Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 16, 1931 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1931
Page 6
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THURSDAY. PAGE '**, \feetables garden ALL the varieties in which you 11. are interested and which are adapted to this section are now available in the Northrup, King Si Co. seed box at a nearby store. The seed is of as fine quality as you can obtain at any price; the packets are of standard size and well filled; the display box is convenient to select from and the price is only . • .• CHURCH WINDS UP GOOD YEAR Irvington, Apr. 14—The Rev. A. English preached Sunday on The Mission of Angels". He read the llth verse of the 91st psalm. A special collection to meet the assembly tax was taken up, and the offering amounted to $16. Sunday school attendance was 82. After service the annual congregational meeting was held, and Frank Ditsworth. Earl Miller, and M. L. Roney were elected trustees. Reports were read as follows: Church — Pledges, $556; collections, S1SS.27; received from othei sources, $90.48. Total, $784.87. Expenses—Total, $784.87. Total amount received from al "hurch organizations, ,$1218.24. Aid Society—Amt. on hand Apr. 1 1930. $181.05; collections, $73.73; ba- 7/iar and supper, $116.55; sales Dol Inr day, subscriptions^ etc, $104.05 Total, '$475.38. Expense—Paid minister, $200; ma terial for new shed, $39.23; gifts ant flowers, $21.50; expenses for bazaa and sale. S1S.98; Janitor dues, $1B re-wiring, r-nge, commission 01 magazines, and other expenses $43.48. Total, $341.19. Balance on hand. $134.19. Missionary Society—Taken in col lections, $77.09; missionary barrel ?15; bake sale, $10; quilt, $6; mis cellaneous sdurces, $19.77. Total received, $127.86. Expense—Sent to home and foreign missions, $100; paid on minister's salary, $15.48; for White Cross work $4.40; gifts and flowers, $5.87; miscellaneous, $2.11. Total, $127.86. Sunday School—No. of services, 49- total attendance, 2,611. Amount on hand Apr. 1. 1930. S29.16; collections and special offerings, $161.40; birthday offering, $12. Total, $202.56. KOSSUTH fUiPNTY ADVA*™* ALQONA. IOWA IRVINGTON'S ARGUMENTS OF ADVOCATES OF BOOZE FLAYED ^ ' Mr. Ellis, who now lives at Denver, is a former editor of the Bancroft Register, the Lu Verne Xews, and the Swea City Herald. By Verne S. Ellis. Speakln,: of prohibition, If there s anything more I" I'e said about it and 'the antis seem to think there Is), the cry of state's rights is a direct stab at our central government. The United States paid dearly in blood and money to settle that state's rights business, and people of a scholastic state of mind ought to know it. The immortal Lincoln said, "this nation cannot endure half slave and half free," and neither can it endure half wet and halt dry Just as the slave traffic created 'confusion and hatred -between adjoining states, so the liquor business of wet states would contaminate the affairs of adjoining dry states. We need a strong central government. No military leader would contend that the divisions of our army should be allowed to operate independently, and neither should any state with wet procllvl NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SAIB STATE OF IOWA( KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS: Notice Is hereby glten that oy virtue of a Special Execution directed tq me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a judgment rendered In sad Court on the 1st day of Ap.il, 1931, In favor of L. A. Andrew, Superintendent of Banking of the State of low*, as Receiver of the County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa, as plaintiff, and against William O. Nelson and Josephine M. Nelson as defendants, for the sum of Three Unanimou/ Con/ent and 27/100 costs, taxed Thousand Eighty-five ($3085.27) Dollars and at Eighty-eight and 45/100 ($8S.45) Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described real property as the property of the said William O. Nelson, Josephine M. Nelson, H. D. Skinner, and C. J. Obrecht, as receiver of the First National Bank, Swea City, Iowa, to satisfy said execution, to-wit: Lots Four (4) and Five (5) In Block