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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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GIT COMMEBCIAX GAZETTE, TUESDAY, API11L 7, 1SS3. THE OED, OLD STORY. P-ir MIDED. srerld sawnl tirrts, aisd that tbr ate more e.iple in Cue world now than iu tLo days of earlier JOS. HORIE I CO RETAIL STORES.

Tie Grain and EIout Excbanse Dowics the Abve iiailrcad ISilL The Gram aui Fluar Zxchange Leld a special meeting yesterday afteraooa, the largest held for some tima. Tha special ebject of the meeting was ths consideration Senate bill Sj "An act to protect Lie and property ia citiea of tha seeend class by preventing the crossing therein cfsUotts, roa-Is highways by ay radrt sd ei grade." The Eoard of Ii-rectors passal ui.ainmoasTy a set of and present! then, to the Exchas-e for actiaa. These resolntioos wtre as follows: Senate till No. now pending ia ocr State Legislature, purports to be a bid to The LVsTig-lieal AlUanc-e afil 3cnomina-tional iai ion in Sesioa. Tlie Evangelical Association met at tle Y.

M. C. A. to'ivus, ymerday afternoon. with Dr.

J. H. Wnite ia the chair. Eev. M.

JB. C. Coaingo was elected Secretary pro and Fer. Yax aai J-sr. TTiiiiam M.

Fvooinson wera elected members cf the The election cf oSijtrs for the follawing half year resulted as foiior-3: President, Eer. J. F. Gibc; Secretary and Treasurer, ct. R.

Dcnehoo; EieculiTfc Gommittce, iier. B. F. TToodburn, Rev. J.

Prngh and Her. J. II. White, D. D.

After te noly-8lecfed officers had tikes eharge of the mtetiag, Professor I. Wilson, of the Western Theological Seminary, read a paper on the German theological etv-dente. Tro-fr-ssor gare an szect of the habits and genera! education of the student? as he fo and tnem. Aiter the reading Dr. JJernhard Pick gare bia upon tbo subject, enlargirg tpon it in va-ious wajs.

Srief renarki by tha clergy uiir closed tbe inoeting. At the meeting of tbe United Presbyterian iliniscerhd Association yesterday tbe principal At tUe New 3IanarnUi 2A21GAZX BKTAII, E3 ITX- RE 42 ijr 644 iiSKXtr SBTWEEX SIXTH AXS SEVENTH STREETS. The public, our numerous friends and pativns are invited to come and see what selling the most reliable goods for the most reasonable prices Las done fur ia a period eighteen yesrs. We will positively demonstrate oa siht that we hare the largest tsstst-Hshmcit, the largest stock to select from, the lowest prices beyond ail doubt, tbe most do raid goods with the best of day light throoghout oar immense cstr.biish-mest to see and inspect goods by. Marshall's Hydraulic Passenger Eieraior to every fiocr.

IU-vst Besgkr, Liberty Siret, between Sixth and Seventh Sts. JITS. In New Ejeltt. Mr. K.

G. iXmcan, who has acted as legrd editor of tbe CosaEF.ciAr. Sazette for the past two years, Las resijjti'i bis position, that be may be better able to give bis attention, to Lit professional doties as an While er.agp.l ia newspaper labors Mr. Duncan, through a conscientious manner of handling his work was notable, and the qualities which gare Lisa sscce in this, wili e. unt la the fieU to which he means ta devote Lis energies.

Bright, energetic, trained ia a good school he was a student witk George Sutras it is safe to predict for him a successful career. Ia tho futura Mr. Dsaeaa will be iWnd ia tbe law building. A 21iraclc tirs.T. S- Eberline, of 274 Market itreet, Alleghenj Citr living at Keokuk, Iowa, had been sick for years, and finally passed intoconsrtmption.

The physicians who attended her were amon-r the very best ia the city. They did everything that the most gifted among them were capable cf doing, and honorably told her that nothing morecouid be done, that she could not Uve over that night. Abotit raid night death beran to clots the suuering of the good wife and dutiful mother, and as the friends and family were gathered atoursd the bed in tears to her to eternity, another physician euideniy, eitered aad softly whispered, Get PEIiUNA, quickly; It was brought, and though the breathing had almost her lips vere livid, f.ner naUs blue, the pulae ceased at the vrrist. Oh, sighed the friends, ait is too late; do net trouble her any but she swallowed a little, rallied and expectorated a great mouthful; she breathed easier; she swallowed a. littie more, and agxirt she nused more phlegm; ths breathiGrj improved; the bystanders took courage, and they persevered with the PEBffSi tintil the ss surely better.

The pulse returned, the tirculafcon was the li-s and nails became natural, after which a tea-cpoonful of the Peruka every hour wa administered, and she continued to improve. In a few days she sat up; in two weeks she was the heartiest eater in the house, and ia three mouths she was perfectly welL Who is not convinced of the nasqual worth of Perina. For 'affidavits and signatures of the truthfulness cf this statement of Eberi'me's case, see the "Ills of Life and How to gratis of any druggist, Mrs. H. 11.

Hammond, Chardon, Ohio, writes: "In tegard to your Hanalix, I have used it, aud End it to be one of the best, I will say th best, liver medicine I ever used, and I have tried a good many. "When I commenced taking your medicine ray forehead, and clear down around my chin, was covered with those brown liver spots. After taking your medicine a short time those all dappcared. We have taken, my and hub-nd, eight botties, I think. We will not be wtthoat it in the bouse.

II. and 91 Forbes street, Pitls.burTh, Pa.r Qi- a of my friends and myself have had Rn-at cattafactton from the' use of your PcitUKA and Manalin. Iodeed, we consider tirctn a grand panacea for the various ills ta which is ever heir-" THE HUMANE SOCIETY AGENTS CAUSE? A STAMPEDE. i-i- 4. Twenty-Sen jCMckess Keadj- to Eignt.

Take Place A. Fta AstriiiiTit of 8orti licit Ko Arrests. SseietV Agents Saaracl CErien, Micky Itesa, of Kttsbargh, aai W.T. of raided a ciueka pit jasUrday at 2d oss Side, on the IlUsbu-sh. Tirginia i Charleston railroad.

