia&-3me Sixth st..aboTeChe$tuut. Philadelphia. uanutaoturer of I r.iry N.sids. as 9 s. 1 1.. Vt.Kk I L?l R L 1VPI IMr.NT-i HA t.F'll A CO.. Pulton slreat. Ne, ' St.. AMI Virk. SAKK ni (ruarsntetMl V mX Important to Mechanics and Business Men irst rremmin rump. monev roakme Dunmrwa is all pffrson purchjudns! State," County P Uisiit. fivrthe um of ths AmTi.'ri IJftitnf Famp. tl'ijiSev's patiit Elastic AdiustahLe Burkts. e- k.m'wledMl by sHentitic nn who ha.t!witnSvd it oprr-atiou. t? be th fcst ad in'st valuable Hump (lor Bwueral EurfKws in tH ?iou. I'ersons parchashia riirhts will at- com petition, and Fan serure handsome isntats. CsiderWe territory is aiiir mUi. and th demand i rp'd!y in7ivfti ag. Rights csa be purchased low nd motiela, r'ii hr aflyinis to H. VIVIAN & CO.. Stsie Manuta.'irrs, North fcrent St.. I'biia. . R. lrf:?tl aad Traveling Agtuta wanted; liberal wa-njissioo siTeu. nu'ii-.1uiC IERDINAXD Z0GBAUM & CO., No. 97 M. Maiden Lane, Importers of Violins, Guitars, Aeeorda-ouv Estriags, Brass Instrument, e., &c. mhl-6mP FJl&NltiUED TIX AND JAPAN ED WARE. flEORGE HOIHtETTS. No. 158 William m st... Sew York, Wholesale MaTiufaoturer and Importer of IVa and Coffee t'rns. Steak Dishes. Water CooWs, Conpr, Ziue and Iron Ooods, Ac. H'es awaxdl the rr i-reniium at tna Aw iora crystal Paiaoe. je7 FAPES WAREIIOCS3S rYRCS W. FIELD & CO., il Cliff street, 0ruau nd Knslwh PAJ'KRS, and every descriptioa oi" 1CX A Willi! sailers. Hta LEANS, XxeSAfKB AXO MAJiUFA VTCHER OP Jewelry, Masonic Pins and Marks, Jewels meaais. ecc. No. 126J Chestnut Street, , ssovv 4a. (che rawjiaj.iA partAiisxraiA.) N B.PaltWllar attention ?lvn to the Kngravrag of TisitiBtiaad Bridal Cards. Seals. Door Plates. Ao. mrJSmc NCAN, LEWIS & BARTOW, No. 161 llllam street A (treat Varietv of PAPP.R f.jr Book- j17 He hut aiT on hand a full uuirtm0it Ma. ,-ui-th sirwt, I'5tT.hurtu i t. g Rr-lrd nRY PEACHES AXI AITLKS lion sks. Brf Annlaa; ii0 sks. ilrr rwiiae uo eo ipIm., peeta. m st. .re fi.r sate or 1SAIAU DICKEY A' CO. fESTKRN HKAFTS eonstantl? for sale at stent or short data, n Cincinnati, lmiaill. iiit UmJs, Hew Orleans, CbiPRHrn, ' rn-trott. aod Clweiand, atNo.Tl ITarth st. JStf AWltKlNStCO. FELIX'S OKNIUNK EXTRACT OF vw Hmvi and 2 Ut:)lruji luai!M't.arv. A- 'enn stEwt, Hitthrrh, Pa. liewar? of numerous rounUrfi'lts. se28;dly via: 2 tU rsnn St res -le lifALTKU P. MARSHALL, Importer add w wswr m nam. ruiim-i and u(mn.t A innr IlaufcinKS No. WotxJ Btreet, Pittsburgh. M.iU Aifnt of th fi.brad inuiuik:turtfrfl. Mnurt. Tti. court & Co., 01 Paris- mh53 A!US FASHIONS, rOK LADIES'DRESS- K3--Th5 Pu-.ll 'lW.h.flTl frt Ji!K i,iravt rv ivm Will im on saJf on the 1st proximo hr r7 No" fthoT l!luld GEEEIffW 00 D INSTITtTTE, KRW BRIGHTON, BKAVER CO- PA.. flHR Summer Swion of this Institution JB win wmwnm uumiay, the Irt of My. Fortfaiusof tuition and rfirpRtNs. ail-irj th. Princtna a MIMA li. IMWSSfcND. Sew BriKhton, April 11. 