Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 30, 1931 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, April 30, 1931
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ALGONA, IOWA, APRIL 30, 1931 ROBBERS IE CAPTURED IEA|WESLEY Youths Who le Mail Sack* I Bttiiianan, 23, and Donald ''-It, were .arrested Saturday i : gravel pit four miles east iwhere they "had stopped a mail «ack they ' 'had r]y that morning at the Bl atlon at Belmond. t Sheriff B. I* Harris, Floyd and John Wheelock, Al- jtofflce clerk, ! ; made the " after having lalp 'in wait 1 pit for some hours. 'tis a. son of Mr. aid Mrs. unces, Bancroft, and' Bu- whose home is/at Belmond, ji-ln-law of the; same couple. fcchanans have a young child; ian and Frances were taken Monday by two U.'S. inspectors, and werfc- to ned,before-a U.'S. Commis"In case they" were ir, which was certain, since they will later, ap- i Federal court. , mlets to Taking Sacks. |two youths, according to made to the inspectors, morning, were driving to-. lancroft out of Belmond late night. They had tried to jsollne but were -delayed till ,'clock train came in. On their of town they passed the J and saw the mall sacks, (they took with them. Driv- Itt, they reached the grav- ere they had a flat tire, took the mail sacks out' I them In the gravel pit, in- f to come back for them. fie meantime Buchanan had i packages of letters out of ik, and these the pair opened, [iml no money. Two checks I amounts were found. The fcid the letters and ' checks in a stove' at the home, while the old folks i night the pair returned to • for the other mailr-but in the [ne -Mrs. John Hutchison, of | had accompanied a brother nd pit to get a load of sand, e the truck was being loatl- a\v a pheasant fly up and the spot, thinking there s a nest of eggs to look at. I she reached the place she i split-open mail sack, ' rtet Waits for Culprits. Sheriff Harris and the. i here were notified, and I Harris, Newville, and Whee- fove to Wesley, got the mail, prnea the empty sack to the •»t. Then that night the i Sheriff E. p. Hansen, of ; county, went into hiding 'it soon after darkness fell. pe n stayed with the cars i side of No. us. and the free were In the pit, latter 9 o'clock, Buchanan Pnces drove into the pit with •r lights out. The car stop- i Buchanan went east, while (started west. . Frances pro- l«rectly towards the point pimty Harris was hidden |» stump, but when -he got fsfeet he stopped, and drops knees, looking towards lo kept rigidly quiet but «• Frances was reaching thereupon commanded L, p , ut his ha nds up and I 1 i.n, the me£ inttme New "lock, W ho had been in another part of to _ car with the ,,. "•-* ordered him t »w hands, but he /and dodged b^lna iwter that he dodged Decaus* "* he °" lcer8 would shoot, rcen wpt*R taken hand- difficulty, and W6r<J a, where Monday. — ..™,v,u,j., W nen tne wok them away by car. '« on Another Bohhery, *L B " chanan '"" "'" '" in „"» "" i 6Xac t ' Lrir-^n. .the from and they spot inside ana that the. the two e. wo Olt ; nhlinto the Cation penalties by break)' ' WVe t0 ^" |^32^S£SS who and Frances BAPTISTS WILL OBSERVE 70TH ANNIVERSARY Two-Day Program is Announced for •' the Event. The Baptist church of Algona will celebrate the 70th anniversary of ts foundation next Sunday and Monday. •• . . An elaborate program of obser. vance beginning Sunday morning, continuing l n the afternoon and evening, and concluding Monday night has been prapared. The program follows: • SUNDAY MORNING. 