Some tab-ty-Svc or forty men were preheat, and to-day warrants will be sworn -out for the arrest cf majority of them. The Humane Society received aa inkling of the fight, and all day yesterday the agents were preparing for the raid. To be ear of caichicg the fighters ia ths act they waited fed tho la o'clock train. Instead of going directly to Moss Side they took the Baltimoxa Ohio railroad and got the train opposite Itavosburg. Thin crossing therirer they walked cp tha railroad track to the scene of the Not knowing the location they were forced to feel their way and found tha pit located in a grove owned by a farmer earned Dorsey.

The usaal guards were posted, but the agents wers able to pass thet and reach tha door cf the pit. ZSWiUXXIL GEE5TS. Undiscovered they opened the door and stepping in found a battle going on in a pit about fourteen feet square. All aroon on the benches were seated sporting men from Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Brownsvilia and McIIresport. li the pit two bird3 Lad jast commenced a battle.

For a minute the ofeers surveyed the' sceoe, and then somcono shouted "Police. It only toos; toe spectators a second to grasp the siltis- tioa and a scramble begin. Pushing and jaaa- ming each other they all crowded tor the door of tha vault at the hade fef the building and raised aboot eight feet from the pit floor. This point gained they tore up toe fiooririg ana dropped throagn to the groan Annmber Lid 1 iu Luis ft i v.ij a coal Lamtr, a liirg? man, living in that neighborhood, was caught the thigh by a nad and hung there neither abie to get' up or go down. His cries brought tha officers to his assistance and they were able with some dirTwdty to release bim li era bis ao-pleassnt sit-jation.

By this time the pit was rearly clear of the crowd, and the few who regained were willing and anxious to pat up their fines. The orders, though, sai they ad no authority to do this, but they would sea that they were accoramo-datf-d In the next few day3. Prom those remaining tha oncers learned that the fighting bad been going oa aii day, at 10 o'clock in the morning. Seme four or fiva fights had already taken place, bat r. THE EVEST THE DAY waa rerrsd for the afternoon, when a largo delegation from Pittsburgh was ti arrive.

Ia ail there were twenty-seven chickens at the pit. Among the spectators acre a number of boys, and in the ruh some. of them wera braittd and tram pod a littie but acne were seriously hart. After the pit was cleared the ofiiscrs tried to pursue their, raea" further, but as soon as the men saw taem cwr.S! they hurried off without any ceremony. Tim agents, however, were able to get the niua is of aioro thai, naif of tuosa present.

said the pit was tha most wplete affair -of the kind be had ovet seen. The bplLJiTtg was. ned in snrumr time as a beer and re fresh meet stsad. It hs.S' been fixed up wittii bonohes. patent heater, everything tr lact'to make it a most tomfor table place.

DrinksjsfJ all kinds aud aaadvuehes were oa hand it was evident that tbey inrcnled fs make a day of it The agent also stated thit the cwnerofthe grove would Le prosecuted vilh the rest aai tbat he thSnks there will be ta.ora chicLea fights out there. 'T Ths liro iM-nwctiirs Cowneila tb 1 Tltetvip a fct- tween tbe wo brsnohti of Allegheny Council. There are at procnt fifty Couneilmeu and twenty-six Svivci Cooncifioeii Tbe comtutt-tiLft nbder tbe -ejthtttB raios, wre ma-ie iO of seven Go ntaon Cftuncilmen and Selectmen. Tha Comtioa Councilmen fcsl that they, as far as thsir nuar.Wrs are concerBcJ, not fairly represented, the object ta the membcjs from tbo hfr branch baring a majority ca every rtec. "Mr.

WatscD in St-lect Council -ofiTtrcd a resclutioa making omcutteps ei icurtssn seven, from each bra Mr. SaliDetder amended it making it 'cight from Com in on Council and seven from This resolution pas-! Select Caaoll hat was non-concurred in it Coaimos, Mr. Staytua ia Common Ccuftt oered a resolution making ail eommtttet cf -isteen members, ten from Cemmba and, sis frcia Select. Th.s wm defeatel "and so the matter stand. This state of aJairs ill in-teifre with the city butla s5 and all affairs over a month onlfe nitticgs 'are held, as while this atneeaed resolution of Mr.

Watson's is pending the Cbairmen appoint the eoraimtiees. tho nest meeting if Select Council a-lherr-s to its former action a cemmittt-e tenst be appointed and act ntitil it repcris and the ma'ter is adjusted eaa the consmittaca be aj-poioi! aal business resumed. AN ElKOEEAJS lavil Jcnt Arreted Uepnt for DatJd Jones was nrrestcd at UU-lr w-ng aa tmin. sts wss cnar! wua an intOi.rion of dc-io. tg r.

a-d Mrs, Li live on Portr-scoood Ktret aud bare coa-shH prepcrty. Mrs. Jones heard abot a ek titiit bcr bshar.i wa-r seiiiiig some tf bis t-Se -iji sd drawing bis ioney from qre s-pic- ar I on icr estima tion Lesta cooiivcei that it ant to desert her and stall it Ertg'anl. tee informed tta of bfr tnjpHoas and ther watvci-d me artioaa. Tester-lay Cim-iag he lett tii Lce anl start t-rf wtessit 'y f-r his woik a tofo.

Arb.rt time he was jrene a boy called aad got hit valise. Mr. and poa.jrt;jv tiaa -tarte-i fr tbe ivt Liberty ad arnrsl just in 3 eata lie dertr laaaWring a train fvt I Pbilade'phia. lie is ia tbe Niaeiettcth ward Jovasp a bearia. A Aa Ohio to Have Irt iiiwwu ia a usiay.

of' the litter. ii irwot. to ti.9 JUv.ri iv. I Pit-abar4t MeK.eFrt tA. Ken hin flat tas tt er-ra r-iUed sai -i, by dryr ir tirR sjr.

L-n p' ze-t by 1. i rs ia it It was as. that bai rLtyt i Cc i lilE i. Uarael rf tit rear I'atr Iainiay liaUs. It has been a airiorcreii csftova tlrie tastier, asi ice rryaa cf rt" ias i aui oa tba ribt of r.