1S.Vt. r-li-d&wT 1 Flirenological Cabinet. FOWLERS, WELLS & CO., Phraoloffitts and Publishers, 231 Arch trt, ht'low Jvwuth, PhUiMieJphta. furnish all works on Pnwnoioav. PhvRiolor. Watr Cum, lHayruPtism. ami PhonoKravhy, whfile- sal1 andivtaii. at Nw jork prices. Profi--Eonil examinations, with charts, and full written dscrition of character, dav and oTenlUjc- Cabinet itm. ny-yc PAINT COLOR MAMJtAtjTtJKERa. KAIXBOW COLOR WORKS, F. L. NICH-OlS, Ag'U 63 John St., Kew York; Paris and Chroma SAFKB. EFIANCE SALAMANDER SAFES, & Coffin's Ueiianoe Lsocks and Cram Ban. ROBERT M. LiiKjfi., 3Lasulacturer, iLU Pearls JAt fnpsi aud fc'ANC TOYS AJilJ FANCY (KK1S. AHLKORX & CO., 54 Maiden Lane. stairs and 29 UbertT street. Importers of TOYS ENVELOPES, DTE STiXKIXa AND ENGRA YINQ, IE8 ALTERED, Envelope stamped with tmafnfiR cards, llouteenathk Knvalones, sulf-sald prlntwl. Paper Basra for Growr and inittiua up K(r- dti and Bof swedf, with printed dirwtions. at C)L-BKHTS Knvnlopp Mscufftctirv aud Printing 'Kptai-lish-uont, 66 fiOUTil FiVR TU STtiSET. PHILADELPHIA . B, t-rdr will W dllTered by Express, or as p ana p Security asraiust lAierhtninsr. f IHE undersigned is engngd in tue Imsi-1 neni of putting up l.ihtntn Hods on ewrr dcri,T- tiiin oi ouii'iiinr it is uvietrai., tn swore aurniurt ths dt-stninive siTat-ts oriiKhtuiri. il uw lhf tunut aptmeni niii puuijisup noron". ami applies stivsr, .ltt or Elatiua plsttjti ixdnta. lie lias htin exteuMvfl? ewscd i tiibusi!i9!B in this region in city and wmntry, audcan ive urtdouhtd rofererttes. Work and material warraocd as rr ircs?ntd, or uochsrsre mads. Orders inn bw Iptt baton, tfinbft m A lot Wood St., Pitts - irKlu or hitters sent to address. AHpRheny Post tjf-1-8- j!7-dAy3tnT KI.NNKV 44(ff. Mcdowell & day. ' No. Arch Stmt, Philadelphia, Importers of Q. & I. Gee's Unrivalled NEEDLES. Agents for the moat Celebrated WO0LKX TAR.S, HOSlBgr. MJSKIXO SHIMS, DBAK'EJiS.i&!. jel-Soid ALEX, FRASEK, Ornamental Plasterer, Joswf strtrt, (M HW Atkolur.v . tomawt, ss ...tos. sraiHwiAii, FENS GLASS WOKJLS; 0RENZ & W1GUTMAN, Manufacturers of all kinds of VIALS. EOTTLKS, and WINDOW m Water ana o front; siis, nitsouxfm. N. 11 Pftrtirular attention iaid to odd stws of W indow Qlaas aod urivate moulds ftr Btttis and ViiOa. wn 2 I0E T1I.ES, F0 FUJOKS A.ND CHIMNEY TOPS. i ILLER. C0ATES A YOCLE. No. 279 i V 1 Pear! strset, Eoeawstis Tiles, darakirk Chlmaey jtvs,-iumors suacenais, -lieiais. WINDOW OIJISS, PAIXT8, 0. T H. P01LL0N & CO., Importers of m icuvu v,vsv-ja uv n liiouw wuumnv. bwvw; HOPKINS & BR0THEBS, Importers of a Stench Wirdow Glass, So. 61 Barclay atrest, Nw FAIUBAN'K'S PLATFORM SCALES. bong"knowu Srert-ltiy tested Always rigut LueacKntowieagoa gtaudnrd. geuts. riiiisieit.iiia, uuu . cuuly '4U .uarKet st. N'aw Torlt, FAIRBANKS CO. No. tiy Water st. SM ALLEY. Neeotiator of ana otoer soaa- t GEORGE S Business Notes, Bonds, Mortsrattes, riries. No. Wall utreet. New York. Communications mail will reoeive promirt attsntion. Refrkexcks. Moses Taylor, Ksq., William B. Astor, Ei New York: Messrs. Pag A Bcun , Itatuki-rs, St. Louis, I nhl-lyr wr jaci ? T . of . , MTmng on eorisign- ISAIAH IIICRK1I AC0NS1I0UU'ER-15 hhds. m -tore 1 f for sale low to etoss