Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 23, 1931 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1931
Page 9
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Anything (Copyright i9il) ' the 51 inn «7 J. W Pririted Last Week Largest ctrcnlatlon b? far In Kossnth. Volume 30 O I UlU Thl * '' on * not keep coming After yon order It <l»eonthi»*4. Save yourself fntnre embnrrntiment • ttf Uktaf the paper yon can stop when yon want It pod. ALGONA, IOWA, APRIL 23, 1931 Number 32 the 44th general assembly ' lnto history, though an J± were added to the has history been 44th, particularly as undone, Every day Iowa, legislature »..d more »ke our • a lot of noise, does a, lot of innn'accomplishes a lot of 7he 44th certainly will go |h stm'y 'M " avlnsr d °" e th 2 'the most hullabaloo of as predecessors.' One would L that the assembly was of 80 democrats and 80 o—o '.''.. be flint Mail there been wliislicrcd faces In the Iv more Would have been Jtolicd. ..Judging from ,(,,5 of heroes of past con- l nm insscmblles, tlie whW- ,st Imve luul a large part the laws with which -cope. Ami whiskers ,,- scarce, in the 44th— instadics seemed lacking, fift]f.honrte(1 efforts . irated the upper lips of of nur law makers. , ,0—0 . • '-.. '•.. . .was a lot of trading at r and accomplished.' Marbles Knives were out. The trad- done with political intent. (or the income tax and I'll the road bonds. Or you ie assessor bill and I'll sup- S. U. I. investigation, and There were no trades In ies or nose smashes or However, therte^ were mges mode In oratgry itlons and whatnots, o—o Mrs. Bowyer Tetts of Death Valley "Scotty" MEETS SPOUSE : ~ j of the S. U. I. ; fiasco, the assembly at- to its own business _ legislating! along [ not fulfilling any more to constituents than ' t had to do. The leglsla- Jehinery was well oiled "l and was in perfect I order so far as expenses .No tax rcduc-, ; i attempted, other than ' | oratory which was wnft- i the hallways. .; . o—q ' i 'former was better rep ||n the-44th than ever be| got less. Which proves entative or senator coalheaver or street ; give as 'much thought • needs as does the elected I the farmer. The tax but* •not lessened one whit, nor [whits. In some instances |nse was Increased by vir- i assembly assembling, ' o—o . '•'"' * •,-'•/. SHOULD NOT FOR AT, THE LEGISLATORS. ATTENTIVELY EACH ] PRAYERS : BY- OIFFBIR- fPPLICANTS, WHO:' NO ENTIRELY" CONIOUS IN THEIR EFFORTS "" i STATE A SQUARE OM A PRAYING- STAND- o—o lie clock was stopped; on fy, April 1'5, the leglsla- in the more •three in three previous I Which leads me to believe 1 ana clocks should have i the 45th assembly, May t things clone—and- again wouldn't, i repeat', the mbly is patterning more year after year after -the [of this country. The more less W ork, the Better the Ain't it the truth? ••'... o—o : ".-;"• ':'.'' [W will be observed as Hay. Tliere'Jl be no dif. [Jn the day's work' for "> old grind getting- the- to Sunday school and • sinkful of dirty .dishes ff has cooked a dinner [family; The thought of K<lay is nice, and. the rt of it is nice; but" it the band that a gov- i to set aside a day' to [tiers' low. iy shouldn't every day? You tell; -I 0—0 »u» of representatives; toinmt| I am sure of «~that Arch didn't about an linens bald as Arch o—o I we 11 have baseba]] scores f us now that the assembly B «ie season on invest! o—o «P°'ters put » n a 3 tor covering tvn* I am >38c. And !•] N ,oft hal1 ^ 0 «nty p "0 acres o£ ' I an invest™*^ oj . 0—0 •A»X 1 En *„ " V " > *worat9 OF ECCENTRIC MILLIONAIRE By Nellie G. Uowyer. „ Hollywood, Calif., Apr. 17 — Mrs. Kathryn RecQ Baughn, of Oakland, and her daughter, Zelda Reed Trathen, spent the week-end in Los Angeles,- driving here from Reno, where Zelda lives. Her husband is the sheriff of the county In which Reno Is situated, and he Is said to e the youngest sheriff in the Uni- ed States. Zelda has given up'her iterary work, and helps her hus- and In his office. She also returns tolen cars to their rightful owners, nd she was here on such a mission. Walter Scott, wife-of "Death /alley Scotty," lives near Zelda, and he came with them; also a. young' vpman, friend of £elda. They stop- ted over night In Death Valley, at he famous castle, the grandeur of vhich, they said, 'it Is impossible to escribe. There they took a car of Mrs. Scott's to drive home in after hey had left the stolen car here. Mrs. Baughn and Zeldtt came to ee us, and Gwendolyn and I took hem to call on old Algona-friends. Ve then went to their hotel to get Mrs. Scott and ttie girl friend, and [rove around tfie city and to Santa Monica, beach. 