Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 16, 1931 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1931
Page 9
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' "ff^ VINGS (Copyright 1031) „ j lay me down to sleep, wrd my soul to keep," preach- pack their one hundred he while Assembly waring fingers to he ,, laws for state and "hundred «tty solons 'in warbling farewell beaded brow they mop .as homeward the pre- Upon the desert sands writ no laws which though they were filled 1 zeal, they nary added They argued for their our 1"3 seemed of no ond all their noisy, reduced no whll .our Inquiring In to S. U. L, W ho got the pie, and we were twenty crooks, tampered with the sors' bill, the income tax, Ted from the solons- backs one hundred million high d as buck to you and ,1. \itre passed, three score 'though barely one was _; oh, yes, they really k they cut the budgets l(! |c' And so another ses- .,, and the legislators Join [for now I lay me down to 3 inn ••• VU Printed Last Week largest clrcnlatlon l» r far In Kossntli. CTflOC WHEN YOU OfcBSB H 0 I III V Tllls '" one Al * ona t*9** whlek «• not keep coming after yon order It dl«eonthi»»4. Save yourself fnture embarrassment by taktet the paper yon can stop when you want H pod. Volume 30 ALGONA, IOWA, APRIL 16, 1931 Number 31 MWionJsCut from School Appropriations • • Jt • • 4% BH 4^ • _ ^ - _ >§•• ' ' •"•-"• !*•••• . M ..... .. ._. _. . _. _ ... ^g ^| ijj HOUSE SLASH OBJECTED TO BY EDUCATORS Income Tax Measure Still Held Up by Assessor Bill. NEWS •. of Our .. Neighbors pray the Lord my soul to o—o , noticed that while «v. 0 'e of England was , ft iog last week, bedrid- t* everything, he Sot right [went to signing protocols learned that Mayor , of Chicago, had been Just shows what ef- tr mayors in America has > king of • England. -o • ing up the Iowa idea of in„ little old New ' York Jlooking into the conditions pork City. Please note that , the country in many o—o rlncipality of Cedar county, Itchell in charge, is clamor- 1 attention just now. And lit. Even Governor Turner (atements. o—o i like the 44th assembly illvfrt the attention |S. U. I. investigating com| to Cedar county. How- second thought, that j't be, for Verne Marshall i brother are in the en; business, not the dairy o—'o i scientist says this state ire dry this year than in i proves he doesn't know iout the activities 'of the and the home brewers IWrds who know how to ex| dozen drunks from a few maize, Iowa may fall i a standpoint of preclpi- 11 am not worried about in flasks or jugs. o—o Interim committee to study t the next two years in the 44th joust. pUrthe $20,000 appropriat- efficlency experts to [schemes of retrenchment i payers ought to be some- leved in the next decade. 60,000 is a lot of dough to' | (or something which any " i school kid could give. i is the age of efficiency, fter what the cost. o—o ' problem which the legis- fiust solve is whether the the snaky 75-foot trucks > rut ilowii or whether the [commission should enlarge 'find curve in our high- in to give the snakes room I corners without endanger- Ists. o—o Mure.way to keep those I" ' off the highways to tear up the pave- ie y can't navigate dirt id ten minutes' rain on «« yrould put 'em out, mission. o—o : of it is that a T. B. in- F» gives milk of th& same [tot pumped from a healthy "•">• was some way to dlf- ween tainted milk and Cedar county would be as any of the other o—o s, after a survey, that a fanner 20 miles behind a carriers walls 23- j comluctors on trains, it. WB the conductors' \yage 1 former's income, looks ' 'inner walks t oo far. 0—0 General Assembly has nhL havlns many-tank- they By Byron G. Allen. Storehouse, Des Molnes, Apr. 13— Adjournment seems farther away than it did a week ago. Three conference committees have been sucesslvely appointed on the state Income tax measure, yet the House and Senate seem no nearer agreement now than when the Senate put the county assessor rider on the House measure." 