Fourteen (14) of the Original Plat of Swea City, Iowa; and I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with cpsts and accruing costs at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in hand, on the, 7th day of May, 1931, at the east door of the Court House in Algona, In Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of said ties be allowed to overrun of adjoining dry states. the will attend- under- Total expense, $163.22. hand, $39.34. Balance on standard size vegetable (jackets, and most of flowers i * packet NorthnmKinO Qi HIVI, «pun •« '• Mrs. V. J. Schichtl, Sunday school superintendent and church treasurer, and Mrs. T. E. AVickwire, Sunday school secretary-treasurer, were reelected. Charivari for Jfewlywwls— Many from this vicinity attendee a charivari for Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stiles at the Quarton & Bosworth dairy farm Saturday evening. The groom treated all with ice cream, and supplied the ladies and children with candy bars, and the men with cigars. The bride is employed in I Mrs. Button's county welfare office in Algona, and Robert at the Bosworth farm. Mrs. Stiles will continue her work. She was formerly Rachel Clayton. The couple plan to make their home in Algona a little later. This Is not only true In matters of state but in those of the church. Suppose a bishop of the Catholic church should insist that the Pope should exercise only such authority over his diocese or see as he was willing to surrender; or what It a bishop of the Methodist church should refuse to he governed by the General Conference? Any man of common intelligence knows that such rebellion would not be countenanced. Similarly, what right has any Individual state to seek to set up its authority against that of the Federal government? If the state of New York, which wants to have its wet way agains': the dry law of the land, were to be attacked by an enemy, the governor would immediately call on the president at Washington to defend it. What if the latter should reply that the enemy has only threatened New York and disavowed any intention of attacking the United States at any other place! Would the governor and the mayor day, when and where due ance will be given by the signed. Dated this 4th day of April, 1931. L. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By Everett L. Harris, Deputy. Linnan and Stillman, Plaintiff's Attorney. AO-ii -—- | rn NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE State of Iowa, Kossuth County, ss. Notice is hereby given tint by virtue of a Special Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa on a judgment rendered in said Court on the 31st day of March 931, in favor of The Connecticut lutual Life Insurance Company s plaintiff, and against William IcMahon and Caroline McMahon, as defendants, for the sum of Seven 'housand Seven Hundred THE SEED SEASON IS HERE AGAIN We have bought a straight carload of Northrup King &. Co.'s field seeds, and have the seeds in our warehouse. Come in and inspect these seeds, let us figure your requirements, and let us have your orders early so we can give you the best seeds while this carload lasts. We carry a great many varieties of both field and garden seeds of the best quality. We will be glad to show you what we have in stock or will gladly get, on short notice, any kinds of seeds which you may want. Algona Flour & Feed Co. PHONE NO. 257 Thlrty- "our and 48/100 ($7734.48) Dollars and costs, taxed at One Hundred Thirty-five and 49/100 <$135.49)Dolars and accruing costs, I have lev- be ready to agree that the fight was their own and that our national army and navy were not obligated? But what right has New York or any other state to claim protection, when t claims the right to govern its own internal affairs? And what state car offer any guarantee that it coulc and would govern its liquor business that the damnable traffic and so Officers of 1-H Clul) Named— An error was made in naming officers of the Irvington Wide Awake Girls club, in last week's Advance The correct names are: Elsie Egel president; Mary Hutchlns, vie president; Irene Capesius, secre tary-treasurer; Lucile Black, re porter; Iris