'Scotty," Death Valley Millionaire. As "Scotty" is such a widely known character, perhaps Advance readers will be interested in a few >articulars about him, as told by j rtrs. Scott and Mrs. Baughn. He is j 8, she Is 5fi, and they have one son. ktrs. Scott must have been a pretty girl, for she still has dark, auburn, urly hair, a fine complexion, and line features. She would also still >e. In fashion, if she would dress a a Hollywood. Scotty loves the limelight and to ravel, but his .wife does not. He spends a good deal of time in Los Angeles, and she says he has now 'gone Hollywood." He doesn't stay n-the Valley much of the time. He las a partner, a Mr. Johnson, of Chicago, who is a semi-invalid, and the climate In Death Valley Is beneficial to him. The partner and his wife live there in winter, and the Summer In a carrara marble home n Chicago. They are very religious, Mrs. Johnson being an evangelist of the Methodist faith. They were here at the same time Mrs. Scott was, and Mrs. Johnson .preached four times in this localityj .Nearest Neighbor, 75 Miles: .'• Mrs. Scott is a character herself. She said the Johnsons employed two missionaries all the time to "make whoopee" at L. A. Reno is her favorite place to live, though she came from New York and lived here- in the' early days. Death Valley is too hot and lonesome for her. The nearest habitation is 75 miles away. Scotty goes to visit her in Reno, jyjd'When his 10-gallon hat and red necktie appear he "is surrounded by children, who pick up money he scatters. Mrs. Scott says It was Scotty who put Los Angeles on the map and started the "all year round club," which advertises the city. This was in: 1905, when he hired a special train to go from here to New York, stopping only to ' change engines Mrs. fecott accompanied him, and as there was no Pullman she was continually thrown from one side of the car to the other and. got no sleep. At Albuquerque and other towns where they stopped to change engines, the stores, schools, etc., were closed, and everyone was at the :'statlon, where Scotty scattered money, How Scotty G»ts Monc^y. It is not generally known that Scotty.' }s married. Last year, when he" hadn't been on the front page for some time,' he. gave out a report that he bad failed. •We Is called "High Grade Scotty," for his gold mines are of such a high grade that When he wants money he just goes to a mine, takes out a chunk, and turns it over for money, He employs a large number of people, has a fine home built for them, and has two tall, fine-looking Chinese chefs, one for the home, the ether for the help, Mrs. Scott, says Scotty used to do the cooking 'at home himself, when they had three or four guests, but now nhe .guests are too numerous The "castle" is the only place in the Valley to put up at. It Is situated in a small canyon which has only one entrance vte- a gorge so narrow that a large, car Is apt to scrape the "sides, ' ' ' "Castle" Has Cost $3,000,000. Sootty and his partner own all the mountains and the land for miles aVound, having bought it from the government. The sum of $3,000,000 has already been spent on the castle, and" it is not finished. A large pool is ,now being built, to be lined •With blue Imported tile. A great deal of Imported tile and marble has been used in the building, which is of cement and Is considered fireproof. Tb> greatest" clanger is of cloudburst, the castle being built on an Incline at the foot of a mountain. Scotty traveled In Buffalo Bill's sh,pw 13 years. He was the fearless rider who <Jashe4 "across the arena at full speed and picked up a hand- tardhief from tti'e ground. People saw Buffalo Bill's show at Algona 80 years ago probably saw Wa>. / News of Former , „„, Podge brothers, Carl and Dftna, still live at Fallen, Nev. They contracting and road buUding, recently" secured. ' a contract 'toe goyerrnnept to bulld * *°°" sgad, to Hoover Pam. ^^ has grown toto a tl%8 young woman, * and." Mrs. " J retains mwb °t her Algona Contractor Buys Six Model A Ford Trucks These six Model A Ford trucks equipjjed-Avith stnel dump bodies were sold by the Kent Motor Company, of Algona, to M.' T. McGuh-e to replace part ol-the mule team equipment he has; been using -In his gra'ding-work in the past. Mr..McQu!ro has been awarded contracts for some of the largest grading jobs that have been let in this pxrt of the^state/:!''' ' ' : ' • •- .