10:00—Sunday school, Mrs. Howard Witham, Supt. 11:00 — Morning worship, Mabel Bowman, pianist. Voluntary. Joxology., ,'.;,.. invocatiori^The Rev. John Firth. Hymn—Come Thou Almighty King, .nin«^i«i. WESLEY TO VOTE ON BONDING FOR SCHOOL BUILDING Wesley, April 28 — It has been noted that practically every weekly j newspaper in Kossuth anil .adjoin-, ng counties within a radius of 23 miles 'has carried a story that the school board here was recently notified that It must either build a new assembly room and gymnasium or be dropped from the list, of accredited schools. This is a false report. The pros- dent of the board says emphatical- y that no such Information has been riven out and no such notification received. Wesley has always been und still is in the front rank of :he best schools in Kossuth. The difficulty is that a temporar- ly increased number of pupils in the high School has crowded the room to such an extent that when a school Inspector was here this spring he recommended that addi- lonal room be provided to remedy :he over-crowded condition and in 'utheriince of that idea suggested that a gymnasium and assembly •oom be added. Later there was another conference with the inspector, and. he held that if the proposed addition could not be. built it would be neccessary :o eliminate some high school pupils 'rom outside the district or to provide needed room either by rent- ng, or by building an extra room ;emporarily, or by combining grades to give additional room for high school pupils. The school board has called a special election to decide on a {20,000 bond issue for building a ymnasium and assembly room. Even should the bonds fail, the directors will be able to ,work out some solution, so there is no danger that, the Wesley high school will be discredited. Some years- ago a bond issue was voted down, when a movement-was started to have the school accredited; nevertheless, the board, by efficient management and additions'to the sehoolhouse, met requirements, and had the school accredited. The school has since been regarded as one of the best in the county. AIRPLANE BUSINESS TRIP (S MADEJJERE BY WOMAN Mrs, Frank Sessions, Davenport, and her son, Glen Phelps, flew to Algona in the latter's plane last Thursday. Mrs.' Sessions owns the house across the street north from the Congregational church, the old Doctor Bourne home, and is having it repah-e,d. Glen is in the insurance business at Davenport. The pair ^eft home after breakfast and got Jigine in time for supper the same" events- It took only 2% hours for the trip each way. AiiQther Hoof Fire. Fire starting from burning soot Jn a chjmney at the Druggist A. H. Bpjehardt home Jn the south part pf town burned a small hole in the roof Monday morning. The blaze was quickly extinguished by fire- Baptist Pastor T HE REV. F. H. WEBSTER, who will preach a 70th anniversary sermon at the Algona Baptist church next Sunday. Some Frost Damage Farmers are divided in opinion concerning the extent of the damage IP 9a1# from recent frosts. Is generally" agreed, however, that ' was suffered. An oc- may plant, Godfrey to Speak. 0-ap. w. <*^ *•*»«*«&£* 944ms 9* MRS. NICOLENA MADSON PASSES; ILL FOR A YEAR Mrs. Nlcolena Madson, wife of O. Madson, of Madson & Hanson, tailors, died Friday following a lost illness of a year or more. Funeral services were conducted at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the Laird & Reimer chapel by the Rev. F. J Clark, Congregational pastor, and the body was taken to Des Moines Monday for cremation. Mrs. H. Mieland, sister-in-law ( from Withee, Wis., and two daughters, came for the funeral. Mrs. Madson came to Algona in \18S6. For some .years prior to her death she was county Republican woman's chairman. For many years before her health failed she was active in woman's club affairs. DESPONDENT BORT YOUTH GRABS GUN AND SHOOTS SELF Discouragement over financial troubles is believed to have caused Merrill,Toothman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Toothman, Burt," to shoot himself Monday night in a filling station at Forest City. The youth was with Mr. and Mrs. Buss Robinson, Forest City, when they drove into the Triangle station to get gas for their car. Tooth man got out of the car, and went into the station. He opened a draw- in the desk, pulled out a .32 cali- bre revolver, and before 'anyone could stop him shot himself in the abdomen. Bystanders said that when Tooth man saw the gun 'h<^ made a remark, "this is just what I wanted." The bystanders do not agree on the exact words, but only on the substance of the'remark. 