'The biennial appropriation bill, first acted upon in the Senate and passed by the ' House Thursday, shows the two bodies $404,196 apart and $l,.1.33,3a6 below Budget Director Oscar Anderson's recommendation. The heaviest reductions were made In the appropriations for the university, $653,000; Iowa State college, ' $296,200; and Iowa State Teachers college, $82,356. These reduction proposals, first voted by the Senate, more drastically in the House, brought forth 'an outcry from President George T. KASTICRN STAB SCHOOL IS HI51.I) AT HURT— BURT—An Eastern Star school of instruction was conducted at the O. B. S. hall last week Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. Zola Schaeffer, Manly, district instructor. A ' At the Call Theatre A Review of the Recent Talkies by T. H. C. likely groundless, thing- but a censor! Heavens, .any- N° JL ^ n MORE CONSPICUOUS example of the mass-mindedness of the American people couUI be found than the- practice of following one outstanding cinema success with dozens of mediocre imitations. Along this same line might be mentioned the tremendous vogue which "gang" pictures are enjoying at this time. One would think from reading the current list of the new pictures that life Is just one "racket" after another. Most of the gangster talkies are pure drivel, devoid of merit; at best, morbid and depressing. From a moral stand-point, they are above criticism, because the law is always -. „.„.. A , supreme in the final fade-out, and o'clock dinner was served to a large' vlctlm a 'ways pays for his crime ,.... .. . wlth hls llfe So £ari Ho gooA But the endless and monotonous succession with which they stalk about our silver screen, that's what we object to. Little Caesar l s really the best of the gang pictures which has come to our attention thus far; Edward G. Robinson gives the title role a convincing ring, and the direction Baker, "of the state board of education, quoted as saying: Claims School Jeopardized. ' "Our state schools are put in Jeopardy by the terrific cuts) in appropriations made by the /House. Unless the House allowances -are Increased, it will be necessary to eliminate whole departments, discharge faculty members, and take other backward steps which we could not retrace for years." The House slashes were made under the leadership of Chairman George J. Van Buren, of the appro priotions committee, who had the backing of a majority of members on nearly every proposal. The Jones county solon wielded the lash of pre campaign promises for decreased ex penditures, and culled attention to Governor Turner's demand for retrenchment and a slowing clown of expenditures which have been con- •tinually mounting since the war. The appropriations chairman frequently cited testimony taken before the university investigation committee to show that tuition money and other income had been diverted for the purchasing of real estate and the making of capital .improvements. This money, he said, should go for support of faculties, and then the. state appropriation would be ample. Three leave Committee. However, when the House sought to cut deep into the support funds for educational purposes at the state university, Representatives Miller, Byers, and Allen left the investigation committee to vote against a cut of some $300,000. , As Byers explained on the floor, funds for the support of the faculty ar e the life blood of the university. Teachers and students make the university, he said. Despite this'pro- testation, the House did cut deeply Into, the funds for the university. A House and Senate conference committee must now reconcile differences on the appropriation bill. The congressional redistricting set number of members and visitors. Helen Schrader was initiated at an evening session. SEXTON GOSPEL TEAM GIVES WESLEY SERVICE- WESLEY—A gospel .team from Sexton, Mrs. Lloyd Steven, leader, had charge of services at the Methodist church Sunday evening. The pastor, the Rev. Mr. Moore, offered the opening prayer, and the Sexton choir sang a special. Herman Wise, main speaker, gave an excellent talk on prohibition. There was congregational singing, and Mrs. S4even offered the closing prayer. YELLOW. CLOUDS OF DUST BLOT LU-VERNE ..SKY—,-. LU VERNE — Dust Sunday in great sky-yellowing clouds driven by a tireless south wind gave Lu Verne the appeanmce of a desert city in a sandstorm. Old residents said it was the worst dust blow in years. The dust was of a. quanity sufficient almost to blot out the'sun. On highways motorists had as much difficulty to proceed as in a dense fog. Early morning gave no hint of the approaching storm, the sun rising in an unclouded sky; • but shortly after 7 the wind increased in velocity and ^gained strength steadily till evening. It whipped dust from fields and roads, and even uncovered seed was whirled off tho fields. Six o'clock brought a lull In the wind and the reappearance of the sun, and the radio brought the cheerful forecast "fair and probably rain" Monday. WIFE OF JOHN CORK, FORMERLY HURT, DIES— BURT—AVord was recently - re, ceived here of the death of Mrs. John Cork April 1 in California. She is remembered by old residents as the wife of Burl's first depot agent. The Corks left Burt 30 years ago and lived at Mt. Vernon till a' year or two ago when they , moved to California. forth in is now an the Tamlsiea-Anderson bill accomplished fact, for ° f the overly endowed with o—o Rj«Jon has been Sa .