•-.-.• . Iowa lost one of her most Intelligent and staunchest friends. He was honest, and he had great ability. He should have been kept In some public position, where he could work for the state. Algona seems to.overlook her men of greatest ability. In that class I should include Clayton's son Harold. Col. Thomas F. Cooke is again a candidate for the city council. Though he has done good work for the city, he has a fight on his lands. It would have been the same no matter who had -been councilman, for a large amount of paving and widening, of streets has been ;lone, entailing great expense to property owners. SENECA CHURCH WILL ENTERTAIN CIRCUIT MEETING Seneca, Apr. 21 — The Woman's Missionary Federation of the Forest City-Estherville;circuit will hold a spring meeting, at the local church May 5. There will "be several speakers, including Martha Kuhlberg, missionary from China, and the Rev. Mr. Granskou, president of Waldorf co!"lege,~Forest City. This will be an all-day meeting, and dinner will.be served free by the Aid. Senecans Lose In Tonrncy— A baseball tournament was held at Fenton last week-end with six teams competing, with the following results: .' Grant defeated . Whittemore; Fenton defeated Lone Rock and then defeated Seneca, 18-5. Seneca Golf Course Planned— Plans are under way for a golf course on land east of the Ralph Campbell farm. A large number of Ringsted and Seneca golfers anxious for its completion. are Son for the Earl Murrays— Mr. and . Mrs. Eai-1 v Murray are parents of a 9-lb. boy, born Sunday at • the Algona hospital. A Miss Kingsbury, of Thompson, is working at-the Murray.home, Other Seneca News .Mr. and Mrs;, J. H; Jensen 'and their son Teddy spent Sunday . at Hilmer Jorgenspn's,, near Rake,:Thib E, L. Erdahls and Mrs, Erdahl's mother, Mrs. Jorgenson, Blue Earth, were also there, and Kilmer's birthday was. observed. The elder Mrs. Jorgenson came home with the daughter, Mrs. Jensen, for a few weeks. Hazel Anderson arid Orva Halvorson accompanied the J, H. Jensens to Rake Sunday and thence went to Thompson to visit Hasel's parents, Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Anderson. The girls came home with the Jensens. '' The Glen Cages have moved • into the J. H. Klein house. The Klein land is being worked by ,-Jps. Crowley and I. F. Engesser. A-Patterson family from 'Eldora moved to the Cage place one day last week.. The Glen Burts spent Sunday at Henry Tjaden's, near Plum. Creek, and Mrs. George Stewart, mo'ther of Mrs. TJaden and Mrs. Burt, came home with the Burts to visit while; -• Lyle and Lester Osborn and Vernon Jenson motored to Waterloo Saturday, and. Lester remained there, Lyle and Vernon returning Sunday. The Ole Johannsens have built 8x10 chicken house on their farm west of 'Seneca. A son-in-law, Henry Looft, is tenant of the farm A large crow4 attended an Aid meeting last Thursday at Mrs. Millen Jensen's. 'The Aid will meet May 7 at Mrs. Martin Wilberg's. The Lutheran Young People's society met at Millen Jensen's Friday evening, and a large crowd was out CHICKS BURNED TO DEATH IN FIRE NEAR WHITTEMORE Whittemore, Apr. 14 —i A brooder house and 160 chicke were destroyed by fire Saturday afternoon_at Elmer Elbert's. Mrs. Elbert was at home alone, and before help could arrive a new separator, % washing machine, tubs, cqal the chicks, a,nd aU of the-family's summer's meat were lost. The house itself was on twice. fire Elevator Loss, $JO,707, Apr. 1 — The exact loss. , in 'the desSrucHon of the Farmers V- I. oi Our .. i.V ' - . Neighbors UPKEEP PLANNED FOB LEDYAKD CEMETE11Y— LiEDYARD — Last week Tuesday the Cemetery association met, and August Gelhaus was elected president; Ed Christ, secretary-treasur- r. Hereafter when a lot is sold, $50 must be deposited in one of the local banks, and the interest will foe devoted to upkeep. ' Persons already owning lots are to pay $2 yearly. Hetty Anderson Loses Appendix— WESLEY PUPILS HEAR TELEVISION LECTURE— WESLEY — This week Monday afternoon, the high school and the seventh