'Before anyone had time to move the act was committed. Toothman regained consciousness on the way to the Forest City hospital, and said that he had changed his mind and wanted to live. His condition, however, is regarded as extremely .serious by doctors, who believe that today will determine whether or not the youth has a fig-hting chance for life. The bullet perforated several sections of the intestines, and an operation Mon day night was performed to close the wounds. Toothman was 25 year old, and no good reason is known either at Burt or Forest City for his attempt to kill himself. He is • not married Toothman had been a regular via itor at the oil station, and knew of the' location of the revolver in the drawer, it is. believed that the thought of shooting himself occurred when the car drove into the station. TRACK TEAM WINS THREE OUT OF FPR CUPS IN MEET The local track team won three out of four cups offered at a track meet at the Athletic park Saturday afternoon between" Emmetsburg, Buffalo Center, Clear Lake, and Al gona. .Two Of the cups won by the locals were for relays, and the other was for high total s^ore in .the meet. Algona won the SSO and quarter mile relay events. Williams for Algona won the 100-yd. dash, and Ostrum took second In the high jump and tied the school record. The Algona relay team was bested in the final lap of the mile relay by Buffalo Center. Ejrimetsburg freshmen won from Algona freshmen in a ojuarter-mite relay event. Algona took nine firsts. Son for Fergusons. Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Ferguson, Keokuk, are parents of a boy, born Sunday, named John Norton. There are two other boys, Frederick and Robert. Mrs. Ferguson, who was Edna Norton, is a daughter of Mrs. F. S, Norton. Mr. Ferguson is in the employ pf an Insurance- firm at Keokuk. . . Visitor's Appendix Out. Helen Oliver, 11, Waseea, Minn., underwent an operation for appen^ dlciUs at the Kossuth Hospital Friday afternoon. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Oliver. v Wa,- seca, who had been. vWflg relative^ here 6 id ty th * " EX-WHITTEMOBE RESIDENTS ARE JAILED AT EMMETSBURG >* ' Leon and Harvey Thomas,, for' merly of Whittemore but recent residents of Emmetsburg, were caught with several gallons of alcohol in their car, and placed in the Emmetsburg jail lost week -Monday on charges of illegal transportation oi liquor. This is Leon's'third and Harvey's second offense. Both were in trouble with the law in Kossuth county while residents of Whitte 'more. Their father, George Thorn as, was sentenced to three years in Fort Madison in the Kossuth court but lias since been released. If Leon •is convicted he faces a penitentiary sentence as a habitual offender while his brother faces a heavy flm and jail sentence. Reports indicat that both are wanted in Sllnnesota and extradition may be sought bj Minnesota authorities on charges o; breaking and entering. •» —• Girl Sent to Home. L'lla Hamjn, who has made he: home with Mr, and Mrs. Augus Sprank, of Bancroft, was committee to the state industrial school f o girls at Mitchellville Monday bj Judge • James DeLand In distric court, and she was taken to' the school Tuesday by Deputy Sherif Claude Samson. She is 16 years old and is incorrigible. S«?»t to (Mrs Marie Baumgartner, who has been ft patient at the university has •pj^al at Iowa City, was committed to the state hospital at Cherokee las$ week/end^ by^ Qa$ boarft of jn V» Scripture-reading and prayer — Dr. Frank Anderson. . " Response—Thou Shalt Find Him, Ramler. Hymn—All Hall the Power, Holden. Announcements and offertory. ! Anthem—The Earth is the Lord's, Wilson.. Anniversary sermon—Achievements and Ideals, Frank H. Webster, pastor. Hymn—Break' Thou the Bread of Life, Sherwin. ! ommunlon service. Benediction. SUNDAY AFTERNOON, 2:45. Opening hymn—He Leadeth Me, Tlradbury. Scripture, lesson and prayer. Music—Isenberg Quartet. . * Missionary address — Rev. John Firth, of