«>nstituent?'' There n ining anymore. In & VB a constituent cc .^promise Qf sometimes he ribl 6 conscience: o—o JOS. SIEURERS, WHITTEMORE, ARE 50 YEARS WED— WHITTEMORE — Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meurer celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary Sunday, and dinner in honor of the occasion was served. Father Veil, the John Lau- benthals, Whittemore, the Nick Meurers, Plover, the J. T. Meurers, Wesley, the Nick Laubenthals, Emmetsburg, and the Henry Lavrenzes and Mrs. Prank Capeslus, Algona, attended. Others were expected, but were unable to come because of the dust storm. METHODIST PASTORS HOLD MEETING AT WESLEY— . — A monthly sub-dis- get tr. even sc 61 Ur <>some- to the on- the Senate passed the measure with ^ut eight dissenting votes and the governor has placed his signature on the bill. An attempt by the Senate sifting committee to redistrict the state senatorial districts has failed miserably. Only a handful responded to wipe out Iowa's "rotten-borough" senatorial districts — Jackson and Clayton .counties. Northwest Discriminated Against. Northwestern Iowa must continue to be. discriminated against in Senate membership. Interest has now centered on this writer's proposal to have the redistricting, don» by the supreme court. The legislative effort to force retrenchment in all the taxing aubdl visions, of the state was culminated last week in the passage of Elliott of Scott's bill to require a 5 per cent decrease in the flexible • levies of municipalities, ^townships, and counties. The bill now goes to the governor. Tho s-pecial legislative committee to investigate the affairs of the university and other institutions under the state board of education finished six weeks of labor Saturday. The committee is now trying to get Its' report before adjournment of the assembly. The charges against Lt, Gov. Arch W. McFarlane which loomed large early in the session but were squelched with the tabling- of Short of Woodbury's resolution for an investigation seem likely to come to life again because of the university investigation; McFarlane's coal dealings with state institutions may lead to further inquiries by the Assembly, if hotel-lobby gossip means anything. Trench Foot HMMiFQ Hthl9tf^9 f 90t Why puffer from the aueer efcln aease cauilne severs Itching. ,o» «• ftn« feet, cracking, peeling ikl* •ttniRtosworm, frencl) Foot or .nd Itch. < when you can avoid In- Sii^flU'j _..i;ri,f.r v,«oi vniii> akin trict meeting and luncheon for Methodist ministers and their wives took place at the local parsonage Monday. Towns represented were Burt, Tltonka, Algona, Good Hope, Lu Verne', Sexton, and Llvennore. VISITOR-TO GERMANY BACK AT FENTON HOME— FENTON — Ernest Rockow returned Thursday from a stay of two years in Germany. The unemployment situation there is about the same as it is here. He attended the funerals of a brother and a sister during his stay. The winter was mild there as here. Mr. Rockow of- young Mervyn Leroy (he is one of the youngest of our directors, only 30 years of age) gives the production a distinction which it might otherwise lack entirely. We have here a complete record of a gangster's life, from hi» beginnings as a mere hold-up man to a position second only to the "Big Boy". We see him then, sliping back till the gutter claims him again, and he dies an ignoble death, chewed to pieces by bullets from a detectives' machine gun. So skilfully has Erector Leroy traced this graphic story, so carefully has he avoided gruesome details which might have ruined his masterpiece, that notwithstanding our intense antipathy for this type of picture we are forced to admit the genius of the man "behind the scenes". The drama moves so swiftly, the end comes so suddenly, and yet no detail of Rico's rise or fall has been overlooked, that it is a marvel O f directorship to note how carefully each episode has been worked out. Edward G. Robinson turns in a masterful piece of act- Ing as the hardboiled gang-leader, u-hose t selfish ambition and un guarded egotism spell his final defeat. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. is badly miscast as a tough Italian thug, but p:ays his part heroically against overwhelming odds. The girl (we have forgotten her name) is .the weakest "character"in the play." Little Caesar will make a mark foi future gang talkies to shoot at, but that won't prevent an avalanche ol them from swamping the silvei screen, good, bad, and indifferent \ NYONE WHO HAS SEEN Leon •'* Errol and his crumbling leg in the musical comedy stage success Sally, will be disappointed in Finn and Hattie, -a story written by one Donald Ogden Stewart, who pur ports to be a humorist. Certainly his bid for fame was not based on Air. and Mrs. Haddock Abroad, frorr which the movie title of Finn am Hattie was taken. Even the. olc reliable (with no reflections as to nge) ZaSu Pitts flattens out in this picture, the first really poor role in \vhich we have seen 'her. The two youngsters, Mitzi Green and Jackie 'Searl, really "steal" the show; that is, if you care for the sophisticated, conscious, smart-ale: antics of movie "kids", which w< do not. There is only one young ster who ever registered with us on the silver screen, arid his name i Leon Jennings (Oh yes, there was a boy in Part Time Wives namec Tommy Clifford'-whom wei'liked). Finn and Hattie is a combination of drinking, children, vampires, ancl "wisecracks," and if this is i "happy conglomeration, then we don't anything about the eternal fitness of things. Most of the scenes were taken on hoard an ocean liner and in the wicked city of Paris, which city, by the way, is about as harmless and exciting as Algona, if we are to believe the movies. They have drawn a "Dead Lion" cafe Into this picture and Put on an apache dance, but the place has all the earmarks of Hollywood and Is as respectable as State's Cafe— without reflections o n tho latter. We found Finn and Hattlo extremely long and excessively tiresome. We didn't even find ONE of those thousand laug.hs they talked about in the preview. By the way, why don't we guide ourselves more by the "trailers"? They are usually truthful enough about the pictures which are coming, if we would follow our hunches. OEHOLD THE WESTERN, all L* dressed up in technicolor; a •ather sexy affair, this Woman iungry, and not much of a show 'or the kiddles to see! The opening scenes in a shootin', tootin' he-man's saloon aren't so bad, because they give us a graphic protrayal of this extinct institution, but the subsequent flashes of milady's boudoir, with three leering old drunks peep- ng in at the bedroom window, dsn't so good. The beautiful Lila Lee makes an eyeful, as she always does, and the rest of the cast is adequate jut the show is not up to the usual Buck Jones or George O'Brien standard. It is plain 'that this technicolor 'western" Is an experiment on the ?art of the producers to keep a is a brother of Mrs. gram. Albert Wolf- EIJNA LOEBIG, WESLEY, WKI>S CHAULES KERHINS— WESLEY— -The marriage of Edna Loebig and Charles Kerrins Jr. took place at St. Joseph's church at 8:30 last week Tuesday morning, the pastor the Rev. George P. Wessling, officiating. The couple was attended by Eunice Studer and Louis Loe- blg. A wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride's father to the bridal party and, immediate relatives. Later in the ( day Mr. and Mrs. Kerrins left for a short wedding trip, and on their return they will begin housekeeping on the- John Lawless farm, east of town. Run-Down,Weak, Nervous? To have plenty <?f firm flesh and the abUityto do a big day's work and feel Ce a two-yeawjld" at night, yo« must relish your food and properly di- ou can't eat, can t sleep, Saturday-cowboy-audlence Whether introduction of satisfied the sex :heme was wise procedure we can hardly say, but this is one picture which called forth the family edict to the children, "No show this Sat urclay, kids." At that, they proba bly wouldn't have known what it ivas all about, and our fears were 'HJ3 SHORT SUBJECTS, In connection with the feature picture, continue to show the same ack of ingenuity on the part of the producers as usual. In fact, there has been little progress made since wo saw the first one-reel talkie In Fort Dodge two years or more ago. Even the last Vagabond Director travelogue seemed welcome, after the Innane drive] O f short comedies. Laurel and Hardy contributed the only touch of humor that w e have seen to the situation in a funny little skit called "Hog Wild". And then, there's the Incidental music in the Pathe Audio Review; that's always good. ALLENRUE 48 HOUR WEEK-END TREATMENT FOR RHEUMATISM SUFFERERS NOW JOYFU1— THANKFUL — ASTONISHED I'nln, Agony and Swelling Go Over Week-end or Money Back Says E. W. Lusby. 