the lot. J. mctiiT w. kRIED PEACUES 50 bus. k i 8 i for.l.lT r iJl i Jb. MOLASSES 2W bbis AT ust ree'd and CANFIKLD. Oak and J 0r' "" " ','riER Jt EILWOSTH. Cloth, for rarrlscs wi-wre, for sale at the India RJb f s 12. rnuswra "t iriXDOV? SHADES A complete aswrt- f T Burnt of TraDspareat Window 8ha.lss, of different styli'S. far sale, wholesale and retail, at the Warerooms, No. lMMarkrttt. J. H. yHILUf. felUtJAR 1TO hhds. crime N. O. Sugar m rv storsaTidfhrsaiabr T. tlTTL OO-i. S:. MACKEREL 50 bb'uT KoS; 50 half a,,, o,""-So- ai No- ""S: If cSBVi'if" rgHERMOMETERS-i!eros just ree'd and A for sale br au rCEMIKO BBOS. I I AIX PAPERExteiision, with beauti- I I fa! tMtok bordsr. aud othr Tai5mi.fc' S UST REC'D, from our taistjry, anotner lot I of ttaoss superior low prlwi Tabte. etanS and Barsau Cover, ol atffiirent sises, at as low priros as any of the lm- f JIXE OLD MAO LORY COGNAC BRAN-I1 rV a small nusi.tilr of this superior brand of Cog-niiOllraililr, vliitaK"..f 132. r'-V hl Slloll or bot-U.., ty W. II. SUTTON, No. lit Wood street. t EC II AN ICS and otlicfs restricted to tli 1 V 1 "hour srstni can have lihfnessss taken at fartto's flalHry, .a Fourth St., before or aitsr the nsual working hours. Cnstumers supplied pro torn, with suitable dark olothin wh.m ssttiug for pictures. Arrangement, tor inoeurtn portraits oan tm made at B. M. CAIUMi'S ' al-Jery Rod residence from 5 A. M. till IS V. irhere speci-roens are tote seen st thedesjr by gas Ushlas wollassun Baht. lrioes to suit ail. irlihi t From a Physician in tllinois. j T is.Krtttifyinjr to the proprietors of B. A. 1 I'thneato'li's VertnifuCT to se tiist regular praetlllon-ers make,,t!on In taror of Ihls Hermifoge. and not orny meitln prefrrenre to their own preparations, hut pve their rohmtary t.istimoriT in its faror. The iollowinB is irtnn a physician cs hih charattor, now in Illinois, for. iC'.rly of Louisiany, and is dated ., . swituw. 111.. Jum 4b. IKkS. Wtm. B. A. Piltimislnvlt dl b.,-iltittmtfi: I have used B. A. rahnestrk's Vermiruaein the praetire of m.iUine. Sn tills and the Sonthern States, for the lsst 10 years, aud t can it as tht medicine for the purpose lor which It WaS intended. . ...1... fW.... - .!! ? f . One ITuxtrrH und Mtemtlr-MM TmtMA. As a Druggist at Klmwnaetowu, I hare sold a BTai noaiuitj. ana tt nasinvftrlahly given satistactlo In faot, it la the only worm medicine now ..slle-.l for. Prepared and sold hv s a va tiv iVc't'CMtr aiVi mne of frst and Wood sts. an3dwT fHE ENTERPIilSEllALLK B HaUT Fourth street, .s now opou lor the re-ention of H-ltors and customera. Tho attention of the public is dl-Tt-d to Hs eentrat hxwt.ou, implo rooms and superior faHUttoft fe-r the itrnduRtinn of ariietic ndUMiJe Iayur-A$ym. Materta.softhe .sMit nuaHtr used, aud priees Tery low tbr first chut pieturt-s. Chliairs taken in f'"w eeeondsitt th bsat styje of the art. Ca! and examine speffigieBSa jyiio-dAwT jflsOWlWTHiWuiRT S-V 5"li" nd nH assortment of Fnrnlshinj; Sidm, rilie Sew Trimming store of 1 h AS K V AS UI3I.DKK A I BBLS. T L' RI'E S TIN E f?r ml'e by