-t iz; 1.2-1 err ts.i as ii ia r. 5 1 aa csii OiSsaiiv-a was yC 1 i ij- i. A lief C'lsi a ta i-ijfers 5 azrwr.a feu ri-e Ka fir a Lsriis Wfxa T-ia a Cir of ai-atltaed battry. TL ehrs tr'-rrasi 2' srb Cbrl-ibt C'iirtr-lsr 1 I at t. 1 FF' ia Berirsl v.

Catdi--- i v.H at A. r.nrsB IXLL 0 Mr. 3ieei singing, that Las glria him bis wcrld-wile 13 r-n-y equaled by Ihe b-actind music Le Lai aa a Eacrcd writer ttanua next tie late farnou P. P.v F-'Us ard 1'bilip Phillips. Soma of tbo mt 'irltspjj tiit-'odics in the popular editions of aro Sankey'a.

I led him into aroui lueui, M-d asked Litre to tell Too aow be to writ" some of the beft-i aTQ 11 ii fare lighted up iad he slid, ce saddetdyt' Cera Into th parlor a rcctccrt and I will you smnothirig." Thffe in -nrior vr two cr thrte music 1 Pie f'ti stand? in coi tier of the room. He wound tLsm "jj. In a moment the whole li'nise Mtmt'l fjntvering with the Bolt, ecciiaDt-ir-jr niexiy ta ir.s!.tumv;U. Oae played "Tbe Xii.ety Nicy," greatest composition: the rendered, "LAaa Praying f'-r the other with the constant changing of toei-j tbe room sweet in their Ail.ttirc instruments are wade f-jr F-iisac I 'a oopel hymn and come frtrji where they are made for tbe "; rods, popular did that class of ij in They are cosily as other tiiicia boiaand sell mora rapidly. en the mart who wrote uie rausn the deli---ti iu chhrji-m was tuning gathered tip some 7 books and Ifid tbe way back to the driw-lac-roore.

Holding ont one of thce books be aUid: 'TL'u the hook I bare carried through t.d the foreizn field. Thirteen yean ao -wbtm we started odt it bad sixteen song.1!. It has jjrown sitico by the new songs I ttddd to it, arid it to'f coating 441." A PrilAErCABLE STOIIY. 0f all I ever wrote, The Ninety and Kir.e' sfrui; into atari ty and tnnt wilh tho most wcn.letful ru.uH.? in Christian work, TLfere is a incut remarkable story con-ri' jiiiwith it origin, Mr. Moody and I were r-n our way Lack from tbe North of Dng'and to Scotland fui3 tars ao to rcaitae our work there.

1 had f-U fr a Jor.g time the esd of otu hymn of a ebarac'r wlich would fait. the peculiar Cfd torititoenU of tbo peojiio. It waa rhiinx or the fioirt to EdnKoro that I first came across the wordi that would such a song as I bad bet, i di'siring. I 1-ai broubt Borae r.ewr-prpcrs to whiie nvnj thstime wilh, ar.i in era of them I found the in which tbe "ifidy lay," etc. I pointed them cut to Mr, Jdo-jdy, bnt tbsy did not strike, hiio ojitraoidirifcry.

1 clipped cut tbe and ftoTcl it away in my potket-bott. The next few day? I hare tiue to wtite the uiueie for it thought mneh about it. One ten we were ca. t'yipj; on a ttetnendon? meeting ia Kciinboru. dhe crowd wp wo great for irec Aaseaibly so we just hold services ot on the mounts ill sile at the fuot of the bitioric Arthur's V-'t.

Tbre wa3 ufcep religion! spirit dhtre. ae of 'bo notd divint read the won ty-third 2'kb0t in a way that riever bfre er. oicd so ii presrive to me. The wordi, Tho Lord ia ny Shepherd' rang throijh and through ine, and something told me tbot now was taa timo to htunch Jwtantly I drew jrom my pocketbok the newapuper cUppir, and putting it on the organ Ltiore rot- san it with all the eiprrsMon waji capaLla of. Jfark you, I had nertr wtUtf.n a noto for it, but had rlannod a tune fur it siinjdy ir.

my thoughts. That cuoe I wnjt. The elTeet wos wondrrfob It moved ths whole audience, and vea Mrs. Uttwlj eric J. It tarried tbe Sc4tih Lw.U ar.

i I tlien wrvte the muio fr it exactly I etnjf it. CoujJjcss iaciJort no let's re-'akablj Lave marked the siihicqueut career of tti When I sang it first 1 knew not the aiitbor. ia the audience eat the eistT of the 'ajftrJ laJy Lo wrote it, Mim CiepLane, of and fcbe wrote ine a letter de-auribiug bcr viuotion nn thacks. 'id I tiuio I could yvubtori63 abuulhow I wrote many otber familiar tuiica. There Ij Itoum' was long wanted by tae nnisio I bn'l prepared an was written by lr.

Horatio fcunncr. While still at F.dinboro I 'I l'raying for This in 1371, I Indnre." How uo yn- aeount ftr Hie buid your have on the public T' I aiked, and t-j il-lotrttc the I cit.J how public opinion vtanged with regard to other evangelic" i more-uitnts, -w'h the frah-ction Army, KracgetUt i ifiii, aai others. '('ao icjratc 1 common-sen'? has a great 0 with "u-h a njovenmat lie rcpiied. priueiple of these erarjreli-cat iMuementJ are right, but viey often beuotne un(opubr becante of tho mistakes of the ia ttieii." Tj wbt bo inotnt more clearly, he nbj.veJ liM'." -irorts were msilc in Lonion and elstivheif to procure photojraphs of Liuiself and" WoiKly to Lawk on the streets. They severely ilisi-i iinJet.aucod it bejau'-e u-di a course only to hurt tbtir cause.

They are ejua'ly ciel'-l in ill other particuUis to mistaken or indiscrctioua that t'snaliy popular itiOTcrueoU of rriuru.atlou. a OAtTKnr. "Weil, but Mi. Woody must bare bcea photographed his pirtura hm frequently ap-pcarti in the newspapers, su-jjcited the rc-rtcr. Mr.

Kitokey Ja.ihpJ. "I wih I had my a'-buiu he 'I weuhi hvw you twelve ar fiftc ii ditlerout fiewspapor pictures of MucJy. 'fboy are all i.flr'.iinly tliJercoi. 7hi fitct ii tl. "rre never a true picture of bin printed, becau there i no of ejiitfoc.