8 OZ. BOTTLE 85 CENTS They call this the Allenru weekend treatment for Rheumatism, Sciatica and Neuritis because you can go to bed on Friday night — stay there as much as possible till Monday morning and while there drive the uric acid from your ailing joints and muscles. But during that time you must take Allenru as directed—for Allen- ru acts with double speed when the body is relaxed and rested and this week-end method is particularly valuable to folks who don't want to lose time through the week. You can purchase Allenru from E. W. Lusby or any progressive druggist in America—a large 8 ounce bottle 85 cents—and money back if it doesn't do as advertised. —3 Sony of \ the Robin ** sa y s . GARDENING If ; You're going to have a lot of fun this spring and summer if you're equipped with high grade equipment in working in your garden through spring and summer. But quality tools are a necessity— and here they are offered in a special selling at prices that will surprise you pleasantly. Spades Bakes Hoes Scoops Scythes Barrows Mowers Sprinklers Garden Hose FULL LINE OF GARDEN SEEDS KOHLHAAS HARDWARE ALGONA ana noaoninoa n . . The . . CORNER GROCERY and MEATS Just Received a Shipment of Catsup, 2. large bottles 25c 1 qt. large olives 33c 18 cans assorted beans $!l.OO 5 cans No. '2% assorted fruit in syrup 97c 12 cans assorted corn, tomatoes, peas string beans $1.08 3 large cans sardines, mustard or tomato sauce '. • • •. 25c 1 Ib. can red salmon .' 25c Chase & Sanborn Seal brand coffee 38c 3 Ib. fancy Peaberry coffee, a real bargain for 63c Our meat department is filled with the best of all kinds of fresh and cured meats. BRING US YOUR EGGS. H.R,SORENSEN & GO, Phone |139. noaonoonnoao Call Theatre Algona, Iowa "\Vatch for the Change In Program Saturday This AVeefc! Thursday and. Friday, April 16-17. Thursday mat. 2:30. Prices 10-30c. BICIIABD BABTHELMESS in "The Finger Points" One of the big entertainments of the month. Story based oti the Chicago Tribune Reporter episode— THE LINQLE CASE , Just cleared up the past week by the conviction of Brothers, the St. Louis gangster. EXTRA SPECIAL, SATURDAY! 2 Matinees,. 1:30 and 3:30. Prices, 10-SOc. don ikin* •pecfaUit. Dr. N H you can't eat, work, just give Tariac the chance to do for you what it has dona for millions. Mrs. Fred Westin, of 887 B. 67th St. North, Portland, Ore., says: "Tan- lac cured my stomach trouble com- pletdy after three years suffenn^. It built me UP to perfect health, with a gain of 27 Ibs. 1 ' Tanlae is wonderful for indigestion —BwTpauis, nausea, diz^new and headacheTlt brings back lost appe- tito/hdp* you digwt food, To Remodel Or Repair— Time is fleeting. Prices are the lowest in years. So whatever remodeling or repair your home needs, have it done NOW. "We can furnish you anything you need in the building line at rock bottom prices th i s spring. Don't delay as prices are likely to advance later in the season. Botsford Lumber Co. !S6 Algon», |owf "Vyatch the Swede kid the gang' sters. . Brendel Is twice as funny as he was in "Just Imagine" because there is twice as much of him. He appears straight as the gang ster and doubles as the Swede com edian. Watch him fool the kids at toy store, Watcli him use the Austin car In a getaway. You should plan, to see this on with the family. Also Comedy Program, Watch for «SWppy B , showing ID Algona In about two weeks-— » days, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It's a tip show for all. and Monday, Apr. 19 and 30 1 and 3 O'clock Matinees, 10-35c. Any seat in the theatre. -7-9 o'clock shows regular prices. SPECIAL TREAT! SPECIAL! Practically same cast as in Par- ir, Bed Room and*Bath. Including the longest laugh ictures. Charlotte Greenwood CLIFF EDWARDS REGINALD DENNY LEILA HYAMS LILLIAN BOND in the 5-Star Picture Wednesday, Thursday and Friday April 22, 33, 84 Matinees each day, 2:30. Prices, 10-30c. Night shows, regular prices. A howling success If it hurts you to laugh — stay away from this one. Equals the -fun in Parlor,' Bed Room and Bath. —Also— News * Cartoon -.Comedy Tuesday, April 21, • ONE DAY ONLY 2:30 Matinee, 10-30c. NORMA TALMADGI! in «Dubarry w The first Norma Tajmadge picture in a year. Gh.ariie Chaplin, u It's showing in all the big at this time. Compare the entertainment of Chaplin, silent, to • talking tures. It's a combination of all the bl laughs in former Chaplin stories.' NEW — JUST RELEASED pic- Well Balanced program Saturday, Aprl) 85. 1:30 and 3:30 matinees, 10-80c. TOJf TJXEB SERIAL "Phantom of flie West" COMEDY FEATURE ' JOE E« BBOWN world's greatest comedian ,' —— MvA THE BIG to 60 Tears In Algpna in about two Wednesday, Thursday Friday. 2:30 Matinee each day. Advance Warning! — Get ready for this one! Skippy Is mighty big, Every critic, all city audiences, held spellbound. Held over for and Monday, Apr, f* NOEHA I£*«K j,, -. 1 4 ._»fes;.»

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