Assam. Music—Isenberg Quartet. Address—-.Rev. W. J. Robinson, -lymn—Blest Be the Tie That Binds. Benediction. SUNDAY EVENING, 7:30. Voluntary. ' •' Hymn—When- Love -Shines In. Kirkpatrick. Scripture reading—Rev. W. J. Robinson. Prayer—Rev. John Firth. Hymn—I Have Never Found a Friend Like Jesus, Gabriel. Announcements and offertory. Anthem—Lead On, O King Eternal, Nolte. History—These Seventy Years, Mrs. Geo. M. Hofius. Hymn—How Firm a Foundation, Portogallo. Sermon—Dr. Frank Anderson. Benediction Hymn—Choir. Benediction by the pastor. MONDAY EVENING 6:30 — Fellowship supper for all members and visitors. 7:30—Annual meeting with reports from all departments of the church, adoption of budgets, and election of officers. . Caught; Takes Suit and Ring . A ygung.. German • immigrant : named Joseph Ruf, who came to America two years ago, has worked^ for . different • farmers* hereabout 'arid a month or so ago A.<E. Clayton, of Cresco 1 township, hired him to help with the spring work. Mr. Clayton was done with him Friday, and paid him off, and Ruf eald he was leaving for Chicago that night. While-the Claytons were away, Ruf packed his grip and came to Algona, and when they returned, Mrs. Clayton noticed that a summer suit belonging to Harold Clayton, of Mason City, was not hanging in a closet where it had been left. Suspicion of having taken It immediately fell on Ruf, but before coming to town to find him the Claytons looked about to see whether anything else had been taken, and Mr. Clayton discovered that an $18 ring was missing. On driving to town Mr. Clayton caught up with Ruf at the Milwaukee station and compelled him to return the suit and the ring, whereupon he was permitted to go his way. Young Ruf's father was killed in the World war, and the son received a small pension from the'German government. COUNTY BANKERS BANQUET AND PROGRAM AT BANCROFT There was a county bankers meeting at Bancroft last Thursday night, and dinner was followed by a program. A Mr. Watts, of Pocahontas, was speaker. Mr. Watts is cashier of a bank,- L. J. 'Kennedy is president of the county organization; William Boyken, Tltonka, secretary; and W., Scott Hanna, Lii Verne, treasurer. The organization has been in existance 25 years. Algo- nians who attended were: J.- Auner, H. E. Rist, E. A. Schemel, F, D. Williams, John Frankl, and H. L. Gllmore, Eight Chevrolets Sold. The Kohlhaas garage reports the sale of cam as follows: K§te Skinner, Lu V^rne schools superintendent, Edw. D,ehnert, .also Lu Verne, and Bert Deal, Chevrolet sedans; Louise Magnusson, De Luxe coupe; Grace Turner, coach; Algona Creamery, coupe; State Highway Commission, two trucks. 1931 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATING GLASS HAS 65 MEMBERS Commencement exercises for the class of 1D.3U< of the* Algona high school will be held at the Call theater Thursday evening, May 28, with Bruce Gates, president of a Waterloo business colege delivering the address. There are 65 in this year's senior class. The annual junior-senior banquet will be held May 15 at the Methodist" church, anil the senior class play, "The Busybody," will be presented tonight and tomorrow night at the Call. The list of seniors follows: Everyl W. Adams, Eleanor Eaton Backus, Ruth G. B^amvart, Otis A. Barr, Helen F. Batt, Wilma E. Beh- rende, Alva H. Benson, Lucile' Beatrice Black, Harold F. Blinkman, Burnetta M. Bonnstetter, Hazel L. Cosier, Peter'R. Chubb, Vivian N. Dale, Irene B. Dalziel, Esther L. Dearchs,' Irene A. Devine, Sara E. Doran, M. Helen Daughan. Mike T. Elbert, Wilma I. Etherington, William R. Ferguson, Edgar C.. Finnell, Anna M. Emma Lena Gillingham, Edna Elizabeth . Gilmore, Norma Greiner, Bernlce M. Harrington, Genevieve A. Hartshorn, Lula A. Huenhold, Dorothy Mae Johnson, Velva I. Johnson, Edna M. Jordan, Joseph P. Jordan, Luella A. Kapp, Eugene H, Kelley, Margaret N. Knudsen. Margaret K. Laabs, Amelda M. Lavrenz, Josephine Lee, Charles Lund, Gladys Matern, Mary C. McNeill, Faris Miner, Helen E. Morrow, Hazel