Ashing, historian. Th last meeting was held at Evely and Ruth Black's April 4. The nex meeting will be held at Roberta Skilling's April 25. Son-nson" to Knler Vet Hospital— "Tony" Sorenson will leave this week Tuesday for Kansas City to enter a government hospital for treatment for arthritis. Mr. Sorenson has been suffering severely for many years, and has as yet found no permanent relief. He will remain in Kansas City indefinitely. Mrs. Sorenson will remain in her home Irere ,in his absence. Missionary Society Meets Tomorrow The. Missionary society meets Friday afternoon at the church. Mrs Earl Miller will lead and Mesdames Boldrldge and Barker will be hostesses. The foreign topic will be "Af rica" and the home, "The Negro in America." A 111 Sews Carpet Hags— Aid met lust Thursday afternooi at the annex. Fifteen members an i six visitors attended. The afternoo | was spent in sewing carpet rag Mesdames Lpmkee and Gross wei hostesses. the its influences would not cross state line 1 : 'Everybody Itnows that JjrohnM Yes-Twice as Good Dairy Maid Bread! and Made I ith Double Milk lyouca •in and |Btpre\ idov ber said William McMahon, McMahon, County Savings hank, Algona, Iowa, et al to satisfy execution, to - wit: The half (wVO of the Northwest Quar ter (NW%) and the Southeas Quarter (SE%).of the tion is not as successfully enforced as we would have it, but that onl> proves the need of the law. If ther were no violators there would be no need flf prohibition. All the li- uuor lawiTthe states ever had have been violated. Iowa had bootleggers away back in the 70's (to my knowledge), and there were saloons n Tania county too. The licensed Uoon-keepers of Denver petitioned le mayor to stop bootlegging here iree years before we voted the sa- oons out. When Iowa and Colorado legalized the liquor business and adopted regulatory measures lie dealers kept only the one—thej jaid the license. Men engaged in selling intoxi ants never recognized any right bu he right to sell and get the money. All this cry for light wines and beer hat will not intoxicate is plain rot. Alen can get light wines and beer now that will not intoxicate. What they want is liciuor that will intox- cate. They are calling for per- Itlo itlivi w.v-v.1 L*»««CI — — 1 — i ^ajB r^iTopen; as^^erfnftht § Dldn>t you know we use milk in bread? Well, we do, and plenty of it ™M wnHam McMahon ; nggCa ;° a1nnk 1S rich, pasteurized milk that makes strong, healthy boys and girls. Thf £ w eYt H And flour _not just any kind, but a specially selected, short-patent flour, "Tout Q heast S from the very heart of the wheat berry, always the same quality. Northwest I 5= Don't be deceived into buying cheap bread. Cheap bread cheats boys and] and is not worth the price you pay for it. Compare the way our bread toasts? the way cheap bread toasts. Dairy Maid Bread toasts evenly, cheap bread is uneven and burns in spots. Only perfect bread makes perfect toast. We are Making a Wonderfi Loaf at 5c. Try it. i i I Buy Dairy Maid Ere; Northwest Quarter (NWVL), of Section (9), in Township Ninety-Six North, of Range Twenty-nine (29), West of the Fifth Principal Meridian Kossuth county, Iowa, except all that part of the Southeast Quarter (SE%) of the Northwest Quarter (NWVi) of Section Nine (9) in Township Ninety-six ,(96) North, of Range Twenty-nine (29) West, of the Fifth P. M., Kossuth county, Iowa, described and bounded as f ol-| lows: beginning at a point IS" ' feet South and 148S.6 feet east the Northwest corner of Seel Nine (9), in Township Ninety-six (96) North, of Range Twenty-nine (29) West of the Fifth P. M., Kossuth county, Iowa, thence A New Automobile Insurance Service Announced by KOSSUTH COUNTY MOTOR CLUB Realizing the public demand for a more complete service in automobile insurance we have organized the KOS- SUTiX COUNTV MOTOR CLUB OF IOWA for the purpose of furnishing each and every automobile liability and property damage policy holder nf our ngency with a membership certificate grunting the following benefits and privileges: '£1,000 L'HHSOXAI. ACCIDKXT INSUJUXCK — Pays you in case you are hurl in an automobile accident. AUTOMOBILE TOWIXU (.'OVKKAGK — Reimburses you in ease your car has