Tte only of biuicif be ever bd were burned in fcr, tvcryuiisof them, and he hni istvr Lad atitj since. Of lujclf the In photo I h.iij taken wi ia 17j, in London. I to gia: very sftfclv to keep rt-j rirsts fron n.s id. You know the haw kip of photos "Wfuli lord to vi rc-ug inij.rt about u. We were oij'trit iu London for oie nilting 1 a bvi-jsraphr; to, rciui.isc tlat, mvt It! ve ry c.rt f.u of the private pisiurcs we orn." Ti,t.o.ii'j vUit eloe wiih a reneral Iu -'icii Mr.

P-inkey touk c'he is a c-b laly, Tvrjani fron her tunvuls sud a indeed to s. ws ihe Jm hter of r-r. jvhti of New Cat'e. Two of their oe ra ivir in at school. sioor fwt-V.

L. X'oe ly j3 a tiac, cd tcore3 a ra-stly d.iTorci sj here of life then that of Sawkcy. lis waa lorn ia ISd? at auJ Lis fiiruil beinj ha bad to be'p njiport bl moshcr and At ji3 of a went into his Mil lio'i sfve in iiosi a ctndiusu tlssl he w.ul i u-ad a a year was at the Mt. Vernon Chert Luut' sjd that unn irwarl he e.iru--.t iu oauc cf the burUv aUciKrd he in." cd tj Ohtcajro, y--u-. juarj.

It ialurel nur-; r.i.?fj ar tiie citv ils riayisbei i -i Sihij t'up r.t.i:i a few he gnva l.vly and engaged time in u' w-'rk, Iisi e' roer r.3 a pfsccr fera-a to 't id AS us rs I'u'tfod t'liil he Vr. arii: v. lit s.r:s.i tiOi'ie wA tr.t tc ovi'd er-'jre to h-nd! tbe 1 rr rrly. ju-t sJ L.r ar- 1 rx- c-i. n.

ha p.v.'n, st atrc i ti ja-'iS, to-j. -dr. -ly a.i'.vid at iti-iicsic-, Leaur county, iiit t. as.d will gtt to Nsw this ju-rg. L.

2w 5. Trct Al.anjpera tt he anr.uil mcviing: of thf Fiee ycitvrday aftcrnTa tbe cf ia the M( IX. JUr.i... Jrve MsCaau, M. C.

C. 24Sr, V. Wei-, Mi'kr, THr, A. H. WH.

Dsly, M. X. iVt-1 M. J. K.

F. LObiro. K. M. St-w- 1 r.

M. M. ris Ue r-4 rw 2 ena. a I'. Met unc, 11.

Kirk and Joan Tnsuratsrn I. A 3 111 ft f. vUs Js d.r f-r 1' i i i i I I 1 1 i THE PJTTSBUrtGH CLUB MEETS ITS FIRST DEFEAT YESTERDAY. Otm Uie Beat Guinea of Bill Erer Plaed io This City- The Detroit Take tb Fa Ira On to Kothlng. The Pitkbagh Club scored its first defeat on it? own groaudsyestarday, yielding at Recreation Fark thf honor to Detroit on aeconr.t of an error Lorn escesiire conSdence, The game was, in tsesrly tatty artico'ar, a one, end, io vivr of the "time o' year," a phe-nonieasl one.

Fully people were oa tbe ground a half hoc btdofe the game wa3 caliad, and both clubs their meed of applause. Tho grounds were in excellent eoivli- tlva -f weatsier ot tae last two or d.js baring done mu-ih toward drying the Ec'd. The park vas veil equipped with ball acd conveniences "and tha game i i a The weather raare rbaa could be expected of April and went far toward keeping the crowd in" good humor, i The gnme was called et by Umpire Critchky, with the Pittib'trgherg at the bat. P.rown went out en three arrikrs. Smith got his br.t vn balls but went dirt in rash rau for eeein-1, throngb a guod tlirow by Kiiiso from the plate.

Ty atruck e-at. Tbe I'ttroits made tha same record. Wood by -a "clever Stroka to the left field almost made his first ba3e, hut was put ont by Brown's good throw to first. Einloa got a bae oa balls. Lennett struck to itichmond, who, by a splendid play, put out Hunter on soeund and Bennett on first.

3Iountain picked up a light strike by Phillips to the houre plate and threw him oct at firt. THE STAGES. In the sacobJ inning Kncbaa knocked ft good right-Selder, but failed to heat it to the Ert base. Mann 2ot his base on balls. Richmond struck ball into tho right field, enabling Mann t-j make second and hinisel Field and Mountain went -it an su-eoesficn oa leaving the two men on bases.

Tbo Detroita went out in t'e, two, th order. Stt striking, Ulngo dying oa first and Qoest by a bound. The third inning sras character! by rapid nod effective plsying by both clubs. Kuenne ent a high Cy to the canter field. Brown tent Lis fly to the left fceld with no better success, wbilo Sroith'3 feeble foul flew into Kingo's handa witbcUt effort on his part.

The Detroit eamc in for about ten minotes, Weidman going cut at first by a elever throw from Mountain to Fields. Getzein struck out and Mountain threw Wood out at Crft. In the fourth Inning the Piitsberghs braced to a little and tried some base running business. 0'Day strnek oat. Kuehne got his base on Getzcio' balk, stole seeon-i successfully, bnt was touched oot on third by Bennett.

The Detroit captain made a strong kick ajrainss Critohley's judginent on tha balk, but the no was c. early in Critchley favor and the game piocc'dtl. Matin was touched out b- eiotreia at THE FIRST T-jS. The Ptttsbiirgh club, oy some bad playing, allowed the visitors to aiake thctr only score ia this inning. Hanlor got bis first on balls, and through a wild thiw of Mctratain made bis base.

JDen'tctt got hid hsa on balls, but was put out at fceeoni by P.ichsiond's stop, who fct'-jpe-l Booaett's short stroka aai threw to Smittt, anion, ia tha in-tor'un, making fats third base. Phillips stole eecoud at tho same time. knocked a high ia-tield ball which fH nicely into r.icbrnoiid'g hands, but he dropped it. B-ingo brought Uaelon home by a good trok? to right Quest went ont on a short fly to Richmond while Woidjian'a to Browa Sent the side to tha IiicbmoTid opened the fifth it.ninjj by a beautiful fly to the middle fiold which Uanlon, by a long rua, gathered -p. Fields struok a thort lalt to Getsuin who hiia out oa first, and in torn did the sama fayor for Mountain.