LII aui FI.E.MlMi iliOS. ONE THIRD CHEAPER THA.V WHITS LEAD, AND PUKE MOM ALL POIXOXOC8 CVA UTIKS. rpilE KKW JERSEY ZINC COMPANY JL having: rfratly enlarged their works, and improTed thnottality ol" their triufts, are nrearod to execute nr-d"rs fortiwir SUPERIOR AiiATS, lUY,and GKoUNU IN OiL, lu assorted pcKaes of from S3 to 600 pounds; I'RY, iu ham-Is uf 2oo pcuinda each. Their WH'ITB XI SC, which is stld dry or ground In oil, is warranted I'UKK aud uusurjiassed fur body aud uni-for whiteness. A method of preparation has recently been diseovrat, which enables the Company to wart-ant their paints to ktop fresh and soft in the kes rhr any reasonabie time. In this respect their paints wul he superior to any ottoer In the market. Their Brown Zinft Taint, which Is sold at alow price, and can onto he made from the Zinc Ores from New jersey, is now wtiif known fir its protect. v tjuailtiai when ap- n 1riin ar other mtnliii- nurfmces. Thwlr Stone Odor Paint pssiis all the propTtis of th lirowii. sua is o: an nurewn wior ior paiu-iag v-- taifti, Depotsmt-buildliiKS.UridKfS, &e. "kaWr, ,uMUed ou BgrmJ- tjff ; Wholcsaifl Paiat IWalers and Iraporiera, ap2!M4w0mi y.W. &t. im.h ft Market s ,.JPhUa, JACKSON & SOX, of the late firm h N. Jacfesoo ft Sons. Grate and Fender Mkrs. 246 Kro-it St., and SWO Uroadway, New York, hart- constantly on hand erry variety of rates and Fenders Alu, Circular and Square Utrman Stiver Uralw. whole sale Dealers supplioo. jel- ly r Thoinas K. Braes, ' Bamuol Tudor. "Ward Woodbridg-e, Jofcph Church, Robert Bueli, John L. Boswell, MiltiS A. Tartie, Kbenezex Flower, K. A. Bulkeley, Koisrid Mstlinr, Edtfin J. Kipler, Samuel 8. War,!, Henry Z. Pratt, A ut i a Dunham. Junius A. Morgaa, Oustavus F. Davis. Policies on Fire aud Inland Kirkb issued on &Tor e terms, by jE0R3E K. ARNOLD, Aasut, jaH-l.r &'o. 47 Fourth street, Pitisburffb Canal Warehouse to Let. flHE large Warehouse at the corner of Penn JL and Wayne sts. is offeaed for rent on reasonsvhia terms, rossession siTtninuneaiaieiy. adpij w u.iiKAiia niLSina, taySMf No. 167 Fourth street. a. K.ii;B.. 8. r. Mnts. auut. Mitcamu. KEER, JONES & CO., PROPRIETORS KIE1VS PORTABLE BOAT LINE. r o wr a nrnvn k vn m .uu 1 MERCHANTS. Canal Basin, Beventh s treat, Pitt- ursfh. Pa. ttjw-r-m. fj.rd. Tjtrrf Oil. Mm Pork. R.C. Hams. Utteri ex tra and No-1 Sa't, Anthracite and (kotch Fm iron. Bolivar BneK and Clay, Anthracite CoaJ, etc. myr Michigan General Commission and Collec tion At?encv umce. FOR the collection of Home and Foreign Mercantile and aiiother Money claims, in Michigan and adjamut States, Investmeot and Payment of Moneys. Payment of Taxes. Purchase aud Sale of Kal Kstate and Stocks and Insurance Auts. FKLTIKK Jt JJStrO't, IHlcniffan. RpfrrvYtcGx in Piitshuroh Messr. K r.nifr A Kjihm. Bank ers, White & Gov, Uaiette OlSoe; Loqrana, Stewart 4 0On WaxtedTwo Apendes for Michigan from respactabla Insumtn- Companies. myii lyd TOR RENT A comfortable Dwelling r House. eoDtainiuK 8 rooms, in nood order. St- 'll'.m inc Cjirrinir Ilmiu. Pn! MntiMt nut Own.. with 2 acres of rich