A. Neelings, Eugene Nelson, Eugene C. Pearson, Irene Vivian Pentecost, Juanlta F. Potter, Max Richardson, Gladys I. Rising, Irrria Dee Roupe, Lyle W. Runchey, Mildred M. Ryther. , Nina Shackelford, Karl L. Shumway, John Simpson, Roberta Skilling, Kathryn A. Smith, Eldon Joseph Stoffel, Arlene M. Sunding; Dorothy F. Taylor, Marjorie Grace Turner, James R. Vipond, Pearl R. Walker, Clara M. Wlese, House Brings $2300. J. P. Nickerson was high bidder Monday at an auction sale of the house a block north of the Advance office, The house sold at J2300., L. E. Linnan was in charge of the sale, representing Mrs. M. P. Christiansen, daughter of the late L. E. Strom who owned the property. For the present Mr. Nickerson intends to rent the property. r . and Alice Payne. Close of 'Business April 28. LIVESTOCK liogs— ..Best.sorted Lights,'Tgfl'to 230 ""' '' , l bs - ., : . ; .,, V .Vi.16.70 .-. B€ist medium weight butchers, 230 to 260 Ibs..-. »6.'50 Best heavy weight butchers, 2-60 to 300 lbs $6.20 Best prime heavy butchers, 300 to 350 lbs. . $5.90 Best packing sows, 300 to 350 lbs ...$5.40 Best heavy sows, 350 to 400 'bs- - $5.20 Best heavy aows, 450 to 600 lb s •' $5.00 Cattle— Can'ners and cutters .... $2.00-3.00 Yearling $5.00-6.00 Fat cows ............. .$3.00-4.50 Bulls ...' $2J50-3.'S5 Veal Calves'i .-.'..'.$5.00-6.60 Fat steers $6.00-7..50 GRAINS Corn, No. 3 40c Oats, No. 3 19c Barley, No. 2 ....;.. 36c POULTRY All weights, hens .* I6c Leghorn hens 13c Heavy roosters 9o Leghorn roosters 7c PRODUCE Eggs, straight run ...... -.--.. ;flSc Graded, No. 1 ,.14 C Graded, No. 2 9c Cash cream I9c HIDES Calf and cow, Ib 3 C Large horse _ $1.75-$ili.25 Small horse ?tti.OO Colt hides, each ' 50c CHARGES FLY AS BROTHERS OPEN WARFARE Criminal Charge* ate Used as Weapons in Battles. SeethJngs of war between rival* business at Bancroft poppeA •» he surface at. a hearing- before ice Winkel Saturday when Cecil Robinson waa place* ler $200 bond to keep the peace. Hints of an interrupted Un* ustomers, price-cutting, and nto territory, indicated m. •tory.- might make a first-rate movie FORMER IRVINGTON MAN SHOOTS SELF Funeral services, for Simon Felix Gaffney, 40, former Irvington resident, were held Monday at the Laird & Reimer chapel, and burial was made in the Irvington cemetery. According to the death certificate from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, Mr. Gaffney shot himself on Sunday, ApHMfl, .and It was several hours later that the body was discovered. Few details are known here. Mr. Gaffney, who was not married, had a claim near Ordale, a small town near Prince Albert, which he had been farming, and no reason for the 'supposed suicide is given In advices reaching here. He was shot in the head. He is survived by two brothers,. Robert and John, Irvington, and two sisters, a Mrs. Bradley, in North Dakota, and Annabelle, in California. Mrs. Jake Maasdam, who died recently, was also a sister. First word of the death was received here lost week Wednesday. OLD GALBRAITH BUILDINGS WRECKED TO GET LUMBER The old George L. Galbraith buildings on the northwest corner of the block next east of the Ford garage have been torn down, also the unsightly. old board fence which had for many years concealed the lot from view. The Rookery next east of the Advance shop will also be wrecked, arid perhaps jother ancient buildings which no longer pro* duce revenue,' The lumber in the buildings so far wrecked and in-the Rookery has been sold to A. Vanderlinden, who is using what can be salvaged Jn.- two houses which he is erecting west of the lig;ht and power plant. E. J,' Hough, administrator of the Galbraith estate, is. being commended for removal of the old buildings. , * :— ' Held to Grand Jury. Cyril Deitering, , Bancroft, was bound to the grand jury Monday by Justice C. Behrman of Bancroft, on a charge of immorality with a :U6 year-old girl. Deitering was brought to Algona and lodged In Jail for a .shore time Monday till his bond was furnished, and he was released Particulars of the case have not bee n learned here.