Cletaein struck to the left field. AVood went out on a high fly to Jkown. IlanJon made a safe hit to right enabling Gctnin to steal around ifi second and third while Uanion made scooad. Keulms dropped a fuu! knocked into bis territory by, who, however, went out on three strikes. Phillip?" followed Jknnettout by a short stroke to PJehsond who threw Lira out to Fields.

snor.T ad ss Afrr. The sixth inning was short and snappy. Kemru'tr knocked a rnrtgniSecnt fielder far ont between the auddle aod left field, but Wood by a Jong rvn and besutifal catch got it to the surprise of everybody. Brown went out by a short fiy to Quest while ScU pieke-i up a short infield ball lroui Piaith. The I'at wits weot out even irore rapidly.

Scott sunt (rood fiy to Mann; Bingo struck out, wbila Ques-t tent a short fiy straight at lliohaiond, who took it without eJTort. In the seventh inning O'Day wont cat on Kutikne made a good stnko to the right, bnt by a great play Miodinaa ran it onwn time to caton at Ursc. Maan got bis base on balls, s'olo second and third by fast ronning, bat H-ich-moud's nnfortunata shoit fiy to Scott sent the sid to the field agaia. Tbe retroits went out a as thy came to tbe tat. Weidman snd Oatacia struck aut.

while Wood's short P.J to Caehne acat tha nir.a to crass. Ih Pittsbnrgbera lasted about fire minutes i in the inm ig. I iehls and Mountain were put cut by Gttaein, v-ho threw thca out to Rcot at firsk Keinmler knocksi an easy fly to Quct and retired the Bin. Tbe yhitors this inning did soma pretty pood pla iog. Uanlon went out on a fiy to Kucbne, Bennett struck out, PhiT.

struck a long ily to the eld whsh rowa failed to oatoh. ictt tried the same ex peritnent, but this time Brown was a and the ietrtiis retired for tue lat tia9. OJlUW't MkKS IT. Whea the PivUburha csnie in trie! to make a showing, but it was l-v Into in tfcegu se. struck a short fail to Qotseim, who threw L'uu out to Suott.

fiy toasrd the sec-end bsw Quest failod rt-sch end fwit'i mads f.rtU O'P ty went oat by a throw from GUtiat to waila Ka'ha nbLei the iiiuipg aid game by a foul to It in go, Tt.e gane threu-bjt was iibaracte'-'jed by f.n pisyiu; on h-th sides. The inlriai of th hoti-. nine was narrowly TVitjht i by taa local spirts ana suo ry many tlx la.vit p.rotrJent in The ci'T who take sa i'lU 'labi-ebalL th sesi oa ail was of tb o't Kyombla chwactet, and all predict a sucx'sks for the nw train. Sctrf: I it laJcrwHa. a a IV -p.

5 i'T'tv i. t. Kulne, re. UirTirtn 3, a. i.

i'-: 1 i V) (V. i v- is i 1 -i vuct 1. li li ejo 0 if 0 Ilvftit, .1 Vhtiurs. il.i.g-, 2 i t. tU 0 0 0 a 1 ft i mtk oai el o.

Jim c-a LUa I l.rvi-.a 1 vn --r. i 1. L-r ai i'i. rsHiiris. 4: tro t-.

T. 'Ur-i re- ''iuj- kUr, i 1. "hT. trss. Jt -t 1 iit-i.

uiiijc Criact- 1'be i jaaie of rlj will plavel at rrcaoi tbi attcraaca. The LVrr.nt ratie Clnb will bold a tbls v-cs1 in C-oiaioa tiKr. Xke c-lab it be was iVvwiei twit ti.ra aai I ta.r;-.Ci lit Ui iciuy if tb i 0 1 Xlie scfoisd sliipiuput Swiss Era-Ibroulet Ifes Las arrlve1, fin3 ia gxvd time to fill tlis traps TafttJe by tbe cuslauirhi of baycrs, Trb were dcliMt4 wirli i oar Urst iiitporUlicn. 2f fig ends but all eoinplrte ia narrow to fiouitt-ifiar irtdtlis. Tbcn r2ue more cf tho Lace Pattenu ia IVitte E6bes more of tbe AIM) vers.

So, yoa patterns like these nynWrc, Then entirely new Colorvd Xiaibroi'Ifriar tliat are lite Apliqa? vnrkwuen as triiirilar ca glnghani anl More lite Cn, dainty, needlewcrk pat, tenv ia narrow edgxs far tbiWrai's clothes. Preach Bamis, tot, im-lutilsj more of tho popular on that bare the lascrtiug" rcuultig- tlirona tbe rca-tar. All thec Tariorti ihzt lot of all waiting fer jo to see. The Thin IThits Goods, 2teia 1 wok-i, Frencli Slaslfus, 3tili Inf Cheeks, Kttamiacs, Ttit'ktnt, Ciotbrie. Ivms, arc All ut tiie adjolautj coaer anil t-ie Lxevs are jnvt oprititc- Uri 1 ar all tbe material for tbe fpriitar few io fiHf grappa tusv.bor.

MIo ycrn Tiit of -selection oa any u.y rtow, moru iag or sfU rnoan, as most irmaie at, fair days or tloistly days. iLU vxtv turn, frcslt and snowy wlut. dNplaj- is vady. The in all its sprutg-t'nte rrdtre, la ot far i Tery uearthi mn Embroideries. ica to hare all spick aad span new tbias tnt-y r.n enllTening: elft oa wfaiter-wtary ptvplc.