Land, ail nlantd with Fruit and rthade Treuri, aud nerrly all Bearing apples, peachas, tac an ex- ceiiant Aroor, coverea witn wraie . mes, Atiw, m iiuwm Garden, Ac., situated in Pitt township. IX miles frwmtha Court House. Kent moderate, few those who would taa good care of the property. I nnulr of JOHN WATT. LibartT at. New Goods! New Good! HAGAN & A HL, Ko. 91 Mirkst Srasrr, i RE now receiving their Third supply of V Summer Goods, comprising tha newest and suoat beautiful styiss of . . iterates, Striwsd Silks, T1sues, Black figured 811m, Orenadines, Plato Poult DaSots, French Lawns, Emhrrridenea, Clia lis, Laoe Gods, Parasols and Bonnet Rihhona. Alss, a few chcica Sila and ArpUnu Mantillas. An stock being entireiy new, the ladies can rely upod getting the newest styles as well as the best oi Goods at very low prices. ftiTltetueaiber th Iron Front Bulldinv, No 91 Mark street. ITew Carpets! Hew uarpet!! YrE have just ree'd a lot of Crossly'e Pat-f T ent Aubusson Carpet, consisting of 41 piece which we will dispose of at the extremist v low pnee or tbe per to. Also a full supply of lnarain an I othei l.;arpetinaa, entire ly new desiris, direct from th. nianofacturers, all of w&Ma win oe sola lower loan any ecaer ''"'; V ,-u-v Clinton Hotel. New York. rT'lIE nder?igned, j-roprietor of the alxwe Jl namert. wen Known, ana raw..., takes this method rinrrmiu: the P,P 0"; as wpli as the public Rnarally, that he will on the first of Aofcuat reducetbe .rSce frdjrom Two Dollars per day to ONKOOLLAR ANO FIFTi CKNTri. The atteutioa of strangers, and others isttinj? the city, either ftr business or pleasure, is particularly du-ected to the eligibility of the lovtion. liui situate.1 in me heart of the buMuess part of the city, directly opposite tlw OUy HrU and Public oilicss. and within a short distance of the m'wit prominent places of amusaieut. A. B. MILL EH, jy'2H-lmP 8 A S Keeknian St.. Ngw York. July. mrl6 IOT IX TEMPERANCE VILLE FOR a mtu-front. ag 29 ftt on Walnnt St., on tha south ,oiuiae lot of Mrs. M. Phillips, and runntns back to a 10 foot &Uey. Tbls lot is wU situated, and tha titles In TemperanaeTiUe 0ein newly wsttted, a warrantea ds4 will be iia. Terms easy. Apply to J0aPH KNOX, Attonwr at Uw, m -27 Tl Grant atr t. lots for Sale or Lease. NUMBER OF BUILDING LOTS, on Brad -look. Commerce and Br4y ts.. ad on Psnna. Avnue- These Lot are eliKihly situated (or IHrelHn; pr businss bouses, and will he sold low on easy tanssor wiu oe iwasetl tor ten yart or less as may suit tnose won ' waste then'. For parUculara, enquire of B- D. AZZAM, yli-tf Market St., ft tweea aa o MRS. S.E. CARGOf Fahionable Press Maker and Milliner, W 7fi Fourth t.. second stary. samentranoe as to the Crystal Palaoe Jauerrian QallM-y. HresscB. Ohafe.. Mantillas, Talmas, tc, ms4 in the laWst styles, and on the shortest notice. Childrea's Ihresa-es, atcnisxleup with neatness and dispatch, and at Tery i,.U.sis ni-i,-i lioantti atttsi-t-d anil dvsui k.