arid eighth grades, enjoyed an^iliustrated lecture given by a Mr. Bryan, 'Iowa Falls, and Mr. Han eher., Algona. and local-, telephone niah.ag'er. Points -ware made clear by stereopticon slides, HABII. HOY ADOPTED III" FENTON COUPLE— FENTON — Mr. and Mrs, F. C. McWTierter, southwest of Fenton, recently adopted, a 7-months boy from the Lutheran orphanage, Fort Dodge, He has been named Donald "Willis. Mrs. McAVherter, formerly Amanda He'ngel, is' a daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Jacob Hengel. LU VEItafE WOMAN HURT IN CAB. ACCIDENT— LU.VERNE—Mrs. C. C. Phillips, Livermore, met with an auto accident north of Lu Verne Saturday evening,' when her car tipped over in a ditch. She had attended a county Federation meeting at Forest City, and was driving rapidly to get home before a storm. She was badly bruised and suffered from nervous shock. A passing motorist brought'her to town, and after medical treatment she was taken to her home In Livermore and her car brought to a garage hero for repairs. PRESIJYTERY MEETING TO BE HELD AT LA KOTA— LU VERNE — The Fort Dodge Presbytery meets this week Tuesday and Wednesday at a . new church building at Lakota, and the Rev. A. J. Kooncs Lu Verne, will preach the opening sermon' Tuesday afternoon at 2:30. Lu Verne people will attend, some going Tuesday, some Wednesday. BURT SCRAPPERS WIN TITONKA MATCHES— BURT—A number of Burt people attended a boxing match at Titonka Monday evening. Two Burt men, Roy Ringsdorf and Charles Coffin, took part. Coffin was matched aganist Sid Wood,-Titonka, and was. given the decision, 'and Ringsdorf won a decision against John Reardon, Mason City. WHITTEMORE'S ACADEMY WILL GIVE PROGRAM Whittemore, Apr. 21—A program will be given by the Presentation grades 6, 7, and 8 Sunday, April 26: Opening Chorus Grades 6-7-8 Kentucky Babe, song Glee club THE CROSS AND THE FLAG Reading A. Knecht Flag-Bearer C. Kirschbaum Cross Bearer .... B. Knecht Papal Banner M. Bonnstetter Pantomime, Fashion Girls A Perfect Day, trumpet solo—Harold Geronsln. DINNER SERVED Humorous One-Act Play. Aunt Tilly, old Negress.Edward Ford Pete, husband Raymond Besch Sergeant Jack Rivers ; SWBA CITST ODD FELLOWS INITTATE CANDIDATES— BURT—J. P. Stow, L. Meliza, C. O. Riddle, C. B. Chipman, J. H. Graham, and Mennett Trunkhill attended ap I. O. O. F. meeting at Swea City Monday • evening. The Swea City lodge initiated three candidates, and the second degree was conferred on Trunkhill. A number of members from Titonka meeting. 'attended the same TEACHERS AT BUBT ACCEPT REDUCTION— BURT—All of the present corps of teachers here have signed up for another year except Merton Otterness, who has accepted the superin- tendency of the Fenton schools and Ellen Schryver, who. does not intend to teach. Small reductions were mads in the salaries of most of the WE CALL FOR and DELIVER YOUR Elk- Cleaners and Tailors Phone 1)30 William Littleton Corporal Bud Porter L. Elbert Alt Davis, pirate H. Knecht Colonel Pitcher F. Bestenlehner Mayor Wade , R. Mueller Guests at Aunt Tilly's wedding anniversary—Pupils. AUNT- SOPHRONIA AT COLLEGE Comedy in Three Acts. Characters. Walter Bronson, Aunt Sophronia— L. Kaschmitler. Percy-Longman, Uncle Ebenezer—J. Mosbach. Fred Landers, Uncle Jerry—G. Neu. Nod Holllster, Uncle Hiram—James Fandel. Co-eds at Blankton College—Eleanor De Lancy, Alice Winer, Hazel Greene, • Lucy Bonner, Marian Clark, T. Keene, C. Kelso, A. Elbert, I. Gebhart, H. Besch. Miss Sophronia Louise Fletcher, real aunt— A. J. Calry. Professor Brownly, president — L. O'Brien, Nora O'Reilly—J. Fleming. On Wings of Song, violin solo- — James Fleming. Class song, May Joys—'8th grade. Class motto, We Finish to Begin. Class colors, Apple green and pink. Class flower, white rose. • AFTER ACT I. Mood Indigo, piano solo — Arthur Fandel. AFTER ACT II. Career of Molly, song—Jamee Besch. CONGRESSMAN'S WIFE WHO DIED RECENT GUESTS HERE Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Miller attended the funeral of Mrs. .Ed. H. Campbell, Battle Creek, Wednesday, Apr. 8. Mrs. Campbell was wife of Congressman Campbell, of the llth district, and the Campbells visited the Millers here last fall. Death was due to Bright's disease. Mr.s. , Campbell, who was only 40, is survived by her husband and a 1-5-year- old son. 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