Iiats fur CbiJ.Irea arc a Ltrjo part of Ibt inCia-ery display, and tbe bright-colored Straws need bat little oniAwent, aad -the shapes are a fanciful an I cute the little people themselves. Thi' Caps for the rery liUle folk at tin Fancy Wort counter, Tery near the 3iil-liaery Department. Sorrif new Frcireli Amaron 1'lotlis cop.te in. Tbu let is jast twbe an as the $1 loth, and Uiercjore teli at 2 a yard. It ii only a question of haw luacb.yon waul to pay hen It eouies this (loth question iOe all are pood aud Mrrieeable, all lit make op nicely, and then if 3 on want ue-thintbat isn't a Cloth yon bar fita ciioiees at 5 a yard In French All-wool Dres GoodN; then 75c, $1, and sa It goi tut tbis Dies O'taodi -partuif tit, only a question of what yon want) ftir us or.ij to hhm yon is for yoa to see the newest fabriei and ta select.

A new Amerlci Hlack Silk few wrU but would ay it na made In Lyons, so jerfit I it in EnUh, Jwst like tbe RI bous that are railed tLe Pride America these Itinck ilk by thir perftJioe should lay flaim to Ike aami Itiat afe to alicrtise Linen lianlt-kprthief iiiilf a bi lot; for Xi'trple, tbe $1 a dozen oaf that dj.rpjared la a day; bnt we htm a hi? lot t.on at 20 apiece, sme pile by the dozen; tbo psctJIaritycf these Is the eb-er aWnis a SOc Ilaodkt relief f.r tvVr A iiorderj asl Plenty of 12icad 15c Handlerrbkf, too. The men aren't rnortgaje oa aii th M.nrhic.i la Ibis woald, and tbe pov kiyir of tfce a nraberyJ sajuity can txcreb-e It tbif week in eurO Il'Kiei buyiu aba nia. Perr'aa Cabuwre SaaH, Chttdda fibawi Ia diASiawU. A $15 Sbant An. by I Vu Jl, tlf" Sbarh will Low furlbesi.

M-ire-s. The prbe-i an" In ynr fatyr; wliat sroro li rsfctary mnpl -t traitia: ilia I Kbawll till wet in Cloak IIfwu.ii, Any Cullfjii, rr tuW aay want will be fuual la tnr DrartaienL, The rh this rb partT.t are I be only mhfke. Tby are than aTS-twiRary la the li8ah, 4 )itebj-rt. It Hiti nh I gay list kerera! ISfrw jf hi? lately Am? arrliel ire stJilr.f at I be zjt tbfe yoa I 'Icth tae stlrei ly tsbt. TT CWk Hrt-H at tba.ab not ea tL3 hzrgzH ccsrr, 1 taatbi? Ilk tbeirt at tbe pr bre, we ktow.wb-a sain; le, TTtto' a.ebiirf at a yard.

ail Lace srt! 1 ra lf-'r ia anl nailXtj. lawbrefl, p-bte, lirs--! PvlzU, A riv 1-4 ctie Is tbJ r'-'k tbsi la Pyiaie U-ritis, Fa- brrrrl hrt Irtry Cr-is V.bit fii-b ttc sr--d 1 if are tr.I--cif wiLa t-L- Uailiif iai aid tve'tf ti i rry Ixtir partLa of lifatli Iry Ljt.a;!! Ift aiaisr-ri4 tJa. -aw fr i velrlt, the fishh A-d tbi wldfH rfcorjjtl ft- at the user 4L C0.S 1 "protect Hf and nronertr" which is pertaifJy iaadahie purpose but on readinr the bill it is evident the aatnor of it has overlooked an important sentence in the title which should be no1 Jed as aa apptndix, which scteaee cbcaid read, "to prevent the farther building of any ziote railroads into cities of the first and second slaas;" and. Whereas, It Li well known to who are engaged in manufacturing' mercantile pursuits that any expense in hauling or handling freight that will increase the cost of merchandise, sy $5 to $10 per car, is almost to many branches of tbe and would yir-tnaiiy drive many industries ont of cur city; and, Whereas, Most of the freight handled ia this 4Hty is of a character that to compel the hi-iling of all merchandlie that is received fron. or tfeliverwl to railroads to be by teams, say one to six miles, or to compel new raii-osds coming into the city to be baiit cp on trestle-work or dowa under ground, to be reached by dangerous and expensive elevators, would be a ptrit5ve barrier against any new railroads entering this city, and compel our trado to submit to the terms of the reads that am sow bailt.

ia fact the language cf the till bear the esrmar'ss of the canning devices of who bare aisuaged to get rn.preceder.ted privilegei and franchises lor the road they control (snov in 5 their value) and the disadvantages rival wrtol.l compljicg with the conditions of biil No." 12e- Whereas, We would suggest to those who are favoring the pasge of bills that won id pre- Ttnt irx ouiluiDg of railrooiis tato cities, in- Tolvirg the crossing of streets at grade if tke- wouiu contemplate what benefits Pittsburgh. Chijago and many other cities Lave eniavei bv fcaTing railroads built into the busiest part of the city by eroding streets at grade, or what those cities wcul i be to-day if such theorias had beta enacted iuto laws ia tbe different fiutas years ago; therefore, fcwoktd, That ths Grain aad Flour Exchange of Pittsburgh eate their protest aaiust tbe passage of Senate Bill Ko. 13b and rfspeotfully the members from county ia both branjhes of the Legislature to give thf ir inSuence and to east their votes agrdnst the passage of the aforesaid fciih There was ns debate aod the resolotions wera adopted unanimously. "The bill," sadd a prom-ireat member of the Exchange at the meeting, "virtuaily aims to build a wadl around the eity juui out iurii.Br compc.i'iou. 1 iie ii.

A U. wants to get into PhiiadelpLU aad Vanderbilt wanu to iild his line? into this city. It an readily be seen what effect it woasd have on these two cities alone. Wo must have it killed or it will paralyze all our industries." COiOEEO KXIGHTS. Annual Ttanquet ot Cyrene Cottiiuandery XHt Nijfiit.

Cyrene CommanJer No. 9, Colored Kniirhts Templar, gave their annual basqact last tiight at its ayluui in the Keystone Bank bIl-3ng, Garrison and Liberty flrcet The rooms were hr.nd-omely deorated with smilax and natural flowers. Tbe refreshment enlisted of a sidendid supper with chamsa2n 2nd ether rftesbmer.t-. The toast, "EaSor was responded to by ir Knight Tiiilows. 'Masked Alater Masons" was diseased by C.