-viriiina- trt direeaons, and neatly and tastefully trimmed.. tWe us a eau. jyaJ-awa Carnages for Sale. ffHE underaignedlias Tout received effil B frtimtheKast, at his CARJUAGS WAWtVSsZ, H ti;iE. ntu&ted. near the Tb Mlla K :m ht BrUT.Tl 'U t burph & Lawrenpeville, a splendid assortment of Vehiclea of every acscription, ana wm conttnue to receive TnKUiar iv. new and eetnd-hand CAKRIAGK KITI.KTKfa GIES, wbkb be will sell cm the very lowont terms tor and with his well Known taciHtle in the Baai. b flatters BKDiseu in putting oown au omipt'ux.on. , Those wishing to unmhasa ara respectfuilF Utvlsad smcial and irtaipt atteintloa paid to repatrlnc of Oul lea, tn imy1tMJrwi9i JOSKPH WklTB. To Coal Miners. , SLLIXQiS CEXTRAL RAILROAD. M fTiniS ROAp is now constructed and ready 1, to comment th transportation of frelaht betwesn iU southern terns in us, at Cairo, and the extsensire 0fi fieids in the vicinity of Bin Muddy Hirer, about 60 miWs ivoriu oi tatt'), inesuppiy or a supwrtor juin.j " Hue of the road ia inewhanstable. and is depsitd in posi- tfeoe favorable to mining at a small costtmd amarket rr ply of Su-ambrvata uaTigating th Miiipl d rivers, and for troeportation upon .those r "' " Tv tl The attemifm of parties desircms f Sf ? the businesa of miring ao.t selUng 1. i fjJ5S! Central opportunity a.aalD t it. 1?teralWS Jtaiiroad CO. win oe reaaj w c' ff, the mines to v..v,t tv. th- trnnortatkm of the coal irom iae mmos w Oairo, crothr points on itajUon. mAtfrtgm at U office of tne ijompaw, - - jgjj Prtwldent l. uaw. K. K. Vo. aolT-Swdr tlti?se of other materials, and a nueoea umes more ourv try". Made only by the New Vorlt Kubber Cow, 43 Maiden Lane. J. .P sxairs. au28-3mi 2 UEEoE 100 boxes prime for sale hr - AMPHENE 10 bbLtJ. tor salebv nf tha Gazette. 1 PERSON'S wishing to purchase Real Ea. tat. will tnd it to theS- advatttajs o oaU on th su scrRwrs, whose tacilitwsfor rapplyto " nS""?? 2 tiSSii f&&"d h4 on Kaon aoa -oru -'"g-crrrjtBERT 80S Beal iEstata Ats. ?.o. ljo. ad s r ACRKS OF LAXD, near the reideno tat. Walter Forward, Kao. It is a Vantlrnf aituffcn. wnico is a im larg. uTOirai, a tin, vou&g arrea of ir.iod txml. wKtnk dua and sold on the ground will brinn all that ia aaked to IHOS. WfitlDS. 75. 4th at. Perm Cotton Mills. Pittsbunrh. KENNEDY, CIIILDS & CO.. Xlanufw turers of renn a 30. 1 oeavy puwimi, Carnet Chain of all color and shades; Cotton Twine; , , " Bed Cord . M Plough Line and Sasb Cord: Rope of all sixes and deaciipttottJt - c Battingr. tfW Orders left at the Hardware Store of Logan, Wilson A- Co., 131 Wood street, will have attention. je&:ly ArAN TED Three ciever men to complete f I a col on of purchasers on the handsomest location on t!w 4th ft. Roftd. this side of Ket Liberty. THUS. W are seldom made. jwafl-iin n,uir of OODi. h Fourth street. The History of Pittsburgh, ? 17 ROM THE EARLIEST PERIOD when it j: wae Tisitcd by whit men, down to the eloaw nf th last ertury- by NRTILLK a CRAI,E. About one hundred cop lea of tha aVrre nlghry rntarawlr liiK vfork remain on hand. Prtea miuced to 76 cts. Puh-Utut'd and km sala by JOHN H MKLLOR, H Wood fitraat. I

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