to be towed to a garage. BAIL IJOJi'l) SEUYK.'K—Furnishes bond in event of traffic rule violation. LEGAL ADVICE—Complete information given on all legal problems regarding your car. COMPLETE JtOAl) MAP SKUVICE — Up-to-date maps available to all members free. ACCIHEVr JtKPOHT SEHV1CE—Reimburses you tor all phone or wire expense in reporting claims. Jt.VUlATOU PLATE AM) IDHNT1F1CATION C'AHD— Metal tag furnished for ear, together with proper identification card. ItEMEMUER—Tlie above protection and membership Is glvi-ii to you through our ugi'iicy with yuur Automobile Liability uiid Property Diaiingx* Policy. There Is no additional cost, for this service. Our rules on all light four and six cylinder cars per year, $18.00. On heavier ears, $10.50 per year. Also very low rates on fire, theft, and collision insur- I ance. Can be written all in one policy or separate. I DON'T WAIT UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE- MAKE YOUIi AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE UP-TO-DATE I by insuring with — THE — Algona Insurance Agency I Phone 55 I C. B. La Saw (1st door north Iowa St. Bk) Al Falkonhaluer Other I Mr. and Mrs. Thornton and grand- Kin Lew Us drove to Mason City Monday. Mrs. Thornton will visit v week, while Mr. Thornton Us employed at Clear Lake. Cecil, their daughter, is visiting relatives in TCmmotsjhurg. Mr. and .Mrs. Donald Sparks are parents of a son born last week Friday night at the home of Mrs. Lloyd Stebbin.s, AlKonn. Mr. and Mrs. Sparks now have three girls and four hoys. Mrs. diaries .Sankey, the Arthur Riley.s, and Mrs. Ida Riley were Bode visitors Sunday. Mrs. Riley, who has been ill, plans to visit relatives at West Bend as soon a.s she Us able. Mrs. Esther Billiard, Redwood Falls, Minn., and Mrs. Janey Cha- pln, Algona. visited one day last week with Mrs. Charles Sankey and Mrs. Arthur Uiley. The .1. M. Cox, Karl Miller and Harry Subin families were dinner guest's of Mrs. Stella Subin, Algona, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A. IX Meadley went to Aurelia to visit their daughter, Mrs. Maurice Kddy, last Saturday. 1'hey returned Monday morning. mission to Increase the alcoholic con tents of beer. What Cor? Why, because they can't drink enough (near) beer to get intoxicated! They call for light wines, but they don't want them light enough so they will not produce a mild state of intoxication. And now as to the violations. Prohibition is not responsible for the drinking today, any more than the rigid regulations of the federal and state banking departments are responsible for bank failures. Nobody is claiming that bankers are deliberately wrecking their banks because of the prohibition against loose practices; so why should anybody claim that folks are drinking and debauch ing themselves because the manu I'acture and sale of alcoholic drinks is against the law? Men and women are going wron for various reasons which cannot be satisfactorily explained. But it i foolish to ascribe lawlessness to th efforts of the government to regu late our conduct. On the other bant our conduct makes it necessary to the government to attempt to ret, uliite it. A lot of us need regula lions to save us from ourselves. All our laws are the result of the need to preserve our neighbor from us. Kvery man hits a legal right to disagree with the law and to seek to repeal it, but while it is law he is honor-bound to respect and obey South Five degrees east 190 feet; thence South Sixty-nine degrees West 198 feet; thence South one degree east 93.S feet; thence South Seventy-five degrees east 328.2 feet; thence | North Forty-seven degrees 332.7 feet; thence north eighty-two degrees east 222.1 feet; thence north eight degrees West 151.4 thence north eighty-seven West 400 feet, thence North twenty] degrees thirty minutes West feet; thence due West 191 feet the point of beginning, containing 4.55 acres more or less; and I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at public auction, o the highest bidder, for cash, in !and, on the 30th day of April, 1931, it the east door of the Court House n Algona, in Kossuth county, !owa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this 1st day of April, 1931. L. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By Everett L. Harris, Deputy. J. L. Bonar, Plaintiff's Attorney. 30-31 A HOME PRODUCT Algona Baking Co] IlllllllllllllllllllHlllllilllll! Better Seeds for Better Gardens LOOK or Kvery orator and educator who attacks the right of the United States government to make and maintain the law is giving encouragement to tiie enemy ana weakening the power of peace officers to enforce it. And as to repeal—what 35 states are gulng to vote to amend the eigh toenlli amendment? TO ALL WHO SUFFER STOMACH AGONY, GAS AND INDIGESTION Money Back if One Bottle of Dare's Mentha Pepsin Doesn't Do You More Good Than Anything You Ever Used. NOTICE OF SHERIFFS SALE STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY. SS. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a Special Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a judgment rendered in said otirt on the 3rd day of April, 931, in favor of Edward Zwiefel, ake Zwiefel, Lena Kluss and Rose lefty, as plaintiff/., and against W. Mixdorf, as defendant, for the I urn of Twenty-Three Hundred Thirty-three and 32/100 ($2333.32) Dollars and costs, taxed at Seventy- ive and 57/100 ($75.57) Dollars and xccruing costs, I have levied upon he following 'described real property is the property of the said W. J. Mixdorf and Kossuth county, Iowa, to satisfy said execution, to-wit: FERRY SEED BOX You can be so distressed with gas and fullness and bloating that you think your heart is going to stop beating. Your stomach may be so distended that your breathing Is short and gaspy. You think perhaps you are suffocating. You are dizzy and pray for relief—What's to be done? Just one tablespoonful of Dare's Mentha Pepsin and in ten minutes tne gas <Usappears, the pressing on jreathe deep and naturally. Oh! 'What blessed relief; but why not get rid of such attacks altogether? Why have indigestion at all? With this wonderful stomach medicine you can overcome indiges- the ceases ana you can Tlie West Seventy-rtwo (72) feet of the South S/17 of: beginning two rods. West and two rod« North of the Southeast corner of the Southeast Quarter (SBVi) of Section Two (2) Township Ninety-five (95) North, Range Twenty-nine (29) West of the Fifth P. M., thence North Seventeen (17) rods, thence West Sixteen(lB) rods, thence South Seventeen (17) rods, thence east sixteen (1C) rods, to place of beginning; and I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs; nt public auction, to the highest bidder, for cafih In hand, on the 7th day of May, 1931, at the east door of the Court House in Algona, in Kossuth County, Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, when and Where due at tion or dyspepsia, or any condition that keeps the stomach in constant rebellion and distress and one bottle will prove it. Ask for and insist on getting Dare's Mentha Pepsin, a pleasant to take, health building tonic stomach elixir that E. W, Lusby and regular pharmacists anywhere in America guarantee. -? tendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this 4th day o£ April, 1931. L. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Ko6eu.tb County, Iowa. By Everett L. Harris, Deputy. Sullivan, McMahon & Linnan, Plaintiff's Attorneys. 30-31 THERE'S a Ferry Seed Box near you, in your neighborhood store. Look for it when you plant your garden, for Ferry's purebred Seeds have been tested from generations and generations of mother plants for vigor and sturdiness of growth. It is not the price of seeds which is ex» pensive in your garden — it is the labor iand time and investment in the ground. Yet the quality in your seeds may mean the difference between a loss of all this lime and investment, and a complete Look for the name feeeds you buy for your means that you are fayi All Ferry's purebred See* > generations of plants which Iheir ability to .transmit quality by years of care deeding. The evidence of t with Ferry's purebred S Ferry'6 Seeds if you are successful garden. Ferry.5Io*J Detroit, Michigan. success. SECOND SHEETS; tne tnln, yellow if OssJred. — 44- purebre For Re.ulU Try » _.

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