II. G'DiiiinciL Sir Knight Palmer i-cspcnJed to "Masonry ia Its Various Forms." Cyrene Commandory was institatad ia IS 19 and fcas been in good cocditiLia ever since. It now number abont forty-two numbers, ntarly aii of whom were present. Ia addition te the Commandory K. T.

there is a l-jdze of Maaoai-5n a Ort -wtoty of degree men'irs of the Seotthh l'lte ia tbe bcilding, aii in good The P'rvke3 Last night were properly bcna oa Sunday by religiouj services at John Wesley Church, on Arthur Etrcet, below VSjli aveane. Grand Prelate Eer. tie-j-we IviUfX preached the sermon to tha Knights dressed in full uniform. Among thoso who were prosect last night were Iteputy Grand Commander C. If.

ODonuell aud wife, Part Eaincnt Comtaander JL J. Billows find daughter, Euiioect Commander Isaao Watson anu lady, and a isaWf of membst of tbe cc-mman Jeris and lodges, Mr. and (ic.Rre Taylor, Mr. Peck, 31 olds, Mr. Jba Pur-plos and v.fv, Mr.

An L.rsoa anl wife and a large camber of otoer. jMJiicnATiox to" It I EitrMer TKin It Has Even Several Yeara lnat. Uaioa 3pot oiSciab state of the tbo.isaEis of immigraaU who reaeh the city almost ot-'y a yery fiw stop and settle la Pittsburgh. Last spring a great micy made Pit'bargh their aippiag place, and this was a gsiseral dL tr'bctkn pcint for the Middle Atlautis States. They are net aton-ping here this year, Lot hasten oa to the j-reat Wetaod Norths e-t.

I'tvUrdiiV twenty-two earlna-ia of iwai-grauts arrii iu tbe eity, but nt ee raaini btre. They will Sod la Jdinnesota, Nebraska and prineipally. M' of tha to the UaiUd 6tst at the prcseot ttaso is from Germany ad S'--dioavia. Tn rv Las beea a Icre inTeacs lt lmw tat this 13 always tha case i the riBjr. imi-aat ageaU that this rvt com pal rery faTorabiy wtta fortoer year yeara it; nutabers aad tie cf trri I who ar fcuxk-js xx twjome Aseries eltisrsi.

AwvBg imaigrai were foqr l.ttle chiidr.R bound St. LoaLi, whs Lai 5t the ssr lr jtii Ufirai.ay by tctmFjtye. The c-it was a Int'e irt ot JJ year wbns tbe ottng'-isl wm a of 4. SOfTH 81 1113 IIAIXS. eryirtte of Xva'tr c-rtiay tt Tri-wii of Tae Anchor of.h.g Clab tn er- j- and JJ LaTl at 1 IS all, Ut nisht.

AboU prp nt- The Wiliisaa Laag LBatt As-5eltii gars a rtfttisd'n of the Woo-ii-attor," at Odd riiSoas ILil, Fat'a SI, algi-t. Afi t-a eaUrtalaiatat a g-nefal dasa vn At Franki-a HaS tVt 2TC1 rc; by iiiriraf--' of si ti at. i r4 cwst's to trt ia tbo iX5 B.a"i. hi tie Cvxr 5ia -r a liraf SiiJjflI iat '55 i.d i --y ILe of rcst-rvcu rts i-j ius cucutftj JMiy Fivl at IL. fcTjabw la' sr.ak st-r April 22.

Tie Wi3 bo Tjt-Urs TtCwii' r-btra, Mahals T.r..b-d! -i a 1. Ttt 'e- rer i a. r-- a r. i f.r :.4 A- 'a. E.

k. taar.j iti--'-a-1 i'i a t) IC r- a i 4.1,'.-.- 1-1. tl- ri 1 i iit.i ----rr-s 1 IE I A Oxttral IWarer. ar. 1 a 4 it i i a feature was the discussion of a paper read by pev.

Jlr. it right 'tor minUte-a ana other Uhrktians-So usa- conveyances on the Sabbt.tU ia reaching places of worship? The following aie the ofaccr3 for the enfving 'President, "Mr. Eobertson; Vice Rst. Mr. MstiiL'; Secretary, Eer.

Mr. Miliir; tlxteuiive UoinEntttoc, Iter, idesara. Cooper. Irons and Graham. Tbe Presbyterian iyllcistrial Association discussed tbe Synod overttrrs; to sustenta-tioa of ohororsae witbin tha State.

Tb following Officers were etectcl for the next quarter: Key. J. E. Bay, D. President; Rev.

Mr. Lanrdtz, Vice President; Key. Mr. Moore, Ses-rtry and A the conference of ministers yea-ter lay the following ofScers were elected for tbe quarter: President, Key. Dr.

Woodbarn; Eec-retary, Iter. T. H. Cbaptnan; Ckranaittee on Membership, ller. D.

McCi-ory, Her. J. V. Kiddle and Ilcv. J.

Dcckman. TieT. Mr. Lay-feter read a ikatch of a sermon. TEE THE AT ERi.

An Excetk-Bt Day at library Hall The Other Airmsements. One of the reallj good plays ttat- hare ten seen hfcte this reason is "Mcnte Gristo, which was pt oa at Library Ha.ll last night. Well ocstracted, a fair Torsion of the famous romance, it is giTen by a eepital company with a leader, Mr. James O'Neil, who has both satsral ability and good trsiaiag to recommend him. It is a snattor of regret that lack of space prevents a stateraen of the merits of tha drama.

It is a goyi plsy and shosld be seen. The Kcnts-Santiey Company is at the Academy of Muste this week. It is not necessary to spoak ol the strength of this? Its members are all well known here, and the admirers of the raadarilie theater are well aware of the ex.telient entertainment they pire. The matinees this week will D8 Tnesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Lfcege'i "Bad Boy" Cc-mpany played to large well-pleassd audiences at Harris' Fifth Avenue Museum yesterday.

When the com pa. ny was here before an injunction was Served on luent to prevent the u3e' of the title "Peck's Bad Boy." They have dropped "Peck's" and call it the "Bad Boy" now, giving tbo same show with the same people and in the same manner. The Sixth Street Museum was open yesterday as usual, and bad plenty of yisitor. The Lion Slayers are the chief attractions ia the hall. The stagu performance is good.