- Algona's Baptist Church and thriller. There w«r« h reals of breaking: someone up tm- luslness and of a "beating .up/* t» irive a rival out of town. Last week Tuesday, one WUBaa* Holloway came before the Jostle* nd filed information that h« haA. >een threatened by Robinson. hreat, he said, was In a fight In Bradley cafe a week ago Hon_ morning, Vhen Hojlbway wan knock°!d down' ' by Robinson. RoblnMn tarted to -pommel Holloway, but! vas pulled off by his brother. 'ester Robinson. ' Name-Calling: Starts Fight. The scrap started after a ?hoice epithets had been bandied^ fhe argument was over the allege* mrsuit by Robinson of an Esthw--- 'ille car containing a man and war- man. Robinson' was - charged bjr Holloway with having frighten** .he woman so much that the counter hod to stop at another town to havw "ler nerves quieted with mediciim? Described by a doctor. Robinson said he did not know th^* :ouple, but Holloway said he dIA. Robinson also' denied following; hem. At the trial Robinson and others testifying kept carefully away fro'm liquor, though occasion.— : ally the word "alcohol" would non- out before the witnesses remembers id that they were speaking int. :ourt. William Janvrin, 20, working- at a. Bancroft lumberyard, said Holloway iad threatened on numerous occasions to cut his (Janvrin's) heart: out. Janvrin didn't know why Hofc- oway should feel that way against him. Robinson Denies Threat. Sylvester Robinson testified to th* 'ight, saying Holloway had hurled^ epithets at his 'brother when Cecil came into the cafe, and that in reply Cecil had hit him. It was in this scrap that Robinson; made a threat! against Holloway's. life, • Hollowly :estified. Robinson, denied th« threat. • , . ; •Robinson's 'attorney, .L. B. I4»- ,' nan, suggested that if such a tnreafcj really had been uttered by his client? t was no doubt made in the heat qC~ inger and did not express any irml , Intention ,of fulfillment, but a to«» moments later Robinson upset thur theory by claiming h e wasn't when he hi£ Hoilovyay, and that the latter wasn't worth mad about. The row apparently came about when Holloway stuck his nose into Robinson's business, but the natunk- of the "sticking 1 . 1 and the "businea»""-> were not brought but at the trial. ^ After Robinson, was placed under*-' bond he, in\ turn, film Infoi nigllii* against Holloway on charges of hay-ring disturbed the peace by fig*" Robinson asked that Holloway be placed under a peace bond...'''_ Inson had already pleaded guilty' _ a charge of assault and battery before 'a Bancroft justice. ' • i Flood of Chargei Made. The second chapter, In the „ row followed immediately after was put under a peace bond. „,. the latter filed information bet_ Justice Wlnke-1 asking that Holloway be. tried on a charge of distort** ing the peace in the flgftt April M, Sunday other trouble evidently cm-red for that evening Robinson appeared before Danson and " filed Jnt againsU his brother, James ^ son, for a , liquor search wanbat. " Deputy' Sheriff Harris and Ylaytll NewvJlle searched the Jim. ItoMa^.; son. place and found two pint b*fc-' ties under the porch and a partly • full bottle in the kitchen on m^ shelf. , > t Jim was placed under arrest; started back to Algona, Qn^tbi he announced that he would. against Cecil Robinson, and fleers complied by stopping Burt, where Jim swore ou'jT* tiMt- search warrant for Cecil's; plaei " * fore Justice W. J. Davidson, ^ group then returned • t» ' 1^ and the CecjJ Robinson pla.ce searched, but nothing found. Enjbozzlement Cb'urgre ^alU.' -Monday Jtan filed informaUp.a 1 fore Justice Winkel charging v "~* 1 - "ylY«9ter wi^h.-^j^jj pn wWca Jim h<$d inteat ta, dffrftud- was tried out in w terday. mornlryj,, aj SS*»W* ?H»" - '/I i«Jauflt im though, perhaps, »lp94 Vj[ftl§,tfe)n ojt some la connsotlo,a-- 8 dt| Sb/ slgnwent •,- ; -.,- ff . Following the , «*, rf r • «t r-^-" JUr^A* "v r ^«^^**rf^t-

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