Ma-k and Marstcn, Somers and Waters and others are on the program, Earlow A ilsc-n's mltiEtrels aro at the this week; A roller skating scene is the only new featurQ worthy of notice. TOiA COaiMITTEK. Chamber of Commerce anl Use i.Ver City Cbarter. TLe new cpj charter raa under Consideration by the djr.etora of the Chamber of Cam-merce Ia calling attention tt the charter President Dravo said that the Chamber ehould give it prwoipt attention. Tha charter was of.

the importance to the city, and if tbe Chamber did not give if careful consideration then that body uorelict in its duty. Mr. Foilarsbee informed the Chamber that ha bad received a Utter from Senator A nit saying that that body could tak action on tha charter' as publiahed in the (Vn unctAt. as the report was a perfect fac timile of tbe bill. Mr.

John B. Jackson moved to refer the charter to the Legislative Committee with power to tail in now members to giro their rpiaion of the excellence or deficiencos of tha difTerent parts. The motion prevailed. Mr. Charks Mcyran moved that a committee of three be sent to Harrifburg to look after the tural gas bills endijig.

Tbe motion was adopted, and the President announced that fce woutd rani) the committee at the noxt aceting. Mr. Walter Horning, the Penn street Sonr r.erouuatj waa elected a utetnbsr of the Chamber. THE ritOIIIJJlTIOMSTS. ATeryyoUt leetliisr Vesteria.r Afternoon Mr.

Eincn'a rIeetitija. There vas I Ttrv stna'l attendance at the Prohibit ioaists' meeting at headquarters, on Sixth street, yesterday aiternooa. The matter of making the proper for the jrrcat Ftoii meeting to L-e held at Lafayette Hail, in this city, i' the nibt of tho lth generally -disiusscd. It was detorminci to ite tickets of Hyitalina to as msny people in ths eorniy of Allegheny and cities therein. Mrs.

Gormley aai other Ltd tea, wh ore resent yolunteered to attend to the matter cf addressing anl sending the at-ddso to the work of haviag the "hangorsT placed ia tbe street curs tha sfeveral lines in this city. TLa Cuufity Commiaea of the p.arty was 1 to Mr. J. B. Fine1 Chairman of the National CcmmiUoe, on arrival ia this and weiooma Lisa, aa i to Jtccowpaay fcita to McKecaport nsxt i'riuay on the ccnsioa fcU meeting thers.

Mr. Smith, a very coiored lady who beta do'ag work ajr.onj bar own peorle, addrtsol the meeiiag for minutas. She ot the work and her interest ia it in a taost and cloMent Etaa- resolution wa adptd Tw.iuesrteg the re of the ily papers of thL city to go t- Piiiar nti-bt rv rt ice at 1 Overtjr Amiens. A boy WiLaara Ia-Is hf too great a biutsalf IT; Hi tfbcr.v yfcaiiiJs.y. It t.unsw up the i'i.

ri'ii wjctc be wat the game of La- Li! 2 I ia v. a.w taeMM a Ivt tho slates ca the r.f ia wall.icg aossd sad the 6acT L.vl I aad Taata as Irs as. fvtra in': tvr. TLy Si verity Jtamj. C.

Adams was severely burned at tie ieurtao we.J, titi.s, oa tbe Wtra taiL He as wcsitTsj abc-Qt tbe rvrj. ja? Ti? wjta 4 lijbi hec ra ttwk are aad raj -ii ia his lice. II aa la va a traia asi takes to laa Vi'eft rrt 1S6hI1 frtreatact. lioy. Two kws tbrew handial of rixa Mr.

a le.jj wss tiet c-a ftrtst, AH-pscit. yrstor-sy. oal fribttiei It tu it ikQ wtta a ec AUo- Eiry araxj tia b-j-e wt k-a liy est ar-d tia "tKjfjy overtartsei aai w-L IVa.l. tnown as ter KSC-wn a -tvifT biitlarea, r.v tte Yijrst jkcy, dit-4 at tae A.Jds'9eay City lt eviaiag. A 2 years cii nswjwsi Tories ratkia til a fiaxra at aw severe, xtMtuta tt-et yr'tor-lay aad trv't i 1 1 1 1 1 i W0.DE!',FL'L MRCALNS CAR ET AT GROETZINGER'S XL fine? eaalitlesof kinds of CarpH.

tew Spleadii norcftic inst reee'red. rrviai urpor tatioo. aii 1 not to bf e)stwhrre. Prices are uafetaaltd. as ail rii wm order iba striki advanced ra'w This i the f.r Lsce Cortains no Louse wea of Xew York has fall and fn a yaricty.

Tarkoaas Certains. Furein Tti asi Csria'n Trimndngi a sredalty. mm mmm, Xo. 13i Federal SI. -ad 44 Diimoiid, OUR LEADERS FOR THIS WEH3L A Cf.

CI' PvTA Si- Utw E-ij-a' Fttr Ehjrt Wai-t t'i and excelled Ch irei's ii- tr f'I reju-lar. fi v-vais. at Xt Elvk at SOS. T- 1 sr wrta rxjtm avs'-nr, bt tby aod wk thewa at 1 --w iiee id lZtrX i'4mma mi 0.r-r tia to i-y U'ldo at a vr tb-y -SEii: Srt i then HLfJ AtMer Itrt tables Eitt? in.ierA 4Sn. OcrltW Itraamard C-ciey so a fcf aaaao fa-! li L'cr U.

liiat l'" i'; L-rar Is a vr I ks win t.TT.i tic r.r feuvtii a. 1'- t. Ua. t-Tri'-a-xU-si. Ti xs's la is I fey a Low'i r-is tew rt-foiyi Chas.

A. Brown COfc. PD5 ATD STUFFT. Water Street, 2ti8fa.t5r(ra Tank. JT-t far-Xs-ac ia-i Mail lvaifrt-tr iid LAdi? liork, lro 31 lif fr Carrrr- i Li-AS, rut ira i Lit 1H a -I.

a a i 1 r. Biter Conlev, 55 iind 56 of the tiv ot. .4" -s j-rim I ly Lib tcusvs vj. tb V.avs as-d 2 at i 4 Kitl Vhw ty'Kie. 1 tne tsksa is tL a--.

i3 -1.

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